September 27, 2011....edited Jan 7, 2012

This journal is now only partially friend locked.  Its friend locked due to the actions of Sayda3 and her multiple aliases.

For now Damaged and The Fight About Nothing remain friend locked.

If you want to read Damaged, The Fight About Nothing(TFAN), or just want to friend me:

1)  If your journal was made before April of 2011 just add me, and I will add you back. 

2) If your journal was made after April of 2011: Add me as a friend, and comment somewhere---so LJ can record your IP address.   You can make a short,(I do not require your life story. I am not being nosy.  I know you just want to read the stories...and I am very grateful!)comment here, or you can comment on one of my unlocked stories.

PS:   Warning though...I work full time, and you may have to wait.

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