Expectations: Come Together Part 5 of 5

Series: Expectations
Adventure Nine: Come Together Part 5 of 5
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae, KyuWook
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Romance
Beta: fi_chan

Summary: The Expectation’s crew is busy instructing the Rebellion on how to care for the newly confiscated ships, it has handed over to them. While at the same time Captain Yunho struggles to deal with a temperamental, shifting Jaejoong, and an erratic Changmin. Kyuhyun’s recovery takes a surprising turn. Family jewels are in jeopardy. Donghae wants to throw a party. Siwon has an interesting offer for Sungmin. Eunhyuk finds himself in Yoochun’s bed once again. Junsu is not amused.

Prior Adventures

Oh, and the song.:) It’s ‘One’ by TVXQ. Love it.

“Stop gawking at me,” Junsu whined. Junsu was resting underneath a very old tree. The old tree was one of many in what was a long abandoned orchard on Altanguerel. A day had passed and the souls had been easily transferred back to their rightful bodies, as easily as Changmin had predicated.

Changmin, who was sitting beside him, apologized, “I’m sorry, but your thoughts are so loud.”

“Can you read my thoughts?” Junsu asked, panicking as he sat up and stared at Changmin, who was necklace free.

Changmin shook his head and explained, “It is hard for me to read thoughts, unless Mom sends them directly to me. I can’t tell what you are thinking. It’s like a loud, undistinguishable roar coming from your head. I believe in a little time I will be able to distinguish some of your thoughts.”

“But don’t…that isn’t very nice.”

“I doubt you have any thoughts that I could not easily surmise.”

“Did you just insult me?” Junsu asked with a big frown on his face. He reached his arm up to a low branch and pulled off what appeared to be a purple peach. “You know you gave me brain damage. You should be nice to me.”

“It was repaired.”

“Still, you should be nice,” Junsu insisted as he laid back down on the ground and took a big bite out of the piece of fruit. “I have had enough of people treating me like elephant dung.”

Changmin’s eyebrows arched up and he asked, “Elephant dung?”

“Yeah,” Junsu confirmed. When he thought of what Eunhyuk had done, and then kept from him, he was filled with anger and hurt. He would not forgive Eunhyuk easily.

Changmin’s eyes widened as he picked up a word from Junsu’s mind. “Eunhyuk? Did Eunhyuk do something?”


“You are lying,” Changmin stated, delighted with his new found skill. “Your feelings are as transparent as your thoughts, and much easier to differentiate. Did he do something to you when your consciousnesses were exchanged yesterday?”

“No, he did it before the soul switching. If it weren’t for the soul switching I wouldn’t know how terrible he and Yoochun are,” Junsu explained, tossing his fruit away, his appetite suddenly gone.

“Sex?” Changmin asked. The look on Junsu’s face let Changmin know he was correct. Changmin smiled, very pleased with himself for picking up another thought from Junsu’s mind.

“I hate sex! I am never going to have sex! Sex is the root of all evil. I’m going to be like you for the rest of my life. Asexual.”

Changmin sighed. “Unfortunately sex might be in my future. I might not be able to fight against the primitive urge Joongs have to bond. I’m quite devastated by this knowledge.”

Junsu sat up suddenly and declared, “We should bond!”

Changmin, who had been enjoying prying into Junsu’s mind, scooted backwards quickly. “Why would you say that?”

Junsu threw his hands up. “Think about it. It makes perfect sense. If we were bonded, we would be hopelessly devoted to each other—like your parents.”

“Why would I want to be like that, and with you of all people?” Changmin asked, alarmed by the sudden change in topic.

Junsu pointed to Yunho and Jaejoong, who were underneath another tree in the near distance. Yunho was sitting up, and Jaejoong was lying down with his head resting in Yunho’s lap as Yunho fed him fruit. “If we were bonded with each other, then we can forget about mean people who are not worthy of my—our feelings,” Junsu explained as he turned to stare underneath another tree, where Yoochun sat with Kyuhyun and Heechul.

Junsu’s feelings of sadness, disappointment, and shame washed over Changmin. “I understand your concerns, but I’m not the answer.”

Junsu nodded his head, understanding the truth of Changmin’s words. “Maybe someday I will find somebody else…somebody great.”

“Changmin! Did you dye your hair?” Sulli exclaimed as she quickly approached them. Sulli had been the first to beam down with her cousin Minho, and they had quickly taken off to investigate the surrounding land.

“No,” Changmin answered, quickly reaching up and touching his hair.

Sulli was all smiles as she sat down by Changmin and told him, “It looks darker.”

“It does,” Ensign Minho agreed as he sat on the other side of Sulli.

“I have been spending a lot of time on the planet; perhaps the sun is affecting the color,” Changmin quickly reasoned.

“Doesn’t the sun usually make your hair lighter?” Junsu asked.

“The affects of the sun rays on this planet could do the opposite,” Changmin quickly pointed out.

Minho shook his head and corrected, “It is highly unlikely that the properties of the-”

“Ensign Choi,” Changmin quickly interrupted.

Minho took the hint and quickly added, “I mean it could happen…I mean anything is possible.”

“Exactly,” Changmin confirmed. “Was there any evidence of flying vermin?”

Minho, who had sat his tricorder down between him and Sulli, answered, “No signs of flying vermin.”

“I think it’s so nice that so many people volunteered to come down here to help you with your telepathy,” Sulli told them as she looked around at the others sitting under the trees.

“There are only six people,” Changmin pointed out. “My parents do not count.”

Junsu, who had collapsed back on the ground, added, “Six people cared enough to risk brain damage for you. As somebody who has had it before, I think we are very good friends to have.”

“Or kinda stupid,” Minho added.

Changmin nodded his head. “True, although I know your IQ, Ensign Choi, is well above average.”

“I must be a good friend then,” Minho told him.

“You must be,” Changmin said, unable to keep from smiling at Minho, who was his favorite in the science department. Changmin was sad to discover that Minho and Sulli had minds that were heavily shielded. He heard no roar in Sulli’s presence—she was the more guarded of the two. Although Changmin could feel Sulli’s warm presence, her thoughts were tightly guarded.

Sulli was staring starry-eyed at Yunho and Jaejoong under the tree. “Your parents are so beautiful together. It’s as if they were destined to be together always.”

“They do have a timeless love,” Changmin offered.

Sulli’s eyes lit up even more and asked full of wonder, “What do you mean a timeless love?”

“The Guardian of Time, who I have yet to meet,” Changmin said with bitterness, “took them on a tour of their past lives. They have spent many lifetimes loving each other.”

Sulli placed her hand over her heart and proclaimed, “Isn’t that the most romantic thing ever? I love true love!”

Minho nudged his cousin gently, and said with pretended dread, “Here comes Sulli, the hopeless romantic.”

Sulli nudged Minho back. “I’m not a romantic anymore.”

Minho reached up and gently tousled her hair, and informed her, “You will always be a romantic. Nothing can ever change that.”

Sulli sighed and looked back to the couple. “Perhaps, but I do not seek it for myself; but seeing it in others…does make my heart swell.”

Changmin, who was watching Sulli watch his parents, asked something that had been bothering him for days, “Sulli, what is your ideal man?”

Sulli broke her gaze away from Changmin’s parents and sneered. “None!”

Junsu lifted a leg up to kick Changmin for asking such a question to the poor girl, but Changmin quickly caught Junsu by the foot. “Sulli, I realize my questions might seem strange but please indulge me. It is not my intent to offend, but before you came to this galaxy, what would you have said your ideal man was like then?”

“Lieutenant,” Minho warned.

“No, it is okay,” Sulli said, looking at Changmin curiously. She hesitated for only a moment before she answered, “Once on a trip with my parents we visited Gurrin 5 and the gymnasts there were so handsome. Not only do they have amazing control over their bodies, they are poets and musicians. I used to daydream about marrying one when I was younger. They are also great peace lovers, and they would understand the ways of a diplomat. I think I would have done well to marry a gymnast from Gurrin 5.”

Relief flooded Changmin, because it would be very difficult to imagine anybody more different than himself than a gymnastic from Gurrin 5. He had not bonded with her. Changmin smiled sincerely at Sulli, let go of Junsu’s foot, reached out and clasped her hand, and told her in a much relieved voice, “Sulli, you are my good friend.”

Sulli laughed and squeezed Changmin’s hand back. “And you are my good friend, Changmin.”


Jaejoong winced as he sat up to watch Changmin and Sulli with great interest.

Yunho reached out and threaded a hand through Jaejoong’s hair that looked as if it had gray streaks running through it. “You said yourself that friendship is a powerful human bond.”

Jaejoong nodded his head. “It is but…I just wish I could be sure that’s all it is.”

“I hope it’s just friendship.”

“Really? Not ready for your little boy to like girls?” Jaejoong teased as he laid back down, turning on his side and resting his head on Yunho’s thigh.

“Not that little girl,” Yunho answered as he gazed at Changmin and Sulli with sorrow. “What if he does vanish when he’s conceived? I think she has lost enough for one lifetime.”

“You may be right,” Jaejoong whispered, shutting his eyes as Yunho continued to thread his hands through his hair. “My hair is getting a lot attention from you today.”

“I’m fascinated by the gray.”

Jaejoong rolled on his back, looked up at Yunho, and quickly corrected his mate, “
There isn’t any gray—my hair is turning blond!”

“I just know when you finally fell asleep last night you had black hair, and when you woke up this morning you had lots of hair that appears to be gray. I think I know the real reason you were so against shifting,” Yunho joked with his vain mate.

“I also lost weight while I was sleeping…most of that muscle and bone. Unlike Changmin, I’m much frailer in my Joong form,” Jaejoong reminded Yunho. It had not been a peaceful night. Jaejoong’s body had punished him for resisting the shifting for so long, and although Yunho’s presence had provided him with some comfort, falling asleep during the painful shifting process had proven very difficult.

Yunho looked down at Jaejoong, not bothering to hide his worry. “You want to go back to bed? Changmin’s doing great. I think you need to sleep.”

“No, we can’t leave him.”

“You have been watching him like a hawk, and not once have you had to intervene. I will stay with him. Maybe you will sleep better without me,” Yunho suggested to his mate. Yunho hated to part with his mate, but he knew his presence did not encourage sleeping.

“Maybe…not that you were bothering me, I missed being near you. And you were on your best behavior, not once did you try to ravish me.”

“Well, you know the fact that you were in excruciating pain kinda turned me off. I think you need to sleep…alone.”

“You might be right, I do tend to focus on you,” Jaejoong reasoned. “But if I can’t sleep, I want you with me.”

“I will beam back to the ship with you, tuck you in, and then I will return to Changmin. If you can’t sleep I will return to your side as soon Changmin feels confident enough to leave,” Yunho told Jaejoong as he caught sight of Heechul approaching. “Oh, here comes trouble.”

Heechul walked up to them, eyeing the miserable looking Jaejoong, and told him bluntly, “I don’t mean this cruelly but you look like shit.”

Jaejoong did not move his head from Yunho’s lap as he looked up at Heechul and said drily, “Well, as long as you don’t mean it cruelly.”

Heechul knelt down, suddenly looking hopeful. “So I’m guessing you won’t make it to the Halloween party tonight.”

“No,” Jaejoong bemoaned. “It was my crafty plan to get Yunho to dress up like the hot Captain Gil from our past life, but now I have to miss it. So not fair. Yunho, I was going to dress up as your hot little cabin boy.’

“My cabin boy?” Yunho said, his eyes lighting up at the thought. “If you had said that before, I might not have been so reluctant to play dress up in the first place.”

Jaejoong sighed sadly, “And now I have to miss it.”

Heechul batted his eyelashes at Yunho, but directed his comment at Jaejoong, “Don’t you worry, I will enjoy him for you.”

“I’m sorry, but I won’t be attending any party tonight,” Yunho informed Heechul.

Heechul instantly barked, “What do you mean you aren’t going? You have to go! You are the captain!”

“I am not the captain of parties!”

Heechul fumed as he stood towering over the two of them. “Captain, you are coming to that party even if I have to drag you there myself. Don’t think I won’t! If Changmin can go so can you!”

“Changmin is going to the party?” Yunho asked, taken aback. Yunho’s jaw dropped open his shock was so great.

Jaejoong reached a hand up and closed Yunho’s jaw shut. “Changmin is different now. I think it’s good that he is going. He needs to create new experiences. You should also go and dress up! Hopefully I’ll be asleep, but if I’m not, you have to come show me what you look like afterwards.”

“Yunho, listen to the mother of your children,” Heechul told Yunho, delighted that Yunho might be talked into going.

Jaejoong sat up quickly, wincing in pain, and glared hatefully at Heechul. “One child! And how many times do I have to tell you I am not Changmin’s mother. I’m his birth parent!”

“Yes, yes, so you keep saying, but let’s disregard your mommy issues for the moment and focus on something else. I have an important question for you. How do we know exactly that Changmin is an only child? Couldn’t he just be the youngest? One of many.” Heechul asked with feigned innocence.

Jaejoong paled at the mere thought. “Shut up! That isn’t even funny! Why would you say such a thing…or think it? You…you…a poor man’s excuse for a fem-”

“Shhh, don’t get so worked up,” Yunho said, interrupting Jaejoong’s tirade, pulling Jaejoong closer to him, kissing his cheek.

“Did I bring up a sensitive subject?” Heechul asked with a grin on his face that was reminiscent of the Cheshire Cat.

“Bye Heechul,” Yunho ordered, annoyed at Heechul for purposely riling Jaejoong up when his mate was most obviously not feeling well.

“Yunho don’t be cranky. It’s an honest question. One you should be asking yourself,” Heechul admonished the captain.

“Bye Heechul,” Yunho repeated.

Heechul, who had no intention of leaving just yet, sighed and told Yunho, “I forgive you for your rudeness and denseness, Captain. I won’t hold it against you. Although the prince is my date for the party, don’t you worry, I will still save a dance for you.”

“He wasn’t worried,” Jaejoong spat back at Heechul.


“Although I am not surprised to find Commander Kyuhyun here, I am rather surprised to find you here, Commander Yoochun,” Changmin said as he approached the two commanders, who sat under a tree together, watching Heechul with amusement as he harassed Yunho and Jaejoong.

Yoochun looked up at Changmin and answered—not bothering to lie, “Kangin and I flipped a coin over it. We are Yunho’s oldest friends, so one of us had to go. I lost.”

“How unfortunate,” Changmin told him as he sat down between the two commanders.

Yoochun agreed, “Indeed. If he had the ship’s best interests at heart, he would have come instead. I mean let’s be honest, he’s an ensign assigned to security and I’m the chief engineer. I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but I’m a little more important to the ship.”

“Snob,” Kyuhyun said under his breath, making sure Yoochun could hear him.

“It’s the truth,” Yoochun insisted.

“It doesn’t matter, because all of us are fine,” Kyuhyun told them. “Changmin, you are mastering your mental powers like you have always mastered everything in your life.”

Changmin could not keep from beaming at Kyuhyun. “That is all thanks to you. I can not imagine…I don’t want to think about what would have happened if ZhouMi had gotten-”

“Don’t,” Kyuhyun interrupted.

Yoochun sensing a moment happening between the two of them stood up and informed them, “Now that the Choi cousins have gotten up to go gather berries and twigs again, or whatever those two do, I have a very long apology I need to give Junsu.”

Changmin turned his focus from Kyuhyun to Yoochun. “Be nice to him.”

“I plan on being sickeningly nice to him, don’t worry. I’m in the wrong here, and I’m man enough to admit it,” Yoochun answered as he headed off in the direction of Junsu.

Kyuhyun watched as Yoochun approached Ensign Junsu, who immediately picked up a piece of fruit and threw it at the chief engineer, causing Kyuhyun to laugh. “I don’t think Junsu cares to hear his apology.”

Changmin was focusing on Kyuhyun’s mind and his feelings. Kyuhyun’s mind was not as loud as Junsu’s but it was not as closed as the Choi cousins. Changmin was shocked to find that Kyuhyun was not overwhelmed with crippling pain…not as far as he could sense. “Kyuhyun…you seem well.”

Kyuhyun turned back to face Changmin. “Do I?”

“I am not an expert. I only have experience with feeling Yunho and Mom’s emotions, and Mom only lets me sense what he wants me to sense, but you seem…strong.”

Kyuhyun nodded his head. “At first, I had this fear that it would be too much, but after a week of just hiding away from everybody and everything, except for Ryeowook…it’s strangely better. It’s like so much of the pain is just a blur for me now. Not that I have forgotten anything, it just doesn’t weigh on me. Not like I thought it would. I don’t know how to describe it properly, but I am just going to take it as a blessing.”

At Kyuhyun’s words, Changmin turned his head to look at Jaejoong. Jaejoong, who was now standing with Yunho, turned his head to stare back at his son. Changmin knew instantly what Jaejoong had done.

“Do you wish I hadn’t?” Jaejoong asked his son telepathically as Yunho dealt with a demanding Heechul, who was flinging his arms up in the air.

“I’m glad,” Changmin told Jaejoong out loud.

Kyuhyun who thought Changmin had spoken to him, answered, “So am I. I mean it wasn’t the worst thing that had ever happened to me, but it was bad enough. I guess I’m just stronger than I thought.”

“He is very strong, but why waste such strength on that vile ZhouMi? I did not completely rid him of his memories…he still needs time,” Jaejoong told his son telepathically.

Changmin looked back at Kyuhyun and couldn’t keep from smiling. “Very strong.”

“I hope so. I kinda think, after thinking Ryeowook was dead, nothing could ever compare to that pain.”

Changmin could not keep from grinning. Although he had more control over his emotions, he did not attempt to control them now. “I still find it difficult to believe that you and Ryeowook are married, considering how you started out.”

Kyuhyun winced. “Don’t remind me.”

“I must because through your relationship with Ryeowook I found friendship with you. I am very grateful. I can never repay the debt I owe you.”

Kyuhyun laughed nervously and told Changmin, “You are mushy right now.”

“I am,” Changmin agreed.

“Hey,” Yunho said, walking up to them with the necklace in his hand. “Jaejoong isn’t feeling well so I am going to take him back to the ship, and then I will be right back. Changmin, do you want to stay down here or go back with us?”

Changmin looked up at them and could tell that Jaejoong was in pain by the way he held himself. “If I stay, do I have to wear the necklace?”

“Yes,” Jaejoong answered. “You can only have the necklace off if one of us is with you or nearby. Yunho’s shielding is strong enough to resist you, as was proven yesterday, but I am not willing to trust you alone with the others yet.”

Kyuhyun reached out and patted Changmin on the back. “You are doing great. I bet you are free of the necklace in no time.”

Changmin turned to face Kyuhyun, horrified at the thought. “I never want to be free of it. I wish to always have it near me, even though Mom wants to destroy it. I can’t-”

“You can keep it,” Jaejoong interrupted to tell Changmin. “Although I hate the necklaces, I understand why you do not. It is safe.”

Wonderful joy came spilling out of Changmin at knowing the necklace that could protect others from him, and protect him from the emotions of others, would not be lost to him. He jumped to his feet and pulled Jaejoong away from Yunho to embrace him tightly. “Thank you so much! For everything!”

“You are welcome,” Jaejoong whispered, unable to say more. He had always known from the first moment he had laid eyes on Changmin that the younger Jung was his son, but only in the last couple of weeks did he truly start to feel it. Knowing something and feeling it were two entirely different concepts. He was acutely aware of the difference as he stood there with his son, embracing him tightly and being flooded with his feelings of gratitude—gratitude for sparing his friend pain, gratitude for guiding him during a very trying period, and for providing him with a gift that made him feel safe. But it was not only gratitude; there was something more…like the beginnings of love emanating from his son. Jaejoong hugged his son back tightly. He now knew exactly why Yunho was so fiercely protective of Changmin, and he felt that same fierce need to protect their son. Not because he knew he was his son, but because he loved his son.

Heechul slithered up to Yunho, who was watching his son and mate hug with wide-eyed amazement, absolute love, and a homogenous sense of relief. “Look at that mommy and baby moment, isn’t it so moving? Are you going to start crying, Captain?”

Yunho swallowed back his emotions, and denied, “No.”

Heechul reached up and gently tugged Yunho’s hair. “Liar.”

Changmin pulled away from Jaejoong, looking apologetic. “I’m very sorry.”

“No, don’t be,” Jaejoong quickly told him. “I didn’t mind…I liked it.”

“Oh, good then,” Changmin nervously told Jaejoong and then looked down to the ground, avoiding his Joong parent’s gaze.

Heechul peered closely at Yunho’s eyes. “I can see tears forming.”

Yunho pushed Heechul away and walked over to Changmin. Changmin, who was suddenly overcome with feelings of embarrassment, was inspecting the ground intensely. “You are just full of surprises, aren’t you,” Yunho told his son as he slipped the necklace over Changmin’s head.

“The grass here is quite interesting,” Changmin muttered, mortified at his own display of affection.

“It’s fascinating,” Kyuhyun, who was now standing next to Changmin and unable to hide his huge grin, told Changmin.

Yunho pulled an emotional Jaejoong close to him and hit his insignia. “Two to beam up.”

As soon as Yunho and Jaejoong were transported away, Heechul walked up between Changmin and Kyuhyun, placing a hand on each of their shoulders, announcing, “It’s time to talk costumes, boys.”


“Wow, you guys did an awesome job,” Junsu told Donghae as he walked into Ten Forward. The decorated room already had dozens of crewmembers in it, and all of them were dressed up in costumes. Refreshments and appetizers covered the tables. The dance floor was open, and music from different worlds took turns playing in the background.

Donghae, who was dressed as Charlie Chaplin, smiled proudly. “Thanks. Once Sungmin thought of including Heechul, it was a breeze. It’s like he can totally use his genius when he wants to.”

“I haven’t been in here since—it looks amazing.”

Donghae nodded his head, knowing exactly what Junsu meant. “Maybe someday it can be opened again. By the way, who are you supposed to be?” Donghae asked. Junsu was dressed in red, decorative clothing from Earth’s ancient past, and he was also wearing a long, gray wig.

“Mozart, Earth’s greatest musician,” Junsu explained.


“I thought so,” Junsu agreed, frowning as he watched Eunhyuk walking toward them. “I have to go,” Junsu said, hurrying off, eager to avoid his oldest friend.

“Good job, Brussels Sprouts,” Donghae told his best friend as the other man walked up to him, looking extremely guilty.

“I know… I know I’m a horrible friend, but I’m a Bean Sprout for your information.”

“Forgive me, Your Vegetable Highness,” Donghae smarted back to Eunhyuk. “Don’t start anything with Junsu. I want this party to go off without a hitch. Do you hear me? It’s time something went smoothly on this ship.”

“I won’t start anything. All I will do is grovel at his feet whenever the opportunity presents itself,” Eunhyuk promised.

“Good!” Donghae declared. “You two have….” Donghae paused. “Wow, Sungmin…damn.”

Eunhyuk turned to look at his other best friend that had just walked in with Prince Siwon. Eunhyuk struggled to find the words. “Wh…wh…why did he dress like that?”

Donghae grabbed a drink from a nearby table and tossed it back and answered, “To confuse straight men everywhere.”


The captain and Yoochun were in the transporter room overseeing the departure of the rebel women personally. Once the women were gone, the ship would be free of its obligations to the rebels, and it could begin the search for Lieutenant SooYoung.

Yunho had given the rebels his official parting words and was eager to get them off of his ship. Yunho was secretly patting himself on the back for making Siwon the ship’s official liaison. He had handled the women like a pro and now they were happily leaving the ship.

The rebel woman named Nesala stepped off the transporter platform and made her way toward Commander Yoochun and whispered, “I will especially miss you. Last night started out a little lackluster, but boy did it end with a bang! Before security hauled you away, I was really enjoying myself.”

Yunho used every bit of his discipline not to start laughing like a mad man after overhearing them. Yoochun’s eyes darkened and he told her in a cold, detached voice, “I’m flattered. I wasn’t the least bit inspired, so I’m glad that I could make it pleasurable for you at least.”

The woman looked mortified, unaware of the offense she had given, and hurried back to the transporter platform.

Yunho took mercy on the woman and ordered, “Ensign Jonghyun, energize.” Once the women were gone, Yunho told the ensign, “You are dismissed, go enjoy the party.”

“Yes Sir, thank you, Sir,” the ensign told him and hurried off.

Once they were alone, Yunho walked to the wall panel and pulled up the ship-wide reports for a quick review, but couldn’t keep from telling Yoochun, “You are mean.”

Yoochun, who was still rankled by the woman’s comment, agreed, “Yes, and don’t you forget it.”

Yunho ignored Yoochun and smiled as another piece of the puzzle fell into place. “Yong has decided to name his ship the Dragon, and he has also decided to join the Rebellion.”

“And this makes you happy?”

“Very happy,” Yunho confirmed. “It’s like everything is starting to go right for once.”

“Jaejoong loves you again, and all is right in the universe,” Yoochun said, rolling his eyes.

“That’s right. I just wish he felt better.”

Yoochun laughed, and agreed, “Oh, I bet you do. The next stage is the ‘let’s make babies’ stage, isn’t it?”

Yunho blushed slightly. He hated that the whole ship seemed to know that Jaejoong was shifting now, thanks to Changmin’s not so accidental slip ups. “Hey, don’t judge. His hormones were about to drive me insane in the worst way imaginable, and now I hope they drive me insane in the best way imaginable. And then…we can finally get back to normal. Normal would be nice.”

“How normal can you be with a baby Changmin? I can just imagine an infant Changmin screaming all the time, demanding you feed him.”

“Just because Jaejoong is shifting doesn’t mean he is going to get pregnant.”

“Hey, don’t tell me that. I have money riding on the conception happening this week.”

“Crewmembers are gambling on this?”

“Yep, we got a nice gambling pool going.”

Yunho grimaced and asked, “And dare I ask who started the pool?”

“Your one and only son…Well, the only son we know about,” Yoochun answered, loving the flabbergasted look on Yunho’s face. “Cheer up. We have to get dressed. We have a party to get to. If we fail to show up, Heechul will have both of us by our balls.”


“So you are supposed to be Prince Charming?” Sungmin asked his date as they entered the room.

Siwon, whose eyes were glued to his date, cleared his throat and explained, “Heechul insisted. Apparently I’m some character from an Earth child’s fairy tale.”

“That would be correct, and I have to agree with Heechul, you make a perfect Prince Charming,” Sungmin told Siwon, loving the reaction his outfit was having on the man.

“I must ask…this costume you have on…was it done…” Siwon, whose usual smoothness was gone, paused searching for the right words.

“Done to drive you crazy? Yes, it was. How’s it working?” Sungmin asked as he twirled around in the knee length white dress he wore. Sungmin was dressed as a historically famous blonde bombshell from Earth’s past.

Siwon examined Sungmin from head to toe. “It’s very effective.”

Sungmin smiled confidently and coyly told Siwon, “Remember we are just dating…Don’t get your hopes up.”


“Are you a Vulcan?” Sulli asked Changmin as she approached him. She was wearing a simple blue and white dress. Her cousin Minho, who was beside her, was dressed up as a candlestick.

Changmin, who was dressed in an old fashion Star Fleet uniform and wearing pointy ears, explained to Sulli, “Just not any Vulcan, but Spock. He was a brilliant scientist, and he was also a hybrid.”

“Excellent choice,” Minho told his commanding officer as he picked up a sweet from a nearby table. “I guess Heechul didn’t dress you.”

“He attempted to, but I skillfully avoided him,” Changmin informed Minho. “You did not escape, I see.”

Minho shook his head sadly. “No.”

“I like that you are the candlestick,” Sulli told her cousin. “If I have to be Belle, then I’m glad you are my friend the candlestick.”

“Heechul dressed you as Belle?” Changmin asked.

“Yes, but only the plain version of Belle,” Sulli answered with a pout. “There can only be one princess at this party. No gorgeous gown for me.”

“So what did Heechul have planned for you?” Minho asked Changmin.

Changmin reluctantly admitted, “The Beast. You see, Heechul is under the impression that Sulli and I have bonded in the Joong way. He is completely mistaken, but he refuses to see it.”

“Why does he think that?” Minho asked, taken aback by Changmin words.

Sulli laughed, not the least bit surprised and explained, “Because he is Heechul. He thinks I’m going to marry Changmin, but I’m never going to marry anybody. Ever. Men disgust me…no offense.”

“None taken,” Changmin replied happily.

“But why does he think this?” Minho repeated. “There has to be a reason.”

“Have you met Heechul?” Sulli asked. “I adore him, and he’s like my wonderful fairy godmother, but he doesn’t need a reason. Even if I didn’t hate the thought of being with somebody…I would never like Changmin—no offense.”

Changmin could not hide his smile. “None taken.”

“SooYoung loves him. I am not that kind of cousin,” Sulli explained further.

“Sulli! When we find her she is going to kill you,” a very surprised Minho declared, completely shocked that Sulli just spilled SooYoung’s biggest secret, and to Changmin of all people.

“Sulli blabbed all of this to me when she thought I was dying,” Changmin informed Minho. “Although I do not return your sister’s feelings, it is a high honor that a person as highly intelligent as your sister shows such an interest in me.”

“See! He’s totally cool with it,” Sulli told Minho as she grabbed his arm. “Come dance with me.”

Changmin smiled as he watched Sulli drag Minho out to the dance floor.

“It’s good to see her so happy, isn’t it?” Ryeowook asked as he came up from behind Changmin with Kyuhyun beside him.

“It is indeed,” Changmin told the doctor.

Ryeowook studied Changmin and asked, “How does it feel having the necklace off? The room is full of people.”

“It was slightly disquieting at first, but I feel like I am adapting well. I have a slight headache, but nothing that requires a pharmacological intervention,” Changmin explained.

“You have it with you though,” Ryeowook confirmed, slightly uneasy. Ryeowook would have rather waited a bit longer before unleashing Changmin’s unguarded mind on the ship, but Jaejoong had insisted it was safe.

Changmin nodded his head and pulled the necklace from his pocket. “I have it with me, but nobody appears to be in any discomfort. Yunho will soon be here, and Mom said I no longer need to be dependent on it.”

“That’s good; you have come a long way in a short while.”

Changmin nodded his head. “I did not do it alone.”

“No,” Ryeowook agreed. “Jaejoong was an enormous help to you.”

“He was. I could not have done it without him,” Changmin agreed. Changmin then turned to Kyuhyun and stated, “I see you did not bend to Heechul’s will either.”

Kyuhyun, who was only wearing his uniform, smiled triumphantly. “Nope, but to be fair I really wasn’t going to come, but Ryeowook dragged me here.”

Ryeowook swatted his husband. “I did not drag you. You were as curious as I was. I do regret not getting more dressed up now though. Everybody looks amazing.”

“Except for you two,” Heechul snapped, after sneaking up behind the three of them, causing the Chos to jump. He was dressed in a spectacular blue dress that looked like it had come straight out of a fairy tale. “I see the horrid Chos did not even bother to dress up! It’s a mockery of all my hard work! How dare you two insult me so blatantly!”

“Heechul, we would never insult you. I did dress up!” Ryeowook exclaimed, pointing to the old fashioned stethoscope around his neck and his long white lab coat. “I am an old country doctor.”

“Whatever,” Heechul seethed. “It’s probably something you regularly wear on that backwards planet you sprung from, but at least you made an attempt… Kyuhyun, you didn’t even dress up!”

“I did!” Kyuhyun declared, pulling back the sleeve of his uniform to show one band-aid. “I’m his patient.”

Heechul’s eyes appeared to turn red, causing Ryeowook to quickly grab Kyuhyun and pull him out to the dance floor. “Darling, let’s dance…now!”

Changmin, sensing that Heechul was about to explode, attempted a trick he had seen others use countless times before with the insane doctor, “Heechul, you look beautiful. Your dress is breathtaking.”

The anger in Heechul’s eyes vanished immediately. “Oh, this?” Heechul said, patting down his dress. “This is nothing…I mean, if you call Cinderella’s dress nothing.”

“Cinderella?” Changmin asked, pretending the name meant nothing to him.

“Yes, only the greatest princess of all,” Heechul explained as he searched the crowd for his prince charming and found him plastered next to Sungmin as they danced. “It seems my Prince Charming has chosen another,” Heechul said, unable to hide his disappointment.

The hint of sadness in Heechul’s voice made Changmin extremely uncomfortable. He didn’t know what to tell the explosive personality. It was rare that Heechul acted truly hurt. Changmin knew Heechul would not handle his hurt feelings well, and no doubt rage would soon replace any depressing feelings he was now experiencing.

“Then you will just have to settle for me,” Yunho told Heechul as he approached with Yoochun at his side.

Siwon was instantly forgotten as Heechul took in the sight of Yunho. “Oh, Jaejoong was correct, you look strikingly handsome as a 19th century sea captain. I had no idea!”

“Nothing compares to you, Princess,” Yoochun told Heechul as he lifted Heechul’s hand up to his mouth and kissed it. Changmin sighed in relief, knowing that Yoochun and Yunho were experts at handling Heechul.

“Yoochun! You are a Joseon era prince! I love the both of you!” Heechul proclaimed, taking turns hugging them both. “You both look great in royal blue!”

“Let’s show them how to dance, Princess,” Yunho said, extending his hand for Heechul.

Heechul beamed brightly and took Yunho’s hand. “Who needs the prince of nothing, when they can dance with the real man in charge? Let’s show them how it’s done,” Heechul declared with his old unwavering confidence.

“Dancing used to be a hobby of mine,” Yunho told Heechul as they left for the dance floor.

Changmin couldn’t keep from smiling. “You two have perfect timing. I could feel an explosion about to erupt.”

“We have our moments,” Yoochun told Changmin as Junsu walked up to them.

“Well, the captain most certainly does,” Junsu agreed. After throwing dozens of fresh and rotten fruit at Yoochun yesterday, Junsu had finally allowed the other man to apologize. He didn’t understand Yoochun, but he did believe he was sorry.

“You want to dance with me, Ensign?” Yoochun asked.

Junsu answered, “No, I don’t.”

“Just know the offer is out there if you change your mind.”

“Just remember I already rejected the offer.”

“You do know men can dance together in the 24th century, and it doesn’t imply anything?”

Junsu nodded his head. “I do know this. If Changmin wants to dance with me, I’d willingly accept.”

“I would rather not,” Changmin quickly informed them. “I have no desire to dance.”

“Come on, Changmin, you can dance with me. At least once,” Sulli pleaded as she and Minho returned from the dance floor.

“I’d rather not.”

“Boo! I guess I will just have to look at all the amazing costumes instead,” Sulli said as she looked around the room.

“I do believe Princess Heechul wins this round,” Minho said. “The dress is very impressive.”

Yoochun, who was watching Sungmin with admiration, added, “I don’t know. Sungmin looks damn good.”

“Too good,” Junsu agreed uncomfortably.

“Ensign Jang is adorable as a Norbert cub. I like Eunhyuk’s bean sprouts, too,” Sulli said of the ensign, who was doing some weird dance with Donghae and Shindong in the middle of the dance floor.

“Is Shindong a sea pirate?” Minho asked.

Changmin nodded his head. “Yes, and it’s a good choice for him.”

“But I have to agree, Princess Heechul wins the award for best costume,” Sulli said as she watched Heechul and Yunho dancing. Heechul was clearly enjoying having all of the captain’s attention. Heechul was most certainly Cinderella at the ball. Sulli couldn’t help but be happy for the delusional doctor who had taken such excellent care of her. Sulli was surprised when Yunho abruptly stopped dancing. A look of absolute love and adoration appeared on Yunho’s face, and it was not directed at his dance partner.

“Umm…I’m not so sure about that. I think Changmin’s mom might win the award,” Junsu said in awe. “It’s like he’s a whole different person.”

They all turned their heads and gasped as Jaejoong walked onto the dance floor, eyes locked with Yunho’s. The dancing stopped as the crew laid eyes on Jaejoong in his true form for the first time. Although Changmin was ethereal in his Joong form, his beauty did not compare to the person who had given birth to him. None aboard the ship were prepared for the beauty they now encountered; beauty so strikingly breathtaking and perfect that it filled all their senses.

Jaejoong was dressed entirely in white. He wore a lacey, white cotton shirt that was fashioned from the days of Earth’s ancient renaissance period. It fit loosely, one side hanging off his shoulder, and it hung just below his waist, accentuating a body that was not limited to the attributes of just one gender. He also wore tight white pants that were laced tightly up his legs. His skin was a creamy, white perfection that appeared to be as soft as snow. Flawless flaxen hair brushed his shoulders, drawing attention to his eyes—his eyes were the same crystal blue perfection as his son’s.

Jaejoong strolled up to Yunho, completely rejuvenated. Once his body had reached the final phase of shifting, his Joong healing abilities had taken over, restoring his health and replenishing his strength. The great Joong powers that he had at times tried to suppress for the comfort of the humans around him emanated off of him, refusing to be controlled.

Heechul stepped away, feeling the electricity in the air, and knowing better to intrude on the moment. Yunho’s smile grew as Jaejoong stepped closer. Memories of that day so long ago when he had gone to answer a cry for help filled his mind. As Jaejoong came to a stop in front of him, Yunho reached out a hand and cupped Jaejoong’s cheek. “Not exactly the same, but I can still see the girl I saved all those months ago.”

Jaejoong reached up, his hand covering Yunho’s. “Not just a girl, but both genders in this form.”

“Yes, I do remember your words, but I do not remember you being so exquisite.”

Jaejoong moved closer to Yunho and placed both his arms around Yunho’s neck. “Perhaps it’s because your preference still lingers in this form, or is it the absence of the blood and gore?”

A chill ran up Yunho’s spine as he was reminded of the condition of Jaejoong’s body when they had first met. The torture Jaejoong had received on the orders of the mad warlord… Yunho wrapped his arms around Jaejoong’s waist, pulling him closer and promised, “Never. Again.”

“You will protect me?”


“And I will always protect you.”

“Always?” Yunho teasingly questioned.

“Forever…in all our life times.”

“In all our life times,” Yunho confirmed as he bent down to kiss Jaejoong. Welcoming lips met his, and a song began to play.


“Do you hear that?” Junsu asked as he turned away from the captain and Jaejoong to look around him. “Do you hear music?”

Yoochun reached up and rubbed his ear. “It’s like it’s coming from inside my head.”

“It’s beautiful,” Sulli said in awe, not taking her eyes off the couple on the dance floor.

“It appears to be a telepathic song,” Changmin said, mystified by the song playing in his head.

“Jaejoong has a very nice voice, although the experience of hearing it in my own head is quite unsettling,” Minho said from beside Sulli.

“Junsu, is that you?” Yoochun questioned after hearing another familiar voice in the song.

“It is me! I sound good!” Junsu said proudly, unable to keep from smiling. “I keep telling people I can sing.”

“And that would be Yunho,” Yoochun laughed as he continued to listen to the song.

“And now I hear Changmin,” Junsu declared, laughing at the horrified look that had appeared on Changmin’s face.

“I do not sing!” Changmin denied.

“Well, you are singing in my head and you sound beautiful!” Sulli said, completely delighted by the telepathic song. “It started when they kissed! It’s so romantic. I think Joongs are wonderful! Jaejoong is so amazing!”

“And that would be me,” Yoochun said, unable to keep from smiling. “I must admit we sound pretty fucking amazing!”

“You do!” Sulli and Minho both agreed.

“This is highly illogical!” Changmin informed them all, folding his arms, and trying his best to look displeased.

Junsu exclaimed, “It’s highly awesome!”


Yunho broke away from the kiss and asked in wonderment, “What is this?”

“What is what?” Jaejoong asked, his lips already missing his lover.

“This song playing in my head.”

“It’s a song of our timeless love,” Jaejoong answered as he slid his hands around Yunho’s waist and pulled him tightly to him.


“There are some Joongs that can create telepathic songs while in Joong form. I’ve never heard of it being this easy though, but I’m very gifted. Kiss me.”

“That you are,” Yunho quickly agreed as he bent down and kissed Jaejoong again, much to the other man’s enjoyment.

“It is good to be appreciated,” Jaejoong told Yunho mentally as he deepened the kiss.

“You are, but I intend to appreciate you even more.” Yunho pulled away from Jaejoong’s lips and started to kiss down his lover’s neck. Jaejoong moaned appreciatively and tilted his head back, exposing more of his neck.

“No need for pheromones now.”

“Not with you,” Yunho agreed as his hand slide under the back of Jaejoong’s shirt.

“Deny you for a few weeks and you become quite the exhibitionist.”

Yunho detached himself quickly from Jaejoong after taking in the other man’s words. Yunho tried to clear his senses and asked, “I can understand why Changmin would be in our song, but why Junsu and Yoochun?”

Jaejoong frowned unhappily as Yunho tired to collect his senses, and shrugged. “I just broadcast the song, I don’t pick the vocalist. It probably has something to do with our countless lives, and the fact that those two have accompanied us on so many of our life journeys.”

“Makes absolutely no sense to me, but for once I don’t care,” Yunho told Jaejoong. “I think it is beautiful, and it should just be enjoyed.”

“Now that is the spirit,” Jaejoong told Yunho proudly, finding this side of Yunho refreshing. Jaejoong then took a step back and extended his hand to Yunho. “May I have this dance?”

“I’d be honored,” Yunho told Jaejoong as he took the other man’s hand. Their bond worked its magic and their bodies moved as one, swaying perfectly in sync with each other as the song of their timeless love played on.

“One dance, and then you are all mine…all mine. I have plans for you, My Love,” Jaejoong whispered in Yunho’s ears as they moved across the empty dance floor with every eye in the room glued to them. “You said you loved me best, and I intend to make you prove it—over, and over, and over again.”

“Now that is a challenge I can get behind,” Yunho said, full of anticipation as he swept Jaejoong across the dance floor.
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