New community...sort of?

My friend Kinmotsu(Motty) opened a community to discuss Damaged.  I am trying to steer clear of it because she threatened to ban me if I commented again…so not kidding.

She says everybody is welcome …well except for me.   Feel free to make posts and reply. 


Here is the link:
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Sorry, no update. I am too freaking tired to trust myself updating anything today.

I am about two days behind on sleep. I am so slipping me some Benadryl tonight to sleep.

I will probably update Tuesday.
I'd rather read you than talk behind your back.

Updates are all I need with a fic of this caliber.
Awe, shucks thanks.:)

This is nice talking/debating about the story. There is much worse I assure you. lol

I fuss with Motty constantly but she is one of my oldest and dearest friends. One of my most favorite people in the world.
I know, I got an invite to it and joined it! ^^

Have a good rest Aquarius.
FOR REAL!!??? O____O
You know what? Earlier today, I was pondering if only I have a really close friends who are a great yunjae fans, that'll be great because after I've got so engaged with the story and sometimes I confuse it with the real life, I really want to discuss or rant it out with someone... And I'm glad I refreshed to the main page and saw this! KYAHAHAHA!!! You dont know how happy I am! <333

Shall thank your kind and lovely friend, Kinmotsu, for creating the comm ;DD
Oh, I just saw ur reply to the first comment above. Please don't tire yourself out :"( I'll be so sad thinking that the author of such wonderful fic is lacking of sleep for any reasons that have anything to do with writing this amazing fic :(
Please have a good rest. Though I really need to listen to my own advice because I've been lacking of sleep as well due to reading your story since yesterday LOL

I have been reading all your wonderful comments...and they amaze me. I don't know how you posted them all so fast. You are like a Libra Writer's best friend. I can't think you enough. You asked a lot questions but I think you found the answers as you read father. I can't think you enough for your comments.

Yes, my friend Kinmotsu did make the community. I am trying to steer clear of it and leave it to the readers. I have done a good job of lol I won't make any future promises though.

Thanks again!
I just saw your reply in my inbox *grins* I'm happy to know that you've read all my comments teehee. I hope you didn't get bored, though, because I only write rubbish -__-

You wanna know a secret? I decide to let you know 8D
It's not that I read fast... How could I read all 30+ chapters and got to comment almost in no time? It's because I saved all the pages of the chapters and read them at home. I don't have i-net connection at home, that's why. And then after I read a chapter, I'll write my comment on the chapter on a notepad. And so on :p And then I'll go to a place with an i-net connection and pasted them all to the box comment. So, yeah... I don't read that fast.. It's just too impossible XDD If you wanna know the truth, I read them all since last Friday. And then got to comment on Saturday? I only commented on chapter 20 though, as far as I remember. And then commented again on Monday. So yeah.. two days straight LOL And I only got about 2-5 hours sleep a day when I was reading the story. You don't know how crazy it was for me to do that. I meant here, in my country, Friday and Saturday schools are still open. Only offices and banks are on holiday on Saturday and Sunday. So, after only 2 hours sleep, I went to school on Saturday to do a photo album. Because yeah, I'm in my senior year and I'll graduate high school on late May. I was walking like a zombie and all my friends that I got to greet stated that I looked like a ghost being all pale and so white like papers ROFL Oh, maan... really. Usually, I sleep for 8 hours straight a day. But that Friday, even though I only slept for 2 hours, I didn't feel like I was actually resting at all. My sleep was restless because my heart thumped so loud and I anticipated to read the next chaps. But I had to fight the urge to do so because I need to rest and attend school in the morning or there will be no me on the photo album -__-""

*looks up* I'm sorry I rant so much >,< I tend to rant it all out once I write or open my mouth... >,<

Oh, no, really! It's me who can never thank you enough! I meant, I was losing hope to ever finding any decent and good stories because all my favorite writers that I got to know suddenly vanished and purged their journals and that was when I saw someone recommended your story in detox :DD I was a bit wary at first to read it. Because you've written a lot until chapter 40 and I really don't want to mop around because I know I will since your story is about JYJ and DBSK!HoMin ;___; But eh, I must be a masochist to decide to give it a try and couldn't stop reading until chapter 20 8D I'm very happy though that I decided to read it. It's been a while since I read an amazing story that made me stayed up so late :D Thank you so much! Thank you for you have shared it with us! You don't know how much I feel honored to ever knowing such a talented and amazing author like you :D I admire you so much,you know. I don't know how you got to write all those emo chaps down. The plot is just crazy and amazing it will never cross my mind! And all that you have written down is kinda fit with the real situation. And the fact that you write Jae as such unique and special character... It made me envy Yunho sometimes, y'know.. I wonder if I'll ever meet someone that will love me whole despite who I am...
Aish.. I'm gonna stop here. I'm sorry for ranting to you >,<
Thank you for the update! I'll read it after... after I helped mom cleaning the house ;___; She had been nagging forever for me to clean the house since I got two months holiday before I got to enter uni... *sighs*

Till then, please have a good day, aquariuslover! :D Eh, I have been wondering for a while now, what's your name if I may know? Just because it's kinda weird to refer to you as aquariuslover all the time lol I'm Shabrina btw ^o^

PS. Oh yeah, I did ask a lot of questions.. One of the many questions that still make me so curious to know is the one about jae's sister did something to yun and min. Will I get to know it in the future chaps? If that's the case, I'll just wait and read ;) Thank you again <33
Omg I'm going crazy, but Ive been trying to find TFAN. Ive been seeing people comment about it and I think you said Yunho played a big role in that story, and your kyuwook in this story is pretty interesting lol. Is there any comm that I have to join to be able to read it, I cant find it anyways :( lol
TFAN is locked needs some work done to it. I put it away temporarily but once I finish looking over DMGD. I am going to make myself work on TFAN.

When I unlock it I will make a post letting you know. Yunho only showed up in two chapters though, although he did play an important role.

I'm flattered by your interest.:)

Thank you! Im excited to read it anyways lol Yunho or not, I really like the way you characterize Ryeowook. I cant wait until youre finished revising it, take your time though, Ill be waiting :D
I will send my comments only to you my beloved aquarius!!! \

Love what you are doing with this story!!!!

Love ya Bunches and Bunches!!!!!!!!
I'll look on the community and decided whether to join hahaha

maybe I'm not familiar to you but I want you to know that I am an avid reader of damaged hahaha sorry for being silent :| I have this tendency to comment at the end of the fic :|