haha... I literally stalk this since tuesday!!!! I kept checking every hour if you updated and I"m sooo happy to see this:DDD

You have no idea how happy you made me~~I love you so much haha<3
Why? why do you do this to me??? every time I see there is an update I'm super happy hahaha... but later when I finish the chapters I want more, and more. And now, after reading ch. 26 I want even more chapters because I really want to know what is going to happen next, of course I will wait until you update again without any pressure but... *sighs* thank you anyway :)
Definitely thankful that chapt 26 came to be...then we wouldn't have been able to read Damaged ^^ Thank you for updating...seems like there will be closure soon, which makes me a bit sad to be honest D=
thank you for the update .. I am really excited to know what will happen next .. update soon :)