Expectations: The Journey Begins.

Title: Expectations
Adventure One: The Journey Begins, Part one of two.
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Humor, Romance
Beta: Tahoeturquoise

A/N: This story is inspired by Star Trek. The crew of the Expectations will be made up of members of DBSK and Super Junior. Yunjae will be the main couple in this story, but not the only couple. This story will be broken up in adventures and each adventure might have several parts.  As the story progresses members of Infinite, SHINee, f(x), Big Bang, and SNSD will appear.

Summary: While stranded on a strange planet the captain of the Starship Expectations encounters a remarkable being, and he soon finds himself bound to it in more ways than one.

“Captain, just a little farther,” the calm voice of Kyuhyun, his second in command, told him over the communicator. Yunho looked around his harsh surroundings. The planet that he was stuck on was not exactly pleasant for two reason. First, most of it was covered in a thick forest of trees that had sharp thorns that he had to be on constant guard against; and second, the Zusaders, the indigenous beings of the planet, were some of the ugliest and meanest sons of bitches he had ever come across. They looked like the wild boars of earth, except they were about seven foot tall, weighed over three hundred pounds, and walked on two feet.

Yunho did not regret his actions of a week ago when he had saved his away team from a life of slavery on a mining colony, but he really wished he had managed to escape with them. Instead, he had been forced to depend on the mercy of a rogue trader who had ended up stranding him on this awful planet.

“How much farther, Lieutenant?” Yunho couldn’t help but ask as he wished for the hundredth time that he had eyes in the back of his head. He could hear Zusaders snorting happily in the distance…and he’d rather not know what made a Zusader snort happily.

“Captain, approximately fifty feet farther and we will be able to beam you up. I would suggest you hurry; in approximately ninety seconds the window will be closed and I am unable to estimate when…or if it will open again,” his science officer, Changmin, pointed out. Yunho could hear the worry in his voice.

“That should be no problem. I will need a full....” Yunho stopped suddenly as he heard a voice cry out in pain. The voice didn’t belong to a Zusader, but it came from the direction of their happy snorting. Yunho instinctively turned around and went in the direction of the pain-filled cry. He sped up when the crying out increased. Whoever was screaming was obviously in a great deal of pain.

“Yunho, what are you doing? You have to get to the beam site now!” Changmin’s demanding voice broke out from the communicator, showing his displeasure with the change in route.

Yunho sighed as he headed in the direction of the pain-filled voice. “Lieutenant, what have I told you? You should call me Captain, and not my first name. It’s disrespectful. You will just have to figure out some other way to get me off this planet. Somebody needs my help.”

“Captain, return to the beam site now. I am not……..” Changmin’s voice died away. Yunho knew the window must have closed leaving him trapped on a planet with nasty hog people, and with no way of getting off it or any way of communicating with his ship.

The voice that had been screaming out in pain earlier grew fainter as the happy snorting increased. Yunho frowned and increased his pace; he pushed through the brush and paused as he came upon a clearing. Anger filled him as he looked upon a horrific sight. In the middle of the clearing was a pole with a beautiful blonde woman tied to it. Her hands were bound together above her head and she was wearing a loose fitting white dress that was covered in blood. Five Zusaders surrounded her, each with long whips in their hands. They each took turns beating her.

Yunho cursed the planet as he reached down and grabbed a big stick. The ionized atmosphere of the planet that prevented him from beaming back to his ship and disabled his communicator also prevented his phaser from working. Five against one was never good odds, especially when you were outweighed by a good fifteen hundred pounds. When one particularly mean looking Zusader started beating the defenseless woman again, Yunho’s protective instinct cancelled out his common sense, and he ran into the clearing ready to take them all on.


Jaejoong had never known such pain in all his life. The lashes that tore his once perfect skin burned with the fiery poison that the whips had been laced with. His mind was a fog as his body tried to fall into a healing sleep, but each strike of the whip awoke him and prevented him from healing himself.

He hated ZhouMi with the heat of a thousand suns for putting him on this wretched planet and unleashing the Zusaders on him. The Zusaders were a primitive people and their minds were immune to his telepathy if they kept a distance of five feet from him. He knew the sacred vows of his people kept him or any of his people from killing anybody with their mind if it was not done for the protection of their bondmate or their children, but if a Zusader came close enough he would be sorely tempted to tear its mind into pieces.

Jaejoong prayed he would just lose consciousness; the pain was too much…just too much for him. He body was not used to pain, and it was overwhelming him. He was deep in his pain-filled misery when his mind latched on to another presence. Jaejoong’s eyes flew open as he looked past the Zusaders and saw a human male dressed in a red uniform approach them from behind with a big stick and start attacking them.

Was this human mad? How could he possibly think he could take on these five adult Zusaders? Jaejoong cursed his weakness. If he had sensed this human’s presence earlier he could have sent him away. Now the human was doomed. Although Jaejoong was suffering horribly, he would not die. The Zusaders would eventually take a break from beating him and Jaejoong’s body would heal itself enough to keep him alive. The beatings and the pain would go on and on for Jaejoong.

The human was doing remarkably well against the Zusaders, Jaejoong had to admit, but the poor man had taken enough swipes from the lethal poisonous whips to be doomed. Jaejoong found his mind latching on the man’s mind and was amazed by his determination and courage. The beating of Jaejoong had stopped while the Zusaders focused on the man, and Jaejoong’s mind cleared enough for a plan to form.

“Push them closer to me,” Jaejoong sent out a message telepathically, willing the man to follow his orders. The man looked up at Jaejoong and their eyes met. “My telepathy only works against them if they are within five feet of me.”

The man nodded his head in understanding and Jaejoong watched patiently as the human changed his fighting technique to focus on one Zusader until he pushed it into Jaejoong’s telepathic range. Jaejoong broke into the Zusader’s mind; confusing it and making it believe that the other Zusaders were its enemies. The Zusader turned on the other four with a snarl as Jaejoong’s mental commands overrode everything it knew. The other Zusaders were so shocked by their companion’s betrayal that they forgot the human they were fighting against. The Zusader under Jaejoong’s mind control pushed another Zusader into the reach of Jaejoong’s telepathy and Jaejoong quickly did the same to him. Jaejoong sighed in relief as the Zusaders fought against each other, leaving the poor human alone. He closed his eyes as his body once again tried to slip off into the healing sleep.

Jaejoong’s eyes fluttered open as he felt someone tugging against the ropes that bound his hands above his head. He felt his weakened legs give way under the weight of his body as his arms were freed. The man who had untied him easily caught him. The man stared down at him, telling him in a voice full of confidence, “I am Captain Jung Yunho from the Starship Expectations, and I am here to save you.”

Jaejoong’s eyes closed; he was unable to say anything to the man….to the captain who had saved him. He felt his body being lifted up into the captain’s strong arms as the healing sleep pulled him under.


Commander Cho was hurrying down the corridor on his way to the science lab where Lieutenant Jung waited for him when the Chief of Security stepped in front of him and halted him. “Sungmin, I am in a hurry.”

“I know, but what I have to say won’t take long,” Sungmin said, hurrying to keep pace with the commander who had stepped around him continuing on his way.

The commander frowned as he reached the elevator. “If it doesn’t have to do with getting the captain off that planet then I’m not interested.”

Sungmin reached out and grabbed the commander’s arm. “Kyuhyun, have you thought any more about moving in together?”

Kyuhyun jerked his arm free of the other man as the elevator started to open. “No, I have not. I am thinking of the Captain being stuck down on that planet full of hostile aliens.”

“And I’m not?”

“Apparently not. I have no intention of ever living with you…is that what you want to hear? Can I make it any plainer?” Kyuhyun snapped at him, not bothering to hide his annoyance.

“Do you even care about me at all?” Sungmin demanded as his eyes flashed daggers at the commander.

“I…I…” Kyuhyun started to stutter a reply when the sound of a throat clearing made him realize the elevator was open and Nurse Heechul was standing there listening to every word.

“Sorry, did I interrupt a lover’s spat?” the male nurse asked with a crooked smile.

“No,” Sungmin answered, quickly taking a step back. “I have to get back to the bridge.”

Kyuhyun closed his eyes in dread and stepped into the elevator with the difficult nurse. “Don’t even start with me.”

The elevator doors shut and Heechul turned to the commander and started laughing. “God, how you must regret tapping that ass.”

“Deck 10,” Kyuhyun ordered the voice activated elevator, and then turned and sneered at Heechul. “I am not in the mood. I have to get to the science lab and help Changmin. The captain is running out of time.”

Heechul leaned against the elevator wall and gave Kyuhyun a look of scorn. “It’s your own fault. You should have left your dilly willy in your pants until you were over him.”

The elevator came to a stop on the tenth deck and the door opened. Kyuhyun inhaled a deep breath before getting off and turned to face Heechul with eyes much older than his face. “There are two problems with that statement. One, I will never be over him. Two, I enjoy sex too much.”


Jaejoong awoke wrapped in comforting warm arms. His eyes flew open as he took in his surroundings. He was underneath a large tree, leaning against the man that had saved him. His body had already healed the internal damage he had suffered and he knew with just a little more sleep he would be completely healed. He pushed away from the captain gently. He was still very sore from the hundreds of lashes he had received at the hands of the Zusaders. Jaejoong turned and faced his savior…his poor doomed savior. The man was leaning up against the tree, his face covered in sweat as the poison worked its way into his body through the multiple cuts he had received.

He would make sure the poor man did not suffer from his fatal wounds. He would make sure he left his life dreaming of memories filled with happiness and immune to the pain. Jaejoong tenderly reached out to touch the man’s cheek, pausing when he noticed the man had placed his red jacket on him, covering his beaten body and his torn clothing. Jaejoong was filled with gratitude as he laid his hand against the man’s cheek.

With the touch of his hand against the man’s face, the telepathic gateway opened and Jaejoong was shocked to discover that the man had all but been rescued…but instead of fleeing to safety he had answered a cry for help. Jaejoong jerked his hand away from the man and covered his mouth with both hands as an all consuming feeling of sadness and guilt flooded him. Jaejoong fought to keep his sobs hidden as tears streamed down his face. He hated that so many must always suffer because of him.

“Don’t cry. It’s going to be okay,” the man told him, shocking Jaejoong. He had not even sensed the man awakening.

Jaejoong reached up, wiped his eyes, and spoke in the man’s language with ease. “You could have escaped.”

The man smiled at him. “This way we both get to escape.”

Jaejoong let out a small sigh as he reached up and touched the man’s forehead that was burning up in fever. “You look very tired…perhaps you should sleep.”

“You should rest…I am sorry I couldn’t have gotten there sooner.”

Jaejoong shook his head. “I will be okay…I heal fast. You should rest…you are burning up with fever.”

“You are practically a bloody pulp…you should sleep. I won’t let anybody else hurt you. It will be okay,” the man assured him as he reached for his communicator. “I have to be awake so when my crew breaks through the interference I can communicate with them.”

Jaejoong leaned back into the man’s arms, not wanting to argue with him. The man was so decent it made Jaejoong physically ill to know he would soon be dead. Against Jaejoong’s better judgment he found his telepathy seeping into the man’s mind. He knew knowing this man better would only make him feel guiltier in the end, but if someday he could meet this man’s crew he wanted to tell them of the man’s great bravery.

Jaejoong gently entered the man’s memories and the first and most powerful memory he came upon was of a terrible disaster upon the man’s ship…the Expectations. A year ago they had encountered a space anomaly while trying to save one of their shuttle crafts that had been sucked inside it. The anomaly had deposited them millions of light years away from their known space. The journey had killed all the females and the older male members of the crew aboard the ship. Nobody older than thirty Earth years had survived the journey. This man…Yunho… had stepped up and gathered the shattered and broken crew around him, giving them the strength to carry on. He had taken command and turned an impossible situation into a grand journey of exploration, while at the same time always searching for the way home.

Jaejoong broke free of Yunho’s mind…Yunho was too tempting. He was wonderful in all the ways Jaejoong enjoyed. Yunho wasn’t perfect by any means but he always tried his best. He was heroic and good….and yet he could be terribly stubborn. Jaejoong knew he could spend his life with this man. Jaejoong turned around in Yunho’s arms until he was looking up at him. Yunho was very handsome, too. Yunho had no idea what Jaejoong was…he did not save him for any other reason than because he needed saving.

Jaejoong stared up at this man and knew he would give him willingly what so many before had tried to coerce and take from him. Jaejoong knew instinctively that Yunho was the one for him. Jaejoong willingly released his pheromones for the first time in his life.

Jaejoong waited for the pheromones to take affect, and he did not have to wait long. He felt Yunho shifting underneath him and then watched as Yunho looked down at him uncomfortably. “Umm…I might need to take a walk.”

“Don’t leave me,” Jaejoong whispered to the other man’s mind.

“I really need to get up.” Yunho started to push him away, causing Jaejoong to sit up and wrap his arms around Yunho’s neck.

He snuggled into Yunho’s neck and released more pheromones. Jaejoong pressed his knee against the other man’s groin and felt his hardness. “Yunho, please don’t leave me.”

Yunho struggled to breathe as he fought against overwhelming feelings of desire that were starting to consume him. He had never felt anything so powerful in his whole life, but it was wrong…so wrong. This woman had just been beaten savagely. Yunho found his strength and pushed Jaejoong off him as he climbed to his shaky feet. “I am so sorry. I just need to get away from you.”

Jaejoong’s eyes widened in amazement as he lay on the ground and looked up at Yunho. He watched Yunho fight against the massive amount of pheromones that would have had a lesser man already thrusting inside of him. Jaejoong admired the man’s decency but they were running out of time, so he released more pheromones and watched as Yunho crumbled to the ground beside him. “It’s okay…I want you too.”

Yunho looked down upon the beaten, bloody woman laid out in front of him and asked in desperation even as he pulled down his pants, “How could you want this?”

“Please,” Jaejoong pleaded mentally as he felt Yunho’s body weakening against the poison that flowed through it. They did not have much time. He sighed in relief as Yunho crawled over to him, placing himself directly on top of him. Yunho’s eyes that were consumed with a fire of Jaejoong’s own making, leered down at Jaejoong with pure lust. Yunho bent down and hungrily kissed him as one hand reached down and ripped away what was left of Jaejoong’s dress and felt between his legs.

Yunho jerked his head up and stared down into Jaejoong’s large, beautiful, blue eyes in surprise. “Are you a man or a woman?”

“I am both right now,” Jae told him mentally as he reached his arms up and wrapped them around Yunho’s neck, pulling him back down for a kiss. Jaejoong cried out in pain and bit down on Yunho’s lip as the man pushed into his virgin body.


Later when Yunho awoke, he closed his eyes tighter as he was filled with a horrible sense of shame. His mind was very fuzzy, but he could not escape the shame of violating that woman. What the hell had overcome him? He was not the type of man to take advantage of half-dead, tortured, defenseless women.

Yunho felt his pants still around his ankles, and he knew he had to deal with the consequences of his dishonorable actions. He opened his eyes and saw the sun was about to set. He tilted his head to the side where he could feel another body pressed up against his own. Yunho sat up immediately when he noticed the body next to him did not have long blonde hair, but instead much shorter black hair. His eyes widened in shock as he took in the man sleeping next to him. The man was covered in sweat and he trembled in his sleep as if he were fighting some great internal battle.

Yunho stood up immediately and pulled up his pants. He pulled out his communicator and frowned when he found that it still wasn’t working. He looked around for the blonde woman that he had violated and couldn’t find her. Yunho had taken a step away from the other sleeping man when dizziness overtook him and he fell to the ground. Yunho had never felt so dizzy in his life…it was crippling. With the dizziness came a wave of nausea.

“Come closer.”

The mental command was heard clearly through Yunho’s fuzzy, dizzy head. Yunho looked at the man covered in sweat whose trembling had increased. Yunho now noticed the man was wearing his Starfleet jacket…the jacket Yunho had given to the woman. Yunho reached up and felt all over his head for a bump…clearly something was wrong with his head.


The mental voice begged. Yunho watched as the man reached out his trembling hand toward him. Yunho’s eyes narrowed suspiciously but he took the offered hand. Yunho was very pleased to discover that the dizziness immediately disappeared. He watched as the other man’s body slowly stopped trembling. Yunho, who was often oblivious to his own wellbeing, noticed that the cuts that had covered him earlier were gone. In fact, other than the mental fuzziness, he felt perfect now that the dizziness had disappeared.


This time the other man tried to pull Yunho down next to him with his hand, but Yunho resisted easily. “Who are you? Where is the woman?” The other man’s eyes snapped open for the first time. Yunho gasped at the familiarity of the beautiful eyes looking up at him. Beautiful eyes; they were a different color but the beauty was the same.

“How can you be so strong? Where does the strength come from?”

“You didn’t answer my question. Who are you?” Yunho asked, still holding on to the other man’s hand. Yunho suddenly remembered that the beautiful blonde woman had not been entirely a woman at all…she had been both.

“I am her that you seek.”

Yunho winced as what he had suspected was confirmed. “I am very sorry for what I did…but I have to get out of here. I have to find a way back to my ship.”

The other man sat up while still clinging to Yunho’s hand. “You need not be sorry, I instigated your actions. I will help you find a way back to your ship, but I must rest. My body is going through a transformation and it’s very weak right now.”

“You instigated?” Yunho stared at the person in front of him as another idea came to him. “Did you heal me?”

“Yes, and in order to heal you I had to seduce you. I am sorry for my actions, but please just rest for now,” the man pleaded mentally.

Yunho stood up again, letting go of the hand. “I am very grateful to you, but I have got to get back to my ship. Also there are hostile Zusaders on this planet and I’d rather they not find us right now.”

“You can’t leave me.”

Yunho looked down at the man. “I wouldn’t leave you like this, but we can’t stay here either. Can you walk?”

The other man frowned and slowly climbed to his very shaky feet. “I am not sure.”

“You are standing and that is always a plus. We will just go slowly,” Yunho instructed happily as he took a step forward and immediately was overcome by intense dizziness resulting in him falling again.

“Perhaps now you will follow my advice and rest a little longer.”

Yunho lifted his dizzy head from the ground and noticed the other man had fallen too. Yunho studied the other man intently and then stretched out his hand until he was touching the other man’s leg, causing the dizziness to immediately clear. “Is it a proximity thing between us?”


“Well you could have told me that,” Yunho complained as he grabbed both of the other man’s arms and pulled him to his feet. Yunho smiled when he didn’t feel the slightest bit dizzy.

“My mind isn’t exactly clear right now.”

“Mine neither, but I have to find a lazy, good for nothing, slimy, backstabbing trader. He’s going to get me back to my ship. I can’t sit here and wait to be rescued,” Yunho told the other man as he tugged him forward in a northerly direction.

“I really hope you know what you are doing.”

Yunho paused as he came upon a thick undergrowth of trees and turned back to the other man. “Ummm…you might want to use that jacket to cover your….”


“There are a lot of thorns on those trees…and what is your name?” Yunho asked suddenly, realizing he didn’t even know this man’s name.

“My name is Jaejo…my name is Jae.”

“Hello Jae,” Yunho told him as he unzipped his jacket that Jaejoong was wearing. “There are certain parts of the body that you wouldn’t want to get pricked by these thorns.”

Jaejoong’s eyes lit up with amusement as he stood helplessly clinging to Yunho’s arms while the other man slid his jacket off of Jaejoong’s shoulders. He then wrapped it around Jaejoong’s waist. “I can’t even read your mind. My head is such a jumbled mess.”

Yunho finished tying his jacket around the other man’s waist and smiled at him. “Well I don’t want you reading my mind, so that’s a plus for me.”

Jaejoong frowned. “Why not?”

“It’s rude for one thing, so I would appreciate it if you didn’t read it,” Yunho told him as he took the man’s hand and led him through the brush.

“Rude? I don’t mean to be rude. It’s just a way of communicating.”

“It isn’t really, because I can’t read your mind. It’s a one way communication and it’s rude. Speaking to me mentally isn’t exactly rude, but if somebody saw us they might think I was crazy.”

“Mentally is easier…I’m so tired,” Jaejoong confessed, walking very closely behind Yunho while holding his hand.

Yunho snapped a tree branch in half that was in the way and asked, “Did healing me make you weaker?”

“Yes, among other things…”

“Other things?”

“Do you even know where you are taking us?”

“Yes, it’s a small shack the trader has on this planet. He left me there a week ago. When he comes back I am going to be waiting for him,” Yunho answered, deciding to let the ‘other things’ go for now. He had to get back to his ship. Jaejoong was not only a mysterious being, but a mysterious being that had gone out of his way to help him...even if Yunho wasn’t exactly comfortable about how he had gone about it. Yunho tried not to focus on Jaejoong and the mysterious happenings; he tried to focus only on getting back to his ship.

Yunho continued on toward the shack, not wanting to stop for anything. Night came but the planet’s four moons shone brightly, lighting the way. An hour passed when Yunho noticed that Jaejoong, who was following closely behind him, was stumbling more and more. Yunho stopped and both of Jaejoong’s arms immediately wrapped around him as he leaned into Yunho’s back in exhaustion. “Do I need to carry you?”

“Yes…that would be nice…” Jaejoong’s weakened mental voice answered.

Yunho bent down and patted his back, motioning for Jaejoong to climb on. “When we get there, you can sleep.”

“We can sleep,” Jaejoong clarified, climbing on to Yunho’s back and wrapping his legs around Yunho’s waist while and his arms went around Yunho’s neck.

“If he is not there we can rest while I wait for him,” Yunho reluctantly agreed, not wanting to argue with the exhausted man that he was now carrying with ease.

“This is so much better,” Jaejoong whispered mentally as he snuggled into Yunho.

Yunho smirked. “I bet it is.”

“I will sleep…now.”

“Sleep while you can,” Yunho told him as he continued on his path. After another hour of walking he was shocked to find that carrying Jaejoong did not tire him out. To be honest, he felt stronger carrying him. Whatever Jaejoong had done to him in order to heal him definitely rewarded close proximity. Jaejoong was not a small man. He was very thin, but he wasn’t tiny by any means. Yunho should have felt the extra weight of carrying him, but instead he felt stronger and the fuzz in his mind seemed to be clearing a little. Yunho couldn’t help but wonder when it was going to wear off completely though. He couldn’t spend the rest of his life in direct contact with this man.


Jaejoong awoke when he heard a screechy old door being shut. Jaejoong opened his eyes to find himself in a run-down shack that was dimly lit by the moonlight shining through the windows. Yunho was still carrying him and he could feel the other man’s agitation. “What’s wrong?”

“Jae, what did I say about rudeness?” Yunho asked as he walked over to a small bed and sat down with Jaejoong still clinging to his back.

“I have no control over my empathic abilities. I am not reading your mind.”

“You can get off now,” Yunho gently told Jaejoong as he patted the arms wrapped around his neck.

Jaejoong frowned, knowing better but he knew Yunho would have to come to his own understanding. “Okay.”

“The trader isn’t here and his ship is still gone,” Yunho explained as he rubbed his face with the palms of his hands in frustration.

“Oh,” Jaejoong muttered mentally as he lay down on the bed while keeping one hand firmly clasped around Yunho’s arm.

Yunho stood up pulling free of Jaejoong’s hand. “We just have to hope he comes back soon.”

“It is night… we should sleep.”

Yunho pulled out his communicator and tried it again but only got static. Yunho frowned at the communicator and looked down at Jaejoong who he wasn’t in contact with. Yunho then very tentatively took a step away from the bed and sighed in relief as he wasn’t immediately overcome with a feeling of dizziness. “This is better.”

Jaejoong sat up on the bed. “Be careful.”

Yunho took another step and smiled. “The link is getting weaker.”

Jaejoong shook his head. “No, it’s getting stronger.”

“Stronger? I am several feet from you and I am still vertical. It’s getting weaker,” Yunho said, taking another step away from the bed.

Jaejoong reached out his hand for Yunho. “You are really pushing it now. If you fall I doubt I will have the strength to crawl to you.”

Yunho, who was suddenly feeling dizzy and nauseated, took a step back toward Jaejoong and took his outstretched hand. “It’s getting better though. I was a good six feet away from you.”

“It’s because you carried me…the closer we are the stronger it builds,” Jaejoong explained as he lay back down on the bed and pulled up an old, brown blanket to cover himself with.

“So…what should we…do…to make it stronger?” Yunho paused as he sat back down on the bed and looked at Jaejoong in dread.

Jaejoong smiled and pulled Yunho by the arm until he was lying down beside him, and covered him with the brown blanket as well. “We should sleep…closely together.”

“That’s all,” Yunho said, clearly relieved.

Jaejoong laughed and wrapped his arms tightly around Yunho, while he tangled his legs in Yunho’s too. “I am all out of pheromones, and you wouldn’t exactly be willing.”

“No,” Yunho admitted. “I have already surpassed my intimacy comfort level with you. I still can’t believe I actually…..”

Jaejoong could feel Yunho’s discomfort and decided to change the subject. Yunho was not ready for some truths. “This trader that stranded you here, why were you with him?”

“He offered to return me to my ship…for a reward; but then he went treasure hunting instead and we ended up on this planet.”

“Treasure hunting?”

“Yes, he said there was an unimaginable treasure on this planet and he had to find it.”

“Did he describe this treasure?”

“No…” Yunho fought against his urge to flee as Jaejoong intertwined their fingers together very intimately. “He just wanted to get it before a Warlord came after it.”


Yunho turned in the bed to face Jaejoong. “Yes, how did you know?”

“I’m the treasure,” Jaejoong informed Yunho, watching the other man’s mouth fall open. “I’m highly sought after in this galaxy.”

“Why are you highly sought after?”

“Men like the Warlord ZhouMi think that if they can possess me then…they can control my abilities.”

“What if he finds you?”

“He wouldn’t know me now if I was standing in front of him. I have taken on the characteristics of your people. I have basically become a human male of your species,” Jaejoong explained, moving his head closer to Yunho until their noses were almost touching.

“There is so much I don’t understand about you.”

Jaejoong gently kissed Yunho on the lips causing Yunho to jerk his head back. “You were dying. The whips the Zusaders were using were coated with a deadly poison. Do you remember your fever…how awful you felt?”

Yunho’s eyes that had hardened after the kiss did not leave Jaejoong’s as he nodded his head. “I remember.”

“My people are not in the habit of saving others not of our kind…it is impossible to heal someone unless we are bonded, or if we share the same blood.”

Yunho tightened his hand that was intertwined with Jaejoong. “Are we bonded?”

Jaejoong nodded his head. “It was the only way I could save you. I had intended to stay with you till you died. I had planned on making your passing easier for you. I couldn’t save you…not because I am cruel, but because a bond should not be established if done for merciful reasons alone.”

“Then for what reason?” Yunho asked swallowing, knowing he was not going to like the answer.

“You had not forbidden my telepathy then and I touched your mind…and I knew I could never let you die,” Jaejoong answered craftily, having mercy on the overwhelmed Starship Captain.

“Why could you never let me die?” Yunho insisted as he stared into large almond eyes…eyes that had already answered his question.

“Do you need to hear that I loved you the instant my mind read yours?” Jaejoong asked him verbally aloud, making Yunho sit up in the bed nervously. “You saved me instinctively for no other reason than because I needed saving, but I saved you for another reason. I saved you because out of everybody I have ever met…you are the only one that I could never live without.”

Yunho looked suddenly ill as he avoided eye contact with Jaejoong. “You got all of that from a little mind rape…speaking of rape, why?”

Jaejoong rolled over onto his back and sighed. “There was no rape…unless I raped you. I released the pheromones that triggered your sexual appetite.”


Jaejoong reached a hand up and ran a finger up Yunho’s arm. “I can only heal you if we are bonded, and for us to be bonded there has to be intercourse...I needed your DNA, so my body could adapt to this form and complete the bonding process.”

Yunho turned back to Jaejoong. “But you don’t look like me.”

“Your DNA has the history of all your people inside it. I didn’t clone you. I am not human…I might look it, and I might even fool some of the most highly advanced technology in the universe, but I am not human.”

Yunho groaned and lay back down on the bed beside Jaejoong. “Changmin is going to kill me.”

Jaejoong rolled over onto his side and pressed up closely to Yunho again. “Who is Changmin?”

Yunho didn’t resist as Jaejoong took his hand again. “I thought you read my mind; how can you not know who Changmin is?”

“I didn’t have enough time to do a thorough study. I just saw glimpses of a black hole and terrible loss…and you taking command. During the actual bonding process I am sure I knew everything there was to ever know about you…but sadly that is always lost,” Jaejoong explained, closing his eyes and snuggling in as close as he could get.

“Sadly…I think not. A person’s whole life shouldn’t be so easily read,” Yunho said, disagreeing with Jaejoong.

“Our lives are bound together forever now. I would never hurt you…I would just have to heal you,” Jaejoong whispered mentally again as sleep tried to pull him under.

“Lives,” Yunho groaned...what had he gotten into?

“Rest and when you wake up, maybe you can get a good twelve feet away from me,” Jaejoong told him mentally, greatly amused at his mate’s anguish.

“Twelve feet,” Yunho said aloud, verbalizing his new goal as he tilted his head into Jaejoong’s, relenting for the moment


“I want a new plan for rescuing the Captain that doesn’t involve destroying the planet’s atmosphere,” Commander Cho ordered while glaring at Lieutenant Jung, who also happened to be the ship’s Science Officer. They were sitting with the other senior officers at a table inside the Officer’s Lounge.

Lieutenant Jung glared back at him. “I don’t want to destroy it.”

“You just want to shoot a big hole in it…not destroy it,” Security Chief Sungmin clarified. He was also very eager to get the captain off the hostile planet.

Lieutenant Jung looked at the Security Chief. “Exactly, and we will probably be able to fix the hole.”

“Probably?” Commander Cho snapped. “The Captain would not risk a planet for his own wellbeing and he would not approve of us doing so either.”

“No, he wouldn’t,” The Chief Engineer Yoochun agreed.

“So we just leave him there?” Lieutenant Jung demanded. “He wouldn’t leave any of us behind.”

“Changmin, I know you are worried. I know how much the Captain means to you…but we can’t break our oaths as Star Fleet officers,” Commander Cho said, trying to reason with the upset lieutenant.

“I am no more worried than I would be if it were any of you stranded on the planet,” the Science officer insisted, offended by the commander’s comment.

Nurse Heechul, who had said nothing so far during the meeting, snorted.

“Nurse, is that nec…..” Commander Cho was interrupted when Ensign Junsu’s, the ship’s helmsman, excited voice suddenly announced over the intercom.

“Commander, there is a ship approaching the planet.”

“We will be right there,” Commander Cho stated as he flew to his feet and hurried out of the Officer’s Lounge onto the bridge that connected to it. Lieutenant Jung was right beside him.

“Commander, it’s the trader; he is returning to the planet,” the navigator, Ensign Eunhyuk, informed him excitedly.

“The trader left the planet, and now he is returning? He must know of a w ay past the atmosphere,” Lieutenant Jung said, taking back control of the science station on the bridge.

“Intercept that ship,” Commander Cho ordered.
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