Expectations: Neither Friend, Nor Foe Part 5 of 7

Adventure Seven: Neither Friend, Nor Foe Part 5 of 7
Pairings: Yunjae, KyuWook, Various Other Pairings
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Angst, Adventure
Beta:  unicornsinger

A/N: This story is inspired by Star Trek. The crew of the Expectations will be made up of members of DBSK and Super Junior. Instead of chapters the story will be broken up in adventures.

Summary: The crew encounters a mysterious stranger and everything changes. Life aboard the Star Ship Expectations will never be the same as secrets unfold, sacrifices are made, and lives hang in the balance.

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Prior Adventures

There was a wet cloth pressed against his face when Changmin awoke for the third time since his shooting. He was unable to move, and his body was numb to the pain as his life’s energy slowly slipped away. The sound of Sulli’s voice could be heard in the near distance.

“Albert, the older groundskeeper, isn’t a bad man…although he looks at me sometimes like…but never mind that. He isn’t bad; he’s just lonely. His wife died years ago. Earl is his helper, but he took a couple of days off work. He was afraid Lord ZhouMi might take a shine to him. Earl isn’t as nice as Albert, but he isn’t really bad. Not like the other men here…there are so many bad men here…especially the master. The master…Mr. Egglemen, he’s an awful man. I belong to him now, but he isn’t kind…nor is he gentle.”

“When I was first brought here, I tried to run away all the time. He always caught me, though. He finally got so tired of me running away that he broke my leg. He used a hammer, and he smashed it over and over. He didn’t let me see a doctor…and now it just drags behind me. That’s why I like riding horses. When I am on a horse, I forget about my leg. I forget lots of things, and I think I’m free and not the slave of a bad man. Horses are always good, it seems, on every world. I like animals. I used to have a cat. His name was Aslan…I wonder who is taking care of Aslan now,” Sulli rambled on and on as she wiped Changmin’s face with a damp cloth.

Changmin had no strength to speak or to even open his eyes, so he just listened to her.

“How I wish we had never been invited to that wedding. I thought it was going to be the grandest thing I’d ever seen, and instead it led to the end of my world. The end of the good world, and now we are stuck in this awful world.”

“Albert said they only wanted the fat one and the one in blue…that’s why they left you. I thought you were in blue, though. I thought you had the same colors as SooYoung…didn’t you? She always wore blue…blue the color of science and all things smart. I wonder where she is now. I hope she found a better world than me. She would probably escape though; she is so smart and brave. She’s my favorite cousin…not that I don’t love Minho. They are both so smart, but SooYoung and I are both girls. We could tell each other our secrets…even if she was older. She never treated me like a kid.”

The one in blue…they wanted the one in blue; this thought raced and collided in Changmin’s brain. Kyuhyun had taken his place? Changmin remembered the groundskeeper telling Sulli that ZhouMi had taken them…Kyuhyun had given himself to ZhouMi in his place. Why? Changmin knew his life was coming to an end…why would Kyuhyun make such an illogical sacrifice?

“Changmin, you are trembling. Your fever is very high. I wish we could get you a doctor, but the master won’t allow it. I will get you Smokey’s blanket,” Sulli said as she got up and hobbled over to the black pony that shared his stall with Changmin.

“Smokey is a good pony, Changmin. He wouldn’t step on you. I feed him fruit sometimes, and he’s always so careful not to bite me. He won’t mind sharing his blanket with you,” Sulli assured Changmin as she moved back to the injured man and placed the blanket over the top of him. “Your legs are so long, Changmin…you are much too tall for just one blanket, so I am going to put hay over your legs. The hay will help to keep you warm.”

As Sulli went to work covering Changmin’s legs up with hay, she continued to ramble on, “Did the Expectations survive, Changmin? I don’t dare hope it did. Hope is too cruel. I won’t hope, but wouldn’t it be very nice if it survived? I like the thought of Minho still being on the Expectations alive and well. I wish SooYoung was there, too.”

“My parents…the great ambassadors, who had helped broker the peace of those two worlds…they were invited to the wedding as thanks. I got to go because I was their daughter, and I wanted SooYoung to come, too. She liked science much more than weddings, but she went because I asked. I wish I had not asked…she could be with Minho now. My really smart cousins…Changmin, can I tell you a secret? You know why I know so much about you? It’s because SooYoung always talked about you. She said you were like a Vulcan, but much more handsome. She showed me pictures of you. Did you know she liked you? No, of course not…she would never have told you. She thought you were the smartest person in the universe.”

Sulli finished covering Changmin up with hay. “They said you should be dead by now, but they don’t know how strong the people of Earth are. They don’t know because all the good people here are weak. There isn’t anybody like my…there aren’t any peacekeepers here,” Sulli told him. “Changmin, did you know my parents died? When I woke up they were already gone…Dr. Cho couldn’t save them. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to them being dead. I miss them so much. How can they be gone forever?”

“Changmin, I wish you didn’t have to die…you are all that is left of Earth. I miss Earth so much. I want to go home,” Sulli cried out in anguish. Changmin listened as her sobs grew louder, and although he knew it was illogical to hope, and he understood why she was afraid of hope…he still couldn’t help hoping that she would someday find her way home.


The instant Kangin, Jaejoong, Yong, and Yunho materialized in the transporter room with the rescue team, Yunho was off the transporter platform and heading for the door.

“Welcome back, Captain,” Donghae greeted the rushed captain. After not getting the normal greeting in return, Donghae shared a concerned look with Commander Yoochun, who had also been waiting for the captain to return.

Yunho quickly exited the room, and the others in the room hurried after him. “I want all senior officers and my bridge officers in the conference room now.”

Yoochun shot Jaejoong a suspicious look and quickly moved ahead of the others to catch up with the captain. “Yunho,” Yoochun said, using his friend’s name and not his rank. “There are some things I need to tell you while I still can.”

“What?” Yunho asked as he came to dead stop when he reached the lift.

“It’s about Changmin and Jaejoong,” Yoochun told his friend as he shot a quick glance back at the others quickly approaching.

Yunho stepped onto the lift. “Jaejoong is Changmin’s other parent. Yes, I know.”

“You do?” Yoochun replied, surprised, as he joined Yunho in the lift.

Yunho frowned as the others got into the lift with them. “I didn’t find out till it was too late, but I know now.”

“It isn’t too late,” Jaejoong said firmly, standing on the opposite side of the lift. Jaejoong had managed to control his emotions to an extent. He vowed he would not cry in front of Yunho’s crew.

“You better hope it isn’t,” Yunho said under his breath as the lift took off with them.

Yoochun noticed the tension between the two lovers, and pointed at the necklace on Yunho’s neck. “Nice jewelry…didn’t know you were the type, though.”

“Oh, I may never take this off. It’s quite useful,” Yunho told Yoochun, but he was glaring at Jaejoong.

Jaejoong did not wilt under that glare; instead, he glared back disapprovingly and told Yunho as the lift stopped, “You need to be in sickbay having your wound looked at. Do I need to remind you that you’ve been shot?”

Yunho stepped off the lift onto the bridge and snapped back at Jaejoong, “No, you do not need to remind me that I’ve been shot. I am well aware of that fact.”

“Shot?” Sungmin, who greeted them when they arrived on the bridge, repeated.

“It’s nothing,” Yunho told him. “I want all senior and my bridge officers in the conference room now.”

Jaejoong followed Yunho into the conference room, undaunted. “I know you are angry with me, but refusing to get treatment is stupid,” Jaejoong told his mate as he telepathically alerted Dr. Cho to the injury.

“I am perfectly fine. You know who isn’t fine? Changmin! Changmin isn’t fine. I have to find him before he dies, or before he becomes the mate of some sadistic warlord,” Yunho growled at Jaejoong as he paced the conference room, waiting for the others to arrive.

Jaejoong just sat down in a chair, refusing to reply to Yunho. Did Yunho honestly think he didn’t know that? Jaejoong wondered. Jaejoong watched as the conference room filled with people…people that all knew the truth about him and Changmin. People, who thought he had betrayed Yunho and tricked him. Ryeowook had told them everything. Jaejoong did not feel angry at the doctor, though; he was too distracted by Yunho’s anger.

Yong, who had followed them throughout the ship, sat down beside Kangin. “This ship is huge.”

“And you have just seen a little bit of her, Kid. The Expectations is a grand lady of space,” Kangin told him.

The conference room quickly filled, and Yunho continued to pace the room, not taking a seat. The minute Ryeowook entered the room, he was on Yunho quickly. “Let me look at that wound.”

“Not now, Doctor,” Yunho commanded. “We need to get this briefing started.”

Something about Yunho’s demeanor had Ryeowook sitting down fast by Jaejoong, who had his arms folded, glaring at anybody who dared to judge him.

“We don’t have time for formalities, so here is the short of it. The Warlord ZhouMi laid a trap for me and Jaejoong. He had the assistance of a Joong named Hyun Joong who he was blackmailing. The Joong at the last minute talked ZhouMi into taking Changmin instead and leaving Jaejoong and me behind. I am sure you all know that Changmin is also Jaejoong’s son,” Yunho told them.

Yunho continued. “Changmin is injured. When they were trying to control him…before they knew he was half Joong, they shot him. The wound is supposedly fatal to humans, but Hyun Joong and ZhouMi are hoping the injury…will wake up his dormant Joong half before it kills him.”

Ryeowook turned to Jaejoong, who was sitting beside him and asked, “Is that possible?”

“I honestly don’t know…the only Joong qualities that I have ever seen Changmin exhibit were his strong mental shields, his parent-child bond with Yunho…and a slight tendency for empathy and telepathy,” Jaejoong told them all.

“Hyun Joong gave me a clue to where Changmin is,” Yunho told them.

“What? When?” Kangin asked, shocked that Yunho had not said anything to him about it.

“When he came to see us in the bunker, he let it slip. I was suspicious of his motives…during his talk with Jaejoong, he just seemed so regretful. Like he wanted to help, but couldn’t risk it. I tested him by purposely lying to him several times during our talk, and he never corrected-”

“He might not have been able to read you completely. You have stronger shields than most humans to begin with, and since we bonded your abilities have only grown…I would not put any faith in him,” Jaejoong interrupted to say.

Yunho stared at Jaejoong coldly. “Although my trust in others is severely diminished at the moment, I know he knew I was lying. When ZhouMi’s minion said they had to retrieve Changmin…he made a point of saying he had no desire to return there…twice in one week. He slipped up purposely. I know he did.”

“We have to find out what ship he took to Trysor and retrieve its flight plan,” Junsu said, speaking up excitedly. “If we are able to find out where he has been in the last week, then we will know where they took Changmin and the others.”

Yunho spared Junsu a smile. “Exactly.”

“Hyun Joong could not have altered everybody’s memory on the planet. He is a Joong, but even we have our limits. Somebody had to have seen him,” Jaejoong added, doing his best to ignore Yunho’s hostility.

“Kangin, do you mind providing a mind scan of your memory so we can get his picture out…he isn’t somebody that anybody is going to forget seeing on their own,” Yunho told Kangin.

Kangin looked at Ryeowook, who was in charge of mind scanning, and said, “I am ready when you are, Doc.”

Ryeowook got up from the table. “The faster, the better.”

Yunho nodded his head in agreement as Kangin and Ryeowook left the room. “Jaejoong and I will have to go back to the planet with the picture…we can’t just take people’s words for the truth. We also need a record of every ship that visited Trysor in the last week.”

“Already done,” Yoochun told him.

Yunho was pleasantly surprised. “Good. Yoochun, you and I need to go over it together…and also, we need to question Yong.”

“Question me?” Yong responded when every eye was suddenly on him.

“Yes,” Yunho affirmed. “We need to know everything you know about ZhouMi. I want to know what planets are affiliated with him, and I want to know what merchants do business with him. I want to know everything you know.”

“I am fine with that as long as you keep your promise,” Yong told the captain.

“I will,” Yunho assured him. “It is on my huge list of things I have to do.”

“Yunho, you don’t have to go back to the planet,” Jaejoong told his bondmate. “You can stay here and work.”

Yunho stared suspiciously at Jaejoong. “What do you mean by that? Of course we have to go back to the planet.”

“I do, but you don’t. I am pretty positive that our bond is strong enough to withstand me going back to the planet by myself,” Jaejoong admitted reluctantly.

“What? I thought it meant instant death?”

“At first it did. I wasn’t lying about that. You remember how sick you used to get when we were separated by mere feet. I told you the stronger the bond is, the more distance it will allow. I told you that beaming down to planets without me would be possible someday,” Jaejoong reminded him.

Yunho furrowed his eyebrows and asked, “Our bond is strong enough now?”

“It’s very…even if you are angry and treating me unfairly, it’s still strong,” Jaejoong retorted. “It’s only six months old, but I’m almost positive it should be strong enough.”

“Almost positive?” Yunho questioned, ignoring Jaejoong’s dig at him.

Jaejoong slumped back in his chair, annoyed. “Sometime within the next five years, if Changmin’s estimates are correct, I will give birth to your child. There hasn’t been a hybrid Joong in over a thousand years…if ever. I assume our bond is strong enough to withstand a low orbit separation.”

Yunho studied Jaejoong. He was very angry with his bondmate, but he wasn’t willing to beam the other man down to the planet on assumption alone. “Lieutenant Lee, I want you to ready an away team. I want you to escort Jaejoong down to the planet…but I want you to take a shuttle. If he starts getting sick, I want him beamed back to the ship immediately.”

“Yes, Sir,” Sungmin agreed immediately.

Yunho turned to Junsu. “I want you flying that shuttle.”

Junsu smiled, loving the trust the captain had in him. “Yes, Sir.”


“I don’t have time for this,” Yunho told Ryeowook as he rested on an exam bed in Sickbay while the doctor ran a muscle rejuvenator over the wound to his left shoulder.

“Well, you are going to have to take the time,” Dr. Cho told him unsympathetically. “We haven’t reached the ship yet, so there really isn’t anything you can do ‘til we intercept them.” Sungmin and Jaejoong had returned from the planet an hour ago, and they had been able to narrow it down to four ships that Hyun Joong could have taken to get to Trysor. Along with the information that Yoochun and Yunho had gotten out of Yong, the crew was beginning to feel like they were actually getting somewhere.

Yunho gave the doctor a cross look, but allowed him to work on the shoulder.

“Is there something you want to say to me, Captain?” Ryeowook asked as he continued to work. He was well aware of the fact that the captain was less than pleased with him.

“You mean how my Chief Medical Officer has allowed me to be brainwashed, manipulated, and lied to…no, I have nothing to say to you,” Yunho told Ryeowook with a razor-sharp edge to his voice.

Ryeowook gave Yunho a pained expression and explained, “You and I both know, if I had told you, he would not have allowed either one of us to remember anything. I tried repeatedly to get him to tell you, but he would just go on and on about the dangers of time.”

“Did you try to tell anyone?”

“I almost slipped up and told Kyuhyun once. Then there was another time I wanted to tell Changmin, but I stopped myself.”


“Because I thought that someday my knowing the truth might benefit us all. Jaejoong felt that he could confide in me…and I think he needed to talk to someone.”

Yunho looked up at the doctor and asked curiously. “What else do you know?”

“I know the power of your bond scares him. When he almost shifted awhile back, he was almost scared witless. Everything was happening very fast with you two…I mean the Guardian explained why, but before that, he was really unnerved by it.”

“Scared of what?”

“I’m not sure; being a parent, or maybe he was afraid of the power of your bond.”

“Is that all?” Yunho asked, suspecting the doctor was holding something back from him.

Ryeowook sighed and gave Yunho a concerned look and said in an apprehensive voice, “The fact that he sent Changmin back in time…it has always bothered him. The time travel is what really scares him. It scared him even before he glimpsed Changmin’s dream and saw your future. I think Jaejoong feared that telling you the truth would be what led to that fate.”

Yunho turned his head away from Ryeowook. He knew that Ryeowook and Jaejoong must have spoken recently…still confiding in each other. Yunho would not allow himself to think of the terrible future that Jaejoong had glimpsed. “Have you ever seen anything in Changmin…that would suggest he has Joong abilities?”

Ryeowook put down the muscle rejuvenator, and closed his eyes. “No, but God, I wish I had. He always appeared perfectly human; just extremely intelligent and perceptive.”

“I pray that the Joong ability to fool advanced technology…has always been in effect with Changmin.”

“Me, too,” Ryeowook told the captain. “I hope that very much. I also pray we get them all back very soon.”

Yunho sat up in bed, and suddenly felt sorry for Ryeowook, realizing how worried he must be for Kyuhyun. “I am sure Kyuhyun is fine.”

“That’s kind of you to say, but we really don’t know,” Ryeowook told the captain. “I hope you are right, though. I really pray you are.”

“He’ll be fine,” Yunho said, finding it nearly impossible to be angry at the doctor.

“Are you done with your barbaric healing methods?” Jaejoong asked rudely as he walked into the exam room.

Ryeowook gave Jaejoong a disapproving look as the other man approached the bed. “Barbaric? Really?”

“Yes, barbaric,” Jaejoong confirmed.

Ryeowook just shook his head at Jaejoong and told him, “Although nothing compares with your amazing healing abilities…it’s hardly barbaric. Don’t be crabby because he won’t let you heal him.”

“I am not being-” Jaejoong started to say as he walked over to Yunho, who was giving him a disbelieving look. “Ok, I am totally being crabby.”

“We don’t have time for you to be crabby or for your sulking…don’t look at me with those big, sad eyes and think I am going to take this necklace off, because I am not.” Yunho told Jaejoong, who was looking at him with such longing, Yunho had to fight the urge not to give in.

Jaejoong reached for Yunho’s hand, and Yunho immediately pulled it away, avoiding Jaejoong’s touch. Jaejoong frowned at Yunho and asked, “What if I promise never to alter your memory again?”

“Never?” Yunho asked, arching is eyebrows in a way so similar to Changmin, it caused Jaejoong’s heart to ache.

Jaejoong looked at Yunho and clarified, “Well, not unless I thought…your life or health was dependent on it, or the life or health of any future children we might have.”

Yunho gave Jaejoong a long suffering look. “I think you need to look up the definition of never.”

“Well, I didn’t want to lie,” Jaejoong explained.

Yunho jumped off the exam bed. “Well, that is an improvement.”

“Yunho, how long do we have to keep having this fight? How many times do I have to apologize? I wasn’t doing it to purposely hurt you. I did it because I honestly thought I was protecting you both,” Jaejoong told Yunho again; trying his best to control his warring emotions. Part of Jaejoong wanted to bawl and the other part wanted to scream at Yunho.

Yunho exhaled and conceded, “Jae, this fight has just barely begun…it has miles and miles to go before it is over. But we can’t focus on it. There are much more important things we need to focus on right now.”

“So, you should forgive me, so we can let it go. You can take that wretched necklace off, and we can bask in the power of our bond. We can then focus on Changmin and the others.”

“We can focus on the others without me taking this necklace off,” Yunho told him. “I will not forgive you so easily. I know why you did it…but that doesn’t mean I like it. It’s going to take time.”

“Time?” Jaejoong whined. “Don’t you miss me…don’t you miss the feeling of the bond…don’t you just feel weaker without it. I just feel weak, and I look hideous. Don’t you feel awful inside?”

“I don’t know…I’m too afraid right now to feel much of anything else,” Yunho admitted. “I don’t know if my knowing would have changed anything, but that’s where my mind automatically goes. What if I had known…would things be different now?”

Jaejoong went to reach out for Yunho again and stopped himself, “What can I do…to help?”

“Just time…just give me time.”

Jaejoong frowned, wanting so much more, but then Yunho’s insignia beeped and Sungmin’s voice told them, “We have intercepted the merchant, Captain.”

Yunho tapped his insignia and said, “We will be right there. If they try to flee, put a tractor beam on them.”

“Yes, Sir,” Sungmin’s voice answered.

Yunho headed out of sickbay with Jaejoong right beside him. “This is where I’m going be a total hypocrite. I want you to use every trick you have to get information out of them.”

“I don’t mind you being a hypocrite. I have to point out that wearing that necklace isn’t helping us. Our ability to speak telepathically is rendered useless-”

Yunho shook his head. “Right now I don’t trust you very much. If I think wearing the necklace becomes a hindrance, I will take it off…but right now I need it. I need to wear it. I need to know my mind is my own.”


The sound of Sulli screaming and pleading penetrated the last conscious parts of Changmin’s brain.

“No, you can’t toss him in the river. You can’t!”

“Miss Sulli, he’s already gone.”

Changmin felt a warm hand against his forehead. “He’s still, warm Albert! He’s still warm.”

“Miss Sulli, he’s barely breathing…his pulse is so weak. He’s fading away. He will be in a better place,” the groundskeeper told her.

“No, I won’t let you toss him away when he is still alive.”

“I don’t want to either, but the master has ordered it. He’s doesn’t want there to be any trace of this man on his land.”

The warmth on Changmin’s forehead moved away and he felt his hand being picked up. “Can we just wait ‘til he’s dead?”

“If the master comes back tonight, and he’s still here…you know we will all be beaten.”

The grasp on his hand tightened. “Can’t we just take him to the river, but leave him on the bank ‘til we are sure he’s dead? You know the master won’t go out to the river.”

“I suppose we could, but letting animals eat on him during the night isn’t any better than being tossed in the river.”

“They would eat on him in the river, too.”

“I suppose so, but what is the point. It isn’t worth upsetting the master.”

“I want to bury him in a secret place….so I can visit his grave.”

“Bury him? I can’t bury him; the master-”

“Albert, I will do anything. You can have anything you want…if you bury him for me.”

“Miss Sulli.”

“Anything, Albert…you can have me. I know you want me. I know how you look at me.”

“Miss Sulli….don’t talk crazy.”

“You can’t help how you feel, but I can help you. The master will never know.”

“He’d kill us both.”

“No, he wouldn’t. He wouldn’t know. He gives me out to his business partners all the time.”

“Miss Sulli,” the groundskeeper said in dismay.

“Anything, Albert.”

“I couldn’t,” Albert said, but Changmin could hear the change in his voice…the growing excitement. “All I would have to do is bury him?”

“Yes, that’s all you would have to do.”

“I am a bad person for even considering this, but I would still have to take him to the river-”

“No, you can’t put him in the river!”

“I would just put him on the river bank like you said…and then tomorrow morning after the master leaves for his meeting, I would bury him. Earl won’t be back ‘til tomorrow afternoon, so he wouldn’t notice.”

Changmin felt Sulli’s hand slide down to his wrist feeling for a pulse. “Is he even still breathing? I can’t feel a pulse, but he still feels so warm.”

“He’s just barely living now. Sometimes when somebody dies slow, the dying just lingers and lingers.”

The hand moved away from his wrist and cupped his cheek. “I’m so sorry, so sorry…I’m sorry your life had to end here. I think it must be hard to linger.”

“I think so too, better to die fast.”

The hand left his cheek and he heard her move away. “I want to go with you to the river.”

“Okay, but when we are done can we…” the groundskeeper’s voice trailed off.

“We will come back to the barn, and you can have me then.”

“It’s a deal, and I will bury him in the morning in a secret place that only we know about.”

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OH my Sulli why would you give yourself up like that. I really hope Changmin pulls through soon. I wanna know what is happening with Kyu and ZhouMi!
Yes, they have technology advanced enough to grow her a new one...or two if they had too. They are very advanced.

Thank you for reading and commenting!
Overall, I'm pretty frustrated with the Yunho and Jaejoong storyline going on, but I can understand Yunho. To be honest, I want Jaejoong to cry in front of Yunho or something so that he can see what an asshole he's being, but it was still wrong of Jaejoong to tamper with Yunho's times. I think I've said before how I felt like Yunho and Jaejoong weren't really equals in the relationship before because of how Jaejoong kept dominating Yunho with his Joong abilities. I just hope things get better.

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Sometimes I type really fast, and fail to look at what I've typed...so if I ever wrote anything that hinted that Sulli was Hyun Joong's mate it was unintentional. Sulli is not bonded to Hyung Joong. Sulli was sold into slavery by Hangeng. Sulli is a slave and Mr. Egglemen is her master.

Thanks for commenting!

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Yes, it's important to remember that Changmin still has to be born....so Yunjae gotta make up someday. lol

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I'm just gonna skip on yunjae..they're so frustrating >.< will just wait n see how they work things out...i can never take their fight(s) seriously...its somehow always just so funny...coz of jae..yeah can never really take their fight seriously fufu~
I might sometimes add too much humor to the Yunjae fights...it's the opposite of DMGD. lol

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So i guess changmin gonna pair up with sulli now?
Ahhhh i should not feel this way but i dont want changmin with sulli!!!
Ok, i talk crazy and i make assumptions~
Sorry! Hehe! I just cant wrap up my mind on they being together...
Ok what am i talking about, just ignore my comment....

Anyway, i think yunho and jaejoong need to settle down and solve their problem if they want to save changmin!
I like your assumptions. lol

Nobody likes Yunjae fighting.......well, except for me. lol The next part has lots more action.

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=o so kyuhyun switched uniforms with him to buy more time perhaps? changmin.. hold on just a bit longer!!!

i wonder who this sulli and sooyoung people are that they know him from expectations......

yunho... :( how long are you going to take? D: i feel so bad for jae..
Yes, Kyuhyun changed uniforms with Changmin in hopes it would given Yunho enough time to find Changmin, or time for Changmin's Joong blood to awaken and save him.

I have tired to make it really clear in the story, but I keep failing when it comes to Sulli and Sooyoung. I want to explain but I want to keep the stories flow. I tried to do it with Sulli's crazy rambling, but I keep screwing it up.....so I hope this helps.

SooYoung was a Lieutenant on the Expectations....she is the Lieutenant Choi that Yoochun mentioned in Adventure Four. Lieutenant Choi(SooYoung) and Ensign Choi(Minho) both are science officers on the Expectations, and they are brother and sister. They both worked with Changmin.

Sulli Choi is their younger cousin(she was not a member of the crew). Sulli's was with her parents on the ship on the way to Siwon's wedding. Sulli's parents are the ambassadors that helped Siwon's world find peace. The ambassador's were invited to Siwon's wedding......AND they took their daughter(Sulli) with them, and Sulli invited SooYoung along too. The wedding party took a shuttle to the planet. The people in the wedding party were Sulli's parents the Ambassadors, Sulli, SooYoung--------> plus other members of the crew Ryeowook, Kangin, and Commander Leeteuk. Also Siwon was with them.

When they were in the shuttle on the way to the planet that's when the big black hole thing showed up and sucked them to the other galaxy......because Sulli's parents were older than thirty they died. Because Sulli and SooYoung were girls they were very sick---> but Dr. Ryeowook was a young male so he wasn't sick, and he was able to save their lives. On the Expectations all the doctors were older than 30, or close to 30 in age so they all died or went crazy like Heechul, and were unable to save any female crew members.

So Ryeowook, Kangin, Siwon, Sooyoung, Sulli, and Crazy Leeteuk were all stranded on that planet togehter (The planet in Adventure Two) together, till the Warlord Hangeng showed up and took SooYoung and Sulli. He sold Sulli as a slave to Mr. Eggleton, and we don't know what happened to SooYoung.

LOL! I think I went off course, but that's what happened. lol I hope it makes things clearer.

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ahhhhhhh!!! i was so excited to see your update, almost peed in my pants. ROFL!

omo, yunnie is still very angry, i would be too if my mind has been tampered with. But poor jj too, he just wanted to protect them. gahhh...and changmin ah!!!!!
Don't pee your pants! lol

Both Yunjae have their reasons for how they behaved, or how they are behaving. We will see how long this fight lasts.

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ehh. yunho and jaejoong's issue is becoming pretty blahhhh to me SINCE MY CHANGMINNIE IS BEING BURIED ALIVE T_T
Seeing as I have read your other works I am waiting for the angst to walk in and slap me on my face. I like that Yunho is holding out on Jaejoong cos sometimes all powerful beings need to realize their own weaknesses and understand that they can not be invincible all the time. I will wait anxiously and patiently for the next chapter!

Yes, if you pay any attention to my other writers...they do warn of the angst. More angst to come sadly, I hope the other readers survive it. I know it's getting rough for some. These are not the fluffy chapters.

Yes, if Yunho just gave in....that would be totally out of character for him. He gets to pout for a little longer.

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