Expectations: Adventures in Baby Making Part 3 of 3

Series: Expectations
Adventure Nine: Adventures in Baby Making Part 3 of 3
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae, KyuWook, Various
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Romance, Humor
Length: Chaptered
Beta:  tahoeturquoise

Summary: Yunho and Jaejoong are fully enjoying the third stage of shifting, when the captain’s presence is required. Ryeowook and Kyuhyun are at odds. Kangin, Eunhyuk, Siwon, and Sungmin find themselves in a smelly situation. Changmin has a most unusual encounter. A battle ensues, and the outcome surprises all.

Prior Adventures

Changmin was walking down the corridor of the ship toward his science lab, hoping the events from earlier in the day would not lower his staff’s opinion of him. Changmin inwardly cringed as he remembered the very affectionate Jaejoong bursting into his lab and embracing him. His feelings toward Jaejoong had increased greatly, but such a public show of affection still left him feeling terribly uncomfortable.

Changmin stepped into the lab and was immediately greeted with a warm smile by Ensign Choi. Changmin was about to reply to the young ensign when his entire plane of existence shifted and he was no longer on the Expectations.

He found himself seated among thousands of people in an enormous stadium. Those thousands of people were totally fixated on a stage, where to his great surprise he saw versions of himself and Yunho singing to the highly receptive crowd. Changmin turned around frantically in his chair looking through the crowd of mostly females, who were riveted by the performance going on.

Changmin turned his focus back to the stage and watched as the other version of himself sang along with Yunho, wearing long coats of silvery blue. In the ancient Japanese language of Earth they sang of a tomorrow they hoped would shine on them.

Changmin began to get up from his seat, when a voice in his head stopped him,

“Not wise, unless, you want to be attacked by thousands of women.”

Changmin turned quickly to see a very old man that was now sitting beside him…but no, Changmin corrected his assumption immediately; this was not a man…this was a Joong.

“Can a Joong not be a man?” the voice inside Changmin’s head asked, proving Changmin right instantly. The Joong looked to be at least 150 human years old. He was wearing a long white robe, and had long white hair, wrinkled skin, and crystal blue eyes.

Changmin reached up and touched the necklace around his neck, instantly curious as to why the necklace was not blocking the old Joong’s telepathy. As soon as he had been informed that Jaejoong and Yunho were leaving the ship, he had put it on.

“Having it on will not hinder our conversation.”

“Who are you?”

The old Joong ignored Changmin’s question. His eyes were glued to the stage, and he sang along telepathically with the music, "No matter how windy the day is, No matter how dark the road is I’ll never let your smile fade away.”

“Am I hallucinating?”

“No, this is real.”

“Why have you taken me?”

The old man smiled at Changmin’s question, but continued to stare at the stage. “Although Jaejoong and Yunho have a timeless love, in more realities than not, you are the constant presence in Yunho’s life.”

Changmin looked around the crowd, the crowd that was now waving red lights along to the music. “Are we in another reality?”

“Yes, your parents also visited this reality…it’s a powerful reality. In this reality there was so much love between them…too much love…just too much. It carried the burden of being such a powerful, magnetic love…it inspired and attracted countless souls to it, but in the end it was a tragic love that crumbled under its own immeasurable weight. Such a sad reality…but, so much love…so much love, but it was just too much.”

“Who are you?” Changmin demanded again, not liking the tone the conversation had taken. In his own reality, his parents also faced a tragic ending. “Have you kidnapped me?”

“No; not at all.”

“How can you say that? You have brought me here against my will.”

The old man laughed and shook his head. “You couldn’t be more wrong.”

“I am not wrong; you have taken me against my will. I will be missed immediately.”

The old man continued to shake his head. “You will never be missed, you will be returned in the same instant that you were taken…without your great Expectations ever missing you. You will walk through the doors to your lab and greet one of your precious Chois without any memory of our meeting.”

“One of my precious Chois?” .

“Yes, you have three of them, don’t you?”

“Have them?”

“Well…know them. You know three of them don’t you?”

“I know of many by that name; it is a popular surname.”

The old man laughed, and turned to grin knowingly at Changmin. “True, but the three I am talking about are all related, and they each play important roles in your life.”

Changmin gulped nervously. “What roles do they play in my life?”

“Hmmm…” the old man paused as if he was considering what he would allow Changmin to know. “Well, some serve more than one role, but for arguments sake let’s describe them like this…one would be your friend, one would be your protégée, and one would be your mate.”

“I do not have a bondmate!” Changmin denied instantly.

The old man chuckled and corrected Changmin, “I was very careful to not say bondmate. Jumping to conclusions, Changmin; that’s so unlike you.”

“An ordinary mate? I have no interest in sexual activity. I don’t believe you.”

“It is your prerogative to believe what you wish. The future is yours,” the old man told Changmin telepathically with his eyes glued to the stage. “Your fate is in your hands.”

Changmin frowned, realizing the high probability that the old man was speaking the truth. “Who are you?”

“You are asking the wrong question. What is in a name? I could give you a countless list of names.”

“I do not have time for your riddles. I demand that you tell me!”

“Since you refuse to enjoy the concert, I suppose we should move on,” the old man lamented, and Changmin instantly found himself in a new setting.

He was now sitting on a bench with the old man, inside a park. Changmin instantly recognized the park from his childhood. “I know this place.”

“Of course you do…there you are, now,” the old man said aloud and pointed to the middle of the park.

Changmin easily spotted his younger self, walking off from another group of boys who were busy playing soccer. He couldn’t have been older than five, and his eyes were glued to a tree that wasn’t far from the bench. Changmin turned to face the old man and asked, “This is the reality I exist in now?”

“You have now returned to the reality you existed in as a child.”

“What do you mean by that?” Changmin questioned. “Have I not always existed in it?”

The old man smiled. “How do you know that the anomaly in the black hole didn’t throw you into another reality? All the ship’s equipment failed, you have no way of knowing if you were thrown to another dimension.”

“When I am sent back in time as a child…I am sent to this reality,” Changmin reasoned.

“Ah, but the Guardian has access to all realities,” the old man explained with a twinkle in his old, blue eyes. “What if you are more than just millions of light years away from home? Perhaps you are farther than you ever imagined. You could be in any reality, and time. The Guardian has access to all of time… past, present, and future.”

“What are you saying?”

“I am saying very little.”

“It is very aggravating.”

“It must be frustrating for you.”

Changmin closed his eyes and focused on the crystal blue waters, and found his center before his anger got away from him. “Can you tell me why you have brought me here?”

“I am here to prevent you from being lost in time.”

“To prevent me?”


“Lost in time…are you referring to when I am conceived? Will I be lost in time then?”

“Not if you are wise…if you are wise you can spare yourself. In the seconds before your conception the memory of our meeting will return to you. You must act quickly when the time arrives.”

“Quickly? What do I have to do?”

“You must follow your gut instincts.”

Changmin sneered. “I do not think my fate should be dependent on the instincts of my stomach.”

“Your father believes in his gut instincts.”

“He isn’t a genius.”

“No, but he is capable of wisdom. Wisdom you lack.”

“Are you saying wisdom is a function of the gut and not the mind,” Changmin asked scornfully, wondering if the old man had lost his mind to dementia.

The old man frowned and shook his head and recited a line of a poem in his head. “The things which I have seen I now can see no more.”

“Why would you say that?”

“My faith in you diminishes with your every word.”

Changmin blinked, taken aback. “Why? Surely your faith is not diminished because I question the logic in leaving such an important task up to my digestive tract?”

The old man just shook his head and bent down and picked up a dandelion at his feet. “Both of them speak of something that is gone: The Pansy at my feet.”

“Changmin!” The young, childish voice of an alarmed Yunho rang out, preventing Changmin from further interrogating the strange old Joong. Changmin turned to watch a young Yunho rush toward his younger self with a yellow Labrador following behind him. The child version of Changmin had climbed the tree that had captured his interest earlier, and he was now sitting on a limb. “Changmin, come down.”

“No,” the child Changmin told the boy who he believed to be his brother. “I am going to get me a bird.”

“Changmin, birds are much too fast to catch. They will fly away,” Yunho said, trying to reason with the always curious younger boy.

“Not baby birds,” Changmin explained, pointing to a nest that was only a foot away from him on the limb he was sitting on. “There are two baby birds in the nest…I just want one. They can’t fly away from me.”

The child Yunho leaped up and grabbed a limb, and easily pulled himself up in the tree to join the younger boy. The yellow Labrador sat down and let out a friendly bark as it looked up at the two boys. Yunho was sitting beside Changmin on the limb now. “Pappy says if you touch a baby bird then its momma will abandon it. You don’t want it to be orphan, do you?”

“I will take care of it,” the young Changmin told his brother. His intelligent eyes were gazing at the nest as thoughts known only to him raced through his mind.

The older Changmin sat on the bench mesmerized by his younger self and Yunho. The odd old man and the perplexing predicament he was in were pushed aside in his mind as childhood memories returned to him. He couldn’t help but smile.

Yunho shook his head. “He will miss his mommy.”

“No, he won’t,” Changmin insisted, reaching out for the baby bird.

Yunho grabbed Changmin’s hand and told him, “He will miss his brother.”

Changmin turned away from the nest and looked up at Yunho with huge, shocked eyes, and repeated, “His brother?”

Yunho nodded his head. “He will miss him if you take him away. Wouldn’t you miss me if somebody took me away from you?”

“You can’t ever go away! Nobody can ever take you away from me!” Changmin cried, letting go of the tree and latching onto Yunho. Even at the tender age of seven, Yunho’s reflexes were quick enough to brace his body against the tree, hold on to his brother, and somehow manage to keep them from tumbling out of the tree.

“Always so attached to him,” the old man said softly.

Changmin nodded his head, turning away from the brotherly love, already knowing that Yunho would easily get him out of the tree. The baby birds would be safe from his curiosity. “I didn’t understand why back then. I just knew that I needed him. The thought of him not being with me was unbearable.”

“In your other lives you do not share the parent/child bond, but still you need him, and he needs you. You need him because he loves so easily, and kindness is as natural as breathing to him. He needs you…you, who are as cynical as he is optimistic. When he goes through his many lives loving blindly, you are his eyes. Neither of you are perfect, but together you are very strong.”

Something in the old man’s voice made Changmin turn and stare at him. When the old man spoke of Yunho there was something extremely familiar. “If I am not lost to time…is there a chance Yunho can be saved? If I could somehow be myself…not a baby when the time comes for Yunho and Jaejoong to die, might I have a chance to save them?”

“Perhaps, if you cast aside your cynicism just once to believe…to believe in something that’s absolutely the opposite of everything you believe to be true…then yes, it is possible.”

“And how do I accomplish this?”

The old man smiled at him and told him, “You must first endanger a world, and it will involve breaking some very old Joong rules.”

“Endangering a world?” Changmin repeated, alarmed.

The old man turned to watch Yunho and Changmin climb down the tree. “Yes, you must risk the life of a planet…you must risk the billions of lives on it.”

“I can’t do that,” Changmin exclaimed as he too watched the young Yunho and Changmin, who were walking hand in hand back to the other boys. The good natured dog followed behind them. “Even as a child, he would not let me endanger the life of a baby bird…do you think he would approve of me risking the life of everyone on a planet?”

“No, he wouldn’t, but you have another parent, and when the time comes for you to endanger the planet in question…this is the parent you must channel. You must embrace Yunho’s ability to trust his instincts, and you must embrace Jaejoong’s ability to place love above all things,” the old man told him.

“But you just said I had to break Joong rules…I don’t even know what all the Joong rules are. I do know that Jaejoong believes fiercely in them,” Changmin informed the old man as he reached up and grasped his necklace.

The setting changed again and the old man was now standing beside Changmin in a room of light blue that was filled with different, advanced technologies that not even Changmin could begin to grasp the concepts of. “There are many Joong rules…rules created to prevent atrocities…terrible atrocities, but you who cling to the Custos Humanae Vitae as a life line…these rules were not meant for you.”

Changmin’s eyes widened as he took in the man’s words, and the pieces of the puzzle came together. His unease fell away as the truth became very clear to him. “But you did not deny it when I said you were a-”

“I did not verify it either.”

Changmin lowered his head, ashamed of himself for jumping to conclusions. “You did not.”

“But to verify or deny would be to lie. Would it not?”

Changmin let go of the necklace and smiled at the old man. “It would be.”

The old man smiled back at him. “You understand now?”

“Yes,” Changmin confirmed, but he knew the old man already knew how he felt. Changmin took in the room, studying it all. “I will only remember this in the moments before my conception? This will all be lost to me?”

The old man suddenly looked even older, and he said in a wistful voice, “If you succeed, all your memories will be returned to you eventually. If you fail, your memories will only resurface in the moments before your conception…before you are lost forever to time.”


“Yes!” Junsu screamed at the top of his lungs, jumping out of his seat to cheer for the captain. Junsu had tried his best to act like a dignified Starfleet officer, but in the end the sports lover in him had won out. The captain and the Warrior King were in an intense martial arts battle, and the captain was beginning to tire the much larger Warrior King out.

Ryeowook sat between Junsu and Jaejoong as they watched the captain fight. They were sitting in the royal seats on the first level of the huge arena. The arena reminded Ryeowook of the ancient coliseum in Rome that he had just visited with Kyuhyun on their holodeck date. More than 30,000 thousand spectators sat in the stands watching their king battle the starship captain.

Ryeowook had casually pulled out his tricorder, his own curiosity getting the better of him. The Starfleet officers were sitting with the royal family which consisted of the Warrior King’s ten wives. The head wife was Reem, who had been introduced to them earlier. She was also referred to as the Warrior Queen. Ryeowook could not help but be curious about the queen. She was one of the most unlikeable people he had ever met. The Warrior King had not been unpleasant even if he had been overly confidant, but the Warrior Queen was a vulgar, hateful woman. She had made repeated negative comments about her Starfleet guests and their captain. But this was not what had Ryeowook curious; it was the fact that even though he was a highly trained and observant doctor, he could not be sure of her true gender.

“I will never cease to be surprised,” Ryeowook mumbled under his breath as he studied his tricorder readings.

Junsu, who had sat back down and was trying hard to be a dignified guest once again, overheard the doctor and asked, “What?”

Ryeowook nodded down toward the tricorder, showing Junsu the readings.

“No, way…that’s a real woman?” Junsu responded, unable to keep his surprise from showing in his voice.

Ryeowook nodded his head. He then focused his readings on the other wives, and to his shock the wives he had assumed were female were actually male. “It seems in this species the more aesthetically pleasing of the genders are the males, but of course the males designated as women have all been castrated.”

Junsu cringed at the thought of castration. “Are we ever going to find a planet full of hot babes?”

Ryeowook snorted and looked at Junsu, shocked by the ensign’s wording. “Hot babes?”

“Yeah,” Junsu answered still watching the fight. “Eunhyuk says there has got to be a planet of them somewhere.”

“Princess Claudia wasn’t ugly, nor were the females on her planet,” Ryeowook reminded Junsu.

“No, but they were all strict and religious. I need to meet some good-looking, fun girls before…” Junsu trailed off.

“Before what?” Ryeowook asked, side eyeing the ensign.

“Never mind, it doesn’t matter,” Junsu quickly replied, with his eyes still glued to the action going on in the arena. “It’s just that…that’s the way to do it, Captain! Knock him on his ass! Yes! Bigger they are, the harder they fall!” Junsu flew out of his seat again, cheering as the captain won round one, his conversation with the doctor forgotten.

“Your captain will not be so lucky during the next round,” Queen Reem, who was sitting beside Jaejoong, said with a sour expression on her face. “The King shall be victorious in the end, and then he will gut your captain for all to see.”

Jaejoong, who was trying his best not give the awful woman permanent brain damage, just smiled and said, “We will see.” Jaejoong had found the fighting much more difficult to watch then he had imagined. His hormones were at an all time peak, and he had to constantly fight the urge to jump down off the stands and leap on Yunho. He knew that public sex was not something Yunho would take kindly to, once the pheromones left his system.

“That looks like a Klingon Bat'leth,” Junsu said in awe as the Warrior King and the captain were presented their weapons for the next round. “What are the odds that they would have weapons similar to bat’leths?”

“Do I look like Changmin?” Ryeowook asked with a grin. He was enjoying Junsu’s excitement. He was not one to enjoy watching others fight, but Junsu’s competitive spirit was contagious.

Junsu bumped into Ryeowook’s shoulder, unable to contain his excitement. “The captain will have no trouble winning this round. He took advanced classes in hand to hand weaponry at the academy.”

“That’s what you think!” the vile queen spat out after overhearing Junsu. She stood up and proclaimed. “The Warrior King will rip into your captain’s baby soft skin and spill his intestines all over the arena.”

Junsu jumped out of his seat and screamed back at her, “That will never happen!”

“Junsu, sit down,” Ryeowook said, pulling Junsu back down to his seat. Ryeowook would have loved to tell the queen off, but he knew better. Ryeowook couldn’t help turning to look at Jaejoong, who was being oddly quiet.

Jaejoong was fanning himself with one hand, and rubbing his neck with the other. Jaejoong turned to look at Ryeowook and asked, “Is it hot out here, or is it just me?”

Ryeowook frowned, but decided it was probably for the best that Jaejoong was ignoring the vile queen. “It’s actually nice.”

“It must be my hormones,” Jaejoong explained as he turned his focus back to the arena where the second round had started. Jaejoong shifted in his seat and admitted, “They are on overload.”

Alarm bells started going off in Ryeowook’s head. Was Jaejoong affecting the people around him? Ryeowook felt completely normal, but Junsu was very high spirited. “You need to keep them under control.”

“I am not releasing any pheromones, so just chill. I am also blocking my highly aroused state from Yunho the best I can. He needs to focus on the fight…but after the fight all bets are off. I feel ripe and ready to conceive.”

“As if that sorry excuse for a man could impregnate anyone, his pecker is probably no bigger then my little finger,” the queen jeered, holding up her little finger. “I take that back, it probably isn’t even half this big.”

Jaejoong put his hands in his lap, and turned his focus to the queen and just smiled at her.

The warrior queen did not smile back at him. Instead, she got up out of her seat and walked over to the railing, climbed up on it and then to the shock of everybody, dived down into the arena.

Ryeowook flew out of his seat, followed by Junsu and the other wives as the arena full of people gasped in surprise as their queen landed head first on the arena floor. Ryeowook watched as the queen slowly sat up, her head wobbling back and forth. He turned to Jaejoong in outrage, knowing instantly what the Joong had done. “Jaejoong! That was an almost six meter fall!”

Jaejoong shrugged; his eyes were focused on Yunho, who out of concern was heading toward the fallen queen. “Some people just need to land on their head, Ryeowook. Believe me; it could only improve her personality.”

“She looks like she is okay…except she looks really dazed,” Junsu offered, still looking over the railing at the fallen queen. The other wives were already heading back to their seats, all looking disappointed that the queen had not been more seriously injured. They had all been eager to move up in the wife hierarchy.

“She’s very lucky that her people have such strong necks,” Ryeowook told Junsu, leaning back over the railing to watch as Yunho leaned down to help the befuddled queen. “Jaejoong, I just can’t—”

“Captain!” Junsu shouted out in warning, interrupting Ryeowook as the Warrior King, who had shown no concern for his wife, sneaked up on Yunho with his bat'leth out and ready to attack.

Yunho leaped out of the way just in time, but the bat'leth still struck down the front of his chest slicing his shirt in half and slightly grazing his chest, leaving a faint bloody scratch. The arena booed their own king for his dishonorable behavior and cheered for the captain’s escape.

Ryeowook and Junsu both sighed in relief. Jaejoong had gotten out of his seat to stand beside Junsu and Ryeowook clutching his chest. “Just take the shirt off! Just take it off,” Jaejoong yelled.

“He’s kinda busy…trying not to die!” Ryeowook screamed at Jaejoong.

“Yes!” Junsu cheered, jumping up and down as the captain disarmed the Warrior King. “That’s what the captain thinks of your dirty playing! He isn’t going to play with you anymore. He’s going to kick your butt! He’s the best captain ever!”

Yunho, who waited for the panel of elders to announce the third round, watched as the guards helped remove the disoriented queen from the floor of the arena. Yunho then looked up to the stands and winked at Jaejoong as he removed his tattered uniform top.

“The best,” Jaejoong agreed as he smiled down at his bondmate.

“Sword fighting!” Junsu said with excitement as the elders announced the next round of fighting.

“This is exciting,” Ryeowook had to admit, but added, “…when Jaejoong isn’t trying to kill people.”

Jaejoong waved a hand at Ryeowook, not taking his eyes off Yunho, and reminded him, “It is against Joong rules to kill anybody, unless their bondmate or child are in danger. I can’t kill anyone unless they are endangering Yunho or Changmin…she’s just a klutz.”

Ryeowook turned to give Jaejoong a very skeptical look. “Yeah, right.”

“The captain seems a little off,” Junsu told them, after watching the captain and the Warrior King sword fighting. “He seems…a little slow.”

“That’s probably me,” Jaejoong admitted, sitting back down, and closing his eyes. “I’ve been trying to control myself, but it’s proving to be very difficult to shut him out. I will work harder at shutting him out, now.”

“You do that,” Ryeowook told him, still standing next to Junsu. “If he wins, I think he could take over the planet. The crowd seems to love him.”

Junsu laughed. “We could give up the ship and become warrior people.”

“Since I am not that tall…I have to object to that possible future,” Ryeowook told Junsu.

Jaejoong, who was doing is best to prevent his emotions from reaching Yunho, told Ryeowook, “Why? It isn’t like you use your dick anyway.”

Ryeowook turned away from watching the battle and glared at Jaejoong. “I thought we were friends!”

“We are friends; everybody knows you don’t use it,” Jaejoong told him, unable to keep from smiling at the doctor’s outrage. “Don’t be mad at me. I am trying really hard to shut Yunho out, and picking on you is helping to distract me.”

“Well, the captain has fire in him again! He’s really speeding up. The Warrior King can’t keep up with him, so keep picking on Doctor Cho,” Junsu replied, while never taking his eyes off the swordfight.

Ryeowook frowned. “Can’t you pick on Junsu, too?”

“That’s too easy…it would border on cruelty,” Jaejoong explained, keeping his eyes squeezed shut. “We Joong avoid bullying behavior…it’s uncouth.”

“Wow! That’s fucking amazing!” Junsu screamed.

Ryeowook, who was shocked to hear Junsu using vulgar language, turned back to see what was going on with the fight. He was just in time to see the Warrior King’s sword go flying up in the air, and to the amazement of all in the stadium it dropped hilt first into Yunho outreached hand. “He’s so cool.”

“Totally,” Junsu agreed.

Yunho held up both swords, causing the crowd to break out into applause. The panel of elders immediately announced Yunho the winner. The elders then asked if the captain would be merciful or lethal. Yunho handed over his swords to the guards and proclaimed, “It is the way of my people to always be merciful-”

Jaejoong jumped out of his seat and cried, “I can’t take it anymore.”

“You have to wait till we get back to the ship,” the doctor urged the aroused Joong.

“The hell I do,” Jaejoong told them as he jumped up on the railing and then jumped down into the arena, much like the Warrior Queen had earlier, only more gracefully.

“Jaejoong!” Junsu and Ryeowook both yelled, but to their shock Jaejoong landed on his feet as if he had only jumped a short distance. No sooner than he had landed, he was off toward Yunho in a dead run. The entire crowd watched as the beautiful Joong reached his mate, leaping into the captain’s arms. Yunho easily caught his mate. Jaejoong wrapped his arms and legs around his mate, and laid a kiss on the captain that left most of the crowd gasping in awe.

Ryeowook grabbed Junsu by the arm and ordered, “We better get down there, fast! The captain won’t be in his right mind, and Jaejoong isn’t exactly the shy type.”

Junsu nodded his head and along with Ryeowook made his way out of the stands and toward the arena floor. “Sungmin should be down there. He will stop them.”

“I don’t think an army could stop them,” Ryeowook told Junsu as they headed down the stairs. “Jaejoong won’t let anybody stop them. I should have made him beam up earlier.”

“You can’t really make Jaejoong do anything, though,” Junsu reminded him.

“Don’t I know it.”

Ryeowook and Junsu pushed their way through the crowd of onlookers until they reached the gates that led to the arena floor. They quickly caught sight of Sungmin and rushed toward him.

Sungmin appeared to have his hands full. As they approached they heard a man offering Sungmin, “If you become my woman, I will give your captain six cows.”

Ryeowook and Junsu watched as Sungmin barely managed to control his annoyance. “Sorry, but cows are not allowed on our ship.”

“Lieutenant!’ Ryeowook yelled as he hurried up to the security chief. “We have to get the captain out of here.”

Sungmin pointed to all the people surrounding him. “I have been trying, but unless I pull out a phaser it’s impossible to get through these idiots. I swear if one more person tries to trade a cow for me…”

“Jaejoong is with the captain,” Ryeowook quickly explained. “He’s…he’s…”

“Really horny,” Junsu finished for the doctor.

Sungmin eyes narrowed and questioned, “You are afraid Jaejoong will release pheromones?”

Ryeowook nodded his head. “If he does…”

“There are thousands of people here,” Sungmin said fearfully, realizing the danger. “The captain doesn’t have his shirt on. We can’t have the Expectations beam him up. Okay, follow me.”

“But if Jaejoong is…touching him can’t we just beam him up and get them both?” Junsu asked.

“If Jaejoong still has his clothes on,” Ryeowook answered.

Sungmin broke through the crowd, knocking people out of the way and putting all his martial arts skills to good use. They had to get to the captain quickly, and they couldn’t waste time being polite. As they neared the area where the captain and Jaejoong were, it did not escape their notice that the people in the crowd were becoming very affectionate with each other.

“Dear God, he must have already released some,” Ryeowook groaned as they entered the field. “The captain is going to be so humiliated.”

Sungmin came to a dead stop, halting the others, “I would say so.” In front of them, Yunho, much to Jaejoong’s great pleasure, had his naked mate up against the wall of the arena, thrusting into him.

“Not again,” Junsu cried, covering his eyes. “Why must I always see them having sex?”

Ryeowook looked away. “Without their insignias on, how hard would it be for Yoochun to beam them out?”

“In this crowd? Nearly impossible,” Sungmin told Ryeowook, while watching Junsu. “It would be too dangerous. One of us is going to have to go over there and touch them and then beam them back to their quarters.”

“Not me!” Junsu yelled.

“We need to do something, fast!” Ryeowook yelled back at them, feeling his emotions heightening. “We are not going to be thinking clearly for very long.”

“What do you suggest? Think fast! I can’t afford to be under the influence of pheromones! I have a boyfriend that insists on taking things slow! I already want to jump him!” Sungmin screamed.

“What about me! I have a perverted commander after my ass!” Junsu hollered at the two of them.

“Boo Hoo!” Ryeowook screamed back at them. “What about me! I have a sexually traumatized husband! Who can’t even think about sex! Do you know how long it’s been for me? Too long! That’s how long!”

“That’s your own damn fault! If you had gotten over…” Sungmin paused, ignoring Ryeowook and told Junsu in a voice full of appreciation. “You do have a mighty fine ass. One can hardly blame Commander Yoochun for admiring it.”

Junsu smiled back at Sungmin and told him, “You’re awfully pretty…for a guy.”

“So you think so?” Sungmin asked, walking up to Junsu and trailing his finger down the front of the ensign’s uniform.

Junsu nodded his head eagerly. “I’ve always thought so. You looked so good in that dress at the Halloween party.”

“I don’t mind dressing up,” Sungmin told Junsu, licking his lips. “I’ve never deflowered a virgin before.”

“You can deflower me!” Junsu quickly offered.

Sungmin wrapped his arms around Junsu and whispered in a husky voice, “Would you like to fuck me?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! “Junsu answered enthusiastically. “So what if you don’t have a vagina. Anus or vagina, they are both holes. I can stick-”

“Three to beam up, now! Directly to sickbay!” Ryeowook shouted after hitting his insignia.

The three of them materialized in sickbay, and Ryeowook quickly grabbed a hypospray and injected the three of them with the same injection he had given Yunho earlier. Sungmin and Junsu immediately broke apart, horrified at their behavior.

“Doctor, what is going on,” Yoochun’s voice demanded over the insignia. “Where is the captain?”

Ryeowook sighed as his head cleared. “He is still on the planet with Jaejoong…we are going to have to go get them.”

“Why are they not with you?” Yoochun asked as Sungmin and Junsu avoided looking at each other.

Ryeowook answered, “Because they don’t have their uniforms on.”

“What?” the shocked voice of Yoochun asked.

“Jaejoong just dosed a crowd of thirty thousand with pheromones. I had to get us back to the ship before we were compromised. I have dosed myself with the antidote, so I can go back and get them now,” Ryeowook explained.

“Would that be safe, doctor?” Yoochun asked.

“I will go with him,” Sungmin replied, pulling out his phaser, trying to act like he had not just propositioned one of his oldest friends. “We should hurry.”

“Agreed, keep in constant contact,” Yoochun ordered.

“Yes, sir,” Ryeowook answered as he tapped his insignia off, and turned to the red faced Junsu. “Not coming with us?”

“No,” Junsu answered, bright red from his encounter with Sungmin on the planet.

Ryeowook nodded his head in understanding and headed out of sickbay with Sungmin to the transporter room. “They are so going to owe us.”

“Big time,” Sungmin agreed. “The captain is going to be completely mortified when his sanity returns.”

“I have a feeling this will be last away mission a shifting Jaejoong is going to be allowed on,” Ryeowook said with a chuckle.

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