A sneak peek of TFAN part 6,

When Sungmin crawled out of his room early that next morning after being awakened by a particularly nasty phone call from their manager, he wasn’t happy.  Kyuhyun hadn’t answered his phone, so Sungmin got the wakeup call in his place, “I’m not paid extra to be his keeper.”  Sungmin mumbled under his breath, still testy about the events of yesterday.



He searched Yesung’s room first to only find the other man snoring loudly and clutching his turtle shaped pillow.  Sungmin paused for a moment tempted to go find Yesung’s toothbrush and dip it in the toilet but thought better of it at the last moment.


On his way to Eunhyuk’s room in search of Kyuhyun, he glanced into the living room and saw Eunhyuk sitting up on the couch with his entire focus on something.   As Sungmin walked farther into the room, he noticed that Eunhyuk was watching Ryeowook and Kyuhyun sleeping in the recliner all tangled up in each other.


Sungmin walked up to him, “I know those two aren’t that interesting.”


Eunhyuk jumped, “Huh?  Oh, no.  I’m just thinking.”


Sungmin walked up to the recliner and thumped Kyuhyun on the head, “Wha…Gawd.”  Kyuhyun whined as he grabbed his head.


“Can you not answer your phone?  The manager is going to be here in fifteen minutes.”  Sungmin told him as he watched the younger man blink his sleep filled eyes in confusion as he tried to gather his thoughts.


“Fifteen minutes?”  Kyuhyun asked managing to keep his eyes open and look at Sungmin who somehow managed to look threatening while wearing what appeared to be a pink nightgown.


“Yes, to the studio.  I am sure they are going to cut out our mere mortal vocals and replace them with yours.  Look forward to a busy day.”  Sungmin told him with contempt.


“Oh, they don’t want me too?   Do they?  Please say no.”  Ryeowook said as he disentangled himself from Kyuhyun the best he could and turned away to hug the side the chair.


“They didn’t ask for you, just wonder boy.”  Sungmin told Ryeowook in a much kinder voice then the one he used for Kyuhyun.


“Don’t hate me because I have the voice of an angel.”  Kyuhyun told Sungmin while he climbed out of the chair……to promptly trip and fall on his butt.


“And all the grace of a drunken cow.”  Sungmin told him with a dead serious face, causing Eunhyuk to burst out in laughter.


Ryeowook moved over to the other side of the chair to look down at Kyuhyun, and asked concerned, “are you dizzy this morning?”


“No.”  Kyuhyun answered from the floor as he glared up at Sungmin.

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