Expectations: All Our Lives, Part 3 of 4

Title: Expectations
Adventure Four: All Our Lives Part 3 of 4
Pairings: Yunjae, KyuWook, General
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Humor, Angst
Beta:  motty123

Special Thanks: To Amy for being the basketball court that I bounce all my ideas off of. Thanks to Motty for always making me laugh…I have lost track of the times I have snorted drinks up my nose because of you! Thanks to everybody who comments! I know I’m a comment whore, but whoring doesn’t guarantee anything, SO THANK YOU!

Summary: Captain Yunho and Jaejoong go on a most unusual journey.

Prior Adventures

It felt nice.

Very nice. Yunho was pleasantly aroused, and his mind was having difficulty focusing as a pair of soft, wet lips trailed down his back. Yunho smiled into the pillow his face was resting against. This was a very nice way to wake up. Jaejoong was always spoiling him, Yunho thought.

When a slick finger slipped inside him, Yunho immediately tensed. Yunho fought against the urge to jerk away, this was the fist time that Jaejoong had ever been so bold.

“Baby, why so tense? It’ll be good…it’s always so good,” his lover cooed into his ear as he flicked his tongue against the ear in question. It caused chills to run down Yunho’s spine.

Yunho tried to clear his head. Jaejoong’s touch was making him feel dizzy. Jaejoong had never voiced any desire to, well…to take a more dominate role in their lovemaking. Although Yunho knew it was only fair, but he had thought his lover was happy with their current arrangement. Well actually, Yunho knew Jaejoong was happy, their bond left no room for lies, or misunderstandings in their most intimate of acts.

Yunho whimpered into the pillow as one finger became two. To be completely honest Yunho had never wanted this. Or he didn’t want it yet, and Jaejoong knowing this had not pressed the issue. What had happened to cause him to press the issue now, and in such a way? He was surprised that the other man had not seen fit to discuss it with him first.

Why now? Yunho wondered as he tried to make sense of the situation through the lust -filled haze of his mind. Yunho turned his head to the side with his eyes still pressed closed as Jaejoong continued to work to loosen him up. It wouldn’t be so bad, Yunho told himself. If Jaejoong wanted this, then as his lover he should allow it. Jaejoong would never do anything to hurt him, and if it did hurt him then his mate could easily rid him of any discomfort.

Fingers moved deeper inside of him, touching his prostate and pleasure shot through Yunho’s entire body. No, not that bad at all, Yunho thought as he instinctively arched back into Jaejoong. He had never experienced this pleasure before, and he would be lying if he didn’t admit to himself how nice it was.

Two fingers continued to tease his prostate, and Yunho felt himself moving closer to the edge. The pleasure was amazing, and although he still has some doubts he ignored them. He would allow this for Jaejoong. They were equals, Yunho reminded himself as he tried to relax, and allow himself to enjoy the experience.

“What brought this on?” Yunho asked his lover mentally. When Jaejoong didn’t answer him a horrible thought took root in his mind. Jaejoong had said nothing to him telepathically…nothing at all. Yunho’s eyes flew open, the recent occurrences with the guardian flooded back to him, and all the pleasure he had been experiencing vanished instantly as he came face to face with a white tiger.

Yunho’s suspicions were confirmed to his complete and utter shock. He was in a room he didn’t recognize, he was about to be on the receiving end of anal sex for the first time by a Jaejoong that was not his own, and most shockingly he was staring at a white tiger in the face.

The tiger was standing beside the bed with its head resting against the mattress as he looked back at Yunho. Yunho fought the urge to flee, fearing what the tiger would do if he made a hasty move.

“Baby, why are you so tight…Jiji, stop watching! You know he doesn’t like it when you watch!” Jaejoong screamed, reaching over Yunho to swat the big, white tiger on the face. “Get out!”

Yunho was stunned when the tiger didn’t rip into the man; instead it just yawned in his direction, not bothering to follow his orders. Yunho sat up instantly, tossing Jaejoong off his back, realizing the tiger was some huge pet. Yunho stared back at the huge cat completely dumbfounded…who in the world would have such an animal as a pet?

“Yunho! We were in the middle of something,” this reality’s version of Jaejoong whined as Yunho sat up against the headboard of the bed, pulling a purple, velvety blanket up over his waist as he continued to eye the tiger.

“Not anymore.”

“What? We can’t just stop. You said you were in the mood,” Jaejoong protested as he stood up in the large bed.

“Well, I am not in the mood anymore,” Yunho informed the other man when he looked up at him for the first time. Yunho’s mouth fell open. Yunho could not imagine that Jaejoong could ever look so manly. This version had a body that was rippling with muscles. He had very black, short hair that only added to his masculine looks. His body also had tattoos scattered across it, the most obscene being one across his groin that was of Yunho’s name with an arrow pointing toward Jaejoong’s very hard cock.

Jaejoong reached down, grabbed Yunho’s lower legs that were sticking out from underneath the blanket, and pulled until Yunho was lying with his back flat against the bed. “I will just have to work to correct that little problem.”

Yunho barely reached his arms up in time to prevent Jaejoong from lunging for his lips. “No, really I am not in the mood….the tiger…Jiji is still watching,” Yunho stammered, looking for a reason to get this version of Jaejoong to leave him alone.

“It’s your own fault, you spoil him rotten. Now, I want to be spoiled. Baby, I need you. I want you so bad,” Jaejoong explained as he easily moved Yunho’s arms out of the way and started kissing Yunho.

Yunho turned away from the kiss, astonished at how strong this version of Jaejoong was and how weak he was. Even with all his strength the other man had easily moved his arms out of the way.

Jaejoong’s hand reached up, found his face, and positioned Yunho until their lips met. Jaejoong growled into Yunho’s mouth, trying to push his tongue in, but Yunho refused to kiss him back. Yunho cursed the Guardian for putting him in such a position. “Please don’t,” Yunho pleaded, hating how weak his voice sounded.

Jaejoong lifted his head and stared down at Yunho, scrutinizing him. “Baby, this is the only night this month that we have off from the show. I thought you wanted it too. Not just a quick romp, but nice and slow.”

Yunho turned away from that observant gaze, and found that the white tiger still had not moved. “I can’t…not with him watching.”

“Then tell him to leave, you know he won’t listen to me,” Jaejoong told Yunho as he bent back down, and moved down Yunho’s body till he took Yunho’s nipple in his mouth, and started teasing it with his tongue and a little bit of teeth.

Yunho looked at the tiger, and wondered if he ordered it to attack the horny bastard on top of him, if it would. Yunho immediately cast that thought aside, realizing the Yunho that belonged to this reality wouldn’t appreciate it. “Shoo,” Yunho told the tiger, and the tiger immediately obeyed. Yunho watched as the tiger turned and walked out of the room.

Yunho sighed, wondering if he had done the right thing…maybe he could have just had it drag Jaejoong away. He could always call for it again, Yunho thought as looked up at the ceiling and gawked. On the ceiling above the bed was a huge mirror, and Yunho could see himself. Yunho stared flabbergasted…he wasn’t just weak, he was feminine. He had long hair, and he looked so delicate.

The thought that he, Captain Yunho, was actually a woman had him reaching down and grabbing for his cock. He prayed it was still there. Relief flooded him as his hands encountered the limp organ that was not responding to the other man’s ministrations.

“Now, that’s more like it. Get into it with me,” Jaejoong moaned as he felt Yunho’s movement. Yunho immediately jerked his hand away from his cock.

Yunho stared up at his feminine reflection with distaste. “So you are going to force me,” Yunho snapped. He was suddenly very annoyed with this entire situation. Yunho knew martial arts, but he wondered if the body he was in now would even respond. He hated to resort to such things.

Jaejoong jerked back as if he had been hit. “Force you? I would never!”

“Really? Then what do you call this? How many times do I have to tell you I’m not in the mood?” Yunho hissed as he climbed out of the bed dragging the purple blanket with him.

Jaejoong just sat up in bed and stared at Yunho at a complete loss. “Baby, I’m sorry…but what did I do?”

Yunho, who just noticed to his horror that his fingernails were painted pink, felt a wave of guilt as he listened to the hurt in the other man’s voice. Yunho reminded himself that this Jaejoong wasn’t trying to rape him. He had merely thought he was making love to this reality’s version of Yunho. “I have had a really strange day…you just can’t even imagine.”

“Try me,” Jaejoong pleaded, reaching out for Yunho. Yunho glared back at him, causing the other man to hold up his hands. “No touching.”

Yunho sat back down on the bed, while not taking his eyes off Jaejoong, fearful that the man might make another lunge for him. Yunho wondered what would happen if he told this version of Jaejoong the truth. “What would you say if I told you that…I am not your Yunho. I’m actually from another reality, and in that reality I’m a Starship Captain.”

The other man bolted out of bed, completely enraged, causing Yunho to jump. “Did Taegoon give you something? I will fucking kill him. He knows you don’t tolerate drugs!”

Before Yunho could respond to the man’s accusation, he felt the Guardian pulling him away.


Jaejoong blinked as he suddenly found himself hovering over a stove and stirring a pot of what appeared to be a creamy, yellow liquid. His mind cleared much quicker than on the first jump. He took in his surroundings, and found that he was in some kind of living area. His sharp eyes and mind immediately noticed a young boy a few feet away from him sitting at the table, eating.

His telepathic mind gently entered the young boy's mind to find out more information regarding his location. The young boy’s name was Junsu, and he was eating his breakfast before he went to school. They were apparently in the kitchen of the boy’s family home, and this was his usual routine. The young boy's thoughts were centered on a sports activity called soccer that he had scheduled for later in the day.

Jaejoong’s information gathering from the boy was interrupted when a young teenage girl burst onto the scene. She hurried to Jaejoong, and much to his surprise gave him a fierce hug. “Good Morning, JJ!”

“Good Morning…Hana,” Jaejoong quickly answered, leaving the boy’s mind to venture into the girls. She and the boy both had black hair and brown eyes, looking like most of the Expectation’s crew. Both the boy and the girl were wearing black and white school uniforms. Where the boy was slender, the girl was slightly plump. She was full of love for the Jaejoong who lived in this reality, Jaejoong noticed.

Hana let go of him and looked at the pot that he had been stirring. “What are you cooking?”

Jaejoong blinked. If she didn’t know what he was cooking, he sure as heck didn’t know. He looked down at the pot in a total loss.

“It’s a surprise,” Junsu answered as he stuffed a big spoonful of food into his mouth.

Hana immediately frowned. “It better not be for Oppa! He doesn’t deserve any new recipes!”

Jaejoong stared at her curiously as his mind unlocked her secrets. She was very unhappy with her older brother for going out on a date last night. She felt that he had wronged Jaejoong greatly. She had an idealized opinion of Jaejoong, she believed him to be mostly without faults, and practically saint-like. The only gripe she had against Jaejoong was the he would never agree with her regarding her brother’s dishonorable treatment of him. In fact, the Jaejoong of this reality was in the habit of doing just the opposite, and never confirming any kind of feelings of jealously on his own behalf.

The Jaejoong in this reality was apparently a friend of her older brother that lived with them, and helped take care of her and her brothers. Jaejoong touched upon a great sadness within the young girl…her parents had both died.

“Oh, whatever you are making, it smells wonderful,” a familiar cheerful voice proclaimed as Yunho strolled into the kitchen with a big, smiling baby boy attached to his hip.

Hana folded her arms, glaring at her brother and then declaring, “It isn’t for you. You cheater!”

“Hana! I’m not a cheater!”

“Yes, you are!”

Yunho took a deep breath and pressed his lips together, pausing before replying to her. Jaejoong watched as Yunho controlled his temper, and told Hana in a much calmer voice than the one she was using on him, “We have had this talk a billion times, and we are not going to have it again this morning. We are going to have a happy breakfast together.”


“Stop it,” Yunho told her firmly but not sharply. “If it makes you feel better it was a horrendous date.”

Jaejoong watched as Hana smiled now. “Well duh, it was with a girl and you’re gay.”

“Hana,” Yunho said in a long suffering voice as he stared at the ceiling of the kitchen, as if he was begging for patience. Jaejoong couldn’t help but smile at him. Jaejoong found this Yunho rather attractive. Yunho was decked out in a nice suit, but it was the smiling baby perched on his hips that made him really attractive. Jaejoong internally winced, he hoped and prayed babies were not in his immediate future.

Junsu, who was still seated at the table asked, “What does gay mean?”

Yunho closed his eyes, finished praying for patience, and turned to his younger brother with a big smile. “It means happy, merry, or joyous. It’s just another word for being glad.”

Junsu nodded his head, satisfied with the explanation and continued eating his breakfast. Hana however gave her older brother an exaggerated eye roll.

“Eat,” Yunho told his younger sister and pointed her toward the table.

“I’m on a diet.”

“No, you aren’t. Hana, you are perfect.”

“Am not.”

“Are too,” Yunho insisted as he took one of her arms and carefully pushed her toward the breakfast table. “You are much too young to be on a diet.”

Jaejoong watched as Hana walked to the table and sat down by her little brother. There was already a plate of food prepared for her…actually there were four plates of food on the table. This was a family.

“Thanks for all the help with her this morning,” Yunho whispered, full of sarcasm as he walked over to Jaejoong and stared down at the pot. Jaejoong realized this Yunho had wanted help dealing with his younger sister this morning.

“You’re welcome,” Jaejoong answered. This might not be his Yunho, but still he wasn’t going to help any Yunho that willingly went on dates with women. Hana must have been right; the Jaejoong that belonged in this reality must be a saint.

The baby Yunho was holding reached out its arms for Jaejoong and cried out, “Momma!”

A very shocked Jaejoong took the baby that was climbing out of Yunho’s arms in his direction. This was his child? He cursed the Joong laws that prevented him from killing randomly. What a pig this Yunho is, Jaejoong thought. Apparently his saintly form in this reality helped Yunho raise his siblings, birthed this child, and allowed Yunho to date women. Jaejoong was disgusted that any soul of his would allow such behavior.

“Hana!” Yunho’s accusing voice broke out, disturbing Jaejoong from his dark thoughts. “What did I tell you about teaching your brother to say that? Jaejoong is not his mother!”

“Oh,” Jaejoong muttered as he stared at the baby, who just smiled back at him.

Hana smiled at her big brother. “Minnie likes calling him that. JJ is the only mother he has ever known.”

“Jaejoong is a man! A man! Stop teaching Changmin to call him momma!”

“Momma,” Changmin repeated after hearing Yunho say the word. The big baby’s expression could only be described as a smirk as he reached for the pot on the stove. Jaejoong took a quick step back to keep the baby from reaching his goal. This baby was called Changmin? Come to think of it, the kid at the table was not only named Junsu but looked a lot like Yunho’s favorite ensign. Was it not just Yunho and Jaejoong’s souls that were connected? Or was the Guardian messing with him?

“Changmin, say JJ,” Yunho said, startling Jaejoong when he patted Jaejoong’s chest. “This is JJ.”


“No, JJ.”






“You know you could help a guy out!” Yunho complained as he took the baby from Jaejoong. Jaejoong just giggled, unable to resist. The exasperated man’s expression was priceless.

“JJ, can I call you momma too?” Junsu asked from the table.

“NO!” Yunho bellowed as he hurried toward the table and plopped Changmin down in a chair that must have been especially designed for babies.

Junsu and Hana shared a laugh, and Junsu teased, “But it’s not fair if Minnie gets to call JJ momma and I don’t.”

Yunho’s frown disappeared, realizing he was being teased. “So not funny guys, imagine Changmin’s first day at preschool. What will his teachers think? It isn’t funny!” Yunho scolded them as he sat down beside Changmin and started feeding the hungry baby.

“Minnie just does it because he knows you don’t like it,” Hana explained to her older brother.

Yunho eyed the baby that was happily munching away. “Hana, he is just a baby…he doesn’t do it on purpose.”

“Bull,” Hana insisted.

Junsu nodded his head in agreement with his big sister, and swallowed down the last of his breakfast before proclaiming, “He’s an evil genius.”

Yunho looked suspiciously at the big baby, who was eyeing the plate of food in front of Yunho with longing. Before Yunho could respond to Junsu’s remark, a honking sound filled the air, causing Junsu to jump up. The boy raced around the table, toward the door, but stopped before opening it to look back at his big brother. “Are you coming to my game?”

Yunho paled slightly, then turned and gave Jaejoong a pleading look. Jaejoong entered the other Yunho’s mind and realized he wanted help regarding the time of the game. Jaejoong left Yunho’s mind and got the information quickly from Junsu’s. “It’s at five o’clock.”

Yunho turned all his attention on Junsu. “I’ll be there. You know I wouldn’t miss it. You are my favorite soccer player after all.”

Junsu, who Jaejoong knew was a happy child, brightened even more. “And we are going to practice this weekend, and Eunhyuk can come over?”

“Yes, yes,” Yunho said, nodding his head in agreement. “Now you hurry off to school, and don’t forget to thank Mrs. Lee for the ride!”

“I won’t forget,” promised Junsu as he hurried for the door. Jaejoong couldn’t help but feel the love all around him. The house was full of love. He knew they all had suffered a great personal tragedy, but the love among them was undeniable. Jaejoong was very curious about his relationship with Yunho though, and before he could dig deeper into Yunho’s mind he felt the familiar tug of the Guardian pulling him away.


“This was one crazy bitch.”


“It’s the truth. The room is creepy. I mean how many wigs can one woman have?”

“Yeah, and look at all these pictures.”

“It’s like a shrine to her lost youth.”

“Can you imagine being raised by her? What it must have been like?”

“No, I don’t want to either.”

The familiar voices of Yoochun and Junsu drifted down from above Yunho, and greeted him as the Guardian deposited him in this new reality. It looked like he was in an old-fashioned, two-story house. Yunho found himself on a staircase clinging to the railing between the first and second floor. Yunho was not going to foolishly assume anything from now on. It was obvious that the Guardian had not stopped its little tour trip through the alternate realities.

“If I knew what we were looking for it might be easier,” Yunho heard Junsu complain from above him on the second level of the house.

“Anything that connects them,” Yoochun answered.

“I hope it matters,” Junsu said, wistfully.

“Who knows with Jae, but maybe after he cools down.”

“It isn’t Lily’s fault,” Junsu insisted.

“No,” Yoochun agreed. “But that doesn’t mean Yunho isn’t going to pay for not keeping it in his pants for the rest of his life, or Lily’s life for that matter.”

“It’s just stupid. They were not even together at the time,” Yunho heard Junsu complain.

“I know, but when has our lovely Jaejoong ever been rational when it comes to Yunho? Let’s go check out the room at the end of the hall. It might have something.”

“Lily is an innocent in all this,” Junsu insisted as his voice grew fainter as he and Yoochun moved away from Yunho.

“I know, but-” the rest of what Yoochun was going to say was drowned out as the familiar voice of his lover demanded.

“What the hell are you just standing there for?”

Yunho looked down to the bottom of the stairs from his halfway perch and winced. This was most definitely Jaejoong. This Jaejoong was almost as beautiful as the version in his reality, but the man’s eyes were full of fire.

“Ummm,” Yunho barely managed to get out, and started to walk down the stairs toward the man. Yunho had taken one step when he realized he had made a grave error. Yunho suddenly felt himself falling forward. He reached out, his arms grabbing for the railing he had so carelessly let go of earlier. Yunho came to the disturbing realization that the Yunho in this reality did not have the benefit of a strong body, and most certainly not that of sturdy legs.

Yunho managed to grab the railing but to his dismay his arm also felt weak, and he knew the arm would not hold him for long. Before the arm failed him, he felt another pair of arms grab a hold of him.

“Yunho, dammit! I knew you were too stressed,” Jaejoong cursed in his ear as he pulled Yunho up to a standing position. “This is just great!”

Yunho just watched as Jaejoong wrapped his arm around his waist and proceeded to walk him down the stairs. To Yunho’s surprise Changmin greeted them at the floor with a concerned look. “I knew we shouldn’t have come here. I just knew it,” Jaejoong snapped as he dragged Yunho to a couch and forced him to sit down.

“Are you alright?” Changmin asked Yunho.

“I’m fine,” Yunho answered.

Jaejoong snorted and then proceeded to rearrange Yunho’s clothing as he checked Yunho over for any sign of injury. “Fine, my ass. You are just lucky I was there to catch you.”

Changmin sat down on the arm of the couch, giving Yunho a disapproving look. “Yunho, if you were feeling that weak you should have told us. You know better than to take the stairs when your body isn’t in good condition.”

Yunho looked up into the face of his son…or this version of Changmin, and answered honestly, “I didn’t know I was that weak.”

“Aren’t you sleeping?” Changmin asked.

“Of course not!” Jaejoong hissed as he finished checking Yunho for any sign of injury. “How do you expect us to sleep with that screaming banshee in the mansion?”

“Jae! That’s a little cold!” Changmin accused.

“It’s the truth!”

“Is not!”

“You don’t have to live with her!”

“Well maybe I should! I think I need to move back!”

“Please move back! You can be exposed to the constant screaming too!”

“It’s crying, Jae! Crying! There is a difference!”

Yunho watched with wide eyes as Changmin and Jaejoong went back and forth with each other. Did these two get along in any reality?

“Remember that when you get woken up at 4am.”

“I will!”

“Then move back in!”

“I will!”


“Yunho needs my support!”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“He apparently isn’t getting it from you!”

Yunho found himself staring at Jaejoong. Jaejoong, who looked so soft and beautiful, but Yunho thought looks could be deceiving. Yunho could not believe that he had cheated on this version of Jaejoong. The Yunho in this reality must be a very brave soul, or really stupid because this Jaejoong…well, he was scary as shit. Yunho was grateful that this version of Jaejoong didn’t appear to have the power to kill with his mind.

A soft hand rested against Yunho’s face, and broke him from his daze to see Jaejoong watching him closely. Jaejoong with a much softer voice asked, “Yunho, why are you looking at me like that?”

“He probably just realized he is saddled to your cranky ass for the rest of his life,” Changmin barked at Jaejoong.

In response to Changmin’s remark, Jaejoong raised his other arm and pointed his middle finger at Changmin without taking his eyes of Yunho. “I’m sorry…you know it’s hard for me.”

Yunho just stared back at Jaejoong not knowing what to say, because he really didn’t know what the hell was going on, so he answered with a safe, “I know.”

Jaejoong smiled at him and all the hatefulness vanished. Yunho smiled back at him as the beautiful man leaned over and kissed him on the lips. Yunho instantly understood the draw of this version of Jaejoong. This version of Jaejoong was like a fire that drew you in.

“You two are crazy. I can’t believe you are kissing him after he called your-”

“Guess what we found!” Junsu proclaimed, interrupting Changmin as he rushed up to them.

Jaejoong pulled away from Yunho and looked at Junsu. “What?”

Yoochun followed Junsu into the room holding a piece of paper. “A birth certificate.”

“Guess who had the same exact birthday as Kim Jaejoong?” Junsu asked with a very pleased look upon his face.

“I knew it was more then a coincidence,” Changmin said from his seat on the arm of the couch beside Yunho.

Yunho watched as Jaejoong paled, and shook his head and whispered, “No, it can’t be.”

Yoochun walked over and rested a hand on Jaejoong’s shoulder and told the other man in a firm voice, “It is true, and I think it’s time you have a talk with your biological mother.”

“Auntie Jae,” Junsu said full of delight.

“Auntie Jae,” Yunho repeated confused. Before he had time to question them further the Guardian pulled him away.


Jaejoong opened his eyes only to squeeze them shut an instant later as a searing pain shot though his head. He dropped to the floor, letting out a scream of pain, and reached for his head.

The pain that tore through his head was unimaginable, and Jaejoong fought to remain conscious. His empathic powers were on overdrive as he felt many a man’s pain, while his head continued to feel like it was going to split in half from another kind of horrendous pain. Unfortunately, his telepathic powers were not working at all; his empathic powers were drowning out everything. Sadly, Jaejoong thought his sense of smell was working just fine, as he breathed in a rotten stench that left his stomach queasy.

“Liam, are you okay?” the voice of an older man could clearly be heard asking. Jaejoong felt old, rough hands on his shoulder.

Through the assault of the pain, Jaejoong wondered who the hell Liam was. He was Jaejoong, and if the Guardian had any compassion at all it would immediately transport him out of this place.

“What should we do, Doctor?” another unfamiliar voice asked.

The older man from before answered, “Peter, lets get him up for now.” He felt two pairs of arms pull him to his feet. “Liam, I know it must be hard, but try to collect yourself.”

“Collect myself?” Jaejoong sneered. He wondered how he was supposed to do that. He had never experienced such sensory overload, and pain at the same time. It was like he was in hell. His own mind was betraying him by its attempts to split in half. At times Jaejoong would have swore the floor beneath him was rocking back and forth.

“Should I get the captain?” the one named Peter asked, causing Jaejoong’s eyes to fly open. The reason for his empathic overload was immediately noticeable. He was in a closed off room without windows. The room was lit by lanterns, and it was filled with wounded men…dying men. Jaejoong stared at the men, who were covered in bandages, and most of the bandages were stained red with blood. Some of the men were without arms and legs…and some were without both.

“The captain has his hands full,” the old man told Peter as he led Jaejoong to the side of the room. “He would only worry. Liam will be himself in no time…isn’t that right, Liam?”

Jaejoong didn’t answer because all Jaejoong could see was the reflection he cast. A small, square mirror hung from the wall facing Jaejoong. The vision inside of it dulled everything for just a moment. It was not his face that stared back at him, but that of another. The reflection that stared back at him was no less beautiful…than his own. The skin was the same perfect complexion, the eyes a crystal blue color. Long, thick eyelashes perfect rosy, red lips, and soft blond hair that hung in curly waves just off his shoulder.

“Yes, you are a mighty pretty sight. Never met a girl that came even close to topping your grand looks,” the older voice said, amused as he pushed Jaejoong down into a chair and away from his reflection.

A tall lanky, unattractive boy bent over in front of Jaejoong, studying him. “The captain won’t like that he was like this, and nobody told him.”

“Peter, the captain has pirates to deal with. He can’t be babysitting right now,” the older man said. “I can’t be either, and neither can you. These men need us.”

Jaejoong watched as the older man and Peter hurried back to the injured men that filled the room. The pain in Jaejoong’s head had not lessened, and his empathic senses were still overloading him…no doubt the small room of suffering men did not help that. He needed to get out of here, but he didn’t trust himself to walk. It did not help that the whole room at times felt like it was swaying in the wind.

Jaejoong eyed the whole room, looking for an escape route. He needed to get out of this room, maybe if he got away his telepathic abilities would return, and he would have some clue as to where he was. “Yunho,” Jaejoong whispered as he thought of his lover. If the Guardian was also giving Yunho the guided tour through the lives they had shared…Yunho would always feel like this. Lost and without the benefit of Jaejoong’s telepathic powers. Jaejoong winced as he thought of his poor Yunho, and what it must be like for him.

Jaejoong slowly stood back up, and cursed his healing powers that were having no affect on the excruciating pain that was filling his head. He leaned heavily against the wall and slowly moved toward steps he saw leading up and out of the room. The room he supposed was some kind of medical room, but it was so dated. It was unlike anything Jaejoong had ever seen before.

Slowly and not so steadily he walked toward the steps. The other two men had talked about a captain. Was the captain Yunho in this reality? They seemed to think he would be concerned for Jaejoong…or perhaps he should think of himself as Liam. Jaejoong knew his soul, his essence, was in this beautiful man named Liam. The vain part of Jaejoong was relieved that he was trapped inside such a beautiful body.

He reached the steps and slowly made his way up, ignoring the pain as best he could. He pushed open a door and stepped onto a wood floor. He opened his eyes wider, fighting the pain to take in his surroundings. All he saw around him was water. Comprehension dawned on him, and he realized he was on a ship. He was on a ship at sea.

Jaejoong slowly made it to the edge of the ship and looked over the side. All he could see as far as his eye could reach was water. Dread filled Jaejoong and he sank to the floor of the ship. He was trapped on a ship full of suffering people. The pain in his head had gone from sharp to pounding. He cursed his empathic abilities. If his telepathic ones were going to fail him, then why couldn’t his empathic ones fail him too? But Jaejoong knew it was more than his empathic powers triggering the pain…it was almost as if this brain wasn’t made to hold his powers. Did this brain not have the capacity for telepathy at all, and was that the cause of his pain?

He closed his eyes, enjoying the darkness. The pain was lessened when he shut out the light. Jaejoong realized his mind had been in disarray for most of his visits to the different realities. Perhaps his Joong consciousness did not take well to the old bodies his soul had once been housed in.

“Mr. Liam, do you require assistance?” an alarmed voice asked.

Jaejoong begrudgingly opened his eyes to see a bald man standing over him and looking panicked. “No, I do not,” Jaejoong told him, closing his eyes again against the assaulting sunlight.

“Are you sure, Sir?”

“Yes, now please leave me alone,” Jaejoong couldn’t help snapping. Jaejoong didn’t watch as the other man walked away. He could tell the man was hesitant to leave him, but he didn’t care. He just wanted to be gone from this stupid reality, and all its pain. He just wanted to leave. He leaned his head into his knees and prayed the Guardian would soon have mercy on him.

Jaejoong was lost in his own world of misery. He had lost count of how many well-intentioned sailors he had chased off. Jaejoong was doing his best to close out the world around him, when he felt a strong, yet gently hand brush through his hair. Jaejoong slowly lifted his head from his knees ready to tell another sailor to get lost when he opened his eyes, and stopped himself.

Standing before him was a very handsome man in the most dashing blue uniform that he had ever seen. The uniform was dark blue, trimmed in gold. There was a white silk shirt underneath, and even the dark blue hat the man wore only added to his stylish looks. Jaejoong instantly thought the crew of the Expectations should wear such uniforms. The man had soft brown hair that was tied back, and piercing green eyes that were full of concern.

“Robert tells me you are being very rude,” the man told him with smile that did not hide the concern in his eyes.

“Robert,” Jaejoong repeated at a loss. It must have been one of the sailors he had sent on his way.

“You don’t remember?”

Jaejoong stared up at the man, drowning in his handsome good looks. “I have a really bad headache.”

The hand that has been running through his hair slid down to wipe his eyes. “Liam, your eyes are so red. You should have told Ben, he would have given you something.”

“I didn’t want…I don’t-”

The handsome man knelt down and looked him in the eye, and said interrupting him, “You didn’t want to be a bother.”

“Yunho…” Jaejoong whispered, trailing off as he recognized the soul behind those eyes.

The man looked at him, confused. “I know what?”

“How I am,” Jaejoong quickly answered, finding relief in just knowing that Yunho’s soul was here on the ship with him.

The man let out a small laugh, and stood back up, pulling Jaejoong up with him. “Yes, I do. All too well I’m afraid.”

Jaejoong just smiled at him. He liked this version of Yunho.

“Let me take you back to the cabin so you can rest,” the man told him.

Jaejoong nodded his head, and allowed the man to lead him away. The pain was still in his head, but he felt comforted so much by this man’s presence. Although he doubted his Yunho would be happy to know how eager he was to follow another man back to his cabin. But it kind of still was Yunho, Jaejoong reasoned, as the man led him through the ship.

Jaejoong watched as the other men on the ship saluted, or greeted the man with the word captain. This man was a captain too, the captain that the first men he had encountered had mentioned. Jaejoong smiled. He liked belonging to handsome captains. He hated the ship and the headache, but this reality did have its perks.

The man led him into a large cabin, the captain’s cabin, Jaejoong quickly surmised, and toward a bed at the side of the room. “Now, sleep,” the captain said, pulling back the sheets and motioning for Jaejoong to climb in bed.

Jaejoong did as instructed. The captain sat down on the edge of the bed, and continued to study him closely. “Are you sure the headache is all that’s bothering you?”

“What do you mean?”

A hand reached out and caressed his face. “The pirates… what they did to their prisoners… it had to bring back bad memories. I know the one boy was castrated…I can’t imagine what must be running through your mind right now.”

“Castrated,” Jaejoong barely managed to get out the word. One did not have to be a telepath to get what the captain was hinting at. One of Jaejoong’s hands sneaked under the covers, and to his horror found a penis but not a scrotum. Jaejoong jerked his hand back quickly and moaned.

“You didn’t know?”

“I don’t want to think about that…I just want to go home,” Jaejoong cried. He hated that he felt tears in his eyes, but dammit he just wanted to go home…he just wanted his Yunho.

“And where is home, Liam?”

Jaejoong snapped out of his self-pity to realize he might have said too much. “Huh?”

“Since the day I saved you…all those years ago, I have often asked you repeatedly where your home was. And you have never answered me truthfully. You must know that I would take you home…if only you would tell me,” the captain told him with just a touch of sadness.

Jaejoong quickly turned on his side, facing away from the captain. “It doesn’t matter,” Jaejoong answered. He had no answers for the captain. Liam’s home was a mystery to him also.

“Liam, I know you weren’t a poor orphan the pirates picked off some shoreline. You are better educated than anyone I have ever met. You speak more languages then a university professor. Don’t you know by now that you can tell me anything,” the captain pleaded with a touch of desperation in his voice.

Jaejoong turned back to face the captain. He could understand the man’s curiosity. He was curious himself, but Liam’s secrets were not his own. “Please Captain, just go.”

The captain leaned back quickly as if he had been slapped. “Captain? Not Gil…you are in a mood.”

Jaejoong could tell the other man was hurt…of course he would never call his Yunho captain…well unless he was annoyed with him. These lovers must feel the same way. “Gil, will you please leave,” Jaejoong asked softly this time. Then Jaejoong reached out and took the other man’s hand, and brought it up to his lips and kissed it.

The response was immediate and totally unexpected. The captain jerked away as if Liam had bitten him. The look of horror that filled the other man’s face let Jaejoong know that his assumption that they were lovers had been incorrect.

“Liam, go to sleep,” the captain demanded, now standing beside the bed slowly inching away. “Hopefully when you awaken, your senses will have returned.”

Jaejoong sat up and watched as the captain hastily left the cabin. It was official, Jaejoong thought; this was the worst reality ever. He fell back down on the bed and pulled the pillow over his face. He was feeling terribly sorry for himself and this poor beautiful Liam fellow, who shared his soul, when the Guardian pulled him away, much to his eternal thanks.
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