Expectations: The Lost Doctor Part 3 of 3

Title: Expectations
Adventure The Lost Doctor Part 3 of 3.
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae, Various
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Humor, Romance
Beta Motty123

Always a million thanks to Amy.

A/N: This is going out to friends first, because heck being friends should have some benefit. I will make it public soon. If you want another adventure let me know.

Summary: Captain Yunho attempts to come to terms with the lifelong bond he has with Jaejoong. Commander Kyuhyun is lost to a world of grief and self-hatred as he uses Sungmin, while continuing to mourn his spouse. The crew is shocked when it receives a must unexpected call for help.

Prior Adventures

“Captain!” Commander Cho shouted, shocked when the captain and Jaejoong materialized in front of him.

“Yunho!” Changmin said, full of disapproval.

Yunho pointed his finger at Changmin. “It’s Captain Yunho to you, when we are on duty, and don’t start with me.” Changmin frowned and gritted his teeth, but said nothing more.

“Captain, what’s going on?” Commander Cho asked, walking up to them.

“Commander, we are going to try another approach,” the captain said, taking Commander Cho’s arm giving it a gentle squeeze, and then turned to Jaejoong. “Jae, what do you need from me?”

“I need you and Changmin at least twenty feet away from me,” Jaejoong told him.

Changmin frowned. “Why me?”

Yunho took Changmin by the arm and pulled him back the distance that Jaejoong had asked, “You are my son, it’s probably too easy to read your mind.”

Changmin looked absolutely astounded. “I don’t give permission to have my mind read!”

“Who does?” Yunho muttered as he watched Jaejoong close his eyes and stretch out his arms. They all watched Jaejoong with wide, curious eyes as he let down his guard and opened his senses.

Changmin shook from beside Yunho as if he could feel the telepathic waves emanating from Jaejoong. Changmin reached down and clasped his father’s hand instinctively. Yunho looked down at their clasped hands and smiled as he felt the warmth of Jaejoong’s mind touch his.

Jaejoong’s eyes flew open and he pointed toward the trees. “They are this way,” he told them as he took off and walked toward the trees.

“They?” Yunho asked as he let go of Changmin’s hand to hurry and catch up with Jaejoong.

Jaejoong turned around quickly, eyes flashing, and pointed at Yunho. “You stay back…with Changmin,” Jaejoong ordered to his mate.

“Okay, but them?” Yunho asked as Jaejoong started forward again.

“There are four people in this direction, and one of them is injured. There is another man to the west,” Jaejoong answered as he hurried on his way. “The injured man is Sungmin. I touched his mind earlier today and I recognize it.”

“This is so freaking cool!” Junsu said, full of excitement as he walked beside Jaejoong with admiration in his eyes.

“We were going in the wrong direction,” Commander Cho said, stepping up beside Jaejoong. “The other three - are they in good condition?”

Jaejoong turned to Commander Cho and smiled knowingly. “One of them is very angry.”

“Angry?” Commander Cho repeated and paled.

Jaejoong nodded his head and continued on his way with Ensign Junsu and Commander Cho right beside him. Yunho and Changmin kept their distance as the seven security guards surrounded them.

“I don’t know why I have to stay back here with you. Even if I am your son I don’t understand why that would make my mind more receptive to his telepathy…that isn’t logical,” Changmin complained to the captain.

“Hey, maybe it’s because you are sorta telepathic too,” Junsu who overheard them offered.

Jaejoong immediately stumbled and would have fallen if Commander Cho had not reached out a hand and caught him. “Thank you,” Jaejoong told the commander, attempting to hide how unsettled he was by Junsu’s statement.

“I am not a telepathic,” Changmin denied instantly.

“You have excellent instincts,” Yunho pointed out from beside him.

Kyuhyun nodded his head in agreement. “That’s true. I mean before Leeteuk appeared you knew something wasn’t right. It’s not the first time something like this has happened either.”

“Having good instincts and being telepathic are two completely different things,” Changmin insisted.

“You did score very high on the ESP entrance test to the academy,” Yunho said, remembering and frowning now.

Changmin turned to the captain. “So did you. You have wonderful instincts. I am your biological son, I apparently inherited them from you.”

“I didn’t score nearly as high as you. You scored as high as some Vulcans, and…” Yunho paused as Jaejoong’s words suddenly came back to him. “I have been exposed to a telepath.”

“Why do you say that,” Changmin asked, swallowing nervously.

“It something Jae said to me earlier,” the captain whispered to Changmin.

“If I were a telepath, wouldn’t I know it?” Changmin whispered, alarmed now.

The captain leaned in closer to Changmin and spoke in a soft voice, mindful of the ears surrounding them. “You have always been highly perceptive, and what if it’s more than just your keen intelligence?”

Changmin looked up at Jaejoong who continued to lead them through the forest. “And you are suddenly bonded to telepath…for life. He’s completely male now…right?”

Yunho, whose eyes were glued to Jaejoong, confessed, “I think…but he isn’t human. He’s said that repeatedly. He started off as a woman…I mean a hermaphrodite. He could change into a woman next week for all we know.”

“Even Heechul would have noticed if Jaejoong and I shared DNA,” Changmin insisted.

“Would he? Heechul is no longer the doctor he used to be. Jae once told me that he could fool some of the most sophisticated medical equipment in the universe.”

“If he were my mother…why would he not admit it?” Changmin said, watching Jaejoong while still trying to resist the blatant truth that was staring him in the face.

“I don’t know. Maybe he was afraid of overwhelming me. I’m kind of skittish with him,” Yunho admitted, still keeping his voice low enough that only Changmin could hear him.

“Or he is afraid of changing the future,” Changmin said, swallowing nervously as that seemed the obvious choice to him.

The captain frowned as he was reminded of something he had never been able to accept. “There is no way I would willing send my two year old son back through time. I refuse to believe that.”

Changmin looked at Yunho and shook his head. “And yet, I am standing beside you, proof that you did just that.”

“I had to be de……”

“Bear!” Jaejoong shouted as he turned around and pointed toward the left of them.

Instantly Yunho had his phaser out and stunned the bear that came running out of the bushes. Yunho’s shot was followed by several others as they all reacted quickly.

“We should have taken you with us to begin with,” Junsu said, full of awe at Jaejoong’s abilities.

“Agreed,” Commander Cho said as he eyed the stunned bear that easily weighed a thousand kilograms.

“How is something that big…that quiet?” the captain asked.

“Big patted feet,” Changmin said, pointing to the bear’s feet.

Jaejoong was suddenly between them and took both Changmin and Yunho by the hand. “We are almost there. We should hurry,” Jaejoong told them.

Changmin pulled his hand away from Jaejoong and stared at him suspiciously. Jaejoong had barely even shared a glance with him, but now suddenly he was grabbing his hand? Changmin could not help but be suspicious.

Yunho smiled at Jaejoong lovingly and asked, “We can touch now?”

Jaejoong shook his head and let go of Yunho’s hand. “No, I am just glad you’re unharmed and not bear food.”

“I second that,” Yunho said, smiling at Jaejoong as the other man stepped away from Yunho and resumed leading them through the forest.

“What were we saying?” Changmin asked, baffled suddenly.

The captain looked up at him and smiled. “You were complaining because you had to stay back here with me.”

Changmin frowned, feeling like he had forgotten something important, but didn’t argue his point. He just continued following Jaejoong like the others.


“If they are on the planet they should be near the shuttle craft so we will eventually meet up with them,” Kangin said, full of warning as he eyed the strangely quiet doctor. They were leaving the hillside cave and making their way back to the shuttle craft.

“That’s fine,” Ryeowook answered sharply. “As long as they keep Kyuhyun on one side of the ship and me on the other side everything will be fine.”

Siwon, who was carrying Sungmin - since Kangin refused to carry the home wrecker, smiled at the irate doctor. “Really? After a year of longing for him…you feel nothing?”

Ryeowook practically growled. “Oh, I feel something. I feel disgust, betrayal, hurt, fury, rage, and revulsion.”

Siwon winced. “Well as long as you are feeling something.”

“Well wasn’t Kyuhyun a big horndog before he committed to you? I mean he probably just reverted to his old form, but this one,” Kangin said, pointing to the man that Siwon was carrying, “pretended to be your friend while he lusted after your husband.”

“I don’t think he pretended…he seemed really sorry,” Siwon couldn’t help but add.

“Listen here Prince Siwon, who made you his lord and protector?” Kangin asked, scowling at the taller man.

Siwon shook his head at Kangin. “Nobody, I am just saying he seemed truly sorry to me.”

“Sorry he got caught,” Kangin replied, refusing to give Sungmin a chance. Kangin had never liked Sungmin. They had both been assigned to security and Sungmin was always showing everybody else up with his martial arts skills.

Siwon laughed. “Caught because he confessed…it was like a deathbed confession. I mean why would he confess to the man who literally held his life in his hands, if he wasn’t really sorry?”

“Because he was feverish! Because he didn’t know what he was saying! When people are dying their guilty consciences always get the best of them! He didn’t do it because he was sorry! If he was sorry he wouldn’t have pretended to be my friend while he was just waiting for me to exit the picture so he could fuck my husband!” Ryeowook turned around and roared at them, his body shaking with rage.

Both Siwon and Kangin’s mouths fell open in shock as they stared at the much smaller, angry man. “Dude, did you just say fuck?” Kangin asked, completely amazed.

“I have never heard you use a foul word,” Siwon said, just as shocked as Kangin by Ryeowook’s outburst.

“Yes, I cussed!” Ryeowook admitted as he turned around and stormed back down the hill. “I cussed because this is our rescue day, and instead of being a happy day…it’s like a day from hell. There I cussed again. I’m just a horrible person. Who has horrible judgment in husbands! My grandmother warned me not to marry a man!”

“I will totally kick Kyuhyun’s ass for you,” Kangin promised the smaller man.

“That would be gr…” Ryeowook paused as something in the distance caught his attention. “Oh my God!”

“What?” Both Kangin and Siwon asked.

“Kyuhyun!” Ryeowook screamed at the top of his lungs, and took off running down the hill as fast as he could toward the other man.


Jaejoong led the away team out of the forest into a clearing that led to a hill. Jaejoong looked up the hill and grabbed Commander Cho’s arm, and pointed up the hill. “There they are, Commander.”

Kyuhyun’s heart swelled with excitement as he looked up. He stared in stunned silence not believing his eyes when a much loved person came into view. The silence was soon shattered by a beautiful, high-pitched voice that he felt like he had been missing for the entirety of his life.

Yunho stepped up beside Jaejoong with a huge smile across his face as Commander Cho took off running toward his much loved and much missed husband.

Kyuhyun ran as fast as he could. He suddenly felt years and pounds lighter. He felt as light as air as a huge sense of loss was lifted from him. His eyes never left Ryeowook, who was running down the hill toward him. Becoming more real by the second and Kyuhyun couldn’t believe his good fortune…couldn’t believe it at all. His only wish had come true.

They flew into each other’s arms, both a mixture of tears and laughter as Kyuhyun hugged Ryeowook tighter than he had ever hugged anybody and swung him around in circles. “You’re alive, you’re alive, you’re alive,” Kyuhyun chanted over and over as he swung Ryeowook around and around.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Ryeowook whimpered into Kyuhyun’s neck hugging him tightly. “You are making me dizzy.”

Kyuhyun stopped swirling Ryeowook, swaying as he clung to Ryeowook tighter. Kyuhyun barely kept them from toppling over. “I thought you were dead,” Kyuhyun exclaimed, pulling away from Ryeowook to kiss his face all over. “I love you. I love you. I love you.”

Kyuhyun, who was lost in his joy, was oblivious to the change in Ryeowook his words had brought on. “So much that you screwed my best friend,” Ryeowook hissed as he slammed his knee into Kyuhyun’s groin sending the taller man toppling over.

Jaejoong, who was hurrying up the hill with Yunho and the others, winced as he watched Kyuhyun fall to the ground in excruciating pain. “I warned him.”

“It appears that Doctor Cho is most unpleased with Commander Cho’s choice of sexual partners,” Changmin pointed out as he watched Kyuhyun wallowing in pain on the ground holding his privates. Junsu who was standing beside Changmin nodded his head in agreement.

“Lieutenant Jung, gossiping? I thought better of you,” Yunho chided Changmin, trying to keep a straight face as he walked with Jaejoong toward Doctor Cho.

“Captain, I assure you I’m merely stating a fact,” Changmin said, frowning in his defense as he and Junsu followed Yunho and Jaejoong.

“What is that smell?” Junsu said in disgust, holding his nose as a horrible smell filled the air as he moved closer to the doctor.

“It’s bear repellent,” Ryeowook answered, reaching up to touch the stinky necklace around his neck. Ryeowook then kicked Kyuhyun unable to stop himself.

“Doctor, that’s enough,” Yunho ordered out of pity for his first officer who was still writhing on the ground in agony.

Ryeowook turned away from Kyuhyun and looked up at Yunho and smiled.  “Yunho…it’s so good to see you.”

Yunho smiled at Ryeowook. “Believe me, the feeling is mutual.”

“I thought we would never be found….” Ryeowook stopped, remembering his duty as a healer. “Commander Jung, Sungmin needs to be transported to Sickbay now. He’s in very critical condition.”

“You will have to go with him,” Yunho explained to doctor, not correcting his assumption that Yunho was still just a commander.

Ryeowook frowned. “There is a conflict…I think it would be best if somebody else took care of him.”

“There isn’t anybody else. The only doctor we have left is Heechul and he’s not exactly in his right mind. He can handle some of the small stuff, but he just wanders off if the case is severe,” Yunho explained to the confused doctor as Kangin and Siwon appeared behind him.

Kyuhyun moaned from his position on the ground where he laid holding his privates, causing Ryeowook to flinch. “Dr. Kim wanders off? What? Why would he do that?”

Changmin stepped up beside the captain and explained. “Everybody thirty years or older and all the females on board the ship did not survive the black hole. The ones whose ages were close to thirty either ended up comatose or insane…and most eventually died. Doctor Kim is the most intact mentally of any of those affected, but he was left very changed.”

“That’s just…that’s…” Kangin muttered as if the wind had suddenly been knocked out of him at hearing the news. How could so many be dead? “That’s hundreds of people.”

“Kangin,” Yunho said affectionately as he approached his long lost friend and gave him a fierce hug. Yunho hated that anybody had to know the horrible truth of what happened to the Expectations crew. It was a burden of sadness that would never go away.

“I can’t even begin to comprehend all this, but I have to get Sungmin back to the ship,” Ryeowook insisted. “His life is at risk.”

Yunho let go of Kangin and nodded his head in agreement. “Of course. Let’s all get the hell out of here.”

Yunho grabbed Kangin with his spare hand as the members of the crew with the insignia badge and made sure they were touching the members without them. Changmin reached out and took Ryeowook’s hand as Junsu walked up to Siwon, who was still carrying Sungmin, and touched his arm.

Yunho tapped his insignia badge. “Commander Yoochun, beam us up.”


“It’s just unbelievable,” Kangin said, toying with his fingernails. “They are all dead.”

“Yeah, it isn’t something you can get used to. We just had to learn to deal with it or die. Survival had to be priority,” Yunho told him. They were in the chief medical officer’s office in Sickbay sitting around a conference table. Ryeowook, whose anger had not diminished in the slightest, had refused to leave Sungmin who was in critical condition.

“The women with you…did they all die too?” Commander Yoochun asked.

Ryeowook, who had been glaring at Kyuhyun from across the table, looked up and shook his head. “No, the two females under thirty lived. They were very sick for a very long time, but I was able to save them.”

“Are they on the planet also? Why didn’t you say something earlier?” Yunho questioned, shocked at the information. Jaejoong, who was sitting next to Yunho, looked very doubtful at the prospect of somebody else being on the planet.

“No, some fucking bastard by the name of Hangeng took them away months ago. He only spared our lives because Ryeowook managed to save the life of one of his trusted people,” Kangin said, full of revulsion.

“Hangeng?” Yunho asked, turning to Jaejoong.

“Shindong would know much more than I do about the man,” Jaejoong answered. “I have not had much interaction with the man…if any. I know he is one of three warlords that like to lay claim to the ownership of this part of space.”

“Who is Shindong?” Kangin asked.

“A prisoner of ours,” Changmin explained of the man who was still being held in the brig.

“Who are the three warlords in this part of space?” Yunho asked, suddenly curious about who they might run into.

“ZhouMi, Hangeng, and Boa are the three most powerful warlords in this region of space. Hangeng is rumored to be the most civil of the three. He has a Joong mate,” Jaejoong explained.

Ryeowook frowned. “I am assuming all Joong’s don’t look like you…because he isn’t exactly married to an attractive woman. She is double his weight and much older,” Ryeowook pointed out, unable to find a nice way of wording it.

Jaejoong smiled unpleasantly. “It’s rumored that he had mommy issues.”

Yunho cringed. “That’s just…needless to say we need to find our female crew. I don’t even want to imagine what they are going through.

Jaejoong looked sadly at Yunho. “I’m sure he sold them long ago.”

“Bastard, if I ever find him again I am going to rip his head off,” Kangin growled.

“Well we must not give up hope. Today we proved that you can never give up hope, and anything is possible…right Commander?” Yunho asked of his second in command who had not taken his eyes off Ryeowook. “Commander,” Yunho said louder.

“What, Captain?” Commander Cho said, jumping in his seat, startled.

“I was saying how we can never give up hope,” the captain told the commander fondly.

Commander Cho looked directly and Dr. Cho and reaffirmed, “Never.”

Ryeowook just sneered back at him, unmoved.

The captain stood up. “This meeting is dismissed. I know I am exhausted from chasing that streaker half way across the planet,” the captain said of his long chase of Commander Leeteuk, who had lost his mind and his desire to wear clothing.

“Good luck keeping his clothes on him,” Kangin said, getting up from the table. “We could only get him to wear the stink necklace half the time and that was to keep bears off of him.”

“I doubt a bear could catch him,” Changmin grumbled, also tired from chasing after Commander Leeteuk.

As the others got up and cleared the room, Commander Cho stayed seated staring at Ryeowook who glared back at him. “I know you are angry with me, but I’m just so glad you are alive.”

“Angry with you? Anger doesn’t even begin to describe the disgust…the betrayal I feel toward you right now,” Ryeowook told him, full of contempt.

“Whatever you feel toward me I assure you I have felt worse. I thought you were dead. You have no idea how miserable I have been…how much I have missed you,” Kyuhyun told him, reaching out across the table toward him.

Ryeowook stood up quickly avoiding Kyuhyun’s touch as he got up from the table, and moved to the chief medical officer’s desk at the back of the room that he had suddenly inherited. “Really? You think I have no idea? I missed you so much, or should I say the person I thought you were.”

“Ryeowook, don’t. Just come back to our room with me,” Kyuhyun begged.

“Back to our room? I am never going back there….where you and Sungmin…” Ryeowook cursed the tears that were building in his eyes.

Kyuhyun shook his head frantically. “No, we never did. Not in our room. It’s the same as it was when you left…the very same. All your stuff is still there. I haven’t moved any of it. I couldn’t…ever.”

“Get out of here,” Ryeowook ordered as he felt his resolve weakening. He stood up behind the desk and rotated back and forth from picking up an antique crystal vase and an old book from the desk.

Kyuhyun took a tentative step toward his angry spouse. “I know you’re hurt. You know me better than anybody. You know what I can be like. You know…”

“I thought you had changed! You told me you had changed!” Ryeowook screamed at him as he picked up the book from the desk again.

Kyuhyun swallowed shamefully. “I did change. You know I did. For years we were so happy, but when I thought I lost you…I lost my mind. I promise you I have not had a moment of joy since I thought I lost you.”

Kyuhyun ducked as Ryeowook threw the book at him. “You have had sex though! Lots of sex! Lots of sex with my so-called best friend! Are you trying to tell me you didn’t enjoy that? I know you! I know you probably just kept coming back for more and more! Spitting on my memory every time you screwed our friend…you probably always wanted too! Did you two laugh at me? Poor backwater, hick Ryeowook! What a good laugh you must have had at my expense!”

“You can’t possibly think that. You know that isn’t true. You know I love you more…”

“Get out of here!” Ryeowook screamed at him as he threw the vase at him. Kyuhyun barely ducked in time as the vase flew past him, crashing into the wall and shattering into thousands of pieces.

Kyuhyun backed away toward the door. “I am going to go, but not because I don’t love you…but because I do. You just need to calm down, so we can talk this out tomorrow.”

“Get out of here…so I can tend to your lover! I will get him back in tip top shape for you, don’t worry!” Ryeowook screamed at his husband, hating the tears that rolled down his face.

Kyuhyun stared at Ryeowook miserably, wanting nothing more than to comfort him…to hold him. “I don’t care about him.”

“Well you should! You are the commander of this ship…you should care about your crew, especially ones you are sleeping with!” Ryeowook said, sobbing as he sat down at the desk, his whole body shaking.

“Baby,” Kyuhyun moaned, his whole body aching as if he could feel Ryeowook’s pain. “I can’t win this fight with you tonight, but you have to believe me when I say you are the only person I have ever loved.”

Ryeowook looked up at Kyuhyun with big, chocolate brown eyes filled with tears wanting to believe him, but too hurt to accept anything his husband had to say. “Just go.”

“I will go for now, but I will be back,” Kyuhyun promised as he stepped out of the room.


Jaejoong sat on Yunho’s bed wearing a blue robe with his legs folded together and multiple expressions played out over his face.

“Who are you eavesdropping on?” Yunho asked as he sat down beside Jaejoong.

Jaejoong looked guiltily at Yunho. “Why would you think that?”

“It’s very obvious. I will save my lecture about rudeness and respecting people’s privacy till tomorrow,” Yunho told Jaejoong, amused at the man.

“I might have been listening in on Ryeowook and Kyuhyun…sickbay is just down the hall,” Jaejoong confessed as he reached out and took Yunho’s hand in his. “Their emotions are very intense, so even at this distance I can read some of their thoughts.”

“Ouch, that can’t be good.”

Jaejoong smiled and shook his head. “No, not at all. I was merely checking to make sure I shouldn’t notify you of impending harm of one of your officers.”

Yunho intertwined his fingers with Jaejoong’s. “So you were just looking out for me?”

“Always,” Jaejoong assured him.

Yunho gave Jaejoong a warmhearted smile. “You know I am not the slightest bit tired now. I was exhausted earlier.”

“The power of the bonded,” Jaejoong said, winking at him as he held up their clasped hands.

“You healed my tiredness?”

“No, our bond just makes us stronger. Which is a good thing, I thought we were never going to catch that naked man,” Jaejoong exclaimed, exasperated as he remembered chasing Commander Leeteuk all around while at the same time trying to keep the crew from ending up as bear food.

Yunho pulled Jaejoong’s hand up to his mouth and kissed it. “You did really amazing today…you blew me away. You are going to make an excellent addition to the crew.”

Jaejoong sighed happily and smiled so brightly he felt like he was going to bust out of his skin. “For so long I have always been the sought after treasure, or prisoner…today was great. I really felt useful. It was really nice.”

Yunho smiled at Jaejoong just as brightly, glowing in the power of their bond. “Well you are my treasure,” Yunho told him without speaking a word.

Jaejoong’s mouth fell open shocked. “Why Yunho, you just break all the rules don’t you. Your mind truly is full of surprises.”

Yunho, who was stunned at his new ability, willed another message toward Jae. “Does this mean the gateway is open?”

“Yes, that’s what it means.”

“And I don’t even have to make love to you. Aren’t you lucky?”

Jaejoong frowned. “Why would I be lucky?”

“Because when I make love to you,” Yunho said mentally as he pushed Jaejoong back on the bed, “You will know I do it for no other reason than because I want to.”

Jaejoong pulled Yunho down for a passionate kiss. “Really? I thought it was out of mere curiosity.”

Yunho laughed and kissed Jaejoong back. “Well, I must admit that self lubricating prostate has got me curious.”

“I knew it.”
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But I wonder why Changmin is being sent back from the future. Changmin's presence is to change the future? That perhaps something bad was gonna happened and Changmnin is here now to make sure that never happen?

Can't blame Ryeowook is so upset. He's only been gone for one yeah and his husband is sleepig with his best friend. That really hurts man.
Yunjae are really deeply connected and when the truth does come out...well my love of angst flow freely.lol

Yeah, Kyu is a dog on this story. I love dogs though! Thanks for commenting!

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Thanks so much for commenting!
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