I have had a few too many occurrences lately of people copying my stories, providing downloadable links to a story of mine, and posting my story word for word on their LJ.

The only place I have ever posted my stories is to this LJ, and it is the only place I want them read. The only people that have my permission to repost my story are the translators that I have communicated with.

I do not like the idea of my story forever being out of my reach. Yes, it might be strange but please respect my wishes. I have never liked locked journals, but I like thievery less.   If suddenly you have to sign in to view my LJ this would be the reason behind it.

I have a feeling one of the people who copied my story to her LJ is just annoyed/throwing a fit and trying to get my attention because she can’t read the end of TFAN.   In fact I get a lot of complaints (pms) from TFAN readers because they can’t read all of it.   My beta has TFAN and when she is done I will post all of it……well I will if certain people have not driven me crazier than I already am by then.   Please do not PM me asking for TFAN. I WILL NOT UNLOCK THE OLD VERSION OF IT.

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