YEY!!!!!! I'm so happy that I even did a little happy dance in my bedroom. I've been stalking this for a while now, so I'm really glad to see that you updated this. I've never been a fan of Kyuwook but because of you I'm in love with both of them now;D haha

Ohhh thank you I was seriously stalking your LJ because I needed my doses of KyuWook, they are absolutely kyute haha... you make me had a really big smile when I saw the new chapters, I seriously love this fic and Kyuwook, I think they are my 2nd OTP because YunJae is the first one and always will be haha... and before I read damaged (because I read first damaged then TFAN) I didn't knew KyuWook at all, ohh... so much regret.
You never have to apologize to be about spelling or anything else. I am just grateful that you commenting.

I am so glad that I can bring more people into the KyuWook world.:)
I suddenly felt compelled to tell you that I am re-reading again for the... I don't know how many times I've read this fiction X)I just don't comment because I have commented on the last chapter already. I still love it as much =)
Hellooooo !!!! You make me love this couple !!! I've always only love Yunjae couple but your writing... OUAH !!! So million thanks and I hope that soon you will write a new Yunjae fic like Damaged which was *sorry* IS the best Yunjae fanfic ! Update soon Pleaseeeee !!!!
Yeh..u really made me love this couple..their bickering..haha..i love chap 15 the best so far when the Chos were having a meal wif kyuwook..haha..i can't wait for the next chapters! Thanks for sharing TFAN with us again! :)