Bed of Roses, Chapter Ten

Title Bed of Roses
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: SungGyu/WooHyun
Rating: R
Genre: Friendship, Love, Humor, Angst
Length: Chaptered
Beta: tahoeturquoise

Summary: WooHyun’s perfect life…his bed of roses is tossed into disarray when SungGyu makes a bold move changing their friendship forever.

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It was noon when WooHyun’s eyes started to flutter open. He had fallen into a deep sleep that had replenished his strength, and sharpened his mind. He awoke with a jolt, realizing quickly that he was alone on the sofa. “Hyung!”

“Oh, are you trying to show me new found respect?” SungYeol asked as he entered the living room.

“No,” WooHyun answered, sitting up and looking past SungYeol, waiting for the leader to appear.

“He isn’t here.”


“We are the only two here,” SungYeol explained as he sat down beside WooHyun. “They left around nine for the studio.”

“He left me,” WooHyun said sadly. “He promised he wouldn’t.”

“He would have said anything to get you to sleep last night, but honestly, he had no choice. It’s not like he can just avoid his responsibilities. We can’t put all our activities on hold just because you want to sleep till noon.”

“It’s already noon?”

“Yep, SungGyu ordered that you were not to be awakened. When the manager arrived, he agreed with the leader not to wake you up. I volunteered to stay with you; aren’t I the caring friend?”

WooHyun got off the sofa and looked down at SungYeol. “No.”

“Hey, I stayed with you.”

“So you could get out of going to the studio,” WooHyun told him as he walked toward the bathroom.

SungYeol shrugged and had to agree, “True.” SungYeol waited for a moment and then pulled out his phone. He called JungRyul, one of their managers. “Sleeping beauty has awakened…he’s in the bathroom…I will try…I can’t really tell…okay, we will be ready.”

“Who were you talking too?” WooHyun asked as he returned from the bathroom.

“I had to promise to call the Hyung JungRyul the moment you awoke. He is sending somebody for us.”

“Oh,” WooHyun replied as he headed for the kitchen. “How long do we have?”

“Not long. We have to go to the studio to meet up with the others,” SungYeol answered as he got up, following WooHyun into the kitchen. “Are you going to eat?”

WooHyun, who was already digging through the cabinets, informed the other boy, “My days of starving myself are over.”

“So you admit to starving yourself?”

“No, I didn’t mean it like that. I was just so upset…it just made me sick,” WooHyun explained, as he pulled a box of cereal from the cabinet and set it down on the table. He then headed for the refrigerator.

“And now you aren’t sick?”

WooHyun pulled the milk from the refrigerator. “He said we are friends again. I couldn’t function thinking that we weren’t friends. I could maybe trick the fans, but I just felt nauseated all the time. I can’t…not…be friends with him.”

“Do you think he meant it?”

WooHyun sat down at the table and looked up at SungYeol, alarmed. “Why would you say that? Of course he meant it.”

“Yeah, he did mean it…I suppose. You could tell how worried he was for you. It was like, until that moment he had succeeded in blocking you out of his mind. Then suddenly he saw you again, and he just couldn’t stand seeing you like that. He was really worried for you, and nobody is that worried for somebody they don’t even consider a friend.”

WooHyun eyed SungYeol suspiciously and asked, “What are you talking about? You act as if you were there. Were you spying on us?”

“No,” SungYeol answered as he sat down at the table with WooHyun.

“I don’t believe you!”

“I wasn’t spying on you. L and I were spying on you,” SungYeol clarified.

WooHyun reached up and wiped the sleepers from his eyes. “I should be mad, but I’m not. I just don’t have it in me to be angry; it’s like I used up all my emotions. I just feel drained.”

“You were a mess.”

“Last night is kinda a blur to me. I need to know what was said.”

“Well, you declared your undying love, and you two agreed to be a couple. Then you had sex. Are you sore this morning?”

“I was wrong, I’m not completely drained. I can still feel angry at you, asshole.”

“You would know about assholes wouldn’t you? Poor L is going to be permanently traumatized after what he witnessed.”

“I hate you so much,” WooHyun grumbled with a mouthful of cereal.

SungYeol relented and informed the other man, “We didn’t see everything. When we began our spying, SungGyu already had you eating the dry but yummy ramen. At first you were so pitiful, I actually felt sorry for you. We could only listen to the two of you, because you know SungGyu would have beaten our asses if he caught us eavesdropping. I could hear the worry in his voice, though.”

“He said we were friends again, right?” WooHyun paused from eating and asked. “I am pretty sure he said that, but I could have been dreaming.”

“He did say you were friends again,” SungYeol confirmed for the older boy, having mercy on him.

“I don’t think anybody could ever miss someone as much as I missed him. It was only ten days, but it seemed like ten years. It’s ironic that I turned into everything I accused him of being…pathetic and pitiful. He could never be as pitiful as I was.”

“You said he was pathetic and pitiful?”

“Yes, but I was mad and stupid. He wouldn’t give up his dream of us being together. A dream…how funny that I should say dream…it was a stupid dream that started that horrible last fight.”

“The last fight?”

“He kept thinking I was lying about how I felt.”

“You are lying about how you feel,” SungYeol reminded the older boy.

WooHyun ignored SungYeol and continued, “No matter how many times I told him I wasn’t lying…he didn’t really believe me. He couldn’t let it go, and I couldn’t let him go. I wouldn’t give him any space. I wanted to hold on to him, but not in the way he wanted me to. So I told him he was pathetic and pitiful to love me, when I didn’t love him back.”

“I can see why that would upset him, but was that all?”

WooHyun cleared his throat. “That and other things…it might have sounded like I was attempting to blackmail him.”

SungYeol’s mouth fell open, wordless with shock. He could imagine WooHyun doing a lot of things, but blackmailing SungGyu wasn’t one of them.

“I was really mad,” WooHyun hurried to explain after seeing the look on SungYeol’s face. “He said he was going to make me trade rooms with you.”

“With me?”

“Yeah, he wanted to talk to somebody, and he wanted to be away from me…” WooHyun paused as a memory from the night before returned to him. “Did he say I could have my old room back? I remember asking that.”

“Why aren’t I rooming with him, then?” SungYeol asked, ignoring WooHyun’s question.

“It doesn’t matter! Did he say I could move back in with him?” WooHyun asked eagerly.

“I’m not saying till you tell me why I’m not rooming with him.”

“I told him if…” WooHyun paused, realizing how terrible it sounded. “I didn’t want you or SungJong rooming with him. I told him if he replaced me...with you or SungJong—I would tell everybody that he was in love with me.”

SungYeol just stared at WooHyun, confused for only a moment before he understood the older boy’s reasoning. “So you see me and SungJong as competition for SungGyu’s affection?”

WooHyun frowned and admitted, “Well, not exactly. I see you two as the most likely…if there was another gay member in Infinite; I would bet money it was you or SungJong.”

SungYeol started laughing to WooHyun’s surprise and even banged his hands against the table, his amusement was so great. When SungYeol was finally capable of speech again he told WooHyun in a highly amused voice, “There is another gay member in Infinite and it’s you!”

WooHyun swallowed and declared, “I am not.”

“Well, if you aren’t gay, it shouldn’t bother you that SungGyu never agreed to you moving back in with him.”

WooHyun visibly slumped in his chair. “He didn’t?”

“Nope,” SungYeol said with great satisfaction. “You kept mentioning it and he just kept telling you to go to sleep. He didn’t tell you no, because he wanted you to fall asleep; but I took his silence as a no.”

“I will just talk to him again today. I will just—”

“Really?” SungYeol asked, interrupting the older boy. “Do you think that is a good idea? Do you think it is wise to push him? He ignored you for ten days…ten days. Are you aiming for a month next time?”

WooHyun leaned back in his chair. “No, it’s just…it’s just wrong.”

“I agree. It is wrong for you two not to be together, but that is your own doing. Either break through your denial and admit to yourself and SungGyu how you really feel, or just stay the hell away from him. He isn’t in the mood for more of your games.”

“I am not playing—”

“Then you shouldn’t have a problem rooming with me and L, and giving SungGyu the space he needs,” SungYeol said firmly.

WooHyun frowned, hating how right SungYeol was. “You are right.”

“Of course I am.”


When WooHyun arrived at the studio along with SungYeol he was doing his best to talk himself into acting relaxed around SungGyu. He was going to act very casual, and not fling himself at the older boy. He was going to do what the leader had begged of him…give him space. If this meant not bringing up the current rooming arrangements then he would just have to restrain himself.

Last night had been proof to WooHyun that SungGyu still cared for him. He knew if he wanted to renew his friendship with SungGyu he was going to have to play it cool, and follow the older boy’s lead. Deep down, he knew he was sending mixed messages to SungGyu; really crazy mixed signals. He knew he had to stop, but the trouble was he didn’t know how. He knew that he wanted to be straight; but WooHyun was slowly realizing that just because he wanted something, didn’t make it true.

WooHyun entered the building with SungYeol, intent on the new path he was going to take. He was going to be strong from now. He was going to act like a true friend. He wasn’t going to act like a jealous territorial... “Who is that?” WooHyun asked SungYeol as they walked down the hallway and an unfamiliar man caught his attention. In the near distance approaching them was what WooHyun could only describe as an extremely attractive man in his late twenties. This man was tall. He wore stylish clothing, had glossy, black shoulder length hair and looked to be a perfect mix of Asian and Caucasian blood.

The man slowed as he approached them, his eyes focused on WooHyun. WooHyun swallowed nervously as the man grinned at him knowingly, as if he were long acquainted with him. When the man passed them in the hallway he winked at WooHyun, ignoring SungYeol.

Something about the man made a dozen alarms go off in WooHyun’s head. He turned around quickly and demanded, “Who are you?”

SungYeol elbowed WooHyun instantly for his rudeness. The man paused as he approached the door leading to the outside of the studio. He then turned around and grinned back at WooHyun, his eyes full of amusement. He then slowly pulled a pink rose from his blazer’s pocket and sniffed it before answering, “Most people call me Flower.”

“Why are you here?” WooHyun demanded rudely, resulting in SungYeol elbowing him again. WooHyun couldn’t help it, every instinct he had was screaming that this man was his enemy.

The man just grinned wider and said in a mischievous voice, “I just stopped by for a little snack, before my smorgasbord tonight.”

“A snack?” WooHyun repeated, but the man had already opened the door, exiting the studio.

“A snack? Since when do we have food in here?” SungYeol asked, his own curiosity building.

WooHyun’s eyes were still glued on the door. “I don’t like him.”

“I could tell by how completely disrespectful you were,” SungYeol said as he took WooHyun by the arm and started heading toward the recording room.

“A snack? What the hell did he mean by that? It isn’t like we have a kitchen here.”

“I know. We are lucky to get take-out.”

WooHyun frowned as they approached the bathroom that was outside of the recording room. “I just feel like something isn’t right?”

“Is it just because you didn’t recognize him? He was probably an investor. I could practically smell money coming off of him. Old money.”

“No, that wasn’t the reason. My instincts—” WooHyun stopped as the bathroom door swung open and SungGyu stepped out into the hallway. “What were you doing?” WooHyun demanded immediately upon seeing the leader.

SungGyu took in the two boys and answered WooHyun in a deadpan voice, “WooHyun, what does one normally do in a bathroom?”

“Idiot,” SungYeol groaned, elbowing WooHyun again.

An aggravated WooHyun turned on SungYeol and yelled, “Would you stop elbowing me?”

“Would you stop being an idiot?” SungYeol yelled back at him.

“I’m not…okay, that was a stupid question,” WooHyun had to admit even to himself as he turned back to face SungGyu. He reminded himself of his promise to be cool, and not to act crazy. “Sorry.”

SungGyu shook his head. “I need to get back to recording, and so do you. This mini album is starting to sound like my solo album.”

“Then it will be the album dearest to your heart,” SungYeol teased.

SungGyu frowned, not bothering to show his disappointment. “No, I can’t even keep the ballad for myself…it’s going to be a group song.”

SungYeol couldn’t keep from laughing. “Don’t look so sad, we are a group after all.”

The leader sighed. “True.”

WooHyun, who had been doing his best to act sane for the past minute, lost control and reached out clasping SungGyu’s hand. “I am going to be so much better now. Space is now my middle name. Nam Space WooHyun.”

SungGyu pulled his hand free of WooHyun’s, but the look of hurt that instantly appeared on the younger boy’s face had him quickly reaching up to pat WooHyun on the back. “I am glad, but we really need to get back.”

WooHyun nodded his head and followed SungGyu into the large waiting room that connected to the recording studio. SungYeol followed behind, shaking his head at them.

Upon entering the room, SungJong immediately yelled, “Hyung, we thought you had gotten lost. We were about to send in a rescue party. We thought you had fallen down the toilet.”

“Very funny,” SungGyu told the maknae, not amused.

At SungJong’s words WooHyun tensed, the feeling of unease returning tenfold. Hoya walked up to WooHyun and put an arm around his neck. “Hyung, it’s good you could join us. Are you feeling better?”

WooHyun nodded his head at Hoya, fighting the urge to grab SungJong and demand what he had meant. Why a rescue team? How long had SungGyu been gone? WooHyun could not imagine SungGyu sitting on the toilet for a long time when he could be singing.

“Where did you find these two?” L asked, smiling at WooHyun as he walked up to join them.

“I found them lollygagging in the hallway,” SungGyu answered gruffly before heading to the side of the room to talk with the vocal coach.

“SungYeol not being here was no great loss, but WooHyun, we need your golden voice,” L teased, causing SungYeol to glare at him.

“Thanks,” WooHyun mumbled back as he pulled free of Hoya. He was completely focused on SungGyu, and found himself following after him.

“Hyung! What did you just say your middle name was?” SungYeol asked, trying to warn WooHyun, but the main vocal ignored him.

WooHyun approached SungGyu and the vocal coach, listening to them. He came to a complete stop, when he heard the vocal coach ask, “Is your stomach okay? You were gone for awhile.”

SungGyu rubbed his stomach. “I ate really late last night, and my stomach has been giving me trouble ever since; it’s nothing to worry about.”

WooHyun’s eyes widened. Parts of the night before were a blur, but he did remember that SungGyu had only eaten one bite of ramen. SungGyu had just lied to the vocal coach…SungGyu was not one to lie. He was usually painfully blunt with his truthfulness. Why would he lie? WooHyun asked himself, and suddenly he understood why he was so uneasy. A terrible fear cemented in his soul, causing WooHyun to turn and flee the room.

“Dongsaeng, what’s wrong?” DongWoo asked, full of concern as WooHyun pushed past him and rushed out of the room.

“He’s stomach is still a little unpredictable,” SungYeol explained, lying to the others. “I will go check on him.”

“I think the leader should go check on him,” L said full of worry.

SungYeol shook his head and headed out of the room. “No, it’s better if I do it.”

“I am going, too!” SungJong announced, hurrying after the two older boys.


“What is going on?” SungYeol demanded as he pushed the bathroom door open. He immediately found WooHyun in the bathroom with both of his hands braced on the sink, staring at his reflection in the mirror.

“Do you smell anything? I don’t believe for one minute that he is sick to his stomach. I also know he is a morning shitter. Do you smell anything?”

“Whhhaaat?” SungYeol sputtered, surprised by the other man’s words.

“Do you smell shit?” WooHyun demanded as he inhaled a deep breath.

SungYeol scrunched his face. “That’s disgusting…wait, no I don’t smell anything but cleaner,” SungYeol answered as he took a deep breath. “Why am I trying to smell shit?”

SungJong entered the room and caught the other two men inhaling deep breaths. “If this is your new fetish, then I am leaving.”

WooHyun kept staring at himself in the mirror, but demanded of the maknae, “How long was SungGyu in the bathroom?”

“What?” SungJong asked, confused by the question.

“How long was SungGyu gone,” SungYeol clarified.

SungJong stared at his two hyungs totally confused, but he knew something was going on, so he answered truthfully, “About twenty minutes.”

“And yet it doesn’t smell like somebody spent twenty minutes in here taking a shit,” SungYeol pointed out. “So what was he really doing?”

“Does it smell like sex?” WooHyun asked the two other boys.

“Oh!” SungYeol exclaimed his eyes lighting up in instant understanding. “Now, I see what has you in such a snit! Do you think he had sex with the flower man in here?”

“Who had sex?” SungJong shouted, excited now. “Who is the flower man?”

“It’s none of your business,” WooHyun told SungJong, struggling to keep upright as the fear grew. He had told SungGyu he didn’t want him, so SungGyu had found another.

“Did you and SungGyu have sex?” SungJong asked eagerly.

“What!” WooHyun gasped, turning around to face the younger man. “Why would you…what….why would you ask that?”

SungYeol leaned against the wall and couldn’t keep from laughing as the maknae angrily told WooHyun, “I am not as stupid as you think! I have a brain! You are like a lovesick schoolgirl.”

“I am not!”

“Yes, you are, and Leader Gyu was all lovesick before you got all lovesick. I know what is going on! I’m not stupid! All of us woke up this morning to find you two asleep in each other’s arms, like all was right in the world! Only a complete idiot wouldn’t know what was going on!”

WooHyun’s face brightened despite his best efforts and he asked, “We were in each other’s arms?”

“Ha!” SungJong shouted triumphantly. “See, just like I said! You are totally lovesick. Hoya has his doubts, but he’s being stupid. You two are so gay! The mom and dad of the group, just like I always said!”

SungYeol, who was leaning against the bathroom wall trying his best to control his laughter, raised an eyebrow and asked, “So you and Hoya have discussed this?”

SungJong nodded his head and quickly explained, “Hoya is just in denial; he doesn’t want to believe it, but I know differently.”

“Hoya can join WooHyun in the not wanting to believe it club,” SungYeol snickered, amused that the whole group seemed to know about the two main vocals.

“How can he not believe it?” SungJong asked, lost. “He’s like, physically ill with lovesickness.”

SungYeol looked at WooHyun who was now sitting on the floor, looking like he was about to have a heart attack. “WooHyun insists he isn’t gay.”

“No, really…” SungJong paused to look down at the main vocal. “You are totally gay. How can you not know this?”

“I can’t be…I can’t be gay,” WooHyun whispered back at SungJong. All the members knew. He had tried so hard to keep it from them but they all knew. They all knew. He couldn’t allow them to continue knowing. He had to convince them they were wrong. “And I’m not lovesick! I wasn’t lovesick! I was friend sick…I missed my friend!”

“How long have you known?” SungYeol asked SungJong, ignoring WooHyun denials.

“I started to be really suspicious in Taiwan. Leader Gyu was just so sad. He wasn’t bossy or anything! He told me he loved somebody very much, but the person didn’t return his feelings…that person was you!” SungJong accused, glaring down at WooHyun. “You broke his heart! You suck!”

“Actually, he doesn’t suck, that was part of the problem,” SungYeol sarcastically pointed out. “This all starting with sucking…or a lack thereof.”

“Shut up! I hate you!” WooHyun cried out at the taller member.

“Don’t get bitchy with me because SungGyu has moved on and found himself a more willing partner. It must have been torture for him to be stuck with prude like you all those years,” SungYeol said, deliberately attempting to push WooHyun over the edge.

SungJong asked aghast, “Do you really think he has moved on?”

“I sure do,” SungYeol said confidently.

“You do?” SungJong responded, not liking that thought at all. SungGyu was supposed to be with WooHyun and only WooHyun.

“Yep, SungGyu is meeting up with hot guys in bathrooms and having sex…well oral sex at least. The flower guy did say he just had a tasty snack,” SungYeol told them, realizing what WooHyun had feared, and playing to those fears. SungYeol was determined to get WooHyun to admit to his feelings. “But if he was gone twenty minutes they could have done more.”

“But…but he is supposed to be with WooHyun,” SungJong insisted, hating the thought of the leader with anybody but WooHyun.

“WooHyun doesn’t want him, so I am glad he has found somebody else. Good for him!” SungYeol declared, giving SungJong a quick wink.

SungJong instantly caught on to what SungYeol was doing and agreed, “Good for SungGyu. Good for him!”

WooHyun stood up with fire in his eyes. “Good for him…good for him.”

SungJong nodded his head, and told WooHyun, “Yes, good for him! I bet that guy likes him back! He deserves for somebody to like him back.”

WooHyun grabbed SungJong by the shoulders, and shouted, “Like him? You think this guy likes him more than I do?”

“Ummm…didn’t you say you didn’t like him?” SungJong muttered, slightly fearful of the enraged look in WooHyun’s eyes.

“I love him! I love him more than I love my own life! I would rather be dead than be without him,” WooHyun screamed, squeezing SungJong’s shoulders tightly.

“Then what is the problem,” SungYeol demanded as he pulled SungJong free of the grief stricken main vocal. “Why don’t you just confess the truth to him? It’s obvious how much he loves you…why do you deny him?”

“I have to protect the group! Don’t you understand what it could do to the group? It could destroy us! It could destroy everything we have worked so hard for!” WooHyun cried, totally frustrated. The thought of SungGyu with somebody else was more than he could bear. “How can you not see this? How can SungGyu not see this? Why am I the only one that sees how destructive it would be? I can’t give in! I can’t! I want to more than anything, but I can’t! If I gave in and people found out…we would all be destroyed! I have to protect to the group! I have to!”

“No, you are wrong,” DongWoo replied, causing SungJong, SungYeol, and WooHyun to swing their heads around quickly to see that DongWoo had entered the bathroom unbeknownst to them. Hoya and L were both flanking him on each side.

“Hyung,” WooHyun whimpered, realizing his fiercely protected secret was out in the open for all of them now. He had just confessed all, and there would be no taking it back…they wouldn’t let him.

DongWoo walked up to WooHyun and pulled him into a tight embrace and told him in a calm, reassuring voice, “You have it all wrong. You don’t have to protect the group. The group will protect you.”
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