TFAN, Sneak Peek Part Eight


He felt so good, warm hands who knew all the right spots to massage were working magic on his back that gave him so much discomfort since the accident.  His body really liked the attention it was getting and he could feel it start to respond.  He smiled in his sleep, he didn’t expect this last night when he had run from Sungmin after the later had printed off pictures of every sexually transmitted disease known to man and forced him to look at all of them.



Where had he run too again???  Oh, he had run to Yesung and Ryeowook’s room to hide.  Ryeowook always knew how to make him feel good.  Wait?  Ryeowook didn’t share this room with Yesung, anymore Zhou Mi did.  Who was touching him?  Who hands were making him….??? 


Fear gripped him and he jerked himself up out of bed quickly and he pushed the intrusive hands way.  He knew he had to open his eyes but he dreaded to find either Yesung or Zhou Mi because there was a line and it had been crossed.


“It totally isn’t appropriate” he began is the rudest voice he owned as he opened his eyes, then relief flooded him as he found Ryeowook sitting on the side of Yesung’s bed next to him, “Oh thank God.” 


“Inappropriate?”  Ryeowook questioned, completely dressed and sitting on the edge of the bed.


“I thought I was being molested.”


“Since when does a massage equal molestation, with you?”  Ryeowook asked bewildered.


“I didn’t think it could be you.  I thought it had to be Yesung or Zhou Mi.  Massage is wonderful and perfect when you do it, so can you please continue?  Please?” Kyuhyun asked repositioning himself belly down on the bed with his head resting on Ryeowook’s thigh.


“You actually thought Yesung would just give you a random massage, out of the kindness of his heart?   Do you have a fever?  Do I need to get a thermometer?”  Ryeowook asked as he checked Kyuhyun’s forehead.


“No, no just please continue.”


“I don’t think so, now I just feel dirty.”  Ryeowook teased but started to massage the knots out of Kyuhyun’s upper back.


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