Expectations: Unseen Possibilities Part 1 of 2

Title: Expectations
Adventure Four: Unseen Possibilities Part 1 of 2
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae, KyuWook, General
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Humor, Adventure
Beta:  Unicornsinger

A/N: This story is inspired by Star Trek. The crew of the Expectations will be made up of members of DBSK and Super Junior. Instead of chapters the story will be broken up in adventures.   This adventure is lots of filler, but it can't be helped. 

Special Thanks to Amy for always being there to help, and offer her advice.  I can't thank my wonderful Beta enough!   Also thanks to everybody who comments...I write because of you!!! 

Summary: Ensign Junsu and Commander Yoochun find themselves in an impossible situation. Yunho and Jaejoong find themselves at odds with each other. Ryeowook struggles to find a way of dealing with Kyuhyun and Sungmin.

Prior Adventures

Junsu bit his bottom lip and tried to hide his excitement at actually stepping outside of sickbay for the first time in four weeks.

“Welcome to the hallway,” Eunhyuk, who had his arm firmly wrapped around Junsu’s right arm, announced.

Donghae, who was holding on to Junsu’s other side, was chuckling. “Is it everything you hoped it would be?”

Junsu nodded his head in enthusiasm, immediately regretting it, as a wave of dizziness overtook him. Junsu knew if Eunhyuk and Donghae had not been holding on to him, he would have fallen.

“Hey, maybe this isn’t such a good idea,” Eunhyuk said, suddenly worried.

“No, I am fine. I just shouldn’t move my head so fast and try to walk at the same time,” Junsu explained, clinging to both of his friends tighter. “You promised me a walk.”

“True,” Donghae conceded, “plus Dr. Cho did warn us, and he left strict instructions that we were to never let go of you. This is the reason why.”

Eunhyuk exhaled nervously. “Okay, but if you start feeling tired, you have to tell us.”

“I will,” Junsu agreed. He was all smiles as they carefully led him down the hall. Junsu had been in a coma-induced sleep for the first two weeks of his stay in sickbay, as Dr. Cho had grown him a new spinal cord where his old one had snapped apart at the base of his neck. During the past two weeks, Junsu had struggled with basic movements as he learned to move his body again.

“So anything going on in sickbay you should tell us about?” Donghae pried. Donghae loved gossip.

“Not really…well, except for Heechul,” Junsu answered.

Eunhyuk grinned. “Heechul is never boring.”

“No,” Junsu agreed.

“What about the doctor and the commander?” Donghae asked as they continued to slowly walk Junsu down the hall.

“Well, I think they must have come to some sort of agreement. I know when Sungmin was in sickbay, they fought all the time, but I really haven’t seen any of that,” Junsu admitted.

“Yeah, it seems calmer on all fronts. Commander Cho is back on the bridge, just like he used to be,” Eunhyuk added.

“So, no more Lieutenant Yesung?” Junsu asked, brightening at the thought of being rid of the man.

“Not during our tour. It’s either the captain or Commander Cho. They are both back to full time duties,” Eunhyuk explained.

“There is a rumor -” Donghae paused, waiting to get their full attention.

“What rumor?” Junsu asked.

Donghae smiled gleefully and hurriedly informed them. “That Dr. Cho has agreed to take Commander Cho back…if-”

“If what?” Eunhyuk demanded.

“If - ” Donghae paused for dramatic purposes, “he goes without sex for one year.”

Eunhyuk snorted in disbelief. “He’ll never be able to do it.”

“Apparently he has agreed to try,” Donghae informed them.

Junsu thought on Donghae’s words and remembered Kyuhyun on the planet when he had found Ryeowook. “I bet he can. If there is one thing he loves more than sex, it’s Dr. Cho.”

“You mean sex with Dr. Cho,” Eunhyuk replied, annoyed. Eunhyuk had not forgiven Commander Cho for the way he had treated Sungmin.

“Shhhh,” Donghae ordered, hushing them as the captain, Commander Yoochun and Shindong came around the corner.

The captain’s eyes lit up when he saw Junsu. “Junsu, you look so much better,” the captain exclaimed, leaving the other two men behind as he hurried up to his injured ensign.

“Thank you, Captain,” Junsu said all smiles.

Captain reached out and gently squeezed Junsu’s shoulder. “Look at you! You will be back on the bridge in no time. No time at all.”

“I hope so!” Junsu said, reveling in the captain’s attention.

“Captain,” Commander Yoochun said from behind them. “We still have much to discuss before our meeting with the Trysorions.”

“Yes, Commander,” the captain agreed, still squeezing Junsu’s shoulder and smiling at him. “You are walking…that’s just so great. If you ever need a walking buddy, you let me know.”

“I will, Captain,” Junsu promised.

The captain let go of Junsu. “I will see you all later. Don’t let him overdo it,” Yunho instructed both Donghae and Eunhyuk.

“We won’t,” Donghae eagerly supplied.

“I will hold you to it,” Yunho told them as he joined Yoochun and Shindong again and continued on his way.

“That’s so strange,” Junsu mumbled as he watched the three men depart down the corridor.

“I know, but the captain has let Shindong out of the brig. He’s made him some kind of consultant for this galaxy. He still isn’t allowed in the highly sensitive areas of the ship, but I guess they sorta trust him now,” Eunhyuk informed Junsu.

“No, that isn’t what I was talking about…Commander Yoochun didn’t even look at me,” Junsu muttered, at a loss.

Donghae and Eunhyuk shared a look of surprise. “Isn’t this a good thing?” Donghae asked.

“Isn’t this what you always wanted?” Eunhyuk questioned.

“Well…yeah, but I just realized he’s never once visited me in sickbay….he’s like third in command. He should have,” Junsu said, trying to reason out the odd feeling he was experiencing. “I could have died.”

“Well, it’s probably because of Dr. Cho. Dr. Cho probably threatened his life and his balls if he sexually harassed you while you were recovering,” Donghae reasoned for him.

Eunhyuk nodded his head in agreement. “The captain was with him, so of course he was on his best behavior. Plus, the diminished state of our dilithium crystals reserves probably has all his attention.”

“Or he’s moved on,” Donghae said suddenly, with a knowing smile.

“Don’t even go there,” Eunhyuk said, frowning.

“They have been spending lots of time together,” Donghae pointed out as he winked at Junsu.

“Who has?” Junsu asked.

“Sungmin and Commander Yoochun…maybe Sungmin has done the ultimate act of friendship and decided to give Commander Yoochun something else to focus on,” Donghae said with a chuckle.

Eunhyuk shook his head, annoyed. “Lots of time? You are crazy…they, like, ate together twice-”

Donghae quickly interrupted, “That we know of.”

“They are just friends. I assure you that Sungmin is still moping over Commander Cho,” Eunhyuk informed them both. He was starting to get very irritated.

“Well, maybe Commander Yoochun is helping him mope less…if you get my drift,” Donghae snickered.

Junsu frowned, and then frowned more because he was frowning. This was wonderful news, not anything to frown about. This was reason for celebration.


A couple days later Commander Cho walked into the mess hall and eyed his most favorite person in the entire universe, who happened to be sitting a table eating lunch. Kyuhyun then walked to the food replicators and ordered a lunch of baked chicken with rice. He happily took his tray and walked to the table that Ryeowook was sitting at with Siwon and Kangin.

“You don’t mind if I join you, do you?” Kyuhyun said as he took a seat next to Ryeowook before the other men had time to answer him.

Ryeowook turned and gave Kyuhyun a long-suffering look. “This stalking needs to stop.”

“Stalking? Ryeowook, why are you always so overly dramatic? As commander of this ship, I’m privy to the location of all the crew members at all times,” Kyuhyun informed his husband while smiling at him, full of adoration.

“Misuse of power,” Kangin grumbled under his breath.

Kyuhyun’s sharp eyes were cutting into Kangin instantly. “Ensign, I believe it is time for you to return to the Security Department. Feel free to take your lunch with you.”

“Yes Sir,” Kangin said, standing up instantly and gathering up his food.

Ryeowook shook his head at Kyuhyun in disapproval and popped a spoonful of soup in his mouth as he watched Kangin leave the mess hall.

“I will not tolerate insubordination in any form. He can think I’m the scum of the universe, but as his commanding officer he has to learn to keep those thoughts to himself,” Kyuhyun explained to Ryeowook.

Ryeowook leaned back in his chair and exhaled a deep breath. “I know that…but it’s out of loyalty for me.”

“His mouth was getting him in trouble long before he was stranded with you on that planet and formed his unwavering loyalty to you,” Kyuhyun pointed out.

“He’s just fiercely loyal and protective,” Siwon said, in defense of his friend.

Kyuhyun, who was none too fond of Siwon, informed him, “Ryeowook is a grown adult, and he can fight his own battles.”

Siwon took a sip of tea and nodded his head. “True, the good doctor is more than capable of taking care of himself…and everybody else.”

“Siwon, you are always flattering me,” Ryeowook told him with a smile, causing Kyuhyun to frown.

Siwon smiled back at Ryeowook. “I speak the truth.”

“So, how are your janitorial duties going?” Kyuhyun asked suddenly, with tinge of smugness.

The prince paled. “They are going fine. All duties aboard a starship are important.”

“So true,” Ryeowook quickly agreed, sensing Siwon’s discomfort.

“I have class this afternoon, so I should probably go study. I will leave you two now,” Siwon said, getting up and bowing to the two of them before departing.

“You are such a jerk,” Ryeowook snapped, reaching over and swatting Kyuhyun’s arm. “I can’t believe you assigned him to janitorial duties! The ship has robots for that!”

“I am sorry that there wasn’t a position for a pompous prince.”

“You know I was lying, right? I was never interested in him. I was messing with you, so there is no need to torture him,” Ryeowook explained.

Kyuhyun frowned at his husband. “Do I really know that? I know you keep telling me that! Are you so eager to save your prince from some honest hard work?”

Ryeowook banged his head against the table, not caring if suddenly, the whole mess hall full of people was staring at him. “You are so frustrating!”

“What would you like me to do? Assign him to sickbay…well, that isn’t happening ever! That will happen over my dead body!” Kyuhyun said, pulling Ryeowook away from the table to keep the doctor from banging his head further.

“No, I would like you to assign him to security! That way he and Kangin could look out for each other,” Ryeowook told his husband as he rubbed his forehead.

“Oh, now that’s a possibility.”

“Exactly! They could help each other. Kangin never thinks before he speaks, and Siwon always thinks before he speaks.”

“Slippery snakes always think before they speak,” Kyuhyun told him, still unable to think anything nice of Siwon.

“Kyuhyun,” exclaimed Ryeowook, completely exasperated. “Siwon is not a slippery snake! I have had enough of your ridiculous jealousy.”

“You started it by telling me how attractive you found him!”

Ryeowook picked up his spoon and waved it at Kyuhyun. “I was trying to escape your clutches before I did something stupid!”

Kyuhyun pondered Ryeowook’s words and then asked, “So, you don’t find him handsome?”

“Of course I find him handsome! He’s very handsome! I’m apparently not attracted to nice, handsome, good men, or I wouldn’t have married you!”

Kyuhyun nodded his head, accepting the truth of Ryeowook’s words. “Okay, so I will assign him to security…if you do something for me.”

“Blackmail is not attractive quality, Kyuhyun!”

Kyuhyun stuffed a big piece of chicken in his mouth and smiled down at the shorter man sitting beside him. “Before you go around throwing nasty accusations at me…listen to my offer.”

“I am pretty sure the answer is going to be no, but go ahead.”

Kyuhyun smiled. “Move back in our quarters and-”

“Hell no!” Ryeowook exclaimed, interrupting Kyuhyun. “No, in every language known to man!”

Kyuhyun frowned and rolled his eyes. “If you would let me finish. I was going to say we wouldn’t necessary live together. We could take turns. They are as much your quarters as they are mine…and you shouldn’t have to live in sickbay.”

“Oh,” Ryeowook replied, shocked at Kyuhyun’s offer. “Where would you stay while I’m in our quarters?”

Kyuhyun beamed at Ryeowook. “While you are in our quarters…I could just stay in one of the empty rooms on the ship.”

Ryeowook fought to keep from smiling back at Kyuhyun. “It would be nice to get out of sickbay.”

“I’m very considerate,” Kyuhyun teased as he reached up and pinched Ryeowook nose.

Ryeowook couldn’t help but smile back at him as he reached up and grabbed Kyuhyun’s hand. “Behave!”


Sungmin walked into the mess hall, and his eyes immediately landed on Kyuhyun and Ryeowook smiling at each other while Ryeowook held Kyuhyun’s hand. Sungmin spun around and walked out of the mess hall without a second glance. He leaned against the wall in the corridor and closed his eyes, trying to master his feelings.

He knew those smiles, and he knew that warmth that emanated from them…and dammit! “Dammit!”

“Sore losers aren’t attractive.”

The critical words of Commander Yoochun had Sungmin’s eyes flying open and landing on the commander. “No, that isn’t it.”

“Don’t kid a kidder,” Commander Yoochun informed him as he headed inside the mess hall. “I will grab a couple sandwiches. You can join me in engineering for lunch.”

Sungmin continued to lean against the wall as he waited for Yoochun to return with the sandwiches. Yoochun was wrong…or was he? Was he a sore loser? He had lost Ryeowook a long time ago, and now he had lost Kyuhyun, too. He might be in love with Kyuhyun, but Ryeowook had been his friend. His wonderful friend…and it was like losing him all over again.

“Come on,” Yoochun ordered as he exited the mess hall without slowing down.

Sungmin easily caught up with Yoochun. “I lost both of them, actually. It’s not just Kyuhyun.”

Yoochun shook his head. “Whatever you need to tell yourself to make sleeping easier, I am not one to judge.”

“Ryeowook and I were good friends…best friends,” Sungmin informed Yoochun.

Yoochun nodded his head. They reached the elevator, and Commander Yoochun ordered it to take them to engineering. “Have you even tried talking to him?”

“To Ryeowook?”

“Yes, Ryeowook.”

“Well…no. I mean, nothing other than him doctoring over me. I was in sickbay, but we kept it purely professional,” Sungmin answered as they rode down to engineering.

“Does he say anything to you when you visit Junsu?” Yoochun asked.

“Not a word. Ryeowook is always conspicuously absent during my visits with Junsu.”

Yoochun exited the elevator and added very nonchalantly. “Junsu is doing much better, isn’t he?”

“Yes,” Sungmin said, slowing his pace, letting Yoochun ahead of him. “Why do you ask?”

“I just saw him walking in the hall a couple days ago, and he seemed to be doing really well,” Yoochun answered as he stopped walking, realizing that Sungmin had slowed down.

Sungmin watched as Yoochun turned to face him. “You have been a good friend to me. I think you are a wonderful commander and an amazing engineer, but-”

“But what?”

“You are an ass when it comes to Junsu. Junsu is my friend, and it’s not okay for us to discuss him. Ever.”


Jaejoong frowned and leaned his head back in the chair where he sat and tried not to groan…too loudly. He had been unable to resist touching Ensign Choi’s mind, and to his extreme displeasure, he had found out Changmin would be instructing them today, and not the bright eyed ensign.

“What’s your problem?” Shindong asked from the seat beside him.

“Changmin today,” Jaejoong whimpered. Siwon, who was sitting on the other side of Jaejoong just smiled…in dread. The three of them were taking classes that the captain had insisted upon. The captain wanted all of them better educated when it came to the Federation and Star Fleet.

“Dammit!” Shindong cursed, slamming his hand down on the desk in front of him. “Don’t you have any pull? I mean, you are fucking the captain!”

“You are so abrasive,” Siwon told Shindong, with a look of disapproval.

Shindong huffed at Siwon. “It’s the truth.”

Jaejoong turned to glare at Shindong. “The captain and I love each other…we make love. It would be a violation of trust if I manipulated his mind to make sure we got less…less-”

“Less Changmin-like,” Siwon interrupted helpfully, finishing Jaejoong’s line of thought.

“Yes, a less Changmin-like instructor,” Jaejoong continued. “Now that they have solved the power issues, I guess Yunho is making Changmin resume teaching us. I miss Ensign Choi already.”

“He’s a very nice boy,” Siwon agreed.

“Well, at least you won’t cheat today and show me up,” Shindong said with a smug smile aimed at Jaejoong. Shindong wasn’t sure why Jaejoong never read Changmin’s mind, but he was grateful. He had his suspicions…suspicions he would never voice, due to the fact that Jaejoong was still a Joong. A very neutered Joong who was playing down his abilities for his lover’s benefit, but he was still a Joong. Shindong had no doubts that if he crossed Jaejoong, he would be left with no memory of doing so, and maybe worse.

“I don’t need to cheat to show you up. My mind is only a hundred times more advanced than yours. Your ancestors only recently dragged themselves out of the mud and started walking upright,” Jaejoong informed him in a voice full of superiority.

“Whatever. I guess your lover boy wasn’t too impressed with your intelligence, due to the fact he sent you back to school,” Shindong snapped.

Jaejoong turned away from Shindong and eyed the door, waiting for Changmin to enter. “So I can better fulfill my duties as the ship’s councilor.”

“Well, I’m going to be the ship’s consultant,” Shindong smugly pointed out. Siwon ducked his head, not wanting to be reminded of his duties.

Jaejoong turned back to Shindong, his eyes aflame with anger. “Maybe all your dirty dealings with ZhouMi will finally benefit somebody other than that monster.”

“I never wanted to help benefit him! Anybody with any sense is scared of that sociopath! You know how afraid I-”

“Perhaps you two can finish your private discussion after our lessons and respect my time. I do have an entire science department to run,” Changmin said as he entered the room with a look of pure scorn aimed at his students. “Today, we will be covering the founding principles of the Federation and how Star Fleet supports those principles. I expect all three of you to be able to recite all 286 founding principles of the Federation.”


“I don’t know why I have to continue taking those classes,” Jaejoong pleaded for the hundredth time a week later, as Yunho and he headed toward the transporter room.

Yunho exhaled a deep breath and found his patience. Jaejoong had been nagging him for days regarding the class. “If you are going to be a member of the crew, it’s important for you to have some basic understanding of Star Fleet and the basic principles of the Federation.”

Jaejoong seethed and clasped his hands tightly together. “Yunho, I can learn it instantly. Did you have to teach me your language? No. Do I have to wear a universal translator like Shindong does? No.”

Yunho stopped before he reached the transporter room. “How fair would it be if I let you simply take all my knowledge? Think of Siwon and Shindong…and the whole crew that had to spend years at the academy.”

“Fair?” Jaejoong repeated, his temper starting to boil. “Fair? Then I will just turn off my telepathic abilities all the time! So, don’t ask me to read any of the people at banquet! I mean it wouldn’t be fair if I have abilities that other members of the crew don’t have! I wouldn’t want to be unfair!”

“Jae! You are being silly now.”

“No, you are abusing your power! You are using this as an excuse to force me and Changmin to spend time together!”

“Changmin is the smartest person aboard this ship! I can’t think of a better teacher!” Yunho said defensively.

Jaejoong’s nasal passage ways flared. “Have you ever had to take classes under him?”

“Don’t even go there! I have been living with him since I was four years old! I know exactly what he is like.”

“Well, you are used to it. I am not. If you love me, you will not subject me to his teachings anymore!”


“I mean it! The others in the class are suffering, too! They thought I might have some pull with you, since we are bonded for life…but little do they know,” Jaejoong said, his eyes flashing at Yunho.

“You have pull with me…I just..I…I-”

“I..I..I,” Jaejoong said, purposely mocking Yunho.

Yunho heaved a sigh and gritted his teeth. “You are being a jerk!”

“I’m sorry, did you attempt telepathic communication with me?”


“I’m just a mere mortal who you allow your son to torture….I can’t read minds. That’s a shame, too. I hope nobody is planning on killing us at the banquet,” Jaejoong told Yunho aloud.

“Jae - ”

“Although, if I did get killed at the banquet, it would mean no more long, torturous classes with your son, so that would be a plus. You do realize I have been tortured physically before…and I would actually prefer a little torture to classes with Changmin.”

Yunho glared at his mate and tapped his insignia. “Lieutenant Jung,”

“Yes, Captain,” Changmin instantly answered.

“Ensign Choi will take over Jae, Shindong, and Siwon’s classes from now on. Notify him,” the captain ordered.

“Gladly, Sir,” Changmin responded, and Yunho could almost see his son’s smile. Changmin wanted to teach Jaejoong as much as Jaejoong wanted to be taught by him.

Yunho ended the connection and glared at Jaejoong. “You two will get to know each other. And dammit, you two will like each other!”

Jaejoong smiled brightly at Yunho, his aggravation evaporating away for the moment. “I promise in the future, when he is an infant, I will like him. I promise to even love him.”

“That’s so big of you,” Yunho hissed as he headed toward the transporter room again.

Jaejoong hurried and caught up with Yunho, wrapping an arm around his disgruntled mate. “Did I tell you how handsome you look today?”

“Kiss my ass!” Yunho told him telepathically as he strolled into the transporter room.

“Captain, all the arrangements have been made,” Sungmin told the captain as he waited on the transporter platform for the captain.

“Good,” Yunho told him as he and Jaejoong joined Sungmin, Shindong, and Commander Yoochun on the platform. “Beam us down, Chief,” Yunho instructed Donghae, who was standing at the transporter control panels.


“So…did you accomplish it?” Shindong whispered as he slithered up to Jaejoong on the planet Trysor. The Trysorion people were holding a banquet for the members of the Expectations, in honor of the trading among their people.

Jaejoong smiled and nodded his head. “Yes.”

“Oh, thank God,” Shindong said as relief flooded over him. “I was considering handing myself over to ZhouMi if I had to take another class under that boy.”

“I completely understand.”

“I’m just grateful you finally forced the captain’s hand…put your bond to good use.”

“Yunho isn’t very happy with me right now,” Jaejoong admitted, frowning as he watched his mate talk with the Trysorion leader. Yunho had walked off from Jaejoong the minute they had materialized on the planet.

The Trysorion people were known for the endless amount of food their planet provided in trade.  Their planet was also rich in dilithium crystals, which were highly coveted by the Expectations crew. The attack on the vampires’ shields weeks ago had depleted the ships already shortening supply of dilithium. Jaejoong had sensed how this had worried Yunho, and especially, Commander Yoochun. The trade with the Trysorion people had allowed the Expectations to totally replenish their supply of the highly valued crystal.

“He’s very happy with me,” Shindong said with a smile. Shindong had introduced them to the Trysorion people and their rich supply of dilithium. “The ship got it’s much needed dilithium supply, some real food, and in exchange, it only had to replicate some meaningless jewels and repair some machinery.”

“He wasn’t so happy with the first planet you suggested,” Jaejoong reminded Shindong.

“Hey! You know for a fact that I had no clue about those space worms.”

“Yeah,” Jaejoong had to admit as he watched Yunho, Yoochun, and Shindong approach with the planet’s president and his wife.

“Oh, who is this most striking individual?” the president’s wife asked as they approached Jaejoong.

“This is Jae, our ship’s councilor,” Yunho answered her, completely innocently unaware of the storm he had just unleashed.


“It, like, swam in the water and breathed through gills?” Junsu asked, horrified.

“Kid, it’s delicious. Try not to think about it,” Kangin told Junsu as he crammed a big piece of fish down his throat. They were at table with Ryeowook, Heechul, and Siwon in the ships galley, where Ryeowook had cooked them dinner. The ship was overflowing with real food from their dealings with Trysorion people.

Junsu paled considerably. “But…but it was a living thing.”

Ryeowook reached over and patted Junsu’s arm. “Junsu, you don’t have to eat it. The Trysorions gave us lots of food. Eat the fruit and vegetables. I completely understand your hesitation.”

“It looks really good…but it was alive. I just can’t eat real meat,” Junsu explained apologetically. Junsu had been raised on synthesized food, and the thought of eating something that has once been alive sickened him.

Heechul leaned into Siwon and batted his eyelashes and said suggestively, “I like meat.”

“I bet you do,” Siwon said fearfully, leaning away from Heechul.

“Heechul,” Ryeowook said, in a voice full of warning, “Leave Siwon alone.”

Heechul frowned at Ryeowook and turned back to Siwon. “Do you want me to leave you alone, Your Royal Hotness…I mean Highness?”

Siwon gave Heechul a small smile. “I want to eat this good food and enjoy the company of good friends.”

Heechul winked at Siwon. “Well, I intend on showing you just what a great friend I can be.”

“Siwon, we should have left you on the planet. It would have been a kinder end then bringing you here and subjecting you to him,” Kangin groused between bites of food.

“Kangin, you overgrown lout! You know you love me,” Heechul said as he bit into a piece of fruit. His tone completely changed as he focused on Kangin.

Kangin nodded his head. “That I do.”

“Are you okay?” a concerned Ryeowook asked Junsu.

“Yeah,” Junsu answered as he ate something that looked like a carrot and tasted like a potato. “I really enjoy being out of sickbay…no offense.”

“None taken; you are doing so much better.” Ryeowook replied as he shot a quick glance at the door, hoping nobody would notice.

“Waiting for your lover boy?” Heechul, who never missed anything, asked Ryeowook instantly.

Ryeowook blushed slightly and answered Heechul in a very resigned voice, “It isn’t like I invited him.

“It isn’t like you had to,” Heechul pointed out. “He always has a way of showing up, but maybe you should start inviting him.”

Ryeowook huffed, “Absolutely not. I enjoy being away from him.”

Heechul arched up both his eyebrows and told Ryeowook in a voice full of condescension, “Nobody at this table actually believes that.”

“You started without me?” Kyuhyun complained, as if on cue, as he walked into the galley with Commander Yoochun.

“Your little hubby hasn’t taken one bite. He’s been waiting for you,” Heechul happily told Kyuhyun as the commanders approached the table.

Ryeowook kicked Heechul under the table and gave him a deathly glare, which had no affect on Heechul. “I haven’t been waiting on you. I’ve been-”

“You don’t have to think up excuses,” Kyuhyun said with a smirk as he came and stood behind Ryeowook and rested his hands on his shoulders. “I was willing to act all gentleman-like, for once, and pretend like you don’t love me desperately.”

Kangin eyed Commander Cho with mistrust and asked, “So, how is that no sex thing going for you?”

Commander Cho’s eyes honed in on Kangin, but instead of getting defensive, he just laughed and answered, “Only 323 more days to go.”

“Only,” Commander Yoochun commented, shaking his head, and reached around Heechul, who he was standing behind, and grabbed a piece of fruit. “It looks wonderful, Doctor. I wish I could stay, but I just remembered that Changmin requested my presence in the science lab.”

Kyuhyun, who was massaging Ryeowook’s shoulders, looked at Commander Yoochun, startled by his sudden admission, “Really?”

“Really,” Commander Yoochun answered Commander Cho, as he patted him on the shoulder and walked out of the galley.

Junsu’s eyes never left Commander Yoochun, who hadn’t even spared him one glance. Junsu didn’t know how to explain the feelings he was suffering from…it was like he was in the wrong. Junsu hadn’t done anything wrong, though, so why did he feel guilty?

“Ensign!” Commander Cho’s sharp voice had Ensign Junsu retreating from his thoughts and looking up at his commander.

“Yes, Commander.”

Kyuhyun, who was now sitting between Heechul and Ryeowook, smiled kindly at him. “You will just have to be my friend throughout dinner, since Commander Yoochun abandoned me.”

“I’m your friend, too!” Heechul protested, but his assessing eyes were on Junsu.

Kyuhyun looked at Heechul, unconvinced. “You love giving me hell.”

Heechul looked away from Junsu and huffed at Kyuhyun. “Well, if you had listened to me, you wouldn’t have 323 more days to go now, would you?”

“Point,” Kyuhyun conceded and grinned at Heechul, knowing exactly how to change the topic. “You look very good in pink.”

Heechul was suddenly all smiles as he looked down at the pink dress he was wearing. “I just love pink. It suits my complexion so much. Not just anyone has a complexion as nice as mine.”


“You are so obvious at times. Even if I wasn’t a telepath, I would have your number,” Jaejoong groaned as Yunho led him toward the science department.

Yunho fought down his annoyance. Jaejoong had been irritated with him for days, and Jaejoong would not even tell Yunho what he had done. “Jae, this is not some nefarious plot against you. I always check on the ship before I go to bed…you know this. Yoochun and Changmin are working on something very delicate, but potentially very beneficial. I need to check on their progress.”

Jaejoong frowned at his lover, and tried to lesson some of the sharpness in his response…but failed, “I’m sure it has nothing to do with forcing me and your son to spend time together.”

Yunho stopped before entering the lab. “I just don’t understand why I have to try. He’s a good person. You love me, I love you-”

“You love me! How sweet of you to say so,” Jaejoong snapped, as he was suddenly reminded of another reason he found Yunho so irritating lately.

Yunho blinked. “You know for a fact how much I love you. You also know how much I love him. I don’t understand why you won’t even try to open up toward him.”

“Oh, I am well aware of how much you love me,” Jaejoong snapped. “I am afforded the luxury of feeling your love.”

“What does that mean?”

“Do I need to remind you that I saved Changmin’s life?” Jaejoong said, quickly changing the subject as he stepped inside the lab.

“No, you don’t need to remind me. I am forever in your debt…I just wish you did it because you feel a fondness toward him. I know you did it for me.”

“Don’t assume you know everything.”

“What does that mean,” Yunho questioned again as he followed Jaejoong into the lab.

“It means you don’t know everything.”

“What do I not know? You are confusing me so much lately!”

“Just drop it.”

“If you two are going to communicate while you are in the lab, would you please limit it to actual verbal exchanges,” Commander Yoochun asked as he looked up from his work to eye the two men who had entered the lab and seemed to be locked in some silent disagreement.

Changmin, who was also immersed in work, shot a glance at them and added, “It’s considered the epitome of rudeness on at least thirty-three planets.”

“Thirty-three; is that all…oh, you mean thirty-three in your blessed Federation,” Jaejoong said, leaning against the wall. He did not want to move closer to Changmin. Ever since he had jumbled Changmin’s thoughts on the planet with the vampires, he was excessively worried that spending more time in Changmin’s presence was going to unleash something.

It has been weeks, but still, Jaejoong could not shake the feeling. After his last attempt at erasing Changmin’s memory, he had almost done Changmin harm. The boy’s mind had been a jumbled mess after Jaejoong had altered his memories. When Yunho had insisted on putting Jaejoong in class with Changmin as an instructor, Jaejoong had to fight the urge to manipulate his mate’s mind. Distance was the only way of protecting Changmin, but unfortunately for him…Yunho took that as a personal insult and a challenge.

“So, how is the cloaking device going?” Yunho asked, changing the subject fast.

Yoochun and Changmin exchanged a look, and then Yoochun looked up, answering the captain, “It isn’t exactly a cloaking device. A cloaking device is a selective bending of light that renders an object completely invisible to the electromagnetic spectrum, but what we are trying-”

“What we are trying is something completely different. We are going to attempt to phase out of this reality enough to become completely invisible, but still be mobile in this reality, and also immune to outside attacks,” Changmin explained, interrupting.

“We would be unable to pass through matter, but if matter was coming at us…it would go right through us,” Yoochun continued to explain.

Yunho’s eyes widened. “So, for instance, we would have to fly around a planet, but if a giant meteor crashed into us….it wouldn’t cause any damage.”

Yoochun smiled as his old friend caught on instantly. “Exactly! It would be as if we were not there.”

“Amazing,” Yunho said full of awe.

“Can we go now?”

Yunho turned and looked at his mate, who was leaning against the wall, looking very bored. “Did they not just ask us to speak aloud?”

Jaejoong just yawned and looked away from Yunho and examined his fingernails. “I will try not to fall asleep from the tediousness.”

“I don’t know what your problem is, but if you don’t communicate with me, I can’t fix it,” Yunho implored mentally.

“You not knowing what my problem is…is the problem!” Jaejoong snapped back at him, not looking up from his fingernails. He hated he was so annoyed at Yunho, but dammit, Yunho could frustrate him like no other…but wait that was neither true nor fair. Was he overreacting? A gut-wrenching fear shot though Jaejoong that he immediately blocked from Yunho. It couldn’t be possible. It was too soon. It was much too soon. “I am going back to our quarters,” Jaejoong told them all as he hurried from the room.


“That feels really nice,” Ryeowook told Kyuhyun as the other man massaged his feet.

Kyuhyun looked up from the feet he was massaging and stared at Ryeowook, who looked totally unmoved as he read one of his old books. They were both on the couch in their living quarters. Ryeowook had agreed to take turns staying in their quarters at Kyuhyun’s suggestion. It was Ryeowook’s week to stay in the quarters that they had once shared as a married couple. Kyuhyun had weaseled his way into the quarters with skill by offering to massage Ryeowook’s feet. Ryeowook was sucker for a foot massage, and Kyuhyun had been convinced it would lead to more pleasurable activities, but he had been wrong. “I’m glad I haven’t lost my touch.”

Ryeowook flipped through the pages of the book without looking at Kyuhyun. “I am sure you kept up your practice.”

“I’ve never massaged anybody’s feet but yours,” Kyuhyun told his husband as he continued massaging.

“That’s nice,” Ryeowook said with complete indifference.

“You don’t believe me?” Kyuhyun asked as he stared at Ryeowook’s crotch that remained totally lifeless.

Ryeowook looked up in time to see Kyuhyun staring and smirked. “After admitting to having sex with Sungmin for the entire year I was gone…well, what’s massaging feet compared to that?”

“That’s not true. Massaging your feet is an unselfish act that I do because I love you. I had sex with Sungmin for my own needs,” Kyuhyun explained to Ryeowook.

Ryeowook put his book down and shook his head at Kyuhyun. “How stupid do you think I am? You are massaging my feet, because you hoped I would get aroused, and then you could have sex. This is all about your needs, too.”


“Don’t even bother denying it.”

“Okay, then I won’t,” Kyuhyun confessed. “But why aren’t….you….I mean….it’s been a long time for you…I mean I would…be….aren’t-”

“I might have had a monetarily moment of weakness with you weeks ago, but the repulsion I feel towards you outweighs the fact that I haven’t had sex in over a year,” Ryeowook informed Kyuhyun.

“You do not find me repulsive,” Kyuhyun declared. “You love me as much as you ever did.”

“Okay, so the thought of having sex with you is repulsive,” Ryeowook amended, loving the frustrated look on Kyuhyun’s face.

“Then how are we going to have sex in a year? If you find the thought of having sex with me repulsive?” Kyuhyun questioned, thinking ahead.

“First off you have to make it a year, and second off…I just won’t think about it,” Ryeowook explained.

Kyuhyun gave Ryeowook a very confused look. “What...you…we are going to have sex, but you are not going to think about it? So I can look forward to an uncooperative partner who just lays there, waiting for it to be over with?”

“Kyuhyun!” Ryeowook groaned, exasperated. “I was talking about you and Sungmin. When I feel like forgiving you or giving in, I just imagine the two of you together, and the disgust rids me of any such desires.”

Kyuhyun pushed Ryeowook’s feet off of him and jumped to his feet. “Well, I think it’s a little sick that you are so focused on that. It can’t be healthy.”

Ryeowook looked up at Kyuhyun, laughing. “I will stop thinking about it in a year.”

“Ryeowook, can’t we please-”

A knock at the door interrupted Kyuhyun. Ryeowook turned around, sitting on the couch correctly and ordered, “Come in.” Ryeowook mouth fell open as Jaejoong walked into the room, looking almost frightened.

Jaejoong gave Ryeowook a pleading look as he reached down and grabbed him by the hand and pulled him up from the couch. Jaejoong then turned his attention to Kyuhyun and told him. “Patience is a virtue. Learn some.”

“I am so patient!” Kyuhyun vowed as Jaejoong dragged Ryeowook from the room. “Where are you taking him?”

“We need to talk about…the men who control starships and how annoying they can be,” Jaejoong said, scrabbling for a reply.

“What does-”

“Go to sleep,” Jaejoong interrupted, ordering Kyuhyun, while at the same time enforcing his words with the power of his mind.

Kyuhyun blinked and tilted his head. “I am going to go bed now.”

“You do that,” Jaejoong told him as he dragged Ryeowook down the corridor.

“Did you just manipulate his mind?” Ryeowook squeaked as Jaejoong dragged him along.

“Don’t get all preachy on me! I did what I had to do! I can’t have him following us,” Jaejoong told Ryeowook as he hurried down the corridor.

“Will he even be able to wake up?”

“If he has one of his nightmares, I will wake him,” Jaejoong explained.

“Nightmares - ” Ryeowook started but trailed off, paling at the thought.

Jaejoong stopped and turned around to look at Ryeowook without relinquishing his grip on the man. “I lived in the quarters next to him for weeks…of course I know about his nightmares.”

Ryeowook looked at Jaejoong, unable to hide his sadness. “You said you could wake him…have you before?”

Jaejoong nodded his head. “I just send him a mental command…he isn’t even aware of it.”

“So do you know why he…never-mind,” Ryeowook stopped himself from asking if Jaejoong knew the reason behind the dreams.

Jaejoong’s shifted his eyes away from Ryeowook and turned back around and started pulling Ryeowook along. “I know…enough to never mention it to anybody else.”

Ryeowook sighed in relief as he allowed Jaejoong to drag him along. “Where are we going exactly?”

“To sickbay,” Jaejoong answered.


Jaejoong stopped and turned to Ryeowook with fear written all over his face. “Changmin might be showing up sooner than I expected.”


Junsu walked down the corridors toward the science lab that Changmin was working in. Junsu told himself over and over he was just going there to pester Changmin. He had told everybody at dinner earlier that was his intention. Dr. Cho had reluctantly allowed him to come to the lab unaccompanied if he promised to make no quick position changes. Junsu was healing fast and on his way to a complete recovery, but Dr. Cho still refused to release his reigns on him.

He inhaled a deep breath, found his courage and strolled into the lab. To Junsu’s complete mortification, he found Commander Yoochun in the lab alone. Commander Yoochun didn’t even look up, he was so absorbed in the work he was doing. Junsu didn’t recognize the machine that Yoochun was working with. It was large, round and metallic-looking.

Junsu knew he should turn and make a quick exit. So what if Commander Yoochun was ignoring and avoiding him…this was good thing. A good thing, Junsu repeated in his mind like mantra. Junsu didn’t move, though; instead, he stood there looking at Commander Yoochun, who continued to work without ever casting his gaze Junsu’s way.

“What do you want, Ensign?” Commander Yoochun asked, without ever looking up.


Commander Yoochun looked up and gave Junsu an emotionless glance and replied, “As I am sure you are more than capable of determining, he isn’t here.”

Junsu summoned his courage and walked toward the machine that Commander Yoochun was working on. “Is he coming back?”

Commander Yoochun looked away from Junsu and back to the machine. “No, he’s walking the captain back to his quarters, and then he is retiring for the night.”

“Are you sure?” Junsu asked in a meek voice, as he reached the machine and stood on the opposite side of it as Commander Yoochun.

Commander Yoochun looked back at Junsu. “Of course I am sure, but if you don’t believe me, feel free to call him, or better yet go check for yourself.”

Junsu didn’t know how to bring up what was really bothering him, or even if he should. There were multiple voices screaming in his head, and all the smart ones were screaming for him to leave. “Oh, well…darn.”

Commander Yoochun’s eyes were now completely focused on Junsu. “Are you feeling okay?”

Junsu tapped his fingers against the machine nervously and started to answer, “Commander, I think you-”

“Don’t do that!” Commander Yoochun shouted, as he reached over and grabbed Junsu’s hand to keep him from tapping the machinery. Junsu, who was completely surprised by Yoochun’s sudden touch, jerked away quickly, causing himself to be overcome by a terrible wave of dizziness. Before Junsu could even grasp what was happening, he was falling into the machine.

The machine started to tumble over as Junsu landed on it. Commander Yoochun quickly reached out, grabbing the machine, and eased it to its side before it could start rolling around the room, when a bright light flooded the room. Junsu fought to control the dizziness in his head as he tried to pull away from the machine.

“Just fucking great!” Commander Yoochun cursed, letting go of the machine, and reaching up to cover his eyes. “Just fucking great!”

“I’m sorry,” Junsu moaned, his eyes still clamped shut, as he fought the dizziness that was not lessened by the bright light.

The light vanished, and Yoochun growled as he walked over to Junsu. Yoochun kneeled down beside him. “It’s just that all that work…you are not looking so good.”

“Not feeling good,” Junsu admitted, knowing he would soon be back in Sickbay, getting a lecture from Dr. Cho.

Commander Yoochun tapped his insignia and spoke, “Dr. Cho, I have a very green- looking ensign that appears to require your services.”

Junsu squeezed his eyes shut tighter, waiting for the familiar voice of Dr. Cho, but it never came.

Commander Yoochun grumbled, “Don’t tell me Kyuhyun got lucky.” Yoochun tapped his insignia again. “Heechul, I need your nursing expertise.” Junsu slowly opened his eyes and looked up at a very worried looking Commander Yoochun. “Computer, give me the location of Dr. Cho.”

The computer did not respond. “Why won’t the computer answer you?” Junsu asked Commander Yoochun, confused.

Commander Yoochun stood up quickly and hurried to the lab entrance way. He visibly paled as the doors refused to open for him. “Oh, shit.”

“What’s going on?” Junsu asked, suddenly feeling panicked.

Commander Yoochun turned back to Junsu. “We are out of phase with the ship. The ship can’t detect us…and nobody else will be able to either.”
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