Expectations: The Lost Doctor

Title: Expectations
Adventure: The Lost Doctor   Part 1 of 3
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae, KyuMin, KyuWook
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Romance, Angst
Beta: Motty123

Special Thanks to Amy for all her wonderful support.

A/N: This story is inspired by Star Trek. The crew of the Expectations will be made up of members of DBSK and Super Junior.  Each chapter will be its own separate adventure, and will have its own focus. An adventure may have several parts.

Summary: Commander Kyuhyun is lost to a world of grief and self-hatred as he uses Sungmin, while continuing to mourn his spouse. Captain Yunho attempts to come to terms with the lifelong bond he has with Jaejoong. The crew is shocked when it receives a must unexpected call for help.

Prior Adventures

Kyuhyun awoke with a grimace as he felt Sungmin’s head resting against his chest. He slid out from underneath the other man, quietly hoping not to awaken him. He sat on the side of the bed and just frowned.

Sungmin stirred from beside him and Kyuhyun quickly got up before the other man could grab a hold of him again. A naked Kyuhyun moved to the dressing chamber and got in. He soon stepped out dressed in his red command uniform. Then he walked to the door and turned back and gave Sungmin one last guilty look before he walked out. It wasn’t the security chief’s fault that he didn’t love him, the fault laid in Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun, who used Sungmin for his body repeatedly, knowing the other man desired nothing more than a sincere honest feeling of affection from him.

It was only 0430 hours when he slipped out of Sungmin’s quarters and passed through the empty corridor on his way to his quarters. When he arrived he immediately stripped off his clothing and stepped into the sonic shower. When Kyuhyun finished showering he still felt terribly unclean. He stepped up to a mirror that lined one wall of the tiny bathroom and stared at his reflection. How he had become this person…he was not sure. He squeezed his eyes shut as his hand reached out and caressed the antique stethoscope that hung from the mirror.

He gasped and reached out his arms bracing himself against the mirror as a terrible sense of loss overcame him. He shook all over as the loss…the terrible loss enveloped him. Kyuhyun forced away the memories of a beloved awkwardness, loud laughter, and bright smiles, and remembered he was the second in command. Second command of the Expectations…Captain Yunho trusted him, and a trusted commander wasn’t allowed to be distraught over a loss…a year-long loss.

Kyuhyun inhaled a deep breath, collected his emotions, and made his way to the dressing chamber like he did every morning. After finishing getting dressed he left his quarters and made his way down the corridor till he reached the elevator. He stepped in and ordered for it to take him to the bridge. Heechul had still refused to release the Captain from Sickbay, much to the captain’s annoyance.

Although Heechul was insane in many ways, the brilliance he once had still lingered in his mind, and at times would break through the madness. Heechul was the closest thing the ship had to a functioning doctor so the captain continued to allow Heechul to function as the main medical officer on the ship. Heechul was erratic and would either perform surgery effortlessly or stroll away complaining about his hair as somebody lay dying.

Heechul’s mind had been unusually sharp for the last two weeks, and the brilliant, sharp-tongued doctor Heechul had once been was easily seen at times, but all aboard the ship knew it would not last. But while it did last Heechul refused to give his clearance for the captain to leave the sickbay. Heechul was highly perturbed that nothing he had done had affected the connection between Captain Yunho and Jaejoong. The captain still remained tied to the beautiful telepath who seemed completely devoted to him.

“Good morning Commander,” Lieutenant Yesung said, greeting him as he stepped out of the elevator and onto the bridge.

“Lieutenant, go get some sleep,” Kyuhyun said, giving the older man a smile.

Yesung got up and motioned Kyuhyun toward the captain’s chair. “The bridge is yours, Sir. When do you suppose the captain will be back?”

“I am not sure. Heechul doesn’t seem eager to give him the all clear, but Heechul can’t really be depended on to be rational,” Kyuhyun admitted, taking the chair.

“Can’t say I blame Heechul for once, Sir. The captain is under the influence of an alien mind. Who knows what could happen?” Yesung pointed out with just enough bite that Kyuhyun narrowed his eyes at him cautiously.

“Aren’t we all aliens, Lieutenant Yesung? I have no doubt that Jae will prove to be one of our most powerful allies. How convenient it will be for the captain to have his own personal guide into everybody’s mind.” Kyuhyun’s implied threat did not go unnoticed by Yesung who paled slightly. Yesung had always been highly envious of the captain…this was not a secret.

Yesung smiled at Kyuhyun. “The captain will no doubt be relieved to know he has the love of most and the loyalty of all.”

“Indeed,” Kyuhyun agreed.


“I think I want to wear a blue uniform,” Jaejoong said as he sat on the side of his sickbay bed with his legs dangling back and forth. Jaejoong was wearing standard issue civilian gray clothing that Heechul had provided him with.

Yunho, who was on the floor doing pushups, stopped and looked up at Jaejoong. “Really?”

“Yes, I think blue will be best. It’s the color of science and healing. I think it will suit me,” Jaejoong explained to Yunho as he watched sweat drip from Yunho, and tried not to lick his lips. Yunho was shirtless, only wearing work out shorts while he exercised on the floor of their sickbay room. Heechul had refused to allow the captain to go to the gym.

“So you are going to join the crew?” Yunho asked as he continued to do pushups.

Jaejoong frowned. “Can’t I just wear the uniform?”

Yunho laughed and lost track of his pushup count and sat on the floor and looked up at the man. “It’s highly irregular…I am sure we can find a spot for you on the crew. We need all the help we can get.”

Jaejoong pondered this. “Well since we can’t get far from each other couldn’t I be your own personal telepath?”

Yunho stood up and moved toward Jaejoong till he was standing between the man’s legs. “What did I say about reading people’s minds?”

Jaejoong smiled up at Yunho. They had been stuck in sickbay with each other for two weeks now. They slept with each other every night but Yunho refused to initiate any amorous contact with Jaejoong other than holding him at night, or holding his hand during the day. Yunho refused to give into Jaejoong even though his attraction for Jaejoong grew stronger everyday. “Of course I would only read the minds you were curious about?”

Yunho shook his head at Jaejoong. “For some reason I don’t believe you. I don’t think you could stop reading minds if you tried.”

Jaejoong wrapped his arms around Yunho’s waist and tugged the sweaty man closer to him. “You aren’t very trusting. I am actually being a very good boy when it comes to your crew and allowing them their privacy.”

Yunho reached up and placed a hand on each side of Jaejoong’s face. “Are you teasing me?”

“Kiss me.”

“Way to avoid the question.”

“You want to kiss me so you should.”

“Do I?”

“Very much so.”

“Not a good idea.”

Jaejoong growled and pushed Yunho away. “You are the tease. If I were a bad person I wouldn’t warn you that Heechul is on his way into the room with very impure thoughts…all directed at you.”

Yunho turned toward the door quickly on guard. Heechul was perhaps the only person that Yunho actually feared. “Impure thoughts?

Jaejoong folded his arms, still pouting from the captain’s refusal to move forward with their relationship. “I would hide if I were you.”

“Hide,” Yunho said, alarmed as the door slid open and Heechul strolled in wearing pink nursing scrubs and wearing blue gloves.

“Captain, it’s time for your prostate exam…we are going to do it the old fashioned way,” Heechul told him with a serious look as he held up his lubed index finger.

“If you come near me with that finger I will have you shaved bald and thrown in the brig! I will also force you to wear nothing but brown,” Yunho warned, not amused, and also sad that the madness seemed to have returned.

“Brown clothing…bald? Really Captain! I was doing my medical duty! Sometimes the old ways are best!” Heechul huffed as he ripped off his gloves and threw them in the trash.

“Medical duty my ass, when are you releasing me? There is no reason for me to be stuck in here. I am perfectly healthy!” Yunho demanded, ready to declare Heechul incompetent just so he could escape sickbay.

“Perfectly healthy? Yes, I would agree. You are perfectly healthy…due to the fact that now you have an empathic, telepathic, all healing bondmate…love slave whatever sick relationship you two have going on. Yes, you are perfectly healthy,” Heechul told him, not bothering to hide his irritation.

Yunho smiled. “Then we are agreed, and I am free of this prison.”

Heechul rolled his eyes. “You are free. You both are free.”

The captain lit up in excitement and flew from the room, not bothering to change his clothing.

Heechul shook his head and turned to Jaejoong. “You know if he’s that petrified by a prostate exam your relationship is going to be terribly one sided when it comes to…”

Jaejoong held up his hand quickly silencing Heechul. “That’s enough…thanks for your concern.”

“Concern? I’m so jealous I could spit. I have been trying to get…” Heechul stopped as Jaejoong ignored him and got up from the bed and headed for the door.

Almost immediately the captain reappeared in the doorway looking embarrassed. “Jae, would you mind coming with me?”

Jaejoong shook his head, amused at the captain. “How far did you get?”

Yunho reached out and grabbed Jaejoong’s hand and pulled him through the door. “I almost got out of sickbay.”

“That’s a slight improvement.”

“So if I accidentally beamed down to a planet without you would I like…die?” Yunho asked casually as they strolled through sickbay on their way out.

“Let’s not test that…please,” Jaejoong begged, grimacing at the thought.

Yunho squeezed Jaejoong’s hand tighter as he practically bounced toward the door exiting sickbay. “Free at last!”

“Nice uniform there, Captain,” Security Chief Sungmin, who was leaning up against the wall outside of Sickbay, told the Captain as Yunho hurried out dragging Jaejoong along with him.

Yunho came to a quick stop and tried to appear serious as he informed Sungmin, “I will change when I get to my quarters. If I stay in there any longer he might think of another reason to hold me.”

“So you are going to your quarters?” Sungmin asked as he walked down the corridor with Yunho and Jaejoong.

“Yes, I am. I am going to change and then I am going to walk the ship. God, how I have missed her,” Yunho said wistfully of his beloved ship.

Sungmin cleared his throat and brought up what he assumed would be an uncomfortable subject. “Where will Jae be staying? I mean there are many empty rooms aboard the ship…but I realize you two need to be in close proximity.”

Yunho frowned. “Chief, let’s finish this discussion in my quarters,” Yunho instructed as a couple ensigns walked down the hallway smiling at their half naked captain.

“Of course Captain,” Sungmin agreed as they hurried down the corridor.

Jaejoong was not smiling when he walked into the captain’s quarters. He let go of Yunho’s hand and plopped down in a chair and stared up at the security chief defiantly, already having read his mind, and not liking what he saw.

Once the door to the quarters was closed Yunho turned to Sungmin. “Jae will have to stay with me. I am physically incapable of being parted from him. I mean the distance is increasing daily…but not enough for me to tempt fate.”

“Perhaps, if he took the Commander Cho’s quarters…they are next to yours? You would still be…” Sungmin suggested.

“No, it’s too risky. If I get called away for an emergency I need him close, so he can accompany me. For now Jae and I will room together,” Yunho interrupted, making his point clear.

“Yes, Sir,” Sungmin said, giving in with a nod. “I hope your stay aboard the Expectations will be pleasant,” Sungmin added, looking at Jaejoong.

“It will be,” Jaejoong assured him. Jaejoong’s annoyed eyes never left Sungmin as the other man turned and left. “I don’t like him,” Jaejoong announced as soon as Sungmin was out of the room.

“Really Jae, he was only doing his job. As security chief he is also responsible for rooming assignments and I am sure Heechul called him the minute he decided he was releasing me. It’s not personal,” Yunho explained as he stepped into the bedroom to shower.

“That’s where you are wrong! It is personal for him,” Jaejoong insisted as he got up and followed Yunho into the bedroom.

“He doesn’t care if we room together,” Yunho assured Jaejoong as he walked into the adjoining bathroom and stepped into the sonic shower.

Jaejoong sat down on the bed and gritted his teeth together in annoyance. “I think you are forgetting something.”

“What?” Yunho yelled from the shower.

“I’m a telepath!”

Yunho stepped out of the sonic shower quickly, grabbed a robe, and walked back into the bedroom. Yunho looked disapprovingly at Jaejoong. “You read his mind?”

“Of course I read his mind…he was trying to separate us!”

“Why would he do that?” Yunho asked as he stepped into the dressing chamber. “What possible reason could he have for wanting to separate us? The entire ship knows about our bond and how distance affects it. Sungmin is a very efficient head of security…if anything he is overly zealous when it comes to my safety.”

“He doesn’t want to hurt us. He knows from Heechul’s test I could safely stay in the next room without it affecting us. It’s just that he thinks if I take the room next to yours….that poor, sad commander of yours will be willing to move in with him.”

When Yunho stepped out of the dressing chamber wearing his red uniform he seemed to be pondering Jaejoong’s words carefully. “Commander Cho is sad?”

Jaejoong looked up puzzled at Yunho. “How can you not know this? He reeks of sadness.”

Yunho sat down on the bed beside Jaejoong and took his hand. “It’s true Commander Cho was…heartbroken for a long time. Losing his husband was very hard on him, but I thought he had gotten better.”

“Better at hiding it perhaps, but one does not truly heal when their one true love dies,” Jaejoong told Yunho, looking at him closely. “I am glad my life ends with yours…I could not imagine my life without you.”

Yunho looked away from Jaejoong extremely uncomfortable. “I think it would be best if we don…”

“It’s the truth. Why you persist on acting shy is beyond me,” Jaejoong told him mentally in his frustration, forgetting his self-made promise to speak aloud as much as possible.

“I am not shy!” Yunho replied, offended, and looked back at Jaejoong. Beautiful, sexy Jaejoong who was on his bed with him, and more than willing… Yunho pushed those thoughts away quick. “I am cautious…there is a big difference.”

Jaejoong smiled as he felt the heat coming from Yunho. Jaejoong pushed Yunho back on the bed and brazenly straddled him. “You want me. I want you. It would only strengthen our bond. It’s inevitable.”

Yunho swallowed and looked at the telepath that he failed miserably at hiding anything from. “Are you reading my mind after I asked you not to?”

“No, but I told you I can’t turn off my empathic powers. I know you want me.”

Yunho gently pushed Jaejoong off of him. “I might…okay I do, but I just can’t forget what’s happened between us. Two weeks ago under the influence of your pheromones I had sex with a blonde woman that turned into you…and now I am bonded to you for life,” Yunho said, wincing at the thought. “So forgive me if I am little cautious.”

Jaejoong sighed from his position on the bed next to Yunho. “I wasn’t actually a woman. I was what you call a hermaphrodite.”

“I had sex with the woman parts.”

“If I’m a man it’s because you wanted me to be a man.”

Yunho sat up quickly. “What?”

Jaejoong sat up next to Yunho and couldn’t help but laugh. “During the bonding process the Joong always takes on the form the mate finds most desirable.”

Yunho stared at Jaejoong wide eyed and sputtered, “You are kidding me.”

Jaejoong tried not to laugh at his poor, deluded mate. “Were you not aware of your preference?”

Yunho closed his eyes and shook his head. “I usually only acted on my attraction to females. With men it was rare, but…”

Jaejoong smiled and took Yunho’s hand and squeezed it. “If say they were pretty.”

Yunho opened his eyes and looked Jaejoong directly in eye. “If they were beautiful.”

Jaejoong scooted closer to Yunho and spoke aloud in a firm, convincing voice. “We belong to each other. You are what I desire most, and I am what you desire most. We are each other’s one true love. It’s time we take pleasure in each other.”

Yunho got up quickly from the bed. “Umm…I just got released form Sickbay. Speaking of true loves I had one long before I met you, and I have severely been neglecting her.”

“Your ship?”

“Yes, so come along and I will introduce you to the fairest ship in any galaxy…the beautiful Expectations,” Yunho said, suddenly much happier as he pulled Jaejoong up from the bed.


“Commander, I am picking up a signal,” Ensign Eunhyuk said with surprise clearly heard in his voice.

Commander Cho, who was sitting behind him in the captain’s chair, picked up quickly on the surprise in the ensign’s voice. “What kind of signal?”

“I believe it’s an SOS,” Ensign Eunhyuk answered as he turned around to answer the commander.

Lieutenant Jung who had been at his science console stepped down from the upper bridge and came to stand beside Commander Cho and added, “He is correct, Commander. It’s an old earth distress signal, also known as Morse Code.”

“Morse Code in this galaxy? What are the odds?” The commander asked in wonderment.

“Approximately 9,136, 583, 876 to 1 that a planet evolved so similarly to Earth that the distress signals would be exact,” Changmin answered without hesitation.

“So…the person sending the signal is most likely from our own galaxy?” Commander Cho asked and he cursed the sense of hope that started spreading throughout him.

Changmin eyed the commander carefully before he answered, “That Sir, or they have had contact with somebody from our galaxy.”

Commander fought to keep his excitement hidden. “Ensign Junsu, plot a course to intercept that distress signal. Warp six.”


Jaejoong couldn’t stop laughing at Yoochun the chief engineer. The captain had given Jaejoong an extensive tour of the ship and had said he had saved the best for last. The captain’s eyes had lit up like a boy in love the minute he had entered engineering. Jaejoong had just leaned up against a wall and motioned him on watching carefully, making sure Yunho did not get to far from him. The chief engineer had not been present when they first entered engineering so Yunho was getting the guided tour from a very excited, eager young ensign called Henry.

Jaejoong had been carefully watching Yunho and enjoying the other man’s excited emotions when the chief engineer had leaned up against the wall next to him and started propositioning him.

“The captain isn’t somebody who would take kindly to being bonded to somebody. You should just hook up with me instead and spare him the commitment,” the chief engineer told him.

“Should I?” Jaejoong asked, trying to keep the laughter out of his voice.

Yoochun nodded his head in agreement. “Some men are lovers and some men are fighters,” he assured Jaejoong as he pointed toward the captain. “I love him dearly, but he’s a fighter. He had to be, to save all our lives. He belongs to a ship full of people who need him desperately, and you don’t look like a man who likes to share.”

“How did you know that?”

The chief engineer licked his lips and said in a deep, husky voice, “Because I understand your soul. I think we might be soul mates, beautiful.”

Jaejoong couldn’t fight the laughter that came pouring out of him. “I am pretty sure it isn’t my soul you are interested in.”

Yoochun blushed. “Oh, right… you’re a telepath.”

“Right and….” Jaejoong trailed off as he felt jealousy radiating off Yunho who had stopped paying attention to Henry and whose eyes were focused on Jaejoong and the chief engineer. Jaejoong smiled in delight as he hurried away from Yoochun and practically ran to Yunho.

“Jae,” Yunho hissed in mock disapproval as Jaejoong latched onto Yunho wrapping his arms around him and squeezing him tightly. “Did Yoochun scare you off?”

“Nope, it was your wonderful jealously that made me hurry to you. It was so strong and then I couldn’t help but read that you wanted to rip his he …”

“Enough of that!” Yunho interrupted, placing a hand over Jaejoong’s mouth. Yunho turned to the amused ensign who was standing beside them. “Henry, thank you for the tour.”

“You are welcome, Captain.”

“Jae, sometimes I think you should just send me telepathic messages,” Yunho grumbled as he tried to remove Jaejoong’s arms that were wrapped snuggly around him as he headed toward the engineering exit.

“I am thinking that I love jealousy on you…it’s sexy.” Jaejoong told him mentally as he fought with Yunho not to relinquish his hold on him.

“Do I smell?” Yoochun asked as the captain and Jaejoong neared. Yoochun lifted his arm and sniffed his underarm to emphasize his point.

“What?” Yunho asked, surprised at the engineer’s question.

Yoochun pointed toward Jaejoong. “He ran off like I smelled.”

“No, Yunho was jealous and I wanted to grab him before a more noble emotion could surface. I like jealousy! I was hoping I could get him to finally…”

“Jae!” Yunho snapped at his mate who had both arms around him again.

Jaejoong just smiled at him. “I was just answering his question…I only talk to you mentally my love, my mate, my everything.”

“Jealous? Oops…bad me,” the chief engineer told them, watching the pair with very observant eyes. Jaejoong was looking at Yunho with pure love in his eyes…and surprisingly Yunho’s eyes had the same look in them even if he was grimacing.

“Bad you,” Yunho told Yoochun, agreeing with the engineer, and also staking his claim to Jaejoong which caused Jaejoong to squeeze him tighter. “I will forgive you though, because once again your department is in impeccable condition.”

“Thank you, Captain.”

“We will be leaving now, and try not to corrupt Ensign Henry,” Yunho informed them as Ensign Henry came to stand beside Chief Engineer Yoochun.

“It’s impossible, Captain. I have tried and he’s disgustedly heterosexual. Unlike I who love all genders, he’s a boob man.”

The captain shook his head at the engineer. “If you weren’t one of my oldest friends and an engineering genius…”

“Captain, you are needed on the bridge,” Commander Cho’s voice suddenly announced over the captain’s insignia that was attached to his shirt.

“We just went to warp six,” Yoochun said, his amorous thoughts suddenly gone as he looked at an engineering panel on the wall.

Yunho shared a look of concern with Yoochun before tapping his insignia. “I’m on my way.”

Jaejoong let go of Yunho as the seriousness of situation filled his senses. Jaejoong followed closely alongside Yunho as the other man left engineering and made his way to the bridge.

Yunho was barely out of engineering when he tapped his insignia again. “What’s going on?”

“We have detected a distress signal coming from a planet. The distress signal is an old Earth distress signal called SOS.”

The captain did not hit his insignia again as he digested the news that Commander Cho had just given him. Could it be? Was it even possible? What did this mean for the crew?

“Yunho! You are going to make me break my promise not to read your mind. Why is that such a big deal?”

Yunho continued to hurry on his way, but he did spare a quick glance toward the man holding his hand, and walking quickly beside him. “Nobody in this galaxy should have that signal. You know of the black hole that killed most of the crew?”


“Well, before we were sucked into that black hole, we were trying to save one of our shuttle crafts. The shuttle craft got sucked in first. We were never able to find the shuttle craft….we just assumed it had been destroyed in the black hole. The black hole should have destroyed us all, and it would have if not for a strange space anomaly that stranded us here.”

“You think this could be your lost shuttle craft?”

“Yes, I hope so. I pray so, but I can’t help but worry about Commander Cho.”


“His husband was one of the crew members lost on that shuttle craft.”

Jaejoong took in that information as they reached the elevator. Yunho ordered for the elevator to take them to the bridge. “Well I hope it is. I hope they are united.”,

“Do you know what the chances are of them being alive and well after all this time…stranded on some strange planet?”

“I know there is always hope.”

Yunho smiled at him. “I hope so, too. I lost one of my oldest and dearest friends on that shuttle craft.” The elevator door opened and Yunho stepped onto the bridge and took immediate command. “Report.”


Jaejoong sat quietly in his seat next to Yunho on the bridge. Yunho sat in the captain’s chair that was in the center of the bridge, and Jaejoong sat beside him in a chair that has once been reserved for the ship’s counselor that was now dead…along with so many of the crew. Jaejoong looked over the bridge crew and realized how young they were. How many of them had been thrust into positions of great responsibility due to the death of their elders? Jaejoong turned and stared at his Yunho…none had a more responsibility than his Yunho. He remembered that first day he touched Yunho’s mind. The tragic memories of Yunho’s life for the last year had come flooding back. His heart ached as he envisioned Yunho stepping up, and mastering the chaos that filled the ship, when so many of their crew laid dead and dying around them. How many had they lost?

“Too many,” Yunho answered startling Jaejoong, who had not even realized he had sent out the question.

“Too many what?” Changmin questioned as he came around and took Commander Cho’s seat that was vacated on the other side of Yunho as the anxious Commander paced the back of the bridge.

“We’ve lost too many on this journey,” Yunho explained to the man barely younger than him, who also happened to be his son.

“Yes, hundreds too many,” Changmin agreed, looking at Jaejoong. Changmin was highly curious about the captain’s…his father’s bondmate, but Jaejoong rarely even spared him a glance.

“It’s tragic,” Jaejoong agreed, doing his best to avoid looking at Changmin. He instead scooted farther back in his chair and focused on the screen at the front of the bridge and of the stars flashing by at warp speed.

“Captain, you do know you can not be on the away team,” Changmin whispered to the captain.

“Do I?”

“You could not beam down to the planet without him, and that is strictly against Star Fleet regulations,” Changmin explained. The look of annoyance the captain gave Changmin made him quickly explain, “What if something happened and you two got separated? He has to accompany you to the bridge even. Do you really want to beam down to a planet knowing you have to stay within a fifty feet radius of somebody?”

“We could fix that if you weren’t so uptight,” Jaejoong snapped mentally, not taking his gaze off the screen.

“Of course you are correct. I just don’t like it,” the captain admitted as he subtly elbowed Jaejoong for his comment.

“I am not particularly happy with it either. I think you would be a much more suitable choice to lead the away team than….” Changmin stopped suddenly darting his eyes to the back of the bridge where the commander was pacing.

“I know. You will just have to keep an eye on him, and call me at the first sign of trouble,” Yunho instructed as he sighed, not liking his options.

“You realize those two are eavesdropping?” Jaejoong suddenly asked, pointing to the helmsman and the navigator who sat at their stations directly in front of them.

Yunho smiled as Ensigns Junsu and Eunhyuk turned around quickly, red-faced. “Not the slightest bit surprised.”

Junsu swallowed nervously and told the captain, “Captain, we have arrived at the planet.”

Yunho stood up and walked over to Junsu and squeezed his shoulder affectionately. “Put us in orbit, ensign. Lieutenant Jung, what can you tell me about the planet?”

Changmin who had returned to his science station answered the captain, “It’s a class M planet. The area the distress signal is coming from is rich in vegetation and has multiple life signs.”

“Can you differentiate between animal and humanoid life signs?” Yunho asked.

“No Sir, not from this distance,” Changmin explained.

Commander Cho was suddenly beside the captain. “Captain? The away team? Should I assemble one?”

“I have already picked the members of the away team, Commander. The away team will consist of you, Lieutenant Jung, Security Chief Sungmin, and Ensign Junsu,” the captain explained, causing Ensign Junsu to break out in a big smile and Ensign Eunhyuk to frown at being left behind.


The away team materialized on a grassy piece of ground on the planet. Ensign Junsu reached up and shielded his eyes from the bright sun that shined down upon them.

“Lieutenant?” Commander Cho asked as his eyes adjusted to the bright, sunny day.

Changmin who was studying his tricorder intently pointed to the left toward a small grouping of trees. “The signal is coming from that direction.”

The four members of the away party followed Changmin, who led them in the direction of the distress signal. Sungmin pulled out his phaser as a precaution but couldn’t help but add, “If this planet proves to be safe this would be a lovely place for shore leave.”

“I couldn’t agree more, it’s nice down here,” Junsu was quick to concur.

“Can we stop planning shore leave and focus on our objective,” Commander Cho snapped as his nerves flared. He cursed his anxiety that was close to controlling him. He kept reminding himself the chances were very slim, but he couldn’t kill the hope that refused to die inside of him.

“Yes Sir,” Junsu quickly answered, feeling for the man. Junsu looked at Sungmin and wondered how strange it must be for him to be on a planet looking for his lover’s husband.

They all walked through the trees and entered another clearing and stood frozen as they found a perfectly intact shuttle craft…their missing shuttle craft. Commander Cho rushed toward the shuttle craft as the others followed, trying to catch up with him. Commander Cho quickly reached the shuttle craft and found it locked. He typed in the standard shuttle craft entry code and the door opened. Commander Cho hurried inside the shuttle craft and found it empty.

The others quickly followed. “There is nobody in here,” Junsu pointed out as he stepped around the commander who was frozen in place.

“That’s obvious to all,” Lieutenant Jung said, stepping around Junsu to go to the shuttle’s control panel in the front.

“There is bedding and this…” Sungmin paused as he reached down and picked up a piece of fruit. “this is fresh fruit. They have been living in here.”

“Somebody has been,” Changmin corrected from the front of the shuttle.

Commander Cho bent down and picked up an old fashioned notebook that lay open on the shuttle floor with a familiar script sprawled out on its pages. “No, Ryeowook’s been here… and recently.”

Sungmin’s heart sank as he watched Kyuhyun practically caress the notebook as if it were the most precious thing in the galaxy. Sungmin swallowed down his emotions and nodded his head. “His notebooks…of course he would have had them with him.”

“What if they are all alive?” Junsu asked in awe.

“Dr. Cho is a very gifted doctor, but it is highly unlikely the female members of the crew or Commander Leeteuk would have been spared,” Changmin said from the front of the shuttle.

“Commander Leeteuk is not that much older than Heechul,” Sungmin pointed out.

“The effects were crippling though, and people only weeks older than Dr. Kim died…and Dr. Kim lost most of his mind…his brilliant mind,” Changmin said bitter-sweetly of the loss of Dr. Kim’s genius.

“Lieutenant, have you found the reason for the crash?” Commander Cho asked as he walked back to the door still clutching the notebook and stared out. He was very anxious to find the survivors…his beloved husband.

“It wasn’t a crash. Their dilithium crystals were severely depleted and one can only assume they landed here as a safety precaution. Unfortunately dilithium is not a natural element on this planet,” Changmin explained.

“So they were stranded,” Junsu replied as he followed the commander back outside.

“Yes,” Changmin answered as he and Sungmin followed the other two out of the shuttle craft. “They have enough energy to maintain the basic systems of the shuttle craft to send out a primitive distress code, but they could never take flight again.”

“Is that a garden?” Sungmin asked, pointing to a patch of ground that looked especially cared for.

“Yes,” Commander Cho answered as he walked to the garden and stared down at it fondly.

“The fact that Dr. Cho was originally from such a conservative colony that rejected technological advancement might have proved to be very beneficial for them,” Changmin told them.

“Do we wait for them to return, or do we go and find them?” Junsu asked.

Sungmin looked at Commander Cho who was still staring at the garden tenderly and then looked at patch of worn ground they were standing on. “There seems to be a trail. We could follow it.”

Sungmin’s words snapped Kyuhyun out of his reflections. He stuffed Ryeowook’s notebook in his jacket, and pulled out his communicator. “Captain, we have found the shuttle craft intact. It appears there are survivors.”

“Commander, you have not encountered a survivor yet?”

“No Captain, but we are eager to search for them,” Commander Cho told the captain.

“I am sure you are. Did you find out why they landed on the planet?” the captain asked over the communicator.

“Lieutenant Jung discovered their dilithium crystals were severely depleted. They were unable to maintain flight,” Commander Cho answered as he eyed the trail longingly, wanting nothing more than to find his long lost spouse.

“Then proceed with caution. And Commander…”

“Yes, Captain?”

“Be safe,” the captain told him.


They had been following the trail for almost an hour and it led them up along side a river of rapidly flowing water. “It must have rained recently,” Junsu said, eyeing the rolling water. On the other side of the trail was a very green forest.

“With this level of healthy vegetation this area is assured to get a steady amount of rain fall. But most of the water fueling the river drains off the surrounding hills,” Changmin said in response to Junsu’s statement as he eyed the multiple hills in the near distance.

“I am glad they were stuck on such a seemingly pleasant planet,” Sungmin offered up honestly. He had once called Ryeowook his best friend, and he was glad the man was still alive, although he dreaded having to face that old friend again.

“Appearances can be deceiving,” Commander Cho couldn’t help adding as his hand kept coming up to touch the notebook that was resting inside his jacket. He wanted to desperately stop and read it, but of course there was one thing he wanted more so he continued to lead the way.

Sungmin had put away his phaser, when it was determined there was no immediate danger. He tried to force thoughts of what Ryeowook’s return meant for him and Kyuhyun’s relationship. “I wonder if Prince Siwon survived.”

“I see no reason why he would not have. He was male and in his mid twenties,” Changmin answered as he slowed his pace.

“Just think none of this would have happened if we were not asked to escort him to his wedding. If Star Fleet had not been so eager to appease his warring parents…so many would still be alive,” Junsu said wistfully, almost running into Changmin who had come to a dead stop in front of him.

“I need less babbling and more focusing on the mission,” Commander Cho chastised as he turned around to face his away party. His eyes widened when he noticed that Changmin had stopped and looked alarmed. “Lieutenant, what’s wrong?”

Changmin had his tricorder lowered and his eyes and ears seemed to be at full alert. “Commander, something isn’t right?”

“Care to clarify?” Commander Cho asked. He was immediately on guard, pulling out his phaser. Sungmin and Junsu had also taken out their phasers.

“I have no data to support this…conclusion,” Changmin confessed, when a loud screaming was heard coming from the forest on the other side of them.

“Phasers on stun!” Commander Cho ordered immediately. They all stood on guard when to their shock a very naked Commander Leeteuk burst through the trees.

Commander Leeteuk stopped running when he saw them and smiled brightly. “Well hello!”

“Hello,” Kyuhyun replied back to him stunned, completely at a loss.

“Commander, why are you running?” Changmin asked, finding his tongue quickly.

Commander Leeteuk looked puzzled and then frowned. “I don’t recall. I best keep running! I’m sure I had my reasons,” he told them and then took off running again.

The four members of the way team shared a confused look with each other, and then took off after the naked commander. They had barely gone a hundred feet when a very large furious looking bear-like creature jumped out of the wooded forest and without warning, attacked. It went after Sungmin, swiping him with its huge paw that had all its claws extended out, and knocked Sungmin into the raging river.

Kyuhyun, Junsu, and Changmin immediately took aim with their phasers dropping the huge creature.

Commander Cho immediately had his communicator out. “Captain, latch on to Sungmin’s insignia and beam him back to the ship now.”

“It’s still moving!” Junsu shouted and shot the animal again.

The captain’s voice broke out over their communicators a moment later. “Commander, all we got back was a torn piece of his uniform that had his insignia on it. What the hell is going on?”

“Fuck!” Commander Cho shouted as he took off running in the direction the river had taken Sungmin. Ensign Junsu hurried after him.

“Captain, we were attacked by a very large bear-like creature that makes the grizzlies of Earth look small. It knocked Security Chief Sungmin into a river of rapidly running water. The water is very swift. Commander Cho and Ensign Junsu have taken off in the direction of the running water now in hopes of catching up with the Security Chief Sungmin,” Lieutenant Jung answered.

“I am sending a security detail down,” the captain informed Changmin, his frustration at being stuck on the ship clearly heard in his voice.

“Captain, also before we were attacked Commander Leeteuk appeared,” Changmin told the captain. “He was clearly insane.”

“Changmin, what are Sungmin’s chances?” the captain asked, his voice full of concern.

“I believe his chances of surviving are minimal. His injuries are extensive. The bear seemed to have slashed across his chest with its very long and sharp claws, ripping him apart. His wounds are most likely fatal even if we do manage to find him and return him to the ship. Dr. Kim’s limited recalled knowledge will doubtfully not be enough to save him,” Changmin answered, completely and brutally honest.

“Our mission now is to rescue Sungmin from the river, and to find Dr. Cho as fast as possible. We are not going to rescue Sungmin only to lose him,” the captain said firmly over the communicator, willing it to be true.

“Understood,” Lieutenant Jung told the captain as seven security guards materialized around him.
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