Expectations: Dream of You Part 2 of 5

Series: Expectations
Adventure Eight: Dream of You Part 2 of 5
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae, KyuWook, Various Other Pairings
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Angst
Warnings: Rape, Torture
Length Chaptered
Beta: unicornsinger

A/N: This story is inspired by Star Trek. The crew of the Expectations will be made up of members of DBSK and Super Junior. Instead of chapters the story will be broken up in adventures.

Summary: While the rest of the ship races to rescue Commander Cho and Shindong, Jaejoong and Changmin are forced to deal with each other. Lord ZhouMi’s reputation for cruelty proves completely warranted. As Kyuhyun struggles to survive the unbearable, he dreams of his life spent with Ryeowook.

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Prior Adventures

“How much longer ‘til we reach the second rebel outpost?” Captain Yunho asked from the upper bridge where he stood with Yong and Lieutenant Yesung.

Ensign Junsu, who had been released from sickbay early that morning, along with Lieutenant Sungmin and Doctor Cho, turned and answered the Captain, “Thirty minutes, Captain.”

“You will like Taeyang,” Yong informed the captain. “He’s a real goodie good shoes…much like yourself. He’s always going on and on about justice and fighting against tyranny.”

Yunho turned and gave Yong a half smile. “Are you sure he’s a friend of yours?”

“Ha! He’s an old friend. We’ve drifted apart, but we were good childhood friends. He doesn’t hold his own well-being in the same high regard as I hold mine,” Yong informed Captain Yunho.

“That’s good to know,” Yunho told Yong, and then turned toward Lieutenant Yesung. “You have the bridge. I will meet you in the transporter room in approximately thirty minutes.”

“Yes, Sir,” Yesung replied as he stepped forward to claim the captain’s chair.

Yunho gave the bridge one last look over and stepped onto the lift and ordered it to take him to the twelfth floor where sickbay was located. Jaejoong was not being forthcoming with the telepathic updates regarding Changmin. Jaejoong simply assured him everything was fine, and Heechul wasn’t being much more corporative. Ensign Junsu, on the other hand, had spilled all he knew. Apparently, Changmin had been making quite the ruckus before Heechul had released Junsu, Sungmin, and Ryeowook from sickbay.

Yunho wasn’t sure if Jaejoong was protecting him from the truth, so he could focus on getting Kyuhyun back, or if he was still pouting. Jaejoong’s response to Yunho’s anger at being lied to was acting as if he was the one being wronged. Yunho had tried to come to some kind of understanding the night before, but there was still something off about Jaejoong. Something distant…something not as warm.

The doors to the lift opened, and Yunho stepped on the twelfth floor and found Jaejoong leaning against the corridor wall, waiting on him. Yunho’s eyes narrowed slightly; he had not felt Jaejoong in his mind. Was his mate now able to read him without alerting Yunho to the fact?

“I wasn’t reading you. I was listening in on Yong,” Jaejoong said, answering Yunho’s unspoken question. “You told me to keep a close watch on all our guests.”

“Yes, of course…sorry.”

“Well, you’ve hardly slept in days, and you’ve been under a bit of stress,” Jaejoong pointed out, not taking offense, and instead, reaching out his hand.

“A bit,” Yunho agreed, and took the hand that was offered to him. Physical proximity was always rewarded by the bond, and Yunho let the power of the bond rejuvenate him. If Jaejoong was willing to reach out his hand for him, Yunho was not fool enough to refuse it. He might be angry at his mate’s lies, but he needed him.

Jaejoong led Yunho toward sickbay. “I mean, your truest love lied to you, your son’s nuts, and your first officer is missing.”

“Don’t forget that the missing first officer is in the hands of an evil warlord, and now I have to befriend a bunch of reckless rebels in order to save him,” Yunho added as he walked toward sickbay, hand in hand with Jaejoong.

“The rebels aboard the ship are already eating out of your hand…even that Yong fellow. Guide him, Yunho…Yong’s smart and very capable; he could do the warlords real harm if he took up with the rebellion.”

“No, doubt he could do the warlords real harm if he put his mind to it, and he’d probably be running the rebellion within a year,” Yunho told Jaejoong. “Why didn’t you tell me the truth about Changmin’s behavior?”

“I didn’t lie. I said everything was under control, and it is. Ensign Junsu shouldn’t have told you otherwise,” Jaejoong informed Yunho, not the least bit sorry for his omission.

“Ensign Junsu is perhaps the worse liar in any galaxy, which is a good thing for me, because you and Heechul could tie for the best,” Yunho grumbled.

Yunho immediately regretted his words when Jaejoong jerked his hand free of Yunho’s and spun around to face Yunho. “Excuse me for looking out for you. Changmin is an emotional wreck, he is insolent, and he has the attention span of a small bug.”

“Jae, don’t be-”

“Like what? Like a liar?” Jaejoong interrupted. “That’s how you see me now, isn’t it? The great liar of the galaxy?”

Yunho forced himself to remain calm in the face of Jaejoong’s quick change in mood. Yunho reached up and placed both of his hands on each side of Jaejoong’s face. “Read me.”


“Read my mind. You seem to think that I’m suddenly just consumed with anger, and I’m not. I thought we came to an understanding last night, but apparently, words aren’t enough for you. Read my mind, read everything…know that I can be royally pissed off with you and still love you,” Yunho told Jaejoong earnestly, wanting to put an end to the weirdness between them.

Jaejoong looked up at Yunho, his eyes filling with tears, but Yunho did not feel the familiar feeling of Jaejoong’s telepathy in his mind. “I can’t,” Jaejoong said, jerking away from Yunho, and walking quickly towards sickbay. “I know you love me…I’m just still feeling weird from the necklace. I’m too emotional…I hate it!”

Yunho hurried after Jaejoong with a new worry. “If the necklace can do this to you…what is it going to do to Changmin?”

Jaejoong came to a sudden halt, causing Yunho to run smack into him; only Yunho’s quick reflexes kept them both from tumbling to the floor. Yunho, who had Jaejoong in his arms, did not release his hold on him. Jaejoong swallowed nervously and explained, “Changmin is not bonded…the necklace will not have any lasting affects on him.”

Yunho turned Jaejoong around in his arms, forcing his mate to face him. “I’m sorry they put it on you, but mostly I’m sorry for wearing it. I shouldn’t have.”

Jaejoong closed his eyes, forcing the unshed tears to spill out, and cried out, “Don’t be nice to me right now! I can’t handle it!”

“Jaejoong,” Yunho replied, shocked, as the other man broke free of his embrace.

“No, I’m serious,” Jaejoong said, stepping out of Yunho’s reach. “Go make Changmin better.”

“Make Changmin better?”

“Yes, your presence will do wonders for him,” Jaejoong explained.

Yunho eyed his uneasy mate with concern, and asked, “And what will you be doing?”

Jaejoong took a second to collect himself and smiled back at Yunho. “I will be at your side like always; just don’t touch me.”

Yunho’s mouth dropped open.

Jaejoong laughed nervously at his speechless mate’s expression. “I know…you probably never expected to hear that from me, but please respect my wishes.”

“You are right,” Yunho agreed. “I never really imagined you saying those words, but I will respect your wishes…and I am going to go see Changmin now.”

“You do that.”

“I am,” Yunho replied uneasily, finding his legs again and walking toward sickbay, while all the time wondering what the hell was going on with Jaejoong. Was it really only the side effects of the necklace?


“Changmin, it isn’t your fault,” Ryeowook could be heard telling the distraught science officer, as Jaejoong and Yunho entered their son’s sickbay room.

Changmin, who was sitting up in bed with both fists clenched, demanded, “How can you say that? Kyuhyun would be here if it weren’t for me, and I almost killed you.”

“I’m fine,” Ryeowook assured him.

Changmin, who was oblivious to the fact that his parents had entered the room, kept starring at Ryeowook in disbelief. “Only because of some highly unlikely chance of circumstance, if Heechul’s sanity hadn’t returned…if it hadn’t, you, Junsu, and Sungmin would be dead.”

“That’s not true,” Yunho said, alerting Changmin to his presence as he walked closer to the bed.

Changmin flipped around in bed instantly upon hearing his father’s voice. “Yunho,” he whispered in relief.

“If Heechul had not been sane, we would have put them in stasis. Nobody would have died,” Yunho told his son, reaching for Changmin but instantly coming in contact with the force field that kept Changmin contained to the bed. Yunho frowned. “Computer, disable the force field.”

The crisp efficient computer responded promptly. “Full medical authorization is required to disable the force field on Lieutenant Jung.”

“Disable the force field,” Ryeowook quickly repeated, and the force field vanished. Ryeowook then left the room leaving the family alone together.

Yunho reached for Changmin’s hand, and told his son in a strong, commanding voice, “You have to do what the doctors tell you, or it has to go right back up.”

Changmin nodded his head.

“I’m sorry I haven’t been down here sooner, but I’ve been focused on getting Kyuhyun and Shindong back. Very soon we will rendezvous with some rebels that fight against the warlords, and they will be able to provide us with some very useful information,” Yunho explained.

Changmin, who was clinging to Yunho’s hand tightly, insisted, “I could help if-”

“No!” Yunho interrupted. “Absolutely not! You are to stay here and to do exactly as the doctors and Jaejoong tell you.”

“But Yunho-”

“No buts!” Yunho interrupted again to say resolutely. “This is not open for debate. I am the captain of this ship. I have to focus on rescuing our lost crew and not worrying about you. Do you understand me?”

Changmin nodded his head, obeying his father…his captain, but he couldn’t help but scowl at Jaejoong, who was leaning up against the wall, watching them quietly. “Why do I have to listen to him?”

“Do you know any other Joongs that can help you? You need to learn to deal with your other half so you can return to duty. Jaejoong is the only help you have on this ship.”

“I think we do know of another Joong, don’t we! What about the one on Trysor?” Changmin snapped, still glaring at Jaejoong.

Jaejoong pulled away from the wall, not backing down from Changmin’s heated gaze. “Yes, Hyun Joong, but unfortunately he isn’t going to live very long if I ever encounter him again.”

“I thought you couldn’t kill people unless-”

This time Jaejoong interrupted Changmin. “I think he’s already fulfilled all those requirements, don’t you?”

Changmin turned away from Jaejoong and focused his attention back on Yunho. “Aren’t you mad at him? He lied to us.”

“That is also not a topic that is open for discussion. You are half Joong, and like it or not, Jaejoong is your other parent.”

“I am not a child!”

“No, but you aren’t yourself either,” Yunho explained, sitting down on the bed beside Changmin. “There is a lot that has happened. I know we have a lot to discuss, but right now I need you to calm down, and get a handle on yourself.”

Changmin looked away from Yunho and stared at the wall. “I know…but I can’t control my emotions. I just get so worked up. One minute I am angry, then I am happy, and then suddenly I will feel like crying.”

“Changmin, that is totally understandable…you have dealt with so much. I hate being so firm with you, but this behavior has to stop. They had to use a force field to keep you in bed,” Yunho told Changmin in a kind, but disappointed voice.

“I know,” Changmin conceded, closing his eyes, trying his hardest not to start crying.

“So much is new to you right now, but disobeying your doctors isn’t helping anything. Just calm down, follow their instructions.”

“I will,” Changmin answered, unable to keep the tears from spilling from his eyes. “I hate not being in control.”

Yunho did what he had wanted to do since he entered sickbay and pulled Changmin into a tight hug. “I know you do. You will learn your control again. It’s only been a day; you have to give it time.”

“I will try harder.”

Yunho smiled and pulled away from Changmin and looked him straight in the eyes. “You know I love you.”

Changmin nodded his head, wiping his eyes. “I love you, too.”

Yunho struggled to hide his shock at Changmin’s words. Changmin had been seven years old and extremely upset that Yunho was going away for a week of space camp without him; the last time Yunho had heard Changmin say those words so effortlessly. “I have to welcome the rebels onboard. Jaejoong is going to go with me. Listen to the doctors,” Yunho said as he stood up.

“I will,” Changmin promised.


Yunho and Jaejoong entered the transporter room where Sungmin and Yesung were already waiting with Yong for the new bunch of rebels to beam aboard.

“Ready to meet up with old friends?” Yunho asked Yong as he walked up to stand on the other side of Yesung.

Yong smirked. “Taeyang won’t be happy to see me, but like I said, he’s never been able to resist anybody in need. He will give you the information you need.”

“We will see,” Yunho told Yong as he turned toward Donghae, who stood behind the transporter controls. “Beam them aboard, Lieutenant.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Instantly, three men dressed in old, tattered leather clothing appeared on the transporter platform. All of them were extremely thin, and they didn’t have an ounce of fat on their bodies to spare. Yunho knew these rebels had lived a hard life in their defense of the weaker people of the galaxy. Yunho instantly liked them.

“The one on the left is the so-called leader of this rebel faction…or the closest thing they have,” Jaejoong telepathically informed his mate.

Yunho stepped forward, extending his hand to the man on the left. “Welcome aboard the Expectations. I am Captain Jung Yunho.”

The three men eyed each other nervously, having never encountered anything like the transporters before. The one on the left found his nerve first and reached out to take Yunho’s extended hand. “Umm…thank you. I am Taeyang, and these men with me are Seungri and Daesung.”

Yunho nodded to the two other men. “I’m glad to make your acquaintance.”

Taeyang stepped off the platform, his eyes glued to Yong with displeasure. “Ji Yong, I must be dreaming. You can’t be aboard a ship that intends to object to any warlord. Shouldn’t you be sleeping in some nice, warm, comfortable bed somewhere, blissfully ignoring the oppressed people of this galaxy?”

Yunho did not miss Yong’s subtle flinch at Taeyang’s words, but the young man’s usual bravo was back in no time as he replied to his old friend, “Have you seen this ship? The beds here are really nice.”

“Of course, they are,” Taeyang replied, not hiding his disappointment. “It’s always about you.”

“If you don’t stop this, it’s going to go on and on. They have too much history between them.”

“You two can get reacquainted later. Right now, I’m only interested in getting my men back,” Yunho said, speaking up after following Jaejoong’s silent instructions.

“I’m sorry, Captain,” Taeyang immediately apologized. “We will help you anyway we can to get your men back, but we have no idea where the Warlord ZhouMi is. All reports say he went into deep hiding.”

“I intend to give him such hell, that he will be forced to come out of hiding. What I want from you is information on how I can best get his attention. If I help people doing so…all the better,” Yunho told the rebel leader.

Taeyang smiled. “That I can help you with.”


“What the hell is with this galaxy and grotesque statues?” Kangin asked as the away team materialized on Giraffi, a ZhouMi controlled planet. The away team consisted of Yunho, Jaejoong, Kangin, Sungmin, and Taeyang.

“It’s almost a perfect likeness,” Jaejoong grumbled as he looked up at the monstrosity that was a huge statue of the Warlord ZhouMi. The people who had been in the area the away team had beamed down to had stopped their work to stare at the people who had materialized out of thin air. The people were all thin, sickly, and clothed in rags.

“The people of this planet who are not slaving away in the ore mines are forced to work on this monument to that bastard. If they rebel, then the ships hovering over this planet take out whole villages,” Taeyang said in barely suppressed outrage.

Yunho reached out and clasped the angry rebel’s arm. “You mean the ships that were hovering over this planet; those ships have been confiscated. They can’t harm this planet’s people anymore. They are waiting in the Expectations cargo bay, to be given to the rebellion.”

“Yes, you are right. They will never be used for tyranny ever again,” Taeyang said, letting out a deep breath. The Expectations has easily handled the three ships that had been orbiting the planet. Taeyang took special delight in knowing that ZhouMi’s own ships would be used against him.

“The Governor of this planet is approaching,” Jaejoong said as he turned quickly, reaching out with his telepathy to sense for any danger.

Sungmin, who was eying the poor, overworked people surrounding them in sympathy, said, “He must be an awful person…these poor people.”

“That boy can’t be older than six,” Kangin said, frowning as he watched a small boy carrying a load of tools that easily outweighed him. “This is why the Federation exists…so this shit doesn’t happen.”

“This is place beyond the reach of the Federation,” Yunho reminded Kangin gently, but he understood his rage all too well as he took in the people slaving away.

“What is the meaning of all this?” A gray haired, middle-aged man demanded as he approached the away team. He was surrounded by seven very nervous-looking guards.

“Your days of ruling this planet are over, Governor,” Taeyang told the approaching official with delight.

“That is up to Lord ZhouMi,” the Governor replied anxiously. He was all too aware that the ships protecting Lord ZhouMi’s interests had disappeared, but his fear of displeasing the warlord was still great.

“No, it’s up to me,” Yunho told the Governor. “I am Captain Jung Yunho of the Expectations, and I’m returning this planet to its people. Anybody who objects will find themselves exiled to the farthest reaches of this planet.”

“Guards!” the Governor yelled, but the guards surrounding the governor turned and walked harmlessly away, following Jaejoong’s mental instructions to not get involved.

“They won’t listen to you anymore,” Yunho told the Governor, and then turned toward the people surrounding them and said in a loud voice, full of command “I want everybody to step away from the monument now.”

The people who had been watching the mysterious away team, moved quickly away from the huge monument.

“What are you going to do,” the governor asked, sensing Yunho’s power.

Yunho watched as the people around the monument hurried away. “I am going to show you exactly what I intend to do to Lord ZhouMi if he doesn’t return my people immediately.”

“What?” the governor implored.

Yunho tapped his insignia. “Commander is the monument cleared of life signs?”

“Yes, Captain,” Commander Yoochun’s voice replied.

“Then vaporize it,” Yunho ordered, and instantly phaser fire shot down from the sky hitting the huge monument. The crowds of people that had formed gasped in shock as the monument for their oppressor disappeared into nothingness. Yunho then turned to the Governor his eyes unusually hard. “You tell your Lord ZhouMi that I am coming for him.”


“Not here with us, ChubWook,” Taecyeon’s hateful voice told a very shy Ryeowook, who had timidly approached the table with his food tray, where Kyuhyun sat with his friends eating lunch at the Academy’s mess hall.

Kyuhyun looked up from his tray to glance at his shy, overweight roommate who had turned beet red at the older cadet’s words. A small smile formed on Kyuhyun’s face; he said nothing, but the smile encouraged Taecyeon to continue with his behavior.

“See, there is a weight limit at this table,” Taecyeon informed Ryeowook. Ryeowook swallowed nervously and took off quickly before he could hear more hurtful words.

The others cadets sitting at the table, with the exception of Eunhyuk and Sungmin, who were staring down at their food intensely, started laughing as Ryeowook hurried away, humiliated.

“How did you get such a fat ass as roommate?” Uee asked from across the table. “And during your second year?”

“Just lucky, I guess,” Kyuhyun told the table drily, causing the table to break out in laughter again.

“It’s a shame you are stuck with him as a roomie. I mean even you wouldn’t fuck that walking piece of blubber,” Taecyeon couldn’t resist saying, causing the table to burst out in even more laughter.

Kyuhyun just grinned.

Jessica, who was sitting beside Uee, asked, “How do you even get fat on synthesized food?”

“He’s from some Earth colony where technology is frowned upon,” Kyuhyun answered.

Sungmin pondered Kyuhyun’s words, and asked curiously, “So he is from off world…why is he only joining the academy now?”

Kyuhyun turned and faced Sungmin, who was sitting beside him.  “Why so curious?”

“Sungmin likes them fat,” Taecyeon smarted.

“I’d prefer an overweight person to a prehistoric bully,” Sungmin snapped back at Taecyeon.

“Ouch,” Taecyeon replied, lifting his hands up in surrender.

“He’s a med student,” Kyuhyun said, finally answering Sungmin. “He was finishing up classes, and then he got-” Kyuhyun abruptly stopped talking as he took in the sight of his mother entering the mess hall. The whole mess hall went quiet as they noticed the highly decorated admiral.

“That’s your mom! You have to introduce me,” Uee insisted, not able to hide her excitement at seeing the high ranking admiral.

Taeyceon’s eyes went wide, never leaving the admiral. “Kyuhyun, you have to introduce me first. I can’t believe Admiral Cho just walked into the freaking mess hall.”

Kyuhyun stood up, glaring at his mother, and stormed away from the table, not bothering to reply to any of his so-called friends. He was infuriated. How dare she show up at the academy? It was hard enough being her son, without her showing up and reminding everybody who he was.

“Why didn’t you just bring dad with you?” Kyuhyun hissed under his breath as he walked up to his mother.

Admiral Cho gave her son a quick glance and then looked back to the tables full of cadets. “You know your father is on Andoria overseeing the Federation Trade Conference.”

“You can’t just show up here! I told you not to come and see me,” Kyuhyun whispered under his breath to his mother.

“I’m not here to see you, Kyuhyun,” Admiral Cho told her irritated son, her eyes still searching the mess hall.

“You’re not?”

“No, I am here to see somebody else.”

“Oh, are you here to see your latest charity project?” Kyuhyun asked louder, unable to hide his irritation. It was bad enough that his mother had decided to take that backwater boy under her wing…but for her to come visit him during lunch. It was humiliating.

Admiral Cho smiled as she caught sight of Ryeowook sitting at one of the very back tables with another boy. “No, darling, I am here to see a delightful boy, who has great potential. I’ve known of his potential from first minute I met him.”

Before Kyuhyun could respond, his mother was walking off toward Ryeowook. Kyuhyun was in a dilemma; if he went back to his table, it would be obvious to all that his mother, the great admiral, had not come to see her son, but instead his roommate. Kyuhyun frowned and took off after his mother.

The minute Ryeowook saw the admiral his whole face lit up in joy. He stood up, headed toward the admiral, and greeting her with a warm hug. Kyuhyun’s mouth dropped open in shock as his mother laughed and hugged his roommate back.

“Come let’s sit down,” the admiral said, wrapping an arm around Ryeowook and leading him back toward the table he had been sitting at.

“Admiral, it’s so good to see you,” Ryeowook said relieved, sitting back down at the table.

Kyuhyun’s mother sat down beside him, still smiling. “It’s good to see you too. I hope everything is going well.”

“It’s awful!” Ryeowook proclaimed.

Kyuhyun winced at Ryeowook’s words as he sat down beside the boy who had been sitting with his roommate. Kyuhyun recognized him as Jung Changmin; they shared a few advanced math classes together. Changmin was the most intelligent of all the cadets at the academy…and most likely the professors, too. He was also the younger brother of the star upper classman, Jung Yunho.

“I’m sorry to hear that, Ryeowook,” the admiral told Ryeowook. “Is it the classes?”

“No, the classes are fine. If I have any trouble with the classes Changmin helps me,” Ryeowook answered and pointed to the other cadet sitting opposite of him. Kyuhyun frowned he had not known his roommate had befriended Changmin…something he had been unable to do.

Admiral Cho smiled at Changmin. “Cadet Jung, your extraordinary intelligence hasn’t escaped the notice of anyone.”

“Thank you, Admiral,” Changmin answered, bowing his head in respect.

The admiral turned back to Ryeowook.  “Ryeowook, what is the problem if it isn’t the classes?”

Ryeowook looked nervously at Kyuhyun, who was warning him with his eyes not to say a thing. “I…I…” Ryeowook began, but paused.

“He’s being bullied,” Changmin answered for him. “And your son is the ringleader of the group of smug, small-minded ruffians.”

“What!” Kyuhyun sputtered. “I never!”

Changmin turned to look at Kyuhyun arching his left eyebrow. “You allow it to happen and you encourage it by your silence.”

“Kyuhyun,” the admiral whispered as if her heart was breaking.

“Mother! I don’t know what they…” the look on Ryeowook’s face stopped Kyuhyun’s denial, and he gritted his teeth. He had allowed the others to take sport in Ryeowook’s awkwardness, and he had enjoyed every minute of it.

“Kyuhyun, you of all people…” the admiral trailed off, not finishing her thought. “The bullying must stop now. I will not allow such behavior to happen at the academy. I will have you all suspended if it continues…even you, Kyuhyun.”

“Yes, Admiral,” Kyuhyun answered, purposely antagonizing his mother by referring to her rank.

The admiral shook her head still in disbelief. “Bullying at the academy…I had hoped we had evolved past this as a race.”

“To take pleasure in the displeasure of others seems to be a weakness of humanity.  Although the more intelligent, empathic and mature of our species seem less inclined toward this behavior,” Changmin pointed out.

“But as you know, the academy has very demanding criteria before one is accepted, so for it take place here is very disquieting,” the admiral reminded Changmin.

“Yes, but some are always more gifted than others. Those who feel inferior will always have the tendency to group together with similarly minded people to foster their own feelings of superiority. They will always lash out at what they perceive to be different, weak, or to those who they are jealous of. I believe the bullying at the academy will continue for however long as people with certain blood relations are given allowances and not accepted to the academy on their own merit alone,” Changmin explained rationally.

“Excuse me!” Kyuhyun exclaimed, immediately taking offense. “I will have you know I passed every entrance exam with flying colors. I am here on my own merit.”

“But that can not be said of all your gang, now, can it?” Changmin replied, unbothered by the angry cadet sitting beside him.

Kyuhyun’s eyes narrowed. “Intelligence isn’t everything.”

“Kyuhyun, perhaps you should return to your table,” the admiral told her son.

“No,” Kyuhyun said defiantly. He was the only person in the whole academy, who would disobey the admiral. “I am going to stay right here.”

“I am sure the moment I am gone, you will return to your table of bullies,” the admiral told her son distastefully.

Kyuhyun just folded his arms, refusing to answer her.

“Ryeowook, I am very sorry that you have had such a bad time here at the academy,” Admiral Cho told the cadet sitting beside her.

Ryeowook, whose eyes were going back and forth between the admiral and her son, replied, “I don’t want to sound ungrateful…but maybe I could have a different roommate? I am sure it would be better for everybody.”

“No, I don’t think so,” the admiral replied, surprising all at the table as she stood up to leave. “You see, my son isn’t the soulless boy he pretends to be. He’s actually quite wonderful…he’s just lost sight of that.”

Kyuhyun, whose arms were still folded, glared up at his mother and told her bitterly, “But Mother, I’ve lost so much…how can you be sure the wonderfulness wasn’t lost, too?”

Admiral Cho reached across the table and gently placed a hand to her angry, disillusioned child’s face. “Because I’m your mother.”

Kyuhyun jerked his face away from his mother’s touch as if it burned, and told her, not hiding any of his resentment, “You are my mother when it suits the Federation and Star Fleet…and when it doesn’t, I’m just another casuality of the job.”

The admiral jerked back away from the table as if he had reached up and slapped her. “I have to go now,” the admiral said weakly as she turned and walked away, not giving the table another glace.

Kyuhyun stopped glaring after his mother and turned to glare defensively at her charity project, but instead of finding rage staring back at him… he only saw concern. Ryeowook didn’t look angry at him for insulting his benefactor, and he didn’t look disturbed by Kyuhyun’s rude behavior; instead, he just looked worried for him.

“Why did she not deny that?” Ryeowook asked, his eyes not leaving Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun looked away from the concern in Ryeowook’s eyes and stared down at the table uncomfortably. Why would his roommate show concern for him? He had shown him only cruelty. He knew he should get up and leave the table, but something had shifted inside of him. “Because she can’t deny it. It’s the truth.”


Kyuhyun awoke from a listless sleep, staring up at the ceiling in the bedchambers that belonged to the warlord that called himself ZhouMi. Kyuhyun wondered why he had dreamed of that encounter with Ryeowook…there were so many better, more enjoyable memories to dream of. Memories full of mutual love and passion, why dream of that old version of himself…the version he was most ashamed of.

Was it because it was the first time that Ryeowook had really reached him? The concern in Ryeowook’s eyes had stirred to life a part of Kyuhyun’s soul that he had thought was lost to him. The part of Kyuhyun’s soul that would hand himself over to a warlord in order to save a friend.

The haze of the drugs that ZhouMi kept him saturated in cleared, and Kyuhyun closed his eyes as the occurrences in the bed the night before came back to him. He wished ZhouMi’s doctor would hurry and return. He wished to be filled full of the drugs that took away the sting of rape. He did not want such memories; he had too many of them already…he only wanted to dream of Ryeowook.

The body beside him stirred, and Kyuhyun kept his eyes firmly shut. Kyuhyun listened as the warlord slid out of bed and moved around the room. Kyuhyun contemplated killing the warlord. His Star Fleet training would give him a definite advantage, but he knew although his mind was clearing, his body was still too weakened by the drugs.

“Changmin, I know you are awake,” the warlord said from the side of the bed where he stood.

Kyuhyun opened his eyes, responding to the name of his friend as if it were his own. He stared up at the warlord and answered, “Yes, you are correct.”

The warlord huffed and shook his head, disappointed, as he stared down at what he thought was his prize half Joong. “No beautiful blue eyes….still human.”

“Am I?”

“Yes,” the warlord grumbled as he slid on a black robe. “Although I’m not nearly as displeased with you…as I initially thought I would be, I’m still unhappy that you are not in your Joong form yet.”


The warlord tilted his head, giving Kyuhyun a curious glance and asked, “My Love, did nasty Jaejoong tell you nothing of Joongs?”

Kyuhyun shook his head, still staring up at the warlord, and lied with ease, “No, he only monopolized my father’s time and did his best to avoid me. I know nothing of Joongs…except that my father can never break free of him.”

ZhouMi sat down on the bed beside Kyuhyun very interested now. “So your father tried to free himself?”

Kyuhyun answered, “Yes, he tried for weeks…but his wellbeing was tied to Jaejoong’s. If he tried to leave him…he got terribly sick.”

“I can not even imagine what kind of people you must come from…to try to be rid of a Joong. Your father has no clue as to the prize he has in Jaejoong. Oh, if Jaejoong had just given into me, you wouldn’t be here now.”

“If Jaejoong had given into you…I wouldn’t be anywhere,” Kyuhyun pointed out, as if he were Changmin.

ZhouMi laughed. “So true, but you might wish that yet if you do not take on your Joong form soon,” ZhouMi informed the man lying on the bed that he had taken Kyuhyun repeatedly on during the night. “Changmin, you’re quite unusual.”

“Am I? Or it is the drugs?”

“Yes, it could be the drugs,” ZhouMi agreed, and then he got up from the bed and walked to the door to the bedchamber. He hit a panel and the door opened. “Bring me my pet,” ZhouMi demanded of the guards outside the door.

At the mention of his pet, Kyuhyun struggled to sit up in the bed, instantly worried for the man who had accompanied him on this trip into hell. “Where is Shindong?”

“Oh, he’s on his way,” ZhouMi answered as he poured himself a drink from the bar in the room.

Was the madman going to feed Shindong to the damn dog, and make Kyuhyun watch? Kyuhyun cursed himself for not paying better attention to the guards outside the door. He couldn’t allow anything like that to happen. Shindong had feared it. There had to be a way to escape. Kyuhyun tried his best to focus on escape…there was always a way to escape…or should he just wait for the captain? He knew the captain would be searching for him.

The doors to bedchambers opened and the sight that assaulted Kyuhyun’s eyes made him physically ill. Shindong crawling on his hands and knees entered the room completely naked, except for the black collar around his neck. Kyuhyun was unable to keep from looking away after noticing that Shindong’s legs had been cut off just above the knees and he crawled on stumps.

“Oh, there is my doggie!” the warlord proclaimed joyfully. “Oh Shinkie, I knew you would make a perfect pet. I’m so glad I didn’t kill you after all.”

Kyuhyun listened as ZhouMi went on and on praising Shindong like he was his most treasured pet. Nausea built in his stomach…Kyuhyun hated the doubt that was building in him. What had he gotten himself into? When Shindong had said in the box that Kyuhyun should kill them…Kyuhyun was starting to wonder if the man had been right. Then Kyuhyun reprimanded himself…he just had to wait for the captain. Ryeowook could heal Shindong.

“Changmin!” the warlords sharp, high pitched voice made Kyuhyun snap out of his thoughts. The warlord had both hands on his hips, looking extremely irritated. “What do you think of Shinkie?”

Kyuhyun forced himself to turn around to face the warlord and Shindong…whose eyes looked dead. “I think you’re…” Kyuhyun paused, “I think you better pray that my father never finds you.”

The warlord flipped his hand unbothered by Kyuhyun’s threat. “I have very little fear of your daddy…you will be my happily bonded Joong by the time he finds us…if he ever does. To kill me, would be to kill you.”

“I highly doubt that,” Kyuhyun snapped back.

“Oh, you will be my mate,” ZhouMi vowed and something in ZhouMi’s eyes went cold, making Kyuhyun nervous. “I see the drugs are leaving your system now…good. I think perhaps I was too gentle with you last night. Maybe you need to be truly traumatized to convert…or maybe we need to return you to death’s door.”

Kyuhyun mentally cursed himself…he had pushed the warlord too far. This man was not stable, and Kyuhyun chastised himself for not playing along with the insanity. “I’m sorry…it’s just seeing a person tortured…I am not used to such sights.”

ZhouMi’s cold eyes did not leave Kyuhyun as he reached down and petted Shindong’s head. “This is not torture…this is my kindness. He gets to live. I will love him, feed him, and provide with him shelter in exchange for him being my loving pet. Shinkie is very lucky.”

“I’m sorry if I upset you,” Kyuhyun apologized, hoping it wasn’t too late. Kyuhyun highly doubted that the technology aboard the ship could save him if ZhouMi truly brought him to death’s door.

“You’re not sorry. You are just afraid of what I might do to you…and you should be.”

“If you are going to torture me…will it at least be pleasurable?” Kyuhyun asked, fighting the nausea that saying the words filled him with.

“Pleasurable?” ZhouMi asked, clearly shocked by Kyuhyun’s words.

Kyuhyun forced himself to lick his lips and make his leg move as if it were twitching in excitement. Kyuhyun knew sex. At a young age he had learned more about sex than he ever wanted to know. And he knew from the night before even in his drugged state that ZhouMi was not playing to his preferences. “I like sex…especially a little bondage. Sometimes pain…can be good, but I prefer to be the one in control.”

“Do not delude yourself, I am the only one in control,” ZhouMi snapped back instantly, but Kyuhyun could tell he was intrigued.

Kyuhyun reached under the blankets that covered his lower body and moved as if he was stroking himself. “I meant in bed…I’d rather give than receive if you get my drift.”

Kyuhyun watched in satisfaction as he saw ZhouMi’s eyes instantly widen with more interest. “Well, aren’t you just full of surprises,” ZhouMi replied, moving closer to the bed. Shindong, from behind ZhouMi, laid down on the floor, closing his eyes.

Kyuhyun knew he had to stay alive until the captain rescued him, and if he could lull ZhouMi into a sense of false security, then he would screw the bastard. He was not going to die on this ship and neither was Shindong if there was anyway of preventing it. He would be with Ryeowook again. “You have no idea,” Kyuhyun answered, smiling wickedly at ZhouMi.

“Oh, do tell,” ZhouMi told him as he climbed on to the bed and crawled toward Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun tried to convince himself that he was a child again. Sex was nothing. It meant nothing. Sex was a way of surviving. Once a long time ago, Kyuhyun had learned that lesson in the hardest way possible; he did not require a refresher course. Give them what they want, so they don’t kill you. Make it about sex and not violence. Take the fear out of it, fear only breeds more violence. Fear takes away your control. Being in control was better than being a victim. Control. This was about being in control. ZhouMi had already raped him when he was high on drugs, and this time Kyuhyun would be in control. Control.

When ZhouMi reached him on the bed, Kyuhyun pushed the warlord roughly ‘til he was laying on his back, looking up at Kyuhyun with great anticipation. With legs that were weak from the drugs the night before, he forced himself to straddle the warlord as if he suffered from no weaknesses at all. “Tell? I think not. I intend to show you,” Kyuhyun told him in a carefully controlled husky tone.

A loud knocking on the door stopped Kyuhyun before he could rip ZhouMi’s robe open. Kyuhyun thanked God for the short reprieve as ZhouMi pushed Kyuhyun off of him and got up from the bed and stalked toward the door in a rage. The door flew open, and ZhouMi declared, “Somebody better be dead!”

Seung-hyun walked into the room. “My Lord, I am very sorry for disturbing you, but there is an emergency on Giraffi.”

“Emergency?” ZhouMi repeated, looking as if he wanted to shoot his highest ranking officer.

“The Expectations,” Seung-hyun said, turning to look at Kyuhyun on the bed. “His father has liberated Giraffi from us and Jaejoong has turned our people on the planet, with the exception of the governor, into peace-loving fools. They have confiscated all our ships in the planets orbit and they destroyed your monument.”

“Destroyed my monument!” ZhouMi yelled in shrill voice. “What do you mean they destroyed it?”

“The governor reports that fire rained down from the sky and the monument disappeared in front of his very own eyes,” Seung-hyun explained.

“My monument! I loved that monument!” ZhouMi growled, now prowling the room. “What else?”

“More of our ships have gone missing. There are rumors that the Expectations crew has teamed up with the rebels, and…” Seung-hyun trailed off not wanting to relay the next part of the message.

“And,” ZhouMi prompted in an ice cold voice.

“The captain of the Expectations gave the governor a message for you,” Seung-hyun explained nervously, not daring to look directly at the warlord.

“What message,” ZhouMi demanded.

Seung-hyun stared at the floor and let the warning slip from his lips. “He’s coming for you.”

“Fuck!” ZhouMi screamed as he stormed out the door in his robe almost knocking Seung-hyun down in the process. Seung-hyun quickly raised his head, and hurried after his lord, leaving Kyuhyun and Shindong alone.

Relief flooded Kyuhyun, knowing that if he could just stay alive his rescue was a certainty. With eyes full of shame Kyuhyun turned to look at Shindong, who was still on the floor, only to find the other man smiling back at him. The eyes that had been dead earlier were now alive and full of hope. The dead, beaten act had been just that: an act for the warlord.

Kyuhyun had underestimated Shindong. How many others had done so in the past, Kyuhyun wondered. The space trader turned ships consultant was a master at surviving. Shindong would understand the importance of staying alive at all cost. If nobody else understood the price that Kyuhyun was willing to pay, Shindong would.

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Oh, be patient my dear. JaeMin bonding is on it's way. I promise you I did not short them...it might be frustrating, but it's going to take time.

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