Sneak Peek, TFAN Part 7

When Kyuhyun walked into Ryeowook’s room later the next day after he had spent most of the day at the studio going over all his vocals, and some other peoples too…..he was exhausted, cranky, confused and feeling neglected.



The big poster of Ryeowook that hung over his bed greeted him with a smile, while the real Ryeowook did not even look up from his keyboard, Kyuhyun had an urge to jump up and tear the poster down and rip it to pieces, but instead he just sat down on the side of the bed.


When Kyuhyun was about to start letting Ryeowook have it for totally ignoring him, Ryeowook without turning around reached a hand back from behind for Kyuhyun to hold.


Ryeowook couldn’t see Kyuhyun’s snarl in response to that gesture, instead of grabbing Ryeowook’s hand he moved off the bed to the opposite side of the room and sat on the floor.


“I have to be at the gym in twenty-five minutes, and a song just popped into my head, so I am trying to get the notes down before I forget.”  Ryeowook explained pulling his hand back and continuing to work on the keyboard.


Kyuhyun got up and was on his way out of the room, but Ryeowook grabbed him before he made it to the door.  Ryeowook pulled him over to the chair and tried to pull him down in the seat with him but Kyuhyun resisted and broke away and said, “Don’t touch me.”


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