Bed of Roses, Chapter Twelve

Title Bed of Roses
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: SungGyu/WooHyun
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Friendship, Love, Humor, Angst
Length: Chaptered
Beta: tahoeturquoise

Summary: WooHyun’s perfect life…his bed of roses is tossed into disarray when SungGyu makes a bold move changing their friendship forever.

A/N: I know that some of you saw part of this chapter posted at aqloverficsrant already, so it’s really short for you, but the next chapter is longer...if I ever post it.  Also warning, there are 'Top and Bottom' references.

Previous Chapters

“Why isn’t SungGyu here yet?” SungYeol asked as he sat on the black leather couch waiting for SungGyu to arrive. SungJong, DongWoo, and Hoya were all crammed on the couch with him. WooHyun and L were going over their vocals.

Hoya just shrugged from beside SungYeol. “He and Hyung Geonam probably stopped to eat dinner without us.”

DongWoo, who was sitting beside Hoya, frowned. “No way, I’m starving.”

“I just want to go home,” SungJong moaned from SungYeol’s other side.

“Well, that isn’t going to be happening for a long while. We will be lucky to get home before midnight,” SungYeol answered. “Remember when we weren’t popular and we never had any activities?”

“May those days never return,” Hoya said quickly. “I’d much rather be busy.”

“I like being busy,” SungJong agreed. “I just want WooHyun and SungGyu to be able to talk.”

“Maybe we could find a way for them to talk privately between our activities,” DongWoo suggested.

“No,” SungYeol immediately told his hyung. “We are talking too much as it is. We have to be careful. Very careful. This doesn’t just affect them, but all of us.”

“But I thought you supported them?” Hoya asked as he turned to give SungYeol a perplexed look.

“I do support them. I support them being smart. There is no reason why they can’t be together if they are smart, but sadly they aren’t all that smart,” SungYeol explained.

“Hey, Leader is smart, and so is WooHyun; they just tend to be stupid sometimes… You know what I mean!” Hoya tried to explain.

DongWoo sat down beside SungJong. “The leader isn’t stupid. He’s smarter than you are, SungYeol.”

“Please!” SungYeol spat. “He actually believes that WooHyun doesn’t love him. We probably have five year old fans that are less clueless than him.”

“It wasn’t that he believed him…he didn’t, but I think his hurt feelings made him doubt the truth,” DongWoo reasoned. “If he hadn’t been so insecure, he’d never have believed him.”

“A fool for love,” SungJong said, trying his best to sound wise.

Hoya rolled his eyes and asked SungJong, “What do you know of love?”

SungJong spitefully lifted up his legs and stuck a brand new pair of pink high-tops in Hoya’s face and told him, “I know I love these shoes! Aren’t they cute?”

Hoya swatted the offending shoes away from his face, and was about to swat SungJong when Manager Geonam walked into the break room.

“Behave,” the manager warned.

The boys immediately straightened up. The absence of SungGyu was immediately noticed. SungYeol couldn’t keep from asking, “Where is SungGyu?”

“I have good news for you,” the manager told them with a big, bright smile.

SungJong asked, “Where is Leader?”

“Don’t you want to know what the good news is?” the manager asked, ignoring both SungYeol and SungJong.

“I do,” DongWoo said with a smile. He was always ready for good news.

“I am glad someone does,” Geonam told them. “You have the rest of the day off.”

“We do?” SungJong squealed as he clapped his hands together.

“We do?” Hoya repeated, completely surprised. “All night, too?”

The manager nodded his head. “Yes, you have no activities scheduled until tomorrow.”

“It’s only five,” DongWoo said in amazement as he looked at his watch. Was it a dream? Were they really getting so much free time?

“You have to stick together though. Decide what you want to do, and if it’s within reason we will be agreeable to it. Try to pick something to do that won’t get you mauled by rabid fans,” the manager told them.

“The amusement park!” DongWoo shouted.

“No!” SungYeol responded. “You will get us killed.”

“We can wear disguises!” Hoya told SungYeol, also excited at the idea of going to an amusement park.

“We could go shopping!” SungJong offered.

The manager just grinned at them. “You all decide. I’m going to go discuss something with the sound engineers.”

“Wait, Hyung.” SungYeol spoke up and asked the manager as he started to leave the room, “Where is SungGyu?”

The manager turned around to face the boys, his face grim. “He has other plans for tonight. He won’t be back until the morning,” Manager Geonam told them. “Whatever you plan, it will have to be without your leader.”

“With who?” WooHyun, who was now standing in the doorway with L, asked the manager. “Who does he have plans with?”

The manager turned back around to face WooHyun. He looked at WooHyun sympathetically, reached out and squeezed his shoulder and told him, “That’s his private business, Kiddo.”

“Private?” WooHyun asked, his eyes growing larger.

The manager just let go of WooHyun’s shoulder and walked out of the room, not saying another word.

“Private!” WooHyun repeated, feeling the panic setting in. “Private!” WooHyun repeated again and hurried to DongWoo, pulling the other man’s phone from his pocket and calling SungGyu.

The other five members just took turns staring at each other as they tried to figure out what was going on in the main vocal’s head.

“Damn! It went straight to voice mail!” WooHyun cursed, handing DongWoo his phone back. He immediately pulled out his own phone and called the leader. “Call me. Please. I know I have been driving you crazy, but please call me.”

“What’s happening,” SungJong whispered.

SungYeol, who had been carefully assessing the situation, answered, “It appears we have the night off, and while we have to stay together, SungGyu gets to do what he wants.”

“Which is totally unfair,” L pouted. “I could go home and eat mom’s home-cooking. Hey, do you guys want to go to my house?”

“No,” Hoya answered.

WooHyun sat down directly on the floor as twelve words repeated in his head.

“I don’t want to go to an amusement park,” SungJong whined. “We aren’t kids…well, I am but you guys aren’t! We should do something more mature…like shopping.”

“Why are you freaking out?” SungYeol asked WooHyun.

WooHyun looked up at SungYeol and said the words that were repeating themselves over and over in his head. “I just stopped by for a little snack, before my smorgasbord tonight.”

SungYeol jumped off the couch. “Oh, shit!”

“A smorgasbord sounds nice,” L replied, clueless as to what the two older members were referring too. “I don’t mind going out to eat.”

DongWoo nodded his head in agreement. “Me either, I’m starving.”

“Eating would be nice!” SungJong agreed. “Then we could go shopping!”

Hoya suggested, “We could eat at the amusement park.”

“We could!” DongWoo happily agreed. “Funnel cakes and corndogs!”

“Oh, I do like corndogs,” SungJong had to admit.

SungYeol knelt down by WooHyun, who looked on the verge of losing it. “Do you think he is with the bathroom guy?”

“Bathroom guy?” Hoya repeated, looking disgusted as his mind offered up unpleasant mental images.

“Bathroom guy?” DongWoo repeated.

SungYeol looked up at DongWoo and answered, “We think SungGyu had a friend…a close friend at the studio today. Do you know if he has been talking to anybody lately?”

DongWoo shook his head. “Nobody unusual, but wait! He has been talking to an old friend of his.”

“Who?” WooHyun shouted as he leaped up off the floor and pushed DongWoo back on the couch. “Who was he talking too? Tell me everything right now!”

DongWoo looked up at his wild eyed dongsaeng and spilled all he knew. “He has been talking to this guy on the phone. I didn’t hear much. When I asked him, he told me it was an old friend of his from before he joined the company.”

WooHyun reached down and grabbed DongWoo by the collar of his shirt and demanded, “Did he ever at any time refer to this man as being a bottom or top bunk?”

“What?” SungYeol asked from beside WooHyun, surprised by the odd question.

WooHyun flung up his free hand at SungYeol and ordered, “Don’t ask!” WooHyun focused on his hyung. “DongWoo, answer me. It’s very important, try to remember.”

DongWoo, who was surprised by the younger man’s forceful attitude, answered, “No, the guy’s name was Flower. Isn’t that a funny name for a man?”

WooHyun let go of DongWoo as his legs turned to jelly. He quickly sat back down on the floor before he fell.

“Holy crap, you were right!” SungYeol said in amazement. “You like, have super Gyu senses.”

“Hyung, what’s wrong” a concerned SungJong asked WooHyun, sitting down on the floor beside the distraught main vocal.

L sat down on the couch and looked down at WooHyun, who looked lost in his own world of misery. “I’d also like to know.”

“WooHyun was too late. SungGyu is meeting up with his older lover tonight,” SungYeol explained, still amazed that WooHyun’s instincts had been right.

“Bummer,” DongWoo said as he got up off the couch. “Do you mean the flower guy?”

“Yes, the flower guy was at the studio earlier today. The minute WooHyun saw him, he instantly hated him,” SungYeol told the others.

“Oh!” SungJong exclaimed. “So that’s why you had us smelling for sex in the bathroom.”

Hoya winced, fighting the urge to cover up his ears.

“He was taunting me!” WooHyun declared and jumped back to his feet. “He freaking winked at me! That bastard was taunting me.”

“Maybe a little bit…” SungYeol agreed.

“I wonder what SungGyu told him about me?” WooHyun demanded. “The guy knew enough to taunt me.”

SungYeol smiled weakly. “He did seem to know something was up.”

“It is not ending like this! I will not let it end like this! He doesn’t get my SungGyu! SungGyu belongs to me, and only me,” WooHyun shouted, finding his strength.

Hoya looked up at WooHyun and asked, “What can you do?”

“Whatever I have to do! That’s what I will do! I’m going to find SungGyu. I don’t care if I have to drag him out of that bastard’s bed! I am going to tell him the truth. I will admit all my feelings to him, and I will get down on all fours and beg for forgiveness if I have to,” WooHyun said with unrelenting determination.

“Yes!” SungJong yelled, jumping to his feet. “This is way better than shopping!”

“I agree! Let’s go get him…but how? I don’t know anything about Flower. He never told me anything. I just heard them talking on the phone,” DongWoo admitted. “I have no idea where he lives.”

“There is no way Manger Geonam will tell us,” L added.

“You’re right, Manager Geonam would never tell us, but his car will,” SungYeol said with a sly grin. “His car will tell us exactly where he has been today. Most importantly, it will tell us where he dropped SungGyu off at.”

“GPS!” WooHyun shouted. He then turned around and bear hugged SungYeol. “I love your devious mind!”

SungYeol laughed at WooHyun and pushed him away. “Remember, you are taken.”

“Yes, I am,” WooHyun agreed, happily. “I am wonderfully taken.”

“Question though, how are we going to get the car?” Hoya asked. “It isn’t like he is going to let us go for a drive.”

“We are going to steal it,” SungYeol said without batting an eyelash.

“We will have to,” WooHyun agreed. “Manager Geonam will never take us there.”

“Steal it?” Hoya repeated, swallowing nervously.

“But first we have to steal Geonam Hyung’s keys,” SungYeol told them.

“I’ll do it!” SungJong quickly offered, eager to do whatever he had to, to get the main vocals together.

“No, not you, SungJong. We need somebody who inspires trust,” SungYeol told them. “We will only get one chance to do this. We need somebody he won’t suspect.”

WooHyun walked over to L and wrapped his arm around him. “What do you say, L?”

L gulped nervously. “I will do this…I will. It’s for the group! It’s for my hyungs!”

“That’s the attitude to have!” DongWoo told L proudly, while pumping his fist in the air.

SungYeol patted DongWoo on the back. “I am glad you agree, since you’ll be driving the getaway vehicle.”


“They are still following us,” reported SungJong, who was turned around in L’s lap watching the fans tailing them.

L whose hands were resting lightly on SungJong’s waist, teased, “Maybe if you would stop looking at them they would stop.”

“We have to know if we loose them,” SungJong explained.

“Maybe WooHyun should sit back here, he could throw them his hearts,” Hoya offered from beside L.

“WooHyun is only giving away the real thing today,” SungYeol explained.

From the passenger’s seat in the front WooHyun let out a breath. “I gave it away a long time ago.”

L winced after getting accidently kneed in the groin by SungJong and shoved him over toward Hoya. “Time to sit on Hoya.”

“Why couldn’t they have taken the van?” Hoya complained as SungJong settled on his lap.

“I don’t weigh that much!” an affronted SungJong protested.

SungYeol, who was sitting on the other side of Hoya in the backseat of the stolen vehicle, explained to them, “He was probably trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. They probably didn’t want the fans knowing about SungGyu’s night of sex and sin with the flower man.”

WooHyun groaned, “Can you not?”

“Trade me places and I will be nice. I am the mastermind after all. I should get to ride in the front,” SungYeol told the older boy.

“No,” WooHyun answered and turned back around. “I am older than you. We already know where we are going. No more need of your limitless scheming abilities.”

“What about the little problem following us?” Hoya asked. “We can’t let them follow us to that guy’s place.”

SungYeol folded his arms, pouting. “I have a solution but I am not telling.”

“I can lose them,” DongWoo announced and the excited grin on his face had the other members buckling up fast.

SungJong protested, “I don’t have a seatbelt.”

“Hyung,” Hoya told DongWoo cautiously. “If we get pulled over for speeding in our manager’s stolen car it’s not going to look good.”

“It’s not stolen…it’s borrowed,” WooHyun quickly corrected.

“Stolen or borrowed, it won’t matter. Manger Geonam is going kill us,” L told them, sighing. “I just had to go and steal his keys.”

“And what a fine job you did, too,” SungYeol told L, full of praise.

“I guess if this singing and acting thing doesn’t pan out, I could always become a thief,” L reasoned.

“Oh, you could dress up in black and break into houses at night and steal rich ladies’ jewelry,” SungJong said in approval from his perch on Hoya’s lap. “The woman surely wouldn’t mind having you rob them.”

“Can we focus on the problem?” WooHyun asked. “SungYeol, what is your plan?”

“Umm…no, I am not helping you. I am still crammed in the backseat like a sardine,” SungYeol protested. “So come up with something on your own. Remember, you said you had no more need of my scheming.”

“Are you going to let all our efforts fail just because you’re mad because you have to ride in the backseat?” DongWoo asked from the driver’s seat.

“Yes,” SungYeol answered unflinchingly.

“Asshole,” L muttered.

SungYeol cast L an annoyed glance and relented. “Okay, okay, I will tell you, but only because it might amuse me.”

SungJong gulped, knowing enough about what inspired amusement in the taller member to be very afraid. “Amuse you?”

SungYeol grinned, and nodded his head. “Yes, amuse me.”

“This can’t be good,” Hoya groaned.

“What is your plan?” WooHyun implored.

“We are going to have to distract the fans with some live meat,” SungYeol explained, while eyeing the other three members in the backseat with an evil expression.

“We are the live meat?” SungJong whined, while leaning back into Hoya.

“No…we will get killed,” L protested.

SungYeol snorted. “It’s three girls, and a fat cab driver. You can handle them.”

“Pull over, DongWoo, so we can drop them off,” WooHyun ordered, eager to get rid of the car that had been tailing them. He was desperate to get to SungGyu. The other members would just have to fend for themselves. The thought of what SungGyu was doing with that blasted Flower was burning away at him.

“Wait! At least drop us off at a store,” SungJong begged.

“No, drop us off at a restaurant! I’m starving,” L protested.

SungYeol shook his head. “We don’t have time to drive you around Seoul. We are trying to make a love connection here.”

“Stop the car,” WooHyun ordered. “We don’t have time. Every minute that we wait…” WooHyun trailed off, unable to finish his sentence. “I have to get to him.”

“Agreed, stop the car,” L ordered. “We can handle this.”

“That’s the right attitude, Tall Dark and Handsome,” SungYeol told L.

DongWoo pulled the car over and stopped in front of a laundromat. “Sorry, guys.”

“Well, darn. If I had known, I would have brought my dirty clothes,” SungJong complained as he climbed out of the car.

Hoya followed SungJong out of the car, grumbling, “Well, I can probably out run them.”

“Would you run off and leave me?” SungJong asked, eyeing the lead dancer suspiciously. Hoya just smiled back at him.

“Good luck guys. We will try to get away from the fans as fast as we can and meet you there,” L told them as he lingered behind in the car. “There is a train station not far from here.”

DongWoo smiled at L, proud of his positive attitude. “You remember the address?”

“I remember,” L told them as he got out of the car. “Good Luck.”

“Thanks…I am going to need it,” WooHyun told L, feeling more nervous by the minute.

SungYeol, who was turned around in the back of the seat eyeing the cab, told them, “Let’s just hope they are fans of those three, and they stop following us.”

WooHyun closed his eyes and sent out a little prayer. “This might be the first time ever, but please don’t let them be fans of mine.”

“Hey, look. They are getting out of the car,” DongWoo exclaimed.

“Go! Go! Go!” SungYeol flapped his hand at DongWoo and shooed him on.

DongWoo didn’t need to be told a forth time. He whipped the car back into the lane of traffic and took off toward the luxury penthouses where the car’s GPS had said the manager had been earlier that day.
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its almost as exciting as a car chase! It's gonna be so funny if they stumble in on sunggyu and that guy just casually eating a bowl of cereal in the nude. HAHA IDEK it just appeared in my head xD So loving this! Thank you for the updateee!!