Expectations: The Planet of the Mad Vampires Part 2 of 5

Title: Expectations
Adventure Three: The Planet of the Mad Vampires Part 2 of 5
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae, KyuWook
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Humor, Romance, Adventure
Beta: Unicornsinger

A/N: This story is inspired by Star Trek. The crew of the Expectations will be made up of members of DBSK and Super Junior. Instead of chapters the story will be broken up in adventures.

Summary: Captain Yunho in an attempt to reward his crew for all their hard work gives them shore leave on what appears to be a safe planet. That illusion is soon broken when crew members start disappearing and fictional creatures straight out of Earth’s horror stories are to blame.

Special Thanks:  To Amy for always sharing her time!  Also to people who comment....because well if you didn't comment I wouldn't update!  Love you all!

Prior Adventures

Jaejoong looked back at Ryeowook and answered him without hesitation, “Because from the moment a Joong is born, they are taught to respect the power of time.”


“There was once a powerful race that sprang from this galaxy, and it was fascinated by the power of time. This race eventually evolved to a point that most of its members moved on to a higher plain of existence, while others converted back into a more primitive form…where they could still experience the mysteries and joys of life,” Jaejoong explained.

Ryeowook leaned against the wall. “You’re losing me. What does this have to do with you not telling the captain and Changmin you are the missing link to their family?”

“There are many that believe the Joongs are what some members of that once powerful race reverted back to. We do not hold the memories or the knowledge of that race, but we do have abilities that are remarkable at times. We are the only race that the Guardians will listen to,” Jaejoong explained.

“The Guardians?”

“The Guardians of Time. They are portals made of some indestructible element that the ancient race left behind…they open to time. Through them, you can be carried to the past or the future, and then returned to your own time. They are very rare, but they are scattered across the entire universe. If I - ” Jaejoong paused, “used one of those to send Changmin back. I can not even begin to imagine why…or why it would let me. The Guardians of Time are very particular about what they will allow you to do.”

Ryeowook’s mouth fell open as he listened to the story Jaejoong spun for him of ancient beings and of Guardians of Time. “So you think you are responsible for Changmin going back in time?”

“I know I am. The bond between a Joong and their child is immense. I would not have let anybody else separate us.”

Ryeowook frowned. “You don’t seem very close to him now.”

“No,” Jaejoong agreed.

“I assume you have manipulated Changmin’s mind, because there is no way he hasn’t figured out you are his other parent.”

“I have,” Jaejoong confessed. “I have manipulated his, Yunho’s and Heechul’s.”

“And I will be next?”

“It depends on you. I will not allow anything to happen that might jeopardize Changmin’s life. Time is too delicate to be toyed with.”

“But he…they will someday find out, and they won’t be happy with you,” Ryeowook pointed out.

“I know this, but still…I can not risk Changmin’s continued existence. I would rather be overprotective of the secret of his Joong blood than not be protective enough.”

“I am curious if-”

“You are wondering if you keep my secret, if I will spare your memories - ” Jaejoong said, staring into Ryeowook’s eyes, making the doctor suddenly feel a chill.

“In order to keep my memories intact, then I will keep your secret. My knowing may someday be of a help to all of you.”

Jaejoong’s eyes narrowed as he studied Ryeowook. “If you betray me, you will forget everything, and everybody you confided in will forget also.”

“Understood. I do have questions, though,” Ryeowook said, rubbing his arm nervously. “Changmin appears perfectly human. Is he?”

Jaejoong sighed loudly and fell back on the exam table. “This is a good question that has occupied my thoughts. He can’t be perfectly human, but his mind has so many guards up, it’s difficult to tell how many of the Joong traits he has inherited from me.”

“He’s always been very guarded. It’s very hard for him to open up to people. In the Academy, he would have been a recluse if he had his way,” Ryeowook explained. “He has always enjoyed expanding his knowledge more than retaining friends.”

Jaejoong, who was lying on the exam table, turned to look at Ryeowook and smiled bittersweetly. “That isn’t what I meant. He has mental guards up that I placed long ago. I must have erased all memories of me from his mind. I made his mind almost impenetrable…even to me. I have to physically touch him to alter his memory, and even doing that scares me.”

“You can’t read him?”

“Not without extreme effort. I can feel his emotions, but to actually read his thoughts is almost impossible. The protections I put up when he was a baby are still in place and protecting him…even from me now.”

“Protecting him?”

“He was a baby telepath sent to planet of none telepaths…he would have gone crazy if I had not closed off the telepathic part of his brain,” Jaejoong said, turning his head to look up at the ceiling.

Ryeowook nodded his head in instant understanding. “I understand. There are so many stories of Betazoids being raised away from their kind and the insanity that followed.”

“But still, even through my walls of mental protection…something of his Joong inheritance slips out,” Jaejoong said, smiling proudly as he remembered back to the planet where they had recovered the lost crew. “Ensign Junsu said once that Changmin was a sort of a telepath himself.”

“That’s very true. Changmin is highly intuitive. His ESP scores are off the chart, and unconscious telepathic ability would explain his high scores. As fascinating as telepathy is, I’m more concerned with your other attributes and how they might affect Changmin. Shape shifting, self-healing…bonding.”

“I’m not a shape shifter. There are things I should tell Yunho first…that I am not willing to share with you, but I am not a shape shifter,” Jaejoong said, sitting back up.

Ryeowook looked at the monitors above Jaejoong’s head again and pointed out, “The captain reported when he first encountered you that you were in a completely different body. He said you were blonde, feminine, and had blue eyes. He actually thought you were a woman.”

“True, I was still in my Joong form, which is that of a hermaphrodite. I had not bonded with anybody. All Joongs are born with blue eyes, and the color changes depending on the preference of the mate.”

“So Joongs basically become what their mate wants?” Ryeowook said with an uneasy face. The captain was bonded to a being whose whole life was dependent upon the captain and the bond the two of them shared.

“Yes,” Jaejoong said, nodding his head in agreement. “As for Changmin and his potential self-healing abilities, I am interested in that also. I promised Yunho I would not read his mind, but respecting that promise is proving to be very difficult. I am very curious about Changmin’s health history…and how he recovered from injury or sickness.”

“I can’t recall Changmin ever being really ill. He has been sick before, though, and he recovered just like a regular human would,” Ryeowook informed Jaejoong.

“It is possible he did not inherit this ability. It is also possible I put up a guard against self-healing,” Jaejoong said frowning. “Although, I would have had to place a fail safe…I know I would not have left him defenseless to death.”

“Bonding?” Ryeowook probed.

“It isn’t possible. The guards I put up keep his Joong side controlled and prevent the telepathy needed to allow for bonding. It’s very rare…almost unheard of for a Joong to mate with a non-Joong and bare a child. It hasn’t happened in a millennium…we had almost dismissed it as legend. There is no data to guide me. Changmin is a mystery to me also. When I first saw Changmin, I was shocked that he was my child with Yunho. The bond I have with the captain…is very unusual,” Jaejoong said, smiling as he thought of his mate.

Ryeowook smiled back at Jaejoong as the other man beamed at the mere mention of the captain. “I will keep your secret. My memory being manipulated isn’t a thought-”

“Ryeowook, if you don’t come to our quarters now, I am going to beam all your notebooks into the atmosphere of this planet and watch them burn,” Commander Kyuhyun’s voice rang out over Ryeowook’s insignia.

“He wouldn’t dare,” Ryeowook fumed at Kyuhyun’s warning,the talk with Jaejoong suddenly forgotten.

“Are you sure?” Jaejoong asked him with a knowing look.

Ryeowook looked at Jaejoong, shocked. “Are you saying he would?”

Jaejoong just smiled at Ryeowook. “He’s a desperate man.”

Ryeowook’s eyes widened as he turned quickly and opened the door to the exam room. “My notebooks! I will kill him.”

Jaejoong just smiled as he watched Ryeowook fly from the room.


“Kyuhyun, don’t you dare,” Ryeowook said, as the doors swooshed open as he stormed into the quarters he used to share with his husband.

Kyuhyun’s voice was heard from the bedroom. “You said you want nothing to do with me, so therefore, you have no say over what I do.”

“I have say over what you do with my stuff,” Ryeowook shouted as he raced into the bedroom. Ryeowook was barely in the room when he found himself tackled and thrown on the bed. Ryeowook glared up at the man who was holding him down on the bed. “Kyuhyun, let me go,” Ryeowook said in a deadly calm voice.

“No,” Kyuhyun told him as he hovered over him.

“What do you intend to do with me?” Ryeowook asked, continuing to glare up at the man, while trying to ignore how exhausted Kyuhyun looked.

Kyuhyun looked very pleased with himself as he held the smaller man down on the bed. “I haven’t decided yet.”

“Rape is frowned on in any civilized society,” Ryeowook told his husband, fighting against the urge to spit in his face.

Kyuhyun’s smile instantly faded. “Rape? Do you even know me?”’

“No, I don’t know you. That’s the problem. I don’t know this version of you. The one that threatens to burn my notebooks, holds me against my will, and sleeps with my best friend!”

“Argh!” Kyuhyun growled and collapsed on top of Ryeowook in exasperation.

“I am sorry if you don’t like to be reminded that you slept with my best friend! Imagine how I feel about it!” Ryeowook griped, as he pulled a hand out from under Kyuhyun and started whacking him with it.

Kyuhyun reached out and grabbed the hand that was assaulting him. “You never used to be so violent.”

“You used to not have sex with my best friend!”

“Ryeowook, you know I would not have done it if I had known you were alive,” Kyuhyun said, lifting up his head to look Ryeowook in the face.

“I know no such thing!”

“You make me so crazy. Let’s go talk to Jae, and if he senses that I love anybody but you…then I will let you castrate me.”

Ryeowook’s eyes lit up, and he considered the offer. “No, afraid not. Jae lies like all other men if he thinks it’s for the greater good, so I wouldn’t trust him.”

“You are a man, I hate to remind-” Kyuhyun sat up suddenly, sitting on Ryeowook, and looked down at the man, “what do you mean Jae lies?”

Alarm flashed in Ryeowook’s eyes as he realized what he almost let slip out. “I hate you!”

“You hate me?”

“Yes, because it’s my instinct to trust you! To confide in you! I can’t though because you are a big, fat pig! Just like Aunt Bertha’s sows on the colony. Wait that’s insulting to those poor pigs to compare them to you!”

Kyuhyun shook his head at a loss and rolled off Ryeowook, while keeping one arm firmly wrapped around his husband in case he attempted to escape. “Okay…back to Jae lying.”

“It falls under doctor-patient confidentiality, so don’t ask,” Ryeowook told him, making no attempt to escape as he turned away from Kyuhyun and looked around the room.

Kyuhyun reached up with the one arm that wasn’t holding Ryeowook in place and ran his hand through Ryeowook’s hair. It was so much longer than Ryeowook had ever allowed it to get before. It was also a lighter brown with highlights from being exposed to the sun on the planet he had been stranded on. “You look good.”

Ryeowook, who was studying the room that was exactly as he had left it, turned back to face Kyuhyun. “You don’t. You look like shit.”

Kyuhyun’s eyes widened. “Why, my beloved, what a dirty mouth you have.”

“You bring out the worst in me,” Ryeowook responded, snarling as he turned away from Kyuhyun’s big, tired, sincere eyes.

“Really? I thought being stranded with Kangin for a year probably had more to do with it. His dirty mouth is legendary in the fleet,” Kyuhyun said, squeezing Ryeowook’s side.

Ryeowook cursed; his eyes were welling up in tears, and his legs made no attempt to move away from Kyuhyun. “I never uttered one foul word ‘til Sungmin confessed all your shared sins.”

“I am weaker than you…I’ve always been weaker than you. I am not proud of it. I did despicable things, but I had lost all my hope. I had just lost everything. You are everything to me, and I thought I lost you. The weight of that immense loss was smothering me everyday, and I knew it would never stop,” Kyuhyun tried to explain as he his hand still glided through Ryeowook’s soft hair.

Ryeowook, who still looked away from Kyuhyun, felt his heart breaking all over again. “You are not so weak. Yunho put you second in command.”

“It was because of my rank. My rank that I owed to other people, trying to impress my powerful parents. I don’t deserve the faith that Yunho has in me,” Kyuhyun told him as his hand drifted down and felt the tears that were pooling on Ryeowook’s face. “Look at me, Baby.”


“I would never burn your notebooks. I have read them a thousand times. I just needed to get you in here. I am just so tired. I haven’t truly slept since you’ve been gone,” Kyuhyun softly explained.

Ryeowook cursed his weakness as he rolled over onto Kyuhyun burying his face in the other man’s chest. “I have so much I need to do.”

Kyuhyun wrapped his arms around Ryeowook, hugging him tightly to him. “Its shore leave…let’s just rest. You are back, and I feel like I can finally sleep.”

“Nightmares?” Ryeowook couldn’t stop himself from asking. Ryeowook hated the concern in his voice.

“No, just sleep.”

Ryeowook lifted his head up and stared down into Kyuhyun’s eyes. “You are lying.”

Kyuhyun reached up a hand and rested it against Ryeowook’s cheek. “Not nightmares, just one huge…year long nightmare.”

Ryeowook’s heart did a flip flop as he stared down into the face that he had loved since he was sixteen years old. Kyuhyun met his stare, and suddenly Ryeowook was very aware of how long it had been since he had made love. Ryeowook had only ever been with Kyuhyun, and it had been over a year. “I missed you so much,” Ryeowook sputtered out anxiously.

“And I missed you,” Kyuhyun replied back to him as his other hand slid down ‘til it cupped Ryeowook’s cock that was growing harder by the second.

Ryeowook felt his cheeks growing warm, and Kyuhyun was now smiling up at him knowingly. “This is wrong,” Ryeowook whimpered, as he closed his eyes as Kyuhyun’s touch awakened old desires inside him. He cursed the intimacy they shared, as it started overtaking his anger.

“No, this is right…so right,” Kyuhyun told him as he lifted his head up and kissed Ryeowook.

The touch of Kyuhyun’s lips against his snapped Ryeowook out of his daze. He pulled away quickly, sitting back on his knees. “No, we can’t do this.”

Kyuhyun sat up, reaching out and grabbing Ryeowook’s hand. “Yes, we can. We are married…we are supposed to do this.”

Ryeowook closed his eyes again and forced himself to imagine Sungmin and Kyuhyun together. His plan worked as the image filled his head, and any lust he had for Kyuhyun vanished. When Ryeowook opened his eyes again, the anger was back.

“No, no,” Kyuhyun said panicking, latching on to Ryeowook with both arms. “No, not that look again! Ryeowook, we were making progress!”

Ryeowook cursed himself for being so easy, but he knew escaping Kyuhyun wouldn’t be simple…unless. “It isn’t fair.”

“Fair?” Kyuhyun asked suddenly confused.

“Yes, fair,” Ryeowook said, tilting his head in an exaggerated manner.

“Isn’t fair to whom?” Kyuhyun demanded at a lost.

“Well Sungmin for one…you can’t claim to love him and-”

“I never claimed to love him, because I never loved him!” Kyuhyun said, irritated. “I don’t know what he told you on that planet, but I highly doubt he was delusional enough to believe I loved him.”

Ryeowook tried not to smile, because a part of him really loved Kyuhyun’s reply, but he refused to give in to Kyuhyun, so he said the one thing he knew would make Kyuhyun lose his mind. “It isn’t fair to Prince Siwon either.”

Kyuhyun frowned, letting go of Ryeowook. “Prince Siwon?”

Ryeowook jumped off the bed quickly. “Yes, Siwon. We have been fighting our mutual attraction to each other for months…and now that we are both single - ”

“You are not single! You are married to me!” Kyuhyun bellowed as he sat up in bed, stunned.

“That never stopped you,” Ryeowook told him as he hurried from the bedroom.

“I thought you were dead! I thought I was widower! You are lying! You are not attracted to him!” Kyuhyun accused as he stumbled getting up from the bed, almost falling, he was so shocked by Ryeowook’s words.

The doors to their quarters swooshed open, and Ryeowook turned back and smiled at Kyuhyun. “He’s so handsome. I just can’t help myself. I mean, have you seen him?”

Kyuhyun’s jaw dropped open as Ryeowook hurried out the door.


“Are you satisfied?” Changmin asked his father as they strolled through the farthest reaches of engineering.

Yunho tapped his head. “Yes, I’m not the slightest bit dizzy or nauseated, and I haven’t passed out once.”

“It must be relieving to know that you don’t have to be in close proximity with him now.”

Yunho, who had an old habit of speaking with his hands that he had tried to curb upon joining Star Fleet, spread out his arms, motioning with them. “I like being in close proximity with him, but it is a relief to know our bond is now strong enough to span the ship.”


“Yes, it’s the strength of the bond that allows this distance. I was once a fool and thought weakening it would allow distance, but I was wrong. Even this far apart, I can still reach out to him.”

Changmin shook his head at his father. “Reach out…do you mean telepathically?”

“Yes, I can connect with Jae telepathically right now and have him call me over the insignia,” Yunho told Changmin, and immediately, Jae’s voice rang out over the insignia.

“Yunho, why are you interrupting my nap?”

“Sleeping without me, bad lover,” Yunho sent out mentally to Jaejoong as he answered Jaejoong aloud, “I was showing Changmin how the bond works.”

“Joongs like sleeping, but I would much rather you join me…and then I would happily forgo sleeping for more pleasurable activities,” Jaejoong told Yunho telepathically and then answered Yunho over the insignia. “Well, that’s nice. I am going back to sleep.”

“Soon…very soon,” Yunho sent telepathically to his mate, but said aloud. “Rest well.” Yunho turned to Changmin, smiling.

Changmin looked at Yunho seriously. “He could be reading your mind all the time. He could be reading all our minds. Why does this not bother you?”

“He’s not. I know he isn’t…if he was, I would know,” Yunho assured Changmin as they continued walking down the corridor toward main engineering.

“I pray you are correct and not merely being persuaded by the glow of new love,” Changmin told his father cautiously.

“Did I just hear Changmin speak of the glow of love?” Yoochun said as he suddenly walked up to them as the two of them entered main engineering. “Will wonders never cease?”

“You did,” Yunho said, grinning as Commander Yoochun approached them.

Changmin stiffened. “I was speaking of the captain and his new telepathic - ”

“Loveeerrr.” Commander Yoochun happily finished the sentence, loving to irritate Changmin. Commander Yoochun had been Yunho’s friend for many years, and bugging Yunho’s little brother-slash-son came naturally.

“I was going to say associate,” Changmin told Yoochun, not amused.

Yunho clasped an arm around Yoochun shoulder and grinned. “Associate is easier for him to handle.”

“Such a little prude, our Changmin,” Yoochun said fondly, “it seems like just yesterday he was a freshman at the academy. He was knee deep in his studies, refusing to make any friends…because everybody was so illogical.”

Changmin glared at Commander Yoochun, who had been his father’s friend at the academy. “I had friends.”

“That’s right! You were friends with timid, little Ryeowook! How did I forget that?”

“Timid, little Ryeowook?” Yunho complained. “Let me tell you, Dr. Cho is not timid anymore. You should have seen him bossing me earlier today.”

“Well, when you were just a cadet dreaming of captaining starships, you always said you wanted a bossy Chief Medical Officer who would make you be accountable and not bow down to you,” Yoochun reminded him, causing Yunho to frown and Changmin to smile.

“Well, I didn’t know it would be the same kid I used to look out for at the academy. I mean how many times did I step in my senior year to keep him from being bullied?” Yunho moaned, causing Yoochun to laugh.

Changmin sighed at his father and shook his head. “You are practically a saint.”

Yunho snapped his fingers at Changmin and then pointed his finger at him. “And don’t you forget it.”

“Poor Yunho. So, when do we get to start beaming down to that planet?” Yoochun asked, changing the subject. “I’m hoping to seduce a certain ensign.”

Yunho scowled at his friend. “You leave Junsu alone. He isn’t interested.”

Yoochun put his hands up, making squeezing motions. “But his ass is just asking-”

“Commander,” Yunho said in a voice full of warning.

“Okay, I will behave, but if he ever shows the slightest bit of interest, all bets are off.”

“That’s highly unlikely,” Changmin couldn’t resist from adding. “He finds you repulsive.”

“As for shore leave, I am on my way back to the bridge. Changmin and I will go over the final reports, and if it all checks out, then the crew can start beaming down in an hour,” the captain explained, eager to change the subject.

“I personally am hoping all the reports check out well. I am very interested in the old structures on the planet,” Changmin informed them.

Yunho smiled at his son. “That’s wonderful. I am glad you are going to feed your archeology sweet tooth.”

“Captain, I assure I do not have a sweet tooth. I prefer vegetables,” Changmin informed Yunho, making both the captain and the commander shake their heads at the young Lieutenant.


“What a beautiful day,” Eunhyuk proclaimed as he looked around the planet that he had just beamed down to with his best friend Junsu.

Junsu, who stood beside Eunhyuk, smiled brightly in agreement. “I can’t wait to get to that lake and take a good swim. Sonic showers do the job, but nothing beats the feel of real water against the skin.”

“I just wished that Sungmin and Donghae could have gone with us,” Eunhyuk said sadly as he and Junsu started walking toward the lake.

“Well sometimes it sucks being the transporter chief, but hey he gets to be in charge of everything. He has to be happy about that.”

“Yeah, it worked out for Donghae, but Sungmin…I worry about him,” Eunhyuk told his friend.

Junsu slowed, eyeing the people around the lake. “It’s Sungmin’s own fault. We all warned him that the commander was just using him to deal with his grief. Even Commander Cho warned him.”

Eunhyuk slowed to stand beside Junsu, looking unhappy now. “He almost died.”

“He’s going to be fine…is that Commander Yoochun sitting with Heechul?” Junsu asked, full of disappointment as he pointed toward the man sitting next to Heechul. Heechul was easy to recognize in his yellow sun dress. Heechul was sitting on a blanket near the lake.

Eunhyuk nodded his head. “That would be him.”

“Darn it! How am I supposed to enjoy myself with him leering at me?” Junsu asked, frowning in disappointment.

Eunhyuk reached over and patted Junsu on the back. “You will be lucky if he stops at leering. The captain is no doubt on the ship enjoying sexy times, and he won’t be here to control his friend.”

Junsu moaned and turned around in a circle. “I’m sick of having my ass pinched by that man.”

“Perhaps you should see if Dr. Cho can reduce your ass size…maybe if it didn’t stick out so much, he wouldn’t be so tempted,” Eunhyuk offered helpfully.

“Hmmm, maybe,” Junsu said as he continued to look around until his eyes focused on somebody heading down a path toward an old castle. “Hey, I wonder what Changmin is doing.”

Eunhyuk turned and followed Junsu’s gaze. “He’s probably going to explore that old castle.”

Junsu nodded his head; it did appear to him that Changmin was heading toward the old, abandoned castle. “Exploring a castle would be more fun than having my ass grabbed.”

“Well, if you aren’t going to swim, it wouldn’t be any fun for me. Exploring a castle and annoying Changmin does sound like fun,” Eunhyuk said, staying positive.

Junsu smiled and took off toward Changmin. “It sure does.”

“Hey, Changmin, wait up!” Eunhyuk yelled as he and Junsu hurried to catch up with Changmin.


“Oh dear, it looks like the object of your lust just fled from you,” Heechul said in exaggerated sympathy as he laid his hand over his heart. “When will you ever win the young ensign’s heart?”

Yoochun folded his arms and frowned as he watched Junsu hurry off in the direction of Changmin. “It isn’t his heart I’m interested in.”

“Shame on you, since love does not color your desire, then you deserve to be deprived of that young man’s most prominent gluteus maximus muscles,” Heechul told Yoochun as he picked up a yellow fan with pink hearts and started fanning himself.

Yoochun groaned and fell back on the blanket. “Love is overrated. It complicates everything.”

“Tiss…tiss…tiss, love is what makes life worth living,” Heechul told Yoochun as his eyes lit up in delight as he noticed Dr. Cho walking toward them.

“Why, Dr. Cho, what brings you to my neck of the wood?” Heechul asked the young doctor who was approaching them.

Ryeowook walked up to the two men, shaking his head at Heechul, who was sitting on the blanket like he was the belle of the ball. “Heechul, I hope Commander Yoochun isn’t sweet talking you.”

Yoochun sat up quickly. “Hey, I know better. I’m not a total dog.”

“Plus, I might be crazy, but I’m not stupid,” Heechul said, leaning his head back, laughing. Yoochun turned and looked at the laughing Heechul and fell back down on the blanket, not bothering to hide his irritation.

“Nice dress.” Ryeowook couldn’t help but compliment Heechul on his attire.

Heechul stopped laughing and beamed up at Dr. Cho. “Thank you! Good Doctor, would you like to join me for some tea?”

“What tea?” Ryeowook asked, looking around the blanket.

Heechul rubbed his hands together. “I will have Lieutenant Donghae beam me down some. I have that cutie wrapped around my finger.”

“Although I am tempted, I have a lot of work to do, but I need to talk to Changmin first,” Ryeowook told them.

“Always Changmin,” Yoochun grumbled from his spot on the blanket.

“Well if you are looking for Yunho’s terminally boring son, you will have to hurry. He went off in the direction of that dreary looking castle,” Heechul helpfully informed Ryeowook as he pointed in the direction of the castle.

Ryeowook turned and faced the castle. “Well, I better hurry then. Enjoy your shore leave.”

Yoochun who was still lying on the blanket, bent his elbows and placed his hands under his head as he looked up at the sky. “I wonder if Kyuhyun and Ryeowook don’t get back together if maybe - ”

“No, Ryeowook would never be interested in you,” Heechul said, rolling his eyes.

“How do you know?”

Heechul looked down at Yoochun, while fanning himself. “Because his heart will only ever pitter patter for Commander Cho.”

Yoochun exhaled a deep breath. “Yeah, you are probably right.”

“Perhaps we are destined to be alone,” Heechul sighed and said wistfully as he fell back on the blanket beside Yoochun. “My precious Yunnie tragically trapped by that…thing.”

“Well, Yunho no longer feels trapped…let me assure you. He is happy to be bonded with Jae from what I can tell. He is practically glowing. Before I knew how Yunho felt toward Jae, I tried flirting with Jae, but he has eyes for Yunho only,” Yoochun told Heechul.

“Who would want you when they could have all…every inch of Yunho? No offense, but some men are blessed with-”

“With what?” Yoochun demanded, sitting up suddenly, very defensive.

Heechul sat up, loving how sensitive Yoochun was suddenly. “Well some men are just more endowed than others. As a nurse, I have seen visual proof of this. Speaking of the endowed,” Heechul told Yoochun, pointing toward Kyuhyun who was quickly approaching them.

“Have you two seen Ryeowook?” Kyuhyun questioned as he hurried up to them.

Heechul smiled at him, sensing trouble. “Why do you ask, Commander?”

Kyuhyun frowned at Heechul. “Because I asked, that’s why.”

“He was just here,” Yoochun told the annoyed commander.

Kyuhyun let out a breath. “Was he alone?”

Heechul’s eyes twinkled with delight now. “He might have been, or not.”

“Was he with Siwon?” Kyuhyun demanded, not bothering to hide his annoyance.

“No, he wasn’t,” Yoochun told Kyuhyun, refusing to pay Heechul’s games.

“Why would he be with Siwon?” Heechul demanded, the playfulness now gone. “He told me I couldn’t be with Siwon! So, why would he be with him?”

Kyuhyun’s face drained of color. “He told you…you couldn’t be with Siwon.”

“He did! Just today. He probably wants him for himself! He could sense our connection!” Heechul whined, ringing his hands together. “He’s trying to take my prince from me!”

“You are not supposed to be with anybody!” Yoochun pointed out.

“What way did Ryeowook go?” Kyuhyun demanded.

“He went toward the castle,” Yoochun told the commander as he looked up at him. “He was looking for Changmin.”

Yoochun watched as Kyuhyun stormed off in the direction that Ryeowook had gone in. “Did you or did you not just say that Ryeowook would only ever love Kyuhyun?” Yoochun asked the fuming man beside him.

Heechul, who was gritting his teeth and thinking of nefarious plots all against Ryeowook turned quickly to face Yoochun and shouted, “Have you seen Siwon? He is the most handsome man in the universe!”

“Does he even like men? I am pretty sure he was on his way to be married to a woman before we all got sucked into the black hole.”

Heechul’s attitude instantly changed as he lunged for Yoochun, hugging him. “You are a genius! Of course he likes girls!”

Yoochun frowned as Heechul hugged him tighter. “That isn’t exactly good news for you.”

“Are you kidding? It’s great news! I’m the only girl on the ship!” Heechul declared, full of happiness, as he let go of Yoochun and stood up. “I’m the only girl!” Heechul sang as he prancing around the blanket in circles. “I’m the only girl! I’m the only girl! I’m the only girl!”

“Crazy,” Yoochun muttered as he fell back down on the blanket.


“Ryeowook!” Kyuhyun screamed as he hurried toward Ryeowook. “Slow down!”

“Are you stalking me now?” Ryeowook accused as he hurried on his way, refusing to slow down or turn around.

“No…well, maybe - I need to talk to you,” Kyuhyun admitted as he increased his speed.

Ryeowook clenched his fists together and he continued on his way without slowing down. “What part of ‘leave me alone’ do you not get?”

“I get it. I just won’t accept it…ever,” Kyuhyun insisted, hurrying up behind Ryeowook and grabbing him by the arm. “I will never accept it, because we are meant to be together.”

Ryeowook turned around and glared at the man who had a tight grip on him. “Not anymore.”


“No, now let me go.”

“Why do you want to see Changmin?”

Ryeowook frowned at him and tried to jerk his arm away. “None of your business.”

“I am the second in command of the ship…everything is my business,” Kyuhyun hotly informed him, refusing to relinquish his hold on the other man.

“Well, this isn’t,” Ryeowook insisted and he continued on his way, dragging Kyuhyun along with him.

Kyuhyun allowed Ryeowook to drag him along. “I don’t know what else to do to convince you that my heart belongs to you. I have completely ignored Sungmin.”

Ryeowook continued on his way but he paled. “Well, feel free to see him whenever you want. I don’t want to separate you two.”

“That isn’t what I meant. I don’t want to see him.”

“Well, he wants to see you. His eyes light up every time the door opens, and then they dim when he realizes it isn’t you,” Ryeowook told him sadly as he slowed down. He would never forgive Sungmin for sleeping with his husband, but it didn’t mean he wasn’t aware of the other man’s suffering.

Kyuhyun grabbed Ryeowook by the other arm and forced him to face him. “Then it’s best that I don’t give him false hope. I never made him any promises. I was using him…I am not proud of what I did, but he was just a way of me handling my grief. I thought you were dead. I was so sad-”

Ryeowook jerked his arm away quickly and slapped Kyuhyun across the face. “I am sick of that excuse! Did you ever think about mourning me…by honoring my memory? Sleeping with Sungmin was not mourning me…it was dishonoring me in the worse way.”

Kyuhyun reached up and touched his face, stunned. “You hit me.”

“Well, you have stomped on my heart and soul, so forgive me if I don’t feel bad about it,” Ryeowook hissed as he hurried away.

Kyuhyun collected himself and rushed after Ryeowook. “Everybody mourns in their own way, and I know you don’t approve, but I was only trying to handle my grief.”

“I will regret asking this, but how long…did he help you handle your grief?” Ryeowook asked as he continued toward the castle.

“That’s not important.”

Ryeowook stopped instantly, turning around to face Kyuhyun. “Six months?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Kyuhyun replied, swallowing nervously.

“Nine months.”

Kyuhyun cleared his throat and stepped around Ryeowook. “We should go find Changmin, so you two can talk.”

“Ten months?”

“I won’t listen to whatever you have to say to him. I will respect your privacy,” Kyuhyun said, hurrying ahead of Ryeowook.

“Eleven months?”

“This castle is kinda of creepy,” Kyuhyun tried to say casually, hating the fact that Ryeowook was about to be hurt more because of him. He wished he could just lie…anything to stop hurting him.

Ryeowook raced up and grabbed Kyuhyun, making the remorseful man face him. “Was our bed even cold?”

Kyuhyun winced, as Ryeowook’s question hurt more than a hundred slaps to the face ever could. “Sungmin and I never did anything in our bed.”

Ryeowook shook his head, fighting the tears that he could feel building behind his eyes. “That isn’t what I asked.”

“I know, and I wish I could lie to-” Kyuhyun’s sentence was interrupted when the ground beneath him and Ryeowook opened up, and they both fell down a deep tunnel.


“Do you even have a gag reflux?” Yunho asked in a deep husky voice, completely amazed, as he leaned back against the bedroom wall. He moaned in pleasure, and his hands tightened in Jaejoong’s hair as his climax built.

Jaejoong, who had Yunho’s entire cock down his throat and his face pressed against Yunho’s skin, was too absorbed in what he was doing to answer Yunho. Yunho’s knee’s weakened, his vision blurred and he saw stars as he released his load into Jaejoong’s eagerly accepting mouth.

Yunho inhaled a deep breath, and opened his eyes as his mind slowly recovered from the mind blowing, pleasure-filled ride that Jaejoong had sent him on. Jaejoong slithered up Yunho’s body, licking his lips, causing Yunho to whimper. Jaejoong pulled Yunho away from the wall and wrapped his arms around Yunho’s neck, moving in for a deep kiss.

Yunho kissed Jaejoong back, desperately eager to taste himself in that glorious mouth. Jaejoong startled Yunho when he jumped up, wrapping his legs around Yunho’s waist, with his arms still firmly wrapped around Yunho’s neck. Yunho almost stumbled as Jaejoong forced him to carry him while latching back on to Yunho lips, and moving his tongue deeper into Yunho’s mouth. Yunho kissed him back with passion as Jaejoong slid up and down him while pressing into him. Yunho moved toward the bed, collapsing on it with Jaejoong underneath him.

Jaejoong’s legs remained wrapped around Yunho. Yunho pulled back from Jaejoong and looked down at him full of admiration. “You are amazing.”

Jaejoong smiled up at him. “You make it easy.”

Yunho bent back down and kissed Jaejoong. “So amazing.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” Jaejoong promised him mentally while arching under him.

“I can’t wait---” Yunho’s thought was lost as he heard his insignia go off.

“Ignore it!” Jaejoong ordered as he tightened his hold on Yunho.

The insignia beeped again. “I can’t ignore it,” Yunho explained with a groan as he broke away from the kiss.

“No, no, no, no,” Jaejoong whimpered as Yunho stretched out his hand reaching for his uniform that he had discarded on the floor earlier.

Yunho’s hand finally found the insignia and he tapped it. “Yes,” he said, sounding rougher than he would have liked.

“Captain, we are unable to reach some members of the crew,” Lieutenant Donghae’s voice informed him.

Yunho pushed free of Jaejoong and sat up at the side of the bed. “Lieutenant, they are probably just enjoying shore leave and turned their communicators off, thinking we wouldn’t catch them.”

“Smart boys,” Jaejoong grumbled mentally as he sat up behind Yunho and wrapped both arms around his mate and licked between his shoulder blades.

“Sir, I had this thought also, but one of the members is Lieutenant Jung,” Donghae explained.

Yunho tensed instantly and stood up, freeing himself of Jaejoong’s arms. It was against regulations to turn your communicator off, and Changmin would never disobey orders. “When was the last time anybody saw him?”

“A couple hours ago, Sir.”

“Who are the other missing crew members?” Yunho asked as he stepped into the sonic shower to clean himself.

“Commander Kyuhyun, Dr. Cho, Ensign Junsu, and Ensign Eunhyuk,” Donghae’s voice said over the insignia.

“Perhaps Commander Kyuhyun and Dr. Cho are speaking and do not want to be interrupted,” Yunho speculated as he showered.

“But Sir, Dr. Cho wasn’t with the commander; he was searching for Lieutenant Jung the last time he was seen,” Lieutenant Donghae explained.

Jaejoong’s eyes widened, immediately concerned. Had Dr. Cho been able to fool him? Was he telling everything to Changmin? Was this why they couldn’t reach them? Jaejoong felt an overwhelming sense of panic. If Changmin was aware of Jaejoong’s meddling…could he fight him off? Jaejoong cursed himself for telling Dr. Cho that he required physical touch to alter Changmin’s memories.

Yunho stepped out of the sonic shower and said in a voice full of command, “Lieutenant, have Ensign Kangin meet me and Jae in the transporter room.”
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