Author's Note

Do I look up Damaged on Twitter?…..hell, yes. All the time! I type in Damaged Yunjae, Damaged Jae, Damaged Yunho, Damaged sucks, Damaged boring, Damaged writing, and I look up AquariusLover to the Twitter search engine. If you have written your own story I recommend it…….but only if you have a strong stomach.

I want to clarify some things.

First…..Jae had nothing to do with Yunho getting shot. Yunho wasn’t even the one being shot at. I need to snip that train of thought in the butt.

Second….I’m not some psycho Homin Stan who is planning on making this a Homin story...eww. Everybody has their own ship, but Homin is one I will never sail. It would be incestuous to me, and not in that hot taboo way (that I would deny enjoying).

Third…..I am not psychic…psycho maybe, but not psychic. I am not even Asian…I live in the middle of the freaking United States, and have *NO* connection to them.

Four….it is AU to me. It is a future AU…none of the characters is as I really see them. I embellish a lot for dramatic purposes. You might have noticed I have a thing for angst.

Fifth…I have always said Yunho is my favorite in DBSK…but Jae is a close second, and I’ve always been more fascinated with Jae if that makes any sense.

Sixth….I haven’t always been a good fan. I had my own moment of angst when it came to DBSK.

Seventh…..I’m totally a comment whore.

Eighth……I will continue to respect my six page rule. Seven is greedy even for me. lol

Ninth….if you Google Damaged and Yunjae you get a page full of Damaged links. If you don’t believe me do it yourself. (Edit: I just realized how weird this sounds. lol There has been a rumor going around for over a week that DMGD is so Yunho bias that you can't Google it using Yunjae.)

Tenth….I took Chapter 43 down momentarily yesterday…because due to my great horror I accidentally posted a part that was never supposed to be included. When I got back home I immediately edited it out and made the entry public again.

Eleventh….Since others are giving out my Twitter name without my permission let me just tell you all. It’s KyuSingsBest and feel free to follow...prepare to be bored.

Also…I know my story isn’t for everybody. I know some find it boring, and it does drag in places…I do love my filler. And I know others find it too traumatic. I know my Jae is a handful, and like I said I embellish…but I swear if I gave you the reason why I wrote this story, you would know the ending (so I can’t tell). My writing can suck donkey balls…my hatred of all things grammar and my horrendous punctuation failings are enough to give an English teacher a heart attack. I probably need like three more betas….know any English teachers with good strong hearts? I really do need another beta who will read KyuWook….I am rambling so I am going to stop.
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