Damaged, Chapter Forty Five

Title: Damaged
Author: aquariuslover
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: R
Genre: Future AU, Drama, Angst

Summary: On a cold winter’s day he cast their love away for the sake of his family. The following autumn an act of vengeance left their love beyond the reaches of forgiveness. Two summers later a fan’s anger and the ultimate act of self-sacrifice would redefine everything they knew about love, pride, selfishness, and forgiveness.

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I was soo angry with Jae when he told yunho he would deny if yunho ever comes out. And what made me more angry was he actually doubt yunho's word that he would nvr come out without yunho's approval. So I actually got a shock when yunho forgave him.
Does that mean yunho sort of know his secret already?
And I don't know why, the part that actually made me giggle in fits was when Changmin said ' the whole east wing... that's mine' his smug face appeared in my mind vividly and I just started laughing.. lol I m weird. But I'm so happy the story became lighter from then on.
I feel really bad for Yoosu and at the same time happy that Changmin is very concerned for them. I think Changmin is the real softie now, he was the person I least expected to be forgiving.
And 5 of them are ganna be together.. that's really enough to make me daydream about a reunion.ahh I hope u r not revealing any scary turns of event.
And yess pls for quick updates XD
Wow there is soo much to take in in this chapter~ i think im going to reread it some more till i fully understand it! XD
Much love!
ahhh! so good! so good! so bloody good!!!

yayayayayayayay~LOL! *singing loudly!

i love you aquariouslover~oh i do!
you make me so happy~that i love you!!!

LOL! crazy song to show you my love!!! LOL!

thank you so much!!! <3333333333
did not have to wait for too long. thank you. Yunho's great... at controlling his temper... just for his love for JJ. wish it would still continue in the future when everything's out.
This chapter gave me a sigh of relief 'cause Yunho would never break up with Jae no matter how crazy the man is, which assures us more about a YunJae ending. And so Yunho already knows or least has speculation over Jae's secret.
I can't get enough of Heechul. That man is gold! and I wonder how Jae's Lambor is now.
Poor YooSu! They have lost so much and I'm still now sure if Jae's plan for them to come back to SM will succeed. But at least his dream about 5 of them living in LSM's mansion somehow has come true.
I find Yunho's constant push on the coming-out issue whenever he got a chance quite amusing. That shows more the human side of him.
Thank you for the super fast update, <3!
sgkdasdkadha , omg thank you for fasttttttt update XD
damn, does yunho know about jae's secret?oh my dear lord.. and he forgive him .. so yunho
oh my , their convo about cming out really scared me,pffftt .. glad that yunho can handle this well .. hope jae will realize one day..
and yayyyYY! they will live together again?omg XD .. waiting for the next chapter X)
I know everyone is thinking that Jae is too selfish for not coming out, but i think more than he's love for his career, he's just being realistic. Even the story is considered AU, they're still in Korea, where homosexuality is still not widely accepted. As crazy as Jae can be because of his love for Yunho, he still knows that they will not able to survive with just that love :)

Ah... so it is Boa...i knew it! :D
Kyaaaah! Another amazing chapter! I'm glad Yunjae made up. Hehe they can't stay away from each other long! But I'm worried about Yoochun and Junsu. But if it means that the 5 will be together once again, then it's all good. Jae's grandchild-obsessed mother sounds fun! She should live with them. XDDD
urgh. i seriously don't know to talk about haha. again, thanks for the ultra speedy update :) this story coming to an end huh...*sulking*
I like this chapter :)

okay, so first just let me say that I am still a fail reader and spectator for yunjae. however, i think maybe this is for the best you know, not knowing fully how yunho's brain and jae's work. and of course, how their loves work. one thing i know for sure their love is not a fairy tale's one.

Gotta love Yoochun, LMAO~ thanks Chun, for slapping JJ's face with your words. *getsbricked*
and selfish JJ is back. and for me, he is inconsistent. before, he said to yunho that if coming out is a price he has to pay for being with yunho, he'd do it (with heavy heart and spitting on yunho's meal everyday).
but now, we have his latest answer. he contradicted himself. because now he said he's gonna deny it, in other words, he's gonna lie about yunho. and this makes yunho terribly upset. I mean, JJ how could you be so cruel? T^T
and yunho can see right through him. yunho knows. yunho knows that JJ will do anything and say anything that convenient his career. that is extremely selfish :( but yunho still come around, and love him nevertheless. if i were in that kind of relationship, i'd probably gone crazy already and my eyes would be dried of tears. and my heart... most definitely damaged. even when i die and i sell my organ, nobody would want to buy my heart because it's just too damaged. LMAO~

I can sense Heechul's irritation at jaejoong, when he said why don;t he and yunho coming out instead of jae, i was like, "fuck yeah heechul!" LOL~

Dramatic, Jae is dramatic. clinging to yunho's leg. what are you? 5? I remembered i did this when i was sulking and want more pudding, i'd clung to my mom. *childhood*
but i guess in jae's case it shows us that he is extremely panicked and desperate. i feel sorry for yunho though, because jae sprouted his answer of denying yunho in front of his mother, sister and friends. and his driver and staffs.

I am kinda happy when they don't cuddle together. it gives me satisfaction knowing that this time yunho can reject jaejoong. because last time he didn't get to refuse jae (and i was enraged LMAO~)

And yeah, once again... i don't get how jaelogic works. is he serious? kinda agreed with yunlogic. jae's the one who doesn't want to come out then why is he insisting to live together with yunho? isn't it just like screaming to the world that they are together?
though jae's rebuttal kinda makes sense, but still unfair to yunho.
gotta love Min and his whoe east wing ;) that's my boy~
at the end yunho agreed jae can live with him because yoochun and junsu are coming too.
jaejoong, you cunning b*****d *shakeshead*

and the looks exchanged between yunho and min... can i assume they know already about jae and his secret? i beat they already know. yunho is sharp and he's no fool. he can deduct the occurences and jae's response towards CJes' matter. and to me, HoMin don't seem enraged, so jae is safe with them. he's not gonna be safe from yoochun and junsu though (maybe... but who knows?)
and pf course, promised smex.
i am a pervert (yes, i am. admit that XD). i love yunjae smex scene.

but this time... i don't want it D: not until some time. yunho forgives too fast. he should not gives jaejoong what he wants. doesn't he knows that one cannot spoil one's child on sugar too much?

oh and i am not fussing over whether yunho wants to come out or not.
i accept the fact, jae doesn't want to come out.
and i think initially yunho already give up on the idea too. but then jaejoong come and misunderstand that day's press conference and brought back the avoided topic. and he hurt yunho again. and yunho disappointed again and feeling foolish for even asking.

by now, by this rate of their speculation is out there, i think they should moving carefully. and for me, this means jaejoong has to keep his paws off of yunho for a while and yunho not being whiny asking for jaejoong.

ONE MORE, Loving yunho now, LIKE A BOSS that own a fuckin mansion! XDD
Wohoooootttt .. I missed 3chaps??? Omg omg .. What is this? Update marathon? Hehehehe I am definitely not complaining!! Thank u so much my great author!!
Past few chapters were depressing, somehow little bit yunjae+ mean Minnie at the end brighten my day!! Hehehehe.
Wow imagining they all living in one mansion again, will there be any MinSu moment playing a PS3 together?? Hahahahahahahahhahaha

Your writing is always daebak!!!
You are incredible !!!!!! Thank you so much for these updates !!!!! But I don't want "Damaged" to end ok ? Too early. I'm a little disappointed by the fact that Jaejoong doesn't want to come out and Changmin is still so... Changmin ! Three cheers for Damaged !
wehee.. can't wait for next chapt ^^
jae is a fool for think his yunho won't know what he did LOL
yunho know him so well.. and when jae begging him for not to coming out when he isn't i feel want to punch.. -___- he really think yunho that crazy -___-
and I AM WAITING FOR yoosu in yunho house ^^
I am agreed with Lee Soo Man, called YunJae the good one and the strong one, they are indeed. and with Jae leaving Yun then Jae suddenly come back and hugging him make Yunho lost all his reason to avoid Jae *speechless*
Jae's craziness and Yunho's pureness for making their love work out is dangerously sweet. Love your story!!
and i hope you will update next chapter just like this ;)
Oh, Jae... The people see him as bad and selfish person this much really?

I think of it as totally other in the real life.
I from his companions' declarations I conceive of it as caring and her held the team together.
It was called the team's mother because of this.

In this a story struggles for the fact that there should be five people together again for the team.

" The end justifies the means.
I love him... and you ,because you write this wonderful story.