TFAN, Sneak Peek Part 9


“Ryeowook!”  Kyuhyun was getting very agitated, since when did he become the mature one?


“Kyuhyun, we have rules, and if we follow those rules everything will be fine!”  Ryeowook insisted.  He had grabbed his seatbelt and twisted it around his hand as hard as he could.


“How can you say that?  Things aren’t fine with us things are very weird and just because we are talking to each other doesn’t mean things are okay.  The rules don’t even cover our biggest problem.” 


“And what is that?”  Ryeowook questioned his voice full of dread.


“That you can’t keep your hands off me and I don’t want you to.” Kyuhyun told him his whole face turning bright red as he spoke.  “I mean you touch me and….it just isn’t the same, it means more than it should.”

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