September 27, 2011....edited Jan 7, 2012

This journal is now only partially friend locked.  Its friend locked due to the actions of Sayda3 and her multiple aliases.

For now Damaged and The Fight About Nothing remain friend locked.

If you want to read Damaged, The Fight About Nothing(TFAN), or just want to friend me:

1)  If your journal was made before April of 2011 just add me, and I will add you back. 

2) If your journal was made after April of 2011: Add me as a friend, and comment somewhere---so LJ can record your IP address.   You can make a short,(I do not require your life story. I am not being nosy.  I know you just want to read the stories...and I am very grateful!)comment here, or you can comment on one of my unlocked stories.

PS:   Warning though...I work full time, and you may have to wait.

hi ^^
so I've always heard great things about your fanfics, particularly Damaged. I would be extremely grateful if you could add me so I could read it. It would mean a lot to me, thanks! :)
Add me? Some girls were spazzing about your fic 'Damaged' and I'm curious about it :D?
I'm sorta new to the Yunjae world. i've only known them for a couple months. But I've heard so many great things about your fic Damaged! I would love it if you would allow me to read it, I would be so grateful!

Thank you so much ^_^
Hey, i was a silent reader of your fanfic; Damaged. I really enjoyed it, i was so depressed when it got friend-locked. I hope you could add me so i can read it again!!! I would be so grateful!
Hey. I saw lots of people spazzing over how amazing your fic is, (and I'm a yunjae fan too) mind if I friend you? :)
I really want to read your story "damaged", I've been recommended and I really love Yunjae ^^
Hello, Hello

To tell the truth i'm not a jornal's user...
I have a tumblr :

and because of this post at one of my favorite tumblr :

I've been really curious about your i've been desperately looking on the internet about your fic i found that it's a really famous fic... last i found your jornal and i'm here begging on my knees to read your marvelous fic ...
I REALLY want to read this piece of heaven ;A;
I'm so curious!!!!
Thank you!!!
God bless you!!!
Hello~ I'm new here, especially new in Yunjae. I've heard about your brilliant fanwork all over the places. Mind to add me so i could be one of those spazzing over it? /TROLL. Thank you! :>
Hey! :)
I've read Damaged once before and I realised that I'd like to read it every time I'm Yunjae deprived :P So I hope you add me!
Hey :D
Ok I think you read it about 10000 times sorry XD but i really want to read damaged :) I read already till chapter 9 and then it was friend locked ><
so please add me back :D
hey.. i would really like to read your damaged and drop comment to add me back there.. but sorry i cant even open the page ><
so just comment here..
please add me back..^^
hey:) I really want to read 'Damaged', so I would greatly appreciate it if you would add me. Thank you!
hiii :D
Tbh I'm really scared to read damaged but I keep hearing how beautiful it is. It would be great if you can add me :) I'll seriously love you forever.
Re: hiii :D
Damaged is a very rough read for some...some people do not like it. Just warning you.

I added you back though.