Expectations: Adventures in Baby Making Part 1 of 3

Series: Expectations
Adventure Ten: Adventures in Baby Making Part 1 of 3
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae, KyuWook, Various
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Romance, Humor
Beta:  tahoeturquoise

Summary: Yunho and Jaejoong are fully enjoying the third stage of shifting, when the captain’s presence is required. Ryeowook and Kyuhyun are at odds. Kangin, Eunhyuk, Siwon, and Sungmin find themselves in a smelly situation. Changmin has a most unusual encounter. A battle ensues, and the outcome surprises all.

A/N: I made a promise a long time ago that if Expectations ever got five pages of comments I would update instantly…..sadly, I had to wait till I got home. Thanks to all that comment!!!

Prior Adventures

“That was utterly useless.”

“Umm…uugguuh,” the incoherent grunt of a very satisfied and physically exhausted Yunho was the only response Jaejoong got as the other man collapsed on top of his mate and started to snuggle.

Jaejoong pushed Yunho off of him and sat up in bed. He gazed down on the other man, who had just rolled onto his back with a huge smile plastered on his face.

Jaejoong pulled his knees up to his chest and hugged them tightly as he watched the love of his life drifting away to dreamland. “You are all dried up and I’m still not pregnant,” Jaejoong whispered softly, so as to not disturb his mate.

Jaejoong watched as Yunho’s mouth fell open in his sleep. He knew his mate was worn out. He had used his Joong powers to keep Yunho awake and going for days, but he had decided to let his mate benefit from some real sleep now.

“What does one have to do to get pregnant around here,” Jaejoong whined as he fell back on the bed and rubbed his empty belly. Jaejoong’s heightened Joong hormones had him yearning desperately for that spark of life he would feel growing inside of him once Changmin was conceived. “A sweet baby Changmin who loves me best. A sweet baby, that I will share a Joong bond with…I can’t wait.”

The thought of a baby made him beam with happiness. “I guess I could go see my big Changmin. Yes, I will go see my big Changmin!” Jaejoong said to himself as he quickly got out of bed. “Yes, I will go see my big Changmin…right after I take a nice long bath with real water!”


“I have to find a helper, but all the people who have the natural ability are busy elsewhere on the ship,” Ryeowook informed his husband as he went through health reports, while sitting at his desk in his sickbay office.

“Sulli wouldn’t do it?” Kyuhyun asked.

Ryeowook shook his head. “No, she has no desire to do it at all. She would have been perfect too. Heechul adores her, and she has a way of putting people at ease.”

Kyuhyun smirked. “Too bad.”

Ryeowook lifted his eyes from his reports and eyed his husband. “I know you are mad at me, but you need to get over it.”

Kyuhyun narrowed his eyes at his husband, for once hating that Ryeowook knew him so well. “Why would I be mad at you?”

“Perhaps because I won’t let you resume your duties.”

Kyuhyun, who had both of his feet propped up on the conference table as he leaned back in a chair, quickly agreed, “Oh, yes; that would be the reason for it.”

“It’s barely been three weeks.”

“What did I tell you about arbitrary dates?”

Ryeowook told Kyuhyun softly, “It’s too soon. You know that.”

“I have passed every psych test you have given me.”

“Kyuhyun,” Ryeowook said in a long suffering voice, “You are a master at passing psych tests. We both know this.”

Kyuhyun frowned. “Changmin said I was fine.”

Ryeowook shook his head. “Changmin barely has even a basic grasp of his own telepathic and empathic abilities. Believe me, he is no judge of whether you are fine or not.”

“And yet you allowed him to return to duty.”

Ryeowook got up from his desk and walked over to Kyuhyun, sat down in the chair beside him and explained patiently, “Changmin only has limited privileges. He is restricted to his labs. He can not return to the bridge or go on any away missions. Not until he stops being dependent on the necklace to block out his empathic powers.”

“I just think with the captain out of commission…I should be on the bridge. Yoochun hates to be on the bridge, and I miss the bridge.”

Ryeowook couldn’t help chuckling as he corrected his husband, “The captain is not out of commission…he is just getting his brains sexed out. If there was an emergency I’m confident his leadership instincts would kick in.”

Kyuhyun looked away from Ryeowook; he wasn’t ready to comment on any sexual matters…not theirs or anybody else’s. “I just feel useless. I want to contribute to the search for Lieutenant SooYoung.

“I know you do,” Ryeowook said as he reached out and patted Kyuhyun’s arm. “You just aren’t ready.

Kyuhyun stood up and kicked the chair he had been sitting in. “Sometimes you just piss me off.”


“Don’t,” Kyuhyun snapped. “I’m sick of you. There, I said it. I am sick of being stuck with you all the time. I love you, but I need to go back to work! I wasn’t made to sit around and do nothing all day.”

Ryeowook stood up, and pointed out to Kyuhyun calmly, “You are throwing a tantrum, and yet you want me to give my permission for you to resume your duties? Really? I don’t think so.”

“I’m not throwing a tantrum. I’m showing my husband how frustrated I am. How stymied I feel! Can you be my husband for a moment, instead of my doctor?”

Ryeowook shook his head. “As your husband, I understand your frustrations, but in this instance I have to be your doctor too. I can’t separate the two. And as your doctor, I can’t release you to return to the second most powerful position on this ship…without being 100% sure that you are ready.”

Kyuhyun stared down at the shorter man, knowing he wasn’t going to win this argument. “Fine, then!” Kyuhyun told Ryeowook, turning around and leaving the conference room without another word.


There was a chirping in the distance, penetrating his peaceful slumber, but Yunho did not open his eyes. “Go away,” he mumbled.

The chirping continued.

Yunho rolled to his side, reaching up to cover his ears. “Go away.”

The chirping continued.

Yunho rolled over again and promptly fell out of bed. “I fell out of bed,” he chuckled as he found himself on the floor, unharmed by the fall. He rolled around on the floor laughing, as if falling out of the bed was the funniest thing that had ever happened to him.

The chirping continued.

Yunho finally opened his eyes, and stopped rolling on the floor when he realized he was in one of the guest rooms in his new quarters. “When did we come in here?”

The chirping continued.

“Jaejoong, did you see what happened? I fell out of bed,” Yunho asked aloud, still amused. When he got no answer from his mate he sat up and looked in the direction of the bed to find it empty. “You are not in bed.”

The chirping continued.

“Why aren’t you in bed? Where are you?” Yunho sent out mentally to his partner.

“I’m with our son, and he is being very testy. Yunho, his hair is getting brown! Brown! The beautiful blond hair he inherited from me is fading away, and the nasty hair he inherited from your genetic contribution is replacing it!”

Yunho pondered Jaejoong’s words and then reached up to feel his hair. “My hair isn’t nasty.”

“Of course it isn’t, My Love. I shouldn’t have said that, I’m just sad to see him changing. You are the most attractive, perfect man in all the universes. Go back to bed, and replenish your bodily fluids, so we can make a baby. Dry orgasms do us no good.”

“Okay,” Yunho agreed and fell back to the floor, ready to doze off again. “My beautiful family,” he muttered aloud as he imagined Changmin and Jaejoong together.

The chirping continued.

The sexual haze that Yunho was drenched in lifted for a moment, and the word testy replayed in his mind. Changmin was being testy. Jaejoong was with a testy Changmin. The very small part of Yunho’s mind that was functioning warned that this had potential for disaster written all over it.

The chirping continued.

Yunho sat back up. The chirping was not going away. He thought perhaps he should investigate. He crawled to the living area of his new quarters, not bothering to stand as he followed the sound of the annoying chirping. Chirping that was his insignia, he suddenly remembered. Star Fleet regulations about keeping your insignia in close proximity to you at all times rattled off in Yunho’s mind. “I am the captain. I am the captain,” Yunho said aloud. “I am the captain. I am the captain,” Yunho kept repeating, reminding himself why he couldn’t ignore annoying chirping. “I am the captain.”

The chirping continued.

Yunho continued to crawl toward the chirping. The chirping seemed to be coming from the costume he had worn to the Halloween party. The costume was crumpled up on the floor where Jaejoong had ripped it off of him the instant they had entered their quarters. He picked up the navy blue naval uniform and felt for his insignia. The party seemed like it had been a long time ago, but surely it had just been yesterday. “Computer, when was the Halloween Party?”

“The party was held on star date 49304.9,” the crisp, efficient, ever-helpful voice of the computer answered.

Yunho then weakly asked, “And today’s date?”

“Today’s date is 49309.3,” the computer answered.

An astonished Yunho grabbed the insignia and stood up. “Five days…five...I have been…I have been…”Yunho paused and hit the chirping insignia. “Captain here.”

The rather rude and demanding voice of Changmin was instantly heard, “Yunho, come and get him! Now!”


Kyuhyun, who was on his way back to his quarters after decided hiding from Ryeowook wouldn’t exactly prove his mental health, stopped in the corridor as he noticed the captain stumbling out of his new quarters. “Captain?”

Yunho spun around, barely managing to keep his balance. “Commander, how are you?”

“I’m good, Sir,” Kyuhyun answered as he walked closer, observing the captain closely. The captain was in his uniform, and his appearance was normal…yet, there was something noticeably off about him. “Captain, are you alright?”

“Oh, I don’t think so,” the captain answered honestly. “Do I seem alright?”

Kyuhyun shook his head no. “Captain, you look intoxicated.”

Yunho, much to Kyuhyun’s surprise, hooked his arm around the commander’s arm and explained, “I think you are very right. I think I’m high on Jaejoong.”

“High on Jaejoong?”

“I will explain, but right now I need to get to Changmin’s lab. If you would be so kind as to escort me there, and help me maintain some semblance of respectability, I’d be very appreciative.”

“Of course, Sir,” Kyuhyun agreed as he led the captain toward the lift.

Yunho took a long, deep breath as he allowed his second in command to guide him. His mind was foggy, and lustful thoughts of Jaejoong kept rising up. Once they reached the lift he remained quiet and allowed Kyuhyun to order the lift to take them to the science level.

“Captain, you said you were going to explain?” Kyuhyun prompted.

Yunho grimaced in embarrassment, but kept his word. “I think I might be under the influence of pheromones.”


“Yeah, Jaejoong is in his Joong form, and he has them now,” Yunho explained. “I am pretty sure I have been dosed...overdosed on them.”

“Should…we go to sickbay instead?”

“No, I am doing my best to resist the effects of the pheromones now. Sex is not the main thing on my mind…no, that’s a lie, but it’s not the only thing on my mind, so that is an improvement.”

Kyuhyun frowned as they headed toward Changmin’s lab. “Captain, I think I might be misunderstanding you.”

“I don’t need a doctor. If I went to see Ryeowook, Jaejoong would have my hide. You know he thinks Ryeowook’s healing methods are prehistoric at best.”

Kyuhyun, who’s arm was still hooked with the captain, asked, “So you are okay with being dosed with pheromones?”

Yunho smiled as memories of the last five days flooded back to him. “Hell, yes. I highly recommend it.”


“Of course, that could just be the pheromones talking.”

Kyuhyun couldn’t keep from grinning as they approached the lab. “I think you might be right, Captain.”

Yunho took in the view of several of Changmin’s science personal standing outside the door that led to Changmin’s main lab. “What’s up?” Yunho asked, trying to sound as normal as possible…and failing.

The crewmen instantly stood straighter at the sight of their captain and commander. “Sir, Lieutenant Jung ordered us out.”

“At ease, men,” Kyuhyun ordered, pulling his arm free of the captain’s. “You are dismissed until Lieutenant Jung calls you back.”

Yunho managed to stand mostly straight as he watched the crew members walk away. “So have you returned to duty?”

“No,” Kyuhyun grumbled, unable to hide his unhappiness. “Sorry, about ordering them. It’s just habit.”

“No, no; it’s fine,” Yunho assured him as he walked through the lab doors and came to a sudden halt.

Changmin was sitting at his desk with a very sour expression on his face. Jaejoong stood behind Changmin with both of his arms wrapped around his son’s neck, hugging him.

Yunho just giggled at the sight, and sat down in the nearest chair he could find.

“It isn’t funny!” Changmin bellowed at his father.

Kyuhyun, who was also grinning at the irate science officer and the happy, smiling Joong behind him, said, “It kind of is.”

“Yunho, why aren’t you sleeping?” Jaejoong asked, his arms still wrapped around Changmin, but his eyes glued to his lover. “You should be replenishing your bodily fluids.”

Yunho, who was sprawled out in the chair, asked, “Are you using pheromones on me?”

Jaejoong released his arms from around Changmin’s neck and stood straighter. “I’m not dispersing them purposely, like I did when we first met. A shifting Joong can’t help but release some when they climax, and well…” Jaejoong paused and winked at Yunho.

“Oh, no wonder,” Yunho replied, completely understanding now. “I think you told me that before.”

“I did.”

“I am not really grasping much right now,” Yunho told them. “My sense of time and my judgment seem to be really off.”

“You think?” Changmin said disdainfully.

Jaejoong, who was still behind Changmin, whacked his son gently on the head. “Be nice to your father. The pheromones are slowly leaving his system; in time he will be all panicky about ignoring his ship for almost a week.”

Changmin brightened. “Leaving his system? Does this mean that I have been conceived? This is most unexpected, but welcome news. I have not faded into oblivion. I had hoped that two of me could exist at the same point in time. There have been cases of a person time traveling back in time, and not rendering their prior selves void. I had not dared to hope though. ”

“That’s great news,” Kyuhyun agreed.

Yunho just shook his head, and Jaejoong broke the news, “I’m not pregnant. Your father has failed to impregnate me.”

“Explain. If you are not pregnant then why are you are out of your quarters? Why are you not continuing your hideous, heated, sexual romp? You appear to make perfect sense…although extra clingy. Have you finished shifting?” Changmin demanded.

“I’m not extra clingy. I’ve just never loved you this much before…that I remember,” Jaejoong corrected, hugging Changmin again. “I’m not done shifting. I just missed you…you, my perfect, smart, handsome son. Not to mention the smartest person ever!”

“We are on a break from baby making,” Yunho explained, holding his stomach as he laughed at the expression on Changmin’s face. “And that baby would be you.”

“Yes, we are on a break, so I had to come and see my perfect, smart, handsome son who is looking more and more human of late; what happened to your magnificent blond hair? Your eyes are even changing back to that boring brown,” Jaejoong told Changmin as he ran his hands sadly through his son’s darkening hair. “You haven’t been wooing Su-”

“I didn’t bond with anybody!” Changmin yelled, interrupted Jaejoong.

Jaejoong grinned down at his son, “So we hope; I’m totally not ready to be a Grand Birth Parent. I am much too young and pretty for that.”

“I was locked in my quarters for five days? Five days?” Yunho said suddenly, as if the severity was only now registering with him.

“Yes, Sir,” Kyuhyun told the captain.

“Five days?” Yunho repeated as if the thought was completely foreign to him. “For five days?”

“Yunho, calm down…it was a really fun five days,” Jaejoong told his panicking lover.

Kyuhyun gave Changmin a sympathetic look, and said, “I’m going to leave now. This should be a family discussion.”

Changmin wanted to plead with him to stay, but forced himself to control the urge. He reminded himself that Kyuhyun had suffered enough for him already. “Bye.”

“Kyuhyun, if you want me to manipulate Ryeowook’s brain so you can return to duty just ask,” Jaejoong offered Kyuhyun with a bright smile. “I won’t ever forget that you saved my baby. I always repay my debts.”

“Ummm…well, thanks. That’s a nice offer…but I am going to have to pass on it. I think I am going to go,” Kyuhyun told Jaejoong and hurried out of the lab before he took Jaejoong up on his offer.

“Five days,” Yunho said, sitting up straighter oblivious to Jaejoong’s offer to Kyuhyun. “I didn’t even have my insignia with me. Five days without checking on my ship.”

“Changmin, your mind is so hard to read now. I can barely read you,” Jaejoong complained, still standing behind his son, looking down at him unhappily.

“Well, isn’t that just terrible,” Changmin said full of sarcasm, resisting the urge to gloat.

Jaejoong whacked Changmin again, and told him, “I didn’t say it was impossible, brat.” Jaejoong then opened up the top drawer of Changmin’s desk and stared at the much hated necklace that was stashed inside it. “I told you, you don’t need this hideous thing anymore.”

“I know you did, but it helps with the headaches.”

Jaejoong shut the drawer. “You know what else can help with headaches?”

“I’m a horrible captain,” Yunho bemoaned from his seat, oblivious to the conversation going on between his mate and their son.

“I didn’t think you would want the interruption,” Changmin told his birth parent, ignoring his father’s mental anguish as his sense of duty returned.

Jaejoong sighed. “You can heal your own headaches! You can’t always depend on me.”

“I don’t deserve to be captain…my father would be so disappointed,” Yunho said sadly, lost in a world of shame. “My father…he would be so ashamed. I’m not the captain he dreamed I would be.”

“I can not heal the headaches, they are caused by my Joong abilities,” Changmin explained, turning to give his father a concerned look after the mention of his grandfather.

Jaejoong, whose eyes were now firmly fixed on Yunho, replied to his son, “Really? Do you think you are the only Joong that ever had a headache because they were surrounded by a hoard of emotional humans? I think not. Do you think other Joong’s rely on necklaces to block their empathic powers?”

“No,” Changmin answered. “But I’m turning back into my human form…aren’t I?”

“What does that have to do with you healing yourself? It has nothing to do with it. When I’m in human form I still have all my abilities…well, except for some, but I can read minds, heal, and feel emotions. So can you. Even when I had your Joong side completely suppressed some of your Joong abilities still emerged at times.”

“Where the heck are we anyway?” A very disturbed Yunho asked. “It doesn’t feel like we are in warp. What kind of captain doesn’t even know where his ship is? But I’m not a real captain, am I? I am only captain because…because so many died. I am captain by default.”

Jaejoong walked away from Changmin and up to his distressed mate. “Yunho, calm down. You are a wonderful captain. Everything is perfectly under control,” Jaejoong told him as he sat down astraddle his lover in the chair, making Yunho focus on him. “Commander Sleazy…I mean Yoochun, is in charge, and Sungmin has been helping to make sure everything is running smoothly.”

Yunho reached up and grabbed Jaejoong’s hands that were about cup his face. “No more pheromones. I have to think straight. I hate feeling like this. I need to check on my ship; no more of them. No more.”

“My Love, you are the one who makes me release them, and unless we are going to have some fun times in this chair, you are safe,” Jaejoong reminded Yunho as he pulled their hands down and kissed Yunho softly on the lips.

“Jaejoong, don’t tempt me,” Yunho whined mentally to his lover.

“But I love tempting you.”

“I am leaving this vulgar display of affection,” Changmin said not hiding his revulsion as he quickly fled the lab.

“I’m weak right now.”

“Yunho, I’m always weak for you.”

“I shouldn’t…” Yunho told Jaejoong, even as he parted his lips allowing Jaejoong’s tongue to enter his mouth, deepening the kiss.

“We probably shouldn’t,” Jaejoong agreed as he pressed in closer to Yunho.

“I want you, now,” Yunho ordered, his hands moving to rid Jaejoong of his pants.

Jaejoong’s hands were already busy working on freeing Yunho from his clothes. “These damn uniforms; there should really be an easier way to get out of them. They won’t rip or tear…wait! You’re still dry.” Jaejoong sent out mentally as he jumped free of Yunho.

“I’m probably not,” Yunho quickly responded, reaching out for Jaejoong, who quickly evaded his grasp.

Jaejoong shook his head, not falling for Yunho’s ploys. “Really? When it’s not even been an hour?”

“I’m quick to recover.”

“I don’t want quick! I want sperm filled semen! I’m trying to make a baby here!”

“You are being ridiculous! You can’t get me worked up like this and stop…it’s…it’s wrong!

“I love you dearly, and you are wonderfully hot and masculine, but you are going to have to wait,” Jaejoong informed his mate.

“I shouldn’t have to wait! It isn’t my fault that I am dried up! You’re insatiable!”

“Yes, I have been, but now I am going to be more goal oriented. This is not about quantity, it’s about quality. We are going to make a baby, and nothing is going to stop us!” Jaejoong said aloud with new determination.

“But…can’t we practice, right now?” Yunho asked hopefully.

“We don’t need any practice. Right now, you need to find out what primitive world your ship is orbiting!”

Yunho’s lust started to fade. “I should probably do that.”

“Yes, you should.”

“I’d rather have sex.”

“Not until later, a couple of hours at the very least.”

“You are being very mean to me.”

“I promise to make it up to you.”

“I wasn’t this sex crazed on the planet when we first met…I was stronger then. I was a better captain then…now, I am just weak. Weak and pathetic.”

“That isn’t true. I just used enough pheromones to get you to mate with me then. It isn’t like I climaxed from our horrible first time together,” Jaejoong said with scorn. “That wasn’t pleasant at all.”

Yunho frowned. “Can we not talk about that…ever again?”

“My Love, I am just saying you are much stronger now. What wonderful mental control you have. You have been exposed to massive amounts of pheromones for five days, other men would not remember they have a ship much less be concerned for it…they would probably be trying to rape me.”

“I have a ship. I have to focus on it, now.”

“Yes, you should do that. You love your ship.”

“I love my ship,” Yunho agreed as he stood up and carefully walked over to one of the science stations. He touched a panel bringing up ship wide reports and studied them closely. “We are orbiting a planet named Valmont. It appears they may have some news about Lieutenant Choi’s whereabouts.”

“Good,” Jaejoong said happily. Jaejoong was relieved to see Yunho’s leadership tendencies starting to emerge. “You stay here and get your captaining on, and I am going to cook a wonderful meal for our beloved son. Changmin’s testy nature will dissolve in seconds, once I cook him a delicious meal.”

Yunho, who was looking down at the displays in front of him, shook his head trying to focus. “I am still not thinking clearly.”

Jaejoong walked toward the door, then turned and told Yunho, “Maybe you should take a nap, and then your mind will be clearer.”

Yunho looked up at his departing mate and asked, “Can you not help me with clearing my mind…heal it or something?”

Jaejoong just shook his head. “No, if I tried to heal you, my desire to have constant sex with you would take over again, and you would be worse off.”

Yunho smiled as a thought occurred to him. “So if I hurt myself, and you had to heal me…then we…No, I can’t think like that. Just go,” Yunho told Jaejoong, trying desperately to keep a hold of his fragile command instinct.

“I’m leaving,” Jaejoong told Yunho as he stepped through the door.

Yunho groaned and reached up and rubbed his eyes. “This is crazy,” he said to himself. “I’m the captain, I can’t be like this. I have…wait,” Yunho said as a thought occurred to him. He reached up and tapped his insignia. “Transporter room.”


Commander Yoochun winced, reached up and pinched his nose, and asked, “Is that shit?”

“Yes,” Lieutenant Sungmin answered as he stepped none too happily off the transporter platform. Ensign Kangin, Siwon, and Eunhyuk, who had beamed up with him had similar looks of displeasure on their faces. All of the away team was almost covered from head to toe in animal feces.

“So I guess they wouldn’t deal with you?” Commander Yoochun surmised, as Lieutenant Donghae, who was standing beside him, tried to resist gagging on the awful smell.

“No,” Siwon stated as he stepped off the transporter room, trying to maintain some semblance of dignity. “They are aware of what Captain Yunho looks like, and they refuse to deal with anyone but him.”

“Isn’t this just wonderful timing,” Commander Yoochun griped.

“You could always go down there and try to convince them to deal with you?” Sungmin suggested with an evil glint in his eyes. “You are a commander, perhaps they would deal with you instead.”

Yoochun looked Sungmin’s feces splattered body up and down. “No.”

“What are we going to do, then?” Sungmin asked Commander Yoochun. “We can’t let this opportunity pass us by.”

“Our options are limited at-”

Yunho’s voice broke out interrupting Yoochun, “Transporter room.”

“Lieutenant Donghae here,” Donghae immediately answered.

“Beam me straight to sickbay,” Yunho ordered.

“Yes, Sir,” Donghae replied instantly, following his captain’s orders.

Yoochun’s eyes narrowed in concern as he turned toward the exit, while at the same time saying hopefully, “Our options may have just increased.”

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