Expectations: The Planet of the Mad Vampires

Title: Expectations
Adventure Three The Planet of the Mad Vampires
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae, KyuWook
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Humor, Romance, Angst
beta Unicornsinger

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Summary: Captain Yunho in an attempt to reward his crew for all their hard work gives them shore leave on what appears to be a safe planet. That illusion is soon broken when crew members start disappearing and fictional creatures straight out of Earth’s horror stories are to blame.

Prior Adventures

The Planet of the Mad Vampires

“I am never going anywhere with you two again,” Changmin seethed as he pulled against the shackles that kept him anchored to the wall. If he survived this shore leave excursion, he was going to protest if the captain ever assigned him to an away team with the both of them.

“Us?” Junsu and Eunhyuk yelped back at him, surprised.

“Yes, you two!” Changmin clarified as he tried to find that nice rational part of his brain.

“You were the one who wanted to explore the ancient castle!” Junsu pointed out from his spot between Changmin and Eunhyuk. They were all shackled to the rock wall of an old dungeon.

Eunhyuk nodded his head in agreement. “We just came along to provide you with company.”

“I didn’t ask for any company! If I had been alone, I might have noticed… sensed this castle was not abandoned,” Changmin told them as he pulled harder against his shackles, cutting into his wrist.

“Sensed? What, are you a Joong?” Junsu scoffed.

Changmin stopped pulling against the shackle as he noticed blood dripping from his wrist. “No, I am not a Joong. There is such a thing as intuition…and also, I might have heard something if I hadn’t been forced to listen to your atrocious singing!”

Junsu glared at Changmin. “Atrocious? I sing like an angel! I could have had a career in singing! At times like this, I wish I had!”

“True, your voice is awesome,” Eunhyuk agreed with his friend, as he eyed what appeared to be a large, rat-like creature crawling on the dirt and straw covered floor.

“I could be living the easy life, instead of being held prisoner by vampires!” Junsu complained as he eyed the rat-like creature that now had two friends with it as they crawled closer toward them.

“They are not vampires,” Changmin insisted, keeping his eyes on the rat-like creatures that seemed to be attracted to the blood dripping from his wrist.

“Did you see the teeth on those bitches?” Eunhyuk asked, as he remembered the tall, strong, hairy women who had dragged them into the dungeon.

“Big fangs,” Junsu added, his eyes growing wider as seven rat-like creatures collected at Changmin’s feet, drinking up his spilled blood.

“Vampires are fictional creations made purely for entertainment purposes,” Changmin explained as he tried to move one of his shackled ankles and failed.

“Well, you tell them that when they come back for dinner,” Eunhyuk said, moaning as he watched a rat creature start to climb up Changmin’s leg.

“I am sorry, but you are merely fictional…you can’t suck my blood. I somehow doubt that reasoning is going to work with them,” Junsu rambled as he turned his head, unable to watch the creature climb up Changmin.

Changmin looked at the rat-like creature that was now sitting on his shoulder, licking at the blood that had dripped down his arm. “Now would be a most opportune time for the captain to arrive on the planet with his telepathic mate.”


“Class M?” The captain asked as he looked over Ensign Choi’s shoulder at the back of the bridge. The young ensign was reading over the sensors at the science station. They were orbiting around an Earth-like planet that they had come upon.

The dark-haired, bright-eyed ensign turned to the captain and nodded his head. “Yes, Sir. It appears to be uninhabited. There are old structures on the planet estimated to be thousands of years old.”

The captain took a step back and stepped away from the ensign after patting him on the shoulder. “Good find, Ensign.”

“Thank you, Sir,”

“So what do you think?” Lieutenant Yesung asked as he followed the captain back to the command chair.

“It looks very promising,” the captain said as he sat down. The captain then turned to Jaejoong, who was fighting to keep his eyes open in the old counselor’s chair that he had claimed as his own. “Jae, what do you think? Do you sense anything?”

Jaejoong blinked to clear his eyes and shook his head. “From space? It’s very rare that even a Joong can pick up something from space. I can’t sense anything,” Jaejoong said aloud for the benefit of the crew. “Also, even I require more than two hours of sleep at night,” he complained mentally to the captain.

The captain looked back to Yesung and smiled. “Alright let’s do a few more scans, and if everything turns out okay, then I say, shore leave it is.”

Jaejoong startled as the happiness of the crew washed over him at the mention of shore leave. “We don’t have to go down there, do we?”

“Lieutenant Yesung, I have the bridge for now. Go get some rest,” the captain told the lieutenant, making the other man smile. “No, we will stay on the ship,” Yunho answered Jaejoong privately in his mind.

“And have lots and lots of sex?” Jaejoong thought joyfully. If the Expectations was parked in orbit over a planet while the crew enjoyed their break…then Yunho would be all his.

“Thank you, Sir,” Yesung told him. “It will be nice to get in bed before 0600 hours for once…since I have been required to pick up so much extra time as of late.”

The captain ignored Yesung’s subtle attack and replied, “Your time is very appreciated, Lieutenant. Rest well.”

“I will, Sir,” Yesung told him, making his way off the bridge.

“Lots of sex? Confirm for me there will be lots of sex?” Jaejoong thought toward Yunho as he leaned against the man’s arm. Jaejoong smiled as he imagined what they could be doing while the rest of the crew enjoyed their shore leave.

“Yes. Lots of sex without any interruptions.”

“I might forgive you for waking me up at 0500 hours now.”

“You know it’s important for me to be available to all of my crew. Not just the ones that work during the waking hours.”

“Whatever. Your dedication to your crew is tiring. It’s been five days since the gateway opened, and we have only made love eighteen times.”

Yunho turned his head to look down at the man who was half asleep, leaning against his arm. “You are so mistreated.”


“Now, here is your breakfast! Eat up!” Heechul told Sungmin as he sat the food tray in front of Sungmin on his bedside table.

Sungmin ignored the breakfast and just stared dumbfounded at Heechul, who was wearing an old fashioned nursing cap and uniform…that was a white dress. “I’m not hungry.”

Heechul pointed his finger at Sungmin. “Shame on you! You want to make Dr. Cho grumpier than he already is?”

Sungmin, who was still in his hospital bed, just shook his head. “No, I'm just not hungry.”

“Tiss, Tiss-” Heechul stopped when raised voices could be heard from another part of sickbay.

Sungmin groaned. “They are at it again.”

Heechul rubbed his hands together gleefully. “Lovers’ quarrels…it’s so romantic. Don’t you think?”

Sungmin didn’t answer Heechul; instead, he just frowned up at him.

“Oops, guess you wouldn’t think so. The assumed dead spouse returns to find that his husband and best friend are sleeping together. It’s the most drama this ship has had since the captain got himself a sex slave.”

“Isn’t it so nice that we can exist purely for your entertainment.”

Heechul’s smile brightened more, and he nodded his head in agreement. “It really is. I have to go and find a better place to eavesdrop. Eat your breakfast, or the doctor will be very upset!” Heechul told him as he scurried off quickly in the direction of the raised voices.

“Shut the door,” Sungmin yelled, hoping to get Heechul to shut the door, but Heechul was already gone. He didn’t want to hear any part of their fight. He didn’t want to know that Kyuhyun was in sickbay so close, yet so far away.

“No problem, you don’t have to yell,” Eunhyuk said, walking into Sungmin’s room. Eunhyuk shut the door behind him.

Sungmin, who felt like he was going to cry, looked up at Eunhyuk gratefully. “I wasn’t yelling at you…Heechul was just in here.”

“I saw him…her,” Eunhyuk told him as he sat down in the chair beside Sungmin’s bed. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Heechul look so happy.”

Sungmin rubbed his nose and let a small chuckle. “He gets to be a real nurse now. He’s thrilled. What brings you here?”

“Can’t I just come and check on a friend?”

Sungmin nodded his head. “Yes, but it’s a little early.”

“I have an appointment with Dr. Cho…about a medical concern of mine, but he’s busy at the moment.”

“You mean he is busy fighting with Kyuhyun. It’s the same story every day. Kyuhyun comes to plead for forgiveness, and Ryeowook chases him off. When I would be more than happy to see…” Sungmin trailed off, sighing sadly.

Eunhyuk looked at his friend who was clearly upset. “He hasn’t come to check on you?”

Sungmin shook his head and tried to control his emotions that were threatening to overwhelm him. “No, he just comes to sickbay to see Ryeowook.”

“Maybe it’s good that he doesn’t come and see you. He could be doing that to protect you? I mean pissing off Dr. Cho wouldn’t be good for you,” Eunhyuk offered, not believing his own words even as he said them.

Sungmin smiled fondly at his friend. “You don’t believe that, and neither do I. Ryeowook would never let his personal feelings about somebody affect how he treated them…he’s too good of a doctor…too good of a person for that matter. I stopped existing for Kyuhyun the moment we got that distress signal.”

Eunhyuk looked away from Sungmin and decided it was time to point out some unpleasant truths. “Sungmin, I know you love him. I know you’ve loved him for a long time, but he never claimed the same.”

Sungmin’s eyes narrowed at his friend. “So it shouldn’t hurt? Because he never claimed to love me. Well, it does hurt. Do you know how long I have loved him?”

Eunhyuk turned back around to face his friend. “Of course I know. For almost ten years, it’s all you have ever talked about. You loved him at first sight…I know the story, but I also know it was always one-sided.”

“Maybe you should go.”

“I don’t mean to say this to hurt you. Kyuhyun loves Ryeowook…he always did. He knew how you felt about him, and he used you,” Eunhyuk told him as he stood up and moved closer to Sungmin’s bed.

“I know he used me, and I didn’t care. I thought I could change him, but now Ryeowook is back and-”

“And what?”

Sungmin sniffled, hating how weak he felt both in body and soul. “It’s too late…now. I know I have to let him go, but I don’t know how. It’s so hard.”

“I know,” Eunhyuk said, full of sympathy as he squeezed his friend’s hand.


Siwon had just made his way to the door leading to sickbay, when Commander Cho came storming out of it, almost knocking him over. Siwon bowed apologetically, but Commander Cho just huffed and continued to storm off.

Siwon entered sickbay cautiously and wasn’t surprised to find a red-faced Ryeowook on the other side of the doorway. “Was it something I did?”

Ryeowook shook his head. “No, it has nothing to do with you. He’s just angry with me.”

“Oh, still not feeling forgiving?”

“Hardly, he makes me so mad,” Ryeowook complained, rubbing his eyes with his hands. “He thinks I should just accept everything because he thought I was dead…like that makes everything alright.”

Siwon smiled down at his short friend. “I know it has to be rough for you.”

Ryeowook finished wiping his eyes and looked up at Siwon and apologized, “That’s still no excuse for being such a bad friend to you. I’m really sorry.”

Siwon furrowed his brows, at a loss. “Sorry?”

“You are new to the ship, and I just abandoned you. I should have at least showed you around. There is no excuse for my rudeness,” Ryeowook explained.

“You are unbelievable. Are you apologizing for being busy saving lives and taking care of people? Ryeowook, you are too much,” Siwon said, shaking his head fondly at the younger man.

Ryeowook blushed, embarrassed. “Actually I only had to save one life…the rest is just catching up on work. The whole crew is behind on physicals. I mean, I need to check everybody over. There is one person I really need to check over. Dr. Kim-”

“That’s Nurse Heechul!” Heechul yelled from the other room where he was eavesdropping.

“Nurse Heechul,” Ryeowook said, correcting himself, “isn’t the amazing doctor who I knew before the accident.”

“I’m just amazing now,” Heechul said, sashaying up to them.

Siwon did a double take as the beautiful man approached him. “I agree, absolutely amazing. I’m Prince Siwon, and I’m pleased to meet you.”

Heechul glowed at the compliment. “Aren’t you handsome? I think I might be in love.”

“Nurse, did you finish doing what I asked?” Ryeowook asked, suddenly wary of the two of them.

Heechul frowned. “No, but-”

“No excuses. Go do it,” Ryeowook ordered.

“Gawd! You are such a tight ass! I can’t wait ‘til you let Kyuhyun fuck you into a good mood,” Heechul seethed, storming off to finish his work.

Ryeowook turned redder and looked at Siwon apologetically. “You have to be very careful with him. I have not even begun to diagnosis his psychosis, much less come up with a way of treating it. Although in many ways he is much better off than Leeteuk…he is very volatile.”

“I assure you, I have no plans involving him. I was just admiring his beauty.”

“For your sake, keep it that way. The real Dr. Kim was one of the most intelligent people I ever encountered, and he was eccentric, but his mentality was rock solid. He is a very sick man now, and we must be careful not to forget that,” Ryeowook explained, with just a touch of warning.


“I wish I had time to spend with you, but I just don’t. The crew has basically spent a year in space without being probably cared for. I have a lot of catching up to do.”

“Well…actually, I am not here to see you,” Siwon confessed. When Ryeowook just looked up at him confused, Siwon added, “On my planet if you save a person’s life, you are responsible for that person for the rest of your life.”

“You will have to forgive me if I don’t follow that philosophy myself,” Ryeowook said, unable to hide his irritation as he walked off toward Sungmin’s sickbay room. “Follow me.”

Siwon winced, feeling the other man’s hurt. “Well, I guess you actually saved his life, and I just pulled him from the water.”

“No, don’t discredit your actions. If you hadn’t grabbed him, I wouldn’t have had anybody to save,” Ryeowook said, opening the door to Sungmin’s room.

Ryeowook didn’t miss the look of hope that flashed across Sungmin’s face when the door first opened, and then quickly disappeared when Ryeowook and Siwon entered the room. Ryeowook stared at the untouched breakfast tray in front of Sungmin and frowned. “Are you going to eat? I am getting tired of injecting nutrients into you, Lieutenant. There is no reason why you can’t eat. Do I need to have Nurse Heechul force feed you?”

“No Doctor, I just haven’t got much of an appetite,” Sungmin explained, avoiding eye contact with Ryeowook.

“I can give you something to stimulate your appetite, but I wish you would resolve the problem on your own. I am sure the captain would like to have his chief of security back in functioning order, instead of taking up a bed in sickbay,” Ryeowook snapped.

Sungmin met Ryeowook’s eyes, surprised. “If I eat, I can be discharged?”

“Perhaps if you eat, get out of bed, and show me some sign that you are ready to take on your duties,” Ryeowook told Sungmin, purposely being firm.

“I will,” Sungmin promised, grabbing a fork and stuffing rice into his mouth.

“Good,” Ryeowook told him, fighting off a grin. “This is Prince Siwon. He saved your life…and now he feels like he’s responsible for you.”

Sungmin, who had a mouth full of food, looked up at the handsome man who had followed Ryeowook into the room. Sungmin swallowed his food down quickly and told the man, “That’s ridiculous. You are not responsible for me.”

“My sentiments exactly, but this prince can be pretty stubborn,” Ryeowook told him as he eyed Eunhyuk, who was sitting in the chair, looking none too pleased.

Siwon smiled at Sungmin, amazed at the change in the man. The last time he had seen him, he had been ghostly pale, and he had almost been ripped apart. “My people believe differently.”

“That’s honorable and all, but it really isn’t necessary. Saving my life was more than enough.”

“Eunhyuk, come with me, and I’ll check you over,” Ryeowook ordered as he gave Sungmin one more clinical look over and headed toward the door.

Eunhyuk hurriedly scrambled out of the chair and followed Ryeowook out of the room. “Dr. Cho, I can’t thank you enough for seeing me.”

Ryeowook led the way to an exam room and shut the door behind them. “Get up on the table.”

Eunhyuk jumped up on the exam table, causing the sensors at the head of the bed to come alive. “Heechul said there wasn’t anything that could be done, but I’m hoping that was just the crazy talking.”

Ryeowook’s eyes widened as he studied the readings the scanners were giving him. “Pull down your pants.”

Eunhyuk winced at the thought of showing anybody, but Ryeowook was a doctor, so he pulled down his pants, showing his genitals that were covered in purple warts. “They don’t hurt. It just itches.”

“Where did you get that?”

“Well…umm we were having shore leave on this nice, little-”

“Ensign, what is the first rule of Star Fleet?” Ryeowook demanded as he turned around and grabbed a hypospray from the metal cabinet behind him.

“Do not interfere with the internal development of alien civilizations-”

“The other first rule!”

“Don’t have sex with unclassified aliens,” Eunhyuk admitted shamefully.

“Exactly! You are lucky your genitals didn’t fall off,” Ryeowook griped as he injected the hypospray into Eunhyuk’s neck.

“What is that?” Eunhyuk asked, reaching up to touch his neck where Ryeowook had injected the medicine.

“It’s an antiviral. The warts should start falling off within the hour. If I ever see evidence that you are sampling the goods on some planet again, I am going to put you on report,” Ryeowook said, folding his arms.

Eunhyuk sat up quickly on the side of the exam table. “But Doc, we are on a ship full of men, and no offense, but not all of us are attracted to men.”

Ryeowook looked at Eunhyuk doubtfully, and then said with no sympathy at all, “Then love thyself, crewman.”

“Even the captain hooked up with an alien!” Eunhyuk pointed out in his defense.

“I assure you, the captain and I are going to have a long talk in the future, but I need you to get out of here now. I have a list of things I need to do,” Ryeowook snapped, clapping his hands together to hurry Eunhyuk on his way.

Eunhyuk jumped off the exam table and hurried toward the door, but paused before exiting and turned back to face Ryeowook. “Dr. Cho, it’s so good to have you back.”

Ryeowook couldn’t help grinning back at him. “Go!”


Junsu walked into the ship’s mess hall and walked up to the food replicator and ordered a breakfast of cereal and fruit. The food replicator soon dispensed his tray of food. Junsu then turned around and eyed the tables in the room, trying to decide where he should sit.

In the back of the room, were the guys from astrophysics who always made him feel stupid. At another table were the guys from security who made him feel like a wimp. Then at another table was Commander Yoochun, who always grabbed his ass, making him feel like a sex object. And at the very last table was Lieutenant Changmin, who always made him feel unwelcome. Junsu took a deep breath and decided to take the least painful option.

“Good Morning!” Junsu told Lieutenant Changmin as he sat down across from him with a bright smile.

“Is it?” Changmin asked, not looking up as he continued to eat the fruit on his plate.

Junsu sighed and picked up his spoon. “They say ninety percent of your day is determined by your mood. So, I am thinking positively.”

Changmin’s eyes sharpened as he looked up at Junsu. “Who says that? That isn’t logical. For instance, positivity has no affect on space anomalies, random attacks, and ruptures in the space-time continuum; so to say your morning is-”

“Forget I said anything,” Junsu pleaded, regretting not sitting with the guys from astrophysics now.

“If only my memory were that faulty,” Changmin informed Junsu as he looked up as Eunhyuk entered the dining hall. “It appears your accomplice in all things has arrived.”

Junsu turned around and smiled as Eunhyuk joined them at the table. Eunhyuk took a seat beside Junsu. “I am a new man,” Eunhyuk proclaimed, all smiles.

“The purple warts - ” Junsu asked tentatively.

Eunhyuk beamed. “Falling off as we speak, and I couldn’t be happier. I don’t know how long it’s been since I haven’t had to fight the urge to itch my balls.”

“Six months, seven days, four hours and approximated forty-five minutes,” Changmin clarified. “Since you thought having sexual relations with a female with amphibian characteristics was a good idea.”

“Don’t remind me,” Eunhyuk complained. “I am thinking the whole ship should just start practicing celibacy.”

“Speak for yourself; I’m basically celibate now, since I won’t hook up with frog women,” Junsu said sadly, “and I am sick of it. I want to go home. I want to return to Earth.”

“You didn’t have sex when you were on Earth either,” Eunhyuk pointed out as he stuffed an egg in his mouth.

“Shut up,” Junsu groaned, not wanting to be reminded of his less than stellar experience with the ladies.

Changmin, who had been studying them intently, replied, “I agree the ship should become celibate. I believe it would increase efficiency.”

“Says the Vulcan wannabe,” Junsu grumbled.

“You agree with me?” Eunhyuk asked Changmin in disbelief. He couldn’t ever remember Changmin agreeing with him willingly.

“The current state of the ship now is directly related to sexual mishaps.”

“What’s wrong with the ship?” Junsu asked curiously.

“They are all sex crazy,” Eunhyuk happily enlightened him. “Sungmin is in sickbay, lovesick over Commander Cho, who couldn’t care less about him. Commander Cho is lovesick over Dr. Cho...Dr. Cho, who would like to shoot Commander Cho out an airlock without a spacesuit. And the captain - ” Eunhyuk paused.

“The captain is too busy having sexy times to stay on the bridge like he used to. Lieutenant Yesung doesn’t even like me, and it’s like he is always on the bridge. It’s like ‘Junsu do this, and Junsu do that’,” Junsu added, groaning. He hated when the captain wasn’t on the bridge. Before the captain had found his bondmate, the man had lived on the bridge.

Eunhyuk nodded his head. “It’s because he knows the captain favors you, so he takes it out on you. He is too big of a coward to go after Changmin.”

“Well, I don’t want to be the captain’s favorite ‘til he starts thinking with the head that’s attached to his shoulders.”

“I don’t think you need to worry about that for awhile,” the captain’s voice said from behind Junsu.

Junsu looked accusingly across the table to a smirking Changmin, who had failed to warn him of the captain’s arrival. Junsu closed his eyes and whimpered, “Captain….I didn’t-”

“Don’t bother, Ensign,” Yunho told him as he came around the table and sat down beside Changmin. Jaejoong, who was with him, sat down beside the captain and gave Junsu a sympathetic look.

“He was only speaking the truth,” Changmin said, unwilling to let the matter die down. “You have been neglecting your duties.”

“Changmin - ” Yunho said in his disapproving, fatherly voice.

“Captain,” Changmin said with emphasis on captain, making Yunho frown. “You and Commander Cho are too focused on your love lives to run the ship properly.”

“Lieutenant, there is nothing happening on this ship that I am not perfectly aware of. I have not missed a shift since I was released from sickbay. Is this perhaps about something else? Do you feel like I am neglecting you?” Yunho asked, remaining perfectly calm.

Changmin turned to his father and then looked past him to Jaejoong, who was playing with the fruit on his plate, doing his best to stay out of the conversation. “I assure you my concern has nothing to do with our familial ties. I’m merely concerned with the functioning of this ship. If anybody told you differently, then-”

Jaejoong looked up from his fruit, feeling the waves of accusation emanating off Changmin. “I rarely, if ever, speak your name. I most certainly do not confide your inner thoughts to him.”

Yunho turned to Jaejoong, realizing the truth of his words. “Why? Why don’t you ever mention him? He is my son…my family.”

“You know, I need to get to the bridge,” Junsu said, getting up quickly.

Eunhyuk jumped out of his seat, too eager to escape before the fight broke out. “I should also get to the bridge. Bye.”

“You’re not dismissed. Sit down,’ the captain ordered, not taking his eyes off Jaejoong. The two ensigns sat back down quickly.

“You never mention him? Does it bother you I have a son?”


“Are you sure? I am bonded to you for life, but I have a son from the future. Proof that in the future, I have a relationship with somebody else…why would that not bother you?”

“I assure you, it does not bother me.”

“It would bother me.”

“Yunho, just because you have Changmin, does not mean you cheated on me. There are many ways to conceive children. Technology has made sex obsolete when it comes to the reproduction process.”

“Oh, that makes perfect sense,” Yunho said aloud.

“What makes perfect sense?” Changmin demanded. “Were you two having a telepathic conversation?”

Yunho looked at his son guiltily. “Yes, that was very rude of us.”

“You are telepathic now, too?” Changmin questioned as his eyes narrowing in dislike. “This is highly unusual if your brain has been-”

“Only with Jae; it’s a side of effect of the bonding process. Don’t get in a huff, I am not reading your mind…I don’t need to read your mind to know what you are thinking.”

Changmin huffed. “I highly doubt that.”

Yunho elbowed Changmin affectionately. “You want to bet? If I guess right, you have to swab the docking bay with a toothbrush.”

Junsu and Eunhyuk laughed as they watched the mood quickly change, as Yunho pestered his son.

“Captain, that is a highly unprofessional, but what will you do if you guess wrong?” Changmin couldn’t help but ask.

“I will swab it,” Yunho said fearlessly. “Jae can be the judge, so you can’t weasel your way out of it.”

“Yunho, I would never weasel!” Changmin insisted, highly offended as he glared at his bothersome father.

“That’s captain to you,” Yunho told his son, amused.

Jaejoong, who had been sitting quietly beside Yunho listening to the two of them, tensed suddenly. “The point is mute. I am not reading Changmin’s mind.”

Changmin and Yunho both turned toward Jaejoong, who looked extremely uncomfortable. “Aren’t your empathic abilities always turned on? I mean if he was squirming out of swabbing the deck, couldn’t you tell that without reading his mind?”

“I do not squirm!” Changmin protested.

Jaejoong shook his head. “Lieutenant Jung is an extremely private individual, and I will not violate his privacy.”

Yunho frowned suspiciously, and Changmin’s eyes brightened instantly. Changmin nodded his head approvingly. “That’s actually very comforting.”

Yunho leaned back in his chair, not very pleased. His bondmate did avoid Changmin…almost like Changmin was distasteful to him. Yunho was highly suspicious of the reasons he was given. Yunho couldn’t help but ask himself why. Why would his bondmate go to such an extent to avoid Changmin…if the fact that Changmin was his son didn’t bother him?

“Yunho, do not be angry with me.”

Yunho ignored Jaejoong’s mental plea and eyed the two ensigns in front of him who were watching the three of them of them instead of eating. “Finish your breakfast.” Junsu and Eunhyuk nodded their heads quickly and starting stuffing food in their mouths.


“I am not interested in any of your excuses right now. If you want to speak to me, do it with your mouth,” Yunho snapped back mentally at Jaejoong. Yunho had very keen instincts, and he could not fight the feeling that he was being lied to. Jaejoong flinched beside him, but did not say anything.

“So, how do you guys feel about going on shore leave?” the captain asked, changing the subject.

“Shore leave?” the ensigns repeated back to him, amazed. Changmin raised his right eyebrow at the question.

“That would be freaking awesome!” Eunhyuk said, full of enthusiasm.

Junsu nodded his head in quick agreement. “That would be great!”

“Very late during the night we came upon a class M planet that once was home to a primitive race of humans that no longer-”

Jaejoong’s insignia chirped, interrupting the captain. Dr. Cho’s voice could be clearly heard. “Jae, this is Dr. Cho. I need to see you in sickbay now…and I need to see you alone.”

Jaejoong, who was surprised at the interruption, looked down at his blue uniform that Yunho had programmed the dressing chamber to provide him with, and then to Yunho. Jaejoong fought his instinct to span the distance with his mind and gaze into Ryeowook’s thoughts. “Why would he want me?”

Yunho, who was still irritated with his mate, just raised his eyebrows. “He’s a doctor. I am sure he has lots of questions for you…he’s probably not satisfied with Heechul’s findings.”

“Don’t worry, he’s very helpful,” Eunhyuk supplied, eager to lessen Jaejoong’s worries.

“Especially with purple warts,” Junsu muttered under his breath, leading to Eunhyuk kicking him under the table.

Changmin, who looked extremely curious now, questioned, “Alone? Wouldn’t the both of you have to go?”

“Probably not necessary now,” Yunho informed Changmin, but turned to Jaejoong to confirm, “Right?” Yunho was very confident that the last week together had strengthened their bond.

“I am capable of going to sickbay on my own,” Jaejoong answered, standing up from the table. Jaejoong looked down at Yunho. “But please do not beam down to the planet without me and kill us both.”

“Point taken,” Yunho said, wincing. “But the ship? Will the bond now reach everywhere on the ship?”

“It should,” Jaejoong said, walking away from the table, looking very nervous and unsure of himself. It was the first time he had been without Yunho on the ship.

“Wait,” Yunho ordered, sensing Jaejoong’s unease. Yunho quickly got up from the table and pulled Changmin up with him. “We will escort you to sickbay.”

“We will?” Changmin questioned.

“Yes, we will,” Yunho informed him as he led Changmin by the arm and met Jaejoong at the doorway.

Jaejoong forced a smile. “You really don’t need to.”

“I know, but I want to,” Yunho said, maneuvering himself between the two men as they made their way to sickbay down the corridor.

“I do not want to,” Changmin corrected, knowing his father was up to no good. It was more than obvious that Jaejoong was not comfortable around him.

“Changmin, it’s time you two got better acquainted. Neither one of you are going anywhere.”

“I thought Jae was going to sickbay,” Changmin replied back, being purposely insolent.

Yunho frowned up as his tall son. “You’re showing your immaturity.”

“I was merely stating a fact.”

Yunho straightened his shoulders. “Jae is my bondmate for life, and you are my brother…son for life. I need you two to make some effort to get to know each other.”

“Brother?” Jaejoong asked instantly, catching on to Yunho’s slip of the tongue.

“We were raised as brothers.  When I discovered the truth of our true relationship at the age of eight…Yunho had difficulty accepting it,” Changmin informed Jaejoong in a completely neutral tone.

“I was ten years old, and you were eight,” Yunho said sighing, “It isn’t like I abandoned you on the street.”

“You were the one that discovered your father and son relationship?” Jaejoong asked confused.

“Our parents knew-”

“My grandparents knew,” Changmin interrupted, correcting Yunho. “They thought it best for everyone if we were raised as brothers. It would have worked out if I had not been so intelligent.”

“Never lacking in intelligence, but always lacking in modesty,” Yunho mumbled under his breath.

“I was doing an advanced biology course for my age. I used Yunho as my test subject, and once I studied his DNA, there was no mistaking my paternity,” Changmin explained.

“And how did you determine you came from the future?” Jaejoong asked.

“A person’s genetic code tells all you need ever know about a person. It is time stamped, and I was not the product of a two year old Yunho.”

Jaejoong’s eyes widened. “Your science is amazing. Can this genetic code tell you when you will be conceived?”

Yunho and Changmin both looked at Jaejoong suspiciously. “Not the exact time of conception, but you can approximate from its structure. It should be within the next five years.”

Jaejoong swallowed, looking paler. “Really? That soon?”

“Soon?” Yunho repeated, not liking the tension he suddenly felt coming off Jaejoong. “I thought you were not bothered by Changmin’s existence? I thought you said technology made sex obsolete where reproduction is involved?”

Before Jaejoong could answer Yunho, Changmin spoke up, “I must admit, when I found out your original form was that of a hermaphrodite, and you were apparently capable of changing genders, I did suspect you were my other parent.”

“But the testing proved otherwise,” Yunho pointed out.

Changmin nodded his head in agreement. “It did.”

“Yes, that’s what the testing said,” Jaejoong eagerly agreed, and then focused on Yunho. “I am not bothered by Changmin being your son, but I am curious about his continued existence after his conception. Can a person exist as two different beings at the same point in time?”

Changmin’s eyes widened in instant understanding.  “That is the question. Will I blink out of existence? I do not know. The greatest minds in the Federation do not know.”

“Well, I know. You will be perfectly fine. I am already signing you up to babysit yourself,” Yunho said, speeding up, not liking the change the topic had taken.

“No, you wish this to be true. You do not know it. Time is a very delicate matter. I could blink out of existence at any time,” Changmin said as he sped up to keep up with Yunho.

“You have been saying that since you were eight years old,” Yunho told him as he reached the entry way that led to sickbay.

“And it doesn’t make it any less true,” Changmin told Yunho as he followed the older man into sickbay. Jaejoong timidly followed them.

Dr. Cho met them as soon as they entered sickbay. “What part of alone do you two not get?”

“We were just providing moral support, Doctor,” Yunho explained as Jaejoong walked up beside him.

“I was brought here against my will,” Changmin happily pointed out. “I completely understand the meaning of alone.”

Yunho shook his head at his difficult son. “I should also go check on Sungmin while I am here.”

“No, you should leave right now. Goodbye,” Dr. Cho told the captain.

“Doctor, I would be-”

“Captain, you have checked on Sungmin everyday. You can check on him later in the day. I am going to examine Jae privately. Captain, you and Changmin are leaving…now,” Ryeowook told the captain, refusing to back down.

Changmin couldn’t help smiling and grabbed Yunho’s arm. “You always said you wanted a Chief Medical Officer you couldn’t intimidate.”

“I never said that,” Yunho grumbled as Changmin tried to pull him toward the door.

“I distinctly remember you saying it repeatedly,” Changmin said, smiling.

Yunho sighed and allowed himself to be pulled toward the door. “This is a case of being careful of what you ask for.” Yunho paused at the door and turned back to Jaejoong. “If you need me, and I’m out of telepathic range…use the insignia.”

“You won’t be out of range. I will be fine…I love you,” Jaejoong told him aloud, making Changmin frown and making the captain smile uncomfortably.

Ryeowook pointed toward the door, having mercy on the captain. “Out now!” The captain was eager to escape now, and exited quickly. Then Ryeowook turned to Jaejoong. “You follow me.”

Jaejoong nodded his head and followed Ryeowook to a private exam room. “I really don’t think this examination is necessary.”

Dr. Cho smiled at him and patted the exam table. “Humor me.”

“I am self-healing, so there isn’t really a need for me to have a doctor,” Jaejoong explained as he sat on the exam table, making the monitors above the table go wild.

“Like I said, humor me,” Ryeowook said as he looked up at the readings and then back to Jaejoong.

“Doctor, I do not wish to-”

“Do you not wish to erase or manipulate my memory?” Ryeowook interrupted, asking Jaejoong as he let out a deep breath and looked back to the other man.

“No,” Jaejoong confessed, looking away from Dr. Cho guiltily.

“But you will… but before you do, can I ask you a question?”

Jaejoong nodded his head, refusing to look at Ryeowook.

“Why is the fact that Changmin is your son such a huge secret?”
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So we are right!!! Changmin is Jaejoong's son. Suspected as much since Changmin seems to inherited some Joong's characteristics. I wonder why is he keeping it a secret or why did he pale when he heard when Changmin will be conceived? Is it because the adult!Changmin will really ceast to exist the moment he is born and thus it'll break Yunho's heart to lose his Changmin(I mean the adult!Changmin). I remembered Yunho mentioning that it's unthinkable for him to send his two year old son back in time unless he's dead >.< Please don't tell me something terrible will befall Yunho and Jaejoong in near future. Once their mate die, a Joong will die too right? T_T So if anything happen to Yunho, Jaejoong would not live too. What will happen to Changminnie then? T_T

Or will the pregancy or child birth endanger Jaejoong's life? Hm, Jae is supposed to be able to self heal right? So it can't be that right?

Or is it because Changmin is half a Joong and since Joong are highly sought after, he is trying to protect Changmin?

And how does Ryeowook knows?? Ryeowook is quite a brilliant doctor but I thought Jae could fool any medical equipments? And I thought Ryeowook has yet to check up on Jae yet, so how does he determine that Jae is Changmin's other parents? oooh...I'm, so curious.

I don't know if I wanna say poor or lucky Heechul. Though he's not his normal brilliant self now, we can't deny that the current Heechul is not happy. But I do agree with Ryeowook that it's a shame that Heechul is not is usual brilliant self.

And OMG!!! I hate rats and this is worse cause it sound vampirish T_T I hope Jae could detect Changmin and the EunSu is in trouble >.< *pray hard*

PS: Sorry for the gazillion questions again and sorry for the re-editing of my comment T_T

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LJ, you shall not defeat me, you shall let me get a spot before you have another hissy fit. *fangirl power of persuasion*

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