Adventure Eleven: Conception

Series: Expectations
Adventure Eleven: Conception Part 1 of 5
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae, KyuWook, Various
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Angst, Adventure
Beta: tahoeturquoise

I'm so sorry for not replying to comments!  Really sorry, I had intended to reply to comments today, but the day got away from me.  Then the writing bug hit me and I couldn't stop.  Really sorry!!!  I love all of you who comment, so much!  I know if I don't update now, I won't have another chance for a week.  This is the first part of a...more complicated adventure.   Although this part isn't very complicated, but the rest of it might be confusing.  

Summary: An explosion sends an away team spiraling toward destruction. As the power of the captain and Jaejoong’s timeless bond is stretched to the breaking point, unlikely heroes rise to the challenge. New allies are found, and new enemies emerge. Someone once lost is found, while another is lost.

Prior Adventures

She was sitting on the floor in Ten Forward, leaning against the window, looking out at the vastness of space when he found her.


Before turning around she reached up and wiped her face. “Changmin, what are you doing here?”

He walked closer and replied, “I could ask you the same thing.”

“You could and I would answer.”

“Why are you in Ten Forward, and why are you crying?” Changmin asked, inspecting her tear stained face closely as he came to a stop in front of her.

Sulli made no attempt to stand, she just grinned up at him. “I think you just slipped in two questions.”

Changmin furrowed his brows. “I did not realize that you had put a limitation on the number of questions I could ask.”

She looked away from him and back to the vastness of space. “I wanted a quiet place where I could think.”

“And why are you crying?”

She did not turn back to face him. “Do you really want to know?”

He knelt down beside her. “I would not have asked if I did not want to know the answer.”

She reached up and covered her mouth to control the sobs that threatened to overcome her. He waited patiently as she mastered her control and began to explain. “I’m crying because I don’t know whether to be happy or sad. I’m happy because it feels like we are getting closer to SooYoung. And I feel like crying because…because I can’t help but worry. What has happened to her during all this time? What if what happened to me…happened to her? Changmin, she’s so proud and perfect…I couldn’t bear that for her.”

Changmin instinctively reached out a hand and gently squeezed Sulli’s shoulder and said in as a reassuring voice as he could manage, “The reports that we have gotten all seem to conclude that the Warlord Hangeng’s wife took favor with her. Even Jaejoong told us that Joong’s prize humans they can’t read telepathically. If the Joong prizes her, I highly doubt any harm has come to her.”

Sulli looked doubtful. “I thought we weren’t sure if she would be psi null to Joongs? Didn’t Jaejoong—”

Changmin shook his head. “Nobody knows for certain, and also, Jaejoong is a prince of Joong, and more gifted than the average Joong.”

Sulli started sobbing, much to Changmin’s surprise. “I did not intend to upset you more…is this not comforting news?”

She flung herself into his arms, continuing to sob. Changmin held her in utter confusion. His attempts to comfort her had failed. He held her for several minutes as she soaked his uniform with her tears. When she finally stopped crying she did not let go of him. She clung to him and with a weak, hoarse voice she began to ramble, “I want so badly for her to be spared from all the misery I have known. I want her to escape all the cruelties this galaxy has to offer. I don’t want what happened to me…to happen to her. I want her to be the SooYoung she always was. But…what will she think when she finds out about me? I try to be strong. I try to smile all the time, but Changmin…what will she think when she finds out? It’s horrible enough that Minho knows what happened to me. I don’t want SooYoung to know. I don’t want anybody to know. I hope that wherever the souls of my parents are, they don’t know. I would hate for them to know. They called me their happy girl. I try so hard to be the girl that I used to be, and sometimes it isn’t hard at all. Sometimes I feel like it should be harder…sometimes I can’t help but be happy…and then there are times like this…when I just want to cry.”

When she paused from rambling, Changmin quickly told her, “Sulli, please let go of me for a moment.”

Sulli released Changmin and jumped back, horrified at her own behavior. “Oh! I’m so sorry! I keep forgetting that you are back to being you, and you don’t like to be hugged. See, I never knew you when you were…you. I just knew the other you; I’m so sorry! SooYoung used to tell me what you were like. How reserved you were. I forgot. I will remember from now on, that you are back to being you.”

“Back to being me?”

Sulli nodded her head as Changmin sat down on the floor beside her. “You aren’t Joong-like anymore.”

“Although my appearance has returned to its former state, I am still half Joong.”

Sulli winced and squeezed her hands and clarified, “When you were blond…you were happy and huggy.”

“Huggy is not a word, Sulli.”

“Well, you liked hugs then and you were more accessible.”

“Am I not accessible now?”

Sulli opened her mouth and closed it.

“Am I not accessible to you? I make certain to see you daily. I had hoped to continue our friendship. Do you find my current state unsatisfactory?”

“No, no, no…I just was sorry for hugging you,” Sulli quickly tried to explain.

“Sulli, I asked for you to let go of me just for a moment. I was kneeling and I was in a very uncomfortable position. There was no need for it, so I asked you to let go of me so I could sit in a more comfortable position. The hugging can recommence if you wish.”

Laughter burst from Sulli at Changmin’s words.

“Have you decided on this round of emotions now?” Changmin asked as the young women held her belly and laughed unabashedly.

“Yes, I have. Changmin, you are so funny!”

“Although it was not my intention, I will not deny that I much prefer to see you laughing than crying. I have seen and heard you cry enough for this lifetime. I do not wish to see it anymore,” Changmin told her, remembering back on their time spent on Belara.

Sulli stopped laughing and gave him a sad smile. “But Changmin, one can not promise to never cry again.”

“I know this, but still I wish it could end permanently. It is most distressing,” Changmin explained to her as he reached out and clasped her hand, much to her surprise. “I would much rather see you laughing and rambling on endlessly.”

She darted her eyes away from him for a moment and asked, “Do you remember everything I told you in the stable?”

“I would not know. I do not remember what I don’t remember.”


“It is logical statement, but to answer you, I remember many things that you told me in the stable.”

“Like what?” she asked, looking back out the window to avoid his intelligent gaze.

“It is not important to rehash that. I will only say that I highly approve of the name Aslan for a cat.”

“Aslan,” Sulli repeated, looking back at Changmin with glassy eyes.

Changmin sighed and told her, “I did not mention the cat to make you cry.”

“I know…but I can’t help it. I miss him.”

“What kind of cat was he?” Changmin questioned, hoping to distract her

“He was a big orange tabby. He was so cuddly. Some cats do not like to snuggle, but he did,” Sulli explained as tears trickled down her cheeks as she remembered the life that was. “Changmin, I am afraid we won’t be able to be friends if you don’t want to see me cry. I tend to cry a lot.”

“Ending our friendship is not an option.”

Sulli’s eyes widened and she let go of Changmin’s hand to cover her mouth with both of hers. He gently shook his head, held out his arms and was not surprised this time when she launched herself at him. He hugged her back and explained, “Although my Joong physical features have disappeared, leaving me looking perfectly human, it seems that the part of me that was not receptive…closed off before has been left slightly ajar now. It isn’t that I didn’t have friendships before…I did have a select few. And I have always loved Yunho; it’s just that now I find myself attached to both you and Jaejoong.”

Sulli smiled into Changmin’s neck and teased, “You keep saying Jaejoong; don’t you mean Mom?”

“Mom is much too busy being angry at Yunho to be eavesdropping on me, so it is safe for me to say Jaejoong.”

Sulli pulled back from Changmin grinning. “Jaejoong had to know the captain was never going to allow him to go on away missions with him again.”

“Well, not while he is shifting, for certain,” Changmin replied, with a frown. “This ship is going to create an awful reputation for the Federation in this galaxy.”

“I thought the people of Valmont were in awe of them?” Sulli asked with a twinkle in her eye, loving to watch Changmin squirm at the thought of his parents having sex in front of a coliseum full of thousands of people.

“They are a most disgusting race indeed if they found that display…awe inspiring.”

Sulli fought back her chuckle and told Changmin in a deadpan voice, “I agree.”

Changmin studied her intently. “Are you teasing me? I can never tell.”

“I’m not telling.”

Changmin eyed her suspiciously and informed her, “You can be very frustrating at times.”

“But you love me anyway,” Sulli teased.

Changmin’s face went very blank at her innocent words, as he truly pondered them…did he love her? It was true that he was terribly fond of her, that he sought her out. He knew that she and Jaejoong filled a space in him that had been void before. Jaejoong was his parent and his instructor in all things Joong. With Jaejoong, the attachment had come over a period of weeks; with Sulli it had been instantly upon their first encounter. Even with his more unpredictable Joong emotions firmly under control now, he still desired to be in her company. When Jaejoong hugged him he cringed and attempted to escape his overly affectionate parent, and yet with Sulli…


Yunho smiled appreciatively at Jaejoong as he walked beside him down the corridor toward the docking bay. “Why are you not wearing your uniform?”

Jaejoong, who was wearing something white, delicate and lacey, lifted his chin and told Yunho hotly, “Since I’m not allowed to go on away missions, why should I have to wear that constricting uniform? I will wear proper Joong clothing from now on. Don’t act like you don’t like it.”

“I didn’t say I didn’t like it. It looks really nice.”

“Well, you would be the only one on this ship that didn’t appreciate it, if you didn’t like it.”


“I can’t help if I am admired by many…hundreds…thousands…actually countless humans…countless beings would be more accurate, I suppose. My admirers are not limited to humanoids.”

“I am glad you are admired.”

“You are?”

“Of course; as long as they don’t touch, they are free to admire you all they want.”

Jaejoong puffed out his cheeks and Yunho could almost see steam rising from his head. “Well, maybe they will get to touch! I will be stuck on this ship without you, while I am undergoing the third stage of shifting! My hormones are out of control, so if I betray you it isn’t my fault. I warned you!”

Yunho snorted. “I’m so worried.”

“It could happen!”

“Yeah, right.”

“Argh! You make me so angry!” Jaejoong declared as he grabbed a hold of Yunho’s arm and begged, “You are right, I would never let anybody else touch me! I can’t stand the thought of you being away from me. Please take me with you! Please!”

Yunho pulled away from Jaejoong, frowning. “Don’t! You promised you wouldn’t.”

“I made no such promises!”

“Okay, so you didn’t actually promise, but I thought we came to an understanding.”

“No, you just told me that you were going down to that blasted planet without me. I had no say in the matter!”

“Well, I think you know why you are not allowed to go on a mission with me.”


“Until you finish shifting,” Yunho quickly amended telepathically.

“If your damn sperm would do their job!”

“You mean if your eggs were a little more receptive,” Yunho threw back at his mate. “They are probably snobby eggs. The Royal Eggs of Joong probably don’t want to mingle with mere mortal human sperm.”

Jaejoong fought to keep from smiling and failed. “You are not funny.”

“Why are you smiling then?”

Jaejoong wrapped his arm around Yunho and leaned against him as they continued toward the docking bay. “Because you are a stupid dork.”

“Stupid dork?”

“Yes, but my stupid dork,” Jaejoong answered, still smiling.

Yunho grinned and continued, “It’s true, though. You have both sperm and eggs…maybe Changmin is all yours. I am sure your snobby eggs would like your royal sperm.”

Jaejoong pushed Yunho away, disgusted. “That’s not even possible! Not to mention gross.”

“Gross? I thought you’d like the idea,” Yunho teased. “A pure Joong baby of your own to love you best.”

“No, I want your baby.”

Yunho continued to tease him, “Are you sure? Just think, he wouldn’t have any of those nasty human features you dislike so much. No brown hair or eyes.”

Jaejoong shook his head, disliking the idea more and more.

“I am sure Dr. Cho could help you out with it.”

Jaejoong reached out and smacked Yunho’s arm. “I don’t want a baby if it isn’t yours! It’s obvious Changmin is yours!”

Yunho, who couldn’t keep from grinning, reached and rubbed his arm where Jaejoong had smacked him. “You are interested in the idea. Don’t pretend you aren’t.”

“Joongs can not impregnate themselves! The bond would never—” Jaejoong stopped suddenly and eyed Yunho suspiciously, then snapped loudly, “Quit trying to distract me from the fact that you are going down to a planet without me! What if you get hurt? What if you die? What if you need me to manipulate the masses?”

Yunho reached up and touched his temple. “If we are going to disagree in the corridors, we have to do it telepathically or not at all.”

Jaejoong latched onto Yunho’s arm again, pleading telepathically, “Please take me with you. I promise we won’t have sex while on the planet…unless you really want to.”


“It’s not like I force you!”

“That’s the problem, and that’s why you are not going. When you are done shifting and I am not dependent on Dr. Cho’s injections for my sanity…then you can start joining me on away missions again. I actually like you being on away missions. Your telepathic abilities really contribute to our missions’ success.”

“Now you are handling me, Captain!”

Yunho stopped and turned to face Jaejoong, placing both of his hands on Jaejoong’s shoulders. “You know I always want you with me, but can you please remember that I am the captain and I have other responsibilities? Responsibilities I must not ignore.”

“I know, but making Changmin should be the priority.”

“We spent five days having nothing but constant sex, and for the last three days—”

“You have totally neglected my sexual desires!”

Yunho sighed, continuing, “We have had sex at least six times a day. I don’t think we can force Changmin’s conception. It will happen when it happens.”

“I don’t like the thought of you being so far away from me on a planet and unable to beam back to the ship. What if something happens? What if you need me?”

“A shuttle is completely safe.”

“What happens when you get out of the shuttle?”

“Jaejoong, I have to go. SooYoung might be on the planet as we speak. We have to get her back.”

“And then what?”

“Then we can seriously start thinking about how to get home,” Yunho told Jaejoong.

“You mean Earth?”

“Yes, Earth. I would like to see my mother again.”

“I thought it was impossible to get home in your life time? The distance is too great.”

Yunho nodded his head. “Yes, but I think we have to start trying. We got here didn’t we? Maybe there is a way back.”

“Will your mom like me?”

Yunho grinned. “She’ll love you.”

Jaejoong’s jaw fell open and accused aloud, “Jung Yunho, you are lying! I can feel it!”

“She might think a little roughly of the woman that abandoned Changmin on her doorstep,” Yunho explained to Jaejoong. “She doesn’t know the circumstances. She just knows she was forced to raise her grandson as her son.”

“Well…well…he isn’t her son. He is my son,” Jaejoong said, suddenly feeling territorial.

“Oh, so you are now ready to claim the title of mom?”

“No, I am not. I am the birth-parent, which is a hundred times more powerful than a simple mother,” Jaejoong explained hotly.

Yunho shook his head and started back down the corridor. “Actually, to most humans, having a mother is very important. A mother signifies a safe place, a person that will always love you, no matter what. You should be flattered that Changmin calls you mom.”

“Changmin doesn’t say it to flatter me, he says it to piss me off,” Jaejoong quickly clarified.

“But you let him annoy you. If you gave him a big bear hug and told him you loved being his mommy, I guarantee you he would stop calling you mom,” Yunho told Jaejoong as they reached the entrance to the docking bay.

“And you are only telling me this now?”

“I rarely part with my Changmin wisdom, but since you are going to walk in here with me and be totally professional, I thought I would share for once,” Yunho explained hopefully.

Jaejoong eyed the door. “I am going to act professional, am I?”


“I’ll be good,” Jaejoong told Yunho as he walked through the doors.

“Thank you.” Yunho told his mate gratefully as he followed him into the docking bay.

Around the shuttle stood Dr. Cho, Lieutenant Sungmin, Ensign Junsu, Ensign Kangin, Ensign SungGyu, Siwon, and Shindong.

Dr. Cho looked up at the captain and Jaejoong as soon as they entered. “Captain, are you positive that you do not require me on this mission?”

“Doctor, we have already discussed this. Your safety is vital to the entire ship. We can not continue to risk our only sane doctor on away missions.”

“Yes, Sir,” Ryeowook responded, and added, “I will continue to search for a proper assistant.”

“Good,” Yunho told him as he walked past him toward the shuttle. “Is everything in order?”

“Captain, the shuttle is in excellent condition; all systems are a go,” Ensign Junsu answered Yunho.

“Its maintenance does fall under engineering,” Yunho said with a grin, knowing that Commander Yoochun was forever demanding perfection from his department.

Ensign SungGyu nodded his head, remembering well his time in Engineering and the Commander’s demands of excellence.

“Ensign SungGyu, are you ready for your first away mission?” Yunho asked the young ensign.

“Yes, Sir,” SungGyu answered, promptly.

“Good,” Yunho replied and turned to Shindong. “I wish we could take you with us, but I am very grateful for all the information you have supplied us with.”

“It’s ridiculous that I can’t join you! I have been to the planet Kanzi a half a dozen times. My legs are fine. I should be going with you,” Shindong grumbled.

“I must listen to my Chief Medical Officer’s recommendations,” Yunho explained.

“Too bad your Chief Medical Officer is an over protective pussy,” Shindong complained to the captain as he stormed out of the docking bay, glaring at Ryeowook as he passed by him.

Jaejoong, who was waiting in the back of the docking bay standing beside Ryeowook, bumped into Ryeowook’s shoulder and whispered, “You are so popular.”

“Behave,” Ryeowook hissed.

“You are just faltering in all areas. Kyuhyun, Changmin, and Shindong are all extremely annoyed with you…none more so than your own husband. And my darling mate has to go down to that planet without a doctor, because you can’t find an assistant,” Jaejoong taunted.

“I don’t know if you have noticed, but most of the people on this ship already have a job; not all of them can just loaf around all day like you, waiting for Yunho to come service them,” Ryeowook spat back at Jaejoong.

“Ouch!” Jaejoong eyes widened at Ryeowook’s venomous words.

“Lieutenant, are we ready?” Yunho asked Sungmin.

“Ready, Sir,” Sungmin answered. “Shindong has given us ample information about the planet Kanzi. We will be landing in a secluded area near the estate where the Warlord Hangeng is rumored to be staying.”

Yunho nodded his head and motioned for the away team to start boarding, but he did not join them. Yunho instead walked to where Jaejoong was waiting with Ryeowook, and took his mate’s hand, “I will see you later. Try not to traumatize Changmin too much.”

Jaejoong embraced Yunho tightly. “I won’t, I will be too busy worrying about you. I hate planets with atmospheres that you can’t beam through. I don’t think we should visit planets like this anymore.”

“If it weren’t for atmospheres like this one, I never would have met you. You do realize that?” Yunho asked Jaejoong as he hugged him back just as tightly.

“You didn’t visit it though! You were kidnapped,” Jaejoong reminded Yunho. “Try not to get kidnapped this time.”

“I can’t make any promises, but I will do my best.”

“Yunho! That’s not funny!”

Yunho pulled away from Jaejoong and kissed him on the forehead. “Every mission is an adventure. You just never know.”

“Is this supposed to make me feel better?”

Yunho chuckled and told his lover, “I will be fine. Junsu’s piloting skills are second to none.”

“What if something happens to Junsu?”

“We are all more than capable of flying a shuttle craft.” Yunho took a step back. “Now, I have a lost lieutenant to retrieve.”

“Be careful, Captain,” Ryeowook told Yunho.

“I will be, Doctor. Watch him for me,” Yunho said, pointing at Jaejoong.

“I will,” Ryeowook promised.

“You two need to leave now,” Yunho told them as he turned and walked toward the shuttle, “unless you want to get sucked into the great void of space when the docking bay opens.”

“We are leaving,” Ryeowook answered as he grabbed Jaejoong’s hand and pulled him toward the exit.

“I am going to have a mental breakdown before he gets back. It just seems like a disaster is waiting to happen,” Jaejoong told Ryeowook as they exited the docking bay. “I do not have a good feeling about this mission.”

Ryeowook, who had been sharp with Jaejoong earlier, looked at the worried Joong with sympathy. “Before we had transporters we had to use shuttles for everything. He will be okay.”

“You don’t know that. I don’t know that…why are you being so nice now?”

“I am always nice, you are the one who was rude to me first,” Ryeowook replied as he headed toward sickbay.

Jaejoong followed after Ryeowook. “It’s because if I can’t be with him you need to be with him.”

“I know,” Ryeowook agreed with a sigh. “But the shuttle is full of medical equipment, plus it has a stasis chamber.”

“That doesn’t make me feel any better!”

“I know it doesn’t, but remember they are all trained in first aid.”

“I should have just snuck on to the shuttle,” Jaejoong moaned. “Yunho doesn’t need some primitive healing methods…he needs me.”

“We shouldn’t even be talking like this. Yunho isn’t even hurt! You are jumping to conclusions. They will be fine.”

“You don’t know how I feel!”

“Really? Do you know how many times Kyuhyun has gone off on dangerous missions and all I could do was sit back and pray he would be okay?”

“That’s different! You signed on for this. You both are Star Fleet officers.”

“That doesn’t make it any easier…I just have to deal. You have to learn to deal, too. Yunho is not going to stop going on missions. It’s too hard for him to send others into danger,” Ryeowook told Jaejoong.

“If I am with him then that is perfectly okay.”

Ryeowook smirked. “We both know you aren’t going on any more missions until you stop shifting.”

“I don’t understand what the big deal is! So what if we had sex in front of a few people? Everybody knows we have sex! We are bonded! We have a son!”

“A few people? Umm…thirty thousand people is a lot more than a few.”

“Numbers,” Jaejoong grumbled. “If I would just get pregnant this wouldn’t be a problem.”

“Or if you stop shifting.”

“That could take weeks,” Jaejoong admitted and then declared with new determination. “While Yunho is gone we are going to find you an assistant!”

“Jaejoong, it isn’t that easy. A doctor should have a natural tendency toward healing, and we can’t make somebody do something they don’t want to do,” Ryeowook explained as they entered a lift. “I can’t just make somebody be my assistant even if they have that natural tendency.”

Jaejoong just smiled at Ryeowook.


“It’s for the good of the ship, Doctor!”


“Changmin, I was teasing you!” Sulli blushed and blurted out, interrupting Changmin’s inner thoughts. “Don’t over analyze it. Friends, remember?”

Changmin cursed the redness he could feel spreading across his cheeks, matching hers. “I have stopped.”

She reached out and smacked his arm. “Good!”

“So you have given up laughter and tears for violence. I must say that—”

“Changmin!” Sulli screamed as the ship suddenly lurched sideways, throwing her up against the window. Changmin landed on top of her as the ship leaned dangerously to one side. Red lights immediately started flashing, and the ship’s computer repeated, “Red Alert. Red Alert! Red Alert!”

Sulli turned her head to the side facing away from Changmin and stared out the window that she was now pressed up against. She could feel Changmin’s breath against her skin, and fought down the urge to scream. Hugging Changmin and having him on top of her were two entirely different experiences for her. She pushed away memories of the torture she had endured at Mr. Eggleton’s hands. “Changmin?”

“I do not know. The ship must have come under attack. The inertial damper systems seem to have failed,” Changmin explained, attempting to gather his considerable intellect to focus on the ship’s problems, but found he was focused on Sulli instead. He did not move away from her. He was acutely aware of her body underneath him. He found that his body was very sensitive to the fact that she was a female, and not disliking their proximity.

Sulli squeezed her eyes shut and asked, “Why is it so bright?”

“Bright?” Changmin asked, not having noticed the bright light emanating from the window until she mentioned it. Changmin sat up quickly, his mind now firmly focused on the ship. “The shields are up, and we appear to have entered the planet’s ionosphere. I must get to the bridge.”

“That isn’t good, is—”

Before Sulli could finish, the ship righted itself in space and they slid down the window to the floor. “Well, that is better,” Sulli said, sighing in relief.

Changmin stood up quickly.

“Changmin, it’s getting less bright, does that mean we are returning to space?” Sulli asked, still staring out the window. Changmin did not answer. Sulli stood up quickly to look at Changmin, who had turned pale. “Changmin, what’s wrong?” Sulli asked, full of concern; reaching out and taking Changmin’s hand.

Changmin stared at her looking completely lost and told her, “Something…something terrible has happened.”


“Ugh,” Ryeowook moaned as the lift righted itself and he crashed back down to the floor. Jaejoong promptly landed on top of him. “What the heck is going on?”

Jaejoong gave no answer, causing Ryeowook to quickly pull himself free of the telepath. Ryeowook quickly assessed Jaejoong and found no broken bones, “Jaejoong, wake up. What is going on?”

Red lights flashed in the lift and the computer repeated, “Red Alert.”

Ryeowook gently slapped the side of Jaejoong’s face. “Jaejoong.”

The door to lift swished open and Kyuhyun entered the lift. Kyuhyun, who was on his way to the bridge, looked down at the deathly still Joong and asked, “What happened?”

“I was about to ask you that,” Ryeowook told his husband as he tired once again to wake the Joong and failed.

“I haven’t been reinstated to duty, so I have no clue what is going on,” Kyuhyun explained as he kneeled down beside Jaejoong.

“Can we not argue about that now?”

“I was just stating a fact,” Kyuhyun told Ryeowook. “Is he hurt? Why isn’t he awake?”

Ryeowook shook his head. “I have no idea. We both got tossed around the lift, but nothing that would cause this level of injury…unless he broke his neck.”

“Wouldn’t he heal himself?”

“He should…maybe he is healing himself now.”

The insignia on Jaejoong’s uniform chirped, and Ryeowook tapped it. “Dr. Cho here.”

“Dr. Cho, is Jaejoong with you?” Changmin’s asked.

“He is, but he’s not exactly conscious.”

“Has Yunho left the ship?” Changmin asked, and the concern in his voice had Ryeowook looking up to meet Kyuhyun’s eyes.

“He has…” Ryeowook paused, slowly realizing what had happened.

“What’s going on?” Kyuhyun demanded, seeing the horror in Ryeowook’s eyes.

Changmin answered in a pain filled voice, “I think Yunho is dying.”

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My mind's probably still a few galaxies away in freak out mode so you'll have to excuse this comment lolll.

Okay so. Shit is going down and all we know is that there was an explosion and Yun's been affected enough to make JaeJoong drop like a sack of potatoes. And you end it there.

Gyu say waaat
(lol couldn't help myself)

Gawd, and Min is left to freak out above everyone. I wonder if he feels anything Joong-y since they are his parents. I'd say I feel sorry for the ship coz they'd be freaking out now knowing what was happening only that it was bad, but.... I feel sorry for us most because the ship can go and scurry off checking things out and going into action mode, whereas we have to sit crying because we're stuck in time for a week. =P And Gyu finally gets his first away mission and you put him in danger?? How could you!

(I complain, but deep down you know I am ecstatic at the drama. XDDDD)

Jeez, Jae did say: "I have a feelin' in me waters" but did Wooky listen? NO! Have people not yet realised that Jae from the Royal House of Joong is always right?! These humans... *shakes head* (God, what am I on this morning, I sound so hyper. -_-)

All that shizz aside, Sulli and Min were so cute. Their friendship/relationship is always so intriguing. We'll see how that does or doesn't develop bit by bit, eh. She must be special if Min can actually hug her, haha. I love her for teasing Min too. The almighty Changmin needs to be teased more often.

Our favourite Joong was such a bitch this chap, god love him. I don't blame Wooky for throwing shizz right back at him. Naughty Joong. I love that Wooky can always stand up to Jae and not take his shit. I'd laugh at the funny little duo/gang Wooky make (with Jae often being the bad influence, and Wooky being the good one and the funniness that those dynamics create), with Jae ready to mind voodoo ship people into being Wooky's new assistant, but...oh yeh Jae's kinda lying unconscious-ish on an elevator floor right now so it's no longer funny!!

And... oh yeh. During most of the fic I was giggling non stop over my favourite line, which you already know by now. Oh god... Seriously, the snobby Royal Eggs of Joong was such a good call from Yunho! I love it so much I'd change my username for a day if I wasn't so attached to mine. XD

I thought the eggs would hands down win this chapter's snap award. It was just so clever. But then Jae came back wanting to defend his title from a mere human with mere human sperm by having that hilarious conversation with Woooky. Ie: "why is Yunho so mad, we only had sex in front of a few people." "Try a few thousand people." "Numbers." LLLMMMAAOOO the expression Jae had when he waved that away as insignificant was marvellous if I do say so myself. So that left me the dilemma of snobby eggs or numbers. I think if I had to pick, it will go to Yunho for the such a creative snap. *nods*

But by the end of this part, the Snap awards had flown into a black hole or something. How could I focus on snaps when shit just went down with a literal bang?! (In all seriousness, I find it amazing that you manage to include so many snaps in each part. Your mind is wonderful place. =P)

If I left anything out of this comment, I excuse myself in advance, but as previously warned my mind's still racing a little bit.

Update soon, cliffhanger biatch! Or...

Jong slaps a bitch

(I think my gif rage/spam is justified this part. I've temporarily lost my mind, after all. =P)
Isn't it? Gyu and his priceless face of many expressions, and SungJong cutting loose on leader bear.

Her whole comment had me rolling with laughter. I love it.
Not one, but two gifs with Gyu! I have endless love for you! SungGyu the only man that could get me to by a leopard purse! I still hate my mother's dress though.

Changmin does feel something Joongy...he still has the parent/child bond with Yunho. It was never broken.

I put my Yunho and Gyu biases in danger! Only my Kyu bias escaped! I tortured him enough already.

Changmin does need to be teased and only a few can manage it.

I think Yunho also deserved the snap award, his line seemed to be the most mentioned this round. The Royal Joong will just have to understand.

My mind is a scary place.

Thanks so much for the comment and the GIFS! Oh, and I think already told you how much I love SungJong beating Leader Bear. lol