Expectations: All Our Lives Part 2 of 4

Title: Expectations
Adventure Four: All Our Lives Part 2 of 4
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Angst
Beta: motty123

A/N: This story is inspired by Star Trek. The crew of the Expectations will be made up of members of DBSK and Super Junior. Instead of chapters the story will be broken up in adventures.

Special Thanks: To Motty and Amy who I love immensly!  Also to everybody who comments!!!

Summary: Captain Yunho and Jaejoong go on a most unusual journey.

Prior Adventures

Yunho entered the bridge with his senior officers close behind him. Lieutenant Yesung got up immediately, and relinquished the captain’s chair to Yunho. Ensigns Junsu and Eunhyuk took up their positions at the helm, while Changmin resumed his position at the science station.

“Play the distress call,” Yunho ordered as he took his seat in the Captain’s Chair, while Commander Cho took his seat beside him.

The large screen at the front of the bridge came to life, showing a blurry image of a distressed looking Princess Claudia. She appeared on the screen with tousled hair, and her entire appearance in disarray. Yunho winced slightly in sympathy, seeing the young princess look so troubled. Princess Claudia was in her teens, and was usually dressed impeccably. The young Princess had a calm reserved manner that people decades older rarely achieved.

Yunho and the crew listened as the princess pleaded for assistance in her message. “This is Princess Claudia of the world Eternity. I beg of any Joong that hears this message to please come to the aid of my people. The Time Keeper has grown troubled, and as you know the voice of my people give it no solace. Only the great Joongs of this galaxy can calm it. Our world trembles, our skies rumble, our oceans churn dangerously, and the space around us is filled with deadly electricity. I know you are a much maligned race, that has suffered so much at the hands of lesser beings, but I beseech you in our time of need. Please, I beg of you…please come soothe the Time Keeper before our world is lost.”

The message ended, and Yunho asked, “The Time Keeper?”

“They never mentioned anything about a Time Keeper when we were there before,” Commander Cho pointed out.

Changmin, who was at the science station, added, “Although they were very thankful for our rescue of the princess, they were very strict on where we could and where we couldn’t go while we were on the planet.”

“Don’t forget those strange monks that were always lurking around in their white robes, looking like they couldn’t wait to get rid of us. Maybe the Time Keeper was what they were so protective of,” Yoochun offered from the back of the bridge, where he stood with an uncomfortable looking Dr. Cho.

“They were a primitive race, dependent on other races for any of their advanced technology,” Changmin pointed out.

“Your point?” Yunho asked as Shindong and Jaejoong arrived on the bridge.

“Primitive races often blame natural disasters on mythical beings. In this instance the people of Eternity are no doubt blaming a natural occurrence on this mythical Time Keeper,” Changmin explained.

“Except the Time Keeper is real and more than capable of causing disasters…or even destroying a planet,” Shindong explained as he moved to stand in front of the captain.

“Explain,” Yunho ordered as Jaejoong sat down beside him in the counselor’s chair, suddenly looking very pale.

“The Time Keeper of Eternity is like…a time machine, but it’s alive,” Shindong explained to them.

Yunho turned to face Jaejoong, who was sitting beside him, and asked, “Why would they be requesting a Joong?”

Jaejoong swallowed nervously, but before he could reply Shindong answered for him. “Joongs are the only beings that Time Keepers respond to. The people of Eternity can worship the Time Keeper all they want, but they are nothing to it. The Time Keepers only care about Joongs, and will only do what a Joong asks. It’s said that Joongs can travel to anytime in history through the Time Keeper…and it’s also rumored that the only way to get to the Joong’s home planet is through the Time Keeper.”

Yunho’s eyes never left Jaejoong as Shindong explained. A very unpleasant thought was taking root in Yunho’s mind. He held his tongue regarding his theory and instead asked Jaejoong, “Is this true?”

Jaejoong nodded his head as he felt the bridge crews suspicions of him grow. Instead of killing their suspicions with a gentle nudging of their minds, he allowed them to grow.

“Will you help the people of Eternity?” Yunho asked his lover, suddenly feeling extremely uneasy.

“Of course,” Jaejoong agreed, nodding his head more fervently.

“Plot a course for Eternity at maximum warp,” Yunho ordered.

“Yes, Sir,” Ensigns Junsu and Eunhyuk both replied instantly, following the captain’s orders.

“Maximum warp,” Yoochun muttered under his breath. He was immediately concerned for his poor, darling engines, and headed for the lift. He was eager to return to engineering where he could watch them more closely. Maximum warp always put such a strain on them.

Changmin, whose intelligent eyes were glued to Jaejoong, asked the question that everybody else on the bridge was thinking. “Can a Joong send others back in time?”

Jaejoong closed his eyes, the memory of Changmin’s dream all too fresh in his mind. “Yes, if the Guardian…if the Time Keeper agrees.”

“Jae, did you-” Yunho began.

“I don’t know!” Jaejoong stood up and exclaimed, lying to them all. After seeing Changmin’s dream he knew for certain he had sent Changmin back, but he dare not admit this. “The future is uncertain…and you shouldn’t know it. Knowing the future can be very dangerous and it can have dire consequences. The Guardian…that’s what the Joongs call the Time Keeper…the Guardians of Time are not easily swayed. They know the past, present, and future. I mean if I sent a young Changmin back in time…the Guardian must have agreed to it,” Jaejoong quickly explained.

“So you couldn’t just send him back in time…to get him out of the way…could you?” Junsu asked nervously. It was well-known aboard the ship that the captain’s lover and captain’s son were not close.

Shindong snorted. “I have always heard that Time Keepers were the pets of Joongs, craving whatever attention a Joong could spare them. He could probably get it to do anything he asked of it.”

Jaejoong’s eyes flashed dangerously at Shindong. “I wouldn’t though, and you greatly underestimate the Guardian if you think anybody controls it. It is not a pet! Calling it a time machine is a gross understatement…it is so much more.”

Shindong swallowed anxiously, remembering who he was antagonizing, and added quickly, “Has anybody considered this might be a trap?”

“A trap?” Commander Cho repeated, instantly on guard.

Shindong nodded his head, and quickly explained. “ZhouMi is a real conniving bastard, and this might be his way of getting a hold of Jae again. He can’t be pleased that Jae escaped him.”

“It isn’t,” Jaejoong answered in a softer voice. “I can feel the Guardian.”

“You can feel it?” Yunho asked telepathically.


“For how long?”

“Since during the night.”

“You didn’t think I might need to know this?”

“No, I can sense a great many things, and you need not be privy to all of them.”

Yunho furrowed his eyebrows, and turned away from Jaejoong and ordered, “Open a hailing frequency to Eternity.”

“Yes, Sir,” Eunhyuk replied. The screen in front of the bridge came alive and the disheveled teenage princess appeared.

Yunho stood up. “Hello, Princess.”

“Captain Yunho,” the princess replied, her dark expression lifting slightly at seeing her past savior. “It’s so good to see you. If I could call on your assistance…I need to start evacuating the people of Eternity, and as you know, we have no crafts capable of space flight.”

“Don’t worry. The Expectations will soon be there, and I will provide you with the help you require,” Yunho assured her.

“I am grateful for any help you can provide my planet, but what we really need is a Joong, but alas our cries for help play on death ears,” Princess Claudia informed him.

Yunho, who was not willing to announce over subspace that he had a Joong aboard his ship, just smiled and reassured her. “The Expectations will be there soon. It will be alright, you have to trust me.”

She smiled at him, remembering her rescue almost a year ago. “I do…completely.”

“Expectations out,” Yunho said, ending the connection. Then he turned to his crew. “When we arrive at Eternity only Jae and I will be going down to the planet.”

Changmin frowned and immediately protested. “Captain-”

“Lieutenant,” Yunho said in a voice tolerating no objections. “This is not open to debate.”


Yunho and Jaejoong materialized inside the Royal Palace of Eternity, Princess Claudia immediately greeted them with her main advisor at her side. “Captain, we must start the evacuations as soon as possible. I am afraid for my people.”

Yunho and Jaejoong turned to face her. “Princess, that might not be necessary.”

“Not necessary?” she questioned. “How is that-”

She was interrupted as Jaejoong walked away from them and toward a doorway that was guarded by two well-armed men. “We don’t have time for novelties or introductions.”

“Stop, that path is forbidden,” Princess Claudia’s main advisor ordered as Jaejoong approached the doorway.

Jaejoong did not bother acknowledging the advisor as the faces of the guards at the doorway glazed over in confusion, and allowed Jaejoong to pass without objection. “Yunho, follow me. We don’t have time for this.”

Yunho took off after Jaejoong, eager to stop the destruction. Princess Claudia shared a concerned look with her advisor, and then they both started to follow them. “Captain, if you continue to follow that path…you will…please don’t.”

The advisor added, “Captain, only the monks and the members of the royal family of Eternity are allowed to follow that path. It is forbidden.”

Jaejoong did stop now, and turned to face the princess and the advisor. His face held nothing but scorn as he walked back and grabbed Yunho’s hand. “Ignore them, they speak of rules that their ancestors conjured up years ago in order to place false importance on themselves. Their beloved Time Keeper cares nothing for them. Royal family or rural farmer… it cares not for the people of Eternity.”

“You dare speak for the Time Keeper,” the advisor chastised as if Jaejoong had committed an unspeakable sin.

Princess Claudia’s eyes took on the light of understanding as she eyed Jaejoong closely, and took in his beauty. “He’s a Joong. Isn’t he?”

Jaejoong did not bother to reply to her, as he continued on his way with his hand tightly holding on to Yunho’s. Yunho turned back and nodded his head at Princess Claudia, and then allowed Jaejoong to drag him through the palace and toward the Guardian of Time. Yunho watched as the guards, who were positioned to guard the path to the Time Keeper, allowed them to pass without incident.

“Are you manipulating the guards?” Yunho asked telepathically as Jaejoong led him out of the palace. The land surrounding the Royal Palace of Eternity was mountainous.

Jaejoong hurried down a stone path. “Yes. Would you rather they fight us? I also coerced the young princess and her advisor into not following us, or sending others to follow us. Do you disapprove?”

“No, I was just curious.”

Jaejoong stopped suddenly as they approached another man in a white robe. “He has the coordinates for the Guardian in his head. It’s still a long walk.”

Yunho tapped his insignia. “Lieutenant Donghae, beam us to the coordinates that Jae gives you.”

“Yes, Sir,” came the eager voice of the Lieutenant.

“38°51′48″N 104°47′31″W,” Jaejoong told him, and they instantly disappeared inside the Expectations’ transporter beams.

Yunho materialized in the rocky basin of a mountain range, he stood on a rock floor free of any kind of vegetation. Mountains surrounded him on either side. He looked up and saw the last rudiments of the sunlight breaking through stormy clouds that rolled through the skies. Soft sprinkles of rain landed on him as Yunho surveyed the surrounding area. Long walk…indeed this would have been a very long walk.

Jaejoong’s hand tightened around Yunho’s, and he felt Jaejoong gently pull him toward what appeared to be a circular stone monument that sat in the center of the mountain’s basin. The inside of the monument was made up of a perfectly blue liquid that hung in place, filling the middle of the monument as if gravity did not exist. Yunho felt a sense of awe fill him. This was not some mere stone monument…this was something else. He couldn’t explain it, but as they moved closer his sense of amazement only grew. He couldn’t help but ask, “What is it?”

A loud booming voice answered, “I am known by countless names. In this galaxy I am known as the Guardian of Time, and the Time Keeper, but in your galaxy I am known as the Guardian of Forever.”

“My galaxy?” Yunho repeated, amazed. He had never heard of such a thing occupying his galaxy.

“Yes, I reach throughout the universe and all of time,” the Guardian answered.

“Are you a living being, or are you a machine?” Yunho asked, his curiosity growing by leaps and bounds.

“I am both, and I am neither.”

“Why are you tormenting the people of this planet?” Jaejoong demanded, interrupting Yunho’s discussion with the Guardian to get straight to the point. “You must cease now.”

“As you wish,” the Guardian answered, and the skies above them cleared instantly, the winds came to a halt, the ground grew steady, and peace was returned to the Planet Eternity. “You of the Royal House of Joong, I wished to see you and your bondmate.”

Jaejoong’s eyes narrowed, full of suspicion. “Guardians have never had any use for the mates of Joongs, when we bond outside of our species.”

“You presume too much. You have read the history of your people through only a millennium, and drawn false conclusions based on that small passage of time.”

“Small passage of time,” Yunho repeated in disbelief. What was this being that a millennium was nothing but a small passage of time to it? Also Jae was some kind of Joong royalty? What else had Jaejoong not told him, Yunho wondered.

“What do you want of us?” Jaejoong asked. Would the Guardian give away his secrets? Or perhaps it was going to give him a clue as to what the future might hold. Jaejoong wished he was alone, so he could question the Guardian regarding the future…maybe he could stop it all from happening.

The blue liquid inside the guardian swirled and the guardian replied, “I want to show you how wisely you have chosen. For centuries the Joong speak of true love as the ultimate goal in life, and yet they fool themselves into thinking the bond they create themselves is that timeless bond that they all yearn for.”

Yunho watched as Jaejoong brightened instantly and exclaimed, “You said I chose wisely…are you saying Yunho and I have a timeless bond?”

“Yes, it wasn’t formed in this lifetime alone.”

Jaejoong pulled on Yunho in his eagerness, as he moved closer to the Guardian of Time. “This explains everything! Everything! Why everything has been so easy. It explains…everything.”

“Yes,” the guardian confirmed.

Yunho let go of Jaejoong’s hand and felt immediately suspicious of his mate. “Explains what? I thought all Joongs mated for life. Don’t you always preach true love and the power of it? I thought all Joongs experienced that kind of love when they took a bondmate.”

“True love and timeless love are two different things,” Jaejoong quickly explained. “When a Joong takes a mate the love is always true, but timeless love-” Jaejoong trailed off, his eyes shining brightly.

“Timeless love is forever. Timeless love is two souls that always find their way back to each other in every life,” the guardian finished for Jaejoong.

“In every life…as in past lives,” Yunho questioned skeptically. Yunho had never thought that souls were reborn. Yunho believed that you only had one life to live.

“Even if we are dealt a cruel hand in this life…then we will get a second chance in the next,” Jaejoong whispered, suddenly somber as the memory of Changmin’s dream returned to him.

Yunho took a step back from the guardian and from Jaejoong. “I’m kinda fond of this life, thank you very much.”

“Jung Yunho, you have lived many lives, and you will continue to live many more. You will know devastating disappointment, magnificent triumphs, and tedious mediocrity. In all these lives you will encounter Jaejoong’s soul in one form or another. Your encounters will either span the whole of your life, or they will last for only a moment, but they will always resonate with you in every life you live.”

Yunho turned to Jaejoong, confused. “Jaejoong?”

Jaejoong, who was wearing a dazzling smile, quickly answered, “It’s my formal Joong name.” Jaejoong walked closer to Yunho and took his hand again, and brought it up to his lips and kissed it. “Yunho, do you realize the importance of what we are being told? How great this is? We have a timeless love.”

Yunho frowned, refusing to be drawn into Jaejoong’s excitement. He looked away from Jaejoong, and turned to face the guardian and accused, “So you tortured the people of this planet…so you could tell us this?”

“No,” the guardian answered in a loud voice that echoed throughout the mountain range; as the blue liquids inside the guardian swirled to life. “I did it, so I could show you.” Before either Yunho or Jaejoong could respond they were sucked inside the endless blue abyss that was the Guardian.


Yunho’s eyes flew open to find that he was laying flat on his back, and looking directly up at the sky. Yunho reached up, and shielded his eyes from the brightness of the sun that shined down upon him. The last memory Yunho had was of being sucked into the Guardian. Traveling through the Guardian had felt like drowning in the ocean, except he did not lack for air. “Show you,” Yunho repeated the Guardian’s words, and sat up quickly. The Guardian had been telling them about past lives they had shared...had the Guardian transported Yunho back into a past life?

He found himself in the middle of a bright summer’s day in a very green, grassy meadow with wildflowers all around him. He did not recognize the meadow or any of the wildflowers that filled it. He looked down at his clothing that appeared to be nothing more than oversized rags that were hanging off of him. A short distance away, he saw a black horse that was saddled, grazing with its reigns hanging loosely off it. Yunho blinked, completely taken aback when he realized the black horse had a horn on its head…it was a unicorn. “A unicorn…” Yunho trailed off. Was he even on Earth? No, of course not if…there were unicorns. Unicorns were mythical creatures from Earth’s history, and he did not recall any other planet having such animals. Where was he? Was this real, or was this some kind of an illusion? Yunho wondered all these questions as he stared at the unicorn. The unicorn picked its head up from its grazing to stare back at him.

Yunho had the distinct feeling that the unicorn knew he was an imposter. A horrible thought occurred to Yunho. The Guardian had said it was going to show the past lives he had shared with Jae…Jae was a Joong in his current life…had he been a unicorn in this life? Was it possible? Yunho cringed and scratched his head uncomfortably, and explained to the unicorn, “I really love animals…but not like…you know…love them.”

The unicorn grunted at him dismissively, and went back to grazing. Before Yunho had time to think about his predicament he heard a rustling in the grass. Yunho quickly turned around, and the sight he took in had his mouth dropping open in awe. It was Jaejoong…but it wasn’t. Yunho watched as a great white stallion raced toward him and upon its back rode Jaejoong. Where Yunho wore nothing but rags, Jaejoong was decked out in the most lavish clothing of red and gold that Yunho had ever seen. Yunho watched as Jaejoong stopped the stallion, and gracefully dismounted. Jaejoong walked toward him with a huge, friendly smile. Yunho did not move from his spot on the ground as he looked up at Jaejoong in awe. Jaejoong had long straw colored hair that was tied in a large loose braid with gold ribbons, and Jae’s eyes were a beautiful light blue.

Yunho watched as Jaejoong took in his appearance, and shook his head disapprovingly. “Yunho, I had the tailors make you such nice clothes, and still you wear this rubbish.”

Yunho looked back down to the rags he wore, and he had to agree rubbish was a proper word for them. “What,” Yunho asked as his mind caught up with him. “Tailors?”

“Yes, Yunho…you remember the nice gentlemen that took your measurements, and presented you with all the nice clothes worthy of a comrade of mine,” Jaejoong explained as he patted Yunho’s head gently.

Yunho’s brows furrowed and looked up to Jaejoong. There was something so warm about Jaejoong…like he emanated warmth. Yunho could not help but feel dazzled by the man. Jaejoong had always been extremely beautiful, but now it was like he sparkled with beauty. “Jae…a comrade of yours?”

“Yunho,” Jaejoong answered softly as if Yunho’s words had shocked him, but at the same time pleased him greatly. “Such informal speech from you. Of course you are my comrade, whatever else would you be?”

The realization finally hit Yunho that this Jaejoong was not his Jaejoong. He had somehow replaced the Yunho that belonged to this reality, but this Jaejoong belonged to this reality.

“Well come to think of it, I suppose calling you my comrade isn’t accurate. Actually you would be my subject, my servant…my precious pet.”

Although Yunho was more than puzzled by the circumstances he found himself in, the captain, the man that he was, bristled at being called a pet. He did not like that description at all. His eyes instantly narrowed as he looked up at the beautiful man, and took notice of the crown that adorned his head. Jaejoong was royalty in this reality, and Yunho was his precious pet? Well the Guardian couldn’t return him to his own reality fast enough for his taste. The thought of being some man’s pet - even Jaejoong’s - was not a thought that settled well with him.

Jaejoong took in the grim expression, and his smile turned to pure amusement. The hand that had been patting Yunho’s head now ruffled his hair. “I see fire in those eyes; you know how much I treasure-”

“Your Majesty,” a familiar voice called out, interrupting them.

Yunho looked past Jaejoong to eye…Heechul. It was Heechul, but he was much older than the Heechul that occupied Yunho’s reality. It was definitely Heechul though. Heechul was also decked out in ridiculous looking clothing, and he sat upon a brown steed. Heechul was surrounded on both sides by what appeared to be royal guards on horseback.

“What?” Jaejoong snapped, flinging himself around to face Heechul. Jaejoong’s mood had completely changed.

“The Queen requests your presence,” Heechul explained calmly as he moved his horse forward toward Jaejoong.

Yunho had little time to take in Heechul’s statement before he felt a gust of cold wind whirling around him. Yunho strained his eyes trying to see through the gust of cold air that hung in the air leaving a thick fog. Yunho rubbed his bare arms that were shivering now, the thick air around him was freezing. The fog cleared, and Yunho quickly realized the coldness was coming from Jaejoong. Jaejoong was standing in front of him as a different man. Jaejoong, who had been as bright as the sun earlier, had completely changed. The straw colored hair was now jet black, and the warm light blue eyes were now a dark, angry blue…almost black. Yunho watched as Jaejoong flung himself away from Yunho, and towards his white stallion. “I hate that fucking bitch,” Jaejoong cursed, all his earlier warmth gone.

Heechul rolled his eyes, and replied calmly as if the sudden change was completely natural. “Yes, your majesty, but you do have a royal duty.”

Jaejoong grabbed the reigns to his stallion, while glaring at Heechul the whole time. “I know my royal duty! I don’t need you to remind me! I have had it preached to me since the moment I was born! I know I have to provide the kingdom with an heir. I know what I have to do. I have always known. If I was certain she would die in childbirth, then maybe even I could mange to get it up for her!”

Yunho watched as Jaejoong swiftly mounted the white stallion and rode off hastily, while the royal guards hurried to follow him. The coldness in the air left with Jaejoong. Yunho couldn’t believe the change in the man. One moment he had been pure warmth, and the next he had been ice cold.

“One must cling to hope, Your Majesty,” Heechul muttered under his breath as if he was long accustomed to Jaejoong’s outbursts.

Yunho’s eyes followed Jaejoong as the man raced off. Where the hell was he, Yunho wondered. How could Jaejoong just change his appearance like that? Not to mention the change in the weather. Yunho knew from his talks with Jaejoong that Joongs could change their appearances, but from his understanding it took much longer than an instant. Also if Jaejoong was still a Joong wouldn’t he have been able to tell that Yunho…wasn’t his Yunho? “Precious Pet,” Yunho grumbled, still offended on the behalf of his alternate self.

Heechul, who had not left, looked down at Yunho from his perch on his horse, and gave him a small smile. “Be careful, young peasant. The queen is as vindictive as she is round. His Majesty does you no favors by showing you such warmth.”

Yunho looked up quickly to look at the older man, who was smiling kindly down at him. Yunho knew he was giving him a friendly warning. Yunho opened his mouth to question this older version of Heechul, but before he could utter a word he found himself sucked back into the endless blue depths of the Guardian.


It was cold.

Jaejoong attempted to clear his sluggish mind after the familiar journey through the Guardian, but he could only sense the cold. There was a bitter chill in the air, reminding him of a cold winter’s day.

Jaejoong remembered the Guardian’s parting words before he and Yunho had been swept away. Jaejoong was immensely pleased; it was a great honor the Guardian had bestowed upon them. Their love was an old love…a timeless love, a wondrous love that the Guardian of Time approved of. Of course Jaejoong had always suspected this, since the moment when he had first laid eyes upon their son. No new feeble love could ever produce a Joong child.

Joong children were a rarity among all Joongs, and hybrid Joongs were all but unheard of. Most pure-blooded Joong couples lived and died without their coupling ever bearing the fruit of a child. When a Joong couple proved to be fruitful, they proved to be very fruitful. Jaejoong himself had ten other siblings.

That his and Yunho’s souls had touched each other’s lives through countless lifetimes filled Jaejoong with immeasurable joy. This is why he had never given into torture or pain, when ZhouMi had tried to break him. A Joong could create a bond with anybody, make anybody love them…but some love was not meant to be. Countless Joongs throughout history had shamefully bonded with their tormenters in order to escape a life of pain.

The love he shared with Yunho was meant to be. It was destiny. Jaejoong could imagine no greater gift than being able to witness the lives he had shared with Yunho. Jaejoong had heard stories of the Guardian providing such glimpses, but the accuracy of those accounts had always seemed more myth than fact to him. How exactly would the Guardian show them, Jaejoong wondered?

Jaejoong’s mind adapted to his new surroundings as his other senses began to awaken, and he realized he was kneeling and clinging to something. The cold still surrounded him, and he felt his face covered in tears, freezing tears. His damp, icy eyes flew open, and he realized he had his arms wrapped around a pair of legs. He moved his face away from the legs that it had been buried in. There was snow all around him and the bright reflection of the sun off the snow left him blinded.

His telepathic mind finally awakened, and he was drenched in sadness, an all consuming sadness. A searing pain shot through his soul.

“Jae, please…just please let me go,” a familiar voice pleaded.

Jaejoong opened his eyes instantly, squinting against the sunlight to look up at Yunho. He had never seen Yunho look…so broken. “Yunho?”

Jaejoong watched at a complete loss as Yunho reached down and gently pulled him to his feet. “Jae, you are covered in snow. Go back inside. It’s too cold.”

This wasn’t his Yunho…his Yunho didn’t hurt like this. His Yunho wasn’t this mess of a man standing in front of him. Jaejoong looked at Yunho horrified as his mind started to unlock this Yunho’s secrets. This Yunho was leaving his Jaejoong…he thought he was being noble, but it was killing him. This Yunho had been given a terrible choice, and his inability to disobey an unyielding father had led him to this point in time. Jaejoong felt Yunho’s sorrow of watching his lover suffer at his own hands, the pain of losing the one he loved, and the weight of his own self-hatred. This Yunho’s anguish was so intense that it left Jaejoong weak, and he found gravity pulling him back to the snowy ground.

“Jae, don’t do this. Please. You know…you know you will always be important to me. I can’t imagine my life without you in it. This doesn’t mean I don’t care about you,” Yunho pleaded. “I will always care about you.”

“Always care,” Jaejoong repeated the lie. This Yunho did not only care about his Jaejoong, he also loved him… loved him with a great intensity and with every fiber of his being. This Yunho was throwing away a great love for his family…for his father…for public opinion…because he was afraid.

Jaejoong’s sharp mind focused, and he pushed Yunho’s pain away…it clouded everything. Once Jaejoong’s feelings were his own he immediately sided with his counterpart in this reality. This Yunho was a fool. Only a fool would ever toss away somebody who he loved so much. Jaejoong peered through Yunho’s memories and knew that Yunho’s Jaejoong loved him just as intensely, if not more.

“Jae, I have to go. You need to get back inside and get warm. I don’t want you to get sick,” Yunho told him softly as he tried to step away.

Jaejoong reached out and grabbed the man’s legs, and looked up at him full of disdain. “You are a coward.”

Jaejoong watched in satisfaction as Yunho flinched at the truthfulness of Jaejoong’s accusation. Jaejoong did not suffer fools easily. He did feel for the man, but this pain was so needless. Even if this Yunho thought he had no choice…it was all so stupid.

“Maybe, but we are just friends now….only friends….good friends,” Yunho told him as he jerked his leg free of Jaejoong and walked away.

Jaejoong fell forward into the snow as Yunho broke away from him. Jaejoong lifted his head from the snow, and watched the man hurry away. Jaejoong knew that Yunho hurried because he didn’t trust himself. Yunho didn’t trust himself to be left in Jaejoong’s presence any longer. Jaejoong knew Yunho was fighting against the urge to run back to Jaejoong, to pull him up out of the snow, and wrap his arms around him…arms that would never let him go. Jaejoong also knew that Yunho would not do it. Jaejoong knew that Yunho might fear diverting from his well thought out plan, but he would not sway from it. This Yunho was too prideful. “You will regret this,” Jaejoong promised, because casting such a love aside only came with great consequences.

Jaejoong watched as Yunho paused for a second, knowing the truth of Jaejoong’s words, but instead of turning back he just kept walking away. Jaejoong was about to push himself up out of the snow, when he felt the familiar tug of the Guardian pulling him away.
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Wow. I am speechless now!!!!!! Me?? First SPOT. HA ha Let me celebrate this for a moment. Yay I got the first. Whoopppieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Okay. I'm all good now. Hmmmm. This was brilliant. Brilliant I tell you. A timeless love. And why do I get the feeling that you will be connecting this to the Damaged? Or that Universe.
Aside from that, I love this chapter. I was waiting for this all this time, and then I got the first spot. I must celebrate this......

Omg spot!
I really need to go sleep but I will come back to comment tomorrow :)
So I think you pretty much now what I though of this chapter already. It was mean of the Guardian to abuse the people of Eternity, but I guess there's nothing that can really done about that. Also, I really like reading about Jaejoong being in his element, of being able to take lead and direction, it's really amazing and I enjoy reading that, just like how I enjoy when Yunho leads things and takes the first step.

LOL, Yunho's world was kind of confusing and weird, but understandable nonetheless. Jaejoong appearing in Damaged!verse, well, his words about it were understandable. Also, although I'm happy to know that Jaejoong and Yunho will continue to find each other in countless lives...idk, it still makes me worried about what will happen to them. I really don't want them to die early. :<

The whole past lives thing is very interesting though, I've always wanted to write something about that. XD I enjoyed this chapter a lot, because we got to learn more about things, and I will look forward to the next one! Thank you for writing and sharing. :3
asdfhh YunJae is a “Timeless love" <333
And finally Yunho knows Jae's full name lol~

I was expecting it!!!
Jae went to Damaged</3! ;A; *crying* The reality Yunho went to, is so confusing @.@~ Yunho as Jae's precious pet... me like it +_+<3 Thank you for this chp!!

" “You will regret this,” Jaejoong promised, because casting such a love aside only came with great consequences."

its damaged all over again
Wow! So what Shindong said is true. The Guardian doed listen to Joong only and Jaejoong is just not any Joong, but from the Royal House of Joong. But tbh, I agree with Yunho that it's not very nice of the Guardian to "torture" the poor people of Eternity just because he wanted to capture the attention of Jaejoong and his bondmate and show them their timeless love.

So Jaejoong and Yunho's fate have always intertwine and it's fated that they meet, bonded and fell in love with each other. So it's no wonder Yunho and Jaejoong's bond could get so strong so quickly. They are really meant to be. Wow, I didn't expect that Joong children were a rarity among all Joongs, and hybrid Joongs were all but unheard of. That's how strong their bond is. Changmin ah, if you know how your existence came about, you'll know how much Jaejoong loves you.

I wonder what was the Guardian's objectives in revealing all this to Jaejoong and Yunho. To reassure Jae that though their time together in this lifetime might not be long, their souls will still find each other in lifes to come or it's actually to help Jaejoong to advert their future disaster? But to show Yunho too, what was the objectives? So Yunho will appreciate their bond even more? Hm.....

Aquarius ah,
Your this statement of "Jung Yunho, you have lived many lives, and you will continue to live many more. You will know devastating disappointment, magnificent triumphs, and tedious mediocrity. In all these lives you will encounter Jaejoong’s soul in one form or another. Your encounters will either span the whole of your life, or they will last for only a moment, but they will always resonate with you in every life you live.”
- do not bore very well for me. I know you never really like bad ending, so I have been hoping that this fic will have a good ending too. However, this statement might just be the opening for you to make Changmin's dream to come true, that Yunho and Jae will die T_T. Of course it's not an entirely bad ending cause no matter how, Yunho and Jae will find each other and they'll be together again in their next life, the life after that and for infinite lifes to come. But still..... T_T

By the way, did you just link Damaged to this fic??????!!!!!!O.O oooh, sneaky, sneaky sneaky...but I'm not complaining ^^

You know, your story seriously never cease to amaze me.

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No, it wasn't nice at all......but the Guardian does treat the people of Eternity like ants under his feet.

Exactly! Their souls have been bonded for..forever that's why everything is happening so fast for them, and why Changmin is possible.

The Guardian could just be a big fangirl of timeless love...he might have a spot for them....since they chose wisely.

I like that quoted even if it made you nervous! lol Don't get made at me yet...there are lots of adventures before Changmin gets sent back in time. Changmin isn't even born yet....that's going to be fun to write!

I so did add DMGD...because I am bad!

Chloe, you are like one of my favorite people ever! Thank you for commenting...you wonderful...You!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh wow the past lives are intense! I am loving this chapter. <3333
Their love is just amazing! *___* everything about them is just remarkable. That guardian tortured people just to show them their past lives? Something big must be in store for them, I wonder what that would be.
The Guardian doesn't think of people like we do...the people of Eternity really are like ants to it.

Thanks so much commenting!
As much as I love & adore this story and all of your works, but I don't quite.get this chapter.
What is the point of showing them that what they have is a timeless love?
Is it that important so the guardian almost destroy a planet just to call Jae, so he/she can show them their previous life as lover?I cant wait for next chapter.
I really want to know where this going to..
The Guardian doesn't think like we do. We see people as important, but to the Guardian who has existed forever...just doesn't care for people like we do.

The Guardian is fond of the Joong race, and it also happens to find souls and love that go on and on interesting. So yes, the Guardian did almost destroy a planet just to get Jaejoong's attention.

Thank you for reading and commenting!
Good golly gosh, where to even begin with this one, darlin'!

First, a shout-out to Princess Claudia for being gorgeous LOL! And another shout-out to the Guardian for delivering the good news and being aesthetically awesome. XD

Secondly, this chapter is definitely an interesting one for your previous readers, for reasons that are obvious and everyone can pick up on LOL! Even if I hadn't already seen you mentioning that you had to get back into the mindframe of Damaged, it was so perfectly cameo-ed that it was familiar in a really eerie but in a exciting way and it fit LOL. (Kind of puts a happy spin on Damaged too in the context of this story since it's like 'they went through shit but there's a lot more happiness that is awaiting them.' T_T<3) Before they even saw some of their past lives, I was actually reminded of Damaged by some of the Yun and Jae's interactions. They have a similar dynamic, just without all the angst. Dunno if that was subconscious or building on their old characters (past lives and all haha), or just a coincidence since that's your fav elements of YunJae for you. Either way, I love the similarities. Because their dynamic and ways of interacting are always such love. <3

And heeee. As I was semi getting into on twitter, past lives is a concept that fascinated me endlessly. Last year I read these book by a guy who and was so enthralled at the possibilities and I haven't gotten around to reading the one he wrote on soulmates/timeless love in past lives but this chapter is inspiring me to put it higher on my to-read list. So yeh, I looooove that you touched on those kinds of interesting concepts in this fic. If I would want to see this kind of spirituality done in a fic, it would be one of yours lol. Coz like I've said before, you have the quality. ^^

What else is awaiting us now that the Guardian has finally met the couple. What does it have up it's watery sleeve? Coz it's nice and all that it'd want to tell YJ nice things, but for what reason? Hohoho.

As always I love the way your mind works, simple as that. Can't wait for more! <3
I have to stop mentioning things on Twitter! I am such a blabber mouth. Where is the fun if I ruin all the twists?

By having them share a soul...it makes it acceptable to combine some of their personality traits.lol I know lots of people have a real problem with my DMGD Jae, but darn it if he wasn't my favorite character ever. This Joong Jae isn't as...intent? Intense? Hostile. Rigid. Easy to anger. Insecure. Joong Jae isn't as extremely inflexible as damaged Jae...and I don't mean physical positions. lol

I really haven't ever read about timeless love or reincarnation, but I think in this world......anything is possible. I really like the idea of two souls meeting over and over. Sometimes if you read about historical characters it's like you are reading about the same people over and over.

Thank you so much for commenting!
And your fic just keeps getting better!
“Timeless love is forever. Timeless love is two souls that always find their way back to each other in every life,” That is so romantic. ;_;
Can't wait for the next chapter! :D