Expectations: Neither Friend, Nor Foe Part 2 of 7

Title: Expectations
Adventure Seven: Neither Friend, Nor Foe Part 2 of 7
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae, KyuWook, Various Other Pairings
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Angst
Beta:  unicornsinger

A/N: This story is inspired by Star Trek. The crew of the Expectations will be made up of members of DBSK and Super Junior. Instead of chapters the story will be broken up in adventures.

Summary: The crew encounters a mysterious stranger and everything changes. Life aboard the Star Ship Expectations will never be the same as secrets unfold, sacrifices are made, and lives hang in the balance.

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Prior Adventures

Seung-hyun tensed and tried to appear calm as Lord ZhouMi stormed toward him, wearing long lavish robes of maroon and fuming in anger.

“I’ve been summoned,” Lord ZhouMi hissed with a snarl upon his face. “Tell me Seung-hyun, who dares to summon me?”

“My Lord, the Joong insisted…he says he has another deal to offer you.”

ZhouMi furrowed his brows and studied his nervous officer. “You reported that the capture of Jaejoong and his mate was successful.”

“It was, My Lord,” Seung-hyun eagerly answered.

Lord ZhouMi slapped Seung-hyun across the face without warning. “Tell me what is going on. I don’t have time for your timid, backward explanations. Just tell me already!”

Seung-hyun was resisting the urge to reach up and touch his burning cheek, so he quickly explained, “The capture went as planned. The Joong had warned that Jaejoong’s body would quickly neutralize the gas, so his mate was given a nonlethal shot to the shoulder. The combination of the gas and the injury to his mate successfully distracted Jaejoong long enough for us to place the necklace upon him. We were preparing to send them to you…when the Joong stopped us. He said they were not going anywhere ‘til he talked to you in person. He said he had an offer you wouldn’t be able to refuse.”

Lord ZhouMi appeared to be in deep thought as he contemplated Seung-hyun’s words. “How intriguing; take me to him.”

“Yes, My Lord,” Seung-hyun answered, promptly turning and heading down the hallway. They were inside the capitol building of Trysor.

ZhouMi took in the emptiness of the building and responded, “It’s rather empty for a capitol building isn’t it?”

“The Joong had the Trysorion President send everybody home,” Seung-hyun replied.

“It would be difficult to exert that much control over so many people,” ZhouMi surmised. “Even for a Joong…especially when the Trysorion people acted so unwillingly. They will be broken-hearted when they find out what they have done to their beloved allies.”

Seung-hyun reached a double door and turned to face his master. “We are here, My Lord.”

ZhouMi pushed the doors open and strolled into the room, full of arrogance. “Tell me about this deal you believe I won’t be able to refuse. I must warn you, if it doesn’t involve me dancing on Jaejoong’s dead body…I’m not interested.”

Hyun Joong, who had been standing at the window looking out on the planet he had betrayed, turned and faced the man who had successfully taken control of him. “There are some who say you have only one redeeming quality.”

“There are some who don’t know me,” ZhouMi piped back at the Joong as he took in the room. It was a grand dining hall for all the important politicians of Trysor. ZhouMi approved of the white walls, splendid furniture, lavish red curtains, and the shiny chandelier that hung from the ceiling.

Hyun Joong inhaled a deep breath as he watched the warlord pay him very little attention, as he went to an exquisitely set up table and picked up a round, pink piece of fruit. “They say your one redeeming quality is that you do not break your word.”

Lord ZhouMi bit into the fruit and savored its sweet taste, ignoring the Joong. After finding a chair that he found aesthetically pleasing to his eye, the warlord took a seat. ZhouMi slowly ate his piece of fruit before replying to the Joong’s statement. “Who says an evil tormenter can’t honor his word?”

“If you accept my deal, I want your word that you will allow Jaejoong and Captain Yunho to leave this planet without your interference.”

“You are hilarious!” Lord ZhouMi declared as he leaned back in his chair, cackling.

“I’m actually being very serious.”

Lord ZhouMi stopped laughing and reached up and stroked the necklace that was around his neck. “As long as I wear this necklace, my mind is closed to you. I think you would do well not to forget who holds your life in his hands.”

“I haven’t forgotten. You said if I provided you with Jaejoong and his mate, then you would release….my mate,” Hyun Joong said the last two words, full of yearning. “I just want to change the terms of our deal. I will give you something just as valuable in place of Jaejoong and his mate.”

“Trying to change the terms of the deal, are you?” ZhouMi’s eyes narrowed in distrust. “Do I need to remind you that your mate is out of your reach, and if I don’t give frequent assurances to those that hold her…of my continued good health, then she will be killed. I don’t need to remind you what happens to a Joong when its mate dies…do I?”

“No, you don’t. I still believe you will take the new deal,” Joong said, walking closer to ZhouMi. “If you kill Jaejoong and Yunho, then you only get a short-lived revenge, and they will just go on living in another life.”

“Explain that last bit again,” ZhouMi questioned, looking skeptical.

“I have plundered the captain’s mind, but it wasn’t easy. He is a remarkable specimen of humanity. I found out that Jaejoong and the captain were given a tour of their past lives by a Guardian of Time. You might kill them in this life…but they will just be born again in another life. They have a timeless love that even the Guardian was in awe of.”

“You are going to make me vomit,” ZhouMi complained, looking nauseous. “Such romantic nonsense.”

“Vomit all you want, but it’s the truth…it’s why you could never break Jaejoong,” Hyun Joong informed him.

“Oh,” ZhouMi said, pondering the Joong’s words. “That would explain it…because I really…and I mean I really tried to break him.”

“A timeless love just goes on and on - one life has no affect on it,” Hyun Joong tried to explain. “It is the accumulation of thousands of lives.”

“But I want to dance on Jaejoong’s dead body in this life, and I also want to chop his mate…..the remarkable specimen of humanity that he might be, up into little pieces of food and feed him to my little Pookie,” ZhouMi explained. “What do I care about their next life? It isn’t like I will be aware of it.”

“There are legends of the necklaces breaking under the power of a bond fueled by a timeless love…of course, it is just legend,” Hyun Joong said in a soft, knowing voice.

ZhouMi snorted. “I have no interest in made-up legends.”

“But Joong legends are proving to be true lately; I would be remiss if I didn’t inform you of them,” Hyung Joong said with a confident smile.

Something in the Joong’s smile did not sit well with ZhouMi, causing him to bark out, “What exactly is your deal?”

Hyun Joong closed his eyes and said the words he knew would change everything, “If you accept my deal…I will provide you with another Joong.”

Lord ZhouMi quickly took in the Joong’s words and went to calculating all the possibilities. “Sorry, not interested in you. You are already bonded…and I’m not interested in your mate either.”

“I am offering you an unbonded Joong.”

“Go on,” the warlord ordered, instantly intrigued.

“Unbonded…and very fragile right now,” Hyun Joong told the warlord as he turned away from him, facing the window.

“Why is he fragile?”

“He doesn’t know he is a Joong.”

ZhouMi jumped out of his chair, knocking it over. “You are pissing me off. Explain everything now! How can a Joong not know he is a Joong? How can a being with self-healing abilities be fragile? I have had people killed for causing me less aggravation!”

Hyun Joong did not turn to face the impatient warlord. “He’s Jaejoong’s son.”

“How is that possible?” ZhouMi demanded, walking up to Hyun Joong, grabbing him by the shoulders, and tossing him around ‘til they were facing each other. “Jaejoong has not had time to give birth to a Joong baby.”

Hyun Joong closed his eyes, hating himself at this moment. “From what I can gather…which isn’t much, since Jaejoong is blocked to me…the child is from the future. In the future, Jaejoong and Yunho must have sent him back in time when he was just a baby.”

“Why would they do that?” ZhouMi asked, calmer now, his curiosity growing by leaps and bounds.

“There is only one reason…they were dying. They couldn’t save themselves, so they sent the child back in time to his father…where his bond with his father would be enough to keep him alive.”

“How can he not know he is a Joong?”

Hyun Joong stared at the floor and continued, “I have no idea. I didn’t even know he was a Joong ‘til I tried to take control of his mind. He has no idea of his connection to Jaejoong…he thinks he is a regular human. Jaejoong has been lying to them all…the captain has no clue.”

ZhouMi pushed the Joong away from the window. He stood looking out the window intertwining his fingers. “What is he like?”

“He’s very tall. He’s extremely intelligent. He’s very handsome…he’s also beautiful…but he’s a manly beautiful,” Hyun Joong explained. “He’s masculine, and not feminine. He’s flawless.”

ZhouMi fanned himself with is hand as the flames of desire took root in him. “You are making me hot. I like real men…he’s sounds better then Jaejoong! But…he is Jaejoong’s son. Therefore, he will resist me! Jaejoong would be incapable of having a nice, compliant child.”

“But he is injured-”

“Injured!” ZhouMi shouted, turning to face Seung-hyun, who was quietly standing across the room beside the door, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. “You didn’t tell me anybody else had been injured!”

“My Lord, I have no memory of anybody else being injured. I only remember injuring Jaejoong’s mate,” Seung-hyun bowed and told his master.

“I rid his mind of any knowledge of Jaejoong’s son. He does not remember seeing him, much less shooting Changmin-”

“Changmin…that’s his name? Changmin…I like how that name rolls off my tongue. Changmin,” ZhouMi said with a dreamy look upon his face. “My own mate…dedicated to my sexual pleasure, and I can’t forget the healing!”

“He is unaware of his ability to heal himself, much less his ability to bond. He has never taken on the Joong form that he is aware of. Healing himself will be quite shocking to him. The advanced science of his father’s people…has always healed him. He has never had to heal himself. It’s very likely the healing process will make his Joong qualities immerge…he would be like a newborn Joong babe without its parents to calm it,” Hyun Joong explained.

“I would comfort…and calm him,” ZhouMi moaned as he leaned his neck back imagining the possibilities. “I would love to do so.”

“To suddenly be telepathic, empathic…the mental shock would be too much; he would be totally susceptible to you.”

Lord ZhouMi closed his eyes and licked his lips, savoring the thought. “And we would bond?”

“If he has the bonding ability of the Joong-”

“What do you mean ‘if’?” ZhouMi barked, glaring at the Joong.

Hyun Joong stared ZhouMi in the face, not backing down from the erratic warlord. “There hasn’t been a hybrid Joong in a thousand years…we thought they were just legend. I am not a specialist on what he is and what he isn’t capable of. I do know this…he is the son of the one that got away from you. Death is nothing compared to what Jaejoong will feel when he knows you have his son.”

ZhouMi took a step back, completely amazed, and said, full of admiration, “Why Hyun Joong, you are after my own heart. What delicious evil has taken root in you?”

“No, it-”

“Yes, it has! Don’t deny it. Embrace it. You are right; this is a punishment much worse than death for Jaejoong. I delight in the thought of how much anguish it will cause him to know…that I have his son…his son’s body to plunder and to do with as I please. Yes, a fate much worse than death.”

“So you accept the deal?”

ZhouMi smirked and winked at the Joong. “I do, but I have one stipulation.”


“Report!” Commander Yoochun demanded as he entered the bridge.

Ensign Choi shook his head as he looked at scans of the planet at his station. “Sir, with all the dilithium deposits on that planet…our scans are rendered useless.”

Commander Yoochun slapped his hand on the bridge railing that separated the top and bottom levels of the bridge. “This is so frustrating! I never thought I would see a day where I would curse dilithium!”

Lieutenant Sungmin entered the bridge with Ensign Eunhyuk. The both of them had just returned from the planet.

“Well?” Commander Yoochun inquired.

Sungmin just shook his head, perturbed. “They don’t know anything. The president apparently declared it some national holiday and sent the masses home. The president swears he has no memory of the day at all. All his advisors are claiming the same.”

“And here we are without Jae! It’d be nice to know if they were lying or telling the truth,” Yoochun grumbled.

Eunhyuk spoke up, “They did offer to send whatever advisor or even the president himself up here for Dr. Cho to run tests on-”

“They want to see if he can restore their memories,” Sungmin finished.

Dr. Cho, who had entered the bridge quietly, pointed out, “That doesn’t sound like a people who are lying.”

“No, it doesn’t,” Commander Yoochun agreed with a frown, walking toward the Captain’s Chair in the center of the bridge. “But I want one of them up here anyway. If they are volunteering, then we need to make sure they don’t know anything.”

“Agreed,” Lieutenant Yesung, who was in Commander Cho’s chair, concurred.

Ensign Junsu, who sat at his station at the helm, nodded his head, “It has been hours…I just hope they are alright.”


Kyuhyun awoke to find himself enclosed in an eight by eight metal box with Shindong and Changmin. The box had vents at the top of it that allowed air in and provided a small amount of light. “Changmin!”

“Let him sleep,” Shindong whispered from the other end of the box. “It’s better if he sleeps.”

Kyuhyun was on his knees beside his friend instantly. “We have to help him.”

Shindong did not move; he just closed his eyes. “There is no helping him. I already checked him, and they…they used a maze gun on him.”

Kyuhyun found the nerve to reach down and pull Changmin’s bloody uniform shirt up to view the wound that pierced the Lieutenant’s stomach. The wound edges were nasty and jagged and black streaks extended from it, spreading out across the abdomen. “A maze gun…what is that?” Kyuhyun barely managed to get out.

“It’s a dreadful…lethal weapon. The bullet is like a parasite that starts growing after the victim is shot….there isn’t a cure. It doesn’t kill instantly…it likes to keep its food alive for awhile,” Shindong explained, his eyes still closed, refusing to look at the two other men.

“How long?”

“Usually they are dead within twenty-four hours, but I have heard of some people lasting for two days…but it’s an agonizing death.”

Kyuhyun reached for Changmin’s hand and squeezed it. “That isn’t going to happen…we are going to get back to the Expectations, and Ryeowook will fix him up in no time.”

Shindong opened his eyes and looked at Kyuhyun. “Do you know something I don’t?”

“What do you remember?” Kyuhyun asked the man.

“I remember that we were all thinking it would be a good idea to get back to the ship, and then the next thing I remember is waking up in here. Lieutenant Jung was bleeding out everywhere, and even though I knew it was hopeless, I held pressure on the wound ‘til it stopped bleeding,” Shindong said as he held up his bloody hands as proof. “Shortly afterwards, they tossed you in here, and you were unconscious. Right after they put you in here…the ship took off.”

“The ship? We are on a ship?” Kyuhyun frowned as he suddenly remembered what the Joong had said. “We are on a merchant’s ship.”

“I figured as much. There are hundreds of ships that visit the planet daily. The planet is rich in food and trades with multiple other worlds.”

Kyuhyun looked down at Changmin, who was still out of it, and told Shindong, “That man was a-”

“A Joong…I figured as much.”

“It appears ZhouMi was blackmailing him.”

Shindong swallowed nervously, “Did he say what ZhouMi was after?”

“The captain and Jaejoong…he made me call for them,” Kyuhyun explained, full of guilt. “He used me to get them to beam down to the planet.”

“Did he mention me?” Shindong asked nervously.

Kyuhyun looked up from the unconscious Changmin and stared at the rogue trader turned ship’s consultant. “They didn’t mention you.”

Shindong rubbed his face and stretched out his legs, and admitted, “That doesn’t really make me feel any better. Lord ZhouMi has been looking for me…I betrayed him, so my chances of surviving are extremely low.”

“We will find a way to survive. We don’t even know where they are taking us or why.”

“That sounds all nice and hopeful, Commander Cho, but I think it’s time you accept that we are in a shit-poor situation.”

“I do realize that, but I’m not ready to accept that we are in a hopeless situation. There are too many things we need to find out.”

“Changmin would probably disagree with you,” Shindong retorted as he looked down on the pale, lifeless lieutenant.

“Actually, I agree with the commander; there are too many unknown variables for us to jump to any conclusions,” Changmin replied, shocking them both.

“Changmin!” Kyuhyun exclaimed in surprise. “I didn’t know you were awake?”

“Commander, I wish adamantly I was not. The pain is making it quite difficult to think. I have always admired the Vulcan race, wishing to emulate them, but it seems I lack the ability to control my emotions when it comes to excruciating pain,” Changmin responded with his eyes clasped tightly shut.

“How much did you hear?” Shindong asked awkwardly.

“I know that I have a fatal wound, and if our circumstances do not make a drastic improvement, I will soon be dead. I know Lord ZhouMi most likely has Yunho and Jaejoong.”

Shindong couldn’t help but feel guilty…the younger man had heard it all. “Why did they shoot you, kid?”

“I am hardly a child,” Changmin said, correcting him. “I was able to resist the Joong. In order to control me, they shot me.”

“You were able to resist him?” Kyuhyun repeated, stunned. “I couldn’t resist him at all. He could have made me do anything…how did you resist him?”

“I have always had superior mental-” Changmin stopped abruptly and let out anguished cry of pain that had Shindong moving away from the wall to grab his other hand.

“Changmin,” Kyuhyun pleaded as the science officer’s eyes rolled back in his head and he fell into an unconscious state. “Changmin, wake up.”

“Don’t,” Shindong said, shaking his head at Kyuhyun. “There isn’t anything we can do for him…being unconscious is a blessing. The pain with this wound is unimaginable, I am told; that he was even able to talk to us was a miracle.”

“You are right, of course,” Kyuhyun agreed, looking down at his old friend. “I have to think…there is something I am missing.”


“Jae isn’t here! Now wake up already,” were the sharp words of Kangin that Yunho heard upon waking, followed by a gentle slap to his left cheek.

Yunho’s eyes fluttered open to stare up at his old friend. “What?”

“Well, Sleeping Beauty finally woke up. I hope that you don’t think just because you were shot that you can sleep all day,” Kangin told him in his familiar, gruff voice.

“Shot?” Yunho sat up immediately, and instantly grabbed for his left shoulder. ‘Who shot me?”

“Hell if I know? I was nicely beaming down to the planet, and that’s all I remember ‘til I woke up in this cage with you.”

“Jaejoong! Jaejoong! Where are you?” Yunho called out mentally.

“Are you listening to me?” Kangin demanded.

Yunho climbed to his feet, examining the cage…not actually a cage; it looked like an old-time jail cell from old Earth. There was a toilet, sink and bunk bed in it. Three sides of it were walls, and the fourth side was barred shut. “Yes, I am listening…it’s just that.”

“You are worried about your wife?”

Yunho stopped examining the jail cell to scowl at his old friend, who was standing beside him. “He isn’t my wife, and yes, I’m worried. I can sense him…but he isn’t answering me.”

“I noticed. You have been yelling for him in your sleep.”

“Why wouldn’t he answer me?” Yunho wondered. His worry grew as he reached up and pulled away his uniform to look at the hole in his shoulder. “I am hurt, and I think you have seen what Jae is like when I am hurt.”

“True. He should be all over you with his sexual healing,” Kangin said, cringing as he remembered the last time he was witness to Jaejoong healing Yunho.

“We did not have sex that time…he just needed me to focus on him.”

“Well, he got you to focus.”

Yunho blushed, hating the fact that his two oldest friends Kangin and Yoochun had both seen a little more of his relationship with Jae than he would have liked for them to have. “Hush, we have to get out of here. Jae isn’t answering me…he must be hurt. He must be in a healing sleep.”

“I am all for escaping, but how is the shoulder?”

“It’s fine…it does have an exit wound in the back, right?” Yunho asked, pointing toward the back of shoulder. Yunho wanted to make sure he didn’t have a bullet still in him.

“Yeah, it does. I checked earlier when you were bellowing for your wife.”

“He’s not my wife,” Yunho repeated and then added, “We need to focus. We are in a jail cell. I was shot. I have no memory of being shot, or of ever arriving to the planet. I can’t contact Jae. We do not know what happened to Changmin, Kyuhyun, or Shindong. We also don’t know who is responsible for this.”

“I can tell you who is responsible,” a sharp voice said from the other side of the cage.

Kangin and Yunho turned to stare at a scruffy-looking young man standing on the other side of jail cell. He appeared younger than the both of them. He was also shorter, with shaggy brown hair. “Why are you holding us against our will? Who are you?” Yunho demanded.

“I think I only agreed to answer one question,” the young man told him rudely.

“Okay then, who is responsible for this?”

The shorter man gave them a smarmy smile and happily informed them, “The great Queen of the galaxy.”

Yunho and Kangin shared a confused look with each other and then turned back to the other man. “There is a queen of the galaxy?” Yunho questioned.

“That’s just what I call him. He calls himself Lord ZhouMi…lord of shit, maybe,” the shorter man told them.

“That bastard has us,” Yunho said, suddenly feeling cold. What little Jaejoong had told him of the man was not good. The man had left Jaejoong to be tortured by the Zusaders.

“Now, now,” the shorter man said holding up his hands. “I said he was responsible…I didn’t say he still had you.”

“What is your name?” Yunho ordered.

The shorter man took a step back, wiggling his fingers. “You aren’t the boss of me, Bossy.”

“Name,” Yunho repeated, remaining calm.

“Well, since you went and called the Queen a bastard, I kinda have a soft spot for you in my heart now, so I will tell you. My friends call me Ji Yong…you can call me Yong.”

“I wish I could say it was nice to meet you, Yong, but being held prisoner always puts me in a foul mood. I am Captain Jung Yunho, and you can call me Captain, this man beside me is Kangin.”

“You can call me Kangin,” Kangin added drily.

“How about I call you priiisoonnners,” Yong told them impertinently.

“You said that ZhouMi is responsible for us being here,” Yunho said, trying to get answers from the man.

“That’s what I said.”

“Can you tell me where we are at, and if there are more people being held here?” Yunho asked.

“Oh, I don’t think the Queen would want me to say, so of course I will,” Yong told Yunho. “You are going to be held here for three weeks, then released; you are far underground in a bunker, and I am the lucky guard that gets stuck with you. Oh, and yes, there is another prisoner.”

“Just one? What does this prisoner look like?” Yunho asked straight away.

Yong sneered in dislike. “If I was, like, totally gay…I might think he was pretty, but since I’m not, I just think he looks like some girly man.”

Kangin patted Yunho on the right shoulder. “That sounds like Jae to me.”

“Is he hurt?” Yunho asked, worried.

“Nope, he is just pacing around his cage…well, I should say ‘room’. He really got the better deal when it comes to the cages,” Yong told them.

Yunho sighed in relief. “You said we will be released in three weeks…why three weeks?”

“That’s what the Queen and his pet Joong ordered. Originally, you and the girly man were to be sent to the Queen…but that all changed.”

“There are three other members of my crew that are unaccounted for…do you know anything about them?”

Yong shook his head. “I’ve just been in the bunker waiting for your arrival. I don’t know anything about your missing crew.”

Yunho’s brows furrowed, trying to take everything in. “So you are not giving us to ZhouMi…who do you work for?”

“I work for the Queen,” Yong answered. “It makes me hurl to think I have to answer to the pointy-chinned bitch, but it’s better than being dead.”

“Better than being dead?” Yunho repeated.

“Not everybody who works for the Queen has a choice. Not all of us are sick freaks that get off by kissing his boney ass. Some of us get drafted into this line of work. He does control a lot of planets, and if I have to choose between death and working for the shitty Queen……then I am going to choose the option where I get to continue breathing.”

Yunho took in the man’s words. “Can you give the other prisoner a message from me?”

Yong snorted. “No, he has a force field around him. The sound is disabled, and I am not supposed to mess with the controls. And I was never good at charades.”

Yunho smiled at the other man. “You look like a bright young man to me; I bet you could figure something out.”

“Of course I could…my genius mind is why the Queen drafted my awesomeness into his servitude in the first place, but I am not feeling suicidal today…or any day for that matter,” Yong told them as he started walking away. “Bye, Bye, Bye.”

When Yong was out of earshot, Kangin asked, “Do you think he was lying? Why hold us for only three weeks?”

“I don’t know…why not take us? I mean if he went to all the trouble of getting us…why just let us go?

“Doesn’t make any sense to me, but I’m okay with being released,” Kangin replied.

Yunho just shook his head, feeling very uneasy. “I have never heard anything remotely decent about the man…he would want his revenge. Why change the terms now? Who is his pet Joong?”

“Yong wasn’t talking about Jaejoong, was he?” Kangin asked carefully.

“No, I don’t even think Yong realizes Jaejoong is a Joong, and Jaejoong would never help ZhouMi willingly,” Yunho answered. “Something is very wrong here.”


Kyuhyun sat against the side of the box, with Changmin’s head resting in his lap. Changmin had not spoken again, and hours had passed. Shindong just sat leaning against the cage, not saying anything. They had not seen their captors.

Kyuhyun’s ears perked up when two voices from outside the metal box could be heard for the first time.

“Aren’t you curious about who is in there?”

“Not curious enough to look.”

“Me either…I like my head where it is.”

“So we are just going to drop them off and leave?”

“Yeah, and they are to stay in the box the whole time.”

“So that’s all?”

“That’s all, except telling them that the one in blue and the fat one are the ones Lord ZhouMi wants.”

“What about the third one?”

“That one got lucky. He’s just going to end up a slave on Belara.”

“Yeah, lucky him, but those other two poor souls, maybe it is best not to see them. I would rather not look at somebody that I was helping to deliver into Lord ZhouMi’s hands.”

“Well the box is encoded; we couldn’t open it if we wanted to. It can only be opened by ZhouMi’s people…there is something in there he doesn’t want anybody else getting a hold of.”

“We better get back to the bridge. We should be landing soon on Belara.”

Kyuhyun looked at Shindong, contemplating what he had heard. “I know why ZhouMi would want you, but why Changmin?”

Shindong, who had paled considerably after hearing his fate, turned to Kyuhyun and gave him a contemptuous look. “Really, Commander…you don’t know why ZhouMi would want Changmin?”

Kyuhyun considered Shindong’s question. “He probably hates Yunho for taking Jaejoong from him…it’s to hurt Yunho?”

“Are you still so brainwashed that you’re still incapable of an original thought?” Shindong asked, full of scorn. “Changmin did not fight off that Joong because of his superior mental abilities.”

Kyuhyun looked down at the man, whose head rested in his lap. Changmin had a fatal wound…a wound Hyun Joong had said himself was fatal to humans. Humans…the Joong had kept stressing it was fatal to humans. More of Hyun Joong’s words came back to him. “He thought Changmin was a quick healer.”

“I bet he did.”

“Changmin…is Jaejoong’s son,” Kyuhyun whispered as all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

“Finally!” Shindong proclaimed, banging his head against the box. “I realize Jaejoong was keeping you all fooled, but how much more obvious could it be?”

“If you knew this, why didn’t you tell anybody? Kyuhyun demanded.

“Because I like my mind as it is. I don’t want him tampering with it. He knew I wouldn’t talk if he left me alone.”

“Why didn’t he tell anybody?”

“Are you asking that seriously? We are on our way to be delivered to ZhouMi…if Changmin doesn’t die. He will wish he did,” Shindong told Kyuhyun as he looked at the wounded man, whose head was resting in the commander’s lap. “If I were a Joong, I would never leave the safety of their mysterious, never-seen planet.”

“If Changmin is half Joong…why has he not healed himself? I have known him since the academy, and he goes to the doctor just like the rest of us.”

Shindong looked away from Changmin and rubbed his face. “I don’t know. Maybe since he is only half Joong…he doesn’t get any of the cool powers.”

Kyuhyun sat back in disbelief as things became clear to him. “Jae killed that vampire that was attacking Changmin, and then he fed us some bull about how it was Yunho’s son, so he could, and we just believed him.”

“Don’t be too hard on yourself; it’s easy to be fooled when the one fooling can make you believe whatever he wants you to believe.”

Kyuhyun clenched a fist. “Ryeowook…I think he knows. Those two have become so close.”

“He only knows if Jaejoong allowed him to know,” Shindong reminded Kyuhyun.

“He could have told me!” Kyuhyun snapped angrily.

Shindong just laughed. “Who is to say he didn’t. He might have told you a thousand times for all you know…Jaejoong would have just erased your memory.”

“It still…it still isn’t right. We all deserved to know…Changmin especially. It was wrong,” Kyuhyun insisted.

“You know what’s wrong? I am about to be handed off to that bastard…you can’t even imagine what he is like. I will be lucky if I just end up as food for Pookie,” Shindong said with real fear in his voice.


Shindong cringed when Kyuhyun repeated the name. “His dog.”

“He eats people?”

“Only the ones that ZhouMi imagines have betrayed or wronged him. ZhouMi has them cut up and cooked, and then he feeds them to Pookie as a snack.

“That’s disgusting…and sick.”

“And that fate is preferable to what is going to happen to Changmin.”

“You mean the pain of dying from that wound,” Kyuhyun asked, knowing it wasn’t what Shindong had met.

Shindong shook his head softly, and said in a voice full of regret, “If he dies from that wound before ZhouMi can get a hold of him…that would be for the best. ZhouMi wants what he wants, and Changmin isn’t the type to give anything to him willingly. I mean, ZhouMi used to torture Jaejoong in every way but one, but Changmin will not be so lucky.”

“In what way did ZhouMi not torture Jaejoong?” Kyuhyun asked in dread.

“ZhouMi never raped Jaejoong, and he never had others rape him. He had promised the person that handed Jaejoong over to him…never to abuse him sexually. ZhouMi used to get so frustrated…he’s really sick, and he took it out on a lot of people. I used to trade with him…I’ve been on that ship. I have seen what he’s capable of,” Shindong answered, closing his eyes, trying to push those memories far away.

Kyuhyun looked down at Changmin and ran a hand through his hair. “Changmin has never been hurt like that…he isn’t even interested in consensual sex.”

“No, I didn’t think he was,” Shindong said sadly, all his contempt gone. “It’s too bad you can’t kill us both now; it would be a far better fate than the one that awaits us.”

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