Expectations: Come Together Part 4 of 5

Series: Expectations
Adventure Nine: Come Together Part 4 of 5
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae, KyuWook
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Romance
Length: Chaptered
Beta fi_chan

Summary: The Expectation’s crew is busy instructing the Rebellion on how to care for the newly confiscated ships, it has handed over to them. While at the same time Captain Yunho struggles to deal with a temperamental, shifting Jaejoong, and an erratic Changmin. Kyuhyun’s recovery takes a surprising turn. Family jewels are in jeopardy. Donghae wants to throw a party. Siwon has an interesting offer for Sungmin. Eunhyuk finds himself in Yoochun’s bed once again. Junsu is not amused.

A million thanks to my two favorite Australians ever!!!  Amy and Rice...Fiona, I am in your debt.   Thanks so much for all the help you provided me!  Thanks bunches!

Prior Adventures

“I think my new legs are slimmer than my old ones,” Shindong said proudly as he walked down the corridor along with Dr. Cho and Commander Cho. They were on their way back to sickbay.

“Only from the knee down is new,” Kyuhyun reminded him.

“I still feel thinner,” Shindong insisted.

Ryeowook smiled at the two of them. He admired their new friendship that had been formed during the worst of times. “Shindong, are you even aware that you have lost 16kgs since you first arrived on the ship?”

Shindong turned to face Ryeowook, shocked. “I have? How is that possible? I eat all the time. The food here is delicious.”

“You can’t get fat on synthesized food,” Kyuhyun told Shindong with a grin. “Well, unless certain controls were disabled on the machine, but we really don’t want fat officers. We want healthy, fit officers on a starship.”

“This ship is just amazing. I’m so glad I kidnapped your captain,” Shindong proclaimed, turning to face Kyuhyun. “I didn’t get my Joong, but I did pretty well for myself.”

Kyuhyun reached up and wiped his face, and winced. “Now, if you just stop spitting every time you talk.”

“Hey, you grow a new tongue and see how well you talk,” Shindong snapped back at him.

Ryeowook laughed at the two of them as he entered sickbay. “I think I was the one that grew you that new tongue.”

“Yes, you did, and you are forever my favorite doctor in any galaxy,” Shindong told Dr. Cho as he and Kyuhyun followed the doctor into sickbay.

“But he still plays a poor second fiddle to me,” Heechul declared upon their arrival.

Kyuhyun took in the vision of Heechul with his hot pink nursing scrubs and matching hair ribbons holding his ponytails in place, and couldn’t keep from teasing, “Everybody plays second fiddle to you. You’re marvelous.”

“Kyuhyun! You will make your hubby jealous!” Heechul squealed, delighted with the compliment as he tugged on one of his ponytails.

“I can barely restrain myself,” Ryeowook muttered under his breath, rolling his eyes at the two of them, and then focused on a very uncomfortable looking Eunhyuk, who had slowly entered sickbay behind them.

Shindong took in the sight of Heechul and confessed, “I must admit that I forget you’re a dude half of the time.”

Heechul gave Shindong a heated glare and declared, “That’s because I’m not a dude! I’m a princess!”

“Eunhyuk, what’s wrong with you?” Dr. Cho asked the navigator, who looked to be in a great amount of pain.

“Let me tell! Let me! Let me!” Heechul yelled, jumping up and down, full of excitement and unable to restrain himself from telling them, “Eunhyuk visited a house of sin while on shore leave, and now he has green purulent drainage and burning.”

“How do you know that?” Eunhyuk asked, surprised that Heechul had guessed correctly.

Heechul let go of his ponytail and waved his hand at Eunhyuk and explained, “Because I’m as brilliant as I am beautiful.”

Ryeowook, who was frowning at Eunhyuk, asked Heechul, “No, really, how did you know?”

Heechul sighed but reluctantly admitted, “Two other crew members just came in with those same symptoms after visiting the house of sin in question, and I know if there is a prostitute anywhere near his sniffing range, Eunhyuk will find her.”

Kyuhyun snickered in the background at the truthfulness of Heechul’s words as he sat down on the sofa in the waiting area.

“And where are the other two crew members?” Ryeowook asked, trying to keep a straight face.

“I have them back in the exam rooms. I told them there was no cure and their penises were going to rot off,” Heechul happily informed Ryeowook.

Ryeowook went up to the very embarrassed Eunhyuk, and took him by the arm and led him back toward the exam rooms, but stopped on his way to pat Heechul on the back, telling him, “Good work.”

Heechul smiled proudly as Ryeowook led Eunhyuk away, and stated, “I think perhaps the ship should start passing out condoms before shore leave.”

Shindong, who had started walking around in circles, stretching out his new legs, agreed, “That would probably be smart.”

“What’s a condom?” Kyuhyun asked, having never heard of the word before.

Shindong looked at Kyuhyun, completely taken aback that a man with such a reputation for sexual conquests hadn’t heard of a condom. “It’s what you wrap your dick up with so you don’t get shit like that.”

“Wrap it up?” Kyuhyun said as if the idea was completely foreign to him. “Wrap it up…” Kyuhyun repeated as if the thought horrified him.

Shindong tapped the universal translator that was implanted in his brain and asked, “Is it not working? How can you not know what a condom is?”

“Humanity has not had the need for such things in hundreds of years once our medical science cured all known contagious diseases on earth and infertility implants were placed in newborns to prevent unwanted pregnancies…there was no need,” Heechul explained rationally, causing both Kyuhyun and Shindong to stare at him.

“Dr. Kim?” Kyuhyun asked hopefully.

Heechul waved his hands and quickly corrected him, “No, none of that. I am still fabulous me. I just have all his knowledge and sometimes it slips out.”

“Yes, you are fabulous,” Sungmin quickly agreed as he practically pranced into sickbay. Since Siwon had asked to date him, Sungmin could not contain his good mood.

Heechul eyed Sungmin suspiciously and asked, “Why are you so happy? What do you want?

“I want you to help me, to help Donghae to plan the greatest Halloween Party this ship has ever seen,” Sungmin quickly explained to the always suspicious Heechul.

Heechul’s eyes immediately lit up. “A party! I love parties!”

Shindong sat down next to Kyuhyun with both eyes on Sungmin and Heechul and asked, “Halloween?”

“One of my most favorite Earth holidays…Well, right after Christmas,” Kyuhyun explained.

“It’s going to be in Ten Forward, and I think there should be dancing,” Sungmin said purposely, knowing it would set Heechul’s heart a flutter.

“Dancing!” Heechul swayed on his feet as if he could hear the music already. “I love dancing! I can dance with my prince.”

Sungmin swallowed nervously. “Of course you can.”

Something in Sungmin’s tone had the extremely observant Heechul immediately suspicious. “You are spending a lot of time with my prince!”

“He feels sorry for me…because I’m so sad and pathetic,” Sungmin offered up quickly, letting any pride he had fall to the side.

Heechul turned to look at Kyuhyun, who was sitting on the sofa, and agreed with Sungmin, “Yes, you are pathetic, and my prince would have mercy on you. He’s such a merciful, handsome prince.”

“And you’re his favorite girl,” Sungmin pointed out.

“Yes, I am!” Heechul agreed, and then dismissed his jealously with a wave of his hand. “We are going to dress up! We have to dress up!”

“Absolutely,” Sungmin agreed.

Heechul’s eyes widened as an idea took root in his mind. “Oh, I just thought of the perfect dress!”

“What kind of dress?”

“It will be my perfect princess dress! You can’t know what it looks like! Nobody can! It has to be a secret!” Heechul declared, his head spinning with ideas. “Oh, I will make everybody dress up…just like I want them! It will be glorious! I will find you later, so I can tell you what to do!” Heechul yelled back at Sungmin as he hurried from the sickbay, eager to make plans regarding his dress.

“So are you and Siwon an item?” Kyuhyun asked from the sofa after watching Sungmin with Heechul. Kyuhyun knew that Ryeowook had suspicions about the two of them, and after that exchange, Kyuhyun had them too.

Sungmin walked up to be closer to Kyuhyun and Shindong and shrugged. “Sorta…maybe…might be someday…I hope.”

Kyuhyun smiled, happy for Sungmin. “Well, let’s hope he is better than that last loser you were with.”

Sungmin smiled down at Kyuhyun. “He wasn’t a loser. He was actually a really great guy…he just wasn’t meant for me.”

“We definitely make better friends,” Kyuhyun told Sungmin, relieved that the awkwardness between them was finally dissipating.

“Definitely better as friends,” Sungmin agreed. “Are you doing okay?”

Kyuhyun nodded his head and answered honestly, “I’m getting better everyday, but it will take time.”

“If there is anything you need, you only have to ask,” Sungmin told Kyuhyun as Eunhyuk stepped back into the main entrance of sickbay, looking much better after Dr. Cho had attended to him.

“Sungmin! Who told you?” Eunhyuk asked in dread. He had already gotten chewed out royally by Dr. Cho; he didn’t need another chewing out.

“Told me what?”

“Nothing, nothing at all,” Eunhyuk responded quickly as he pulled out his pink crystal from his pocket and clutched it, praying for luck.

Sungmin peered closely as his friend, sizing him up instantly. “Tell me you didn’t catch something else from another whore. Were the purple warts not enough?”

“Don’t judge!” Eunhyuk said, sulking; He hated that Sungmin knew him so well. “It wasn’t only me this time. And she was at least human,” Eunhyuk told them as he laid the pink crystal down on a small table beside the sofa where Kyuhyun sat.

“What’s that?” Kyuhyun asked, eyeing the pink crystal.

“I bought it while on shore leave. It was supposed to be for good luck, but it’s useless,” Eunhyuk told them bitterly. “It sure as hell hasn’t brought me any good luck.”

Sungmin walked up and grabbed Eunhyuk by his shirt collar, and dragged him toward the exit. “Come to think of it, we are long overdue a talk about you and your bad choices!”

Kyuhyun watched, amused, as Sungmin dragged Eunhyuk from sickbay. Shindong, who had been pondering something since the subject of the party came up, asked Kyuhyun, “How can you have a dance on this ship when there is only one girl on the ship? Well, two if you count Heechul.”

“Men can dance together.”

“I do not want to dance with a man, but I do want to test out my new legs.”

“I’m hurt,” Kyuhyun told Shindong, trying to look disappointed.

“You will get over it,” Shindong assured him. “I will do my own thing on the dance floor.”

“Should I be scared?”

“Actually, I used to have some pretty slick moves.”

“Hello, Kyuhyun, Shindong,” a very pleased looking Changmin said, greeting them as he entered sickbay.

“Hello to you,” Kyuhyun replied back to the happy looking Changmin. “What’s new?”

“I now have the ability to heal myself without almost dying,” Changmin informed them proudly as he walked over to the sofa where they sat and held out his left hand. “On Altanguerel I got stung by a flying mammal that also exhibited arthropod features. My hand swelled approximately 2.4 times its actual size; and with the power of my Joong blood…with a little assistance from Yunho, I completely healed myself.”

Kyuhyun reached out and took Changmin’s hand to examine it. “With Yunho’s help? Are you sure you don’t mean your mom’s help?”

“No, my mom had already beamed back to the ship, fearful of my lecherous father. Yunho used our parent/child bond to enhance my powers, and after one hundred and ninety-seven minutes I was healed completely.”

“Your lecherous father?” Kyuhyun repeated, stunned at Changmin’s words as he let go of Changmin’s hand. Kyuhyun realized that Changmin was the first person—after Ryeowook—that he had initiated physical contact with.

Changmin nodded his head as he lifted his hand up to exam it proudly. “Yes, my mom refuses to resume sexual activities with him, and he was not handling his lustful urges in a respectful way. They would not allow me to wear the necklace, so I was repeatedly exposed to his animalistic desires.”

“I didn’t know Joongs could say no to their mate. Nobody ever tells you that,” Shindong said sadly, as another of his Joong delusions was shattered. “It would suck if you got one and you thought you were going to get laid for the rest of your life, but no such luck. Instead you get this mate who can read your mind, so there isn’t any hope of getting any on the side.”

Changmin shook his head. “It’s just the shif…where is Sulli? She will be excited for me—unlike you two.”

“Hey, I am very excited for you. Will you always need to be in contact with Yunho to heal yourself?” Kyuhyun replied quickly, catching Changmin’s slip up but letting it slide.

“No,” Changmin assured them. “I wanted to cut myself and practice healing by myself, but Yunho forbid it.”

“Damn that dad of yours,” Kyuhyun said, laughing.

“Tomorrow Mom said that others get to go to the planet with us,” Changmin informed Kyuhyun. “Since, I didn’t hurt Yunho.”

Kyuhyun smiled weakly. “Doesn’t Yunho have stronger mental shields than regular people because of his repeated exposure to you and Jaejoong?”

“Perhaps, that’s why we are only taking volunteers. Of course, Ryeowook will not be allowed to go with us—we can’t have the doctor brain damaged…again,” Changmin explained as the pink crystal on the table caught his attention.

“I am not volunteering for that field trip,” Shindong responded, looking appalled at the mere thought.

“That’s unfortunate because I really need to practice on a human from this galaxy,” Changmin replied to Shindong, but his eyes were glued to the crystal.

“Well, too bad. I have had enough shit happen to me,” Shindong answered gruffly. “I am not going to volunteer for more.”

“That is perfectly understandable,” Changmin answered as he reached for the crystal and picked it up. The crystal started to glow the second he touched it. “What is this?”

“Eunhyuk got it on the rebel outpost. It was supposed to be for good luck, but he said it was worthless,” Kyuhyun informed Changmin.

“It looks to be made up of the same crystals as my necklace,” Changmin said as he held the crystal up, examining it.

“It does,” Shindong agreed, getting up to inspect the crystal that was glowing in Changmin’s hand. “Actually I think that’s a STS.”

“STS? What does that stand for?” Changmin immediately asked.

“Soul Tri Sphere,” Shindong answered. “They are found randomly on planets in this galaxy. A lot of people claim they were made by the Joong race. I have never heard of them glowing before.”

“Do you think the Joong race really made them?” Changmin asked the space trader.

Shindong shook his head. “No, a lot of people claim items were made by the Joongs so they can sell them at higher prices.”

“I need to get in one of my science labs; this looks to consist of the same substance as the necklace. I wish to examine it further,” Changmin said, longing for his lab.

Kyuhyun got up from the sofa. “I will go with you. I can be your guard.”

“I no longer require a guard, but I know Yunho would not approve of me going to my lab unattended. If you were with me, it should be fine though,” Changmin said, mostly to himself, as he headed out of sickbay, entranced by the crystal.

Kyuhyun looked down at Shindong and asked, “You mind telling Ryeowook where I am going? He’s a little protective of me lately.”

“No problem,” Shindong answered as he watched Kyuhyun follow Changmin out of sickbay.


Sungmin pushed Eunhyuk inside his small quarters and declared, “We need to talk.”

“Actually we don’t,” Eunhyuk informed his bossy friend and tried to step around him. Unfortunately for Eunhyuk, his bossy friend was a martial arts expert who easily kept him in the room. The door to the quarters shut and Eunhyuk groaned knowing there was no avoiding the confrontation now.

“Not so quick,” Sungmin told him, hands firmly on hips as he prepared to lecture his oldest friend. Sungmin watched as Eunhyuk’s expression changed from one of dread to one of surprise.

Eunhyuk, who had been trying to flee just moments ago, looked at Sungmin very confused and said in shocked voice, “Sungmin?”

“Yes, that’s my name,” Sungmin told his friend as he pushed him back toward the bed.

“How did I get here?” Eunhyuk asked as he stumbled back on to the bed, looking more confused by the second.

“You have got to be kidding me. If you think you can fake amnesia it isn’t going to work. I know what you did,” Sungmin informed the other man.

“Fake amnesia?” the ensign asked again, tilting his head as if his own voice sounded off to him.

“Yes, fake!”

“Was I beamed here?”

“Beamed here? I told you I’m not falling for any of your games so don’t even try,” Sungmin told him, more displeased by the second.

The ensign shook his head and got up from the bed again and deplored, “Sungmin, I promise you I am not playing any games. What is going on?”

Sungmin pushed him back down on the bed, “We are here to talk about what went on in the past! What you did! You can avoid me all you want, but I know you slept with Yoochun!”

“I did not!” the other man screamed, jumping up from the bed completely scandalized.

Sungmin looked at his friend as if he had gone crazy. “Eunhyuk, don’t deny it! Yoochun admitted everything to me! I know you slept with him when he was in the body of a woman!”

“Eunhyuk,” the other man repeated as he made his way to the mirror in the quarters. “Eunhyuk?”

“You are starting to piss me off. Don’t play stupid. We are going to talk about it. Right now! There is no avoiding it!”

“Oh, God…I…he,” Eunhyuk gasped after making his way to the mirror. He just stared at his reflection, thunderstruck.

“Yes, I know. He told me everything. Do you know he used you? Junsu refused him that night, and he was using you to spite Junsu. Did you know you were being used to hurt one of your best friends? Your oldest friend!”

Eunhyuk, who had not looked away from the mirror, just shook his head.

“Luckily his conscience got the better of him and he didn’t run and tell Junsu, but what if he does? You have to tell Junsu first. Junsu can’t hear this from Yoochun. He needs to hear it from you. Although you like to deny it, Junsu has feelings for Yoochun.”

The ensign turned away from the mirror. “You think…you think I…you think Junsu cares for Yoochun?”

“Duh, it is obvious to everybody but you. You think everybody should be as heterosexual as you are.”

The other man’s legs were suddenly unsteady as he carefully made it back to the bed. “Everybody knows?”

Sungmin’s annoyance dissipated as he looked at his clearly distraught friend. “I don’t know if everybody knows, but most people know that Junsu and Yoochun have something complicated going on between them.”

“Complicated… Why can’t it just be complicated because Commander Yoochun is a big, stupid jerk? I mean what decent person would care about him?”

Sungmin sat down on the bed beside his friend and wrapped a comforting arm around him. Eunhyuk looked devastated and Sungmin had not expected that. “You really didn’t know? I’m sorry for jumping on you, it’s just that I think—I know—Junsu would be hurt if he found out.”

The ensign let out a bitter laugh and agreed, “You are right about that.”

“I know Yoochun is an asshole, but he’s more than that too. Yoochun is a very complicated person. Don’t judge Junsu harshly, you can’t help who you care about; and Junsu hasn’t given in to his feelings, and he might never.”

“He won’t—shouldn’t—but it isn’t so easy. I know Junsu likes girls, but then there are days when Yoochun is so charming and it’s like everything gets mixed up inside. Like shopping at the street market today—that was actually nice. He didn’t behave badly at all, and it was fun.”

Sungmin looked confused now. “You shopped with Yoochun today? Was this before your excursion to the whorehouse?

“I guess you could say it was during it,” the other man told Sungmin, looking guilty.

“How is that even possible? Did Yoochun go with you to the whorehouse?” Sungmin asked and then he paled even more. “Please tell me you two don’t have some kinky thing going on still?”

“No! It wasn’t anything like that. Yoochun didn’t go to a whorehouse…that I know of. I have something I need to tell you.”

“What?” Sungmin asked nervously, not sure if he wanted to know.

“It’s going to sound really insane.”

Sungmin reached out and squeezed his friend’s shoulder and tried his best to sound reassuring, “Eunhyuk, you can tell me anything.”

“This is going to sound crazy, but before you tossed me on the bed…I was piloting a ship.”

“No, you weren’t,” Sungmin informed him. “You were in sickbay getting treated for some venereal disease you picked up from some whore.”

The other man swallowed nervously at Sungmin and told him, “I’ve never had a venereal disease before, and I’ve never been to a whorehouse. I’m Junsu. I don’t know how it is possible but I just suddenly found myself in Eunhyuk’s body.”


Eunhyuk’s surroundings shifted, and he suddenly found himself in a bed in a sparsely lit room on top of some naked woman. He shook his head, fighting the feeling of lightheadedness, and realized his cock was buried inside the woman who was underneath him.

“Don’t stop!” the woman begged as her nails cut into his back.

Alarmed, Eunhyuk looked down at the woman and recognized her as Nesala, one of the female rebels. For only a few seconds, Eunhyuk allowed himself to wonder how he had gotten so lucky. He didn’t know how he got in bed with her, but he wasn’t about to waste the opportunity that had been handed to him. He could get his memory loss checked out later. Now was not the time for thinking, he told himself as he started thrusting energetically.

The woman underneath him moaned, delighted with his renewed enthusiasm. “Harder, harder, harder,” she cried. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Eunhyuk thrust harder and harder, not one to disobey a lady.


Jaejoong stood inside the prior captain’s quarters that were now his and Yunho’s. Hours had passed and he stood staring at the aquarium setting inside the wall, watching the beautiful fish of many colors as they swam peacefully through the water. Memories of the planet of his birth had surfaced in his mind, reminding him that it was not his people’s way to disobey the desires of their hearts. Bonded Joongs followed only one path, and that was the path of love—love they shared with the one they were bonded to. He had rejected his heritage by ignoring his bondmate for so long.

The doors to the quarters opened and the Yunho stepped inside. At first Yunho didn’t say anything; he just stood still, watching Jaejoong.

Jaejoong stood transfixed in front of the tank, refusing to meet Yunho’s gaze. The anger was gone and instead there was only fear—terrible, unbearable fear of the tragic future they shared.

“Changmin was finally able to heal himself. I honestly don’t think I had anything to do with it.”

“You underestimate the strength of your support. Your love and support have always guided him. You have always been a good friend to him, and perhaps friendship is the strongest bond you two share.” Yunho took a step closer and Jaejoong’s hand flew up and he ordered, “Don’t! Please don’t.”

“Jaejoong, this…this isn’t right. This distance between us, it isn’t right,” Yunho told his mate, but respected his mate’s wishes and stopped his approach.

Jaejoong closed his eyes and asked Yunho desperately, “Don’t you think I know that? I am acutely aware of that every second of the day.”

“Then why do you insist on keeping us apart? I know if we just reconnected with each other this anger from the shifting would be gone. Or is it more? I’m sorry I ever put that necklace on.”

“I have forgiven you for wearing the necklace, or I have tried my best to, but can you say the same? Have you forgiven me for lying to you?”

“Yes, I have. I accept that you did not do it in malice, that you thought you were protecting us,” Yunho answered honestly. “I just know that I miss you. Missing you cancels out any sense of betrayal I might have felt before.”

Jaejoong kept his eyes squeezed shut and wrapped his arms around his chest and hugged himself tightly. “I just can’t…I’m too afraid.”

Yunho sighed, misunderstanding his mate. “Jaejoong, the fact that Changmin exists is a fact. You are the one that preaches that time can’t be altered. It’s not that I don’t understand your dislike…heck, I’m really glad that I’m not the one that has to give birth to him, but what can you do about it?”

Jaejoong turned to face Yunho now. “You think my fear comes from the thought of being with child?”

“Umm…you did preach the horrors to me. You were really convincing,” Yunho reminded Jaejoong.

“That was mostly the shifting… Not that I’m looking forward to it, but that isn’t what I fear the most.”

“Mostly the shifting?” Yunho asked quickly, catching something about Jaejoong’s manner—something warmer and familiar. “You aren’t angry with me right now. When did that change?”

Jaejoong smiled at his much-relieved mate. “I realized it on the planet today. I was having fun giving you hell, but it was just how we are. I found myself just wanting to reach out and touch you.”

“Then why didn’t you?” Yunho asked, taking a step closer to Jaejoong.

Jaejoong quickly took a step back away from Yunho. “Because, Yunho, don’t you realize…that Changmin…having Changmin will only speed up our doom.”

“Our doom,” Yunho repeated sadly as he was reminded of their shared fate. The fact that he and Jaejoong would die young and Jaejoong would send a young Changmin back in time in a last effort attempt to save their son’s life was not something Yunho liked to think about.

“We are doomed. We don’t get a happy ending. Changmin’s birth only brings us that much closer to the end of our lives. The fact that we have timeless love is comforting, but we won’t remember any of this life.”

This time Yunho stepped forward, not letting Jaejoong avoid him as he grabbed the other man gently by the shoulders, forcing him to look him in the eye. “Then we can’t waste time being angry or hurtful to each other. I refuse to accept that we are doomed, but if we are I don’t want to spend a moment of it apart from you.”

Jaejoong stepped into Yunho’s embrace, pressing his face against the other man’s chest, rejoicing in the power of the bond that he had deprived himself of for so long. “I’m so sorry. I just don’t want this to ever end. I don’t want us to die.”

“I don’t want that either,” Yunho told Jaejoong, embracing him tightly, causing Jaejoong to wince.

Yunho pulled away and studied Jaejoong, who looked miserable. “What’s wrong?”

Jaejoong’s breathing increased as he clutched on to Yunho. “I’m hurting. I need to lie down.”

Yunho quickly turned toward the master bedroom, helping Jaejoong along. “Hurting? What did I do?”

“The second stage of shifting is when the body actually undergoes the physical changes. I was trying to meditate earlier, trying my best to postpone it, but now that we have reconnected…it won’t let me. I need to fall asleep. Changing is never easy when you are awake,” Jaejoong told Yunho as the other man led him to the bed and sat him down.

Yunho pushed Jaejoong back on the bed and lifted his feet up on the bed, and watched as Jaejoong curled up on his side. “So you are going to change into your Joong form, now?”

“Yes, but it won’t happen as quickly as it did when I first assumed this form. The Joong form is much more complicated. It has been known to take days with some. I am probably just growing some of my female organs now,” Jaejoong explained. “The pain should ease up in a little bit. I just need to rest.”

Yunho stared down at Jaejoong helplessly. “What should I do?”

“You can hold me.”

Yunho climbed into bed and wrapped himself around his mate and pulled him snug against his body, “Nothing, I’d rather do.”

Jaejoong grabbed Yunho’s hand and pulled it up to his mouth and kissed it. “I think that might be a blatant lie, but soon.”

Yunho couldn’t stop from laughing as he breathed in the scent of Jaejoong, “Now, I was trying to be all-”

Yunho groaned as the sound of his insignia chirping filled the air. He reluctantly pulled his hand away from Jaejoong and tapped his insignia. “Captain, here.”

“Captain,” Lieutenant Yesung’s voice suddenly broke out from Yunho’s insignia. “Ensign Junsu appears to be in distress.”

“Clarify, Lieutenant,” Yunho ordered as he sat up in bed.

“Sir, he is flying like a crazy person, and he won’t answer our hails,” Yesung answered.

Yunho looked down at Jaejoong and cringed guiltily. Jaejoong just shook his head, closed his eyes, and told Yunho, “Go.”

Yunho bent down quickly and gave Jaejoong a quick kiss on the cheek, and then climbed out of bed. “I’ll be right there,” Yunho told Yesung as he hurried from the room on his way to the bridge.


“Do you think he’s drunk?” a mystified Ensign Horvejkul, who was Eunhyuk’s relief, asked as he watched the main screen.

Lieutenant Yesung walked up behind him and asked, “But where would he have obtained alcohol?”

“Perhaps he found some while on shore leave?” Ensign Minho suggested from the science station as he sat staring at the main screen, baffled. It was a well-known fact aboard the ship that Ensign Junsu was their best pilot by far.

Ensign SungGyu from the helmsman chair watched as the small spaceship stopped then started again, spun, and jerked in the space in front of them. “You don’t think he’s having a seizure do you?”

Yunho walked onto the bridge and his gaze immediately took in the sight on the main screen. “What the hell is he doing?”

“No, idea…it’s like he forgot how to fly it,” Yesung told the captain.

“And he still won’t answer our hails?” Yunho confirmed as he walked up beside Lieutenant Yesung.

“No,” Ensign Minho answered.

“Place a tractor beam on the ship and beam Ensign Junsu directly to sickbay,” Yunho ordered. “I will be in sickbay, and have Lieutenant Sungmin meet me there. Lieutenant Yesung, you have the bridge once again.”

“Aye, Sir,” Yesung replied, and Yunho headed off the bridge and to sickbay.


“I am going to kill somebody!” Yunho heard Ensign Junsu declare loudly as he entered sickbay.

“What? Why? What is going on with you? My sensors say you are completely fine…except for a severe case of motion sickness,” Dr. Cho told the very disgruntled looking ensign.

“Your sensors be damned, I’m pissed! This is not funny! I could have died,” Ensign Junsu told Dr. Cho as Yunho entered the room.

“Ensign,” Yunho chastised as he walked up to the bed.

Ensign Junsu turned to look at Yunho as if he had gone mad. “Ensign? When did I get demoted?”

“What?” Dr. Cho and Yunho asked at the same.

“Umm…the last time I checked I was a commander. Also I was in a very…a very nice place when I got beamed into that primitive wreck! When I find out who is behind this, the environmental controls to their quarters will never work right again!”

“Yoochun…” Yunho said pausing, knowing the familiar bitching of his oldest friend anywhere. “You are Yoochun.”

“Huh?” Dr. Cho asked, dumbfounded.

“Who did you think I was?” Commander Yoochun demanded.

Dr. Cho looked back and forth from Yunho to the body of Ensign Junsu, and answered, “I though you were Ensign Junsu…since you are Ensign Junsu.”

Yoochun arched his eyebrows at Dr. Cho and asked, “Have you gone mad, Doctor?”

Yunho looked around the room. “We need a mirror. Is there a mirror in here?”

“Of course, Heechul is never far from one,” Dr. Cho said as he went to grab one.

The man on the exam bed asked, “Why do we need a mirror?”

“Because you are in Ensign Junsu’s body,” Yunho informed Commander Yoochun, not knowing how it was possible, but knowing it was true.

“Although that is my greatest wish in life, sadly I’m not,” Yoochun told Yunho with a perverted grin that had Yunho frowning.

“Here,” Dr. Cho said, handing Yoochun a mirror.

Yoochun stared at the mirror. Yoochun’s mouth was moving, but no words were making it out as he stared at his reflection.

“Captain, what is going on?” Dr. Cho demanded. “The sensors say he is fine.”

“I was called to the bridge when the crew reported that Junsu, who was flight testing ships today, suddenly started flying like a manic,” Yunho explained.

Yoochun still just stared at the mirror with wide eyes and a slack jaw.

“What am I doing in sickbay?” the body of Eunhyuk asked as he entered sickbay with Sungmin at his side.

Yunho turned toward the ensign and asked, “Ensign Junsu?”

“Yes, Captain!” Junsu said with relief. “I was flying the ship, and then suddenly I was in Eunhyuk’s body getting chewed out by Sungmin.”

Sungmin looked at the body of Eunhyuk in shock. “So he really is Junsu?”

“I think so… Although I have no idea why or how,” the captain explained.

“Eunhyuk, you…you terrible friend! I want my body back,” Junsu cried to the man in his body.

“That’s not Eunhyuk,” Dr. Cho told Junsu. “That is Commander Yoochun.”

“What!” Junsu gasped horrified. “He can’t be in my body! He’ll molest me!”

Yoochun put the mirror down and told Junsu, “I had nothing to do with this. I could have killed myself flying that piece of junk. Heck, I couldn’t even recognize half the controls…okay not any of them. I’m lucky I’m still alive.”

“So if the person in Junsu’s body is Commander Yoochun, and the person in Eunhyuk’s body is Junsu…does that mean Eunhyuk is in Commander Yoochun’s body?” Sungmin asked, trying to make sense of the situation.

“That would be my guess,” Yunho told Sungmin and turned to Yoochun. “Where were you before the switch? Is it possible Eunhyuk doesn’t know?”

Yoochun smirked. “Oh, you are going to have to send security after him. If I know Eunhyuk, and I do, he is enjoying himself too much to care.”

“Why do you say that?” Dr. Cho asked in dread.

Yoochun leaned back in bed, placing his hands behind his head. “Because I was doing what I always do when I can’t have what I really want,” Yoochun said giving Junsu a wink. “I fuck whatever I can. Eunhyuk is in my quarters fucking the rebel woman, Nesala. I’d bet my life on it.”


“You violated that woman!” Sungmin hissed from across the table, aiming daggers at Eunhyuk with his eyes.

“I did not!” Eunhyuk in Yoochun’s body declared. Security had showed up and gathered him up from Yoochun’s quarters and deposited him in the main conference room in sickbay after getting him dressed. “I didn’t know.”

“How could you not know?” Ryeowook, who was sitting next Sungmin, asked.

Eunhyuk shrugged guilty and explained, “I thought I lost some memories or something. I didn’t notice I wasn’t myself ‘till security arrived. I then got up and noticed that my penis had shrunk.”

“Gawd,” Yunho groaned from the head of the conference table. Sungmin covered his mouth and fought to keep from laughing as Ryeowook just shook his head. Shindong, who was also at the meeting sitting beside Yoochun, didn’t bother to hide his laughter.

“Hey, you aren’t that big,” Junsu, who was still resigning in Eunhyuk’s body, pointed out.

“I’m bigger than him!” Eunhyuk insisted.

“Well, he would already know that, wouldn’t he?” Junsu snapped back at his friend. “It isn’t like he hasn’t seen it before.”

“Junsu…” Eunhyuk trailed off, unable to say more. Eunhyuk felt sickened when he realized Junsu must know about his and Yoochun’s night together. Eunhyuk could only imagine the things Sungmin had told Junsu while he had thought he was Eunhyuk.

Yoochun, who had been plotting ways to destroy Eunhyuk, demanded of the captain, “Captain, is this line of talk really necessary?”

Yunho cringed, still not used to Yoochun in Junsu’s body. “No, it isn’t. What did you three do?”

“Nothing! I mean if I knew what I did, I’d go undo it,” Yoochun answered.

Yunho tapped his fingers against the table and stated, “It happened while you were on shore leave. It always happens on shore leave.”

Sungmin turned toward Shindong and asked, “Have you ever heard of anything like this occurring before?”

Shindong, who was still laughing, shook his head.

“What about Jaejoong?” Ryeowook asked. “He may be able to help.”

“No,” Yunho said firmly. “Jaejoong is not feeling well.”

“Does he need my assistance?” Ryeowook asked carefully. As chief medical officer, he was the only person on the ship that Yunho had confided Jaejoong’s condition to.

Yunho shook his head. “He’s fine… We will talk about this later.”

“Of course,” Ryeowook answered and then added, “All my tests show that they are in perfect shape…it’s just like their souls have switched bodies.”

“That is very astute, Doctor,” Changmin said as he entered the conference room, holding the glowing pink crystal, with Kyuhyun walking closely behind him.

“What are you doing, and what is that?” Yunho demanded of his son.

Changmin and Kyuhyun took their normal seats next to Yunho. Changmin explained, “Ensign Eunhyuk bought this on Altanguerel. It is made of the same substance as my necklace.”

“It really is made by the Joongs?” Shindong asked, surprised.

“That I have yet to determine,” Changmin told them as he threw the crystal to Junsu, who easily caught it. The crystal immediately stopped glowing once Changmin released it. “The ships’ records say that at least nine crystals in total have been brought aboard the ship.”

Yunho frowned and eyed his son skeptically. “And how did you get in the ship’s computer? You’ve been locked out.”

“Ah, that is correct, but Commander Kyuhyun has not been and we were working on this hypothesis together.”

“I should be angry, and not to mention slightly fearful for my ship, but instead I will ask, what did you find out?”

“First I have a question,” Changmin told Yunho and turned his focus on Commander Yoochun, who was residing in Ensign Junsu’s body. “Did you buy these in a group?”

“Yes, the man selling them would only sell them as a group of three. Ensign Junsu, Ensign Asshole, and I all bought one from a group,” Yoochun answered.

Changmin arched his left eyebrow and asked, “I assume Ensign Eunhyuk is Ensign Asshole?”

“You would be correct,” Yoochun confirmed.

“Can we pretend for one minute that we are in an official Star Fleet briefing and behave accordingly?” Yunho asked with his firm, commanding voice.

“Yes, Sir!” all the officers responded, and Shindong immediately stopped laughing.

“For lack of a better word, three members of the crew have…exchanged souls. Although this might seem humorous to some, this is not something to take lightly. I’m now told that there are six more of these crystals that you believe to be responsible for the soul exchange on my ship.”

“That would appear to be the sum of it,” Commander Cho told the captain.

At Commander Cho’s words, Dr. Cho tensed and turned toward his husband. “And why are you here, Commander? I do not remember giving you permission to return to duty,” Ryeowook asked and then turned to Changmin and added, “Nor you for that matter.”

“That’s an excellent question!” Yunho agreed.

Kyuhyun had the decency to look guilty as he explained, “Changmin was in sickbay informing us of his successful attempt to heal himself when the crystal caught his attention. He was really interested in it, and needed access to a science lab.”

“And I did not remove you from the list of active officers,” Yunho finished.

Commander Kyuhyun nodded his head. “I thought it couldn’t hurt anything, and I didn’t mind keeping an eye on him.”

“It’s fine, Commander, and since you can access the computer, you knew what was going on with the others,” Yunho confirmed.

“Yes, and he did find out a few things,” Kyuhyun added.

“Well, Changmin, what else do you know?” Yunho asked his son.

“I know they are the same crystals as the ones in the necklace, they are grouped in threes, and I activated it by touching it,” Changmin informed them.

“Thank you so much,” Yoochun grumbled.

“It was not intentional,” Changmin quickly explained. “There is one person aboard this ship who might be able to tell us more…” Changmin paused as the door to the conference room opened and Jaejoong entered. “And that would be the person in question.”

“Jaejoong, you should be in bed resting,” Yunho said full of worry as his mate walked up to him and, to the surprise of all in the room, sat down on the captain’s lap.

Jaejoong wrapped his arms around Yunho’s neck, rested his head against Yunho’s shoulder, snuggling in close, and told him, “Too many worrisome feelings floating around the ship for me to sleep.”

“What happened to behaving accordingly?” Yoochun said full of sarcasm as he peered at Jaejoong in Yunho’s lap. “I see that you two have made up.”

Yunho glared at him and snapped, “Can you pretend to be well mannered like Ensign Junsu while in his body? I hate feeling so irritated towards him.”

Yoochun just smirked.

Changmin, who was studying his parents intently, stated, “I would assume Mom has progressed to the second stage of shifting.”

Before Yunho could respond, Jaejoong sat up straight in his lap and looked at their son disapprovingly. “Changmin, what have I told you about calling me mom? I am your birth…” Jaejoong paused, reaching out to run his hands through Changmin’s hair. “Is your hair getting darker?”

Changmin reached up and touched his hair immediately. “Why would it be getting darker?

Jaejoong arched his left eyebrow and asked, “You haven’t been spending any more time with-”

“No, I have not!” Changmin quickly answered, unable to hide his worry. “It is not getting darker.”

“It is.”

“It is not!”

“I am your birth parent, I know when my son’s hair is getting darker!” Jaejoong informed him.

“You two stop,” Yunho ordered and looked at his table of amused officers. “The crystal glowed when Changmin picked it up and…” Yunho prompted.

“And that was approximately the same time Yoochun showed that while he is an excellent engineer he would never make it as a pilot,” Sungmin happily finished.

“That damn ship was prehistoric! How was I supposed to fly it?” Yoochun declared defensively.

“It glowed?” Jaejoong asked after pondering Sungmin’s words. “I have never known the cursed crystals to glow.”

“Oh, shit,” Shindong mumbled as a memory returned to him. “On his ship, ZhouMi was bitching about the necklace glowing.”

“That is not possible, or I have never heard of such a thing happening before,” Jaejoong replied reading Shindong’s mind.

“Shindong please tell us all you know,” the captain asked Shindong, who suddenly looked very uneasy. “I know it must be difficult to talk about… If you can’t I will understand.”

“No, I will tell you. You all know he made me into his pet, and during the days he would keep me with him I remember him bitching to his second in command and the creepy doctor that the necklace had betrayed him,” Shindong explained. “He said it had glowed, and it had made him see-” Shindong stopped abruptly and turned to look at Kyuhyun.

“Go on,” Kyuhyun told him.

“He said it made him see Kyuhyun’s nightmare. He kept insisting that it had betrayed him. He never put the necklace back on after that, and that was before he received your message, Captain. He still thought Kyuhyun was Changmin, and still he never put the necklace back on,” Shindong explained.

Kyuhyun paled, his eyes fogged over, and he whispered in a horrified tone, “He called me…something…something he would have only known to call me if he had seen into my mind.”

Jaejoong reached across the table suddenly and grabbed a startled Kyuhyun by the hand, forcing the human male to look at him. “And may those memories haunt him for all of his wretched life. I can’t think of a more suitable revenge. Well, I can but I have to catch the bastard first.”

Kyuhyun’s eyes cleared and he nodded his head at Jaejoong as the Joong released his hand. Ryeowook was suddenly behind him, massaging Kyuhyun’s tense shoulders, and told his husband, “I think it’s time for you to leave.”

“No, I’m fine,” Kyuhyun told him as he reached up to cover one of Ryeowook’s hands with his own.

“The necklace worked in a way to torture ZhouMi. ZhouMi may be the worst humanity has to offer but he is still a human, so the necklace did this to a human. A crystal that has never glowed before in this galaxy, that anybody knows of, glows after Changmin touches it, and it causes humans to shift souls,” Sungmin stated. “What is going on?”

“It’s like Changmin’s Joong blood activated it,” Junsu pointed out.

Eunhyuk shook his head. “But Changmin was wearing the necklace, how did it know he was a Joong?”

“The necklace does not block the fact that I am a Joong. It just blocks a Joong’s telepathic and empathic powers,” Changmin informed them. “Jaejoong was able to heal me when I wore the necklace.”

Jaejoong stared at the crystal that was sitting on the table in front of Ensign Junsu. “These crystals were made to protect humans, but I think they were made to especially protect Earth humans.”

“How can you be sure of that?” Shindong asked, alarmed.

“I just feel it. I am not up on the ancient stories of the Joong because they never interested me. The archives on Joong might hold more information. These stones are found on multiple planets in this galaxy and never have I heard of them transferring souls. It’s more than transferring souls though; I can’t read Yoochun, Junsu, or Eunhyuk at all.”

“You can’t?” Ryeowook asked, shocked at the sudden news.

“No, it’s like they are empty shells,” Jaejoong answered. “And the cursed necklaces have been worn by powerful humans in this galaxy for centuries, and never have I heard of anything like this dream transference occurring. There are differences between Earth humans and humans from this galaxy, and the stones seem to be keyed into those differences.”

Yunho, who had been listening intently, added, “There are differences between Earth humans and humans from this galaxy… There is one huge difference that I can think of.”

Jaejoong turned to face his mate with a questioning look.

Changmin answered for Yunho, “Earth humans and Joongs can breed and produce offspring.”

“That’s nice and all… Believe me, nobody appreciates being special more than I do, but I’d like to get my own body back. I’m pretty damn sure Junsu is not going to leave me alone with this one,” Yoochun told them.

“That should be easy,” Changmin answered.

“Easy?” Junsu questioned.

“From the tests I ran, and what extra knowledge we have gathered in this briefing, I believe it is best to use Yunho’s simplistic approach to solving problems,” the inactive science officer explained.

“Changmin,” Yunho warned.

“I believe the crystals were perhaps a way to avoid Joong detection. When I touched the crystal, I activated it, displacing the three’s consciousness. Or perhaps my presence in the room activated it and my touching it was a mere coincidence—how I hate that word—but I doubt a Joong would willingly touch such a crystal. Although I was drawn to it… But I lack the hatred for the crystals that Mom exhibits. I do not think of the crystals as evil, and I want to keep the necklace forever, and I-”

“Changmin, don’t get distracted,” Yunho interrupted as soon as he noticed his son beginning to ramble off course.

“I believe if Mom and I remove ourselves from the ship and you three exchange crystals, you should return to normal,” Changmin finished quickly.

“Just exchange the crystals?” Junsu asked, unable to believe that the answer could be so simple.

“Let me clarify it for you in the simplest of terms; Junsu, make sure you have the crystal you bought on Altanguerel; Eunhyuk, take the one on the table; Yoochun, the other one you bought. The stones must go with your souls, not your bodies. Once you are back in your body you can reclaim your stones. It’s actually very simple. I might be wrong, which is highly unlikely, but I am reasonably positive the stones were used to avoid Joong detection, not for permanent body exchange,” Changmin explained.

“Well, I hope it’s that simple. After you three return to normal, I want the stones locked away, and you,” Yunho said, turning to face his son, “are never to touch them again, no matter how fascinating they are.”

“But I still do not understand how exactly they were activated or the importance of three,” Changmin explained.

Yunho began to get up from his seat, gently sliding Jaejoong from his lap as he stood. “Changmin, we will revisit this conversation later. Right now you, Jaejoong and I are going to beam down to the planet. Sungmin, you are in charge of the exchange and locking all nine of the crystals up.”

“Yes, Sir,” Sungmin answered.
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