Expectations: Change of Heart

Title: Expectations
Adventure Six: Change of Heart Part 1 of 3
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae, KyuWook, Various Other Pairings
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Humor, Romance
Beta: unicornsinger

Summary: After a trip to a planet dedicated to the joy of sex, some crew members find themselves unexpectedly transformed. Jaejoong discovers the secret to Changmin’s heart. Romance and lust run amok on the Starship Expectations as unlikely couples unite.

Prior Adventures

“Figures we are on a planet full of sex toys, and the only thing that gets the Lieutenant’s blood pumping is the mysterious technology,” Commander Yoochun groused at the younger man who was completely obsessed with the machinery in front of him.

“I am hemodynamically stable, so my blood is always pumping,” Lieutenant Jung replied, not taking his eyes off the mysterious machinery in front of him.

Commander Yoochun couldn’t fight the grin that formed on his face at the other man’s words and relented, “I must admit this technology is highly unusual and interesting.”

Ryeowook fought to keep from groaning aloud. If Yoochun and Changmin were both interested in the technology on this planet then, the mission might drag on for hours. Ryeowook kicked himself for not insisting on going back to the ship with the captain and Jaejoong. He just hadn’t felt comfortable with leaving the away team without a doctor, although he left the ship in the hands of Heechul, which was highly questionable even on a good day. Ryeowook sucked on his bottom lip, and thought for the thousandth time there had to be something he could do for Heechul and Leeteuk…it was such a senseless waste.

“It’s more advanced than what we found on the rest of the planet, too,” Lieutenant Donghae, who was standing behind Commander Yoochun and Changmin, pointed out.

Changmin nodded his head in agreement and added, “It’s highly sophisticated, and older. It was not made by the same race of people.”

“It wasn’t. This is true artistry,” Commander Yoochun agreed as he examined the technology with admiration.

“Do we have stay with you?” Shindong, who was serving as their guide, asked longingly. The planet was full of pleasures which he was eager to explore. “Perhaps, I could spend some time in the-”

Sungmin, who was standing beside Ryeowook, interrupted, quickly putting an end to that line of thought, “No, we all must stay together.”

“The planet is deserted, and it has been deserted for centuries. I don’t see the harm in it,” Shindong persisted.

Commander Yoochun, who had opened a panel to examine the complex wiring inside the machinery, quickly ended Shindong’s whining. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t see the harm or not. This is a mission. I am in command, and we are all staying together.”

“Boring,” Shindong mumbled to himself.

Sungmin and Ryeowook, who had both overheard him, shared an uneasy glance with each other, both silently agreeing with Shindong.


“I refuse to wear it. I am not letting you dress me up.”

Jaejoong, who was sitting on the bed completely naked, with his arms and legs folded, just glared at Yunho. “I will do it for you in return. Just tell me, and I will wear anything you want me to.”

Yunho stepped out of the dressing chamber, fully dressed in his uniform. “It’s not going to work. I have no need to dress you up…I love you just the way you are.”

“Urgh! You make me so mad!” Jaejoong shrieked. “I fulfill your every need, and you can’t even do this for me?”

“We fulfill each other’s needs,” Yunho replied calmly.

Jaejoong reached across the bed to grab a bowl of chocolate covered strawberries and reminded Yunho, “It’s always about what you want. We beamed back to the ship, because you were horny as hell.”

“You were, too!”

“I was only that way because you were! We are bonded! That tacky planet has no affect on my libido.”

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten,” Yunho mentally counted to ten, calming himself before responding to his annoyed lover.

“Stop patronizing me! I know you are counting!” Jaejoong exclaimed, throwing a strawberry at Yunho.

Yunho ducked just in time, and then walked over to Jaejoong and placed both of his hands on the top of his lover’s shoulders. Yunho looked down at him and declared, “I am not dressing up like another man, especially one that you found attractive. And most certainly not one you kissed!”

“On the hand! I kissed him on the hand, and he was you! He was a version of you!”

Yunho squeezed Jaejoong’s shoulders, massaging them, hoping to calm the other man down. “Jae, I love you more than I thought it possible to ever love anybody, but it isn’t going to happen.”

Jaejoong frowned and popped another strawberry in his mouth, while he avoided Yunho’s gaze.

“Now, I have to go check on the progress of the away mission,” Yunho told him calmly, not letting go of the other man.

“Are we okay?” Yunho asked mentally when Jaejoong refused to answer him verbally.

Jaejoong looked up at Yunho, but didn’t answer telepathically or verbally. Jaejoong did, however, pick up another chocolate-covered strawberry, and stuffed it in Yunho’s mouth.

Yunho pulled away from Jaejoong and smiled down at his mate as he slowly chewed the strawberry. “I love you.”


“Report,” Yunho ordered as he stepped onto the bridge.

Kyuhyun got up from the captain’s chair and answered, “Commander Yoochun and Lieutenant Jung are examining some technology they find…interesting.”

“Great, we will be stuck here for days now,” Yunho told him as he sat down in the captain’s chair.

Kyuhyun took his seat beside the captain and suggested, “I was thinking perhaps I should go down there. You know how Yoochun and Changmin can get when they find a new toy.”

Yunho smiled at his first in command. “You just want to go down and see the sex planet.”

“Well, that, but mostly to keep an eye on the mission.” Yunho gave Commander Cho a very suspicious look, and Kyuhyun explained further, “A planet full of sex toys and mysterious technology…I just think Yoochun could become easily distracted.”

“And Changmin…” Yunho prompted.

Kyuhyun immediately added, “Changmin can get distracted when he finds something fascinating.”

“And that’s why I left Lieutenant Lee with them. He is more than capable of keeping them on the right path.”

Kyuhyun frowned. “Yes, sir.”

Yunho reached over and patted Commander Cho’s arm. “Plus Dr. Cho would kill me if I unleashed you on him…down on that planet.”

“Captain, I assure you…I would be nothing but professional.”

“Do you really want to be on a planet dedicated to sexual pleasure with both Dr. Cho and…” Yunho paused and mouthed the word ‘Sungmin’ to Commander Cho.

Commander Cho winced. “Good point. I shall never doubt your wisdom again.”

Eunhyuk sat back in his chair at the navigator’s post and complained, “It just isn’t fair.”

“Huh?” Junsu, from his seat at the helm beside Eunhyuk, questioned.

“Donghae gets to go to a sex planet, and what do we get? We get giant space worms, walking fungus, and vampires,” Eunhyuk moaned.

“I also got giant, man-eating bears,” Junsu added.

Eunhyuk turned to study his friend suspiciously. “Although it probably wouldn’t be safe for you down there; Commander Yoochun would no doubt-”

“He is better now! We are friends,” Junsu yelped, interrupting Eunhyuk’s line of thought.

Eunhyuk snorted. “I saw him pinching your ass the other day.”

“Only once a month though! For friendship’s sake!”

“For friendship’s sake…Junsu, you are not starting to like it, are you?”

“No! Commander Yoochun and I are only friends!” Junsu declared, getting up from his chair to glare down at Eunhyuk.

“Ensigns!” Yunho snapped, “Behave yourself.”

“Yes, Captain,” they both answered as Junsu sat back down.

Commander Cho and Yunho shared a look with each other and tried not to laugh.

Ensign Choi, who was manning the science station in Changmin’s absence, stepped forward, “Captain, the away team missed their thirty minute check-in by four minutes.”

Yunho tapped his insignia. “Commander Yoochun, report.”

The whole bridge waiting quietly for the commander to respond, but no response came. Yunho stood up and tapped his insignia again. “Lieutenant Jung.”

After several seconds Changmin replied, “Captain, we will be requiring your personal presence in the transporter room to beam us back to the ship.”

Yunho shared a confused look with Commander Cho. “Where is Commander Yoochun, and why did he not answer me?”

After a short pause Changmin answered, “Commander Yoochun and the rest of the away team are…distracted. It would be best if we return to the ship now.”

“I will see you in the transporter room momentarily,” Yunho told his son.

“Momentarily will be sufficient,” Changmin replied.

Yunho furrowed his brows and headed toward the lift with Commander Cho at his side. Yunho paused before entering the lift and ordered, “Ensign Junsu, you have the bridge.”

As soon as the captain and commander were on the lift and off the bridge, Junsu shook his fist in victory. “Yes, the bridge is mine!”

“So not fair!” Eunhyuk pouted.


Yunho and Kyuhyun walked into the transporter room to find Jaejoong leaning against the wall, waiting on them.

“How nice to see you dressed,” Yunho quipped mentally to his bondmate.

“You think it’s good that I have clothes on? There is something fundamentally wrong with our relationship.”

“You know what I meant,” Yunho responded, refusing to be goaded into another argument by Jaejoong. Yunho and Kyuhyun then walked over to the transporter controls.

“They required me to personally beam them up?”

Kyuhyun looked at the captain, and did not bother to hide his worry. “That’s a highly unusual request.”

Yunho hit his insignia again. “Lieutenant, per Starfleet policy when an away team misses their check-”

“I am well aware of Starfleet policy; the password is rook.”

Kyuhyun smiled, and Yunho frowned. “I wasn’t going to ask for that password. What was dad’s favorite Mark Twain saying?”

“You are my father, and yours is ‘It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog,” but if you are referring to your father, my grandfather, then it was ‘A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.’ Have I passed?”

“Smartass,” Yunho muttered under his breath and then said in a louder voice, “Beaming you up now,” Yunho replied, and went to work on transporting the away team back to the ship.

Jaejoong walked up to Yunho, wrapping his arms gently around his mate’s waist, and rested his head against Yunho’s back. Sometimes he felt so envious. Yunho and Changmin had a lifetime of memories they shared between them. He felt completely connected to Yunho, but Changmin was a different story. He knew Changmin was his son, but their bond was so deeply suppressed that sometimes Jaejoong wondered it if was even there at all. Yunho and Changmin’s bond was there, and strong, but he wondered if he would ever feel anything similar to that bond with his son.

Jaejoong let go of Yunho when the room was suddenly filled with a mixture of emotions…surprise, horror, anger, disgust, worry, and embarrassment.

“Ryeowook,” Kyuhyun managed to squeak out.

Jaejoong stepped in between Yunho and Kyuhyun and looked at the away team that had just beamed aboard. “Oh, that’s…wow,” Jaejoong muttered at a loss. His telepathy had clued him in to the problem, but it was something you had to see to believe.

“You need to beam us directly to sick bay now,” Ryeowook demanded from the transporter platform. “I am not walking down the corridor.”

“Me either!” Donghae quickly agreed.

Changmin stepped off the transporter platform. “As I am sure, you surmised they are not in the best of moods.”

“Do you want to know what kind of mood I’m in? You walking computer!” Shindong hissed while holding up his fist. “What did you do to us?”

Yunho, who couldn’t take his eyes off the five people who remained on the transporter platform, asked his son, “Changmin, did you do this?”

Changmin arched his left eyebrow at the question. “Not intentionally, but it might have inadvertently been a side affect of Commander Yoochun’s and my attempts to access the technology.”

“Yunho, for God’s sake, beam us to sickbay and lock it down!” Yoochun ordered. “And don’t let anybody in there.”

Yunho reached down for the controls to transport them to sickbay, but before he did, he couldn’t resist adding, “Yes, Ma’am.”

Jaejoong giggled from beside Yunho, as the five people were beamed away.

“So Changmin, you want to tell me why my husband is suddenly my wife?” Kyuhyun demanded.


The five members of the away team, who had formerly been male, materialized in the middle of sickbay. The five were now the female versions of their prior selves, easily recognizable as the men they had once been, but most definitely female.

Ryeowook immediately went to a sickbay bed, dragging Donghae along with him. “Sit,” Ryeowook ordered, and Donghae jumped up on the bed. “Computer, I want a full body analysis.”

The computer didn’t respond. “Computer,” Ryeowook yelled, agitated.

“It doesn’t recognize your voice,” Sungmin told them as he walked up to stand beside Ryeowook.

Donghae rubbed his ear. “Yeah, it’s a little higher than usual.”

Ryeowook turned and looked at Yoochun. “Good thing we have the chief engineer with us.”

Yoochun did not acknowledge Ryeowook; he was too busy rubbing the front of his pants with a look of pure horror on his face.

“Yoochun, stop playing with your dickless crotch, and get your ass over here!” Ryeowook bellowed, causing both Sungmin and Donghae to reach for their ears.

Yoochun raised his eyes to meet Ryeowook’s gaze and snapped, “Are you sure this isn’t your natural form? I think it comes naturally for you. Are you sure you don’t want to stay stuck like this?”

“We all might be stuck like this if you don’t hurry and get your ass over here, and get the computer to respond to my commands,” Ryeowook threatened, not amused.

Ryeowook’s statement sparked Commander Yoochun into action, and he quickly walked over and started working on the computer.

“This is a nightmare. Fuck the day I joined this ship,” Shindong cursed as he leaned up against another sickbay bed. Shindong was deep into self pity when his eyes suddenly sparked alive, and reached up to feel his own breasts. “Although I got some big old whoppers here.”

At Shindong’s words Donghae immediately felt of his own breasts. “I have dreamed of breasts for so long….but never my own.”

Sungmin gave Donghae and Shindong a disgusted look; Sungmin had never been attracted to breasts in the slightest. He was trying his best to ignore the two lumps protruding from his upper chest.. although Sungmin thought he wouldn’t mind having his own private mirror right now. He was very curious about how he looked, but decided to continue acting indifferent for now.

Yoochun, who was busy getting the computer to recognize their female voices, complained, “Hey, no fair! Some of us can’t feel ourselves up because we are working. I want to enjoy my breasts, too!”

Shindong stared at Commander Yoochun, baffled. “I thought you were into dudes.”

Yoochun shook his head at the man’s ignorance as he continued to work. “I do not discriminate when it comes to the magnificence of the human race. I find both genders equally attractive, and I don’t play favorites.”

Donghae snorted, and couldn’t resist saying, “Except for Junsu.”

“Who he loves,” Ryeowook, who was standing behind Yoochun, whispered, unknowingly unleashing a storm that would not pass quietly.

Yoochun turned around, not bothering to hide his agitation in the slightest. “Dr. Cho, I know you did not accuse me of having such an outdated, foolish emotion. If I favor anything about Ensign Kim Junsu, it would be that perfect, round ass of his.”

Ryeowook leaned down and whispered in Commander Yoochun’s ear, where only the commander could hear. “You know me and Jae are, like, tight, right?”

Commander Yoochun turned to face Ryeowook, his eyes instantly widening, but before he could say a word the Captain, Jaejoong, and Commander Cho walked into sickbay.

“Lieutenant…I thought you would be down on the planet, trying to fix this,” Sungmin stated, as his face fell even more. He had hoped Changmin was working on the problem.

Changmin walked over to where Yoochun was working on the sickbay computer, while answering Sungmin, “I have no desire to return to the planet until we have some idea what we are dealing with.”

The look of bewilderment on Changmin’s face as he studied Yoochun’s work made Yunho instantly ask, “Yoochun, what are you doing?”

Yoochun moved away from the computer to face the captain. “I was getting the computer to recognize our feminine voices. I’m done now.”

“Why did you not just simply ask one of us to order the computer to recognize your voices?” Changmin questioned, not bothering to hide his annoyance, as he bent down to put the computer that Yoochun had torn apart back together.

“Changmin! We are little stressed here. Forgive us if we aren’t thinking like you…who are still a man! Dammit, why are you still a man?” Ryeowook barked in defense of Yoochun. “Computer, full body scan,” Ryeowook ordered the now working computer. A green light slowly drifted over Lieutenant Donghae’s body as the computer scanned him.

“Maybe it’s because he was the youngest?” Donghae suggested.

Sungmin took this line of thought even farther. “It is a pleasure planet; maybe it purposely left one of us male…and maybe the machine thought he was the dominant male.”

Shindong scrunched up his face, obviously offended. “I would have been the dominate male.”

“In your dreams,” Ryeowook answered as he studied the exam’s readings. “Changmin is taller, smarter, and more muscular.”

“That is a highly intelligent theory,” Changmin replied, not bothering to hide his approval.

Yunho laughed at his son. “Just be glad I beamed up when I did.”

“Thank God, I don’t think I could have tolerated you as a woman. I can just imagine you going on and on…the incessant whining,” Jaejoong retorted aloud, still miffed at Yunho’s refusal to play dress up.

The captain glared, open mouthed at his mate, unable to correlate any kind of speech, verbally or mentally.

Both of Changmin’s eyebrows arched in surprise, and he asked, “Are you saying that you find me to be the alpha male when compared to the captain?”

“No,” Jaejoong sputtered, at a loss, realizing what Changmin must be thinking. “I am saying I am a Joong. If Yunho had been on the planet, then I would have naturally been on the planet as well. Human’s are a nice, promising race, and I adore you all…well, most of you, but I am the most evolved being here.”

“Ah, that makes sense. Joongs are a higher up on the evolutionary scale,” Ryeowook said, nodding his head in understanding. “The machine would have no doubt noticed that, and determined that Jaejoong was the dominate male.” Least now the answer as to why Changmin wasn’t affected was adequately answered, Ryeowook thought.

“Yes,” Jaejoong replied. “Oh, and I just wanted to say, Ryeowook, you make a lovely woman.”

“Thank you,” Ryeowook replied as he ran a scanner over Donghae, who was still lying on the bed.

Jaejoong looked at Sungmin and decided to be gracious. “Lieutenant Lee, you also look very nice.”

“What about the rest of us?” Shindong demanded.

“Well, Commander Yoochun and Lieutenant Donghae are not unattractive, but-”

“Shindong, you are one ugly ass woman,” Commander Cho interrupted, saving Jaejoong from having to say it.

Shindong smiled, very pleased, “Thank God! Who the hell would want to be an attractive woman on this ship of horny men? The rest of the ship isn’t as gay as the men in this room.”

“Very true; this room’s population is considerably homosexual,” Changmin conceded. “Of course, I myself being the exception, where as I like to think of myself as asexual.”

Donghae sat up on the bed. “Hey, I’m not gay!”

“Not yet,” Yoochun teased, winking at Donghae.

“Where the hell did all these bitches come from?” Heechul, who had wandered into sickbay, demanded, with his hands on his hips and his eyes blazing.


Yunho was considering hiding out in Captain’s Ready Room for the rest of the day. It has been a very long and tiring day. It had started out so nicely for him, too, but everything had changed once the away team had returned to the ship. He knew he had not handled the sudden gender change of his officers as well as he could have. It had been too shocking, but it didn’t set off any of his danger alarms. The away team had said one minute they had been perfectly normal, and the next, they had been zapped by a blue light, and then they had woken up as women – well, except for Changmin.

Heechul had probably been the most dangerous thing about today. Yunho had spent most of it attempting to calm a hysterical Heechul. Heechul had not taken kindly to the fact that there were women on his ship, his madness making him erratically territorial and difficult for even Yunho to control, but in the end Yunho had been able to calm him.

“Heechul, what are we ever going to with you?” Yunho asked himself. Yunho had come very close to having to restrain Heechul earlier, or worse, lock him away with Leeteuk under the constant surveillance of security. The insanity that affected the once brilliant doctor left Yunho feeling heartbroken. Of course, Commander Leeteuk also suffered from the same insanity, but Yunho had not known or loved him like he had Heechul.

A familiar fuzzy feeling in his mind made Yunho frown. “Jaejoong! You nosey bastard.”

“Such words, I was merely in the process of asking you about dinner. When, by pure happenstance, I noticed you proclaiming your love to another.”

“There are a lot of different kinds of love in this world.”

“Yes, I am well aware of that.”

“I just sometimes miss the person he was; he was still a mouthy bitch then, but if he had your back…you knew he always would.”

“I have your back now, so snap out of it.”

“I didn’t say you didn’t.”

“Let’s go eat. These people are starting to get on my nerves…and I am tempted to put them all to sleep.”

“Jaejoong, are you still in sickbay?”

“Yes, and as a being who spent most of my life as a hermaphrodite, I find some of their comments insulting.”

“Captain,” Changmin called as he walked into the Captain’s Ready Room.

“Changmin is here; I will get back to you about dinner,” Yunho sent to Jaejoong, ending the connection.

“Can I help you?” Yunho asked of Changmin, who was standing in front of his desk.

“I think it would be wise to put limitations on the use of the transporters,” Changmin replied.

Yunho pondered Changmin’s words. “Nobody can beam down to the planet without my permission?”

“Not the planet.”


“Commander Yoochun and Lieutenant Donghae are abusing the transporters by using them to transport themselves within the ship. Even though we occasionally beam crew members to sickbay, it is not a safe habit we should encourage,” Changmin explained.

“They are the transporter chief and chief engineer,” Yunho pointed out.

“That is true, and if they were working the controls themselves, there would be a very small chance of them materializing inside a bulkhead, but they are not the ones controlling the transportation.”

“You are right, of course,” Yunho told his son, as he hit his insignia. “Transporter room.”

“Yes, Sir,” came the very eager voice of Ensign Kim Jonghyun.

“I don’t want anybody transporting within the ship unless I approve it. Is that understood?”

“Understood, Captain,” the ensign replied.

“Captain, out,” Yunho told the ensign as he stood up and looked at his son. “Any progress on how we are going to switch them back?”

“No, the probes are still gathering information from the planet.”

“Well then, I guess I will eat,” Yunho said, walking away from the desk. “Care to join us?”

“No, the ship is abuzz with annoying gossip-mongering, and I have no desire to hear it. I will continue to work on the problem in the safety of my science labs,” Changmin said, following Yunho out of the room.


“I want to learn how to bake a cake,” Jaejoong told Ryeowook.

“Jae, I have enough on my mind without giving you culinary lessons,” Ryeowook, who was at his desk, informed Jaejoong. Ryeowook was busy trying to figure out a way to resequence DNA using the transporters. “So exactly why are you here, and not with Yunho?”

Jaejoong, who was sitting at the conference table in the Ryeowook’s office with his feet propped up on the table, answered, “Yunho, refuses to let me dress him up in pretty clothes, so I am attempting to avoid him.”

Ryeowook just smiled. Donghae, who was standing beside Ryeowook and assisting him, dropped the scanner he had been working with.

Jaejoong rolled his eyes at Donghae’s embarrassment. “His stubbornness aggravates me something fierce, so I have gone exactly four hours and thirty-three minutes without seeing him.”

“So, how is that working out for you?” Ryeowook asked, his smile growing as he looked at the other man.

Jaejoong leaned farther back in his chair. “I don’t like it,” Jaejoong admitted with a big frown. “I thought the five of you could keep me entertained, but alas, here I am waiting eagerly for dinner…so I can see him.”

“When you say dress up…do you mean like Halloween?” Donghae asked curiously as he picked up the tricorder.

Ryeowook turned and swatted the nosey Lieutenant on the arm. “I am pretty sure he doesn’t mean like Halloween.”

“Halloween?” Jaejoong asked, his eyes lighting up as he ransacked Donghae’s mind for everything he knew about Halloween. “We must have a Halloween party! He would have to dress up then!”

“But it isn’t Halloween,” Donghae pointed out. “How do you know about Halloween?”

“Well, I know everything you know about it! I like it! I like Halloween!” Jaejoong said, putting his feet back down on the floor. “We must have a Halloween party!”

“Jaejoong, could you put the party planning on hold? Some us have more pressing issues to deal with,” Ryeowook snapped at Jaejoong. “Like the fact that some of us are currently trapped in female bodies.”

“Plus, it is months away,” Donghae pointed out.

Jaejoong eyes narrowed and he focused on the testy doctor. “Oh, I didn’t realize it was a sacred anniversary for you.”

“Shut up!”

“The Chos’ first kiss,” Jaejoong mocked, pursing his lips and blowing kisses.

Ryeowook glowered at Jaejoong, and Donghae imagined he could see steam rising up from the good doctor’s head. Ryeowook slapped his insignia violently. “Captain, come get your significant other before I purposely poison him!”

The amused voice of the captain answered him, “On my way.”

“Like I wouldn’t see that coming a million miles away; plus, my healing abilities make poison ineffective,” Jaejoong replied, not impressed by Ryeowook’s threat. Jaejoong stood up and smiled at the two of them. “Girls, I must be on my way. My Yunho is on his way to whisk me away.”

“And he can keep you!” Ryeowook shouted at Jaejoong as the man left the room.

“Is everything okay?” Sungmin, who was about to enter Ryeowook’s office, asked, as Jaejoong passed him on his way out.

“Oh, just hormones,” Jaejoong answered him as he hurried toward the exit to sickbay and toward Yunho. “Precious Pet, I’m on my way.”


Jaejoong was happily in the mess hall eating macaroni and cheese….his current favorite of all earth food, while his lover sat beside him silently ranting at him.

“I do not appreciate being called Precious Pet.  I didn’t appreciate it then, and I really don’t appreciate it now. I am the captain of a starship…not some pet! It’s demeaning.”

“It’s affectionate…and so cute.”

“Is not.”

“Is too.”

“I want you to stop.”

“Well I want a lot of things.”

“If I dress up in that prehistoric uniform, will you stop calling me Precious Pet?”


“It’s the damn Guardian’s fault,” Yunho grumbled aloud, stuffing his mouth full of kimchi.

“Cheer up,” Jaejoong told him as one hand slipped up Yunho’s thigh.

“Don’t even start. I have to relieve Kyuhyun from the bridge when I am done eating.”

Jaejoong frowned as he pulled his hand away. “You do?”

“Most of my senior officers are in the middle of an identity crisis right now, and Lieutenant Yesung’s tour does not start till 2200,” Yunho reminded his lover.

“Captain, I would happily watch the bridge for you,” Junsu offered, suddenly appearing at the table and sitting across from the captain.

Eunhyuk, who sat down beside Junsu, warned the captain, “Don’t listen to him, Captain…he’s a total dictator.”

“You lie!” Junsu proclaimed, looking hurt. “I was just making sure you were doing your work right.”

Yunho smiled at the two of them. “I will be taking the bridge ‘til the night tour begins, sorry.”

“That would be for the best,” Eunhyuk quickly agreed, and then couldn’t resist from asking. “So what do they look like?”

Yunho shook his head at Eunhyuk, and told him, “They look like women.”

“I’ve never been so glad not to go on an away mission in my life,” Eunhyuk confided.

“Says the one that was complaining about not getting to go,” Junsu pointed out.

“You were, too!” Eunhyuk reminded him.

“True…so, do they look pretty?” Junsu asked the question that everybody wanted to know.

Yunho hesitated before answering, not sure if it was proper to comment on his officers looks. Jaejoong felt no need for hesitation and eagerly answered, “Sungmin is by far the best-looking, but Ryeowook is also very pretty. Yoochun and Donghae aren’t exactly pretty, but they are both attractive. Shindong…well, Shindong is Shindong.”

“I think Yoochun and Donghae are pretty,” Yunho professed, unable to stop himself.

Jaejoong turned to look at his mate, not happily. “You do, do you?”

“Yeah, I have had worse,” Yunho acknowledged before thinking, and quickly added, “Not lately, though…lately, I’ve just known perfection.”

“True,” Jaejoong conceded, happy to be referred to as perfection in front of others. “I guess my standards when it comes to beauty are higher than most.”

“Well, compared to your own beauty, everybody else would fail in comparison,” Yunho said, laying it on extra thick.

“True,” Jaejoong said with a huge smile, clapping his hands, loving the praise.

“So, does this mean no more Precious Pet?”

Jaejoong’s face fell. “Bastard.”

“So, they still look like themselves…they are just women now,” Junsu asked, unable to get the thought of the five crewmen out of his mind. Nobody but a very select few had seen the five. Sickbay was completely off- limits unless you were dying.

“I bet Sungmin is pretty; he was pretty as a man,” Eunhyuk mused with a dreamy look on his face.

Junsu elbowed Eunhyuk. “He’s still Sungmin.”

“I was just thinking!” Eunhyuk said defensively.

A quiet suddenly came over the mess hall, and everybody turned their heads towards the entrance, where Commander Yoochun stood. Commander Yoochun’s eyes quickly found the table where Yunho was sitting, and he stormed over.

“So you took away my transporting privileges!” Commander Yoochun hissed at Yunho, as he sat down beside a very shocked Ensign Junsu.

Yunho didn’t even flinch. “For your own safety.”

“This is Changmin’s doing,” Yoochun griped, knowing instinctively who was behind it.

“And he was right,” Yunho persisted. “It wasn’t safe.”

“I know,” Yoochun said, rubbing his forehead. “I know, and I’m not normally so cowardly.”

“Cowardly?” Junsu questioned as he gawked at the female version of Commander Yoochun. Yoochun was still wearing his uniform, but now he had a light gold jacket over it.

Yoochun turned for the first time to look at the young man sitting beside him, who was openly staring at him. “Yes, cowardly; so what if I have breasts now? And I’m minus a very dearly and deeply loved part of my anatomy. I’m still me in here, and I refuse to hide away like some little girl.”

Yunho felt a surge of pride for his old friend. “Now that’s the Yoochun I know and love. I am sure this is just temporary. You and Changmin will have it figured out in no time, and if you don’t, Ryeowook will just have to figure out a way to change you back.”

“Right,” Yoochun agreed, looking away from Junsu and toward the captain. “I have a feeling we are going to need to go back down to the planet, though.”

Yunho nodded his head. “If we do, we will. I know it has to uncomfortable for you, but we need to make sure it’s safe first.”

“Agreed,” Yoochun replied, and turned back to face Junsu, who couldn’t take his eyes off the female version of Yoochun. “Junsu, you really do like girls, don’t you?”

“No…I mean, yes!” Junsu yelped, looking away from Yoochun quickly, embarrassed at being caught staring.

Yoochun smiled at Junsu in a way that could only be described as predatory. “Junsu, why don’t you be a dear, and go get me something to eat.”

“Wh...what do you want?”

Yoochun continued smiling, and made a point to lick his lips before answering, “I’m in the mood for sausage…a big, long sausage sounds really good right now.”

Junsu swallowed nervously, not missing the innuendo.

“Yunho, I can’t believe you call this man friend. I think I’m going to be sick.”

“Just make sure you aim for him.”

“He’s a pig.”

“I am thinking Junsu is going to suddenly find himself assigned to the night tour.”

“Smart move…he has a good heart, but he also has hormones working against him.”

“Yeah, I don’t think Yoochun would have any problem seducing him in his current form,”
Yunho sent back to Jaejoong, while he shook his head in disbelief. “Junsu, go get him some chicken and dumplings,” Yunho said aloud. “That’s his mother’s recipe that he programmed into the food replicators. I just love Mrs. Park. I wonder how she is doing. I hope she isn’t missing you too much.”

“He has a mother? I thought he was hatched?” Jaejoong sniped telepathically.

“Okay,” Junsu eagerly agreed, swatting a laughing Eunhyuk on the shoulder as he got up.

“So not cool! You did not just bring my mother into the conversation,” Yoochun objected to Yunho.

“I happen to like your mother a lot.”

“Well, I like her, too, but that isn’t why you brought her up!” Yoochun snapped. “I don’t know who is worse - you, or your mate!”

“Me?” Jaejoong responded, shocked. “What did I do?” Jaejoong knew there was no way Yoochun could have known what he was thinking.

Yoochun pointed his finger at Jaejoong accusingly. “Yes, you…you…Mr. Mind Reader! You were the one filling Ryeowook’s head with silly notions about me! My psyche is none of his business - or anybody’s, for that matter.”

“Jaejoong,” Yunho chastised.

“I am innocent this time! I didn’t tell Ryeowook anything about you. I avoid your mind…because, frankly, I find it offensive,” Jaejoong informed Yoochun. “Although I must admit that Ryeowook is very observant when it comes to human nature.”

“Apparently not, because he didn’t get it right at all,” Yoochun responded, glaring back at Jaejoong.

Jaejoong leaned back in his chair and continued to smile at Yoochun. “Fine, it’s not like a man could be in so much denial, he wouldn’t even know his own heart.”

“Exactly,” Yoochun insisted, not backing down.

Yunho and Eunhyuk shared a look with each other, wondering what exactly was going on. Yunho was about to interrupt, when Junsu appeared, putting the plate of dumplings down in front of Yoochun.

“Thank you, Junsu,” Yoochun thanked Junsu, while attempting to control his temper.

Yunho looked sympathetically at his friend. He knew Yoochun well, and in his own strange way, Yoochun was worse than Changmin when it came to expressing his emotions. “Yoochun, I can’t even imagine what you and the others are going through, but we will get you back to old form. I promise.”


Ryeowook walked into the bedroom, trying his best not to make any noise, but still, his quietest movements had the man in the bed jerking awake.

“It’s just me, Kyuhyun,” Ryeowook softly said to calm the other man. “Lights,” Ryeowook ordered and the darkness was erased by the light. “See, it’s just me.”

Kyuhyun, who was sitting up, still partially covered up, blinked his sleepy eyes, trying to make sense of the sudden intrusion. “What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? Really?” Ryeowook sputtered back, trying to act offended, but instead, only sounding completely exhausted. “Well, I am trapped in the body of a woman, for one thing.”

“I noticed.”

Ryeowook plopped down on the side of the bed. “Do you ever think you’re cursed?”

“I used to,” Kyuhyun replied honestly, causing Ryeowook to jerk around and to look at him guiltily.  Before the other man could apologize to him, Kyuhyun asked him, “Did you forget it’s my turn to have these quarters?"

Ryeowook shook his head. “No, I didn’t.  I just had to get out of sickbay.”

“So you came here?”

“I just need a couple hours of sleep, and then I will get back to work on trying to fix this,” Ryeowook admitted, looking away from Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun smiled at him. “These quarters are on the same level as sickbay.”

“Yeah, the captain has forbidden in-ship transportations,” Ryeowook explained, “Donghae will not stop complaining about it, though. Shindong never stops with the griping. Sungmin won’t stop pacing the floors. I swear, if I didn’t get out of there, I was going to start sedating people…for my own good.”

“I think a couple hours of sleep would be a good idea,” Kyuhyun replied, trying to hide his amusement. “Since you woke me up, does that mean you want me to take the sofa?”

Ryeowook just shook his head.

“Are you going to take the sofa?” Kyuhyun continued to question when Ryeowook didn’t move.

Ryeowook continued to shake his head.

“You want to sleep with me?” Kyuhyun asked, completely confused. There were 220 days left on his sentence, and Ryeowook had showed no signs of relenting.

Ryeowook cleared his throat and said bashfully, “Well, I was remembering the first words you ever said to me.”

Kyuhyun cringed at the mention of their first meeting. “I don’t remember exactly what I said, but it couldn’t have been nice.”

“You told me and I quote, “I’m sorry, but I don’t fuck women, so don’t get your hopes up,” Ryeowook reminded him as he turned to face the other man.

Kyuhyun couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped him as he remembered back on the horrendous scene that was their first meeting. “Well, you weren’t exactly masculine, and you did just walk in without knocking.”

“It was my room, too, and I had to unpack. How was I supposed to know I had some sex addict as a roommate, who was doing things that my pure, innocent soul had never dreamed of doing with…what was his name.”

“I have no idea.”

Ryeowook let out a sigh. “I guess it would require a memory of Changmin’s levels to remember all your past exploits.”

“So, since you are in the body of a woman…you feel safe with me?” Kyuhyun asked, changing the subject fast. He did not want to get into a talk with Ryeowook about his past sexual partners.

“Yes,” Ryeowook conceded.

Kyuhyun pulled back the covers and motioned for Ryeowook to get under them with him. “Getting changed into a woman in order to avoid my sexual advances….that is a little extreme, even for you.”

“Better safe than sorry,” Ryeowook teased as he climbed under the covers with Kyuhyun.

Ryeowook was barely under the covers when Kyuhyun pulled him toward him. Ryeowook didn’t pull away as Kyuhyun held him tightly as they both lay on their sides, chest to back. “Did I ever apologize for my horrible behavior at the Academy?”

“Only a billion times,” Ryeowook said, allowing his eyes to close.

“Lights off,” Kyuhyun ordered to the computer and the room went dark. “I was just so angry at my mother.”

“Well, I wasn’t too happy with her. I had always imagined her to be my great beneficiary…my own fairy godmother. I will never forget when she visited the colony and promised me she would get me into Star Fleet. I had worshipped the woman for years, and then she puts me in a room with her twisted, depraved, hateful, slimy, arrogant-”

“Enough with the adjectives, I get the picture.”

“Asshole son,” Ryeowook finished as he found himself snuggling into Kyuhyun’s arms, enjoying the warmth of the other man.

Kyuhyun breathed in the scent of Ryeowook. “What a heartless woman.”

Ryeowook, who felt sleep pulling him under, reached for Kyuhyun’s hand and clasped it tightly. “She was just trying to fix you.”

Kyuhyun squeezed Ryeowook closer to his body and whispered, “She could never fix me, but she was smart enough to know that you could.”
Part Two
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