TFAN, Sneak Peek Part 10


The shock of Kyuhyun’s statement sent Ryeowook tumbling backwards and landing on his butt, “You what?”  Eyes that had been looking at Kyuhyun full of tears a moment ago were full of fear now, “No, we can’t ever kiss again!  We will destroy everything!”


“I just want to see.”  Kyuhyun told him while kneeling down in the grass beside him, with a look on his face that excited Ryeowook and scared him at the same time.


“See what?”


“What will happen if I just reacted normally, and not the way I have been programmed by society to act since I was born.”  Kyuhyun said leaning forward toward Ryeowook.


Ryeowook pushed Kyuhyun away sending the other man toppling over.  “What the hell do you mean by that?  You reacted how you were supposed too!”  Ryeowook said standing up as quickly as possible.


“No, I didn’t. I reacted how I was taught to react.”  Kyuhyun informed him from his position flat on his back in the grass looking up at Ryeowook.


“Stop that!” 


“No, I will not. I acted exactly how a Korean man is taught to act if a man ever tries something with him.”


“And that is a good thing!  Whatever guilt you have about hitting me, let it go.  I deserved it.”


Kyuhyun got up quickly and grabbed the shorter man by the arms, “No, you didn’t.  You didn’t hurt me and I shouldn’t have hurt you.  You were just drunk, and I think…”

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