The Fight about Nothing, Part Nine

Title: The Fight About Nothing
Author: aquariuslover
Pairing: KyuWook
Rating: R
Genre: Friendship, Love
Beta: unicornsinger

Summary: This is a completely fictional tale about the thin line between love and friendship, and how easily that line can become blurred.

TFAN Chapters

“I can’t believe you are being so difficult!” Kyuhyun accused Zhou Mi as the other man sat on his bed in Yesung’s room. Zhou Mi had not responded in the way that Kyuhyun had wanted him to.

“Me, difficult? You are the one who said you would go, and now you are backing out,” Zhou Mi told him in a very annoyed voice.

“I should be mad at you. You are the one that totally betrayed me,” Kyuhyun said, standing in the doorway with his arms crossed, trying to shift the blame.

“Oh, so now you’re trying to make it my fault? It’s no big deal if they get mad at you, because Sungmin and Ryeowook will always forgive you. The same isn’t true with me. Ryeowook already knew you were lying. I am positive if I continued to lie, it would have only made things worse.”

“I don’t care to hear your excuses. It isn’t like they hate you. They would have known I put you up to it and probably would have ended up feeling sorry for you.”

“I highly doubt that. I thought Sungmin was going to hit me with that spatula, and Ryeowook was glaring holes in me.”

“Whatever, it doesn’t matter, because I am not going with you,” Kyuhyun said, walking farther into the room, standing firm on his decision.

“I already told Jia Li that you were excited to meet her,” Zhou Mi said, totally exasperated, holding his hands up in disbelief.

“I was never excited to meet her, so you lied,” Kyuhyun told him, sitting down on Yesung’s bed across from him.

“That you would rather go hang out with Ryeowook’s sick grandmother then go out with a model who is dying to meet you…….well that might be the craziest thing you have ever done.”

“It is not. We are supposed to support our members. The fans love it,” Kyuhyun reasoned, grabbing Yesung’s turtle pillow from his bed and hugging it.

“Oh, so you are going to blame this on the fans, huh?”

“The fans would much rather I go with Ryeowook to see his sick grandmother, than hang out with you and some model,” Kyuhyun pointed out spitefully.

“A real fan would be happy that you might find a girl that could make you happy. You care way too much what the fans think; it’s crazy.”

“Who’s crazy?” Siwon asked, leaning his head through the door.

“Kyuhyun,” Zhou Mi told him.

“When did you get back?” Kyuhyun asked, looking up at Siwon, who had been the missing member for days now, while off doing work related to his newest drama.

“I got back late last night. I thought I better stop by this morning and see how all of you were doing,” Siwon said, taking a seat next to Kyuhyun on the bed. “So, how are you holding up? You’ve looked worse, but you have also looked better.”

“I’ve felt better. I seem to be surrounded by people that are intent on making my life as miserable as possible. Some are even trying to guilt trip me for doing the right thing,” Kyuhyun said, his eyes full of blame, aimed at Zhou Mi.

“What did big, old bad Zhou Mi do now?” Siwon asked. He couldn’t help but smile at how childlike Kyuhyun looked sitting there, clutching the pillow in his pajamas.

“I set him up with Jia Li. You’ve met her; aren’t I a horrible person?”

“Wow, that’s a step up from your game playing,” Siwon said, affectionately reaching over to ruffle Kyuhyun’s hair. “She’s a knockout, and she’s actually here in Seoul?” Siwon sounded very impressed.

“Yes, with Mei. We were supposed to meet them for lunch and then see where the day took us,” Zhou Mi informed Siwon.

Siwon looked confused, looking back and forth between the two men. “And the problem is?”

“He has decided to chicken out at the very last minute and go with Ryeowook to visit his sick grandmother instead.”

“I am not a chicken. I just don’t want to go. I never wanted to. I just told you I would go, because you wouldn’t shut up about it. I wish I had never agreed to go.” Kyuhyun was becoming very irritated.

“What man wouldn’t want to go?” Zhou Mi asked.

“I wouldn’t. I am going to go with Ryeowook to see his sick grandmother!” Kyuhyun actually spit the words out.

“As a Christian, I have to applaud you for such a caring act, but as a man I have to ask,” Siwon gave a dramatic pause then added, “have you lost your mind?” Siwon pulled the turtle pillow away from Kyuhyun and whacked him in the head with it.

Kyuhyun stood up, becoming very defensive. “I already told Ryeowook I would go.”

“You told me that you would go with me?” Zhou Mi pointed out.

“Well, I guess I like him more than you,” Kyuhyun said very rudely.

“Kyuhyun - ” Siwon warned, reaching out for the younger man, trying to pull him back to the bed, but Kyuhyun refused to move. “Is this because you don’t want to make Ryeowook mad again? I mean, you just got over whatever you were fighting about.”

“Maybe - ” Kyuhyun said as Siwon actually gave him a good reason for backing out of his date.

“Oh,” Zhou Mi said, becoming instantly more understanding.

“Did you tell him you already had plans?” Siwon questioned, not aware of any of the morning events.

“Oh, he knew. That’s the part I can’t understand? He knew we had plans, and still he asked… unless he is punishing Kyuhyun for lying earlier.”

“I didn’t lie. I just exaggerated,” Kyuhyun said, turning to look innocently at Siwon; the older man wasn’t big on lying.

“Well, there you go. He is just messing with baby Maknae here. He won’t hold him to it,” Siwon told them.

“But I want to be held to it. I want to go with him,” Kyuhyun tried to explain.

“If Ryeowook is just messing with you, then get out of it. You would be crazy not to at least meet her,” Zhou Mi pointed out again.

“Totally bonkers. She’s a knockout,” Siwon agreed.

“You know what, Siwon, you should go in my place if she’s so great. I am sure the two of you will be totally beautiful together,” Kyuhyun told him, annoyed again.

“I just might!” Siwon informed him in a teasing tone.

“She wants to meet you!” Zhou Mi tried to explain to Kyuhyun.

“Then it’s too bad, because I don’t want to meet her,” Kyuhyun told them as he left the room.


“It is crazy! I know why they think I’m crazy, because it……’s crazy! I know how crazy it sounds,” Kyuhyun just burst out angrily, while driving down the highway.

Ryeowook jumped at Kyuhyun’s outburst and turned down the radio. “What is?” He asked timidly, because Kyuhyun has been strangely quiet since he had insisted on driving earlier.

“That I would rather go with you to see your sick grandmother than go on a date with a model. I mean, who gives up the chance of going out with a beautiful model? It’s just crazy. I am aware of that fact.”

“My grandmother was a real looker in her day,” Ryeowook offered with a smile, trying to lighten up the mood.

“That isn’t funny.”

“It’s kinda funny.”

“No, it isn’t. Siwon and Zhou Mi gave me so much grief. You cannot even imagine the grief they gave me for backing out at the last minute.”

“I told you that you didn’t have to go. I wouldn’t have minded.”

“You made me feel guilty because of all the times that you have gone with me to see my family.”

“You didn’t feel guilty, and we both know it,” Ryeowook said, chuckling because they both knew it was a lie.

“Then why the hell would I agree to come with you, instead of go with them?” Kyuhyun asked. His anxiety was starting to show in his driving as he swerved in the lane.

“Well, you should calm down and focus on driving.”

“I am focused on driving. We just need to talk about this. This thing between us, we just need to discuss it,” Kyuhyun told him as he clung to the steering wheel hard. He felt like his fingers might leave indentations.

“I think you are just cranky. You probably need something to eat. We should stop and get something,” Ryeowook said, desperately trying to change the subject.

“I just ate my breakfast and half of yours. I’m not hungry. We have to talk about this. I think I am going nuts,” Kyuhyun pleaded.

“Well, I’m hungry, and we need to get some water. It’s very important to stay hydrated in the summer,” Ryeowook told him, pretending to totally ignore him.

“You kissed me and confused the hell out of me,” Kyuhyun just said it finally, not allowing Ryeowook to distract him.

Ryeowook just leaned his head back against the seat and shook his head, as his plan for distraction failed. “I don’t know what else to say, except ‘I’m sorry.’”

“Oh, I know how very sorry you are, because you keep telling me constantly. I know you wish that you could go back in time and take it back. I wish I could go on acting ignorant and in denial, but I can’t. We need to talk about it. Being sorry doesn’t fix anything.”

“We did talk about it! We have rules. You are always breaking them, though; what happened to rule four? You made rule four, but you are always going around breaking it,” Ryeowook complained.

“I cannot be held accountable to rules I agreed to when I was on pain medication. We need to have a serious, adult conversation about this.”

“Do you see any serious adults around here? I don’t?” Ryeowook informed him as he held up his hands making a point of looking around the car.

“Ryeowook!” Kyuhyun was getting very agitated. Since when did he become the mature one?

“Kyuhyun, we have rules; we follow those rules, everything will be fine!” Ryeowook insisted. He had grabbed his seatbelt and twisted it around his hand as hard as he could.

“How can you say that? Things aren’t fine with us; things are very weird, and just because we are talking to each other, doesn’t mean things are okay. The rules don’t even cover our biggest problem.”

“And what is that?” Ryeowook questioned, his voice full of dread.

“That you can’t keep your hands off me, and I don’t want you to,” Kyuhyun told him, his whole face turning bright red as he spoke. “I mean you touch me, and….it just isn’t the same; it means more than it should.”

Ryeowook didn’t say anything; he just bent forward, placing his head between his legs.

“I mean, you have always touched me. I have always welcomed your touch… usually it’s a hand to comfort me, a touch to calm me, or a much needed massage…. you know the accident left me so screwed up, and sometimes I hurt so bad. I stopped taking the pain medicine with your help…and you have helped me so much. I never thought anything of it before; it was just natural….but now it’s like it isn’t enough; that I want...”

“I’m going to be sick,” Ryeowook warned, his head still between his legs.

Kyuhyun turned his head to look at him. “What do you mean ‘sick’? Sick like you’re going to puke in my car? Or am I disgusting you?”

Ryeowook lifted his head up and looked at Kyuhyun, who had turned his attention back to the road. “I am sick because I ruined everything, and I am going to throw up in your car.”

Kyuhyun hurriedly pulled off to the side of the road. Ryeowook undid the seatbelt, flew out of the car, and got down on his knees in the grass. Kyuhyun got out of the car and went around to stand beside him.

“Are you okay?” Kyuhyun asked after five minutes of no vomiting or movement on Ryeowook’s part.

“No.” Ryeowook whispered as he reached out a hand for Kyuhyun, who took it and went down on his knees in the grass beside Ryeowook. Ryeowook clung to Kyuhyun’s hand as he turned to look at him with tears welling up in his eyes, but not falling, “I am not disgusted by you. I am disgusted by myself because I let this happen, and I just keep letting it go from bad to worse. We shouldn’t be having this conversation; we should be past this…”

“I think we should kiss again.” Kyuhyun interrupted him before he could go any further.
I think we should kiss again.” Kyuhyun interrupted him before he could go any further.

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