The Fight about Nothing, Part Eight

Title: The Fight About Nothing
Author: aquariuslover
Pairing: KyuWook
Rating: R
Genre: Friendship, Love
Beta: unicornsinger

Summary: This is a completely fictional tale about the thin line between love and friendship, and how easily that line can become blurred.

TFAN Chapters

He felt so good; warm hands who knew all the right spots to massage were working their magic on his back that had been giving him so much discomfort since the accident. His body really liked the attention it was getting, and he could feel it starting to respond. He smiled in his sleep; he didn’t expect this last night, when he had run from Sungmin after the latter had printed off pictures of every sexually transmitted disease known to man and forced him to look at all of them.

Where had he run to again? Oh, he had run to Yesung and Ryeowook’s room to hide. Ryeowook always knew how to make him feel good. Wait? Ryeowook didn’t share this room with Yesung, anymore; Zhou Mi did. Who was touching him? Whose hands were making him….?

Fear gripped him, and he jerked himself up out of bed quickly, and he pushed the intrusive hands away. He knew he had to open his eyes, but he dreaded to find either Yesung or Zhou Mi, because there was a line and it had been crossed.

“It totally isn’t appropriate - ” he began is the rudest voice he owned as he opened his eyes. Relief flooded him quickly, as he found Ryeowook sitting on the side of Yesung’s bed next to him. “Oh, thank God.”

“Inappropriate?” Ryeowook questioned, completely dressed and sitting on the edge of the bed.

“I thought I was being molested.”

“Since when does a massage equal molestation? With you?” Ryeowook asked, bewildered.

“I didn’t think it could be you. I thought it had to be Yesung or Zhou Mi. Massage is wonderful and perfect when you do it, so can you please continue? Please?” Kyuhyun asked, repositioning himself belly down on the bed with his head resting on Ryeowook’s thigh.

“You actually thought Yesung would just give you a random massage, out of the kindness of his heart? Do you have a fever? Do I need to get a thermometer?” Ryeowook asked as he checked Kyuhyun’s forehead.

“No, no, just please continue.”

“I don’t think so; now I just feel dirty,” Ryeowook teased, but started to massage the knots out of Kyuhyun’s upper back.

“It’s not bad if you do it.”

“Why not?”

“Because you are allowed to.”

“Who else has massage privileges?”

“Well my mom does, and dad is really good, too. Massage therapists and nurses can…although none of my nurses did it for me the last time I was in the hospital.”

“Because you were too busy sneaking out of bed, falling, and pulling out stuff. Soon you will be as popular as Heechul with them.”


“Are you purring?”


“Yesung should totally have massage privileges, too…since he’s your number one now,” Ryeowook teased as he worked on an especially big knot on Kyuhyun’s upper back.

“Nooo,” was Kyuhyun’s only response as he began to drift off to his happy place.

“Well, I just don’t think it’s fair that he gets to be number one, and I have to do all the work.”

“You are always one,” Kyuhyun mumbled.

“Well, since that is settled, I should get back to the kitchen and help Sungmin with breakfast!” Ryeowook replied happily as he quickly got up from the bed.

Kyuhyun raised his head up from the bed where it had fallen when Ryeowook had abandoned him. “No, no, no stay here,” A very drowsy Kyuhyun begged, reaching out his arms for Ryeowook, but Ryeowook avoided them easily.

“Nope, I have lots of things I have to do today. I have to go visit my grandmother and unfortunately, see other people, so I don’t have time to fulfill my duties as your personal massage therapist. But first, I have to help Sungmin finish breakfast. When you meet up with your cougar today…you can go to the spa and get a couple’s massage,” Ryeowook told him as he left the room.

“Cougar?” Kyuhyun repeated out loud as he sat up on the side of the bed. “Oh, that’s right. My revenge. Third best!” Kyuhyun said aloud, climbing out of bed in his blue pajamas. “Damn Ryeowook, making me forget my revenge,” Kyuhyun grumbled to himself as he headed for the kitchen.

Kyuhyun stopped suddenly when he entered the kitchen. Poor Zhou Mi was sitting at the table, facing Sungmin, who had a large spatula aimed at him. “So, how well do you know this woman? Is she is clean? Kyuhyun is very prone to illness.”

“What the hell?” Kyuhyun complained for Zhou Mi’s sake.

“Don’t you even start with me!” Sungmin warned, turning his spatula on Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun sat down at the table beside Zhou Mi, and gave him a look of deep sympathy. “Anything,” Kyuhyun whispered, reminding Zhou Mi this would be a debt he would repay.

“Are we feeding this pimp?” Ryeowook asked as he walked over with a plate of pancakes. Ryeowook was giving Zhou Mi a look of scorn, which was so unusual coming from Ryeowook, that Kyuhyun did a double take.

“Well, we are feeding the whore, so why not,” Sungmin answered, giving Kyuhyun a stern look.

“Can we come in now?” Eunhyuk asked as he softly approached the kitchen. Yesung was right behind him, clinging to his backside.

“Well, hello, Yesung, would you like some breakfast that Ryeowook and I made?” Sungmin said with an evil smile, as he pulled him out from behind Eunhyuk. Yesung gulped and nodded his head yes.

“It’s not cookies, but they are round,” Ryeowook informed him with the same evil smile, while holding up a pancake to show him.

“I know you have a twisted little mind, so how would you feel if we acted out your little fantasy?” Sungmin asked him. Yesung had a horrified look on his face, as Sungmin walked up to Ryeowook and acted like he was going to kiss him.

“Please don’t - I have enough trouble with the vision of members kissing each other without having to see this!” Eunhyuk begged as he took a seat at the table opposite of Kyuhyun.

Ryeowook turned around quickly and looked at Eunhyuk, totally forgetting the joke they were playing on Yesung. “What do you mean by that?”

“He’s talking about me and Heechul. Heechul made me do that, for the millionth time. Have you ever had to refuse Heechul anything? It’s not pretty, so I chose to live in peace,” Sungmin explained, glaring at Eunhyuk for bringing up a sore subject.

“How could I forget that?” Ryeowook said, motioning for Yesung to take a seat next to Eunhyuk, and then he started passing out pancakes.

“So your big date is planned for today, huh?” Eunhyuk asked Kyuhyun.

“It sure is, and I can’t wait,” Kyuhyun told Eunhyuk, taking a big bite of pancakes.

Ryeowook sat down next to Kyuhyun and looked very worried. “You know a person who made this kind of deal with Zhou Mi can’t be mentally right in the head.”

“She isn’t that bad; she’s just a big fan,” Zhou Mi added with a smile to help put Ryeowook’s mind at ease.

“No, she probably is that bad, but that’s the fun part,” Kyuhyun told Ryeowook, doing his best to put Ryeowook’s mind anywhere but at ease.

“Quit torturing Ryeowook. God only knows why he and I spend any time worrying about you. You are the devil; even if she planned on kidnapping you, she would return you fast enough,” Sungmin said, taking a seat next to Eunhyuk.

“I’m jealous. I wish I had a date with a hot, sexy, horny model,” Eunhyuk said with a huge grin.

“Horny? This isn’t your own personal porno flick; this is Kyuhyun’s life we are talking about,” Sungmin informed him, disgusted.

“I know and I’m jealous!” Eunhyuk confirmed for him.

“Me too,” Yesung said, looking at Zhou Mi. “I let you share my room, so why don’t you hook me up?”

“She requested me, duh,” Kyuhyun told them as he stole a pancake off of Ryeowook’s untouched plate. “Ryeowook gave me this great idea…about couples massage! Instead of going to a spa, I figure we can just get a hotel room and save some money and time.”

Yesung and Eunhyuk laughed, Sungmin looked ashamed, Zhou Mi looked guilty, and Ryeowook now looked suspicious.

“Really? So this girl you have never met before - ”

“I talked to her on the phone,” Kyuhyun said, interrupting Ryeowook to clarify……..well clarify his lie.

“Okay, so this girl you have never seen and only talked to on the phone is going to give you a massage?”

“And more, hopefully,” Kyuhyun said with a devious smile and a wink.

“I hate you,” Yesung said, completely jealous.

“I don’t think so. You have way too many personal contact issues to let some stranger touch you,” Ryeowook pointed out knowingly.

“That’s true,” Sungmin agreed.

“I’m not picky when its hot models who want to do the touching!” Kyuhyun said, defending himself. “You, my mom, my dad, massage therapists, nurses and hot models.”

“What?” Eunhyuk asked, completely lost at the direction the conversation had taken.

“People who have massage privileges,” Ryeowook clarified, annoyed.

“I don’t have massage privileges?” Sungmin asked, hurt.

“You want them?” Yesung asked. “I am perfectly fine with not having them…ever.”

“No, but I should have them,” Sungmin insisted.

“I’m sorry, Sungmin, you now have massage privileges,” Kyuhyun told Sungmin. Kyuhyun was getting scared; that look in Ryeowook’s eyes told him that the game was almost over.

“Never mind, I don’t want them now,” Sungmin grumbled as he took a big bite of his pancakes.

“Let’s get back to the fact that you’re a liar,” Ryeowook told Kyuhyun, totally annoyed.

“I am not. I swear on my mother’s life that I have a date today with a model,” Kyuhyun declared.

“Don’t swear on your mother’s life,” Sungmin said, reaching over the table and swatting Kyuhyun on the head with his spatula.

“It’s true! Isn’t it, Zhou Mi?”

“He does have a date today with a lovely model.”

“A lovely model? Not a psycho fan, with a long tongue, that provides services for songs sung? Don’t even think of lying!” Ryeowook said, glaring at Zhou Mi. “And you, be quiet,” Ryeowook said, pointing to Kyuhyun who was about to interrupt.

So Yesung interrupted for him. “What side of the bed did you crawl out of today?”

“You, be quiet,” Sungmin told Yesung, and then turned his focus back to Zhou Mi. “You, answer his question.”

“She’s a nice girl. She is a couple years older than him...but she isn’t anything like he described,” Zhou Mi finally confessed, under the weight of Ryeowook and Sungmin’s combined glares.

“Traitor! You thought it was bad that time you went off-key, and I ended up on the floor laughing - you just wait!” Kyuhyun warned.

“Be nice,” Sungmin warned Kyuhyun, waving his spatula. Ryeowook took a big sigh of relief.

“What’s the big deal? Kyuhyun is still going out with an older model? I’m still jealous,” Eunhyuk asked, confused.

“Well it isn’t quite as scary now,” Sungmin explained. “Why did you ever lie in the first place?”

“Third place.” Zhou Mi explained.

Ryeowook just shook his head at Kyuhyun in disbelief.

“Zhou Mi, when you turn rat, you totally turn don’t you?” Kyuhyun accused.

“I’m not turning rat! I’m changing my allegiances.”

“Third place… what the heck does that mean?” Yesung asked as he finished his breakfast.

“Ryeowook told Kyuhyun he was his third favorite Super Junior member, and well, Kyuhyun didn’t take it well,” Zhou Mi was happy to explain. Eunhyuk, Yesung and Sungmin all broke out in laughter.

“I never liked you! Whenever a fan brings up QMi, I vomit a little in my mouth,” Kyuhyun told Zhou Mi with such a hateful look that the other man flinched.

Eunhyuk and Yesung got up from the table, still laughing, dragging Zhou Mi with them out of the room, before Kyuhyun could do him harm.

Kyuhyun just sat in his chair with his arms folded, glaring at anybody who dared looking at him. Sadly, he was with Sungmin and Ryeowook, who weren’t bothered by his glares.

“I’m first, right? Sungmin said, laughing at Kyuhyun’s expression.

Ryeowook just nodded his head and reached under the table to gently rub Kyuhyun’s knee. “I hate you both,” Kyuhyun declared.

“But we love you,” Sungmin told him as he got up and grabbed some plates from the table, still laughing.

“We should have just listened to your mother,” Ryeowook said happily as he ate what was left of his pancakes.

“You told my mom?” Kyuhyun whined. His eyes scanned the dorm, waiting for her to jump out at him and give him a good lecturing.

“No need to worry; when I told her, all she did was laugh,” Ryeowook admitted.

“Well actually, she laughed, patted you on the head, and called you silly,” Sungmin corrected as he returned to the table and demonstrated the exact actions of Mrs. Cho on Ryeowook.

Ryeowook smiled and gave Sungmin a look of pure affection. “How did I forget that?”

“I can’t believe you told my mother! What if she had believed you? I am so not ever going to be ready to have a conversation with my mother about long-tongued models!”

“I would pay good money to see that conversation,” Sungmin told him as he headed back to the kitchen with more dirty dishes.

Ryeowook, who was still attempting to calm Kyuhyun - unsuccessfully, for once - asked, “You want to come with me to see my grandmother?”

“Really? You would you ask me that? After you made me the laughing-stock of the table and tattled to my mother!” Kyuhyun was so angry with Ryeowook. He made a mental note to totally ignore the hand on his knee.

“They are laughing because it’s ludicrous that you believed me, not that you are third.”

“Oh - ” Kyuhyun’s anger vanished completely at Ryeowook’s words. A smile formed when he realized he wasn’t third after all.

“Yeah, sometimes you have rocks for brains,” Ryeowook said, knocking him gently on the head.

“So I’m not third?”


Kyuhyun was beaming. “Not second?”

Ryeowook just shook his head no.

“I knew in my heart you loved me best. I mean how couldn’t you? It’s obvious that you adore me,” Kyuhyun told him, triumphantly.

“Best, umm…I meant fourth.”

“What!” Kyuhyun said disbelievingly. “I so don’t believe you. Why would you want fourth best to go with you to see your grandmother?”

“Because first, second, and third are busy?”


“Because I have gone with you to see your parents so many times, you owe me?”

“You love my parents! Also the last visit wasn’t sanctioned by me!”

“Still, you owe me.”

“Okay, I will go even though you come from an old hick town that probably doesn’t even have electricity, and the family trees don’t fork.”

“You’re about to be uninvited!”

“I will be on my best behavior, I promise,” Kyuhyun said, smiling because Ryeowook’s hand was now rubbing his upper inner thigh and he couldn’t ignore that.

“Wait, you can’t go. You have a date,” Ryeowook told him, pretending he had forgotten.

“Oh, that’s not important. I should go with you to see your sick grandmother. I owe you,” Kyuhyun told him, then leaned in and whispered, “We are staying overnight, right?”

“You really don’t have to,” Ryeowook told him as he jerked his hand up on the table, after finding it had climbed dangerously high in a northerly direction.

Kyuhyun frowned as Ryeowook pulled away, but was easily distracted with his new plans. “No, it’s what a good friend should do,” Kyuhyun said, jumping up from the table. “I better go tell Zhou Mi that I’m not going.”

As Kyuhyun headed off in search of Zhou Mi, Ryeowook leaned forward, holding his hands to his forehead, and moaned, full of dread, “This is such a bad idea.”
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