Expectations: Dream of You Part 1 of 5

Series: Expectations
Adventure Eight: Dream of You Part 1 of 5
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae, KyuWook, Various Other Pairings
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Adventure, Angst
Warning: Torture, Rape
Length: Chaptered
Beta: unicornsinger

A/N: This story is inspired by Star Trek. The crew of the Expectations will be made up of members of DBSK and Super Junior. Instead of chapters the story will be broken up in adventures.

Summary: While the rest of the ship races to rescue Commander Cho and Shindong, Jaejoong and Changmin are forced to deal with each other. Lord ZhouMi’s reputation for cruelty proves completely warranted. As Kyuhyun struggles to survive the unbearable, he dreams of his life spent with Ryeowook.

Special thanks to dolphinchic for being my sounding board…if not for you I would not share a word. Thanks to unicornsinger for the beta!

Prior Adventures


Dream of You

“Mr. Buttons, you will be okay,” an eight year old Ryeowook told the large white goose that he held in his arms as he walked toward his home. “I will sneak you in my room, and make you all better.”

Ryeowook knew that his grandmother would be busy with the off-worlders and not on her usual guard for whatever creatures that Ryeowook might sneak into the house. He thought it would be easy to slip the goose past her. Ryeowook had lived with his grandmother for as long as he could remember. When he was just a baby, his parents had died in a farming accident.

He was mostly a happy child, but right now, he was very concerned for the goose in his arms. He was deep in thought about how he could make Mr. Buttons better, when a gentle hand landed on his shoulder, halting him.

“Whoa, there little guy,” a woman’s warm voice could be heard saying.

Ryeowook looked up at the woman he had almost run into. He immediately recognized her as one of the off-worlders. She was wearing their familiar clothing, but she somehow looked fancier to Ryeowook then the other off-worlders he had seen. “I’m very sorry, Ma’am,” Ryeowook said apologizing to her, stepping back and bowing his head.

The hand on his shoulder moved to his chin and lifted it up ‘til he was looking at her. She smiled at him, putting him at instant ease. “It’s okay…you have your hands full. Who is your friend?”

“Mr. Buttons,” Ryeowook quickly answered.

Her hand left Ryeowook’s chin as she studied the goose that rested in the small boy’s arms as easily as a puppy or kitten would have. “Did something happen to him?” she asked, concerned, as she took in the missing feathers, the heavy breathing, and the blood stains on the goose.

Ryeowook nodded his head, close to tears. “The Rodelo’s dog got him.”

The lady knelt down beside Ryeowook and asked, “Are you going to take him to a veterinarian?”

Ryeowook sniffled and shook his head. “No, they wouldn’t let me. They will just want to eat him.”

A wave of dislike washed over the lady’s face and Ryeowook remembered that the off-worlders did not eat the meat of animals. “That’s horrible.”

Ryeowook nodded his head in complete agreement. “I have had him since he was a baby gosling. He likes to follow me. Mr. Buttons was following me out of the gate…but I didn’t know, and that is how the dog got him.”

The lady looked at him, full of sympathy, and then she hit the pretty gold badge on her uniform, and ordered, “Beam Dr. Brown to these coordinates now.”

“Dr. Brown?” Ryeowook asked, his eyes lighting up instantly.

“He’s a very good doctor. He will have Mr. Buttons fixed up in no time.”

“I want to be a doctor when I grow up! I have always-” Ryeowook stopped, his eyes widening, as a man appeared out of thin air right in front of him.

“Admiral?” the man who had just appeared questioned in a hesitant tone.

The lady…the Admiral stood up. “Doctor, my friend here has an injured pet, and I would like for you to help it.”

“You sent me down here to heal a duck?” the man asked in disbelief.

“It’s a goose,” the admiral corrected. “His name is Mr. Buttons.”

The doctor looked at Ryeowook and couldn’t keep from grinning. “Hello, Mr. Buttons. What happened to your goose?”

“I’m Ryeowook,” Ryeowook said, correcting the doctor, and then looked down at his goose. “This is Mr. Buttons.”

The doctor gently shook his head in amusement and pulled out a scanner from his jacket’s pocket. “So, Ryeowook, what happened to Mr. Buttons?”

“A dog got him,” Ryeowook answered as he watched Dr. Brown wave the scanner over Mr. Buttons. “Can you fix him?”

“He can,” the admiral told Ryeowook. “He is a Star Fleet doctor…they can fix anything.”

“Wow,” was all Ryeowook could say as he watched the torn and tattered goose begin to heal in front of his very eyes.

“Dr. Brown, did you know that Ryeowook here wants to be a doctor when he grows up?”

“Does he?” the doctor asked, smiling at the boy.

“I do,” Ryeowook quickly confirmed. “I want to grow up to heal people and animals…and to fly on ships!”

Dr. Brown and the admiral both looked at Ryeowook, startled at his admission. Little boys from the Baylor Colony were not supposed to want to grow up and fly on ships. “Fly on ships,” the admiral repeated.

“Yes, but don’t tell Grandma…she would be sad,” Ryeowook quickly explained.

The doctor put away his scanner and reached a hand down and ruffled Ryeowook’s hair. “Mr. Buttons is going to be just fine now.”

Ryeowook sat the big, fat goose down on the ground and stared at it in wonder. The feathers that had been ripped out were back, shiny and new. “You saved him.”

“I’m always glad to help,” the doctor told him as he stepped back to stand with the admiral.

The goose stayed at Ryeowook’s feet, unbothered by the humans. Ryeowook stared up at the doctor, full of admiration. “I want to be just like you when I grow up…” Ryeowook paused, remembering who he was. “But I can’t be.”

“Why not?” the doctor gently asked, already knowing the answer.

Ryeowook reached up with his hand and wiped his left eye and explained, “We can’t ever leave Baylor.”

The admiral stepped forward and knelt down till her eyes were even with the young boy’s. “Ryeowook, I promise, there isn’t anything you can’t do when you grow up. I will help make all your dreams come true.”

“You will?” Ryeowook asked in awe.

The admiral suddenly looked very sad as she reached up and tucked a strand of loose hair behind Ryeowook’s ear. “I think all little boys should get the chance to grow up…to grow up and live their dreams.”

Ryeowook suddenly felt terribly happy and sad at the same time. He knew the Admiral did not lie. He knew that she would make all his dreams come true, but there was something so sad about her.

“Admiral Cho, I thought you had left,” the voice of Ryeowook’s grandmother asked from behind them.

The admiral stood back up and turned to face Ryeowook’s grandmother. “I was just leaving now.”

Ryeowook’s grandmother motioned for her grandson and Ryeowook scampered off quickly to stand beside her, with Mr. Buttons following behind him. “I see you met Ryeowook.”

“Yes, he is a delightful boy,” the admiral answered full of sincerity and fondness.

Ryeowook’s grandmother nodded her head. “Yes, he’s a good boy. Goodbye, Admiral Cho.”

“Goodbye, Council Lady Kim,” the admiral told the grandmother. She gave Ryeowook one last smile and then hit the golden badge on her shirt. “Two to beam up.”

Ryeowook watched as the admiral and the doctor disappeared. He then looked up at his grandmother who was known for strongly disliking the off-worlders. “Are you mad, Grandma?”

“No, Ryeowook.”

“I thought you didn’t like them,” Ryeowook asked, confused by the look of compassion on the old woman’s face.

His grandmother looked down at him and smiled gently. “I might not approve of their ways, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel for them.”

“Feel for them?” Ryeowook asked, even more confused now.

His grandmother wrapped her arm around him tightly and answered, “I know what it is like to lose a child, but at least I knew what happened to my son…but that poor woman. That poor woman’s son is just lost.”


“Ryeowook!” the worried voice of Sungmin from the other bed beside him in sickbay stirred Ryeowook from his memories. Ryeowook turned to look at the man he had once called best friend. “Are you alright?” Sungmin asked.

An aching pain spread across his chest as the memory of the day before returned to Ryeowook. He let out a gasp as the thought of Kyuhyun…Kyuhyun was lost, and at the mercy of a madman. “No, I am not alright. This can’t be happening…not Kyuhyun…not aga…it can’t be happening.”

Sungmin was up and out of his bed immediately, and before Ryeowook could comprehend what was happening, Sungmin took one of his hands and grasped it tightly. “He will be fine. Kyuhyun’s strong…this warlord doesn’t even have a chance against Kyuhyun. Once Kyuhyun starts his cunning, nobody is his match.”

Ryeowook stared at the hand that was holding on to his so tightly. Months ago he would have jerked away, but now…now he just needed his friend. “I pray you are right,” Ryeowook whimpered. “How much does he have to suffer in one lifetime?”

Sungmin tossed caution aside and pulled the young doctor into a hug. “We will find him. The captain is already on ZhouMi’s trail, and you know he won’t stop ‘til he finds him…none of us will.”


Jaejoong watched Sungmin and Ryeowook embracing from the doorway to Changmin’s sickbay room where he stood. Jaejoong could imagine Sungmin comforting Kyuhyun in a very similar way after Ryeowook had been assumed lost after the tragedy that had stranded the Expectations in this galaxy. Kyuhyun, with his wounded psyche, had demanded a different kind of comfort from the security chief in his anguish, and Sungmin with his long repressed feelings for the other man, had been unable to resist.

Perhaps he had judged the security chief too harshly, Jaejoong conceded, only to himself. Sungmin most definitely wasn’t the villain that Jaejoong had made him out to be. He was just misguided, and once again, the security chief was enamored with…

“Where is Yunho?” Changmin demanded from behind Jaejoong in his bed, startling the Joong from his thoughts.

Jaejoong wheeled around to find the younger man glaring at him, full of accusation. Jaejoong swallowed nervously, not accustomed to this…this Joong version of Changmin. “He left during the night.”

“He was here?”

“Yes, you were sleeping. He didn’t want to wake you. He stayed a couple hours, and then he left. He has much planning to do,” Jaejoong explained as he walked back toward the chair that he had spent the night in. Once Yunho had left, Jaejoong had been unable to fall back to sleep. His mind refused to let him rest, as he dwelled on how Changmin would accept the news of his parentage, and if Yunho would ever truly forgive him.

“What were you just doing? You looked…” Changmin paused not sure if he wanted to explain further.

“Changmin, I was never able to read your mind easily, and now it is impossible,” Jaejoong pointed out to him.

“You just looked sad…does Yunho hate you now?” Changmin asked, covering what might sound like worry with insolence.

Jaejoong sighed and sat down in the chair. “Yunho is…disappointed in me, but he doesn’t hate me. Ryeowook is feeling very intense emotions right now, and I was worried about him. I was about to go to him, but Lieutenant Lee stepped in to comfort him before I had time to act.”

Changmin’s complexion that was perfectly creamy since his Joong half immerged turned deathly pale. “Because of Kyuhyun,” he asked, not even trying to hide his painful guilt.

“Yes,” Jaejoong answered as he studied Changmin. Changmin, who had never looked as if he had inherited anything from Jaejoong before, now looked like the perfect combination of Jaejoong in his Joong form and Yunho. Although Changmin’s Joong characteristics were strong, he did not have the usual femininity that other Joong’s exhibited. Changmin would never be mistaken for a female.

Changmin immediately attempted to get out of bed, but was stopped by the force field placed on the bed to prevent him from getting up, when sedating Changmin proved impossible. “I have to get up. I have to help save Kyuhyun.”

Jaejoong shook his head. “No, you just have to rest.”

“No, I’m fine,” Changmin insisted, suddenly on the verge of tears. “I am completely healed. I have to help. I have to get out of this bed, call Ryeowook…” Changmin paused as he suddenly looked horrified as the memory of what he had done the day before returned. “Are Junsu, Ryeowook and Sungmin okay?”

“They are fine,” Jaejoong quickly answered as he got up from the chair to stand closer to the bed. “And you are most certainty not fine,” Jaejoong told his son, who looked close to hysterics.

Changmin reached up and rubbed his head with both hands. “I am not thinking clearly…I didn’t remember. Am…am…I…brain impaired?”

“Changmin,” Jaejoong told him firmly. “You are not brain impaired. You have to adapt to your Joong abilities…it’s going to take time.”

Changmin dropped his hands away from his head as another memory returned. “This necklace,” Changmin said wrapping a hand around the necklace he wore around his neck. “This necklace is protecting others from me?”


“Then I can go help the others find Kyuhyun. It will be safe,” Changmin reasoned.

Jaejoong shook his head again. “The necklace keeps you from hurting others with your newfound telepathy and it keeps the feelings of others from overwhelming you, but you have to learn to control your own emotions again.”

“I am in perfect control of my own emotions,” Changmin protested, but the tears running down his face did not support his stance.

Jaejoong gave Changmin a look of pure sympathy. “No, you are not. Changmin, you always kept a tight hold on your emotions, but your Joong side will not allow that now. Joongs feel almost everything.”

“I don’t want to feel anything!” Changmin exclaimed.

Jaejoong was grateful for the force field that gave him a good excuse for not reaching out to touch his son, to try to comfort…comfort him like Yunho would have. “I’m sorry, but it doesn’t work that way. A Joong must know his own emotions before he can take on the emotions of others.”

“I don’t want to be a Joong! I want don’t want to feel other people’s emotions, and I sure as hell don’t want to read their minds!” Changmin yelled at Jaejoong as he kicked against the force field.

Jaejoong inhaled a deep breath. “I’m sorry, but you are half Joong, and you are going to have to learn to deal with that.”

“Well, maybe if you hadn’t lied to me since the day you came aboard this ship, none of this would have happened,” Changmin accused, continuing to kick against the force field. “Your lies are the reason for all of this!”

Jaejoong closed his eyes and struggled to remain calm, and tried to reason with his erratic son. “What I did…I did to protect you. Time is not something to trifle with, and it was safer for you to keep your Joong abilities submerged.”

“What if I don’t believe you,” Changmin yelled, also hitting the force field with his fists now. “I have to get out of here, so I can help them. Yunho needs my help!”

Jaejoong’s patience wavered and he snapped at Changmin. “Help them? Do you think you would be any help to Yunho now? He’s worried enough about you. He will be mentally checking in with me any moment to ask how you are. Do you really want me to tell him how illogical you are being?”

“Illogical?” Changmin repeated. He stopped kicking and hitting the force field as the word registered in his head.

“Yes, illogical,” Jaejoong told him. “You are hitting and kicking a force field that even I know you can’t defeat. You are on the verge of hysterics, and you are crying uncontrollably. Do you really want me to report this to Yunho?”

Changmin shook his head, gazing at Jaejoong like a lost child.

“I know this must be so hard for you. I can’t even imagine how overwhelming it is for you, but it wasn’t done in malice…and I will help you. It will get better, but right now you have to calm down,” Jaejoong informed Changmin in a calmer, but unwavering voice.

Changmin kept his eyes locked with Jaejoong. “But I could help,” Changmin protested stubbornly.

Jaejoong couldn’t help but smile at Changmin. “Not this time, you have to help yourself first. You almost died…you have had so much to deal with in so little time. Just stop and catch your breath…let yourself heal mentally.”

Before Changmin could reply to Jaejoong, Heechul strolled into Changmin’s sickbay room and advised, “Listen to your mommy, and be a good boy. If you behave yourself, I might give you a lollipop.”

Jaejoong stared at Heechul, wondering if the madness had returned without him detecting it.

“He is not my mom…well, he’s not exactly my mother,” Changmin pouted, folding his arms.

Heechul snorted, amused. “You can call him whatever you want, but it’s a fact that you sprouted from his womb, so I’m going to refer to him as your mother.”

Jaejoong unconsciously folded his arms in a very similar way as Changmin. He did not like being referred to as Changmin’s mother. He resisted the urge to point out that Joongs did not designate parents as mother and father, but remembered how Ryeowook had reacted to a similar admission from him. He realized since Changmin had been raised as a human, his denial might come off sounding callous, and upsetting his emotional son even more was the last thing he wanted. “So, you are here to examine him?”

“Yes, I am,” Heechul said as he walked to the bed and disabled the force field. “If you would kindly step out and give me some privacy with my patient.”

This time Jaejoong snorted. “Really?”

Heechul turned around and smiled at Jaejoong. “Let’s pretend you are not going to read my mind, and that you are going to respect Changmin’s privacy.”

“Okay, sure let’s pretend that,” Jaejoong said, smiling right back at Heechul before he stepped out of the room, shutting the door behind him. Jaejoong realized Heechul wasn’t crazy again…just annoying. Jaejoong knew he was the only person on this ship that could help Changmin, and if the doctor thought he was going to let anything about Changmin’s condition get past him, the doctor was worse than crazy…he was stupid.

Heechul looked at the still-pouting Changmin and reached out and tugged on Changmin’s earlobe. “Your mommy is totally listening to my thoughts, so I am going to think some really special ones for him involving your daddy.”


Seung-hyun anxiously waited for Lord ZhouMi to enter the cargo bay. Seung-hyun knew his Lordship had been in a most foul mood since they had left the planet Trysor. The news that Jaejoong had escaped earlier than planned had unnerved Lord ZhouMi greatly, and for good reason.

It was widely known that Jaejoong’s mate had at his command a ship that was far superior to any other ship in the known galaxy. Lord ZhouMi knew the captain and Jaejoong would be coming for their child, and he was smart enough to know that if Jaejoong was ever given the chance, he would gladly kill him. Seung-hyun remembered back to the time Jaejoong had been on the ship, and knew that Jaejoong’s wrath would not be unwarranted.

To make matters worse, somebody had poisoned Lord ZhouMi’s prize pet while he had been on the planet Trysor, and the medical staff had been unable to save the animal’s life. Seung-hyun was not a fan of the oversized dog, but its death had sent Lord ZhouMi into a rage. The fact that they had been unable to find the culprit did not improve Lord ZhouMi’s mood.

Seung-hyun’s obedience and loyalty to Lord ZhouMi was absolute, but it did not mean he did not fear the warlord. Since they had left Trysor, all aboard the ship cowered in fear of Lord ZhouMi as he stalked around the ship, insisting that his personal guards never leave his side. The warlord had been forced to delay collecting his prize for days, in hopes of erasing all traces of his location. Seung-hyun prayed that the Joong would still be alive; he feared for all aboard the ship if the box was opened to only provide them with a dead Joong. He could not imagine the fury the warlord would unleash on them all if he was denied his prize. Seung-hyun, who had no memory of his encounter with Changmin, thanks to Hyun Joong, hoped the half Joong was everything that Lord ZhouMi wished him to be.

Seung-hyun stiffened as the doors to the cargo bay opened, and Lord ZhouMi strolled inside, wearing all white, with four members of his personal guard behind him. He immediately took in the metal box that was centered in the middle of the cargo bay on display for him.

“Open it,” ZhouMi ordered as he stalked toward the box. The ship’s guards that were guarding the box opened the door to the box, and allowed it to drop to the floor. “Bring out my Changmin first.”

Two guards immediately disappeared inside the box and quickly returned, dragging a weakened Kyuhyun between them.

ZhouMi examined Kyuhyun with unimpressed eyes as he walked closer toward him. Kyuhyun swallowed nervously, hoping his plan would work, as the warlord approached him, and reached down and pulled up the bloody uniform top that Kyuhyun had taken off an unconscious Changmin.

Kyuhyun hid his relief as he saw the glint of approval in the warlord’s eyes as he inspected Kyuhyun’s smooth stomach that had no traces of a deadly wound ever being there. “The Joong did not appear to be lying about your heritage, but he took great liberties with your physical description. Flawless, I think not. You must take after your father,” ZhouMi hissed as he reached up and grabbed Kyuhyun firmly by the chin and stared him in the eye. “There is intelligence in those eyes, though.”

“You should release me; holding me hostage will only bring ruin to you,” Kyuhyun managed to get out, as he wondered how Hyun Joong had described Changmin. Changmin and he had basic similarities, but how in depth had the Joong gone when describing his friend? Was it possible that he would be able to fool ZhouMi into thinking he was Changmin? If he could, then he could possible buy himself enough time for the captain to rescue him.

ZhouMi released Kyuhyun’s chin and took a step back, but didn’t take his eyes off Kyuhyun. “I have no delusions that your parents will come after me…you do know who your parents are, don’t you?”

“I’m not an idiot, and I’m not at the mercy of that Joong’s mind manipulations any longer,” Kyuhyun answered, trying to play the part of an angry son who had been lied to.

“Don’t be so harsh with Jaejoong…he knows better than most what powerful men will do to possess their own personal Joong. He was wise to hide you.”

“Not wise enough,” Kyuhyun spat back.

ZhouMi grinned at Kyuhyun showing all his teeth. “No, not wise enough. It is unfortunate that you are not in your Joong form…were you ever?” ZhouMi asked curiously.

“Joong form? No, all I know was that one minute I was dying, and then I wasn’t,” Kyuhyun replied, trying to sound mystified. Kyuhyun wished he knew more about Joongs, especially half Joongs…but he had known Changmin for years, and Changmin looked completely human.

“I must apologize ahead of time, because I am going to have to try my best to get the beautiful Joong half of you that you inherited from Jaejoong to immerge,” ZhouMi said, almost sadly.

Kyuhyun’s eyes widened, resisting the urge to pull away from the two men that were holding him up. He knew he was weakened from being crammed in the box for days. “And how will you do that?”

“My poor Changmin, by any way I can, I assure you,” ZhouMi explained as he continued to look Kyuhyun over. “You are not so bad looking after all. I imagine you clean up well, and really once we are bonded…they say love makes everything beautiful.”

“You want to bond with me,” Kyuhyun asked recoiling, trying to sound surprised.

“No, Changmin, my love, I am going to bond with you. You will be mine in all ways,” ZhouMi told him confidently as he looked past Kyuhyun to a man standing behind him. “Now.”

Before Kyuhyun knew what was happening, he felt a sharp prick on his shoulder, and a feeling of euphoria filled him. “What did you do?” Kyuhyun demanded as he fought against the calming effects of the drug.

“My darling Changmin, you are the son of Jaejoong…I can’t trust a word out of your mouth,” ZhouMi explained as he stroked the pink necklace around his neck. “I know if I left you at your own devices, you would be plotting your escape at this very moment. This way…you won’t care about what happens to you. It’s better this way.”

Kyuhyun tried to fight against the calming affects of the drug. If this drug was also a truth serum…then he was dead already. “I can’t think…I need to think.”

“You don’t need to think,” ZhouMi informed him as he stepped up closer and caressed Kyuhyun’s cheek as he leered at him. “We are going to have so much fun together. I can’t wait.”

“Fun?” Kyuhyun asked, as a giggle escaped his mouth. He couldn’t stop laughing. Why was everything so funny now, he asked himself.

ZhouMi smiled at Kyuhyun, and then snapped his fingers and two scantily clothed women appeared beside him. “Take him and bath him…the smell. Being stuck in that box resulted in an awful odor,” ZhouMi said, rubbing his nose. “I want him bathed and prepared for me. Then, I want him taken to my bedchambers.”

“Yes, My Lord,” the women replied as they took a happily compliant Kyuhyun from the guards.

ZhouMi turned and pointed at two of his personal guards that had followed him into the cargo bay. “You two go with them. Although it appears his Joong half has submerged itself again after healing him, I will take no chances. Drugs have very little effect on full blooded Joongs and I want him watched closely. Do not let him out of your sight.”

“Yes, My Lord,” the guards answered as one, and quickly took off after the women and the drugged Kyuhyun.

ZhouMi eyes that had softened after speaking to Kyuhyun had hardened again and were now glued to the box in front of him. “Bring out the traitor.”

Two guards disappeared inside the box and not long after they reappeared, dragging a struggling Shindong with them. Shindong attempted to escape the strong guards, to no avail.

“On your knees,” ZhouMi ordered and the guards quickly pushed a dehydrated, weakened, and very frightened Shindong down. “You smell like the filth you are.”

Shindong closed his eyes, unable to face the warlord, and prepared to beg for his life. “I’m sorry…My Lord.”

“You are sorry!” ZhouMi yelled. “Are you sorry for betraying me?”

Shindong opened his eyes to only stare at the floor of the cargo bay, not daring to meet the enraged warlord’s gaze. “I didn’t mean to, my lord. Jaejoong didn’t give me a choice. When I arrived on the planet…Jaejoong had already escaped the Zusaders and bonded with the captain. He was controlling me.”

ZhouMi snarled and moved close enough to kick Shindong hard in the stomach, causing him to cry out in pain. “And why did you go to that planet in the first place? I will tell you why! You went to steal Jaejoong! You went to steal my Jaejoong! My perfect…beautiful Joong! You wanted to take him from me! The captain just beat you to him!”

“No, no, no,” Shindong cried, holding onto his stomach.

“Yes, yes, yes,” ZhouMi said, mocking Shindong. “Tell me, you slimy, traitorous piece of filth, what do I do with traitors? Do you remember what I do to people who betray me?”

Shindong, who was trembling all over, forced his head up to look at the incensed ZhouMi and pleaded, “Please…please don’t feed me to Pookie.”

ZhouMi frowned at the mention of his dead pet and shouted at Shindong, “Do not mention him! Don’t you dare mention him! Not ever! Never say his name again!”

“I am sorry…I am so sorry, My Lord,” Shindong pleaded, unprepared for ZhouMi’s unexpected response to his pet’s name being spoken.

ZhouMi clenched his fists in anger. “I am not going to feed you to….to anybody. I’m not going to kill you. You won’t be so lucky!”

Shindong paled even more, and panicked. “No, please I take it back…please kill me.”

ZhouMi chuckled; his mood instantly improved, and replied with delight, “No, you are going to be my new pet. My new pet…what shall I name you? What about Shinkie? Yes, I like that. You are going to be my loyal pet from this moment on.”

Shindong stared at ZhouMi, completely bewildered…it couldn’t be that easy he thought. “Your pet?”

“Yes, my pet,” ZhouMi informed him happily. “But there are rules with being my pet…you are not allowed to walk upright.”

“I won’t!” Shindong assured ZhouMi quickly.

“Well,” ZhouMi shrugged. “Just to make sure you don’t forget, I am going to have your legs from your knees down removed. I wouldn’t want you to accidently break any rules.”

“My legs?” Shindong whispered, as sweat began to drip down his face.

“Yes, and the guards will be getting to that as soon as I leave,” ZhouMi said as he slid his hands down the splendid white garment he was wearing. “I can’t have any of the blood splashing on this lovely outfit, can I?”

Shindong whimpered, realizing his fate.

“Now, Shinkie don’t cry…most people that betray me don’t live to talk about it…oh, wait. I kind of like that saying…not living to talk about it. I suppose I will just have to have your tongue cut out also,” ZhouMi informed a distraught Shindong with pure venom.

“Please…please…please,” Shindong beseeched, as his body trembled all over.

“Now, Shinkie there is only one person I want to hear beg, and it’s not you,” ZhouMi smirked and told Shindong, before turning away from him and heading for the exit.

Seung-hyun, who had been patiently waiting for his lord at the door, bowed his head as the warlord approached.

“Seung-hyun, I am going to go to the bridge and order to have Hyun Joong’s mate released, and then I don’t want to be disturbed.”

“Yes, My Lord,” Seung-hyun answered as he followed Lord ZhouMi out of the cargo bay.

“Although Changmin is not the beauty that the blasted Joong described…he is intriguing, and I’m not displeased. Plus, I get a new pet, so I will honor my deal with the Joong,” Lord ZhouMi explained in high spirits.

Seung-hyun, who was very pleased to see his lord in such a good mood, resisted the urge to smile. “My Lord, you are a man of your word.”

“Yes, I am,” Lord ZhouMi agreed.

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