The Fight About Nothing, Chapter Ten

Title: The Fight About Nothing
Author: aquariuslover
Pairing: KyuWook
Rating: R
Genre: Friendship, Love
Beta: unicornsinger

Summary: This is a completely fictional tale about the thin line between love and friendship, and how easily that line can become blurred.

TFAN Chapters

The shock of Kyuhyun’s statement sent Ryeowook tumbling backwards and landing on his butt. “You what?” Eyes that had been looking at Kyuhyun full of tears a moment ago were full of fear now. “No, we can’t ever kiss again! We will destroy everything!”

“I just want to see,” Kyuhyun told him while kneeling down in the grass beside him, with a look on his face that excited Ryeowook and scared him at the same time.

“See what?”

“What would happen if I just reacted normally, and not the way I have been programmed by society to act since I was born,” Kyuhyun said, leaning forward toward Ryeowook.

Ryeowook pushed Kyuhyun away, sending the other man toppling over. “What the hell do you mean by that? You reacted how you were supposed to!” Ryeowook said, standing up as quickly as possible.

“No, I didn’t. I reacted how I was taught to react,” Kyuhyun informed him from his position flat on his back in the grass, looking up at Ryeowook.

“Stop that!”

“No, I will not. I acted exactly how a Korean man is taught to act if a man ever tries something with him.”

“And that is a good thing! Whatever guilt you have about hitting me, let it go. I deserved it.”

Kyuhyun got up quickly and grabbed the shorter man by the arms. “No, you didn’t. You didn’t hurt me and I shouldn’t have hurt you. You were just drunk, and I think…”

“I did something that I would never, and I do mean never ever do, if I were sober,” Ryeowook told him, trying to shake loose of the hands that held him.

“Because you were taught like me to believe it is very wrong.”

“Because it is very wrong!”

“You keep saying that. I might believe you, but I just need to kiss you and see what I really feel. If it’s horrible, then it’s over, and my curiosity will be satisfied, and after a couple moments of awkwardness, we can go back to being us.”

“Are you insane, or are you trying to get us killed?” Ryeowook demanded as he broke free of Kyuhyun. “We are on the side of a busy highway, and you are talking about kissing? People have died for less! We are never ever going to kiss again. Do you understand me? Never! It was the biggest mistake of my life, and I am never going to repeat it, ever!”

“Ryeowook,” Kyuhyun pleaded, reaching for him.

Ryeowook jumped back as if Kyuhyun’s touch was poisonous. “Never; I swear Kyuhyun just let it go. If you value our friendship at all, just let it go.”

Kyuhyun took a deep breath and took a step back from Ryeowook. “I think you are overreacting.”

“Oh, you think I’m overreacting, do you? Well how is this for overreacting? New rule! Rule five equals no touching!” Ryeowook yelled at him, and then stormed to the passenger’s side of the car and got in.

“That’s fine with me! It’s you that can’t keep your hands off me!” Kyuhyun yelled at him, as the older man got back in the car.

“Because you are always begging for it,” Ryeowook screamed back at Kyuhyun as the younger one came around to get in the driver’s seat.

“I-I’m-I’m begging for it?” Kyuhyun was completely flabbergasted. “Excuse me, but I think it was your hand that was almost on my crotch this morning at breakfast, and I don’t remember asking for it.”

“You sure as hell didn’t complain either, did you?” Ryeowook told him, folding his arms and glaring a hole through the windshield.

“Well, I’m confused. What’s your excuse?” Kyuhyun asked as he started the car.

“Why can’t I be confused too? Why are you the only one allowed to be confused?”

“I want to end the confusion, and you just want to prolong it with a bunch of dumb rules.”

“You actually think kissing again would end the confusion?” Ryeowook laughed hatefully. “It would only make things worse, believe me.”

“You don’t know that! I just want to see,” Kyuhyun told him as he pulled back onto the highway.

“I want us to have long successful careers and not to be a disgrace to everybody who loves us. I mean you know what happens to gay celebrities in this country? They usually end up killing themselves,” Ryeowook informed him, his eyes still glued forward and his arms folded tightly against his chest.

“I didn’t say anything about being gay. I just wanted to kiss you, find it repulsive, and move on from there. You are the one who’s afraid that one little kiss will turn us into full fledged homosexuals. I think you overestimate our attraction, no offense.”

“Excuse me?”

“I’m just saying somebody has a very high opinion of himself.”

Ryeowook stretched his arms out, pushing his hands against the dashboard, and started tapping it loudly with his fingers. “I know you are just trying to goad me into agreeing to something - something that is never, ever going to happen. Never, ever. Get that?”

“I can understand why you’d be scared. I mean I am very attractive. I can see where the fear of finding me irresistible would come from.”

“Good one, but I think I can say quite confidently if it were good looks that made me kiss members when I was drunk and out of my mind, then I would be having this talk with Sungmin, Donghae, or Siwon instead of you.”

Kyuhyun’s mouth dropped open completely. “Do you want to kiss them?”

“What? No, I don’t want to kiss them. I just said if!”

“Well they are the handsome ones, aren’t they? How about Heechul? He is going to be angry that you left him out of the kissable list.”

“You are insane! Heechul isn’t ever going to find out about this conversation; nobody is. I don’t have a kissable list with members, you nutcase. I don’t want to kiss any of them.”

“Well that’s what you said about me, too, and we saw how that ended.”

“Shut up, Kyuhyun.”

“Or did you want to kiss me? You keep saying you would have never done it if you had been sober? Come to think of it, you have never said you didn’t want to,” Kyuhyun said carefully, while eyeing Ryeowook closely out of the corner of his eye.

“Shut up, Kyuhyun.”

“Something you would never have done if you had been sober. Is it an urge you can fight when you are sober? Did you want to kiss me?” Kyuhyun demanded.

“I wanted to kiss you. Okay, I wanted to. I did, but I knew I couldn’t or shouldn’t, but one night I got too intoxicated. You were just laying there all accommodating……and I lost my mind,” Ryeowook admitted, shaking his head in defeat, knowing that he shouldn’t have admitted anything as soon as the words were out of his mouth.

Kyuhyun could feel a smile forming on his face. Things were beginning to become much clearer to him. He reached over and put his hand on Ryeowook’s knee. “I accommodated you, and now it is your turn to return the favor.”

Ryeowook aroused from his misery to take Kyuhyun’s hand and fling it off his knee. “No touching! You are such a selfish bastard.”

“I am not!” Kyuhyun denied, suddenly hurt.

“I admit to you that I have totally inappropriate feelings for you. Feelings that I have been struggling with for years, and your response is to torture me,” Ryeowook said, rubbing the palm of his hands against his forehead.

“Years?” Kyuhyun mouth fell open again and looked at Ryeowook speechless. Kyuhyun brain went blank at the fact that Ryeowook had been harboring not-so-pure thoughts about him for years.

“Watch the road!” Ryeowook screamed as the car crossed over into the wrong lane. Kyuhyun corrected his course quickly before they crashed into the oncoming traffic.

“We need to stop talking about this before we both end up dead,” Ryeowook told him, taking a deep breath after the near miss.

“Okay,” Kyuhyun said, visibly shaken form the near miss. Thoughts of another time flashed in his mind. He waited for that calming touch to settle his nerves but it never came.


“Oh, I know. You finally fall asleep, and then they are waking you up because they have to take your vital signs.” Ryeowook watched in amazement as Kyuhyun and his grandmother shared hospital stories with each other.

“Sweetie, I know. They offer you drugs to make you sleep, when if they would just leave you alone, you could sleep just fine,” Ryeowook’s grandmother said to Kyuhyun, who was sitting on the side of her hospital bed talking to her.

“You were smart to bring him along,” Ryeowook’s rather large cousin Junho told him. They were standing up against the wall of the hospital room watching their very difficult grandmother bond effortlessly with Kyuhyun.

“Who would have thought? It almost makes the drive up here worth it,” Ryeowook explained.

“Bad trip?”

“You could say that,” Ryeowook whispered to his cousin.

“Lots of traffic?”

“Especially when you are in the wrong lane. We almost crashed and killed ourselves on the way up.”

“You do seem a little jumpy - must be the nerves. Who was driving?”

“He was, but he started paying better attention after the near miss.”

“Isn’t he the one that almost died in that accident a few years back?”

“Yes, it was him.” Ryeowook’s gaze automatically softened at the memory. He watched Kyuhyun handle his grandmother with ease.

“She told the nurses you were coming, and they have put together a little show tonight, featuring us,” Junho informed him with a big smile.

“Why? She doesn’t even like how I sing. She says I sound like a girl.” Ryeowook visibly slumped against the wall.

“Well I might have actually told them, but I think it would be nice for the patients here. They need a little joy in their life,” Junho told Ryeowook, elbowing him. “We can finally have that contest to see who really is the best singer in the family.”

Ryeowook noticed that now Kyuhyun was watching them with a smile on his face as he eavesdropped. “Well, I can’t sing without the company’s permission, and they won’t give it for something like this,” Ryeowook pointed out, he hoped convincingly.

“Really? Your company really is the shits if it won’t let you sing for your dying grandmother,” Junho complained frowning.

“Well yes, my voice is their property.” Ryeowook was beginning to feel guilty and relieved at the same time, but Kyuhyun had walked up smirking…..and that was never a good sign.

“You know they wouldn’t have a problem with you singing for your sick grandmother. I can call and make sure, but I’m positive there won’t be any problems.”

“Thanks, man,” Junho said, clapping his hands. “A bit of family competition is good for the soul.”

“I personally can’t wait to see which one of you sounds the best,” Kyuhyun told them smiling.

“Oh, sweetie, our little Ryeowook sounds just like a girl, it’s like when he stopped growing his voice just stuck there. Now my Junho there has a very manly voice,” Ryeowook’s grandmother informed them from her bed.

“Gee, Grandmother you are going to make me blush,” All six foot and two hundred fifty plus pounds of Junho, told his grandmother grinning with a mouth full of teeth…too many teeth.

Kyuhyun could barely suppress his laughter as he told the grandmother, “Well we are going to go get you some real food to eat, and we will be back in a little while.”

“We are?” Ryeowook asked surprised, not so eager to get in a car again with Kyuhyun.

“It’s too bad Ryeowook couldn’t have thought to bring me some of his cooking, that boy was born to cook. I guess it’s hard to be bothered for such an old woman that he never visits,” she accused Ryeowook in the most passive aggressive manner imaginable.

Ryeowook’s mouth dropped open. “But…but doesn’t the hospital usually put patients on a special diet?”

“You always bring me home cooked food when I’m in the hospital,” Kyuhyun couldn’t help to add with a devilish grin.

“I just brought you soup,” Ryeowook said, defending himself.

“I would have enjoyed some soup, you know when you are dying of cancer, they let you eat what you want,” she told Ryeowook, glaring at him.

“He can’t help being inconsiderate at times, but don’t you worry; we are going to go buy you a good meal now. The best we can find,” Kyuhyun told her as he walked up to her and squeezed her hand.

“Okay, sweetie, I will be waiting.” She smiled at Kyuhyun totally ignoring Ryeowook.

“Yeah, Wook has always been like that. I mean he knows how much I love his cooking too. It’s a shame he isn’t more caring. I’m not going to feel bad at all when I show him up tonight,” Junho added, as visions of previous meals that Ryeowook had made him danced in his head.

“Like you said competition is good for the soul,” Kyuhyun agreed, enjoying every minute of Ryeowook’s misery.

Ryeowook walked out of the room frowning; he couldn’t decide who he disliked more at the moment. Kyuhyun caught up with him quickly, grabbing his hand as they walked down the hall. “You know Junho might have all the talent in the family, but you can take comfort in the fact that you got all the looks.”

“No touching,” Ryeowook said jerking his hand away. “I hate you so much. You cannot possibly imagine what you just volunteered me for.”

“Oh, but I do know, and I can’t wait to watch,” Kyuhyun said, laughing as they heading for the car.


“We could just have a piano playing contest instead,” Ryeowook offered his cousin. They were in a small recreational room at the hospital that had a piano and was full of nurses, family members and the patients that could make it out of their rooms.

“I’m not good at playing the piano anymore; my hands are too big,” Junho said, holding up his hands. “You know what they say about a man with large hands?”

“No, what do they say?” Kyuhyun asked, innocently holding up his hands that were even bigger.

Ryeowook kicked Kyuhyun in the back of the leg, hard. “I would like to point out that there are many people watching…and some are even recording us.”

“Really? Cool!” Junho turned around smiling and waved at girl who had her phone up filming them.

“You’re just jealous he got the talent and…….the big hands in the family,” Kyuhyun whispered to Ryeowook.

Ryeowook just glared at Kyuhyun who just smiled, acting the innocent. “Lets get this over with. Junho you want to go first?”

“No, you go first, Wook. Lets save the best for last,” Junho told him. Ryeowook just shook his head and walked up to the front of the room.

Kyuhyun took a sit next to the Ryeowook’s grandmother. “I hope he doesn’t get too embarrassed,” She told Kyuhyun, looking slightly worried.

“You know he really does sing great. I don’t say that about just anyone, some would even call me a vocal snob. His voice is beautiful though, and he has perfect pitch,” Kyuhyun told her as he took her hand.

“You are a good friend, but he does sound like a girl,” She told him. Kyuhyun just shook his head and started to chuckle but stopped the minute Ryeowook started singing, and he focused completely on him. Kyuhyun had always loved Ryeowook’s voice from the very beginning he was always amazed at how strong and crystal clear it was.

Ryeowook’s grandmother nudged Kyuhyun and pointed to the people in the audience proudly. “They seem to like it.”

“Because it’s really good, there needs to be one voice that can reach up high and be heard clearly…it’s not ‘girly’ it’s beautiful,” Kyuhyun told her, but his eyes never left Ryeowook as the latter finished his song.

“You’re a good friend,” Ryeowook’s grandmother said as she clapped for her grandson, along with the rest of the audience.

“Not always, but I have my moments,” Kyuhyun said and smiled at her.

“Oh, I don’t believe that. You are such a good boy,” She said, pinching his cheek. Ryeowook, who had walked up at that time, sat down next to Kyuhyun.

“About to be showed up, huh?” Kyuhyun teased as Junho walked up to take his place.

“Shut up, Kyuhyun,” Ryeowook whispered, so his grandmother couldn’t hear him.

“I will trade you places, you know, if you want to sit by her,” Kyuhyun whispered to him.

“Oh, you mean you’d let me sit by my grandmother? That is so nice of you,” Ryeowook said as he got up and switched places with Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun gave Ryeowook a totally annoyed look but the other missed it. Ryeowook sat down next to his grandmother, who, for once, had nice things to say to him. Kyuhyun watched in amusement as Junho kept talking to the crowd as if they were all there to see him.

Kyuhyun was about to see if he could get Ryeowook’s grandmother to tell him any embarrassing childhood stories about Ryeowook when Junho started singing. To Kyuhyun’s total shock, he started singing “Seven Years of Love.”

Ryeowook actually started snickering from his seat beside him. Kyuhyun couldn’t help but feel like his ears were being physically assaulted. How could this man even think about singing this song, or any song for that matter? “He actually thinks he sings better then you?” Kyuhyun sneered in disbelief.

“Oh, he’s not the only one. You know he has a manly voice,” Ryeowook informed him, but the other visitors’ expressions seemed to agree with Kyuhyun’s opinion.

“This might send me back to the hospital!” Kyuhyun told him as he placed his hand over his right ear protectively.

“Behave,” Ryeowook warned as he tried to suppress his laughter.

“I am going to have to go up there and sing now, because it’s my duty to erase that from all these poor sick people’s minds. I really hope most of them are hard of hearing,” Kyuhyun said with gritted teeth as Junho assaulted his song.

“I think you flatter yourself, because it’s going to take at least a miracle to erase that from anybody’s mind,” Ryeowook told him as Junho finished with the song.

Kyuhyun stood up, pulling Ryeowook with him. “Well if that’s the case, then it will take the both of us.”

Junho bowed to the crowd, while some polite visitors clapped, and one rather large woman upfront gave him a standing ovation.

“What?” Ryeowook said, trying to pull away from Kyuhyun as other man dragged him up front. Fan girls who had slipped in could be heard squealing as they made their way to the front.

“We would like to sing Goose’s Dream for you all now,” Kyuhyun told the crowd, the crowd cheered in encouragement. “Ryeowook is going to play the piano and we will both sing,” Kyuhyun said as he pushed Ryeowook toward the piano.

“I don’t remember the lyrics or much less the notes.” Ryeowook whispered angrily to Kyuhyun.

“You are such a liar. This is like your theme song. I have heard you play it so many times,” he whispered back to him.

“I am never taking you anywhere again,” Ryeowook mumbled as he took his seat at the piano.

“This will be fun. I’ve always wanted to sing this with you.” Kyuhyun whispered from behind him squeezing his shoulder. Ryeowook frowned but started playing the song by memory and soon Kyuhyun’s voice joined in, leaving everybody in the room speechless.
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