Expectations: The Planet of the Mad Vampires Part 3 of 5

Title: Expectations
Adventure Three: The Planet of the Mad Vampires Part 3 of 5
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae, KyuWook
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Humor, Adventure
Beta Unicornsinger

A/N: This story is inspired by Star Trek. The crew of the Expectations will be made up of members of DBSK and Super Junior. Instead of chapters the story will be broken up in adventures.

Summary: Captain Yunho in an attempt to reward his crew for all their hard work gives them shore leave on what appears to be a safe planet. That illusion is soon broken when crew members start disappearing and fictional creatures straight out of Earth’s horror stories are to blame.

Special Thanks to Amy for always giving me time.:) I value your opinion so much…especially since we have shared so many obsessions over the years! Oh, and my favorite Unicorn…Gah! Like one of my most favorite people! I am like an English teacher’s nightmare and you help me so much! Thank you so much! Big thanks to all you kind souls who comment….and feed my comment whorish tendencies!

Prior Adventures

“Changmin, I don’t think the captain will be arriving anytime soon,” Junsu said sadly as he looked away from Changmin. Junsu refused to watch the rat creatures climb up Changmin.

Changmin nodded his head in agreement as another pair of rat like creatures started climbing up him. “He is most likely quite absorbed with his new mate.”

“But still I bet they are doing random checks, and when we don’t check in…it will raise their suspicions,” Eunhyuk tried to reason out; he paled as a creature made its way to Changmin’s wrist and started chewing on the torn skin. “Scream at it, Changmin! Scare it off!”

“I doubt my screaming would have any affect,” Changmin told Eunhyuk as he tried to ignore the pain and attempted to twist his arm and knock the creature off.

“Try at least,” Eunhyuk pleaded.

Suddenly, Junsu let out a high pitched scream that sent the creatures running, and Changmin and Eunhyuk tensed as the sound assaulted their ears.

Changmin turned to Junsu, amazed. “Junsu, I had no idea that you could imitate the mating cry of the Giant Wilderbeast of Zorra Prime.”

At first Junsu smiled at being called by his name, but then he frowned. “That was my dolphin cry. It wasn’t a Wilderbeast cry!”

“Who cares what it was! I am just so grateful!” Eunhyuk proclaimed happily as he watched the last of the creatures scurry from the dungeon.

“I agree. It was most unpleasant, but it had the desired affect on the rodent population-”

The door to the dungeon flew open and two tall, large, filthy, black-haired, wrinkled women with noticeable fangs flung Ryeowook into the dungeon as if he weighed nothing. Ryeowook rolled on the floor ‘til he ended up under Junsu’s shackled feet. The vampires did not bother shackling him to the walls, instead one vampire woman stepped forward, snarling at them, and spoke in a voice so high-pitched, it made Junsu’s dolphin cry seem like a whisper, “The great queen wishes to test your mental might. If you answer correctly, you shall receive the reward, and if you fail, we shall feast upon the reward.”

Ryeowook pushed his fear aside as he clambered to his feet. “And what is the reward?”

The vampire woman that had spoken tilted her head back, cackling at his question, as another vampire stepped forward and spoke in the same obnoxious voice, “I believe he fell in with you.”

The two vampires laughed together, as the one that had spoken first threw the keys to the shackles at Ryeowook before exiting the dungeon with the other vampire. They did not bother to shut the door behind them.

“Ryeowook, who fell in here with you?” Eunhyuk asked as Ryeowook stood still and looked at the open door where the vampires had exited.

“Kyuhyun….and he is hurt. I am pretty sure he has a broken leg, but I didn’t have time to examine him before they were upon us. They were so strong -” Ryeowook said trailing off, hating himself for not being able to do more.

“They are vampires; of course they are strong,” Junsu told the doctor who had not turned around yet to look at them. “Changmin needs your help.”

Those words immediately had the doctor turning around and casting his assessing eyes upon the lieutenant shackled to the wall. Dr. Cho’s eyes focused on Changmin’s bloody wrist. “You have lost a lot of blood.”

“And that isn’t even counting what the rats drank,” Eunhyuk eagerly offered.

“I assure you, it isn’t anything I can not handle,” Changmin calmly informed them.

Ryeowook, who was using the key to undo Changmin’s shackles, was fussing, “Really you can handle this? You don’t need blood?” Ryeowook grabbed Changmin’s free wrist. “Do you know what kind of diseases rats carry? They chewed on your wrist.”

“I am well aware of that,” Changmin told the doctor as he watched Ryeowook lift up his jacket and open a kit that he had tucked under his jacket. “Doctor, you have a med kit?”

“Of course I have a med kit. From recent experience, I have learned to always be prepared,” Ryeowook snapped. He injected two hyposprays into Changmin’s bicep. “One is to prevent infection, and it will help with the pain, and the other is to keep you from going into shock,” Ryeowook told him as he pulled out a piece of gauze and wrapped it around Changmin’s wrist.

“Hey Doc, do you mind?” Eunhyuk asked, looking at his shackled extremities.

“I will be right there, but first -” Ryeowook said, pulling off his insignia and handing it to Changmin. “- Lieutenant, if you could get a hold of your daddy, it would be great.”

Changmin’s eyes widened. “Why would they allow you to keep this? How long did they have you?”

“They had me in another room…more like a dungeon hell-hole for maybe a couple hours. I couldn’t get it to work. I am betting you can,” Ryeowook told him as he quickly unlocked Junsu and Eunhyuk shackles.

“I will do my best,” Changmin told them as he tapped his insignia.


“What if there is a lake monster slowly picking us off?” Heechul asked from his position beside Yoochun. The rest of the crew members had gathered in a circle, waiting for the captain’s arrival.

Yoochun gave Heechul a long suffering look. “The problem with that, Heechul, is that those five were nowhere near the lake.”

“Oh, true,” Heechul conceded as he pulled his fan up and started fanning himself.

The captain soon materialized with Jaejoong and Ensign Kangin at his side. Yunho immediately went to Commander Yoochun. “Report.”

“Lieutenant Jung was headed toward the castle by himself, following that path -” Yoochun said, pointing to the path that Changmin had taken, “- when Ensigns Junsu and Eunhyuk decided to follow him. Shortly after, Dr. Cho arrived, looking for Lieutenant Jung, and then, the doctor departed after Lieutenant Jung. Then, the Commander arrived, looking for the doctor. They have been gone approximately two hours at the most,” Yoochun explained.

“It’s actually kinda funny if you think about it,” Heechul chirped, immediately getting a disapproving look from Yunho. “Well, if you aren’t an overprotective-dad-type.”

“Lieutenant Donghae was doing random checks when he discovered that Lieutenant Changmin wouldn’t answer his call. He then broadened the checks and found the other four wouldn’t respond either,” Yoochun continued to explain.

Jaejoong looked away from them and stared at the castle in the distance. “There is a faint nefarious presence here, and it’s not human.”

Yunho turned away from Yoochun and eyed his mate. “Do you sense them?”

Jaejoong turned away from the castle and faced Yunho. “Very faintly…there are injured among them, but I am unable to distinguish who is injured. There appears to be some kind of shielding…I am not sure.”

Yunho kept his calm and faced Yoochun again. “I want you to get everybody back to the ship.  We will have thirty minute check-ins, but if we fail to check-in, I don’t want you sending anybody after us ‘til you have gathered more information. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir,” Yoochun said nodding his head.

“You are in charge now. Take care of my ship.”

Yoochun smiled at his old friend. “I will keep her nice and safe ‘til your return.”

“I will hold you to that,” Yunho said, affording his old friend a smile before he turned to Kangin and Jaejoong. “Alright, gentleman, let’s go get our crew back.”

Yunho, Jaejoong, and Kangin headed off toward the castle on the path that the others had taken. They walked in silence, with Yunho leading the way, ‘til Kangin broke the silence. “You know if we had taken Yoochun, it would be like old, academy days.”

Yunho couldn’t help but smile as he thought back on his academy days. “Except I need him to take care of my ship.”

“You were all in the academy together?” Jaejoong asked, with his senses on alert, but still trying to avoid reading the other two men’s minds.

“Same class,” Yunho answered.

Kangin laughed and added, “If you are wondering why they are so highly ranked, and I’m a mere ensign.”

“No, I wasn’t,” Jaejoong quickly replied…lying.

“It’s okay. My mouth always got me in trouble. Yunho here never had a senior officer that didn’t want to adopt him, due to his good nature, exemplary work ethic and his natural command ability. He’s was the youngest commander in Starfleet history,” Kangin said proudly, as if he spoke of his own achievements.

“I was lucky to serve under great men,” Yunho pointed out, while Jaejoong smiled at Kangin; he liked him for his loyalty to his mate.

“True, a jealous man would have been intimated and threatened by you,” Kangin quickly agreed.

Yunho shook his head. “Kangin, that isn’t what I meant.”

“It’s the truth though,” his friend insisted.

“Enough of that; we need to focus. We are almost there,” Yunho pointed out as they reached the lawns around the abandoned castle.

They walked a hundred yards closer to the castle in silence. Yunho would occasionally pull out his communicator, attempting to contact his missing crew or issue orders to Commander Yoochun.

Jaejoong stopped walking as his senses alerted him to a presence moving toward them. “Stop,” Jaejoong ordered, causing the other two men to come to an abrupt halt.

Yunho was immediately more alert and pulled out his phaser, and Kangin followed his example. “What do you sense?”

“Distorted, unstable, humanoid minds…moving closer, but as if they are underneath us,” Jaejoong said frowning.

“Underneath us?” Yunho questioned as his arm instinctively found itself wrapped around Jaejoong. “Do you-” Yunho’s question was never completed, as the ground beneath them opened, and they all fell down into a dark tunnel.

They landed on a floor of dirt. Jaejoong who has been in Yunho’s grasp before the fall, landed on Yunho, who let out a sharp gasp of pain. “Yunho!” Jaejoong cried mentally as a sharp piercing pain flooded his senses.

“It’s just my arm. I think I broke it,” Yunho said as he tried to push himself up. Yunho studied their surroundings; they were in what appeared to be an underground passage way, and there was the occasional lit torch hanging on the walls, providing a dim light.

“Just your arm. You are always breaking your arm,” Jaejoong fussed mentally as he quickly got off Yunho and examined his mate’s left arm.

“Because you are always landing on me,” Yunho mumbled as he stood up squeezing Jaejoong’s arm with his right arm as he did so. “Kangin?”

“I’ve been in worse places,” Kangin told Yunho as he stood up and eyed their surroundings.

“Are you hurt?” Yunho asked.

“Nope, I’m fine,” Kangin answered as he walked toward Yunho with his phaser drawn.

“His ankle is hurting him.”

“How is the ankle?” Yunho asked, frowning at Kangin for lying to him. Jaejoong, who was standing now, gently held Yunho’s left arm, examining it.

Kangin frowned and looked at Yunho. “I see your wife is a tattle tale.”

“Kangin,” Yunho said in a voice full of warning.

“Its fine,” Kangin insisted.

“Yunho, I need to heal you,” Jaejoong insisted, pulling Yunho back down to the ground with him.

Yunho allowed himself to be pulled back down beside Jaejoong. “What about that presence you sensed? Do we have time for this?”

“I don’t know. Your pain is distracting me. It shouldn’t take long if…if I can get you to focus on me,” Jaejoong admitted as he pulled up the bloody sleeve to Yunho’s shirt, showing the broken bone sticking through the skin of Yunho’s arm.

Kangin flinched upon seeing Yunho’s broken arm. “Shit, that’s gotta sting.”

“Yunho, we have to set it. I shouldn’t heal it in this position,” Jaejoong told his mate, blinking his eyes, trying to control the empathic part of his brain that was drowning in his lover’s pain.

Yunho, who was doing a better job at hiding the pain than Jaejoong was, reached out his arm toward Kangin, and asked grimacing, “Kangin, do you mind?”

Jaejoong buried his head in Yunho’s chest, refusing to watch. Kangin gave Yunho a sorrowful look before he grabbed the arm and snapped it back in place.

“Holy ToHo Shinki,” Yunho swore as his head swam in pain, and he fought against blacking out.

Jaejoong was immediately upon him, his lips pressed against Yunho’s. “Focus on me. Only on me. Let the pain fade away,” Jaejoong pleaded mentally as his tongue slipped into Yunho’s mouth as he pushed Yunho down against the floor. “Think of only me, push the pain away, remember how good we are together, touch me, open yourself to me,” Jaejoong instructed as his hands flew to the sides of Yunho’s face. “Feel only me.”

Kangin scowled, looking away when Yunho moaned…not in pain. Yunho’s right arm wrapped around Jaejoong, pulling him closer, as the kissing intensified. “Are you two going to screw?” Kangin complained, trying to ignore the sounds coming from the two men on the floor. “Hell, Yoochun should have come; the kinky bastard would have enjoyed this….oh, fuck.”

Two huge, female vampires had approached them quietly. The vampires smiled back at Kangin, showing all their teeth. They both stood close to seven feet tall, with long disheveled dirty black hair, ghostly pale skin, red eyes, and long black rotten looking fingernails that curved away from their fingers. “More dinner,” both the vampires said, speaking in high pitched voices that had Kangin fighting the urge to cover his ears.

“Listen here, you ugly bitches, you better back the hell off, or I am going to blow you to hell,” Kangin said, aiming his phaser at them.

One of the vampires took a step closer to Kangin and opened her mouth wider and licked her teeth with her black tongue. “Grendel, I don’t think he knows where he is.”

“No Gertrude, I don’t think he does. Silly dinner, welcome to hell,” the vampire in the back growled.

“I’ve been to hell, and this isn’t it,” Kangin snarled back at them and fired the phaser. Kangin’s expression immediately soured as the phaser failed to fire. “That’s just fucking great,” Kangin grumbled as he got into a fighting position.

“New friends?” Yunho, who was suddenly beside Kangin, asked, as the vampires starting moving toward them.

“Yeah, you know me…always making friends,” Kangin told Yunho as the captain got into position beside him. Kangin gave a quick glance to Yunho’s arm and noticed the other man was moving it without difficulty.

The vampire, Gertrude, focused on Yunho and the bloody sleeve covering his left arm and inhaled deeply. “You smell deliciously of fresh blood, and such a handsome face to eat. I bet your flesh taste sweet,” the vampire said as she lunged toward Yunho.

Yunho was about to kick the vampire in the stomach, when it stopped lunging toward him. It grabbed its head and let out high pitched screech of pain. Yunho watched as it stumbled around blindly while clutching its head as blood gushed from the vampire’s nose, mouth, ears, and eyes.  A very surprised Yunho and Kangin watched as the large vampire finally fell to the ground.

Jaejoong stepped up beside Yunho. “That handsome face belongs to me.”

Kangin and Yunho stared open mouthed as the vampire squealed out in pain, as more blood gushed from it before it went motionless. The vampire called Grendel took off quickly, leaving the three of them alone.

Yunho looked away from the vampire and stared at Jaejoong, astonished. “Did…did you do that? Did you just make its head explode?”

Jaejoong turned to Yunho. “Its head didn’t explode, although that would be great if it did. From what I could determine from the little I could pull from its mind, ridding it of its head is the only way to kill it. We need to cut its head off.”

“Fuck, and I left my knife at home,” Kangin wittily replied, already recovered from the shock as he looked around for something that he could use to cut the vampire’s head off with.

Yunho still stared at Jaejoong with widened, alarmed eyes. “How did anybody ever hold you against your will? Why did you even bother making the Zusader’s fight among themselves…if you can kill with the power of your mind,” Yunho sputtered out, shocked and scared at the power of his mate.

Jaejoong eyes widened, alarmed, and he reached for Yunho, who took a step back from him, causing a sharp pain to pierce though Jaejoong’s heart. “Yunho, you…you don’t understand. A Joong can only kill when its mate or children are in danger. I couldn’t kill the Zusader’s no matter how many times they tortured me.”

“Only for your mate or your children.” Yunho said, calming as he felt the truth of Jaejoong’s words. Yunho took a step toward Jaejoong, who was immediately in his arms, clinging to him.

Kangin, who had taken an unlit torch from the wall and broke it in half ‘til he had a sharp stake, asked, “Can I be adopted?”

“Kangin,” Yunho cautioned aloud as he hugged Jaejoong tightly to him and soothed his lover with his telepath voice, “I’m sorry.”

“Yunho, you must never be scared of me. I can’t handle it. I would do anything for you.”

“I know. It’s just that your abilities catch me off guard sometimes. Please bear with me.”

“Always,” Jaejoong replied as Yunho pulled away from their embrace and looked down lovingly at Jaejoong. “We have to find the others.”

“Seriously, I don’t see why I couldn’t be adopted. Changmin is almost as old as you are, so I think adoption is definitely an option,” Kangin prattled on, diminishing the tension, as he started chopping the vampire’s head off.

“My mom would disown me,” Yunho told Kangin jokingly as he watched the ensign work at relieving the vampire of its head.

Kangin smiled at the memory of Yunho’s mother as he finished ridding the vampire of its head. “Your mother loves me.”

“Like a toothache,” Yunho teased the other man, and then turned to his mate. “Jae, do you sense the others?”

Jaejoong nodded his head. “Yes, and there are four of them together now. Changmin is much recovered, but Kyuhyun continues to be in a great deal of pain.”

“Changmin was hurt! You didn’t tell me Changmin was hurt!” Yunho exclaimed, his worry increasing ten-fold.

“Smart wife,” Kangin said, stepping up next to Yunho.

Jaejoong sighed and looked at Yunho. “I have only been able to distinguish them recently. We have passed through the shielding. Try contacting them again.”

Yunho’s eyes let up, and tapped his insignia, but before he could say a word, Changmin’s voice filled the air. “This is Lieutenant Jung, Expectations can you hear me?”

“Changmin, where are you?” Yunho exclaimed as relief flooded him.

“Yunho - ” Changmin paused, “Captain, we are underneath the castle. We were being held in what appears to be a dungeon by creatures that-”

Vampires!” Junsu’s voice said, breaking out over the air.

“They recently brought us Dr. Cho,” Changmin continued on as if he had not been interrupted. “They have allowed us to be unshackled from the walls, and they left the door open. They wish for us to partake in some kind of test.”

“Test?” Yunho questioned.

“Yes, a test of mental might. If we win, our reward will be Commander Cho, and if we lose-”

“They are going to eat him,” Eunhyuk’s voice could be heard saying.

“Captain, I believe we are supposed to be heading toward the testing grounds. I do believe that Commander Cho’s life is in danger. Dr. Cho stated that he was injured with a broken leg,” Lieutenant Jung explained.

Yunho turned Jaejoong. “Can you find them now?”

Jaejoong nodded his head. “I could always have found them. I just wasn’t able to decipher or distinguish them clearly. It will be easier now though, the shielding that was interfering with me is either gone, or we have passed through it. I can easily find them.”

“Lieutenant, proceed with caution. The only way to kill the vampires is by cutting their heads off. Avoid a confrontation if at all possible. We will soon be with you. Avoid the test ‘til Jae can take it for us. Understood?” 

“Jae skills extend to the…vampires?” Changmin asked.

Yunho smiled at Jaejoong. “They do. Now proceed, and I want fifteen minute check-ins.”

“Yes, Sir,” Changmin could be heard saying as Yunho tapped his insignia off.

“Jae, lead the way,” Yunho ordered. Jae nodded his head in acknowledgement and started down the passageway toward the missing crew.


“Dr. Cho, you seem to be really worried about Commander Cho… does this mean you are starting to forgive him?” Ensign Eunhyuk asked as they climbed up a dark stairway that led up inside the castle.

Ryeowook frowned. “I am a doctor. I would be worried about anybody if they were in Commander Cho’s predicament.”

“That’s why you are the best,” Junsu told him as he elbowed Eunhyuk.

“Even if they are my cheating, scumbag husband who mourned me all of a month before he jumped into bed with my best friend,” Ryeowook couldn’t help but add, fuming.

“A month? More like a wee-”

“Shut up, Eunhyuk; it isn’t like you were there,” Junsu interrupted, hushing his friend before he could upset Dr Cho more.

“My estimate would be eight days,” Changmin offered in his cool voice, devoid of emotion.

“Eight days…eight days,” Ryeowook repeated as the dagger he had felt in his back since he found Sungmin on that planet dug in deeper.

Junsu had to fight the urge to swat Changmin as he felt Ryeowook’s heart break even more. “Thank you, Lieutenant, for always being so helpful with the facts, but this isn’t any of our business!”

“I was merely giving an estimate. On the eighth day after Dr. Cho was assumed dead, Commander Cho was the most self-destructive and full of self-loathing. While the rest of the ship felt the lost of the multiple dead and dying crewmen, he only felt the loss of Dr. Cho. So if Commander Cho was to embark on a merely physical relationship with someone he had no romantic feelings for, it is my estimate this would have happened on the eighth day,” Lieutenant Jung explained rationally.

Ryeowook slowed, wincing at the harsh reality of Changmin’s words…..Changmin’s words that were always honest. Changmin brutally exposed the short time it took Kyuhyun to jump into Sungmin’s bed, but he also did not hide the fact that Kyuhyun had been suffering. “Changmin, I think we should focus on the test for now.”

“I agree. Although it should be an easy enough test if the captain arrives quickly,” Changmin stated.

Eunhyuk, who was looking down at the steps, trying to keep from falling, added, “If telepathy can’t solve the test, then I vote for Changmin to take it.”

“I agree, but hopefully telepathy can solve it,” Junsu said, holding the wall to the stairway they climbed up with one hand, and the other hand clung to the back of Eunhyuk’s shirt.

“If we are in the business of hoping, then I would hope our phasers would suddenly start working, along with our insignias, and then we could beam out of here….ah, but hoping serves no purpose,” Changmin told them, exasperated, as he led the way.

“Changmin,” Ryeowook chastised, “hope springs eternal, and it is never wrong to hope.”

“You were always a dreamer,” Changmin said of his old friend.

Ryeowook sighed, shaking his head at the man who walked in front of him. “Sometimes dreams come true, and sometimes they don’t, but it doesn’t make dreaming wrong.”

“I learned years ago not to argue with you, even if you are incorrect,” Changmin told Ryeowook.

“This is why you are so smart,” Ryeowook said, with a weak grin, as they continued on their way.


“So, do you two have to screw in order for him to heal you?” Kangin asked as he and Yunho followed Jaejoong down a dimly lit passageway in search of the missing crew.

Yunho turned and gave Kangin an appalled look for the man’s crudeness. “We didn’t have sex.”

“Since the healing process took less than forty-five seconds,” Jaejoong added from in front of them.

“Hey, it’s poss…nevermind,” Kangin started to say, then stopped. “So, you two only have to make out?”

“Do we?” Yunho asked, puzzled. “I was unconscious the first time you healed me, so there wasn’t any…action.”

Jaejoong turned around and looked at Yunho, then shook his head, pretending to be irritated. “How soon you forget.”

Yunho’s mouth dropped open as he remembered what had happened between them on the planet the first time Jaejoong had healed him. “I wasn’t thinking about that time!”

“I only saved your life that time,” Jaejoong said, turning around to hide his smile. “I didn’t just mend broken bones.”

Yunho frowned. “I thought you did that, so you would be able to bond with me. You needed my DNA.”

“Feel free to save this conversation for a later time…when I’m not around,” Kangin informed them, scrunching up his face.

“I am sorry for making you uncomfortable, Kangin,” Jaejoong apologized. “I was just messing with Yunho. Yes, Yunho, I did require your DNA, so we could bond, and therefore, I could heal you. Healing just requires touch and focus.”

“So, why the make out session? I know we got interrupted earlier, but this really isn’t the place or time,” Yunho asked Jae telepathically.

“I require Yunho’s focus to heal him…well, if he isn’t unconscious. Healing him when he is unconscious is quite easy. When he is awake, there are too many thoughts and responsibilities dancing around in his head,” Jaejoong answered aloud for both of them. “So, I do what I have to…in order to get him to focus on me.”

Kangin snorted. “Oh, I see now, and that makes perfect sense. You did have all his attention.”

“You couldn’t have sent that to me telepathically? You just had to share?” Yunho accused mentally as he glared at the back of Jaejoong’s head.

Jaejoong turned around and smiled at Yunho and told him, “Don’t pout.”

“I don’t pout,” Yunho insisted, trying to hide the pout from his voice.

“Of course not.” Jaejoong laughed as he turned back around. He couldn’t help but remember Yunho and Changmin’s conversation from earlier where Changmin had denied squirming. How much more of Yunho would he see in Changmin, the better he got to know him?

Kangin who was walking beside Yunho couldn’t help but add, “You’ve been pouting for as long as I’ve known you.”


Kangin smiled, humoring Yunho. “I shall behave, Captain.”

“With you and Yoochun, and not to mention Changmin, on this ship, I will never get any proper respect,” Yunho grumbled half-heartedly.

“So not true. I respect you more than any man I know,” Kangin replied honestly.

Yunho snorted. “You have a funny way of showing it.”

“Well, I figure as one of your oldest friends, it’s my responsibility to fill the wife in on your more-”

“Jae is not my wife, seeing that he is a man,” Yunho interrupted Kangin, correcting him.

“Well, forgive me if I’m having trouble adapting to ‘The Gay Ship Lollipop.’ I always thought you were a breast man, but come to think of it, you always did have a soft spot for Dr. Kim, and not to mention that trip to - ” Kangin trailed off, as Jaejoong came to a sudden stop, holding out his hands, preventing them from moving forward. Kangin turned to Yunho. “Hey, I didn’t mean to make him jealous.”

Yunho, who had walked up to Jae and placed his hands on the other man’s waist, said in an exasperated voice, “He isn’t jealous. He’s emphatic and knows exactly how I feel. He knows better…you do know better?”

“Of course, I know better. But there is something wrong here; I can’t exactly place it, though,” Jaejoong said, frowning.

Yunho looked around and noticed dirt drifting down from the roof of passageway in front of them. “Move back!” Yunho hollered, grabbing Jaejoong and pulling him back, right when the roof started caving in.

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