Expectations: Dream of You Part 5 of 5

Series: Expectations
Adventure Eight: Dream of You Part 5 of 5
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae, KyuWook
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Angst, Adventure
Warnings: Rape, Torture
Length: Chaptered
Beta:  tahoeturquoise

A/N: Passage quoted from ‘Black Beauty’ by Anna Sewell.

Summary: While the rest of the ship races to rescue Commander Cho and Shindong, Jaejoong and Changmin are forced to deal with each other. Lord ZhouMi’s reputation for cruelty proves completely warranted. As Kyuhyun struggles to survive the unbearable, he dreams of his life spent with Ryeowook.

Prior Adventures

After having the computer locate Lieutenant Sungmin for him, Siwon walked slowly into a large room aboard the Expectations that he had never entered before. The room appeared to have been a huge dining area in the past, and it even had a section of the floor that was cleared off, as if it has been for dancing. The most impressive feature of the room was the back wall. It was made of a clear alloy that allowed for a perfect view of space. As the Expectations sat in space waiting for a signal that would send them to the rescue of Commander Cho and Shindong, this window showed countless stars sparkling in the distance.

“What is this room?”

Sungmin, who stood against the glass, did not move at the sound of Siwon’s voice. His sharp senses had long ago alerted him to the fact that another had entered the room. “It’s Ten Forward, a recreational lounge. Before the tragedy…it was always full of crew members. It was a place to unwind, and to enjoy the company of others.”

Siwon walked further into the room. “Is it not used anymore?”

“No, the captain wanted us all eating our meals in one designated area after the accident…to bring us all together. Also, there is so much to do on this ship, and barely enough crew to keep it running; most of the recreational programs were shut down to conserve energy,” Sungmin explained. “This area of the ship is usually locked off.”

“But not to the chief of security,” Siwon said with a grin as he stepped up next to Sungmin.

Sungmin forced out a small smile and agreed, “No, not to the chief of security.”

Siwon stared out the window. “It’s a very nice view, it’s a shame it isn’t open to all. Sometimes on this ship you forget just how vast the universe is. This view is a nice reminder.”

“Such a vast universe that it’s nearly impossible to find two lost souls.”

Siwon looked away from the view to gaze down at the man beside him. “Lieutenant, you are very perplexing. Sometimes you almost seem fragile, and at other times you seem strong and capable of anything.”

Sungmin sighed uncomfortably, not sure of what to say.

“That you give others this conflicting perception of yourself is not to your benefit,” Siwon continued. “When I pulled you from that raging river so long ago…you seemed so fragile; as if you needed protecting.”

Sungmin’s eyes lit up as he was suddenly reminded of Siwon’s vow to him. “I almost forgot about your claim of responsibility for me. You haven’t spoken of it in a long time.”

“No, I have not. Although this long honored custom of my people still remains intact I found it…I found it slightly odd to be responsible for the safety of someone who could quite literally wipe the floor with me…and several others at the same time.”

Sungmin laughed. “Come to think of it your claims of responsibility did die down about the same time you got assigned to security.”

“Yes, and very wrongfully so I might add.”


“Although your physical prowess is most likely superior to all aboard this ship, your emotional strength is not nearly as adept. I must apologize for not being more astute and for adding to your-”

“That’s enough,” Sungmin said quickly, interrupting the other, knowing the direction the taller man was heading.

“I should not have slept with you when you were in the body of a woman, no matter what reassurances you gave me. Although you spoke of the differences between sex and love, it is clear that you have great difficulty separating the two. I fear I might I have unintentionally hurt you.”

“I think it would be wise of you to remember my physical prowess and shut the hell up,” Sungmin told Siwon in a hateful manner, his cold voice full of warning, trying to hide his inner turmoil at being so obvious to the prince.

Siwon looked down at the floor. “It is not my intent to embarrass you. I do not find this to be a fault in your character. I just wanted to apologize.”

“Well, apology accepted…now please leave,” Sungmin sputtered.

Siwon slowly lifted his head to gaze at Sungmin, who was staring out the window, trying his best to remain calm. “It is not that you are not attractive; you are very much so.”

“I thought you were leaving!” Sungmin said, completely flabbergasted, still staring out the window avoiding looking at the taller man.

Siwon smiled as he looked at Sungmin’s reflection in the window. “When you are like this I deeply question my own heterosexuality, but not enough to toy with you. I believe you have been toyed with enough.”

Sungmin folded his arms and he looked at Siwon’s reflection in the glass, meeting his gaze. “Yes, I have been.”

“I am sure Commander Cho deeply regrets hurting you.”

“No, he doesn’t. He deeply regrets hurting Ryeowook, or maybe that’s being too cruel of me. I think he does regret hurting me. You see, Kyuhyun used to use people all the time. At the academy, before Ryeowook stormed into Kyuhyun’s life, he used people repeatedly. It came quite naturally to him. I even had feelings for that awful version of Kyuhyun, but I never gave into them. When I could have had Kyuhyun without the Ryeowook baggage, I didn’t want him.”

“You didn’t?”

“He was a big ass…a jerk…wounded, but nobody noticed that. They just noticed that he was the favorite son of the academy. The son of powerful admirals…a star even before his birth…nobody saw the real Kyuhyun, and especially not me,” Sungmin explained.

“And this changed?”

“Yes. Ryeowook changed Kyuhyun in ways that nobody else could. He saw the real Kyuhyun, not the golden glow of the admiral’s son, and because of that Kyuhyun loved him.”

“Were you jealous of Ryeowook?”

“In some ways perhaps, but Ryeowook…how can you not love Ryeowook? When he first showed up at the academy, it was hell for him. The other cadets made so much fun of him; it was awful. I felt so sorry for him.”

“Did you not defend him?”

Sungmin shook his head, feeling that old shame from so long ago. “Not at first. I hate that I didn’t, but I didn’t. I ran around with a group of people…that were not very nice to him.”

“But you became his friend?”

“Yes,” Sungmin confirmed quickly. “I did. He was the best friend I ever had, and I was a good friend to him, too. I never let my feelings for Kyuhyun get in the way of that. I accepted that Ryeowook and Kyuhyun were meant to be together, and not until Ryeowook was lost did I let my feelings for Kyuhyun resurface.”

“Should you not be with Ryeowook now? In his time of need?” Siwon asked, the question that had first sent him seeking out the lieutenant.

A wave of emotions washed over Sungmin’s face as he brought his hands up to rub his face. “I don’t know. I want to be there for him, and I’ve tried, but I feel so bad. If I had just told Kyuhyun no…then they would not have been robbed of so much time. I knew Kyuhyun didn’t love me, but still I took what I could.”

Siwon pulled Sungmin into a hug, so naturally that neither of them registered what was occurring till Sungmin’s head rested against the taller man’s shoulder, and Siwon’s arms were wrapped tightly around him. “You did not rob them of time. They might not have been fully reunited, but they had each other. If Ryeowook will accept your friendship in this…the worst of times, you must not deny him.”

“You are right,” Sungmin agreed, but did not move from the other man’s strong embrace.

Siwon rested his head against the top of Sungmin’s head and inhaled, and then quickly lifted his chin. “Your fragility is upsetting…” Siwon paused as the stars disappeared into long white streaks against the darkness of space. “What happened to the stars?”

Sungmin pulled away from Siwon and stared out the window. “We have gone into warp. The captain must have received a message.”

“Is that good?”

Sungmin reached out placing both hands on the window and said with the deepest sincerity, “God, I hope so. I hope so.”


“How can it be so cold and so bright at the same time?” Kyuhyun asked as he shielded his face with his gloved hand.

A heavily clothed Ryeowook, who stood beside him, gently bumped into him as they waited at the Pick-Up Station on Baylor for their ride to Ryeowook’s home. “I am sure if Changmin had come with us he could give us a perfectly logical explanation.”

“I’m sure he could,” Kyuhyun agreed with a chuckle. “But Changmin is not allowed to go on holiday with us.”

“Baylor would be pure torture for Changmin.”

Kyuhyun looked around the primitive landscape and nodded his head. “Yeah, he would no doubt get burned at the stake for preaching the benefits of technological advancement.”

“We don’t burn people…well, only witches,” Ryeowook told Kyuhyun in a serious tone as he studied his feet intently, hiding his expression.

“What!” Kyuhyun exclaimed, alarmed at such an admission.

Ryeowook couldn’t keep from giggling as he looked up at Kyuhyun. “Well, they are evil after all.”

Kyuhyun lifted his hand and pointed his finger at Ryeowook. “You totally had me.”

“I do have my moments.”

“You do. Is it always so cold?”

“No, it’s just during the winter months. Baylor is a lot like Earth when it comes to the seasons…the original settlers did their best to make it as much like Earth as possible. We only have ten months here, though.”

“So you aren’t really twenty…you are actually only seventeen,” Kyuhyun told Ryeowook after a quick calculation in his head.

“Yes, I’m actually younger than you. You are dating a younger man,” Ryeowook said, smiling smugly.

Kyuhyun frowned. “That just can’t be. I only like older men.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, it is.”

Ryeowook reached out and grabbed Kyuhyun’s hand and confessed, “It’s a good thing that twenty is my Earth age, and twenty three is my Baylor age then.”

“Good. I like you older than me.”

“I’m not that much older.”


“Not even eight months!”

“Not on Baylor.”

“Kyuhyun, I swear you are…” Ryeowook paused and a big smile formed on his face as he saw their ride approaching. “Look, our ride has arrived!”

Kyuhyun tried not to show his shock as a wooden wagon that was being pulled by two brown horses arrived. The wagon didn’t even have a cover. There was a seat for the driver up front but he and Ryeowook would have to sit on the floor of the wagon. He knew Baylor refused technological advancement but to be pulled to Ryeowook’s home in an uncovered wagon in the cold weather was a little much even for Kyuhyun’s adventurous spirit. “We are going to freeze our asses off.”

Ryeowook whacked Kyuhyun on the arm. “What did I tell you about cussing?”

“You said I couldn’t cuss around your grandmother.”

“You better start practicing now, because if you slip up around her she will knock you over the head with a frying pan. Don’t think she won’t,” Ryeowook told the taller man beside him as he grabbed his luggage.

Kyuhyun bent down and picked up his own luggage. “I won’t slip up. She’s going to love me.”

Ryeowook groaned but then quickly put on a smile as the wagon arrived. “Mr. Davies, it’s so good to see you!”

“Hello, young Mr. Kim!” the driver said as he smiled down at Ryeowook. “Your grandmother has not stopped talking about your visit. She is so excited to have you back for Christmas.”

“I’m excited to be back!”

“Who is your friend?” Mr. Davies asked from his seat on the wagon.

“His name is Cho Kyuhyun.”

“Nice to meet you,” Mr. Davies told Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun bowed his head in respect. “Nice to meet you, Sir.”

“Now you two hop in the back, and let’s get you to your grandmother’s before she sends out a search party,” the driver told them.

Kyuhyun and Ryeowook both climbed into the back of the wagon and the driver immediately started the horses as soon as they were settled. They sat side by side.

“Stop looking so…” Ryeowook paused.

“So what?”

“Like a fish out of water. You can survive two weeks on Baylor, I promise.”

Kyuhyun swallowed nervously and looked at Ryeowook doubtfully. “I thought I knew what I was getting myself into, but I’m not so sure now.”

“Just think of it as an adventure. Imagine that you are on a mission and you are stuck on a primitive planet and you have to mingle with the locals. You can do this.”

Kyuhyun looked out at the passing scenery. “There are lots of cows here…so all the food’s natural?” Kyuhyun asked, suddenly feeling queasy.

Ryeowook reached over and grabbed Kyuhyun’s right hand and squeezed it tightly. “You can eat vegetables and bread.”

“I must love you a lot,” Kyuhyun told Ryeowook, squeezing his hand back.

“You must.”

Kyuhyun gave Ryeowook a serious look and asked, “I have another question. Primitive societies aren’t exactly known for their open-mindedness. I mean from how you talk…I realize your grandma will be okay with our relationship, but what about everybody else?”

“I think you are mistaking us for a real primitive society, Kyuhyun. The people on Baylor choose to live this way…our ancestors are from Earth. There are many same sex couples on Baylor, although since we frown on any technological involvement opposite sex couples are more celebrated at times, just because of the promise of children. Don’t worry, you are not going to get flogged if you hold my hand.”

“What if I kiss you?”

“You still won’t be flogged”

Kyuhyun scooted closer with a grin full of mischief and asked, “What if I make sweet, passionate love to you?”

Ryeowook’s face turned bright red, much to Kyuhyun’s enjoyment and he stammered out, “I don’t think we need to worry about that.”

“What if I get over my issues?” Kyuhyun asked and blew in Ryeowook’s ear to torture the older boy.

Ryeowook pushed Kyuhyun away realizing he was being played with. “I doubt you will have any mental breakthroughs here.”

“Hey, don’t say that. It could happen anytime, and why not here?”

“It better not happen here!”

Kyuhyun looked at Ryeowook, suddenly taken aback. “So if I was finally able to be intimate with somebody I truly cared about…love with all my heart, you would say no?”

“Yes,” Ryeowook answered honestly. “As much as I want to, I wouldn’t. If Grandma found out, she would skin us both alive.”

“I don’t understand. You just said they weren’t homophobic.”

“They are not…they are moral.”

Kyuhyun starred down at Ryeowook full of curiosity now. “What do you mean by that?”

“Just let it go,” Ryeowook told the other man, but his cheeks were growing redder, and not from the cold.

“You are blushing. What is it?”

Ryeowook looked away from Kyuhyun and focused on the passing scenery. “Those are really big cows out there. I forgot how big the cows are here.”

Kyuhyun reached for Ryeowook and tugged him up into his lap. “You have to tell me. You know once I get curious I can’t let it go.”

“I’m not telling you,” Ryeowook said, holding firm.

Kyuhyun blew in Ryeowook’s ears. “I have ways of making you talk.”

Ryeowook clenched his lips together, refusing to say a word.

“Ryeowook, stop being like this! Why can’t we make love?” Kyuhyun asked louder, unable to hide his exasperation at the stubborn man in his arms.

“Because on Baylor we believe in the sanctity of marriage, young man” Mr. Davies helpfully supplied, much to the mortification of Ryeowook.

Ryeowook tried to escape Kyuhyun’s lap but the younger man held on to him firmly as he tried to control his laughter. Kyuhyun had forgotten all about the driver. “Thank you, Mr. Davies,” Kyuhyun told the driver as if they had been discussing the weather.

“You are welcome, young man. Remember, Mrs. Kim is not somebody to take lightly. She values tradition greatly; if she thinks her grandson’s virtue is in danger she will have you sleeping in the barn with the animals,” the driver warned Kyuhyun.

“I’ll remember that,” Kyuhyun told the driver. The driver smiled down at Kyuhyun and the totally humiliated Ryeowook, who had given up his struggle to free himself from the bigger boy.

“I shouldn’t have ever invited you to come with me,” Ryeowook whimpered as he slumped in Kyuhyun’s arms. He knew Mr. Davies would tell his wife, and Mrs. Davies would tell everybody.

Kyuhyun, who could barely control his laughter, asked, “So you grandmother will want me to make an honest man of you…before I get a crack at the goods?”

“Shut up! I hate you!”

“You love me so much,” Kyuhyun told him, unbothered by the other man’s words.

“No, I don’t! Not anymore!”

“Liar,” Kyuhyun told Ryeowook, and kissed him on the cheek. “You know my parents are married.”

“So,” Ryeowook replied, still lost in his embarrassment as he imagined the entire town talking about him and Kyuhyun.

“So, it’s not like it is a foreign concept to me,” Kyuhyun told the distressed man in his arms. “They actually got married so they wouldn’t have to be separated when they were younger. You know Star Fleet respects the sanctity of marriage too.”

“What are you saying?” Ryeowook asked, his distress forgotten as he starred at Kyuhyun dumbfounded.

Kyuhyun blushed, a sight Ryeowook rarely saw, and clarified, “I am not proposing to you right now or anything…but it would mean we would always be assigned to the same ship once we are out of the academy…plus your grandmother would be happy.”

“She would be,” Ryeowook agreed softly.

“I wouldn’t be unhappy,” Kyuhyun said and smiled shyly at Ryeowook, unable to hide his nervousness.

Ryeowook smiled back at him. “I wouldn’t be either.”


Kyuhyun opened his eyes and found that he was looking up into a brightly lit sky. For a second he thought perhaps he was back on Baylor, but the size of the sun in the distant sky quickly ridded him of the pleasant thought.

All his pain was gone, a feeling of euphoria filled him and Kyuhyun knew he must be dead. He looked around and saw only tall grass, surrounding him. Since he was rid of the restraints that had held him down, he sat up freely. He stared out at a meadow full of green grass, with a small grove of trees in the distance.

“I have nothing to fear; and here my story ends. My troubles are all over, and I am at home; and often before I am quite awake, I fancy I am still in the orchard at Birtwick, standing with my old friends under the apple-trees,” Kyuhyun repeated the lines from the story that Ryeowook had read to him so many times.

Kyuhyun couldn’t help but smile. He had always suspected Ryeowook had secretly associated him with Black Beauty, who had endured so much, and that had been the reason why a young Ryeowook had picked that story to read to Kyuhyun so long ago. “Perhaps, you were not wrong to do so, my love,” Kyuhyun said softly for Ryeowook, who was not with him, but who was never parted from him.

How he would miss Ryeowook, but Kyuhyun would wait patiently until Ryeowook joined him in the afterlife, and he knew that someday Ryeowook would join him. Their story had not ended, Kyuhyun knew this. He also knew Ryeowook still had a long life to live. He hoped he would be allowed to peek in on Ryeowook at times.

He wondered if Changmin would visit him here in his afterlife. How he wished he had been able to save Changmin. He had wanted Changmin to have a long life, too. The road to friendship with Changmin had not come easily, but he had treasured their friendship. “Maybe I will just sleep till they join me,” Kyuhyun said and then yawned as a sudden weariness overcame him.

Wwww rrrr yuyyuuuu onnnn,” incoherent garbled words from behind him had Kyuhyun turning quickly to stare in shock at Shindong, who was now sitting up in the tall grass giving him a peculiar look. Why would Shindong be in Black Beauty’s meadow with him, Kyuhyun asked himself?

Kyuhyun quickly looked down at his body that still had lashes and cuts all over it, and then looked back at Shindong. “We aren’t dead?”

Shindong shook his head.

“Why aren’t we dead?” Kyuhyun asked, completely surprised to find that he was still among the living. He had been sure that ZhouMi had ordered the doctor to kill him.

Shindong opened his mouth and pointed to his mouth.

“Oh,” Kyuhyun said in deep sympathy after seeing the mouth without its tongue. “Well, he must have doped me up good, because I’m feeling no pain,” Kyuhyun admitted, struggling to stay awake, his eyes closing against his wishes. “Actually I feel like I’m floating…floating like a feather in the wind.”

“Kyuhyun!” the loud cry of Ryeowook’s voice rang in Kyuhyun’s ears as loving arms abruptly wrapped around him holding him tight. “Kyuhyun! You’re alive. Thank God you are alive!”

Kyuhyun forced his eyes open to find that now he was in the Expectations transporter room, sitting on the beaming platform, being held on to tightly by his husband. Kyuhyun hugged Ryeowook back as the drugs still flooded his system leaving him woozy. “Ryeowook,” Kyuhyun barely managed to get the words out, his sense of relief was so great.

“It’s good to have you back, Commander,” the captain said from behind Ryeowook. The captain was standing with Yoochun and Donghae, his own eyes glassy and his expression echoed the relief that Kyuhyun felt.

“I knew you would come for me,” Kyuhyun whispered, before he fell into unconsciousness.


“When I get control of my telepathy, I will erase all his bad memories,” a voice that sounded like Changmin greeted Kyuhyun the first time he awoke aboard the ship since being rescued. Kyuhyun kept his eyes closed, knowing it couldn’t be Changmin. Changmin was dead. He had failed to save Changmin.

“You will not,” the captain could be heard saying.

“Remember, Yunho doesn’t believe in mind manipulation. He would much rather people suffer senselessly, and relive all their hellish memories,” Jaejoong’s curt voice could be heard saying.

“Jaejoong,” Yunho warned.

“But if he wishes it, can’t I?” the Changmin like voice asked. “Jaejoong, if he wanted me to…couldn’t I do it then?”

“I’m not sure. You are a hybrid; I would hate for you to accidently end up bonding with him,” Jaejoong answered.

“Bonding!” the voice like Changmin’s exclaimed loudly. “He’s already married!”

“Changmin, hush or you will wake him up,” Yunho scolded, and Kyuhyun could not believe his ears. Could Changmin really be alive…no, it had to be a trick, Kyuhyun told himself.

“Yunho, he’s already awake. He needs to open his eyes and see that Changmin is indeed alive, and it is not a trick,” Jaejoong told his bondmate.

Kyuhyun’s eyes flew open after hearing Jaejoong’s words and the sight that greeted him was most welcome, even if it was completely unexpected. The Changmin that sat at his bedside had been transformed into a blond haired, blue eyed beauty. “Changmin,” Kyuhyun whispered in astonishment.

“Kyuhyun,” Changmin said excitedly, leaning in for a hug, but before he made contact with Kyuhyun, Jaejoong stepped over and grabbed him by the arm, stopping him.

“Changmin, no touching without his permission,” Jaejoong said, pulling his son away from Kyuhyun, who had recoiled as Changmin had moved in closer to him.

Kyuhyun looked up at Jaejoong to give him a look of gratitude and then back down to Changmin. “I’m so glad you are alive.” Kyuhyun looked down at his arms and saw that all his wounds were now healed, and the physical pain was gone…but now another kind of pain had set in.

“I would not be alive if it weren’t for you,” Changmin told Kyuhyun tearfully. “I think I need to hug somebody. I feel the need for physical contact. It’s most unsettling!”

“Hug Jaejoong,” Yunho quipped from the other side of the bed.

Jaejoong and Changmin stared at each other awkwardly. They had come to an understanding…a sort of unsteady truce, but neither felt comfortable with the thought of hugging. “I don’t want to hug Jaejoong.”

“And I’m completely fine with that,” Jaejoong quickly added.

Yunho just frowned at the both of them as Changmin walked past Jaejoong and up to him. Yunho did not stand. He just shook his head, wondering if Jaejoong and Changmin would ever be truly comfortable with each other.

When Yunho did not initiate any form of contact Changmin nudged him with his knee. “I require human contact,” Changmin told his father.

Kyuhyun watched as Yunho sighed and stood up, embracing Changmin tightly. Kyuhyun could tell the captain was exhausted. “Okay, you’ve been hugged, now go sit back down, and be good,” Yunho told his son as if he were a young boy.

“Kyuhyun’s the best friend ever, and to think I used to think he was an obnoxious, cruel, sexually depraved, unscrupulous scoundrel,” Changmin cried, not letting go of his father.

“That was a long time ago,” Yunho told Changmin as he disentangled himself from his emotional son, and pushed him back towards his seat.

“I’m so glad you are alive,” Changmin told Kyuhyun as he returned to his chair, crying openly.

Kyuhyun stared at the tears flowing down Changmin’s cheeks. He could never recall seeing Changmin cry before. “He…ZhouMi told me that you had died. That everything I had done was in vain.”

“The monster,” Jaejoong grumbled under his breath. Jaejoong fervently wished that he would get the chance to meet up with ZhouMi again…with not a necklace in sight.

Changmin sniffled back his tears, and wiped his nose. “He’s a very bad man.”

“Kyuhyun, I can never repay the debt I owe you,” Yunho said from Kyuhyun’s other side. “I will never forget what you have done for Changmin.”

Kyuhyun looked around the room and then to Yunho. “I knew if I just stayed alive long enough…that you would rescue us.”

“We would never have stopped looking for you. If he had not yielded to my threats…we would have never stopped looking,” Yunho told Kyuhyun, who was beginning to look very anxious.

“Ryeowook is working on Shindong,” Jaejoong told Kyuhyun, answering his unasked question.

“Oh, poor Shindong…he had a really rough time of it…when will Ryeowook be done?” Kyuhyun asked, trying not to panic, but needing his husband badly.

“Soon,” Jaejoong told Kyuhyun, feeling his anxiety. “Yunho and I are going to leave, and Changmin is going to stay with you for a little while, but if he gets to be too much just think it really loud and I will come rescue you from him.”

“I am not too much!” Changmin disagreed, glaring at his Joong parent.

“You are way too much,” Jaejoong turned and told Changmin and then turned back to Kyuhyun to explain, “He’s overly emotional right now, because he hasn’t adapted to his Joong half yet, but he is going to be fine…thanks to you.” Jaejoong then stood up, motioning for Yunho to follow him.

Kyuhyun’s anxiety lessoned as Yunho and Jaejoong left the room, and he couldn’t help but be amused at Changmin who was obviously pouting. “So you’re emotional? That’s new.”

“Emotional, illogical, and hairless.”


“Yes,” Changmin said, reaching up to touch his long, blond hair. “Well, except for this hair. But my other hair is all gone. I used to be quite hairy. Do you want to see?”

“No!” Kyuhyun answered quickly.

Changmin pulled back the sleeve of his shirt. “Look, there isn’t a hair on my arm, or anywhere else but my head.”

“Changmin, really…I will take your word for it.”


“Do you think it was wise to leave those two alone? Kyuhyun has just survived hell…I don’t think he needs to be hanging out with Changmin,” Yunho told Jaejoong mentally as he followed the other man into an empty waiting room in sickbay.

“Kyuhyun can’t be with Ryeowook right now and Changmin is the second best choice, until Ryeowook is finished working on Shindong. Kyuhyun was very worried for Changmin. Let Changmin be with him…let him be reminded that his sacrifice was not in vain,” Jaejoong said aloud.

“That sounds reasonable, but still, Changmin is a handful.”

“I will be listening in. If it gets to be too much, I will step in.”

“Why are you speaking aloud?”

“There is something I have been waiting to tell you, and if I wanted to talk to you telepathically I would have made Changmin come with us,” Jaejoong said honestly.

“Point taken,” Yunho huffed as he sat down on the sofa in the small waiting room, looking up at Jaejoong with great annoyance. “So, no touching and now no telepathy; dare I ask what you haven’t told me?”

“You don’t have to get angry.”

“I’m not angry. I’m too damn tired to be angry, so what do you need to tell me?”

“I think you are angry.”

“I think you mistake a whole range of emotions for anger. What I’m feeling right now is annoyance. Will you just spit out what you have to say already?”

“I don’t want you to be annoyed with me, Yunho.”

“Well, I am, so get over it, or do something about it. Stop shutting me out.”

“Oh, so I am shutting you out? Kinda like when you put on that cursed necklace, and shut me out, huh? You don’t like it much, do you?”

Yunho’s eyes narrowed, and his temper flared. “Is this how our relationship is going to be? Is it going to be about payback? I hurt you, you hurt me? I’m sorry, but I won’t be playing that game with you,” Yunho told Jaejoong as he got up from the sofa ready to leave the room.

“I’m beginning to shift!” Jaejoong yelled out, stopping Yunho in his tracks.

Yunho froze, and after a couple of seconds he slowly sat back down on the sofa, speechless. He tried to remember what Jaejoong had told him about shifting. Jaejoong had spoken of shifting before, but he hadn’t told him the most important aspect of shifting until they had been held captive on Trysor.

“Yunho,” Jaejoong prompted.

“You shift so you can become pregnant,” Yunho stated the most important fact about shifting that he knew of.

“Yes, but Joongs do not always end up pregnant when they shift.”

“But we know that eventually you will,” Yunho said, looking up at Jaejoong, who was watching him intently.

“Yes, we do know that, but I want to postpone the shifting as long as possible. I need to focus on Changmin. I can’t let the shifting get in the way of that,” Jaejoong explained. “He needs all my focus right now. He has much to learn.”

“Get in the way…is that why you have been avoiding me?”

Jaejoong nodded his head. “Yes, everything about a bonded Joong has to do with the bond between them and their mate. The bond rewards proximity and that will only increase the shifting process.”

“Why resist it?”

“I have to teach Changmin to control his mind. I can’t afford to become a sex crazed manic at the moment.”

“Weren’t you kind of always a little sex crazed?” Yunho asked carefully. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.”

Jaejoong plopped down on the other end of the sofa and explained, “There is a difference between having a healthy sexual appetite, and becoming a manic that is obsessed with procreating.”

“Oh,” Yunho said with a grimace as he took in Jaejoong’s words.

“You just have no idea. I was the youngest in my family so I was spared from watching my parents undergo shifting, but I have seen some of my siblings...in that state, so I have a pretty good idea what I’ll be like. Once I have completed the shifting process, my focus will almost be entirely on you,” Jaejoong admitted to Yunho.

“Sounds kinda fun to me,” Yunho said jokingly, trying to lighten the mood. “So, when you get knocked up does the shifting end?”

Jaejoong picked up a pillow from the sofa and threw it at Yunho. “Knocked up? My healing abilities will not spare me from the pain of shifting or pregnancy. I’ll become fat, and ugly! Well, you might find it funny, but I don’t!”

“Why would you be ugly?” Yunho asked, slightly nervous. What did Joong’s look like when they were pregnant? Did they morph into something else?

Jaejoong glared at Yunho as if he was an idiot. “I will be all fat and puffy; of course I will be ugly! You’ve seen pregnant humans before haven’t you?”

“You will be pregnant with Changmin, our child…you will be beautiful,” Yunho told Jaejoong, much relieved. “There isn’t anything ugly about pregnancy.”

“Shut the hell up! I wish I could impregnate you!”

Yunho leaned farther away from Jaejoong whose eyes were turning slightly red. “I think you might be overreacting a tad bit.”

“I am warning you…this is not funny!” Jaejoong hissed at Yunho.

“Jae, I think you are forgetting that I have a medical implant in me. All Star Fleet officers have one. As long as it is in me…I couldn’t get you pregnant even if I wanted to,” Yunho explained, trying to calm down his irate lover.

“You fool!” Jaejoong leaned across the couch and growled at Yunho. “Do you think I can’t have that beamed out of you or have Ryeowook remove it? Once I go into crazy, baby-making mode nothing will stop me. Nothing!”

“You are totally scaring me right now,” Yunho paled slightly and told Jaejoong in a very alarmed voice. “Like, really scaring me.”

Jaejoong sat back up quickly, realizing how he was behaving. “Sorry…I’ve just never been a big fan of getting pregnant. I mean, I bonded with a human, it shouldn’t even be a possibility…plus my hormones at this stage…are sort of temperamental.”

“How long are you going to be at this stage?” Yunho asked fearfully.

Jaejoong stood up, and looked down at Yunho. “It depends, hopefully the first stage will last for weeks, between this stage and the final stage there is another period of time where my body starts to transform physically, and my mood should be considerably improved by then.”

“And you don’t want to progress to the final phase too quickly, because you want to teach Changmin how to control his gifts first.”

“Yes, so I need to stay in this phase, the ‘Yunho can do no right, and I just want to slap him really hard’ phase, for a little longer.”

“Lucky me,” Yunho said full of sarcasm.

“I need to go check on Changmin, and I need a little break from you, so I’m going to go for now,” Jaejoong told Yunho as he walked toward the door. Jaejoong turned back around to face Yunho before leaving and added, “I still love you. I’ll always love you.”

“That goes both ways. Just because I get angry at you…doesn’t change how I feel for you. I love you too,” Yunho told Jaejoong and then added, “Just remember, slapping counts as contact and we don’t want to reward the bond.”

“Oh, I promise to have somebody else slap you for me,” Jaejoong said as he stepped out of the waiting room.

Yunho’s jaw dropped as he stared at the doorway that Jaejoong had disappeared through. Was Jaejoong being serious, he asked himself. Yunho leaned back into the sofa, frowning, and said aloud, “The shit just keeps on coming.”


The second time Kyuhyun awoke aboard the ship, he was in the room he shared with Ryeowook. He opened his eyes to find himself on their bed, tucked underneath the covers with Ryeowook sitting beside him staring down at him with pure adoration.

Kyuhyun closed his eyes again and fought the feelings of shame that flooded him. He knew that everything that had been done to him was known to his husband. Nothing would have escaped the good doctor’s notice.

“Hey, are you hungry?” Ryeowook asked gently, not moving closer, and not reaching out for him.

Kyuhyun kept his eyes closed and just shook his head.

“You know you are safe now, correct?”

Kyuhyun nodded his head, and clenched the blankets that were covering him with both of his hands.

“You know I love you more than anything?” Ryeowook asked him, keeping his voice smooth and controlled.

Kyuhyun nodded his head again, letting go of the covers he had been clenching, forcing himself to relax…just a little.

“You know that we can get though anything as long as we are together,” Ryeowook asked in that same carefully controlled tone.

Kyuhyun sighed, opened his eyes and looked up at his husband, nodding his head.

Ryeowook smiled back at him. “Good. Is there anything you need from me right now?”

Kyuhyun shook his head.

“I am pretty sure you still have your tongue, but you should open your mouth just so I can make sure. I was kind of emotional when I first examined you. I would hate to have missed something,” Ryeowook said with a small, sad smile.

“You never miss anything,” Kyuhyun sighed and told his husband.

“That’s not entirely true, but that is a discussion for a different time. I moved you out of sickbay and into our quarters because I thought you would appreciate the privacy.”

“I do.”

“I want you to rest, as much as you can. I will be in the living area if you need-”

Kyuhyun reached out and grabbed Ryeowook’s hand. “You are not leaving me. That’s what I want…for you not to leave me.”

Ryeowook stared down at where Kyuhyun had his arm, and looked up at Kyuhyun with quizzical eyes and agreed, “Okay, I will stay with you.”

Kyuhyun studied Ryeowook’s gaze, and knew what he was thinking. “Don’t psychoanalyze me…not yet. Give me a day before you start with that bullshit. You know it doesn’t work on me…you are the only thing that can help me…you did before.”

“Before,” Ryeowook said carefully as he scooted back in bed until he was sitting against the headboard of the bed, “was many years after the initial trauma.”

“It doesn’t matter how long it was, you were the only one that helped me,” Kyuhyun told Ryeowook as he repositioned himself, resting his head on Ryeowook’s lap.

Ryeowook leaned against the headboard, not touching Kyuhyun in return, letting Kyuhyun initiate all contact. “In sickbay you rejected all touch, which is completely normal and to be expected.”

“In the transporter room you hugged me, and I didn’t reject you,” Kyuhyun reminded Ryeowook as he tried to get comfortable.

“You were so high from the assortment of drugs they gave you that you weren’t in your right mind,” Ryeowook told him.

“So, since I’m not afraid to touch you…I am not handing this properly,” Kyuhyun asked bitterly. “I’m once again failing to handle being tortured in the textbook manner.”

“No, I didn’t mean that. I just…I’m just going to shut up, okay?”

“No, it isn’t okay.”

Kyuhyun sat up and stared Ryeowook in the face. “Ryeowook, I don’t want to have sex with you…I might not want that for a long time. What Zh…ZhouMi did to me was bad, but we both know I have survived far worse. I just want to be comfortable with you…like when we were at the academy. Remember how it was back then? I don’t think anything could ever happen to me…that would make me reject you. I trust you absolutely, being with you comforts me. Can you just accept that?”

Ryeowook smiled at Kyuhyun and reached up and cupped his cheek with the palm of his hand. “Yes, I can do that. Do you want me to read to you?”

“Not if it means you have to get up out of bed and leave me,” Kyuhyun answered as he settled back down, resting his head in Ryeowook’s lap.

Ryeowook reached across the bed to the bedside table and pulled out an old, often-read book. “When you were missing…I clung to it. I would sit in the dark and not accept visitors, and I’d just clutch it tightly to my chest, hoping for a miracle.”

“Did you sleep?”

“Only once.”

“I dreamed of you so much,” Kyuhyun told Ryeowook. “I dreamed of you…mostly. I remembered our past in my dreams. I only ever want to dream of you.”

“I know, and if I had my wish you would only ever dream of times filled with happiness,” Ryeowook told Kyuhyun as he opened up the book.

Kyuhyun closed his eyes, and told Ryeowook with confidence, “I will be okay…as long as we are together.”

Ryeowook smiled down at Kyuhyun, and with his free hand that wasn’t holding the book he threaded his fingers through Kyuhyun’s hair lightly as he began to read.

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