Damaged, Chapter Forty Six

Title: Damaged
Author: aquariuslover
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: R
Genre: Future AU, Drama, Angst

Summary: On a cold winter’s day he cast their love away for the sake of his family. The following autumn an act of vengeance left their love beyond the reaches of forgiveness. Two summers later a fan’s anger and the ultimate act of self-sacrifice would redefine everything they knew about love, pride, selfishness, and forgiveness.

A million thanks to Kinmotsu and Amy for all they do. Love you two bunches~!!! Thanks to all that comment! Damaged ends at Chapter 49.

Previous Chapters

“Thanks, Niles,” Jae told the butler as he walked into Yunho’s mansion after a tiring day of shopping. Only Lee Soo Man would have been ostentatious enough to have an English butler, Jae thought. Niles spoke perfect Korean but Jae always found himself speaking English to the man.

“You are most welcome, Sir. I see you had a successful day shopping,” Niles said as he motioned the staff through the door, carrying load after load of Jae’s shopping bags.

“Not really, the fans recognized me through my disguise so I had to cut it short, and Ji-Hye left early,” Jae admitted to the butler, frowning. Ji-Hye’s new found coldness toward him was not dissipating as fast as he would have liked. He regretted that she has been witness to his craziness a couple of weeks ago; when he had been convinced that Yunho was about to out him. Why the Jung siblings had to be so freaking stubborn, he had no clue.

“Unfortunate, Sir.”

“Where’s Yunho?” Jae asked. Searching the house for Yunho was a waste of time.

“He is out back with the magazine crew, Sir.”

“Still?” Jae said, frowning. Jae was not happy that Yunho was shooting this magazine cover…for the most eligible bachelor in Korea. Yunho was most certainly not eligible. Yunho belonged to Jae, and Jae alone.

“Yes,” Niles answered, but Jae was already heading toward the back of the house. Jae walked out to find that the magazine crew had set up a photo shoot to show off the massive pool, and the impressive patio and its marble fixtures. Jae frowned because Yunho looked amazing…so amazing. He was in a suit with a loosened tie that was suggestive to say the least. Damn, Jae thought, he would have to fight off more bitches now.

A hand poking the middle of his back sent Jae turning around quickly to find Yoochun grinning at him. “Jae, you keep frowning like that it’s going to stick.”

“What are you doing here? I thought you were too good to live with us?” Jae snapped back at his friend. Jae was still annoyed that Yoochun had only stayed with them a week before moving back to his own residence. In Jae’s perfect fantasy, all five of them would live together, and he wasn’t happy with Yoochun.

“Ouch! You know I’ve always preferred to live with my family.”

Jae sneered at him. “What are we? Your co-workers….oh, wait we are not even that now.”

“Stop it! You are being a total bitch. Of course you all are my family too…it’s just that my mom and brother need me more.”

Jae continued to give him a look of total disdain. “What sick things keep you tethered so tightly to your mommy and baby brother…I never want to know.”

“You’re totally disgusting. Is Yunho holding out on you again?” Yoochun asked, his mind going to the most obvious answer for Jae’s sour mood.

“No,” Jae answered quickly. “His sister is holding out on me.”

“Siblings? Huh, isn’t that a little twisted even for you?”

“I will totally push you into that pool,” Jae told him, not looking at Yoochun but watching Yunho model for the cameras. “She used to adore me, and now she’s siding with him on the whole coming out thing. I was willing to buy her a whole new wardrobe for her return to school…and she didn’t like anything I offered to buy her.”

Yoochun grinned at the man who has his arms folded now, glaring at a magazine stylist that was fixing Yunho’s tie. “You can buy me clothes if it will make you feel better.”

“I know that bitch did not…” Jae cursed, taking a step toward Yunho when the stylist’s hand moved down to re-adjust Yunho’s belt.

“Wait cowboy,” Yoochun chuckled as he grabbed Jae by the arm, stopping him. “You are just a good friend.” Jae stopped suddenly, realizing the truth of Yoochun’s words. “You can’t act like a crazy lover, unless you are willing to admit to being a crazy lover.”

Jae frowned and looked away from Yunho, his eyes focused on Changmin and Junsu who were sitting under a covered table happily talking to a lovely female interviewer. “They look too happy.”

“They must be up to no good,” Yoochun said, following Jae to the table.

“Yunho isn’t really attracted to nice people,” Junsu admitted as he sipped on his drink.

Changmin shook his head in agreement. “I think Go Ara was the exception to this rule.”

“She’s very nice,” Junsu agreed.

“But it didn’t last. I think Yunho’s a masochist when it comes to relationships,” Changmin happily told the reporter.

“It’s like he enjoys suffering,” Junsu added in complete agreement with Changmin

Jae stared at them in disbelief as Yoochun bent over laughing. The interviewer turned to look at the newly arrived men and asked, “Do you two want to give any insight to the type of women Yunho finds attractive?”

The man in charge of PR quickly stepped up, fearful of what might slip out of Jae’s mouth. “That’s enough for today. Let us go over what you have already gathered,” the PR man said very smoothly as he got the interviewer up and away from the men.

Jae sat down at the covered table and stared at Junsu and Changmin, speechless. Neither one of them looked the slightest bit guilty as they smiled back at Jae. Yoochun broke the silence. “Well, I hope you mentioned he was attracted to nice hair too,” Yoochun said, still laughing as he ran his hand through Jae’s hair to annoy the older man.

“I hate you all!” Jae said, pulling away from Yoochun’s touch.

“Liar,” Yoochun told him as he sat down beside him.

“So…any news?” Changmin asked as he grabbed the glass of lemonade he had been drinking earlier.

“Getting closer…I just need to talk to Yunho,” Yoochun said, answering him.

Jae sighed. “Yunho is not going to get involved in your contract negotiations! He wouldn’t even get involved in mine.”

“The CEO knows you are screwing Yunho so he was especially kind to you…Junsu and I don’t have that luxury,” Yoochun explained.

“I wouldn’t call it especially kind…he was fair,” Jae said with his eyes back on Yunho.

“How close are you to signing?” Changmin asked, trying to hide the eagerness in his voice.

“Close,” Yoochun confirmed. “I just have a few things I want to be iron clad in the contact, then I’m good.”

“Well you are closer than Junsu…his mommy and daddy still won’t give their permission,” Changmin said with his voice full of disdain.

“Hey! My parents have valid concerns,” Junsu replied, avoiding Changmin’s accusatory gaze.

“SM is never going to give your parents the control they want. So I guess we will just be a trio,” Jae told him as he folded his arms and continued to stare at Yunho.

“A trio? I told you I am very close to signing the contract. We will be a quartet,” Yoochun said, winking at Changmin in an attempt to vex Junsu.

“Sounds good to me,” Changmin agreed.

“I am going to sign! They just need to give into some things first!” Junsu insisted, but even he knew that in order for him to go back to SM…he would have to go against his parent’s wishes.

Jae turned to glare at Junsu. “If you are expecting Yunho to step in for you, I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. Your mother…”

“Jae, don’t go there,” Yoochun warned.

Jae seethed and bit his tongue as he saw the look of hurt that passed through Junsu’s eyes. The fact that Junsu’s mother had willingly encouraged Junsu to accept Jae’s advances turned his stomach. If Junsu had just refused him, how different everything would have been, but he knew it was just as much his fault…even though he hated to admit it. “I know. I am sorry.”

Changmin felt the tension that was suddenly at the table, and was more than relieved when he saw Yunho walking up to them. “Well, if it isn’t the most eligible bachelor in all of South Korea.”

“Haha,” Yunho told him as he walked up to the table, placing a hand on the back of Junsu and Changmin’s chairs. “So did you two say nice things about me?”

“Of course, we only said good things about your bad taste in lovers,” Changmin teased.

“Yes,” Junsu said recovered, “people shall enjoy reading what we had to say.”

“I only heard a little of it and I completely enjoyed it,” Yoochun agreed. “The magazines will no doubt fly off the racks.”

“Your precious Changmin said you were a masochist if that gives you any idea how the interview went,” Jae told Yunho, frowning up at his lover.

“Now, that’s supposed to be a secret,” Yunho said, thumping Changmin on the head.

“I have something I need to tell you all, so I am glad you are all here,” Yunho told them.

“Shall we go inside then? So I can properly bitch you out for letting that stylist whore touch you?” Jae whispered under his breath, glaring up at Yunho.

Yunho reached up and rubbed the top of his head. “On second thoughts I suddenly feel like staying outside…preferably in the middle of a crowd.”

Yoochun got up, took Jae by the hand, and pulled him up out of his chair. “Yunho is only following your wishes.”

“My wishes do not include for slutty hands being all over my man.”

“Let’s go inside,” Yunho ordered quickly, shaking his head at Jae as he headed toward the house.

Jae broke away from Yoochun to walk beside Yunho. “Don’t you shake your head at me! I was already having a bad day…and you know I can’t stand people touching you.”

“She was fixing my clothing. She is a stylist for the magazine, it’s what she does,” Yunho groaned as he walked inside the house, heading toward the dining room.

“For your cover on a magazine…proclaiming you’re the most eligible bachelor in South Korea! Yunho, do you see my problem?” Jae asked as he followed him into the dining room, fuming.

“No, I don’t,” Yunho said, sitting down at the head of the table. “Since you are the one who insists that we keep our relationship a secret. I would happily tell them the truth.”

Jae sat down in the chair beside Yunho and rolled his eyes. “Why must you always bring this up?”

“Because it’s the truth,” Changmin said, taking the chair opposite Yunho at the other end of the table, “don’t bitch about it unless you are willing to do something about it. To the world he is single, handsome and rich, of course women are going to want to touch him, fuck him, marry him, and have his babies.” Junsu snorted at Changmin’s choice of words as he sat down next to Yunho opposite Jae as Yoochun took the chair next to Jae.

“You are way more possessive then you used to be in the past,” Junsu pointed out. “How are we ever going to be able to function with you glaring at any woman who dare look at Yunho?”

“He is much worse than he used to be,” Changmin agreed. “I can just see him flipping out during an interview.”

“I think you forget that Jae isn’t going to do anything that might cost him a fan,” Yoochun said knowingly of his friend. “Plus we won’t let him.”

“Why don’t you continue to talk about me as if I’m not here? I’m not an idiot. I know I can’t be like this during interviews…it’s just…” Jae paused, unable to explain his all-consuming jealousy. They all turned to Jae waiting for him to answer…and waited…and then waited some more.

Yunho finally had pity on his lover and broke the silence. “You two sound like group members. Have you agreed to something I’m unaware of?” Yunho asked Yoochun and Junsu, unable to hide the hope in his voice.

“I am very close. I would just like you to make one call to the CEO telling him I should have final say in what dramas I want to appear in….and I should be able to appear in ones that have nothing to do with SM,” Yoochun told Yunho quickly, hoping to get the contract flaws worked out.

Yunho turned to Yoochun and let out a breath. “You know it isn’t that simple. You can’t just randomly accept any drama you want…it depends on the schedule.”

“I know I have to take into consideration group activities, but most importantly I want to be able to reject offers I have no interest in,” Yoochun explained.

“Afraid you are going to get stuck in a shitty drama?” Changmin asked.

“Yes,” Yoochun quickly confirmed.

“I think your terms are completely understandable but I cannot get involved in your contract negotiations. I am trying to limit myself when it comes to running SM. I want to know what is going on and I want to have a say…but I don’t want to abuse my power. SM has a very competent CEO, and believe me when I say he wants DBSK put back together. Work with him.”

“You sound so old,” Jae told Yunho, giving him a sad look. He was suddenly nostalgic for the more childlike version of Yunho.

“We are all older,” Yunho assured him. “I do have news that I need to share with you all. I am not sure how you all will take it though.”

“You are finally going to rehab?” Changmin guessed, sounding extremely happy. “About damn time!”

Jae paled. Junsu and Yoochun looked at Changmin, confused. “Rehab?” Junsu asked.

“There is a great rehab facility in New York that Yunho and I visited while we were on tour, and it can help Yunho get more of his old mobility back…you know, pre-bullet in the head,” Changmin happily pointed out with just a touch of deviousness that only Yunho picked up on.

“That’s wonderful!” Yoochun exclaimed.

Junsu turned to Yunho with a huge smile. “You could dance again?”

“Perhaps if I went, but I’m not. That isn’t the news I have to share,” Yunho quickly explained.

“Excuse me? Why aren’t you going?” Yoochun asked, shocked. It was the first time he had heard about this rehab center.

“Jae won’t let him,” Changmin said with a cocky smile. He was relieved that Junsu and Yoochun were finally clued in on what he considered Jae’s selfishness.

“Why not!” Junsu demanded.

Jae ignored Junsu and reached out and touched Yunho’s arm, eager to change the subject. “What was your news?”

“What do you mean? Jae won’t let him? Yunho doesn’t have to ask permission!” Yoochun said to nobody in particular as he glared at Jae.

“If you can recover some of your mobility then why haven’t you gone already? You could dance again, Yunho,” Junsu told Yunho. Yunho had always loved dancing so much. That he would just toss away the chance of dancing again was unbelievable to Junsu.

Changmin turned his cold gaze on Jae. “Well, Yunho is totally whipped. He does whatever Jae wants….Jae wants to live here…he does. Jae doesn’t want to come out…they don’t. Jae wants him to limp around for the rest of his life…he limps.”

“He doesn’t limp!” Jae hissed, standing up and slamming his hands down on the table. “He barely even uses a cane anymore.”

“What are you thinking?” Yoochun yelled at his friend. “How could you even think of denying him this chance?”

“You know how much he loves dancing!” Junsu added, not bothering to hide his annoyance.

“What the hell do you know? You walk back into his life after years and suddenly you two are experts? I don’t think so. He is not going to fucking America for months without me!” Jae screamed back at them, still standing and trembling in anger.

“Oooh! Without you! Now I understand!” Yoochun said, folding his arms, glaring up at his friend as everything suddenly became clear to him.

Yunho’s narrowed eyes were only focused on Changmin, knowing exactly what he had put into motion. Changmin just stared back at him, unflinching. “In two weeks, AVEX wants us to perform as five for A-Nation,” Yunho revealed, quieting them all.

“We haven’t committed to the SM contract much less an AVEX one,” Junsu said, shocked at Yunho’s words.

“We wouldn’t have too. No commitments necessary,” Yunho explained as he reached up and took Jae’s hand, comforting the other man. Jae, who was still shaken from the attack of Changmin, Junsu and Yoochun, sat back down in his chair, clinging to Yunho’s hand.

“I am in favor of it,” Changmin said, looking anywhere but at Jae.

Junsu nodded his head in agreement. “Me too.”

“The Japanese fans would love it,” Jae confirmed, holding Yunho’s hand tightly, fighting the guilt that was eating at him.

“If you guys are going…I’m going too,” Yoochun told them.

“Good,” Yunho replied but couldn’t help but add, “I just wanted to make sure it wouldn’t be awkward for anyone.”

The other three pair of eyes flew to Jae, and Changmin couldn’t help but ask, “Would it be weird for you?”

Jae looked confused at Changmin. “Why would it be weird for me?”

Changmin gave Jae a deadpan look and told him, “No reason.”

Yoochun had mercy on his friend who seemed to think nothing of his old liaisons. “We better practice…we have to sound amazing.”

Yunho smiled at them. “Agreed, we better practice.”

“What about you? Are you going to rehab?” Changmin asked from the other end of the table, not willing to let the subject die.

“Yeah, we are not finished discussing it,” Junsu quickly added.

“You should go,” Yoochun flat out told him.

Changmin smiled. “It’s three against one. The majority wins. You go to rehab. Regain your strength. It’s long overdue. Then our comeback can be truly amazing.”

Yunho sighed sadly, getting up from his chair and looked down at Changmin who was still sitting at the other end of the table opposite him. “I love you and I know you love me. I also know you only want the best for me, and that means so much to me…but this isn’t up for a vote. Jae and I settled this already and it isn’t open for discussion,” Yunho told him as kindly as possible, and then turned away from the table. Yunho walked out of the room with Jae at his side, still clinging to his hand.


Yunho and Junsu sat Indian style in front of a huge television screen that took up most of the wall of the television room of Yunho’s mansion, with a bowl of chips between them. Junsu was very animated, describing his every move in one of his celebrity soccer matches they were watching. “Wham, and then I kicked it and it sailed beautifully…it wasn’t even touched!”

Yunho couldn’t help smiling at the man beside him as he rubbed underneath the chin of the very happy cat in his lap. “Too bad we couldn’t have had a team like this before you left SM.”

“Even when I was still angry at you, I used to wish you were with me. Yoochun can play good but he’s lazy and blames his asthma for not playing now…asthma.” Junsu grumbled, his annoyance palpable.

“Then he smokes some more,” Yunho also said in disapproval.

“That habit does him no favors, but you stopped and you got Changmin and Jae to stop!” Junsu told Yunho in awe. “I wish you could get him to stop too.”

“I don’t think that is going to happen.”

“Why did you stop?” Junsu asked curiously. He was glad he never took up the nasty, addictive habit.

“I can’t even stand the smell of them. I can even smell it on people’s clothes now, and it stinks. I can’t believe I used to smell like that.”

“So when you woke up you just stopped because it smelled bad?”

“I guess I slept through the withdrawal and when Jae came in reeking of cigarettes I made him shower. I couldn’t stand the smell.”

Junsu frowned. “So it wasn’t for health reasons, you just find them stinky?”

“No, not just that. I will never do anything that might increase my chances of going back to the hospital. I have spent enough of my life in a hospital bed. I made Changmin quit for his health. Jae…I think Jae still sneaks them when he knows I am not in danger of smelling him,” Yunho confessed as he reached for a handful of chips.

“Yeah, he does, but Changmin really quit and he doesn’t drink either…that’s wow,” Junsu said, and then took a drink of his bottled water.

“Me, you, and Changmin… the three men without vices,” Yunho joked.

“We will never get Jae and Yoochun to stop drinking. Those two…I love them dearly but they love to drink,” Junsu said, fiddling with the remote so he could rewind and watch himself again.

Yunho nodded his head in agreement. “Probably why Yoochun didn’t stay long in the mansion…no liquor and no smoking allowed.”

“No, I think it’s more than that. The people around him have so much going on. It’s really hard for us right now, much harder than it is for Jae. It’s hard to have so much and then to lose it all,” Junsu admitted, looking down at his hands.

“Did you know Jae was selling his shares?” Yunho asked, curiosity taking root in him.

Junsu turned to Yunho and answered, “Oh, yeah, he offered them to me and Yoochun first. When you were in the hospital, he started selling them and we bought a lot of them. Although he did dump a lot more of them after he offered to return to SM…and he didn’t offer us those, which I am really glad for now, but I was annoyed at the time.”

Yunho’s eyes widened and he fell back to the floor behind him and looked up at the ceiling. “Thank goodness for that.”

“Yeah, or we would be in more of a mess than we already are,” Junsu agreed as he turned the television back on and started watching another game. “This game wasn’t our best but I think we improved as a whole.”

Before Yunho could comment, his phone went off, alerting him to a new text message. Yunho picked it up and read the message and frowned. “He’s awake again. How many times do I have to tell him I hate texting?”

“He is like a text machine, but at least you got a two hour break,” Junsu told him, turning to look at the man beside him who had Jae’s large, gray cat sprawled out on his chest. “I miss my cats.”

“Keep missing them because I refuse to let this house become a cat farm,” Changmin said, walking into the room.

“I gave most of my cats away!”

“What, you only have thirty now?” Changmin told him, rolling his eyes at Junsu.

“Five! I only have five!” Junsu told him as he reached for the bowl of chips and crammed his mouth full of the last of the chips before Changmin could get any.

“How was your night?” Yunho asked Changmin, hoping to stop the fight before it started. Yunho hadn’t moved since Changmin walked in. He was still lying on the floor as he looked up at the taller man.

Changmin snorted. “It was fine. Why are you two still up and what are you watching?” Changmin said, plopping down in the very nice brown, leather couch that was in the back of the room behind Junsu and Yunho.

“We are having a slumber party celebrating all five of us working together again,” Junsu told him.

Yunho laughed. “We are watching Junsu’s greatest soccer moments.”

Changmin frowned. “Isn’t that a little rude considering Yunho can’t play soccer?”

Junsu’s mouth fell open and looked at Yunho, shamefaced. “Oh, I didn’t. Is it….”

“Stop it,” Yunho interrupted, “it’s fine. I assure you. I like watching you play.”

“Hmm…I guess its fine. I mean if Yunho wanted to do things like play soccer and dance he would do something about it. Yunho must like his limitations,” Changmin said hatefully and full of sarcasm, still pissed at Yunho for giving up his chance at rehab.

“Don’t be an asshole,” Yunho told Changmin as his phone beeped again.

“You didn’t answer him. He is going to be mad,” Junsu said, trying to ignore the truth of Changmin’s bitter but honest words.

“I have told him repeatedly that I will only answer yes or no texts,” Yunho said, eyeing the phone, annoyed.

Changmin got up and sat down between Junsu and Yunho and snatched Yunho’s phone. “I will answer him for you.”

“Tell him to go to bed,” Yunho instructed.

“Where is the fun in that? I am going to answer him…as you,” Changmin said with a grin.

“Oh, that’s just great. You know he’s just waiting for the littlest reason to fly back from Tokyo,” Yunho said, reaching for the chip bowl.

“He is being really clingy lately,” Junsu agreed as he watched Yunho reach for the empty bowl.

“Clingy? I thought we were going to have to have him surgically removed from Yunho’s side. Normally he’s clingy…now he’s something else. I was shocked when he actually went to Tokyo,” Changmin pointed out with a grin as he answered Jae’s text for Yunho.

“Well, he did have a legal obligation to show up for the press conference today, and the magazine shoot tomorrow is too big of an honor for him to blow it off,” Yunho said, stretching out his hands above his head.

Junsu stood up. “I am going to go get some more chips. Do you guys want me to get anything else?”

“Only all the food your hands can hold,” Changmin asked, grinning gleefully as Jae answered his text.

“What a shocker,” Junsu mumbled, heading out of the room.

“Be nice,” Yunho pleaded to Changmin, as he continued to pet the purring cat on his chest. “Remember I have to sleep with him.”

Changmin put down the phone and turned to look at Yunho. “Speaking of being nice…is it not weird for you being so cozy with Junsu?”

“Not at all.”
“I didn’t think so…but don’t you ever think about him and Jae?”

“Not really. They were stupid. They both regret it. They are not secretly pining for each other,” Yunho explained confidently. “They both made a horrible mistake and they both wish they could take it back.”

“Well it’s more than obvious that Jae has eyes only for you…but Junsu? I mean you don’t think he still has a thing…”

“No, it has passed. Believe me, it has passed,” Yunho interrupted, laughing, thinking back on Junsu’s confession to him that day at Maggie’s house. “You should be more understanding, you once had your crush on Jae, and he wasn’t even trying to seduce you.”

“I did not!” Changmin seethed, turning red.

“You did but it was just an innocent crush. You were young and confused. Junsu was old and misguided and playing with a dangerous Jae.”

“You make Jae sound like he’s irresistible,” Changmin snapped. “You know he isn’t.”

Yunho smiled up at his young maknae. “Just be grateful that he only toyed with you, and I was keeping him very happy back then.”

“Don’t make me sick! Most days you insist that I see him as a mother, and on rare demented days you bring up a crush I never had? Which is it?”

“I know whatever crush…weird infatuation you had on him was short lived. I still think you see him in a maternal light at times though.” Yunho told Changmin, loving the irritated look on the man’s face.

Changmin gave Yunho a look of disdain. “God, you are so annoying and delusional at times.”

“You asked!”

“After all we have gone through…I don’t see him in any maternal, paternal light…barely a brotherly light.”

Yunho reached over and whacked Changmin gently on the back. “Now that is a damn lie.”

“Alright, maybe I am fine with all of them…especially him, but it still pisses me off that he’s keeping you from getting the rehab you need so badly,” Changmin admitted, looking down at Yunho in disapproval.

“I agree,” Junsu said, walking back into the room with his arms full of chips, bags of chocolate, and bottles of Coke. Junsu laid it all in the middle of the floor between them.

“Guys, please don’t start,” Yunho begged, closing his eyes, not wanting to have this discussion for the tenth time.

Changmin grabbed a bag of chocolate. “Forgive us for wanting the best for you. Shame on us.”

“Yeah, shame on us,” Junsu agreed, grabbing a bag of chips and a Coke.

Yunho sniffled and pulled JiJi up to his face and gave him a kiss on the nose. “Only Jiji understands me.”

Changmin and Junsu looked at each other and shook their heads. “Do we have to watch soccer?” Changmin asked Junsu, ignoring Yunho as he grabbed a bag of chips and a Coke to go with is chocolate.

“Porn?” Junsu suggested.

“Hell, yeah! See if they have anything new on pay per view. If not then if ‘King Harder and the Hoes of the Round Table’ is good.”

“I’ve never seen it,” Junsu admitted sadly.

“Such a sheltered boy,” Changmin said of his older hyung.

Yunho sat up suddenly, frowning. “I don’t want to watch porn.”

“Of course not, your life is one huge porn flick, why would you need to watch it,” Changmin barked back at him.

Yunho grabbed the chips Changmin was eating away from him and whined, “Let’s watch a scary movie instead.”

“Okay,” Junsu agreed quickly, “have you guys seen ‘The Monster Within’ yet? I hear it’s really scary.”

Changmin took turns sneering at both men. “This is a fucking slumber party! What are we, ten year old girls?”

“We told you,” Yunho told him happily as he stuffed more chips into his mouth.

Changmin handed the remote to Junsu and took his chips back from Yunho. “Well I should…” Changmin stopped as he got a text from Jae and smirked. “You guys watch your little movie and I will play with Jae.”

“What are you telling him?” Yunho said, reaching for the phone.

Changmin stretched his arm up high, keeping it out of Yunho’s reach. “Nothing that you won’t be able to fix…eventually!”

“Give me my phone now, you little snothead!” Yunho demanded, reaching his hand out.

Changmin just shook his head and smiled. “Nope, it’s the only fun I get….”

“Bastard!” Jae said from behind them, snatching the phone out of Changmin’s hand, and shocking the other men. “I knew it wasn’t Yunho. It didn’t take an hour to get a response.”

“Jae! You are supposed to be in Tokyo!” Yunho exclaimed, shocked at the other man’s sudden appearance.

“But I missed you,” Jae told Yunho as he handed him back his phone.

“You haven’t even been gone a day,” Changmin complained.

“Well ‘Mr. I Have Never Been in Love with Anybody’ wouldn’t understand missing the one you love, would you?” Jae told Changmin condescendingly as he reached down and grabbed Yunho’s hand, pulling the other man to his feet.

“If you only define love by your own insane description…then no I haven’t been and I hope I never am. I will happily settle for sanity,” Changmin told him sharply.

Jae let go of Yunho’s hand and placed both his hands on his hips. “Our love is not insane, and personally I think you should take a step back from our relationship…you are a little too involved.”

“Excuse me,” Changmin said, standing up. “He is my friend, and somebody has to look out for him. Protect him from you!”

“He doesn’t need protection from me!” Jae shrieked at him.

Changmin grunted. “Like hell he doesn’t!”

Yunho stepped away from the both of them and went and sat down by Junsu. “We could slip out of here and go watch the movie in a different room.”

“Jae would find us,” Junsu informed him wisely as he took a drink of his Coke.

Yunho nodded his head in agreement as he watched the two he loved most going at each other’s throats. “Sometimes I think it’s my soul they are fighting over.”

Junsu wrapped a comforting arm around Yunho. “Are you just now figuring that out?”

Yunho nodded his head. “I am a little slow sometimes.”

“I am in a relationship, thank you very much!” Changmin screamed back at Jae, making Junsu and Yunho tune back into their fight.

“With who?” Jae demanded, his eyes brightening at the thought.

“None of your business,” Changmin retorted, instantly upset with himself for giving away that fact to Jae.

“Who is she?” Jae asked excitedly as the anger from earlier vanished as he thought of his little Changmin in a relationship.

Changmin sat down quickly, looking away from Jae and facing the big screen television. “We were going to watch a movie before you came in and rudely disturbed us.”

“Does my little Changmin have a girlfriend?” Jae asked sweetly, walking up from behind Changmin and ruffling his hair.

“Stop it!” Changmin whined, hating himself for slipping up and telling Jae.

“Is she ugly? Is that why you are ashamed to talk about her?” Jae teased. “Does she have a big head?”

“She isn’t ugly, and I am not telling you anything else,” Changmin said, focusing on the television.

“Is she old?” Jae asked, continuing to tease Changmin but frowned when he noticed that Yunho was no longer beside him but sitting on the floor with Junsu. Changmin’s mystery girlfriend was suddenly forgotten. “Yunho, come on, let’s go upstairs. I have to be back at the airport in six hours.”
“You came back for six hours?” Yunho asked, looking up at Jae in disbelief.

“Yes, I did and don’t you even start with me. You know how much I miss you,” Jae said, walking over to Yunho and reaching his hand down for him again.

“You know I can get up without your help?” Yunho sighed as he took Jae’s hand and stood up.

Jae smiled at Yunho and slid his hand up the other man’s body till it rested against his cheek. “I know you can, but you don’t have to.”

Yunho just shook his head at him. “You are crazy to come back for six hours. You are going to spend four needless hours on an airplane.”

“Four extra hours on plane is a small price to pay for sex with you, and sleeping in your arms,” Jae told Yunho longingly as he dragged him from the room.

Changmin made gagging noises causing Junsu to laugh. “So what were you saying about King Harder and his hoes?”

“Hell, yes,” Changmin said, smiling brightly as he worked the remote, but his smile turned devilish and turned to Junsu. “Just so you know this is straight man’s porn.”

Changmin’s yelling was heard throughout the house as Junsu poured his Coke all over him.
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