Damaged, Chapter Forty Five

Title: Damaged
Author: aquariuslover
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: R
Genre: Future AU, Drama, Angst

Summary: On a cold winter’s day he cast their love away for the sake of his family. The following autumn an act of vengeance left their love beyond the reaches of forgiveness. Two summers later a fan’s anger and the ultimate act of self-sacrifice would redefine everything they knew about love, pride, selfishness, and forgiveness.

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I feel so sorry for Yoochun and Junsu, they didn't ask anything and yet lost almost everything because of Jaejoong D:
Jae is just crazy and I love Yunho for taking him in despite what happened
listen jae..he'll make it up later.haha
a really fast update!yipee!
really clever jae..somehow yunho speculates it.
dbsk is living together again!
and i'm highly convinced boa is the one who toys changmin.
thanks for the update!<3
Wow, Yunho is really fithy rich now. Just thinking about all the stress he's going through, I can't help but think he's gonna faint. WOW, I mean, I wouldn't be able to sleep for a while.

Yunjae together again, I'm happy. But if I was in jaejoong shoes, say hi to sleepless night.

Does Yunho know everything ?
>>"Yunho met Jae’s eyes, and something Jae couldn’t catch passed between them. “Clever indeed.”"
Does he ? Yunho knows Jaejoong since nearly forever... maybe he suspect something. Maybe he suspect something but he doesn't really want to know? Because it kind of mean that Jaejoong didn't change, that he's ready to do awful thing to have what he wants, and the only thing he wants is Yunho and nothing else.

Han, sorry for rambling~

Thank you for updating so fast ^^ I can enjoy your chapter between my studies, I like it.

Thank you again ~
About to pass out on keyboard tired. LOL! But I had to read the update before I turned in for bed! Shall write a proper comment when I am more lucid LOL! But for now... Yup, Yunho isn't stupid. He has to know. XD It's sweet(?) how he seemed to care less about the craziness of C-Jes' situation coz of Jae and was mostly mad coz of the way Jae ran away from him. (Unless I got it wrong and Yun has zero common sense and analytical skills LOL!)

We're in such an interesting part! I dunno where I'll even start in my comment tomorrow. XD
Okee dokee, still tired so one of the only thoughts in my head right now is just how much I love YunJae's bond in this chapter. Even through frustration and anger, they never seem to let it ruin their time together as much as the past because their time together is short enough in between schedules without fights getting in the way. Oh, to love like that. ^^

So yes, I'm very happy right now that Jae finally came out of his doldrums -- of course only something Yunho-related would be enough to put a pause on his moping and avoidance, haha.

I feel sorry for YooSu having lost so much as a consequence of Jae's plan. Then again, that's the risk of investing in any business, I suppose, but the fact that their loss was directly because of their friend... Not nice. T_T

Looking forward (and a little anxiously) as always to see what's going to be happening in the next chapter. ^^
Read the two new chapters in one go. This was such a surprise for after the weekend escapade I just had.

The tension was so real and strong between the two of them when Jaejoong avoided Yunho but I'm glad that in the end, Yunho became the better person and did not force the secret out of Jaejoong or ignore him like he just did.

Now I'm genuinely more scared about Yoosu's reaction towards Jae's actions. But will they ever know? There's a greater possibility that Yunho will soon...and I'm bracing myself for that.

I had lots of fun with these two updates. Thank you!
YOU SCARE ME SO MUCH! But the ending is a little light so I'm not that scared, but still scared! Do I make a fool of myself? ^^

I hope everything goes well! Please let it be! I want the five of them together and of course, I want a happy Yunjae in the end!
ahhh~ so Yun has a general idea about the secret that Jae is trying to hide.. he is smart so I'm not surprised.. besides Jae's guilt is revealing the secret to everybody without him noticing..

I'm really disappointed at Jae though..
first he did what he did?!..
second he saved himself by selling the shares without even offering or thinking of an idea to make Yoosu sell their shares or even parts of it even in decoy partnership for anything..
and now he is threatening Yun that he'll deny everything.. relying on Yun's brain damage.. isn't he ashamed of himself.. it's nice to be bold and speak your mind but to be rude and selfish is another thing.. I KNOW he is right for his fear to come out.. (look at Adam lambert he didn't take the first place in American Idol because of his Gay aura and Harry Potter had a reduction in profit - not that they suffered loss but a decrease in the profit they usually enjoy - and that after rumors of Daniel Radcliffe being Gay.. Gosh even in USA where freedom is publicized and guaranteed there still be lots of hardships and injustice when it comes to Gays)..
but the way he put it was really heartbreaking.. he is my favorite character in the fic maybe because he is my bias in reality so he gets my greater expectations but when he fails me I just can't help it but feel disappointed but also sympathized.. ahhh~

I'm glad that at least Ji-Hye can point out that Jae is the one who always do whatever to find Yun if he misses him but Yun does not do the same.. though she was scolded severely by her mom.. :(

and also I'm glad that the five of them might be living together soon and the one who felt awful about their conditions was Min.. but this scares me to the bone of his and the others reactions or at least their feelings towards Jae when they find out about his deed...T_T

thanks a million for updating so soon.. but you always update after I go to bed and then when I wake up there is work (Sunday is a working day in my country).. so I'm always late (4th page).. T_T
I'm even ashamed to ask you to update soon.. but I will borrow some of Jae's boldness to do it.. xDD
omg not AGAIN D: but im glad you updated so fast. wow jae.. and man he really needs to tell yunho all the secrets >.> i bet yoosu will be so pissed at him >
I gotta say when I read until the part where JJ grabbed hold of YH's legs to stop him from moving, thinking that YH is going to tell the world about them, I was screaming in frustration lol. I understand JJ's position as a super star and all, but it does makes one wonder/ponder how bad the "damage" would be if he ever do come out with YH. Would YJ fans prevail above all for them to survive the public views on them? /shrugs Indeed so dramatic of Jae as YH's mom aptly pointed it out XD

Now that JJ has laid out his level of "damaged" in the aftermath of CJes, as a normal human being, if I am to be one of the member in JYJ, I'd be so freaking pissed off if I ever find out what JJ has done T_T I guess the next incoming damaged shall see how JYJ deal among themselves.

I am still so surprised each time Changmin is idk a bit nicer and considerate towards the 3 of them.

I say yes to JJ moving in with Yunho (and Changmin) in that mansion. Let the public speculate, don't care. They have been speculated this far so what makes it this time any difference? I'm just YJ biased and want them stay together and I enjoy JJ's presence annoying Changmin if any lol

I should sleep. Bai.
Yunho just smiled at his lover as he opened the door to leave. “I promise to make it up to you…later.”

In real life, Jaejoong is my ultimate bias. In this fic, not so much. My hopes that he wouldn't pull crazy shit (per chapter!) got dashed again. T___T He is just so selfish and self-centered - he loves Yunho, but despite the rare moments in Chapters 15 and 31, he loves himself more. Yes, he spent one year of his life taking care of Yunho, but he had ulterior motives - he wanted to get back with him. He had already hurt Yunho almost beyond repair when he slept with Junsu and all the other men, but you can say that he was just blinded with pain. Here, Jae showed he will hurt Yunho again to protect his career. And worse, he proved in front of Heechul, Changmin, and Mrs. Jung just how selfish he was. At first I thought he was going to confess his betrayal and I went ;____; but when he was worried about Yunho outing him, I just facepalmed.

I love you…even if we are both crazy…I love you. I always want to be with you. If I have to hide away my entire life then that’s the price I pay for being with you
I seriously teared up here. Yunho is giving so much. Please Jae, this guy almost died and is now going through so much stress - please don't hurt him more than you already have. ;___; I disagree with Ji-Hye in the earlier chapter when she said Yunho was the taker and Jaejoong is the giver. Yes, Jaejoong sacrificed a lot, but (except for those rare moments above), he sacrificed to attempt to gain something. Here, Yunho would sacrifice once of the principles he holds closest to his heart simply because he loves Jaejoong. And I'm sure he has a clue what Jaejoong did, but is still willing to ignore it. I seriously know how Changmin and Heechul feel - if I didn't sympathize with Jae and know that only he can make Yunho truly happy, I would almost say that Yunho can do better than him, and this is the first time I felt this way in any YunJae fic. O__O

Though on a more positive note, I like the potential for an OT5 reunion, despite it will be in the weirdest way possible - living in LSM's old mansion.
Thinking back, maybe I was a bit harsh on Jaejoong. Outing them would not just damage his career, but it would put their safety in danger because it IS South Korea. But once again, I just don't agree with the means he chooses to accomplish his ends? Yes, he has good motives (wanting Yunho to be happy, want an OT5 reunion, protect their careers and lives), but I just can't agree with his means. Even if the end is good, when you hurt and betrayed so many people, is it worth it? If he denies their relationship like that, how can he face Yunho afterwards? T___T
Jaejoong you selfish asshole. I know you justify your betrayal to Yoosu because that's the price for having OT5 again but it's unfair that Yoosu has to lose so much more than you. I know that Jaejoong said it was because he was already having back-up plans for himself before aproaching LSM to request to come back to SME but got rejected then. Still, I feel so bad for Yoosu. But like what Changmin said, he has already warned them that they should not stick to such a shady company, sigh.

Kim Jaejoong, I pray that no one (especially Yoosu) ever find out your secret or I dare not imagine what will happen. Dare not imagine the day of no more Yunjae or OT5 just when things seems to look possible for a OT5 comeback now. Kim Jaejoong, you better treat Yoosu even better than ever now >.<

Yes, Jaejong is fucking crazy and selfish but I do agree with Jihye's comment, "The dissolution of JYJ has to be a major crisis for him? I don’t understand why his crises should be less important than yours?”. Jae was being an asshole for avoiding Yunho (and yes, I know it's because of selfish reason) but Mrs Jung, Heechul & Changmin seems to forget the fact that Jae is in a crisis too and that Jae might have his own reason for hiding away? I could understand how much Yunho needed him and how worried he is for Jae but I feel bad that most of the times, people could only see Yunho's hurt but never really consider for Jae's interest. Not saying this because I'm Jae biased but I just feel that things should be more fair sometimes. Can't blame them though when Damaged!Jae has not been a likeable character since the beginning >.<;

Yunho is a very smart guy and he knows Jae best. Knowing that Jae has a secret and it's bad enough for Jae to somewhat confess to him but couldn't, I think he more or less could deduct what was the secret was about. I'm not sure if Yunho is actually baiting Jae or if to him, as long as Jae is with him, it's really ok to not ever know what Jae's secret is about. If he speculated what it's about and he choose to ignore it, then I agree with Zoevo that Yunho is kinda selfish. I'm not sure if it's because 1)He's afraid that he'll be very disappointed with Jae and might not forgive him but at the same time, he couldn't live without Jae anymore and thus, he rather not find out the answer OR 2)He knew why Jae did that; that is because of Jae's selfish love for Yunho(Jae did told him whatever he does has always got to do with his love for Yunho right and thus he felt kind of responsible in some way) and because like Jae, he wanted all the 5 of them to be together again. He might not agree with the way but he could understand Jae's reason for doing it. That's why he rather not find out the answer.

Oh Jae you drama queen, I pity him when he's begging Yunho so pathetically in front of everyone when he thought Yunho was going to out them. Maybe this humiliation is his price for avoiding and hurting Yunho. But I so wanna smack Jae badly for his stupid insensitivity here again T_T. Ouh, what he said to Yunho was really hurtful. No wonder he's hiding from Yunho. He really does blurt out stupid and insensitive things to Yunho especially when they are fighting. Korean being such a conservative country, I could understand Jae's fear in coming out cause yeah, it's most probably going to kill their career. But he should at least think before opening his damn big mouth. Poor Yunho, Aigoo.

Haha, once again, it's proven that Yunjae are one crazy and clingy couple that deserved to be with each other. Jae is really obsessively in love with Yunho while Yunho totally bask in this kind of obsessed love from Jae. He gets insecure easily whenever Jae is not in his jealoused and "Yunho-obsessed" mode, O.O, really LOL!

Something good come out of this whole drama though, that is Jaechunsu is moving into the mansion and all 5 of them is going to be under the same roof again. Glad that Min is keeping in cotact with Yoosu. It's nice to see the soul-fighter are taggin team on Yunho sometimes.

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I feel bad for Yoosu too but then they used Jae's hurt and pain to create JYJ. So I guess its fair enough. Besides who doesnt want DBSK5.

Love how you analyze the characters and the story and mostly I so totally agree with you.
Lets enjoy this fanfic together
I'm so happy with HoMin's reaction about JYJ's whole ordeal. At least they know what's important, than rubbing against the wound. Why..why must the make up be in the next one.. haisyh~