Expectations: All Our Lives Part 4 of 4

Title: Expectations
Adventure Five: All Our Lives Part 4 of 4
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae, KyuWook
Rating: R
Beta:  motty123
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Angst, death

A/N: If you don’t read the genre warnings…then you can’t complain. Okay, the commenters can...because I love all my comments. But you silent readers aren’t allowed to think bad things at me. lol

Summary: Yunho and Jaejoong are taken on a most unusual journey.

Prior Adventures

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Another fine chapter....the Cowboy universe was so touching, at least that Jae was able to die with hope. But the line that really touched this old Trekies heart was “Whatever, he was about To (boldly) Go Where No Man Has Gone Before.” The perfect context for this oh so famous line.

I am so glad you caught that! I just had to add that line! A real Trekkie couldn't avoid it. lol

Thank you so much for commenting and reading!
I was freaking out cause i thought you were gonna kill off min (something about how there can't be two changmins from different points of time within the same reality cause the universe won't be able to handle his awesomeness.. clearly i have been watching a too much doctor who ^^; lol but yeah since baby!min is coming, what if that means sexy!min gotta go? idk, you're really keeping me on my toes here. Props ;D)

but umm, I'm glad that it was Jae's (cause somehow he just fits death fic OTL sry) and that it was a good death :D He had to suffer in his life but in the end, Yunho gave him hope so at least he was in peace :)

And yay for evil zhoumi 8D
I need to watch Doctor Who! I like that theory.

I am glad you liked the way Cowboy Jaejoong's life ended.

Thank you so much for reading and commenting!
Hi dear. Sorry for just checking your works by now. Real life kills *dies* the journeys are somewhat interesting. Many ver of both but the constantly attached to each other. I squint a tvxq era xD but, oh, zhoumi's coming. Can't wait for more drama and actions! Thanks for the awesome updates ♥

P. S. And thanks for using Claudia's name here. She deserves some lovin' ♥
Yeah, real life is about to pull me away really soon, so I understand.

I am glad you found the journeys somewhat interesting. lol I hope the next adventure is more interesting.

I love Claudia.

Thank you for reading and commenting!
When I saw the DEATH warning, I was hesitated to open the chapter..however my itchy hand clicked the link.*lol non-synchronizing body part*...luckily it just jaundiced Jaejoong that died..
Yunjae really went through a lot in their past time..hopefully they will get through this life also..
Lol when Jaejoong can know what adventue yunho had by reading his mind..poor yunho, being bullied...hahaha
Lord Zoumi look cool..Evil, but macho n cool n smart...very suitable for antagonist character
I'm worried for yunjae couple..but with adult genius n is there, hopefully the damage can be minimize...
Can't wait for next adventure..^_^
See the itchy finger knew what it was doing.

Jaejoong is going to have lots of fun with reminding Yunho about the past lives.

I hope ZhouMi manages to come off the way I intend. Usually my antagonist are the my protagonist too. lol

Thank you so much for commenting!
D: more realities~

The YunJae lawsuit one. D: Again, I love that you don't make it all 'yunho and changmin are enslaved by sme jyj needs to save them' That reality was so heartbreaking and bittersweet.

“Yunho, my Yunho,” Jaejoong cried out in relief. Jaejoong wrapped his arms around Yunho’s neck and clung to him.

“My Jaejoong,” Yunho whispered thankfully, saying his lover’s full name as he embraced the man in return

That part is so adorable.

it's getting exciting :D
I think the reality that the real TVXQ live in is very different then some fans would like to believe. Rarely is anything as simple as black and white.

I am glad you liked that part.:)

Thank you so much for commenting!
Yunhooo-ahhh~ I worry abaut your safety !
。・゜ °・(><)・° ° ・。
I was anticipating the whole character death thing, kinda scared because I thought the one who'd die is either Yun or Jae in this verse.. turns out not lol. But reading about Jae dying, in a not-so-pretty manner, still hurts. </3 Anyway, excited for the next adventure! P.S. Zhou Mi's totally a dramatic asshole here. haha
I am sorry for scaring you! Oh, ZhouMi is going to be totally dramatic!

Thank you so much for reading and commenting!
that was a whirl of events! tsk tsk Zhoumi is surely planning something not good..
I MIA from LJ for awhile and what is this.... NO!!! JAE CAN'T DIE!!! He won't, yes??? YES??? YESSSSSS!!!!

hehehe... thanks for sharing this :))
I loved this adventure. They went through so much things~ and that poor Jae, who lived his whole life only being Yunho's friend... ahh, that must have been hard.

Btw, I can't help but think that the universe that Jae went on this part was based on our reality, I mean, about Dong Bang Shin Ki being apart and all that stuff D:

Jae teasing Yunho was so funny xD

OMG that necklace o_O such a dangerous accessory xD~

So, i'm off to read the next adventure~ Thanks for another amazing adventure.
omg,,, expectation is totally good
at first i dont want to read it, because you said it is about science fiction,,
but here i am now,,, crazy to read again,,
ZhouMi!!! Oh God, what would happened now?
Oh my God, YunJae's life/end is so sad in almost all their life!!! I don't want their life this time is also like that. But maybe that's why the Guardian wants to show them all that? That they're fated and though things will end up badly, they'll have their next life still? Gosh, I don't want to think about it but it keeps flooding my mind. It's too sad for them!
Thank you for sharing.
I can't help it but feel sad for Yunjae.....one way or another, they are 'separated' in love in their previous lives. I really hope Jae will find a way to escape their fate in the future. Meanwhile, the evil lord has made his appearance. So now I'm off again to read the next story...^-^
now after all those lifes how come most of the times Jaejoong is the one suffering the most?
next adventure yay
I missed Kyuwook in this adventure >.
and zhoumi come out! I feel something bad, is zhoumi just want joongs in jae joong or zhoumi loved jae joong?

Seung hyun, is it T.O.P?
Aw, I feel some different sense with zhoumi and Top.

And For YunJae, I Know, In this world, no one can deny your love. Both of you, is fated together.

I believe that, even it's still hurt for me, seeing You separate each other.

I know, you still love each other.