Expectations: Change of Heart Part 3 of 3

Title: Expectations
Adventure Six: Change of Heart Part 3 of 3
Pairings: Yunjae, KyuWook, Various Other Pairings
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Humor, Romance
Beta: unicornsinger

A/N: This story is inspired by Star Trek. The crew of the Expectations will be made up of members of DBSK and Super Junior. Instead of chapters the story will be broken up in adventures.

Summary: After a trip to a planet dedicated to the joy of sex, some crew members find themselves unexpectedly transformed. Jaejoong discovers the secret to Changmin’s heart. Romance and lust run amok on the Starship Expectations as unlikely couples unite.

A million thanks to everybody who comments!  I am giving this part early to the people who commented on Part 2.......even though it was boring! lol   Thank you so much!

Prior Adventures

“Rough night?” Jaejoong asked in his most innocent-sounding voice, as Ryeowook sat down next to him at the briefing with a cup of coffee in his hand.

Ryeowook, who was wearing the same uniform from yesterday and had not taken the time to clean up, hissed at the man. “We are going to have a little talk about privacy later - and your total disregard for it.”

“Good luck with that,” Yunho muttered under his breath, as they all waited for Kyuhyun to appear.

Jaejoong reached under the table and squeezed Yunho’s thigh. “Be nice to me.”

“I am so nice to you.”

“I want you to be really nice to me.”

“Here at the briefing? I would lose the respect of my officers.”

“I promise you wouldn’t…their respect would only grow by leaps and bounds.”

“I think we should wait for lunch.”

“What are we having for lunch?

“I intend on having you.”

“I can’t wait…to be had.”

Changmin ignored his father and Jaejoong, who looked like they were about to start copulating at any moment. Changmin looked around the table at the other people seated. Yoochun kept yawning, Ryeowook looked like he had slept in his uniform, Sungmin looked twitchy, Donghae kept readjusting his shoulders, and Shindong kept checking out Sungmin’s female body.

Kyuhyun breezed into the room, looking entirely refreshed. “Sorry I’m late,” he told them, before taking his seat between Changmin and the captain. “I just had the most refreshing night of sleep since - I don’t know when.”

Jaejoong quickly reached out and grabbed Ryeowook’s hand before the doctor could throw a cup of coffee at his perky husband.

“Well, it’s nice of you to join us! Some of us are eager to get this briefing over with, so we can figure out how the hell to get our old bodies back,” Yoochun snapped.

“Commander, you are actually still in your body. Your body has just undergone a transformation,” Changmin patiently explained.

“I want it to transform back,” Donghae spoke up, unable to hide his stress.

“Me too. I just want to look how I did two days ago,” Sungmin informed them all. “I don’t want to be a woman.”

“Which is a crying shame, because you make one hell of a fine-looking woman,” Shindong added, whistling at Sungmin in full admiration.

Sungmin, who was sitting between Yoochun and Shindong, replied in a razorblade-sharp voice. “You do know I’m completely capable of killing you with my bare hands.”

Shindong leaned back in his chair away from Sungmin and said appreciatively, “Hot, like fire.”

Yunho coughed, clearing his throat and said in his best command voice, “Let’s start this briefing. Changmin, would you please share your findings with us?”


“It’s too dangerous…I can’t allow this,” Yunho told the three men in front of him after watching the simulation.

Yoochun, who was sitting beside the captain in one of the many science labs on the ship, covered his face in frustration and groaned, “I know…but it’s impossible to be sure of the risks unless we test it.”

“I agree it is too dangerous,” Changmin said in agreement with the captain.

Donghae, who was standing beside Changmin, said, “That’s easy for you to say.”

“If I had to choose between being female and having my full mental capabilities, or being a male with brain impairment, then I would choose to be a female,” Changmin answered back without hesitation.

Yoochun sighed. “Lieutenant Lee, they are right. It’s too risky…we are just going to have to think of something else.”

Donghae sat down beside Yoochun, slumping in his seat and feeling drained. “I know it’s only been a couple days…but it seems like so much longer.”

“We need to go back to the planet,” Changmin said, voicing the thought that they had all been toying with. “Probes are very efficient at gathering data, but what we really need is to get down there and get a proper understanding of the mechanics of the technology involved.”

Yunho sat up straighter in his chair. “I think you are right…we need to go back to the planet.”

Jaejoong, who had been dozing off in his chair beside Yunho, came to full alertness quickly, “You are not allowed to be a girl!”

“What I am saying is…what if going back to the planet is the answer?” Yunho explained, ignoring Jaejoong’s outburst. “What if we have been making this too complicated? This was a planet dedicated to pleasure…I don’t think anybody would have undergone the change if the technology wasn’t capable of changing them back.”

“The reasoning behind your hypothesis is… so simplistic and basic,” Changmin pointed out to the captain, but he was quickly inputting data into the computer in front of him. “Perhaps that is why it did not occur to me.”

“Lieutenant,” Yunho said, narrowing his eyes at his son, offended.

Yoochun stood up. “But it makes perfect sense! Why the hell didn’t I think of it?”

“You think it will really work?” Donghae asked, full of hope.

Changmin, who was still focused on the readings in front of him, answered, “There is a high possibility, but there would be risks.”

“What if it turned you into an animal next?” Jaejoong suggested.

Yoochun sneered and reminded them, “I highly doubt that, it’s a planet dedicated to the joys of sex.”

“Some people have strange fetishes. There was once a Joong couple where one of them turned into-”

Yunho held up his hands. “Jae, nobody wants to know how that sentence ends.”

Donghae eyes widened and asked, “If it changed us into an animal…would we keep our minds? If we did…” Donghae trailed off and looked at Jaejoong. “Could you still read our minds if we were animals?”

“I can read Yoochun’s just fine, and he’s a dog,” Jaejoong replied.

Yoochun gave Jaejoong a scornful look. “So not funny, and it’s insulting.”

“True,” Changmin agreed. “It’s very insulting to Lady, our yellow Labrador back home.”

“I miss that dog,” Yunho said with longing, causing Donghae to laugh.

Yoochun folded his arms and glared at the rest of the people at the table. “If you guys are done mocking me, I think this idea is worth checking out, and I volunteer to beam back down to the planet.”

“Me, too,” Donghae quickly volunteered.

“It would be unwise to beam down there at this time. The area of the planet we need to return to is experiencing night, and it’s -40 degrees at this time,” Changmin informed them.

“Plus, I would feel safer if we checked over some more data before we beamed down there,” Yoochun conceded.

“Agreed, then at 0700 in the morning, if nothing has changed, Commander Yoochun and Lieutenant Lee will beam down to the planet. We will all meet in the transporter room at 0645 hours,” Yunho stated. “You all are dismissed for now.”

As Yoochun and Donghae left the room, Jaejoong got up and stretched. “Thank God, I’m starved.”

“Well, you could have been cooking something to eat instead of sleeping in here all day with us,” Yunho told his lover as he got up.

Jaejoong walked over to Yunho and wrapped his arm around the other man. “Ryeowook’s all moody with me today, because I was kind enough to let him get some extra sleep, so no cooking lessons for me today. I feel guilty practicing on my own…there aren’t that many supplies left from Trysor.”

Changmin, who was still sitting at the table, spoke up, “I could actually assist you with that.”

“You could?” Jaejoong asked, immediately excited.

“Yes, I have been working on a program with the food replicators to provide food in its raw form, and I have been completely successful in my attempts,” Changmin explained as he got up. “Although it may still lack the taste of real food, it would allow you to hone your skills.”

Jaejoong attention was entirely on Changmin now as the three of them left the science lab together. “The other problem is that somebody is always reserving the galley. I want to give everybody a mental nudge to avoid the galley, but your father always gets on his high horse about that sorta thing.”

“Yes, well, he is like that,” Changmin said, completely straight-faced.

Jaejoong swatted Yunho on the arm and declared, “It’s so annoying.”

“Behave yourself,” Yunho told Jaejoong, trying his best not to interrupt whatever camaraderie was forming between his mate and his son. He strongly suspected that Changmin’s love for food was outweighing his distrust of the telepath.

“Actually, there is also an answer to that problem,” Changmin informed Jaejoong, causing Yunho to immediately frown.

“Changmin,” Yunho warned.

“If Yunho would take the captain’s quarters, then there is a kitchen in those quarters,” Changmin explained.

“Wait. We aren’t staying in the captain’s quarters?” Jaejoong asked Changmin, confused.

Changmin shook his head. “No, Yunho has the same quarters he had as a lieutenant commander; he has never claimed the captain’s quarters.”

“And I am not going to. Those quarters belong to Captain Seung, and that’s final!” Yunho said quickening his speed and walking away from them. Yunho did not feel it was right to move all Captain Seung’s belongings into storage…it felt wrong…it felt disrespectful. His quarters were plenty big enough for him and Jaejoong.

Jaejoong watched as Yunho hurried away and looked back at Changmin. “Isn’t Captain Seung dead?”

“Yes,” Changmin nodded his head in agreement. “The quarters also have two extra guest rooms, and a real bath.”

“Real bath…like real water…like wet water!” Jaejoong could not hide his joy as Changmin nodded his head in agreement. Jaejoong screamed after Yunho, “Yunho, you owe me this! You can’t deny me real water.”

Yunho stopped and turned around and faced them both. “Yes, I can! It would be wrong. Wrong, I tell you. Disrespectful to his memory.”

“Yunho, I love water! I wasn’t made for sonic showers….I need the feel of real water against my skin! The old captain is dead; he doesn’t care if we live there!” Jaejoong proclaimed loudly, catching up with Yunho and hugging him tightly. The thought of the real baths that he could share with his lover were making him dizzy with excitement.

Yunho glared at his son, who just stared back at him expressionless, and told him, “You are the devil’s spawn!”

“No, I am your spawn,” Changmin told Yunho, unable to hide his smile.


When Junsu opened the door, he hadn’t been expecting anybody, but he most definitely had not been expecting Commander Yoochun, who brushed past him to enter Junsu’s small, modest quarters.

Junsu had just woken up from a very long sleep. He was wearing nothing but a white undershirt and a pair of shorts. The day before, the captain had ordered out of nowhere for him to take the night shift, after he had already completed his day tour earlier that day. He had been exhausted. Dealing with Lieutenant Yesung when he was fully awake was hard enough, but dealing with the man when he was sleep deprived had been nearly impossible.

“Do you mind if I change into something more comfortable? These uniforms are not very comfortable,” Commander Yoochun asked, but he did not wait for an answer.

Junsu watched in stunned silence as Commander Yoochun got into the dressing chamber to change his clothes. He barely managed to squeak out a, “What?”

Commander Yoochun, who was adjusting the dressing chamber controls from inside, answered, “The uniform isn’t very comfortable in this female body. It’s too constricting.”

“Constricting,” Ensign Junsu repeated. This was not a good idea; he knew that instinctively. Yoochun had claimed to be his friend, but it was a very tentative friendship…that still made Junsu very nervous.

Junsu felt his breathing increase and fear trickled down his spine as Yoochun stepped out of the dressing chamber in a very flimsy, low cut, red night gown that hid none of his feminine curves. “This is much better,” Yoochun stated, not taking his eyes off the younger man.

Junsu backed away from Commander Yoochun, but found that his small room did not allow for much distance between the two of them. Junsu stopped when he bumped into the back of his bed. “I think you should probably-”

Yoochun was in front of him instantly, pushing Junsu down to sit on the bed. “Why so nervous?” the older man asked innocently, but the eyes that looked down at Junsu were anything but innocent. The calculative eyes took in the ensign’s discomfort, loving every minute of it.

Junsu watched with wide eyes as the commander sat down beside him, leaning forward and allowing a full view of his cleavage. “I’m…I…think you should go, Commander.”

“Where is the fun in that, Junsu?” Yoochun asked as he reached over and started sliding his hand up and down the younger man’s thigh.

The instinct to flee lost out to a more basic…desperate need. “Why are you here,” Junsu managed to get out, as Yoochun’s hand slid up higher.

“I thought we could help each other to feel good.”

Junsu nervously swallowed, suddenly unable to speak. Junsu knew that if this was a game of cat and mouse…he was the mouse, and Yoochun was the cat.

Yoochun moved his hand away from Junsu’s thigh to take his hand. Yoochun then lifted the hand up to cup one of his breasts, causing a soft whimper to escape Junsu’s lips. Yoochun closed his eyes and asked, “You like girls don’t you, Junsu?”

Junsu nodded his head as his hand started moving of his own volition to explore Yoochun’s breasts.

“I am very curious about this body of mine…and what pleasure it can bring me. Junsu, will you help me?” Yoochun asked in a soft, seductive voice as he slipped his free hand down and pressed against Junsu’s cock. “Can we find pleasure together?”

Junsu nodded again, trembling all over, unable to speak.

Yoochun scooted back farther in the bed and Junsu found himself trailing along after him. Yoochun gracefully laid down on his back, reaching out for Junsu and pulling him down with him. “Kiss me, Junsu. Will you please kiss me?”

Junsu, who was leaning over Yoochun, didn’t bother answering; he just bent down and kissed Yoochun. Junsu had kissed others before, but none of the kisses he had experienced in the past were anything like this. Yoochun was an excellent kisser, and the hunger in Yoochun’s kiss took Junsu’s breath away.

The kissing continued, and Junsu barely managed to keep from crushing Yoochun with the weight of his body. After what seemed like several minutes, Yoochun turned his head to the side, abruptly breaking away from the kiss, gasping for air. In the instant that Yoochun pulled away, Junsu thought he had seen fear in the other’s eyes. “Commander, are you okay?”

“Yes, I am perfectly fine…wonderful,” Yoochun answered as he reached for Junsu and started working on getting the younger man’s shirt off. “It’s just that I know the captain has you on the night tour again tonight, so we don’t have much time. We should get down to business.”

“Business?” Junsu asked as he found the courage to slide his hand over Yoochun’s body. He slowly explored Yoochun’s body, admiring every curve.

“The business of relieving you of that pesky virginity, of course,” Yoochun said, sitting up and pushing Junsu back as he pulled the younger man’s shirt over his head.

“Oh,” Junsu barely managed to answer as he sank his head into Yoochun’s breasts, unable to resist them.

Yoochun flung Junsu’s shirt to the floor and then ran a hand through Junsu’s hair, as the virgin’s head remained buried in his breasts. The older man remained patient, allowing the inexperienced man to find his courage, as he slowly started to kiss and suckle the breasts.

Yoochun obeyed when Junsu grew bolder, moaning with barely suppressed desire, pushing him back down on the bed. The engineer bit back a smile as the flimsy nightgown tore apart as Junsu grew impatient in his desire to touch every part of Yoochun’s female body.

Yoochun laid there, letting Junsu feed his desire, as he gently caressed the other man’s waist, encouraging him. Yoochun stared at the ceiling, trying to push troublesome thoughts out of his head. This was completely mutual, he reminded himself…and it was just sex. Just sex he reminded himself, but when Junsu pressed a hand between Yoochun’s thighs, he quickly pushed Junsu away and ordered, “Lay on your stomach.”

Junsu groaned in disapproval, but followed Yoochun’s instructions, and laid down on his stomach, pressing into the mattress. Yoochun sat back up and quickly relieved Junsu of the rest of his clothes. Yoochun licked his lips as he stared at the naked ass that he had desired for so long. He bent down and kissed it, causing Junsu to jump. “I have wanted this for so long, so long,” Yoochun whispered as he ran his tongue across Junsu’s opening, making Junsu thrust into the bed. “Finally mine.”

Something in Yoochun’s voice registered with some part of Junsu that was not controlled by desire. The cat and the mouse analogy from earlier reappeared in his mind. He was the prey to Yoochun’s predator.

Junsu quickly turned over on his back staring up at Yoochun, reminding himself this was a man. Yoochun looked down at him, puzzled. “Would you like me to lick something else?” Yoochun asked and reached out a hand and started to stroke Junsu’s cock.

A part of Junsu screamed yes, but another part stared into Yoochun’s eyes and saw something…a perverse desire. A desire that had never died, only been subdued. Yoochun had always wanted him…wanted to possess him. The older, more experienced man had stopped groping him and treating him like a sex object at every turn, but for Yoochun, the desire to possess him had never diminished.

When Yoochun was in the body of a man…Junsu had enough sense to run from the man’s obsession. Yes, obsession. The older man was obsessed with possessing him…having him. Commander Yoochun had admitted to him that there was darkness inside of him. Was it the darkness that wanted to possess him…consume him, Junsu wondered. They had never been friends, and they never would be, Junsu suddenly realized.

“Junsu!” Yoochun cried out as Junsu got up from the bed quickly. “What are you doing?”

“I am getting dressed, and then I am going to get as far away from you as this ship will allow,” Junsu told him as he quickly put on his shorts. Junsu had never wanted to flee anybody as badly in his life. He hated that he had been so weak to allow himself to be in this situation. Yoochun didn’t care about him…he just wanted him, and Junsu felt filthy.

“What? Why?” Yoochun exclaimed.

Junsu slipped his shirt on and looked at the woman…the man, Junsu reminded himself…not a woman, but a man. “This is no good.”

“No good?” Yoochun repeated at a loss. “I promise you it will be.”

Junsu just shook his head at the other man. “I was so wrong to ever think you were my friend.”

“I am your friend!”

“No, you’re not. I am some obsession of yours, and you just want to devour me.”

Yoochun slid to the side of the bed, reaching out his hand for Junsu. “Stop freaking out. Just take a deep breath…its okay. This is just sex…its okay to be afraid your first time.”

“I might be an innocent virgin…but I don’t think its just sex,” Junsu told him, keeping out of the other man’s reach.

Yoochun laughed at him. “I promise you I have no romantic notions when it comes to you.”

Junsu felt as if he had been slapped, and suddenly, he realized why it felt so wrong. “Then I am so glad I stopped myself, because being used by you…well, that isn’t how I want my first time to be.”

“What!” Yoochun yelled, standing up now. “We were using each other!”

Junsu shook his head in disbelief and hurried out of the room, but Yoochun heard his parting words, “I don’t use people; that’s not who I am.”


Yoochun stormed into sickbay, not bothering to hide his foul mood. He felt the need to tear something apart. Unfortunately for Sungmin, he was all Yoochun found in the empty sickbay waiting room.

“Where is everybody?” Yoochun demanded of Sungmin, who sat alone, staring at the wall. Sickbay had become unofficial base for those who had been transformed, and Yoochun had planned on finding the others.

Sungmin turned his gaze to Yoochun and answered, “They are in Ryeowook’s office, playing poker.”


“Yeah, they are teaching Shindong how to play.”

Yoochun noticed a familiar sadness in Sungmin - one the other man could never completely rid himself of. “Who are they?”

“Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, and Shindong, of course,” Sungmin responded as he darted his eyes away from Yoochun’s scrutinizing eyes.


“He’s been here all evening, trying to make amends with Ryeowook for something he did. He doesn’t appear to be having much luck.”

“So, you are hiding out here?” Yoochun asked, full of contempt.

“I’m not hiding.”

“The hell you aren’t. You are sitting out here bemoaning the fact that he never loved you.”

“Stop it.”

Yoochun sneered down at him. “You should have always known…everybody else did. Sex and love have nothing to do with each other.”

Sungmin stood up and faced Yoochun, his eyes blazing with carefully controlled anger. “That’s enough.”

“You have to learn to separate love and sex. For instance I’m going to find me somebody, and I going to let them fuck me real good. It will have nothing to do with love, and I’m perfectly okay with that.”

“As a woman?” Sungmin asked, startled out of his anger at Yoochun’s proclamation.

Yoochun nodded his head with enthusiasm. “Hell, yes! We have been given a rare opportunity, and I intend to reap the rewards.”

Sungmin shook his head and sat back down. “Yoochun, you are too much.”

“If you were still a man, I’d let you fuck me…maybe it would rid you of some of your sentimental notions,” Yoochun told the other man.

Sungmin continued to shake his head, and answered crudely. “I prefer to be fucked.”

“Then go for it. There is a ship full of female-loving, sex-deprived men out there, and you look better than anything they have seen in over a year, and probably longer.”

“I couldn’t…it wouldn’t be right,” Sungmin said, resisting the idea. “It would be really strange afterwards.”

“Then pick somebody mature enough to know it’s just for sex. Wonderful sex with no strings attached. Make it clear that it’s only for the night…don’t pick somebody like you. I mean, even after a year of Kyuhyun using you as his own personal sex doll…you are still hindered by idiotic romantic notions,” Yoochun said, picking at Sungmin’s festering wound.

Sungmin controlled the urge to punch Yoochun and instead said in cold, controlled voice, “Can you stop with that?”

“It’s true.”

Sungmin stood up again in Yoochun’s face and hissed, “Do you think I don’t know that?”

“If you know it, then let him go! Quit moping over a man that will never love you back. He loves Ryeowook. The two of them are so disgustingly in love, it makes me want to puke,” Yoochun spat back at Sungmin, not the least bit intimated.

Sungmin clenched his fists, hating Yoochun…hating Yoochun so much for being right. “You should leave now.”

“Oh, I’m leaving,” Yoochun promised. “I have many plans for tonight.”

Sungmin watched as the other man walked toward the exit. There was something so dark and angry about Yoochun tonight. He hoped he was careful with who he chose…because there was something inside him just itching to lash out. “You stay the hell away from Junsu,” Sungmin shouted after the man.

Yoochun came to a complete and abrupt stop, and twirled around, facing Sungmin. “Why do you say that?”

“Because I don’t know what has seeped into you tonight…but Junsu is too pure for you. You would only taint him,” Sungmin told Yoochun, loving the look of horror in Yoochun’s eyes as he hit a nerve. Sungmin watched in satisfaction as Yoochun turned and fled sickbay.

“Is everything okay?”

Sungmin jumped at the sound of his old lover’s voice. Sungmin turned around shocked; he had not heard the door to Ryeowook’s office open. Sungmin just stared back at Kyuhyun, who had that familiar look of guilt all over his face.

“Everything is fine,” Sungmin answered.

“We heard raised voices,” Kyuhyun explained, pointing toward the Dr. Cho’s office, where they were playing cards.

Sungmin looked at Kyuhyun, realizing the guilt on the other man’s face was not inspired by love. Kyuhyun did not feel guilty because he hurt somebody he loved. Kyuhyun just felt guilty because he had used another human being who he had called “friend.” He felt guilty because he had caused so much hurt by his actions. “Yoochun was just being a jerk…but he was right in the end.”

“Okay, then,” Kyuhyun replied as he headed back toward the office, but paused before entering. “Are you going to join us?”

Sungmin smiled, appreciating the offer for what it was, but shook his head. “No, there is somewhere else I want to be.”


Siwon answered his door to find Sungmin outside it, with a look of longing in his eyes that Siwon had only glimpsed for second, earlier in the day.

The taller man watched as Sungmin took in his appearance. Siwon had been ready for bed. He was only wearing loose fitting pants that were fastened around his waist by a drawstring. He wore no shirt, and his perfectly built chest and abdomen were on show. Siwon was well aware of how he looked. He was not in denial of his looks or in love with them either; they were simply a part of him.

“Lieutenant…” Siwon trailed off, hoping to prompt the other person into speaking.

Sungmin looked up at the astute eyes studying him and asked, “Can I come in?”

Siwon stepped to the edge of the doorway, and reached out his arm, beckoning for Sungmin to enter. “Of course, I am always at your disposal.”

Sungmin walked into the room, and the door whooshed shut behind him. He looked back at Siwon and did not bother to hide the blush that had spread across his face at Siwon’s words. Sungmin mastered his apprehension and spoke, “You seem well put together…I meant, a well adjusted person.”

“Thank you, Lieutenant,” Siwon replied, folding his arms, never breaking eye contact with the other.

“You see I’ve been given a-” Sungmin stopped then and continued using Yoochun’s wording. “I have been given a rare opportunity, and I would be lying if I didn’t admit to a certain amount of curiosity.”

Siwon leaned against the wall to his small room and asked, “Do you require my assistance with satisfying this curiosity?”

Sungmin inhaled a deep breath and continued, “I think so, but only if you understand the terms.”

“The terms?”

“This would be sex and nothing else. You do know the difference between sex and love?”

A smile broke out on Siwon’s face, and replied carefully, “I am very aware of the difference.”

“Then you know…this would just be for our enjoyment - well, hopefully, it would be enjoyable,” Sungmin said, laughing nervously.

Siwon stepped closer, and reached up, tucking a piece of hair behind Sungmin’s ear. Siwon was well aware of how awkward this offer must be for the other man. “What are the other terms, Lieutenant?”

Sungmin fought the temptation to fling himself at the handsome prince, his attraction growing by the second. “We never speak of it. Not with each other or anybody else. Tomorrow, if God is willing, I will be back in my male body, and I will still be your boss. We must continue on like before.”

Siwon studied the beautiful woman in front of him, who was actually a beautiful man. A beautiful man who he had pulled from a river months ago, saving his life. Sungmin had been broken then, torn and battered and pleading for forgiveness.

As Ryeowook’s friend, Kangin had insisted that Siwon should care nothing for the man, but something about Sungmin had compelled Siwon to ignore Kangin’s warnings. Sungmin’s wounds had gone deep…much deeper then the claws of the bear had penetrated. Something about Sungmin drew Siwon in, and even if he had never physically desired Sungmin in his male body, the same was not true of the female body he inhabited now.

Siwon was a man, and he enjoyed beautiful women, and although Sungmin’s mind was that of a man…Siwon could ignore that fact if Sungmin was willing to do the same. “I agree to those terms.”

Sungmin’s breathing increased as his excitement spread throughout his body, only realizing now how much he wanted the handsome man. When Siwon swooped down and lifted him into his arms, he did not resist; instead, he draped his arms around Siwon’s neck and proclaimed with a laugh, “You are carrying me like I’m a princess.”

“I am a prince, after all,” Siwon reminded him as he walked toward the bed with Sungmin in his arms.


Changmin entered to the transporter room to find Yunho already there, standing behind the transporter panel.

Changmin walked over to his father and looked down at the panel, arching an eyebrow. “You ran a diagnostic?”

“Yes, I’m completely capable of running a diagnostic.”

“I am well aware of that, but it is not usually the duty of the ship’s captain.”

“Well one of the perks of being the ship’s captain is that I can do whatever I want,” Yunho snapped back at him.

“Is there some particular reason you are in such a foul mood this morning?”

“Hmm…where do I start? When Jaejoong wasn’t flipping and flopping all over the bed, he was waking up every hour cursing me for denying him real water, and I did get kicked out of bed last night. And when I say kicked, I mean literally kicked out of bed. He said it was an accident, and he was dreaming of playing soccer…but for some reason I can’t really envision them playing soccer on the Joong home world,” Yunho said, enlightening Changmin on his horrible night.

“I would like to point out that if you were in the rightful quarters of the ship’s captain, you could have easily gotten up and went to one of the guest rooms to sleep,” Changmin logically pointed out to his father.

Yunho glowered at his son. “Don’t think I don’t know you are behind all this. I know this has everything to do with your appetite!”

“Correct,” Changmin conceded. “I see real potential in Jaejoong’s cooking, and I wish to encourage it. Jaejoong having his own kitchen to practice in could result in some delicious delicacies.”

Yunho couldn’t help but smile. “I wanted you two to get along…I just didn’t want to be your victim!”

“Victim is too harsh of a word. If you would simply give in, then your world would be completely peaceful.”

“No,” Yunho said stubbornly.

Changmin rewarded his father with a rare smile and said confidently, “We will see.”

Before Yunho could respond to his son’s unspoken challenge, Yoochun entered the room, and immediately had all of Yunho’s attention. “You look like shit.”

“Thanks Yunho, I love you, too,” Yoochun grumbled as he walked over to the two other men. “Ryeowook is bringing me a little wake-me-up, so don’t start stressing on me.”

“Have you even slept since the transformation took place?”

Yoochun shook his head, answering Yunho, and stared down at the transporter panel. “Changmin, did you already run a diagnostic?”

“No, the captain did,” Changmin replied, also studying the engineer with concern.

Yoochun looked up at Changmin and then to Yunho. “You know I’m a horrible person…I’m not worthy of this much concern.”

Yunho immediately pulled Yoochun into a hug, embracing him tightly. “That’s not true.”

“Oh, dear, you are in a hugging mood, and nobody warned me,” Yoochun fussed, feigning reluctance, but he didn’t move away from the warm embrace of his friend.

“It would appear that Jae did not satisfy Yunho’s personal contact quota. I will be sure to avoid him as much as possible today,” Changmin explained, sounding completely reasonable.

Yunho pulled away from Yoochun slightly and snatched Changmin, pulling his son into the embrace. “Do you want some of this?”

“Captain, this is not dignified!” Changmin protested and Yoochun just laughed, feeling warmer than he had in days.

Yunho reluctantly let go of them. “Changmin, sometimes a hug is good for the soul.”

“That is illogical.”

“What’s illogical,” Ryeowook asked as he entered the transporter room with Shindong.

“The captain is,” Changmin answered.

“That’s why he has you, so he doesn’t have to be logical,” Ryeowook told Changmin as he walked up to Yoochun with disapproval in his eyes. “Why you would allow yourself to get in such a state is beyond me. I should have hogtied you to a bed last night and sedated you!”

“Yes, doctor,” Yoochun answered, not wanting to risk an argument. He also resisted the urge to ask what exactly a hogtying was.

Ryeowook injected Yoochun with a hypospray. “When you get back to the ship…you will sleep, or I will sedate you. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Sir,” Yoochun told Dr. Cho.

“Where is the other one? I want to find out if this works. I like my breasts on women. I am ready to get rid of these girls,” Shindong informed everybody, while cupping a breast with each hand. “Plus pissing while sitting down is not natural.”

“I second that,” Ryeowook confirmed. “Where is Donghae?”

“I’m here, never fear!” Donghae said as he entered the room with Eunhyuk and Sungmin. Eunhyuk was arm in arm with both Donghae and Sungmin.

“I thought I would escort these ladies,” Eunhyuk said, looking extremely chipper.

Sungmin pulled away from Eunhyuk and gently slugged him. “I am going to make you think lady.”

“I am just glad he didn’t drool on us,” Donghae stated, moving toward the transporter platform.

Sungmin looked at Eunhyuk suspiciously. “Very surprising,” he concurred. “Considering he’s a walking hormone most of the time”

“I can control my hormones just fine,” Eunhyuk said in his defense. The ensign looked at Yoochun, who gave him a dubious look, causing the ensign to look away quickly.

“Since when?” Donghae asked.

Eunhyuk avoided Yoochun’s gaze and declared to his friends, “It would be weird since you two are still my very best friends.”

“I thought Junsu was your best friend,” Shindong asked.

“Some people are blessed with more than one,” Eunhyuk quickly answered.

Yunho, who had moved away from the transporter panel, letting Changmin take over put his arm around Eunhyuk. “Blessed indeed, Ensign.”

Yoochun moved up on the transporter platform next to Donghae. “Well, let’s get this over with.”

“Good Luck,” Yunho told them, and then nodded at Changmin to beam the two men down to the planet.

Everybody watched as the two of them disappeared.

“How long before we know if it worked?” Eunhyuk asked.

“We were on the planet for several hours last time before the change took place,” Sungmin reminded them.

“But we were only near that machinery for less then an hour,” Shindong pointed out.

“True,” Changmin conceded. “It was most likely triggered by proximity.”

“Or the fact that you and Yoochun were tearing it apart out of curiosity,” Ryeowook reminded them.

Changmin frowned at Ryeowook. “We were not tearing it apart; we were attempting to better understand its mechanics.”

“Look where that got us,” Shindong grumbled.

Yunho looked at the people in the room and opened his mouth to suggest they be more patient, but stopped when Commander Yoochun’s voice pierced the air, “Captain, it seems your hypothesis was correct; permission to beam me and Lieutenant Donghae aboard in our very male bodies.”

The captain smiled and a loud round of cheers erupted in the room. “Permission granted; Changmin, beam them back aboard.”

When the two men appeared back on the transporter platform, Ryeowook immediately greeted them running a scanner over them. “Oh, it looks like they are back to themselves. Physically, they are just as they were when they beamed down.”

Changmin nodded his head. “The transporter scans also confirm this.”

“I’m next!” Shindong shouted, hurrying to get on the platform.

“All three of us are next,” Sungmin said, correcting Shindong as he took his place on the platform as Yoochun and Donghae got off it.

Donghae jumped off the platform and hugged Eunhyuk happily, causing the other man to break out into laughter. “I’m not a dog either!”

“Beam us down already,” Ryeowook commanded, standing between Sungmin and Shindong.

Yunho nodded his head at Changmin, and the three men disappeared.

“How does it feel to be back in your old skin?” Yunho asked a very relieved Yoochun.

“It feels really good,” Yoochun informed Yunho.

“What was the process like?” Changmin asked, immediately curious.

“We arrived on the planet, got immediately zapped, and woke up male,” Yoochun explained.

“Thank God!” Donghae declared again.

“Yunho, when you are done restoring your crew member’s male body parts, can you send Changmin to the Galley?”


“Yes, Changmin.”

“Did you cook something?”

“Yes, I did.”

“And I’m not invited?”


“Jaejoong, are you really not inviting me?”

“That’s correct.”

“I thought you loved me?”

“Don’t whine Yunho! You know I love you, but I plan on loving you even more when we have that nice spacious cabin.”

“So now you are withholding food and sex?”

“Yes, that would be correct.”

Yunho pushed Jaejoong out of his mind, and looked at Changmin, who was perched over the transporter, waiting for the away team’s signal. If Changmin and Jaejoong were both going to team up against him, he didn’t have a chance. They might be very different people but they were very similar in how…

A huge feeling of unease came over Yunho as he watched his son, and thought of his lover. He suddenly felt like he was missing a very important piece to a puzzle. Changmin and Jaejoong were connected by more than just him…there was something similar about the two of them.

Changmin turned to look at his father. “Is something wrong?”

Yunho reached up and rubbed his left temple, suddenly feeling fuzzy headed. “I just feel like I’m missing something...something very obvious.”

“Like what?” Changmin asked, immediately curious.

Yunho shook his head. “I don’t know…it’s like it keeps slipping away. No, it’s more like it’s in my grasp, but then it gets yanked away from me.”

Before Changmin could respond, Sungmin’s voice sounded over the communication system. “We are back to our manly men forms. Please beam us.”

“You two are far from manly,” Shindong could be heard saying in the background.

“Beam them up,” Yunho ordered, and whatever unease he had felt earlier was forgotten as Shindong, Sungmin, and Ryeowook materialized in their male bodies.

“So are you done?” Jaejoong asked, shocking Yunho when he suddenly appeared beside him with one arm around Yunho’s waist, and the other gently resting on Changmin’s arm. “Let’s go eat.”

“I thought I wasn’t invited.”

“I changed my mind,”
Jaejoong mentally told him as he reached up and kissed Yunho’s cheek. “I can never deny you for long, Precious Pet.”
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