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Expectations: Neither Friend, Nor Foe Part 4 of 7

Series: Expectations
Adventure Seven: Neither Friend, Nor Foe Part 4 of 7
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae, KyuWook, Various Other Pairings
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Angst, Adventure
Beta: unicornsinger

A/N: This story is inspired by Star Trek. The crew of the Expectations will be made up of members of DBSK and Super Junior. Instead of chapters the story will be broken up in adventures.

Summary: The crew encounters a mysterious stranger and everything changes. Life aboard the Star Ship Expectations will never be the same as secrets unfold, sacrifices are made, and lives hang in the balance.

Prior Adventures

Kangin looked down from the top bunk in the dimly lit jail cell to see Yunho laying on his back, his elbow bent, the back of his hand resting against his forehead, and his eyes wide open.

“Can’t sleep without the wife?” Kangin asked from above.

Yunho looked up at the man, whose head was hanging off the top bunk, looking down at him. “Since the day I met him, I have slept with him…I haven’t slept alone in six months.”

“Yunho, I never knew you were so easy.”

Yunho closed his eyes and added, “There were a lot of things about myself I didn’t know until I met him.”

“I have to admit your love for cock really surprised me.”

Yunho opened his eyes and glared up at Kangin. “You know that might actually be a lie. I mean it isn’t like he doesn’t lie. He probably took the form he wanted and said it was my preference.”

Kangin slid off the top bunk. He stood beside the bed for only a second before he scooted Yunho’s legs to the side and sat down on the bottom bunk. “I don’t know…I always thought you kinda fancied Heechul.”

“Don’t go there.”

“And then there was Professor Lee Jun Ki.”

“Stop it.”

“You stuttered like a fool every time he spoke to you.”

“That’s a lie!”

Kangin smiled down at the captain and shook his head. “No, it isn’t. Yoochun and I used to have big laugh about it.”

“Well, he did look like a woman,” Yunho said in his defense.

“Better than most women,” Kangin conceded.

“Yeah,” Yunho agreed. “You can go back to sleep now; you have successfully distracted me.”

“Are you sure? I thought you might want to cuddle.”


“Well, I thought since you are used to sleeping with someone, it might help, but I’m going to warn you…if you try any of that gay shit on me, I’m going to kick your ass. I don’t care if you are the captain or not.”

“Duly noted,” Yunho answered with a laugh.

“So? Are you going to scoot over?”

“No, I’m not going to scoot over,” Yunho told him. “It would not help, and I’m going to rid myself of this habit.”

“The habit of sleeping with your wife?”

“Yes, that habit…and he is not my wife!”

Kangin smirked at Yunho and told him truthfully, “Dude, he’s your baby’s momma.”

Yunho shot a hand up pointing toward the top bunk, and commanded, “Get away from me now, and go back to bed.”

Kangin didn’t move; instead, he said in a serious tone, “I know you are worried about Changmin. Hell, I am worried about him, too. I know you have lost faith in Jaejoong…but maybe he really did think he was protecting Changmin.”

Yunho closed his eyes, and ordered again, “Just go.”

“In order for us to get out of here…you are going to have to be on your best game. The guard is a brat, but he’s a clever, little shit. It isn’t going to be easy to manipulate him. If I were that Joong, and Jaejoong threatened me like that…I would make damn sure the guard responsible for him made sure he stayed put for the entire three weeks.”

Yunho didn’t say anything for awhile and then added, “I am not sure what the other Joong was up too, but I don’t think everything is as it appears.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not sure. Go to bed, and I will try to get some rest, too. You are right I have to be on my best game tomorrow…and I intend to be.”

Kangin got up and jumped back up to the top bunk without any argument this time.

Yunho slid to his side and stared out of the jail cell to the monitor screen that still showed Jaejoong’s room. Yunho watched as Jaejoong paced the room, wiping his eyes occasionally, and looking as if his entire world was lost to him.


Changmin awoke on a bed of hay.

His body that had been consumed in pain before was numb and cold to him now. He could feel his heartbeat pounding in his head…much too slowly. Changmin’s eyes fluttered open, and he took in his surroundings. He was in a stable; beside him, a small black pony ate out of a bucket.

When he attempted to move, he found that his body was dead to him. Only his eyes followed his commands. How he got here, he had no clue. His last memory was of being in a box, and of Kyuhyun and Shindong being with him. The Warlord ZhouMi had laid a trap for Yunho and Jaejoong.

“Why, Miss Sulli, you are up awfully early this lovely morning,” a gruff, older voice said from outside the stall that Changmin was lying in.

“Yes, Albert I am,” a soft, young feminine voice replied.

Changmin listened as the one named Albert offered, “Would you like me to saddle up a horse for you?”

“No, Albert…I must admit it was curiosity that brought me down here so early. I overheard the master saying he was keeping something for Lord ZhouMi.”

“Not, anymore. Lord ZhouMi’s people were here during the night and picked up two of the three men we were keeping.”

“How terrible…I feel sorry for those poor men.”

“Me too, Miss Sulli, but we have the third one here with us…for however long that will be.”

“A third one?”

“Yeah, he’s barely hanging on to life. They used a nasty weapon on him. He isn’t long for this world.”

“Can I see him?”

“I don’t see why not; follow me. I have him rooming with Smokey.”

“Thank you, maybe I can-” the girl stopped talking abruptly as she took in the sight of the man in the stables.

“Miss Sulli, are you okay?” Albert asked worried as he watched the young girl pale more than her normal color as she took in the sight of the man. “Are you going to faint?” Albert asked as he gently reached out and held her arm.

“I…I…am fine,” Sulli barely managed to get out as she broke free of the hand that was now slowly rubbing her arm.

Changmin’s eyes took in her appearance, and his eyes widened in recognition as he looked upon the Ambassador’s daughter. She was dressed in a pink dress, her long, black silky hair was tied in pigtails, and her left cheek was bruised. He watched as she moved closer to him and dropped to her knees beside him. “Oh, what has happened to you?” Sulli exclaimed as she took Changmin’s hand and gripped it tightly.

“Nothing good, Miss Sulli…nothing good,” Albert answered.

Sulli reached her free hand up to push Changmin’s hair back off his forehead. “Where is he injured?”

Albert bent down and pulled Changmin’s uniform up to show a rotting, black wound on his stomach that had purulent drainage oozing from it. “If he were an animal, I would put him out of his misery.”

“Oh, I am so sorry,” Sulli cried as she pulled Changmin’s hand up to her mouth and kissed it.

Changmin’s eyes caught sight of the uniform he was wearing…a red uniform, not his blue one. He looked up at Sulli with a thousand questions, but he was unable to ask any as he drifted back into unconscious.


Sungmin stood outside Siwon’s door, trying to find the courage to enter. Two days had passed now, and they had been unable to find any sign of their missing captain and crew. Sungmin was on edge, and he found himself desperately in the need of the other man’s company. Sungmin had found that his mind was often consumed with the tall prince…since their night spent together, when he had been in the body of a woman.

Since that night, the prince had showed no sexual interest in Sungmin at all. Their relationship had continued on as if the night had never happened, except for some slight awkwardness on Sungmin’s part.

Sungmin gently tapped on the door. The door opened, and Sungmin entered the room tentatively. Siwon, who was sitting at a small desk in the room, turned to smile at the man who had entered his room.

“Lieutenant, how are you this evening?” Siwon asked politely, but carefully.

Sungmin, who had sex on his mind, lied, “Just checking to make sure everything is okay.”

Siwon gave Sungmin an odd look and replied, “Everything is fine. I’m just studying.”

“You are still taking courses with Ensign Choi?” Sungmin asked as he sat down on the bed…trying his best not to mentally replay the last time he had been on the bed in his head.

“Yes, as a prince I was trained in diplomacy, and I would be lying if I didn’t admit to a desire to continue in that field.”

“You want to leave security?” Sungmin asked, cursing his obviousness; he knew his face had instantly showed his dislike of the idea.

Siwon was watching him closely now, and Sungmin knew he was hiding nothing from the other man. “How should I say this…security is nice, but it’s not my preference.”

Sungmin’s eyes widened, and he stood back up quickly, taking the hint. “True…it’s not everybody’s calling. I wish you luck on your studies.”

“Thank you, Lieutenant,” Siwon told the other man as he watched him back out of the room.

Sungmin slapped his hands together nervously and stated, “I am going to go now.”

Siwon nodded his head in agreement. “Goodbye, Lieutenant.”

“Goodbye,” Sungmin practically yelped as he hurried from the room, the door shutting behind him.

Sungmin leaned against the wall of the outside corridor, mortified. “I’m an idiot. Such an idiot,” Sungmin muttered under his breath, and then he tapped his insignia. “Commander, where are you?”

Commander Yoochun’s voice answered, “In the ship’s galley.”

“I will be there shortly,” Sungmin responded and hurried away from the quarters of the prince. Sungmin told himself that he was the one who thought up the terms, and Siwon was simply following them. Siwon was straight…he had told him so himself. The only reason he had consented to sex was because Sungmin was a woman at the time. Siwon wasn’t interested in him as a man…he had been attracted to the woman that Sungmin had been.

As Sungmin hurried toward the galley, he reminded himself that he was basically Siwon’s boss, and it was improper for him to be lusting after one of his security personal…very wrong, not to mention humiliating. “No, more lusting, Sungmin,” he said under his breath as he entered the galley.

“Why no lusting? Lusting is good,” Yoochun slurred at him as he entered the galley.

Sungmin stared at the senior officer, who was sitting at the table with multiple bottles of alcohol in his hands, in disbelief. “Are you drunk?”

“No,” Yoochun answered, chugging down one bottle of alcohol, before grabbing another.

Sungmin hurried to the table and jerked the bottle away from the drunken commander. “You are in charge of this ship, you idiot! You can’t be intoxicated!”

Yoochun pointed his finger at Sungmin and slurred, “I…I…don’t…think you should acc…accuse me of drunkenness…when you..your be..being insor…insorbinate….I for..forgot the word…insubordination or sommmmething.”

“Commander, really! Do you think this is the proper time to be drunk?”

“I’m not drunk. It’s synthehol,” Yoochun explained, suddenly making sense.


“Yes, and I was enjoying the buzz….and now you have gone and killed it. You buzz killer,” Yoochun grumbled.

Sungmin looked at the bottle of synthehol that imitated the affects of alcohol, but only as long as you wished it. It was entirely nonalcoholic, but nevertheless, it could be enjoyed. “Well, in that case, I need some,” Sungmin declared as he put the bottle to his mouth and gulped down a large amount of it.

Yoochun watched him and asked, “Worried about Kyuhyun?”

Sungmin pulled the bottle away from his mouth and answered, “I am worried about all of them.”

“Aren’t you lusting him?” Yoochun asked as he watched Sungmin take another drink.

Sungmin handed the bottle back to Yoochun and sat down. “Nope, not him.”

“Really,” Yoochun said intrigued, leaning back in his chair. “Who is the lucky seme?”

“Umm…it wasn’t exactly like that,” Sungmin admitted, embarrassed.

Yoochun’s mouth fell open and said stunned, “You topped-”

“No,” Sungmin said, interrupting. “I didn’t….but I was in a woman’s body at the time.”

Yoochun snarled in dislike and took another big chug of the synthehol and said full of disgust, “And now you are in love with a straight man.”

“I am not in love!” Sungmin denied vehemently, taking the bottle back, and swallowing down as much as he could. “I’m in lust.”

“Whatever! You are incapable of separating the two! I so warned you!”

Sungmin sat the bottle back down on the table. “I don’t remember you warning me…I just remember you being a huge ass!”

“I was PMSing,” Yoochun tried to say seriously, but started laughing.

Sungmin gave Yoochun a deadpan look and shook his head and said, “I don’t even know why I talk to you.”

“So, are you going to tell me who it was?” Yoochun asked with a big grin as he grabbed the bottle and took another drink.


“Hmmm…” Yoochun pondered deep in thought. “I am sure you will get all moony-eyed soon, and it will be obvious to all.”

“I will not get moony-eyed!” Sungmin denied as he took the bottle away from Yoochun.

Yoochun watched, and when Sungmin was busy gulping down the synthehol, he added evilly, “Well, I let Eunhyuk screw me all night.”

Synthehol went everywhere as it spewed out of Sungmin’s mouth, as he tried not to choke. “Eunhyuk!”

“He’s a horny bastard…just kept going and going,” Yoochun told Sungmin matter-of -factually. “Wasn’t bad at all.”

“You…you…two don’t even like each other,” Sungmin said, still in shock.

Yoochun shrugged. “We both like sex, though.”

Sungmin grabbed the bottle and gulped down the rest of it, and asked, “This is why the bridge is so awkward?”

“No,” Yoochun said, shaking his head. “Eunhyuk and I are cool with each other…it’s the fact that I tried to seduce Junsu first; that makes it awkward.”

“I told you to leave Junsu alone!” Sungmin snapped.

Yoochun nodded his head. “You did, but unfortunately I had already tried before you gave me the big ‘don’t taint his soul’ spill.”

“So it…went bad?” Sungmin asked in dread.

“Oh, yeah…it started off pretty good, but then it went really…really bad,” Yoochun confessed, wincing as he recalled the memory.

“So you decided to fuck his best friend instead?”

Yoochun nodded his head. “I’ve never handled rejection well.”

Sungmin just shook his head at Yoochun. “You are not a nice person.”

“Never claimed to be,” Yoochun agreed, standing up. “It’s time we got back to the bridge. We have five people to find.”


Kangin inhaled a deep breath and walked down the hallway toward where Jaejoong was being held as he had been ordered to do so, by Yunho. Kangin was not looking forward to facing the distraught Joong. It had taken Yunho a day and a half to talk Yong into releasing them, and during that whole time, the monitor screen showing Jaejoong’s cage had stayed on. Jaejoong was a wreck, and watching him had almost been painful.

Yunho, who pretended not to watch his mate, was close to a wreck himself, and had forbidden any discussion of the Joong. Kangin had rarely seen Yunho this angry. It’s was like the more Yunho thought about Jaejoong, the angrier he got. Yunho valued loyalty above all things, and that the Joong had been lying all along about being Changmin’s other parent had cut Yunho to the core of his being. That Changmin was either dead or in the hands of a sadistic mad man did not help matters. Yunho was as close to the edge as Kangin had ever seen him.

Yunho had finally been able to make a deal with Yong the night before, and the scruffy guard had said he would have to sleep on it before he could make his decision. Kangin had sighed in relief when Yong showed up early this morning, agreeing to the deal. Yunho had ignored Jaejoong and went straight to the exit, trying to unlock the door so they could escape.

Apparently they were deep underground, and there was only one exit leading to a tunnel that led to the surface. The door leading to the tunnel was locked from the outside, and it was programmed to open in three weeks…and not a second before then. Yunho had soon discovered the door had multiple safety measures set in place to prevent it from being tampered with. After a couple hours of having absolutely no luck unlocking the door, Yunho had told Kangin to go release Jaejoong, but not to remove the necklace.

Kangin groaned before stepping in front of the cage, and alerting the Joong to his presence. He could only imagine the Joong’s response when he told him that he wasn’t going to remove the necklace.

The minute Kangin stepped in front of the force field, Jaejoong saw him and ran for him, barely stopping in time to prevent himself from getting shocked again. Jaejoong’s change in appearance was shocking to Kangin. It had only been a little more than two days, but the affect the necklace was having on the Joong was drastic. He had lost weight, his face was sunken in, huge bags hung under his eyes, and he looked completely exhausted. He was saying something to Kangin, but the audio was off, and Kangin couldn’t hear a word of it though the force field. Kangin debated if he should just leave it off ‘til he figured out how to disable the force field, but decided against cruelty and flipped the audio on.

“Hello, Jae.”

“Is Yunho alright?” Jaejoong implored immediately. “I know he was hurt, but I wasn’t able to heal him. He is he okay?”

“Oh, he’s fine. He is working on our escape at the moment,” Kangin told Jaejoong as he studied the control panel for the force field, avoiding gazing at the puffy-eyed Joong.

“But he was hurt.”

“Just a little shoulder wound; it’s nothing. Hasn’t slowed him down a bit,” Kangin answered, trying to ease the Joong’s worries.

Jaejoong gasped in relief. “I can’t feel him…at all. I think it’s making me crazy. I think I will die if somebody doesn’t take this necklace off of me. I can’t feel him.”

Kangin didn’t know what to say, so he said nothing.

“How angry is he?” Jaejoong asked, crying. “I know he must be very angry with me. I didn’t mean to lie to him…he has to forgive me. I was trying to protect Changmin. I never wanted to lie to him. I love him so much.”

Kangin looked up from the control panel and saw the Joong wiping his face with the sleeve of his uniform. “He’s really angry…but more than anything he’s scared. He’s really scared for Changmin.”

Jaejoong started sobbing more and just collapsed to the floor. “I never wanted this…I never wanted this. For ZhouMi to have Changmin…I never wanted this.”

“We know you didn’t…you didn’t know,” Kangin told the distraught Joong. “I am not going to be able to disable this force field. I am not sure how to do it, and I don’t want to mess it up. Yunho’s going to have to come do it. I’m sorry.”

Jaejoong, who was on his knees, looked up at Kangin with his big, puffy, tearful eyes and smiled hopefully. “Please go get Yunho…I need to see him. I need him so much.”

The love light shining in Jaejoong’s eyes made Kangin wince, and add reluctantly, “ might be awhile. He’s been working on the main exit…trying get us out of here without blowing us up. They really didn’t want us getting out early.”

“How long have you two been out?” Jaejoong asked surprised, realizing that his bondmate had left him locked up while they had been free.

Kangin cringed and confessed, “About two hours.”

Jaejoong rapidly stood up. “Two hours! You left me in here for two hours? You two have been free for the last two hours? You two have been free, and I have been stuck in here wearing this wretched necklace!”

“We are in an underground bunker…it isn’t like we were going to leave you,” Kangin quickly responded, trying to ease his guilt.

“Did you guys ever stop to think that if you take this stupid necklace off of me, I might be able to alert the people on the ground that we are in here?”

“No, I really didn’t,” Kangin confessed honestly. “But that does make sense.” Kangin wondered if Yunho had realized that…no, he might be mad at the Joong, but he wanted to be out searching for Changmin more.

“Go get Yunho, now,” Jaejoong ordered, and Kangin found himself obeying him without question.

Jaejoong paced around the room, waiting for his disgruntled lover to appear. He tried to calm himself, but it was a useless attempt. The necklace blocked him from feeling the bond…from sensing Yunho. He was like addict addicted to Yunho, and the necklace preventing him from having his fix. The fact that Changmin was either dead or in the hands of ZhouMi did not make matters any better. He was an emotional mess, unable to control his emotions, as he was deprived of his lifeline…his bond with Yunho.

Movement outside the force field had him spinning around quickly, and his heart leapt for joy as he saw Yunho. Yunho, who looked perfect and unharmed, and Jaejoong sighed in relief. He ran toward the edge of the force field, wanting to be as close as possible to his mate. “Yunho…” he said full of love, “Kangin and Hyun Joong told me you were alright, but I needed to see you with my own eyes.”

“Yunho, I was so worried about you. I’m so sorry about Changmin…we will save him. I know we will. We will. I am going to kill ZhouMi and Hyun Joong, and you can’t stop me. They both deserve to die,” Jaejoong vowed to the other man, who wasn’t looking at him. The control panel outside of Jaejoong’s cage had all of Yunho’s attention.

“I am so sorry…I know you must be mad at me, but I couldn’t tell you. Time is a very fragile thing…I couldn’t risk changing it. Joongs are taught from a very young age to respect time…since we can access the Guardians.”

“I love you so much, and I am so sorry. Can you please forgive me?” Jaejoong begged.

“Yunho, talk to me. I know you are upset, but please talk to me.”

Yunho continued to ignore him, and Jaejoong realized Yunho had cut off the audio, so he wouldn’t have to listen to him. Jaejoong’s anger sparked to life, and he picked up a pillow off of his bed and flung it at the force field. The sound of the force field zapping the pillow caused Yunho to look up from the panel. Their eyes met for only a brief second, and Yunho glanced away quickly to continue focusing on his work.

Jaejoong waited anxiously as Yunho continued to work on the control panel without ever gifting him with so much as a glance. Jaejoong knew it would not be easy. He had always known that Yunho would find out some day, and he wouldn’t be happy with him. The way Yunho had found out…Jaejoong had never imagined that he would find out in such an awful way. Yunho had been taken prisoner, separated from his ship, he was injured, his bondmate had lied to him, and his son’s life was in serious danger. Yes, this was too much even for Yunho’s forgiving nature, Jaejoong thought.

After what felt like hours to Jaejoong, but in reality had only been a few minutes, the force field between them vanished. Jaejoong instantly lunged for Yunho. He wanting nothing more than to feel the other man’s embrace, but he was stopped when Yunho’s arms shot up, holding him back.

“No,” was all Yunho said.

Yunho’s voice was so cold and devoid of emotion, it made Jaejoong come to a dead stop. “You must know I never wanted this to happen.”

“Honestly, I don’t know anything right now.”

Jaejoong cursed the tears that would not stop falling. “Yunho, you must know I love you with all my heart.”

Yunho lowered his arms and took a step back from Jaejoong. “I want you to be honest with me…if you can manage that.”

“Yunho, don’t be like-”

“Don’t tell me what to do. I realize that may be hard for you…you, who have manipulated me like a puppet since the day I met you,” Yunho accused in a voice that did not hide any of his anger or hurt.

Jaejoong’s hand flew up to cover his mouth and he cried out, “That isn’t true.”

“That necklace - if I take it off of you…can you really reach out to the people on the surface?” Yunho asked looking at some fixed point above Jaejoong’s head, and not at his mate.

Jaejoong tried to calm his heart. He needed to know what Yunho was feeling…this cold Yunho…no, he couldn’t be responsible for this cold Yunho. “It depends on how far down we are, and if there are people directly above us.”

“Why can’t you take it off?”


“The necklace? Why can’t you take it off?”

“There is something in the necklace that prevents any Joong from being able to remove it…if they did not put it on willingly. If I lift it up, trying to remove it…my own telepathic powers will be amplified and used against me. My brain will explode.”

“I don’t understand. Why would ZhouMi willingly wear the other one?”

Jaejoong sneered in hatred at the mention of ZhouMi. “The necklace was made to protect humans and other Joong from criminal or insane Joongs. If anyone puts it on willingly, then they can remove it anytime they want, but a Joong can not remove it, or use telepathy to have it removed. ZhouMi put it on so Hyun Joong would not be able to read his mind, so he could hide Hyun Joong’s mate from him. The necklace blocks any kind of empathy or telepathy.”

“You can’t sense anything from me?” Yunho asked curiously, lowering his gaze to look at his mate. Yunho was taken aback by Jaejoong’s appearance. He had watched his lover on the monitor and knew the other man was distraught…but Jaejoong’s beauty was fading, and he looked like his soul was being drained away.

“No, and it’s driving me crazy. Yunho, I’m losing my mind,” Jaejoong whimpered. “Will you please remove it? I miss you so much!”

Yunho quickly looked down at the floor to avoid looking at Jaejoong. “But I can sense you. The telepathy is gone, but I knew you were still…still out there somewhere.”

“The bond we have is still intact…I’m just blocked. I can’t feel it. Yunho, please take the necklace off of me. You’re hurt; I must heal you,” Jaejoong told him as he reached for Yunho’s left shoulder.

Yunho held up his hand again, stopping Jaejoong from touching him. “I’m fine.”

“No, you were hurt; I felt it…that’s how they got this cursed necklace on me.”

“They used me to weaken you?”

Jaejoong nodded his head. “Yes, so will you please take it off of me? I can’t stand it any longer. Yunho, don’t be cruel….please take it off. It isn’t like you to be so cruel.”

“I will remove it.”

“Thank you,” Jaejoong told his lover as Yunho reached up with both hands and grabbed ahold of the necklace.

“It’s very beautiful, isn’t it? It’s like perfect pink diamonds…so beautiful, but yet so powerful,” Yunho said as he stared at the necklace, entranced, not removing it from Jaejoong’s neck.

“It’s hideous…please remove it now. It keeps me from you. Please…take it off of me. I need to feel our bond,” Jaejoong begged.

Yunho looked up from the necklace to face Jaejoong with eyes that hid none of his pain or his anger. “Yes, I’ll take it off of you. We must escape here, and we are going to need your help. We have to find Changmin, and we are running out of time,” Yunho told Jaejoong as he slipped the necklace off his lover’s neck and placed it around his own.

“No,” Jaejoong screamed, grabbing for the necklace, but he was too late. It was already around Yunho’s neck. “No, no, no!”

Yunho grabbed Jaejoong’s hands. “Yes, Jaejoong I am going to wear it! It’s staying on me…my mind is my own right now. Do you understand me?”

“No…please don’t to this…to me…to us,” Jaejoong pleaded. “Our bond…it is still blocked! Don’t you miss me?”

“I miss…who I thought you were,” Yunho told him. “Everything we have ever shared could be a big lie. You can make me believe anything you want. It could all have been lies from the very beginning.”

Jaejoong recoiled as if he had been slapped. “Yunho, you don’t believe that. I kept the truth about my connection to Changmin from you, and I did alter your memories when you got too close to the truth, but I did that to protect him. What we feel…that has never been a lie! Never!”

Yunho shook his head releasing Jaejoong’s hands. “You never have to protect Changmin from me. He is my son, my kid brother before that, and my dearest friend…I would never hurt him.”

“Not intentionally, but accidents happen. I have been taught to fear the consequences of time…since my birth. I couldn’t risk my own son by telling-”

“Don’t call him that.”


“Don’t call him your son. He isn’t your son. You’ve never given birth to him, you’ve never held him, he’s never cried for you, you have never eased his mind, and you have never loved him. He is just some stranger you met that happened to be your son from the future. He is nothing to you,” Yunho told Jaejoong coldly.

“That isn’t true,” Jaejoong denied, but the truth of Yunho’s words stung him. “I know I’m not bonded to him…like a Joong normally is with their children, but knowing he is our child is enough to make me love him. Knowing that he is a part of us…part of our love, that’s all I need to know.”

“I don’t believe you,” Yunho told Jaejoong. “Nothing that I have ever seen has ever hinted that you loved or even cared for him.”

“I saved his life from the vampire!” Jaejoong said in his defense. “Or did you forget that?”

“I think you love me…actually I’m positive of that, and that’s why you protected Changmin,” Yunho told Jaejoong matter-of-factually, turning away from him to head down the hallway, unable to look at Jaejoong any longer.

“Yunho, don’t you walk away from me,” Jaejoong complained as he hurried after Yunho, who was walking away. “I had to keep my feelings about Changmin hidden.”

Yunho snorted. “You didn’t keep them hidden. You often showed your dislike and desire to flee his presence often enough, although you have gotten better lately. I will give you credit for that.”

Jaejoong grabbed a hold of Yunho and forcibly swung him around ‘til they were face to face. “You don’t get to put that necklace on and walk away from me. You don’t get to be all self-righteous and pretend like everything between us has been a lie.”

“Jae, I-”

“Shut up and listen to me. I always knew I would pay for keeping the truth about Changmin from you. I always knew that, but still I did it, because I truly thought it would keep him safe. I know you, like nobody has ever known you before…and I knew you wouldn’t be able to keep it from him.”


“I said shut up!” Jaejoong screamed as Kangin and Yong walked up after hearing the raised voices. “I have kept things from you. But I have never treated you like a puppet! Ask yourself this, Yunho! Would we still be in your crappy commander’s quarters….if I misused my powers? Would we ever fight or disagree, if I was anything like you are accusing me of being?”

Yunho kept his mouth closed as he watched Jaejoong, who was trembling in rage. “You said that you were positive of my love for you! How gracious of you! We are bonded for life! I always knew I would have to tell you the truth someday! Someday soon! Changmin will be born…it isn’t like I could hide that from you!”

Yunho paled considerable and asked, “Are you preg-”

“No,” Jaejoong screamed at him. “I am not pregnant, but that’s why Joong’s shift. We shift back to our hermaphroditic states so we can become pregnant. So, see, I lied to you again. I didn’t tell you that! I didn’t tell you about the Guardian either…because I knew it would bring up questions regarding Changmin, which would just mean more manipulations and lies.”


“Shut up!” Jaejoong interrupted again, still screaming, his voice almost hoarse. “From now on you get to know every thing I know. You know what Changmin’s dream is of? It is of me sending him back in time! You know why I sent him back in time? I send him back because we are dying! A Joong child is dependent on its parents. It must have one of its parents, or it will die. There are no Joong orphans…you can’t adopt a baby Joong. A baby Joong must have one of its natural parents to bond with, or it dies! I sent him back in time to you…because even as a child, your bond would be enough to keep him alive. I don’t know anything more, because it hasn’t happened yet, and his dream wasn’t exactly clear to me…but what I know, you now know. So welcome to my truth! Isn’t it wonderful! Aren’t you glad you know we are doomed?”

Yunho just stared at his trembling lover, trying to take in what all had been said, not daring to say a word.

“Well, aren’t you going to say anything?” Jaejoong demanded.

“I don’t know what to say,” Yunho admitted, stunned by what the Joong had said to him.

Jaejoong took a step closer to Yunho and looked up at him. “You wanted the truth.”

“I did,” Yunho agreed, still taken aback by the tragic nature of their truth. They were doomed…Yunho pushed that thought away, he couldn’t handle it now. He would deal with that later.

“I just want you…to touch me. Can you just hold me? Hug me…touch me…anything please? If I can’t feel your mind…can I please feel your touch?”

Yunho exhaled a deep breath, and shook his head, wanting to say no, but instead, he reached out his arms and pulled the distressed man in for a hug. “I am still not okay with this. I am not taking the necklace off.”

“Okay,” Jaejoong whispered as he clung to Yunho tightly.

Yong, who had been watching them with Kangin, whacked the other man on the arm. “They are fucking nuts.”

“That one nut can turn you into a brain-damaged tadpole if he gets the inclination,” Kangin reminded the scruffy guard.

“Whatever, it’s the truth. I thought we were supposed to be getting out of here instead of having big dramatic reconciliations,” Yong reminded them.

Yunho winced and tried to pull free of Jaejoong, but the other man remained attached to him. “Jae, we need to focus on getting out of here.”

“Yunho, don’t move away,” Jaejoong whimpered not releasing his hold on Yunho.

Yunho grimaced. “We have to get out of here. We have to find Changmin and the others.”

Jaejoong didn’t budge. “I have already contacted the people on the surface, and they are contacting the Expectations as we speak.”

“You did?” Yunho asked, amazed.

“Fortunately for us this bunker was near the capitol building,” Jaejoong replied, clinging to Yunho tighter.

“You see, that’s why Joongs are so popular. They are completely capable of having a mental breakdown and carrying out a rescue mission at the same time,” Yong pointed out, impressed. “That’s why everybody wants one of their own.”

Kangin rolled his eyes. “Having you on the ship is going to be so much fun.”

“Don’t you forget it,” Yong told him.

“Jaejoong!” Yunho complained, pushing the Joong away suddenly. “I said no healing!”

“Don’t be stupid, Yunho! Of course I will heal you! You are hurt,” Jaejoong snapped back at him, and he reached up and pulled Yunho’s shirt away to examine the gunshot wound to his shoulder.

“No, you will not! Dr. Cho is the only one that will be healing me. I am still upset with you,” Yunho told Jaejoong as he stormed off toward the exit.

Jaejoong followed after him. “You are angry at me, so you are going to make yourself suffer? Don’t be cruel!”

“Cruel? I am not being cruel!”

“Yes, you are. It hurts me to know you are hurting…you are doing this on purpose! To punish me!” Jaejoong shot back at Yunho.

“I just want a real doctor to take care of me. I can’t expect you to heal me when I’m angry at you…it wouldn’t be right,” Yunho told him as he waited by the exit for the Expectations crew to come rescue them.

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!” Jaejoong screamed at his lover.

Kangin, who was slowly following behind them with Yong, elbowed the younger man. “You are right, of course…they are fucking insane.”
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  • Expectations: The Journey Continues...

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