Bed of Roses, Chapter Eight

Title Bed of Roses
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: SungGyu/WooHyun
Rating: R
Genre: Friendship, Love, Humor, Angst
Length: Chaptered
Beta: tahoeturquoise

Summary: WooHyun’s perfect life…his bed of roses is tossed into disarray when SungGyu makes a bold move changing their friendship forever.

A/N: Always huge thanks to Amy!!!  Also thanks to all the commenters!

Previous Chapters

A pounding on the door awoke DongWoo from a deep, peaceful sleep. DongWoo had his own room at the hotel due to the fact that SungGyu had refused the private room that would have normally been reserved for the leader and the oldest. SungGyu had always refused the private room, choosing to room with WooHyun instead, and DongWoo sometimes reaped the reward of being the second oldest while staying at hotels.

The always good natured DongWoo got out of bed and made it toward the door. “Just a minute, I’m on my way.”

SungGyu stormed into the room as soon as the door was opened.

“Hyung?” DongWoo questioned as he watched SungGyu go and sit on his bed and bury his face in his hands as if he something horrible had befallen him. “What’s wrong?”

SungGyu, whose hands continued to cover his face, informed his kind friend, “I’m an idiot. I’m pathetic, pitiful and weak. I’m going to destroy this group if I don’t get a hold of myself.”

“Hyung, that isn’t true. You are a great leader,” DongWoo said, rejecting such ludicrous thoughts as he sat down beside the distraught leader.

SungGyu pulled his hands away from his face. “You don’t understand.”

“Then tell me.”

“It…I can’t. You are better off not knowing.”

“Hyung, please trust me. What’s wrong?”

SungGyu squeezed his eyes shut and confessed all. “I’m gay. I am in love with WooHyun…I have been for years. I thought he felt the same way, but he doesn’t. I was taking it really slow with him; because he’s so… know how he is. Well, one night I didn’t take it so slow, and I freaked him out. At first I thought he was just scared…but, now…now, I don’t think so. I am just making everything worse with him.”

DongWoo eyes had doubled in size and his jaw had fallen open. He sat beside the leader speechless. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined SungGyu to confess such a thing to him. He knew that the leader and WooHyun were unusually close, but he had always chalked it up to extreme friendship.

“He kept telling me that he wasn’t gay, that he only wanted friendship from me, and at first I believed him, but then I didn’t but, now…” SungGyu, who had been hurt and emotional before, hardened his face and spat out with newly found anger, “And now I don’t fucking care.”

SungGyu jumped up from the bed and started pacing. “You know I always allow myself to be portrayed as some sort of insensitive lout on our shows, but you know what? I want to be that person for real, now. I am sick of feeling like this. He says I’m pitiful and pathetic…well, not anymore!”

DongWoo, who was trying his best to take in the information he had just been given, managed to say, “He said that?”

SungGyu pointed his hand in the direction of the hotel room he had shared with WooHyun. “Yes, he did. And he can kiss my ass. I’m done with him. He thinks he can continue to trample on my feelings, and I will always forgive him, but he’s wrong! I am not nearly as pathetic as he believes me to be. He probably thinks that this filthy faggot is in here crying over him. Well, guess what; this filthy faggot doesn’t cry over anyone. Not ever!”

“Filthy faggot?” DongWoo repeated.

“Yeah, that is what FF really stands for. WooHyun and I never fought over singing; that was just his excuse…his lie. He thinks I’m filthy, pathetic, and pitiful! Those are his words, not mine! Well, guess what; this filthy, pathetic, and pitiful person is done with him!”

DongWoo looked up at the pacing, angry man. “You don’t mean that…I mean…I am so lost right now, but you don’t mean that.”

“The hell I don’t!”


SungGyu stopped pacing as the name of the group registered with him. “You are right. He is still a member of the group, but that doesn’t mean he has to be my friend; because I don’t need friends like him. He is an associate at work; yep, that is what he is. Someone I merely work with.”

“So you are mad…because-”

“I am mad because he is an asshole,” SungGyu snapped, interrupting DongWoo. “I am not mad at him because he isn’t gay. I am mad because he kept leading me on. It’s okay if he isn’t gay, that’s just great! Wonderful! Good for him!”


“But why did he always cling to me? Can you answer me that? I mean, it wasn’t only for the fans, because it happened behind closed doors all the fucking time. Why did he always insist on sharing a room with me? Hell, he wants to sleep in the same bed as me!”


“I mean, what straight man wants to sleep with another man? DongWoo, do you want to sleep with other members when you have your own bed?”

DongWoo shook his head.

“Of course you don’t!”

“But you and WooHyun were always close.”

“Not anymore!”

“Can’t he want to be close to you without being gay? I mean…I’m really close with all of you and I’m not gay.”

“You don’t act like a jealous, territorial lover either. If I get a phone call he has to know who I am talking to. If I am out of his sight for a second, he has to know where I went, and what I was doing.”

DongWoo said softly, trying to calm the angry leader, “WooHyun is stingy though. Stingy with fans, and stingy with you…maybe he was confused.”

“Confused? Really?”

“Hyung, he…he…can be confused. We live strange lives.”

SungGyu sat down beside DongWoo, taking in the other boy’s words. “I can’t be reasonable. I have to be angry at him…because he hurt me. He purposely hurt me. I have to hold on to my anger. I can’t give him the benefit of the doubt…I can’t.”

“I know,” DongWoo told the leader. “So I will give him the benefit of the doubt instead.”

SungGyu squeezed his eyes shut, and told DongWoo, “I am really sorry for telling you all this…I shouldn’t have, but he threatened to tell you all.”

“He did?” DongWoo said with a frown, surprised by SungGyu’s words.

“Yeah, he thought you all should know how pathetic and pitiful I am,” SungGyu explained, fuming with anger at the memory.

“That doesn’t seem like him.”

SungGyu sighed and admitted, “I had just told him I was moving him out of our room and replacing him with SungYeol.”

“Ah,” DongWoo replied, instantly understanding “That would make him mad, but why SungYeol?”

“SungYeol knows…that I’m gay, and that WooHyun rejected me.”

“You told him first?” DongWoo asked, immediately hurt.

SungGyu shook his head. “No, he figured it out on his own.”

DongWoo took a moment to comprehend completely what SungGyu was telling him and then asked, “So when SungYeol said you were rejected…he knew about WooHyun rejecting you? He was talking about you and WooHyun.”

“Yeah, and he was just giving WooHyun hell.”

“This is so mixed up,” DongWoo complained, hating that SungGyu was hurting, and also knowing that WooHyun must be hurting too.

SungGyu nodded his head, and then turned to DongWoo and asked, “Does it bother you?”


“That I’m gay.”

DongWoo reached up and scratched his head. “Honestly, I just never considered it. I knew you were really fond of WooHyun, but I thought you were just best friends.”

“That isn’t what I asked. I asked if you had a problem with me being gay. Most people would have a problem with it…we don’t exactly live in the most open minded society. I’d understand if you did.”

DongWoo continued to scratch his head and replied truthfully, “It’s weird. I won’t lie. I wasn’t expecting this when I opened the door this morning, but you are still you. You are still my friend, my leader, and my hyung. Nothing between us has changed.”

“No, it hasn’t.”

“I just feel bad that you and WooHyun are so…so screwed up. It must even be harder for WooHyun being so close to you, and knowing that you like him.”

“Not like…I loved him. I loved him, but not anymore. I am sick of moping after him. I am done with him. Words mean things and I am tired of being hurt by him. My love for him is dead and our friendship over. He’ll never get the opportunity to hurt me again.”

“Hyung, you know that isn’t true. He just hurt your feelings,” DongWoo reasoned with the older boy. “You can’t just stop caring.”

“I can. He was right when he said I had been acting like some…wounded bird. Not anymore. Instead of clinging to hurt, I am going to cling to anger. I will not forgive him this time. I won’t.”

“Hyung, I think you better tell me everything.”


“Honey, have you been crying? I’m a miracle worker, but you are really testing my skills today,” the stylist proclaimed as she worked on WooHyun’s puffy face.

“No, it’s just allergies,” WooHyun said, lying as he stared at his face in the mirror. Less than eight hours had passed since SungGyu had walked out on him and it felt like eight hundred years. WooHyun could feel SungGyu’s anger like a spike to his heart.

SungJong had lingered behind in the waiting room, listened intently to the stylist and WooHyun, trying his best to figure out what was going on with the main vocal. WooHyun had not showed up for breakfast earlier that morning, and he had not spoken a word to any of them today, unless directly asked. They had filmed a commercial earlier and the director had complained more than once that WooHyun was acting lifeless. It was more than obvious that SungGyu, who was normally an attentive friend, couldn’t care less about WooHyun. L had reported that SungGyu had been in DongWoo’s hotel room when they had left for breakfast. SungGyu was acting normally, except for the fact he totally ignored WooHyun’s existence.

They were now preparing for their third fan meet before flying home. SungJong did not like this dejected version of WooHyun. It was unnatural. WooHyun was normally full of life and energy, and this beaten down version left SungJong feeling very uneasy. First SungGyu had appeared broken yesterday, and now WooHyun looked like he had lost his best friend.

A thought was taking root in SungJong’s suspicious mind but the raised voice of their manager coming from outside the room interrupted it from completely forming. SungJong quickly hurried from the room to see what was going on. SungJong came to a dead stop as he nearly smacked into Hoya, who had also arrived to find out what had their manager so upset.

Their very irritated manager was looking very frustrated with SungGyu. SungGyu on the other hand appeared completely calm and in control as he stood in front of the manager.

“I have already discussed this with the CEO, Hyung,” SungGyu said calmly to the manager as the other members arrived.

Manager Hyoan, who was not used to SungGyu being problematic, said at a loss, “And he agreed?”

“Yes, he agreed,” SungGyu informed the manager. “I will no longer be doing any kind of fan service with WooHyun. I will happily do it with any other member.”

SungJong couldn’t keep from gasping in shock. WooHyun and SungGyu were famous for their fan service. It came completely natural to them.

“But this is insane. The translator specifically stated that the lack of fan service between the two of you yesterday, was the only complaint the fans had,” the manager explained.

“Really? She said that? I find that very interesting, but it doesn’t change anything. Hyung, I am always sad to disappoint the fans, but unfortunately they will just have to get used to it.”

The manager turned around and looked past SungJong to somebody standing behind him, causing SungJong to turn around swiftly to find that WooHyun was behind him. SungJong cringed because WooHyun looked even worse now. If he had looked lifeless before, now he looked dead on the inside.

“Are you two fighting? You need to get over it, and think of your fans….can’t you two do that little hand slapping thing you do? I mean, you don’t have to do much. The fans are hungry for anything you can give them,” the manager suggested.

“Hyung, I am not changing my stance. I will not do any fan service with him, and I won’t even stand next to him. If you have a problem with this you need to discuss it with the CEO. If he orders me to do so, then I shall reconsider my opposition,” SungGyu told the manager, unrelenting.

“Well, well…well...I am going to do just that! I will do that right now,” the irritated manager fumed, and pulled out his phone and hurried off to call the CEO.

SungJong looked around at the other members. DongWoo looked sad. Hoya and L both looked just as surprised as him, and SungYeol….SungYeol looked disgusted. Before SungJong could ask what was going on, SungGyu ordered, “Group meeting now.”

The other members, including a dejected WooHyun followed SungGyu back into the make-up room. SungGyu asked the stylist to step out and then he shut the door and said in a matter of fact tone of voice, “WooHyun and I are no longer friends.”

“What!” Hoya exclaimed shocked.

“You heard me,” SungGyu told Hoya. “We have been at odds for a while now, and for the sake of the group and our friendship we have attempted to find common ground, but it has proved impossible.”

The other members turned to look WooHyun, who was looking down at the floor, unable to make eye contact with any of them.

“How can it be impossible? You two…Hyung, how can you just say that,” L demanded of SungGyu. “You can’t just be done with one of us!”

“L, it is not something I do or say easily. I tried everything to avoid this outcome, but it can’t be helped,” SungGyu said, trying to calm L.

“Why? Why can’t it be helped? What happened?” L demanded.

“Yeah! What happened?” Hoya also demanded

“If WooHyun wishes to list all the wrongs that I have committed against him, he is more than welcome to confide in you all. I will respect his wishes in this,” SungGyu said in such a cold tone that SungJong pulled his sweater tighter against him.

SungYeol snorted. “You didn’t commit any wrongs, Hyung! The only one wrong here is WooHyun! He’s an idiot! This is so needless!”

“SungYeol, please stop. This isn’t going to turn into a blame game. I am the leader of the group, if anyone is at fault it is me. I wanted to clarify what was going on, so you all won’t be distracted.”

“Well, I am distracted! What is going on? This is so wrong!” SungJong couldn’t keep from exclaiming. “How is it possible for you two not to be friends?”

“SungJong, it will be okay,” SungGyu told the maknae.

“No, it will not!” SungJong insisted. “You two go together like a spoon and chopsticks! Like a kite and string! Like thread and a needle!”

“SungJong, please stop,” WooHyun pleaded in a pain filled voice, refusing to look up from the floor.

SungGyu shook his head, ignored WooHyun, and explained calmly, “DongWoo and I will now be rooming together. WooHyun will be moving in with SungYeol and L when we get home. I don’t want this to affect the rest of you.”

“How can it not affect us? We are a team?” Hoya demanded. “This is the opposite of teamwork!”

“There are many successful groups where the members are not friends with each other, and they have had great success. Just because we are not friends, does not mean that we can not work together for the greater good of the group,” SungGyu explained.

“You say this and yet you won’t even stand next to him for the sake of the fans,” L pointed out.

SungGyu nodded his head, and agreed, “You are of course correct, but right now the wounds are fresh.”

“That’s right…everything is fresh right now. Time will heal…time will heal, and you two will be friends again. You two care too much for each other not to be friends,” DongWoo insisted.

SungGyu gave DongWoo a severe look and stated, “I highly doubt that, but for the sake of the group, things will continue to run smoothly. I will not allow them to run any other way.”

“This should have never have happened,” SungYeol growled, turning to give WooHyun the evil eye. “This is exactly what I warned you about! Why don’t you just be-”

“This meeting is over,” SungGyu said, interrupting SungYeol, and then he turned and left the room without a look backwards, having never looked at WooHyun once. DongWoo quickly hurried after him.

“What did you do?” SungJong, Hoya and L demanded of WooHyun at the same time.

WooHyun held back the tears that were threatening to fall, and hurried from the room declaring, “I am going to be sick.”


“I wish somebody would tell me what happened!” SungJong complained for the fiftieth time since SungGyu’s announcement. He was at the airport in a bathroom with SungYeol and WooHyun. WooHyun was hyperventilating and SungYeol was holding a brown paper sack, telling WooHyun to breathe into it.

“He’s not going to tell you, so stop asking him. Go bug SungGyu,” SungYeol, whose anger at WooHyun had cooled after seeing what an emotional mess the older boy was, told SungJong.

SungJong knelt down beside WooHyun and proclaimed, “This is so wrong.”

“I know,” SungYeol agreed as WooHyun took the sack from him and started breathing into it.

“He couldn’t even do the fan meet,” SungJong said, eyeing the distraught man with sympathy.

“It was better that way. It is better that the fans think he is sick, instead of knowing the truth…to see the tension between them,” SungYeol explained as he reached up and ran a hand through WooHyun’s hair, trying to comfort the older boy.

“But you said it was his fault, can’t you tell me what happened?”

WooHyun’s breathing increased again and SungYeol turned to face SungJong and demanded, “Go.”

SungJong sighed in frustration and got up and left the bathroom. SungYeol turned his attention back to WooHyun, trying to soothe him. “He’s angry, really angry, and I know you believe his words, but I don’t.”

WooHyun said nothing as he continued to breathe into the bag, but wide eyes looked up hopefully at SungYeol.

“He’s too smitten with you. You are like music to him; he can’t just cut you out of his life.”

WooHyun pulled the sack away from his face and told SungYeol, “You don’t know what I said.”

“I know it had to be bad, really bad.”

“It was…it was too much. I just let him go; I didn’t even say I was sorry, and now it’s too late.”

“I agree you shouldn’t say anything to him right now…because he’s too angry, but it’s never too late. I promise it isn’t too late, especially if you are honest with him.”

WooHyun shook his head.

“Really, can the truth be worse than this? I don’t care what you say, I know…” SungYeol paused and leaned into WooHyun’s ear and whispered, “I know you love him. I know you are in love with him. For God’s sake, you are hyperventilating at the though of him being through with you.”

“Because he’s my friend! Because of the effect it will have on the group,” WooHyun instantly proclaimed, refusing to admit to his feelings. “He’s my friend! My best friend!”

SungYeol shook his head, frustrated at the other man. “I can see how you drove him into acting like an uncaring ass. You really do bring out the best in people.”


SungJong left the bathroom and was immediately accosted by L and Hoya, who each grabbed one of his arms.

“Did you find out anything?” Hoya demanded.

SungJong shook his head and answered, “It is more than obvious SungYeol knows, but WooHyun is flipping out and neither one of them will talk.”

“Flipping out?” L questioned, worried for the main vocal. L had his suspicions about what was going on, but he wasn’t ready to voice them.

“He is hyperventilating again. It’s so strange seeing him like this. SungYeol said it was his fault, but I can’t help but feel bad for him,” SungJong explained as he looked toward the seats that SungGyu, and DongWoo were sitting in as they waited to board the plane. SungGyu looked completely calm and in control. DongWoo looked like he was about to pull his hair out.

“But SungGyu said that he was in the wrong,” Hoya told him. “Maybe it is both of their faults…although SungGyu is pissed.”

L followed SungJong’s gaze. “Yeah, he is scarily in control right now…which means he is really angry.”

“If we can’t get SungYeol to talk, then we are going to have to work on DongWoo; it’s obvious he knows,” SungJong told them.

Hoya looked toward SungGyu and DongWoo. “First we have to get him away from SungGyu. They have been attached to each other since breakfast. But I don’t think DongWoo will tell us anything. If SungGyu made DongWoo promise not to tell…he’ll never tell. He won’t break a promise.”

L nodded his head. “No, he won’t. I don’t think we should even ask him. I don’t think we should risk angering SungGyu more…especially when he is in this kind of mood.”

“Well, SungGyu did tell WooHyun he could tell us. Maybe when he calms down he will tell us what is going on,” SungJong suggested. “Although that might take a couple of years; he’s really messed up.”

Hoya sighed and asked, “It isn’t getting any better?”

SungJong shook his head. “No, it’s not.”

“There is only one person who can comfort WooHyun, and sadly he’s not interested in helping him at the moment,” L informed them as he eyed SungGyu.

“No,” Hoya agreed.

“I wonder if he will ever feel like helping WooHyun again,” SungJong said sadly, feeling like something was terribly broken.
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