Expectations: All Our Lives

Title: Expectations
Adventure Five: All Our Lives Part 1 of 4
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae, KyuWook
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Romance, Angst
Beta Unicornsinger

A/N: This story is inspired by Star Trek. The crew of the Expectations will be made up of members of DBSK and Super Junior. Instead of chapters the story will be broken up in adventures.

Thanks to everybody who takes the time to read and comment!

Summary: Captain Yunho and Jaejoong go on a most unusual journey.

Prior Adventures

   All Our Lives

A cool breeze brushed against his cheek, awakening him from a deep, forgetful sleep. He opened his sleepy eyes, and lifted his head from the warm shoulder it had been resting upon to look up into sad, brown eyes.

“Did you wake up, Baby?”

He blinked, confused, and looked past the unfamiliar face to the sky. The sky caught his attention immediately with its sparkly moons of purple and gold shining brightly down like little suns.

He felt his body shift as the man with the sad eyes, who was holding him, moved him to rest against his hip.

“Jaejoong, are you sure there isn’t another way?” he heard another voice ask. He turned his head around to look at a tall, beautiful woman, who smiled at him, while tears glided down her cheeks.

A warm kiss brushed his cheek, and the one who was holding him answered, “No, there isn’t another way…there was never another way.”

The tall, beautiful woman walked closer to him and reached a hand out gently, rubbing his arm. “I can see the old Changmin in him now…big, brown, crookedly…perfect Changmin eyes.”

“Yes, everything of me that was in him…had to be…he must be free of that. He’s going to be fine…we already know that. He’ll be with Yunho, and he will live to grow up,” the man who was holding him told the beautiful woman as he tightened his hold on him.

“Does that make it easier?” the woman asked.

He squirmed as the embrace that held him tightened, and he let out a cry of protest. The arms around him immediately loosened their hold. He looked up at the one that was holding him. The man was now shaking his head. “No, nothing makes this easier…but Yunho was right; it has to be done. If he stays here, he will just…die along with us.”

“It’s just…just so tragic…it’s heartbreaking. I hate this so much.”

He suddenly felt himself falling toward the ground as the man holding him stumbled, but the woman quickly reached out her hands, steadying them. “You have to take him,” the man ordered as he pushed him into her arms. “Yunho is getting weaker…there isn’t much time left. We have to hurry.”

The woman held him close to her chest, and he felt her nod her head in understanding. “I can do this. He’ll be okay. I promise. I will take him to Yunho’s parents.” He struggled in her grasp to peer his head over her shoulder. His eyes lit up in wonderment when he took in a standing pool of water. A pool of standing blue waters that hung in the air, but did not spill. He smiled.

“You have to convince them to keep him…without telling them the truth. Changmin should not be able to read them, but if I failed…or if something happens in the future, and he is able to read them, he can’t ever know. History has to play out this way,” the sad man beseeched the beautiful woman who was now holding him.

“He will be fine. You will know him again…or he will know you. Maybe it can be avoided-”

He watched the standing pool of water as he felt her tears fall upon him. He listened as the one named Jaejoong cried out in bitterness, “It can never be avoided. Never. We are always here at this point in time. That’s the tragedy of it all. You have to go now.”

The woman turned to face the standing pool of water, and he was turned away from it. He frowned. The moons had lost their luster now.

“Guardian,” the one named Jaejoong said in a voice of authority. “I have brought you my son. I wish for you…”

“I know all that has ever been, and all that will ever be,” a deep voice boomed, causing him to press his face against the woman’s shoulder to hide. “Bring me your son, and I will see him delivered to his father.”

“And that…will be enough to save him?”

“You have been witness to the proof of this,” the voice chided loudly.

He felt a trembling hand against his cheek, and he lifted his head to look at the man. The man’s eyes were locked on him, full of regret and sorrow. “I love you so much…so much. You might not always believe me…and in your future, I might not even know how much, but I love you. I love you and your father more than anything.”

“Jaejoong,” the woman whispered.

“Go now! Yunho is dying,” the man ordered as he pulled his hand away from him. He couldn’t take his eyes off the sad man as the distance between them increased as the woman rushed toward the pool of standing water. He watched as the man crumbled to the ground in agony, while never taking his eyes off of him. He felt he should know him, but he did not remember why he should feel this way.


Changmin awoke from a restless sleep, covered in sweat, and with a sharp, piercing pain searing throughout his head. He reached his hands up to his head, and pressed them against his temples. He clamped his eyes shut as the memory of the dream slipped away from him.

The pain faded away with the memory of the dream. He slowly opened his eyes and struggled to calm his racing heart. It was always the same for as long as he could remember…the forgotten dream that had always haunted him.

His internal clock told him it was early morning. He reached out for the bedside table, and grabbed his insignia. He held on to it, trying to find his voice before he called for the only one he ever remembered needing.


“Stoooppp!” Yunho stammered and yawned as Jaejoong shook his shoulders, trying to awaken him.

“Yunho, wake up.”

Yunho placed his pillow over his head. “No, no…go away,” Yunho grumbled from underneath his pillow.

“How is it possible that you are the same man that wakes up instantly after hearing the slightest chirp of an insignia, but if I try to wake you up….all I get is grief?” Jaejoong complained as he pulled the pillow away from Yunho, and whacked him with it. “I should be offend-”

The familiar chirp went off, interrupting Jaejoong’s tirade and causing Yunho to bolt up in bed, reaching for his insignia. “Captain here.”

“Case in point,” Jaejoong sighed, annoyed as he fell back on the bed.

“Yunho, I require your presence this morning,” Changmin’s uncharacteristically desperate-sounding voice said over the insignia.


“The gym; I will be outside your quarters in approximately five minutes,” Changmin answered, ending the communication.

Jaejoong sat back up in bed. Jaejoong scooted to the side of the bed, and watched as Yunho bounced out of bed. His eyes did not leave Yunho as the other man jumped into the sonic shower. “He requires you?”

“That’s what he said,” Yunho replied, without providing Jaejoong with any more information.

Jaejoong fought the temptation to enter Yunho’s mind and take what he wanted. “I’ve been on the ship for over three months now, and I don’t remember him requiring you before.”

“Jae, I know you are not asking about Changmin. I mean, you have made it very clear that you have no interest whatsoever in him,” Yunho said from inside the sonic shower with a touch of sarcasm.

“Yunho, don’t be like that. I simply asked that you stop forcing us together…I might be curious about your relationship with him,” Jaejoong explained as he watched a naked Yunho step out of the shower.

“What are you curious about?”

“I…I...you always seemed to be the affectionate one. He requires your presence? Do you know why?” Jaejoong carefully asked as he watched Yunho step into the dressing chamber.

“Changmin is not good with emotions…I am. I make it very easy for him. I always have. Changmin and I have always been very close, even though it might not always seem that way.”

“How so?” Jaejoong asked, trying to hide the eagerness from his voice.

Yunho stepped out of the dressing chamber in his work out clothes. “Why are you so interested?”

“Because I love you…and because I might have had other plans for us this morning,” Jaejoong said as he scrambled for a good reason for his curiosity.

“Sorry, bros over hoes,” Yunho said, laughing at his own joke. Yunho stopped laughing immediately when Jaejoong’s eyes narrowed, and he cast a vicious glare in Yunho’s direction. Yunho cleared his throat, and he quickly clarified. “When Changmin first came to live with my family, and before we knew he was my biological son…he was instantly attached to me. I mean he loves his grandparents in his special Changmin way, but as a little boy, he would have a screaming fit if we were ever separated.”

Jaejoong’s glare faded and his face softened. “That’s really sweet.”

Yunho smiled back at him. “You know, if you ever tell Changmin I told you that, I’ll deny it. I tell him you mind raped me…against my will. My honorable captain ways only extend so far.”

Jaejoong got up and followed Yunho out of the bedroom. “Mind rape; that’s so romantic.”

Yunho stopped at the door and looked back at Jaejoong. “Changmin can be very scary.”

“Be on your way, Cowardly Captain.”


Yunho stepped out into the corridor, and the doors to quarters he shared with Jaejoong closed shut behind him. “Changmin,” Yunho said with a smile as he looked at his son, who was leaning against the wall, waiting on him.


Changmin pushed away from the wall. Yunho walked over and gave his shoulder a comforting pat. “So you feel like a good workout this morning?”

“I feel like hitting a punching bag…with great ferocity.”

Yunho winced. “Bad night?”

“Bad morning, I had the dream again…” Changmin trailed off highly irritated. “It’s so frustrating.”

Yunho’s hand that had been patting Changmin’s shoulder slid down and rested on the small of his back. “I know, but it’s always been like this. You will just have to settle for knowing 99.9% of everything, and accept that the details of the dream will forever elude you.”

Changmin frowned at Yunho and said nothing, but he did not move away from his young father.

“I know you don’t like it, but what can you do?”

Changmin continued to frown at Yunho.

“I was surprised when you wanted to go to the gym this morning,” Yunho continued, ignoring the frown that was aimed at him.

“Surprised?” Changmin questioned.

Now Yunho frowned at Changmin. “Security is having their-”

“I completely forgot,” Changmin gasped as his frown fell away. “My mind is not correlating information this morning…it’s very unsettling.”

Yunho reached his arm completely around Changmin’s waist and squeezed. “The dream always throws you off. It’s no biggie. You will be back to your normal, knowledge sprouting self in no time.”

Changmin nodded his head. “I do not feel like working out now. Perhaps watching others exhibiting violent behavior will be sufficient.”

Yunho chuckled. “Perhaps, but we probably should change if we are just going to be observing.”

“Yes, that would-”

Changmin was cut off when Ryeowook walked out of the quarters that were next to the Captains, bitching at Kyuhyun, who followed him out. “You are a pig that’s why.”

“I am no more a pig than he is! It’s not fair that you can forgive him and not me,” Kyuhyun protested.

Ryeowook continued, oblivious to the captain who was watching them. “It’s because I naturally would feel sorry for anybody who had the bad sense to get into a relationship with you.”

The captain cleared his throat, causing Kyuhyun and Ryeowook to both look up from their squabbling. “Why if it isn’t my Chief Medical Officer and First Officer fighting like lovesick schoolgirls. What did I tell you two about keeping your dirty laundry private?”

“To be fair, Captain, we were just exiting our quarters,” Kyuhyun pointed out to the captain.

Ryeowook gave Yunho and Changmin a look of disapproval. “We didn’t know the captain and science officer were lurking in the hallway.”

“I do not lurk,” Changmin informed him.

The captain smiled despite himself. “Our quarters?”

“We just share them…at different times. He just came over early to whine and bitch,” Ryeowook quickly explained. “We are not living together.”

Kyuhyun rolled his eyes at Ryeowook, and then focused on Changmin and Yunho. “Are you two going to work out? Not just going for the show?”

“Well, we were, but now we are just going for the show. We are going to run in and change real fast,” Yunho told them as he pushed Changmin through the doors to his quarters.

Changmin found himself in Yunho and Jaejoong’s quarters before he knew what was happening to him. Jaejoong, who was sitting on a sofa in the living area dressed in his blue uniform, looked up and smiled.

“Back so soon?” Jaejoong asked, looking at Yunho.

“Like you didn’t know we were still outside the doorway.”

Jaejoong grinned up at Yunho and crossed his legs. “Well, since you are my bondmate, and I’m a highly telepathic and empathic being…yeah, I knew. But since I am being a good telepath, I don’t know why you are back.”

“Changmin, go change,” Yunho said, pushing Changmin in the direction of the bedroom where the dressing chamber was located. Changmin did as instructed without argument. Yunho looked back down at Jaejoong. “We are changing clothes.”

“I gathered that much.”

“There is a security, like, contest-tryout this morning. Heechul likes to call it a manly man test. We are going to watch that instead of workout,” Yunho explained.

Jaejoong’s eyes lit up. “Sounds fun.”

“You can’t go.”

“I can’t?”

“Changmin is off today. He needs me.”

“Oh, that’s okay then. I mostly just like manly men that captain starships.”

Yunho walked over to Jaejoong and bent down and kissed his cheek. “I kinda love you…a lot.”

“I know.”

“Yunho, would you please get dressed, so we can leave,” Changmin demanded as he walked out of the bedroom, already changed.

Yunho turned around and saluted Changmin. “Yes, Sir, on my way now, Sir!”

Changmin stared at the wall above Jaejoong’s head as Yunho entered the bedroom to get dressed.

Jaejoong looked up uncomfortably at Changmin, who avoided his gaze. He knew he should keep his mouth shut, but there was a part of him that had to ask. “So, are you alright?”

Changmin’s gaze slowly lowered to meet Jaejoong’s eyes. “I am perfectly fine.”

“Oh, good…you are sleeping, then?” Jaejoong prompted, wilting under that stern gaze, and immediately regretting his words as he felt Changmin’s anger flare up.

“What did he tell you?” Changmin asked in an icy voice.

Jaejoong shook his head frantically. “Nothing! Nothing at all.”

Changmin gave Jaejoong a look that suggested he didn’t believe a word out of his mouth. He then turned and headed toward the door. “I will wait for Yunho outside.”

Jaejoong watched as Changmin exited and then lowered his head. He covered his face with his hands and repeated over and over, “I’m an idiot…idiot…idiot…idiot…idiot-”

“What did you do?”

Jaejoong uncovered his hands and looked up at a fully dressed Yunho. “I asked Changmin if he was sleeping.”

“Jae! Did you read his mind?” Yunho accused as he outwardly cringed.

“No…why…I wouldn’t...what if I read yours?” Jaejoong scrabbling, covering quickly.

“You didn’t read mine! I know when you read mine!” Yunho snapped. “I can’t believe you would read his mind!”

Jaejoong concentrated on Yunho, surprised by his admission. “How do you know when I read your mind?”

“Because it feels fuzzy…like it feels right now, so stop it,” Yunho informed him as he placed both his hands on his hips, full of disapproval, looking more like a disapproving mother than a starship captain.

Jaejoong’s mouth dropped open, and he stopped. “How can you know that? I mean, I suspected you were developing the skill…but it’s too soon! It’s all too soon! Even two full blooded Joongs wouldn’t be so tightly bonded this soon! It’s all happening too soon!”

“I’ve always excelled at everything I do,” Yunho told him smugly.

“I probably was beginning to shift all those weeks ago…this is just great,” Jaejoong grumbled. He cursed mentally to himself, realizing he would be lucky if he didn’t end up with twenty kids by the time he was fifty, and just his luck, he would have to give birth to all of them. “This isn’t normal!”

Yunho studied Jaejoong, who did not look happy. “Hmm…troubled that we are on a more even playing field?”

“No,” Jaejoong denied.

“I think you are, but that isn’t the issue right now. You can’t be reading Changmin’s mind-”

Jaejoong stood up and took Yunho’s hand, and told him passionately and truthfully, “I didn’t. He was having a dream…when members of the crew have vivid dreams, I can’t help but be drawn in to them, especially if I’m sleeping.”

“Oh,” was all Yunho could muster in a reply.

“Shindong likes to say I am a neutered Joong, and it’s the truth…but when I’m asleep, I can’t help it. Reading minds is a sense to me…like hearing is for you. Could you tell yourself not to hear in your sleep? Believe me, I would never read Changmin’s mind while I am awake,” Jaejoong exclaimed, wanting Yunho to understand the truth.

Yunho nodded his head, instantly knowing the truth of Jaejoong’s words. “I believe you…I was mostly joking. You aren’t neutered…Shindong shouldn’t say that.”

“I am actually, but it’s the price of this life I share with you.”

Yunho shook his head. “Jae, I don’t want you to…hey, do you know what Changmin’s dream was about?”

“What?” Jaejoong asked, startled at the sudden question.

Yunho’s eyes lit up as if a wonderful secret was about to be revealed. “That dream has always haunted him. He can never remember it. If you could tell him about-”

“Stop, I only know it upsets him. I have no idea what it was about,” Jaejoong lied, reaching up to touch Yunho’s chest.

Yunho looked into Jaejoong’s eyes, full of curiosity. “Isn’t that odd?”

“Isn’t he waiting on you?” Jaejoong asked, letting go of Yunho and moving away from him.

“Yes, he is.”

Jaejoong sat back down. “You should go to him then.”


“I can’t believe you allow him to read my mind,” Changmin accused Yunho the instant the older man stepped out of his quarters.

Yunho sighed. “He didn’t read your mind.”

“The hell he didn’t!” Changmin retorted as he clenched his fists. Ryeowook and Kyuhyun, who had waiting on the other men to get dressed, stared wide-eyed at the father and son.

“Calm yourself, he really didn’t…well, not like you think he did,” Yunho said, trying his best to placate his angry son.

“My mind…I feel like my mind is muddled. What if he’s doing something to me?”

Yunho reached out his hand and encircled Changmin’s arm softly. “He didn’t. I promise he wouldn’t hurt you.”

“Yunho, are you sure?” Changmin asked as he reached up his hand to cover Yunho’s, when Yunho’s touch automatically calmed him.

“Absolutely. I would never allow anybody to hurt you,” Yunho told him. “Let’s go watch security bang each other’s heads, okay.”

“Okay,” Changmin agreed, blushing, slightly embarrassed at his outburst. Changmin just couldn’t help it. There was something about Jaejoong he didn’t trust.

Ryeowook, who had been watching Changmin closely the entire time, spoke up, “You three go on ahead; there is something I need to do. I will meet you there.”

“Ryeowook,” Kyuhyun asked, suddenly alarmed. “The only reason I am going is to be with you.”

“I know that. I won’t be long…you go with them, and I will meet you there,” Ryeowook insisted as he disappeared into his quarters.

Kyuhyun frowned, but followed Yunho and Changmin down the corridor. Kyuhyun couldn’t help but think everybody was acting strangely this morning. He wasn’t sure what he should say to help dissipate the awkwardness in the air. Changmin’s outburst was highly uncharacteristic.

“Commander, I must apologize,” Changmin said suddenly, beating Kyuhyun to the punch.

“Changmin, I won’t lie and pretend like I know what is going on…care to fill me in?” Commander Kyuhyun asked as he walked beside Changmin. Although he was Changmin’s senior officer, he was also his friend.

Changmin, who walked down the corridor between Yunho and Kyuhyun, explained, “I had one of my dreams…and I believe I might have acted harshly. I accused Jae wrongfully.”

“He did know about the dream, but only because he is a telepath. When he is asleep, he can not help but be drawn into dreams…it’s like asking us not to hear in our sleep,” Yunho quickly explained, repeating Jaejoong’s comparisons.

Kyuhyun tensed. “He knows our dreams?”

Changmin stopped walking and reached out and grabbed Yunho, relief flooding him when he realized the mystery of his dream might finally be answered. “We must go back. I have to know what the dream is about.”

Yunho’s gave Changmin a look full of sadness. “I already asked…he doesn’t know what the dream was about. I guess he can only feel the emotions behind the dreams.”

“Well…that wouldn’t be a very nice skill to have. Can you imagine the nightmares the crew of this ship has?” Kyuhyun said as he paled. Kyuhyun would not wish his dreams, or the emotions that accompanied his dreams, on anyone.

“No, not a nice skill at all,” Yunho agreed as he was reminded of all the ship had lost.


“You are, like, the worst mother ever!” Ryeowook proclaimed, as he used his medical override authority to storm into the captain’s quarters, once the other three men were out of sight.

“Don’t say that!” Jaejoong screeched as he jumped up from the sofa in the living area of the quarters he shared with Yunho.

Ryeowook pointed his fingers at Jaejoong disapprovingly. “Well, it’s true! You have muddled his mind again! Will you not be a happy until you have caused him irreparable brain damage?”

“There are some things you need to know,” Jaejoong snapped, pointing his finger back at Ryeowook. “First off, I did not do it! He was having a dream, and I sensed it! I did not cause him to forget anything…he did that on his own. And the second thing you need to know is that I’m not his mother!”

Ryeowook dropped his finger, and took a step back, shocked. “You are cold blooded!”

The waves of repulsion coming off Ryeowook left Jaejoong confused. “What?”

“To deny your own child…you really don’t like him, do you? Maybe you sent him back in time to get rid of him!”

Jaejoong reached out and grabbed Ryeowook by the shoulders, realizing how he must have sounded. “No, you are wrong…that isn’t what I meant. Joongs don’t have mothers and fathers like humans do.”

Now it was Ryeowook’s turn to look confused. “Huh?”

“All Joongs are capable of giving birth…and of siring children. We don’t label our parents as mother or father. Joongs are just parents.”

Ryeowook nodded his head in understanding. “That would explain why you don’t have a drop of motherly instinct.”

“I beg your pardon!”

“It’s the instinct to love and protect your children. It’s most commonly found in mothers, but sometimes males have it. Yunho has it in spades…you, however, appear to have none,” Ryeowook explained.

Jaejoong’s eyes narrowed and reached into Ryeowook’s mind and saw the doctor’s dubious plan. “Changmin can call Yunho mommy, then.”

Ryeowook frowned, knowing exactly what Jaejoong had done. “Jae! How can you continue to lie to him! He wants to know the truth of his birth so badly! Changmin and Yunho are not idiots; they aren’t going to do something to endanger Changmin’s life!”

Jaejoong looked down at the shorter man with a steady, unflinching gaze. “Nothing you say will make me tell them. I will not risk Changmin’s life. When the time comes that I have to pay for my secrets…then I will pay for them.”

Ryeowook huffed, turned, and walked toward the door. “It must be nice to be a great Joong who can dictate what others deserve to know.”

“Ryeowook don’t leave!” Jaejoong said suddenly, making the doctor stop. “There is something else.”

The doctor turned, folded his arms, and told Jaejoong in a cold voice. “Great, there is a third thing I need to know. I can’t wait to hear this one.”

“Don’t be like that! You are the only person I can confide in.”

“I am not! I am the only one you want to confide in. The captain would be-”

Jaejoong held up his hand. “Stop that line of thought. It isn’t going to happen.”

“What do you want to tell me? Kyuhyun is waiting for me.”

Jaejoong looked hesitant and confessed, “I have felt a presence since the middle of the night. I think Changmin sensed it, too…and it may have triggered the dream.”

Ryeowook eyes widened. “Let me guess…you didn’t tell the captain.”

“No,” Jaejoong admitted guilty, and sat back down. “It’s not ominous…and once we pass through this part of space, it should go away.”

“What could reach out into space? We are not even by a planet..?”

Jaejoong looked squeamishly up at Ryeowook and admitted, “A Guardian.”

“A Guardian of Time?” Ryeowook asked, then swallowed nervously, remembering what Jaejoong had told him about the powerful portals into time.

Jaejoong nodded his head.

Ryeowook went and sat down by Jaejoong on the sofa. “What does it want?”

“Hopefully nothing, but it might want me.”


“Guardians have little use for anything or anybody else but Joongs. I can’t sense what it wants, but what if it’s what awakened Changmin’s memory,” Jaejoong told Ryeowook nervously.

“Memory? I thought you said Changmin had a dream?”

“His dream is of a memory,” Jaejoong said, closing his eyes.

“The dream is not new…I mean if it’s the one he had back in the academy. It drives him crazy, because he can’t remember it,” Ryeowook explained. “Changmin’s dreams weren’t nearly as bad or as often as Kyuhyun’s.”

Jaejoong turned to Ryeowook and gave him a soft smile. “Are you always drawn to those who are haunted?”

Ryeowook shook his head. “No, it isn’t like that. I think Changmin is more curious than anything else; plus, our friendship started with him helping me.”

“He helped you?” Jaejoong asked him. He was immediately curious, but resisted the urge to enter Ryeowook’s mind.

“When I started the academy, I was kinda an outcast. The place where I had been raised wasn’t exactly a big fan of Star Fleet, plus I was short and round…I was an easy target.”

“They made fun of you?”

“Yeah, and one day it was really bad, but Changmin stepped up and…” Ryeowook couldn’t help but smile at the memory. “Nobody messed with Jung Changmin, everybody thought he was Yunho’s little brother back then…and well, let’s just say the other cadets worshipped at the altar of Jung Yunho, the star of the academy.”

“So, he protected you?” Jaejoong said, smiling.

Ryeowook nodded his head. “Changmin at first, and then Yunho, too; let us just say the bullies were put in their place, and the academy became a much nicer place for me. I owe Changmin and Yunho a lot…” Ryeowook paused and gave Jaejoong a critical look. “So that’s why I don’t like you lying to them all the time!”

“I do lie all the time,” Jaejoong admitted, full of guilt. “I lied to Yunho just today. I told him I could only feel the emotions of Changmin’s dream.”

“You saw the dream?”

“Little bits of it…through Changmin’s eyes. He was just a baby…he didn’t know what was going on. I just know he was amazed by a standing pool of water...the Guardian.”

“So, you did send him back in time.”

Jaejoong nodded his head. “Yes, I was there. There was somebody else there, too, but the dream was so blurry, I couldn’t really see them. In the dream, he was a child fascinated by sparkly moons, and the Guardian….I didn’t come into focus till the end.”

“And…” Ryeowook prompted.

Jaejoong looked away from Ryeowook. “I don’t know everything that was said in the dream, but I looked…I looked so broken.”

“Broken,” Ryeowook repeated.

“Yeah, like Yun…like I was dying.”


“What happened to him being a janitor?” Yoochun questioned with a fierce frown upon his face.

Ensign Eunhyuk, who was sitting below them on the spectator benches in the gym, watching the members of security warming up, seconded, “Yeah, what happened to him being a janitor?”

Commander Cho, who was sitting beside Commander Yoochun on the bleachers, shrugged his shoulders and answered, “Ryeowook insisted I put him in security, and I’m really easy right now.”

“I don’t know if easy is the word I would use to describe you,” Yoochun grumbled as he turned to glare at Kyuhyun. “Horny as hell is more accurate.”

Changmin, who was sitting beside Commander Cho, added, “It will only get worse. He has 283 days to go?”

“You know my lack of a sex life isn’t really any of you two’s business,” Kyuhyun hissed, looking back and forth between the two men.

“Look at Junsu!” Captain Yunho, who was sitting beside Changmin, said full of excitement, as he watched Siwon and Junsu wrestling with each other. “It makes my heart swell with pride. Just look at him!”

Yoochun, who was still glaring at Kyuhyun, muttered, “I’d rather not.”

“Quit being a grouch, Yoochun,” Yunho retorted. “Junsu is doing remarkable. Its like he was never hurt at all.” Junsu had been given the all clear by Dr. Cho weeks ago, but he had made a point of working out with security. Junsu had always been very athletic, and he was eager to get back to top form.

Yoochun bent forward and looked in Yunho’s direction. “I was talking about the prince.”

Yunho bent forward, matching Yoochun’s pose. “Prince Siwon is a member of our crew now, and he is doing a commendable job. He should have never been assigned to janitorial duties to begin with.”

“Then, that is your own fault,” Changmin pointed out. “You should keep a better eye on your insanely jealous second–in-command.”

Kyuhyun nudged Changmin with his elbow and gave him a warning look. “Captain, I apologized. It was a momentary lapse in judgment. It won’t happen again. No need to keep an eye on me.”

“I don’t know why everybody is so jealous of him. So what if he’s a prince? I expect better of my senior officers. Petty jealousy is beneath you,” Yunho chastised.

“I am not jealous,” Changmin quickly pointed out.

Yoochun smiled devilishly at the captain, recalling a memory that bothered the captain immensely. “Yunho, of course you would say that; you are the only person on this ship who is getting his sexual needs fulfilled by a very gifted, double-”

“Kyuhyun, trade me places,” Yunho barked, standing up. Kyuhyun quickly got up and switched places with the captain. Yunho grabbed Yoochun’s ear and put his mouth up to it and whispered, “Don’t think I won’t have your memory erased.”

Yoochun winked at Yunho. “I don’t know what memory you are talking about.”

Yunho glared and threatened, “The hell you don’t! You don’t even have the decency to look ashamed!”

Changmin ignored the two bickering, old friends, as Kyuhyun rolled his eyes and said, “Siwon is actually working out quite well in security, and he seems to have a calming affect on Kangin.”

Changmin nodded his head. “It does seem to have worked out well.”

“I guess after all that time on the planet, Ryeowook knew it would work out this way,” Kyuhyun said with a goofy grin on his face that was reserved for thoughts of Dr. Cho.

“Whatever,” Eunhyuk griped from below them. “He was totally playing matchmaker. Ryeowook’s back to his old, diehard romantic ways.”

Kyuhyun’s eyes became starry. “How I wish that was true.”

“Matchmaking? Who is he playing matchmaker for?” Yoochun asked, ceasing to torture the captain.

“Siwon and Sungmin,” Donghae, who was sitting beside Eunhyuk, happily supplied.

“Does Siwon…is he? Open to that?” Yunho carefully asked. “He was, after all, going to marry a woman.”

“It’s been a year; people are going to find they are less heterosexual with every passing day,” Yoochun pointed out.

“Not all of us,” Eunhyuk protested.

Changmin nodded his head in agreement. “True. I am not the least bit attracted to men-”

“Or anyone else for that matter.” Kyuhyun pointed out.

“True,” Changmin conceded.

“Well, I’m still heterosexual, and I’m not desperate yet,” Donghae said from beside Eunhyuk.

“Me either,” Eunhyuk agreed, and looked up at Yoochun with a devious smile. “Not Junsu either. He’s as straight as an arrow.”

“When I need a lesson on unwavering heterosexuality, I’ll ask for it,” Yoochun snapped back at Eunhyuk, and added cruelly, “And I won’t be asking somebody who’s last liaison was with a frog person.”

Donghae wrapped an arm around Eunhyuk as his friend turned red, and said in defense of his friend, “Commander, to be fair, it was a female frog person.”


“Oh, look, Eunhyuk’s ears are all red,” Heechul, who was wearing a pink jumpsuit, told Junsu when the other man got up from the mat where he had been having a friendly wrestling match with Siwon.

Junsu turned and looked at the bleachers where his friend was sitting. “I wonder why.”

Heechul slithered up to Junsu, and wrapped an arm around his waist. “That nasty old Yoochun has been barely hiding his smoldering rage at watching you and Siwon roll around...fighting for topping rights.”

“You are disgusting! Wrestling is a highly respected sport!” Junsu blabbered, shocked at Heechul’s choice of words.

“Whatever,” Heechul said, eyeing Siwon, who was gulping down a bottle of water. “It looks like hot foreplay to me. Speaking of that…” Heechul let go of Junsu and walked over to Siwon, “I have always been interested in wresting…what do you say about throwing me down on the floor and having your way with me…oops, I mean giving me some lessons. We can practice in my bedroom.”

Siwon eyes widened, and he looked around for a quick exit, when Sungmin walked up, shaking his head at Heechul. “When I agreed to let you act as our water boy, I did not give you permission to harass members of security.”

“Lieutenant Lee, what if I want to expand my horizons! What if I want to become more athletic…I like to sweat,” Heechul told Sungmin, but was leering at Siwon.

“Then go run a lap!” Sungmin told Heechul, not the least bit swayed.

Junsu walked away from their squabbling and towards Eunhyuk. Was Heechul right? He probably was…he might be crazy, but he was more observant than anybody Junsu had ever known. “Eunhyuk, why are you so red?”

Eunhyuk turned around quickly when he heard Junsu, and reached up for his ears. “No, reason,” Eunhyuk quickly sputtered out. He wanted the subject of his frog affair over with already.

“Commander Yoochun was being rude to him, and brought up the unfortunate amphibian encounter,” Changmin quickly answered.

Yoochun smiled uneasily at Junsu, as the other man looked back at him unhappily.

Yunho watched Yoochun and Junsu, while he patted Changmin on the back knowingly. Changmin’s innocent factual statements didn’t fool Yunho in the least. “Junsu, you were doing so great out there,” Yunho said proudly, ending the uncomfortable silence.

“Thank you, Captain! Siwon is a great sparring partner,” Junsu replied, turning his glare away from Yoochun to smile happily at the captain.

“I think Sungmin and Siwon should wrestle together next,” Kyuhyun quickly added, as he watched the two of them together with a happy smile.

Everybody but Changmin turned and looked at Kyuhyun, surprised at his statement. “You do?” Donghae said, barely finding his tongue.

“Yes, I do.”

“He also hopes they become totally enamored with each other,” Changmin added.

“Yes, I do.”

“You know wrestling is not foreplay! It’s a sport; it’s an ancient, honored sport!” Junsu sputtered, suddenly defensive.

“Yes, it is. You are absolutely correct,” Yunho told Junsu, attempting to calm the younger man.

“Ensign, calm down. I am not suggesting anything on your behalf…I am just wishfully thinking,” Commander Cho explained.

“Do I even want to know what you are being wishful about?” Ryeowook asked as he suddenly appeared beside Junsu.

“He is wishing that Sungmin and Siwon become entangled in a love affair in the hopes that you will become more lenient-”

Yunho’s insignia chirped to life, ending Changmin’s explanation. Yunho hit the insignia. “Captain here.”

Lieutenant Yesung’s voice was soon heard, “Captain, we have picked up a distress call from the Planet Eternity.”

Yunho stood up instantly and was off the bleachers and heading for the bridge before the next words were out of his mouth. “Princess Claudia’s planet - I will be on the bridge in due haste.”

“Sir, in the distress call…the princess is begging for a Joong’s assistance,” Yesung’s voice continued, causing Yunho to turn and cast a questioning glace toward Commander Cho, who had followed him along with Changmin, Yoochun, Eunhyuk, Junsu, and Ryeowook.

“I will have Jae meet us on the bridge. Also, have Shindong report to the bridge,” Yunho ordered aloud to Yesung, and then added mentally to Jaejoong, “Please meet me on the bridge. The Planet Eternity is need of your assistance.”

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