Damaged, Chapter Forty Five

Title: Damaged
Author: aquariuslover
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: R
Genre: Future AU, Drama, Angst

Summary: On a cold winter’s day he cast their love away for the sake of his family. The following autumn an act of vengeance left their love beyond the reaches of forgiveness. Two summers later a fan’s anger and the ultimate act of self-sacrifice would redefine everything they knew about love, pride, selfishness, and forgiveness.

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O.....kay. First things first. The Chapter is giving me mixed signals. I can tell there's a huge story inside. So I'm gonna wait for the next update.
Secondly I love this. You are an awesome writer. Keep writing....
oh God!!
u can't imagine how immersed i am with this story..it's like i'm in the story itself..it's just so great i couldn't get enough of it..and with ur constant updating, u just give me the best time of my life...damn! that's just shows how boring my life is..

back to the story, oh my Jae..u r a crazy man..crazy for yunho and DBSK..and Yunho, what a lucky bastard! he's practically a billionaire!
a good chapter~
My heart was beating so fast while i read this. Thank god, there's nothing bad happen.
I can't wait for yoosu to come to the mansion!
p.s: u update so fast these days. I guess i have to stalk u more often :D
my heart aches thinking about yoosu.. they taken their house? and jae just sit there? really, jae's love toward yunho scares me...
i hope all ended well, ssince now yunho is the boss =)
You're amazing, I've just read the previous chapter last night and the new chapter already waited for me when I woke up!

But Jae's unreasonable doubt in Yunho is disappointing me, how can he trust Yunho so little? Yunho promised him not once that he won't do it without Jae's consent, and the only thing that was able to make him visit Yunho was the fear about Yunho's ruining his (their) career! And Ji-Hye is a traitor! She simply can't say no to Jae! : D

Anyway it was really amusing how Changmin nearly confiscated Jae's car and how Yunho played hard to get in the 'Jae's moving in to his newly inherited mansion' issue!

I can't wait for the next chapter
Jae, please give me the strong reason to agree with your actions. I still can't understand you.
I still feel pain for what you had done to your family, Junsu & Yoochun.
YH knows or at least he suspects! OMG! Love really does strange things to people.
I absolutely adore this fic.
Why does it feel like they will be fighting for a while? I hope I'm wrong 'cause there is way more tension here than I like.

Poor JYJ, getting their possessions confiscated. I don't won't to even imagiane that happening to me.

Awesome as always.

I seriously wonder how this will end if they will fight all the time...
WOW!! I really thought Yunho was going to break up with Jae! Jae is really insane for Yunho's health xD
I don't know if Yunho knows but He surely knows that Jae could do the worst thing to protect his relationship with him. jae is lucky that Yunho can't be angry at him more than one day!

I fear the reunion of the five in this mansion. This is really not the right moment. Jae is still weak about the secret He keeps from yunho and the others and knowing that He will have to deal with everyone's sorrow..hum this is not good at all!

This chapter was too emotionally charged for me >_<
Thanks for updating so fast :D
aigoo~ jae... why are you so irritating in this chapter? selfish...vain...creature but i love you and so is Yunho.. >_<
I was actually thinking that they might have a terrible fight, good thing they didn't, but I felt quite uneasy that Yunho kinda have an idea..I think? Oh Jae, what would happen when YooSu finds out? Changmin, he might not just punch you if he finds about it too.

JiHye the forever YJ fangirl. HAHAH.
Thank you for such a quick update..Jae on his knees begging..Poor Jae he is so in love with YunHo that nothing else seems to matter..Poor YunHo in love with Jae who would do anything to have things his own way for the sake of his understanding of love..
I think the only one who understands the way things should be is Ji-Hye..
There seems to be just the hint that YunHo might know Jae's secret..
Always desperate for the next update as soon as I have finished reading..
I think Yunho already knows Jae's secret or somewhat has an idea of it that's why he told Jae that he doesn't want to know because if he does know the whole truth, I think it will again be a roller coaster ride for their relationship. So for him, it will be easier to be blind and just forgive Jae. On another note, I feel sorry for Junsu and Yoochun. Jae's betrayal could only be compensated if the five of them will return to the stage together as DBSK. Since Yunho now owns the SM empire, maybe they could compromise and come together as five. And what Jae had done will serve as a "blessing in disguise". ---> just my wishful thinking. ^^..and yunjae will live happily ever after..^^
I didn't realize how I was holding my breath most of the chapter. *___* I'm glad things somewhat worked out between YunJae. What Jae did was so unforgivable, yet I can't bare seeing the consequences of his actions. </3 But definitely a great way to end the chapter. :DD I would love to see all five members living together once again. &hearts; Thanks so much for the quick updates!!! ^^
asdfghjkl;l!! The five of them under one roof once again!! 8D

Though, about Yoochun and Junsu.... ;~~~; My poor Yoosu. </3 I hate to admit it but Jae is just... ugh. 8| Good thing majority of your fic is actually fiction. ;) Because if this was for real, I'd totally tweetbitch on Jae rn. XD You update fast :3 So I guess, I shouldn't have to ask you to update soon? XD