Bed of Roses

Title Bed of Roses
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: SungGyu/WooHyun
Rating: R
Genre: Friendship, Love, Humor, Angst
Length Chaptered
Beta: tahoeturquoise

Summary: WooHyun’s perfect life…his bed of roses is tossed into disarray when SungGyu makes a bold move changing their friendship forever.

A/N: This is the prologue of my WooGyu story.  I am not sure how long it will be.  My goal was for it to be at least 30,000 words long, but it sure is fun to maybe a lot longer.  If you’ve read my WooGyu short story you will notice that it is loosely founded on it.


  Bed of Roses

The music was loud, vibrating off the walls, and his heart was thumping along with the beat as he raced with the other members exiting off the stage of their forth sold out concert. His body was drenched in sweat, and he should have been exhausted but adrenaline ruled supreme on this night.

Total Sold Out-Dols were what the press was calling them, and it was a dream come true for the members of Infinite, and especially for WooHyun. WooHyun, who had many dreams, and in those dreams there was no limit to what Infinite could and would achieve.

As he raced down the hall with his members, some were laughing in glee, and others were crying for joy. He knew that these were the moments…the moments he must never lose sight of; these were the best moments of his life.

A sweaty hand reached out and latched onto his, pulling him away from the other members, and he instinctively followed. It was in WooHyun’s nature to always follow the lead of the one pulling him away. At times his mind would balk against this nature of his, citing many complicated reasons why he should resist, but in this moment instinct won out.

He found himself pulled into a small closet filled with cleaning supplies, and thrust up against the wall. Only a dim light bulb lit the small closet, and although he hated small spaces, the one in the closet with him made everything seem larger. The door to the closet shut with a bang and the older boy was on him instantly.

Hungry, unrelenting lips met his and he eagerly accepted the kiss. Five he told himself, counting the times that SungGyu had dared to kiss him now. WooHyun knew he should pull away, but instead he found his arms wrapping around his hyung’s neck pulling him closer. The kiss deepened, tongue meeting tongue in a sloppy, wet dance of increasing desire; never had they kissed like this before. The adrenaline surging throughout his body made him reckless; tomorrow…tomorrow he would pull away from SungGyu, tell him that such things were not acceptable…tomorrow he would punish him. Right now, he had no desire to be anywhere else, and he would use the excuse of the concert, and his heightened senses as his reason for not stopping the madness.

The very small part of WooHyun’s mind that wasn’t completely consumed with returning the other man’s kisses registered that SungGyu’s hands had slid down to his waist. He tried to clear his lust filled mind enough to find the words to stop his best friend, leader, and his something more, but the words failed to come in time. He just found his tongue probing deeper and deeper into the other’s mouth, revelling in the taste of the one he treasured above all others.

WooHyun gasped in surprise as SungGyu broke apart from their kiss and at that very same moment pulled WooHyun’s pants and briefs down in one swift yank. Instead of panicking, WooHyun hazily wondered how SungGyu had managed to get the sweaty pants off of him so easily; they were skin tight, and it was not an easy task, even when they were not soaked in sweat. He squeezed his eyes shut and pushed such ridiculous thoughts out of his head. Now was not the time to be thinking such things…now was the time to stop this before the line was crossed, or maybe he should just throw caution to the wind and find SungGyu’s marvelous lips again.

“Holy Shit!” WooHyun exclaimed loudly as he threw his head back, banging it hard against the wall that the leader had shoved him up against. He knew his head must hurt badly, but all he could feel was SungGyu’s mouth…SungGyu’s lips on him…lips on his cock. When had SungGyu knelt down, WooHyun asked himself? “This…this…this….” he once again tried to find the words that would stop his older hyung, but again he failed to find any, because in the end he was just a man. No man in his right mind would stop this, WooHyun told himself as his hands found their way to SungGyu’s hair. This was much more dangerous than stolen kisses, some part of his conditioned mind shouted at him, but he ignored it as he whimpered incoherently, desire blinding him as he encouraged SungGyu to continue pleasuring him in a way he had never even dared to imagine before.

It took only seconds for his orgasm to reach completion. Woohyun soon found himself coming prematurely, without any warning. “Oh…so…good…God,” WooHyun moaned loudly as he spurted cum down his hyung’s throat.

SungGyu coughed, making WooHyun realize suddenly that he had probably broken some record for coming too fast. He squeezed his eyes shut in embarrassment, realizing he should have warned SungGyu, but really it wasn’t like he’d had time to issue any warnings. “Are…are you okay?” WooHyun finally managed to get out with a voice that was extra squeaky.

The coughing was replaced with a chuckle as SungGyu rose back up and pulled WooHyun’s pants back up at the same time, tucking him gently back inside. WooHyun’s eyes were still squeezed shut in his shame, but he could feel SungGyu watching him. He opened his eyes just in time to see his best friend lick his lips.

WooHyun panicked now, because surely there was some kind of blowjob etiquette that demanded that he return the favor. He had never done such a thing before, never. He told himself he wouldn’t know how, but really how hard could it be. At that thought, his eyes drifted downwards towards the other man’s crotch, and he saw just how hard it was. If he was a good…a good what? They weren’t boyfriends…no, because that sounded so gay to him. WooHyun winced, realizing how homophobic he sounded in his own head. We are friends, WooHyun chanted in his head…even though a line had been crossed tonight. They were just friends, best friends he insisted to himself. He wouldn’t return the favor…he couldn’t. Some things went beyond the call of friendship, and he would just have to explain that to SungGyu. Plus he had never done it before, he reminded himself, and surely his hyung wouldn’t expect him to just drop to his knees like an expert…like SungGyu had. Had SungGyu done it before? Who had he done it with? How many times had he done it? When had he last done it? WooHyun’s jealousy flared, but he immediately reined it in…he couldn’t be preaching the virtues of friendship, while at the same time throwing a jealous fit.

Woohyun opened his mouth to explain to SungGyu that although he cared for him deeply, they were just friends, but then clamped it shut quickly. He looked into the lust filled eyes of the older boy and knew what a big liar he was, and someday SungGyu was going to call him on it. He knew that only SungGyu’s endless patience had kept him from calling WooHyun on it before. He knew one day his hyung’s patience would run out, and this just might be the day. He didn’t want to make his friend…his very best friend in the entire world, angry. He never wanted him mad at him, so instead of the lie of only friendship, another lie popped into his brain, and he went with it. “I…can’t…you know…return the…you know…I have an over active gag reflex!”

Eyes that had been heavy with lust seconds before, now shone with amusement as SungGyu asked, “Since when?”

“Ummm….” WooHyun trailed off, cursing himself for not preparing for this day. He had shared a room with SungGyu for years. Why had he not thought ahead? If he had just acted like brushing his teeth sometimes gagged him, he wouldn’t sound like such a liar now. SungGyu would surely call him on his cowardliness now, but no…instead he heard laughter. WooHyun couldn’t help but smile as a sound he loved more than any other filled the air.

SungGyu was openly laughing, and sparing his beloved dongsaeng from the confrontation he had feared. WooHyun saw nothing but amusement, fondness, and love in his hyung’s eyes. He found himself laughing along with his wonderful, patient, perfect, very best friend…the very best person in the entire world. He knew he didn’t deserve SungGyu, but he would never willingly give him up. A chuckling SungGyu leaned in for another kiss, and he returned the kiss without hesitation, nothing in the world put him at ease like the sound of SungGyu’s warm laughter.

The ease and comfort he felt was broken by the loud sound of their manager’s voice yelling for them. SungGyu pulled away from WooHyun fast, immediately on alert. “Give me five minutes before you exit,” SungGyu ordered, instantly reverting back to leader mode. WooHyun watched as his hyung left the closet on his way to meet the manager, and to clear a path for his younger member to exit the closet without attracting any unexpected attention.

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lol. i still remember watching sesame player because you recommended it since I didn't even know the members of Infinite the first time you made the one-shot Top & Bottom. Now I can clearly read your fic and know exactly who they are, ahahaa. :) Excited to see where this is going! ^^

&Woohyun is so adorable n__n
You are my new favorite person! I am glad you are excited.

I am so glad you checked them out! They are so adorable!

Thank you for replying!
omo youre writing a Infinite chaptered fic now!!!!!! TT

ihopeyouwillstillwritemoreyunjaechapateredficsafterexpectationsTT opps i hope you like spam comments as wellll D:
Yes, I am. Did you even read the summary or are you just spamming me?

You know I'm a bitch for all comments...........but not so much with Infinite. Infinite isn't a huge fandom, so I am writing because I want to, and not to feed my comment whorish ways. Aren't you proud?

Wait..I always write because I want to...I just really love the comments. If a writer tells you they don't like comments...then they are really mean, they don't get any, or they are lying.

Girl, I am never going to be done with Expectations! Never! There is no ending! You are just going to have to find you another long chaptered Yunjae fic.

Although I did promise Rainy a Yunjae AU after Expectations was done featuring tigers. I kinda wouldn't hate writing a Past AU on DBSK, because you know DMGD was a future DBSK AU. A past AU might be fun, but not nearly as fun as Expectations-> that I will be writing forever, because people that like to stress me out/make me cry don't read it. The science in the descriptions scares them off!
What a fabulous hyung. Really can he ask for any better than that? Nah.
i accidently pushed the 'post comment' button~ lol! i was too excited that i lost focus :P
i am super excited to read more of this~!
im slowly starting to fall more in love with infinite couplings~ theyre all soo cute! :D
Woohyun in here much like the other story had this adorableness to him~! >~<
OMG OMG! I've been hoping that you write another WooGyu fic and boom! Not just a one shit but a chaptered fic! /off to read!
“I…can’t…you know…return the…you know…I have an over active gag reflex!”

Seriously, Woohyun, what kind of excuse is that? LOL

I'm excited for this! I'll definitely watch out for this :D

**that's one shot not one shit =)))
:o!:3 soo refreshing~ a break from Yunjae XD hehe :3
Thank you~
Yeah! I hope it is refreshing!

Oh, I am still Yunjae bias, but they live on in Expectations...well, they are grumbling at each other now, but they are still there. lol

Thank you for commenting!
you have no idea how happy you make me! can't wait for the next chapter!
are you a sort of mother fairy?? i wished for a chaptered woogyu & bang! here you come! XD
i'll keep on track of this fic too... like always ^^

Your wish is my command! I am glad so many of my friends on LJ like WooGyu too!

Thank you for commenting!
new story

Hi!!! I am happy that you have a new story to write. I am sure it will be just as good as the previous ones. I toast to your muses may your creative juices keep on flowing.

I saw Top and Bottom on Winglin sometime back and I wondered if you realy posted it there because now its been deleted.

Okay good luck on you new story. I look forward to your updates

Re: new story
No, I did not post it there. GRRRR! This is the second time this week!

Why do people always steal my stuff! It is stealing when you repost my stories without my permission! Gosh, I would like to smack people!

Thank you for telling me!
Hehehe WooGyu is always a breath of fresh air! ^^
They can be their happy, innocent (maybe not Sunggyu) selves here, compared to the problems at the Expectations heehee XD

Yeah they totally deserve their own chaptered fic! (((((:
I think they deserve on too.

I like chaptered's hard to care for characters in a short story...well, for me it is.

Thank you so much for commenting!
Oooh an infinite chaptered fic! Exciting OUO I'm not all that familiar with them but this chapter was really enjoyable anyway! Love their characterizations and interaction ~ It's making me really curious about how their relationship will develop or change.
They are exciting!

I hope I do the other five boys justice when I have to bring them into the story. I want everybody to have distinctive voice.

Thank you for commenting!
I'm in love with your Woohyun. Only because it's going to mean more angst in the future and I'm sucker for it. I mean angst, I'm a sucker for angst.

♥ x ∞
I am glad you like WooHyun...and you are right that boy is going to make for a lot of angst.:) I am also a sucker for angst.

Thank you for commenting!
<3 Your Woohyun is so adorbs. He's so far in the closet he's in Narnia. I expect greatness in future chaps. You have it in you ヽ( 'o' )ノ

He sure minute he kinda accepts his gayness, then he denies it. His head is in a mess...and it's about to get worse.

Thank you so much for commenting~!