Expectations: Conception Part 3 of 6

Series: Expectations
Adventure Eleven: Conception Part 3 of 6
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae, KyuWook, Various
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Adventure, Angst
Length: Chaptered
Beta: tahoeturquoise

Summary: An explosion sends an away team spiraling toward destruction. As the power of the captain and Jaejoong’s timeless bond is stretched to the breaking point, unlikely heroes rise to the challenge. New allies are found, and new enemies emerge. Someone once lost is found, while another is lost.

Author’s Note: I am updating early because I have the best reader commenters in the world. Yes, I do. I know some of your favorites aren't in this part……….but this update should leave curious minds...curious.

Prior Adventures

“What the shit is this stuff?” Kangin complained as he walked out of the water, covered in a green slimy substance. The three of them had reached land, and had already finished unloading the pods. The pods were each stocked with food rations, a tricorder, a med kit, a phaser, and other survival necessities.

“Luckily, it isn’t shit,” Sungmin replied, still in the water as he secured the pods to a rock.

Siwon, who was also covered in the green slime along with Kangin and Sungmin, attempted to wipe the substance off his arms unsuccessfully as he emerged from the sea. He tried his best to sound optimistic, “That is always a plus.”

“How do we know it isn’t giant whale shit?” Kangin fussed. On the trip to the island the tricorder had picked up readings of several extremely large mammals swimming below them in the ocean depths.

Sungmin groaned. “It isn’t whale shit. It’s like seaweed…just a lot nastier.”

Kangin plopped down on the sand and looked out at the ocean. “You know what really is a plus?”

Siwon looked down at Kangin and asked, “What?”

“The pods have propulsion units in them so we didn’t have to row our way here.”

“And we have food rations, so we aren’t going to starve,” Sungmin added.

Siwon looked inwardly toward the island. “And didn’t the tricorder confirm there is fresh water on the island?”

“Yes,” Sungmin confirmed as he left the water with the tricorder hanging around his neck.

“So what do we do now?” Kangin asked the lieutenant.

Sungmin placed his hands on his hips and surveyed his surroundings. They were on an island ninety-six kilometers in diameter. The beach was mixture of sand and rocks. The sea water around the beach was filled with a green, slimy substance. Behind them was a thick grouping of trees and bushes. Sungmin admitted, “There isn’t much we can do. This is just a little grouping of uninhabited islands in a big ocean. The nearest continent is over 4000 kilometers away. Even with the pods it would take us weeks to reach one, and frankly it would be too dangerous. I think the best thing we can do now is wait.”

Kangin plopped backwards on the sand and looked up at the sky. “Sounds like a good plan to me.”

Siwon, who was still trying to rid himself of the green slimy substance covering him, announced, “I think I will go search for the fresh water. Hopefully it will be clean, and we can wash this off.”

Kangin, who had spent a lot of time stranded with Siwon, snorted and told him, “Always the cleanly prince.”

“I attempt to be,” Siwon told him and he looked to Sungmin questioningly.

Sungmin shrugged and told Siwon, “I will go with you. Grab a med kit just in case.” Sungmin then turned to Kangin and advised, “Keep your phaser ready. The tricorder did pick up on some big animals on this island.”

Kangin patted his phaser that was attached to his side. “I got it handy and ready to go. I wouldn’t leave home without her.”

“Good,” Sungmin said, looking down at his tricorder and back up to Siwon who was fastening a med kit around his waist. “Although we have a water replicator with us, some fresh water to bathe in would be nice. Follow me.”

Siwon followed Sungmin as he led him through the jungle-like vegetation toward the fresh water. “Even as a child, I detested being dirty,” Siwon confessed.

“Nothing wrong with that.”

“So I find this green slime most uncomfortable.”

“In the academy they try to prepare us for anything, so it doesn’t really bother me that much. You of, course never went through the actual academy.”

“No, just the academic courses I have taken on board the ship.”

Sungmin smiled as he pushed a branch out of his way. “Maybe I could talk to the captain about opening up the holodecks for some actual academy training simulations. I think you, Shindong, Sulli, and even Jaejoong could benefit from them.”


“It’s an idea. Jaejoong will probably balk at the idea, and Shindong will gripe, but it’s an idea worth entertaining.”

“I would be interested in the program, especially considering the recent events.”

Sungmin reached the clearing, and sighed in relief as they came upon a clear pool of water. “Perfectly clean water; the tricorder is not picking up anything dangerous.”

Siwon immediately pulled his shirt off. “Blessed water.”

Sungmin swallowed uncomfortably as he watched Siwon undress. Siwon’s pants soon followed his shirt and the man stepped into the cool water completely naked. Sungmin was painfully aware that his relationship with Siwon had not progressed further than some heated kisses that had left him in desperate need of more.

“Enjoying the view?” Siwon asked as he looked up to catch Sungmin staring at him.

Sungmin blushed slightly but he did not take his eyes off the beautiful, nude man in front of him. “Indeed I am. You have a spectacular body, as if it was sculpted to perfection by the gods themselves.”

Siwon walked farther out into the water until he was waist deep. “Thank you, but perhaps it is not an opportune time for you to be admiring my body.”

Sungmin frowned. “No, I suppose not.”

Siwon looked up after catching a hint of something unpleasant in Sungmin’s voice. “Are you displeased?”

“Yes,” Sungmin bluntly informed Siwon as he began to strip off his uniform. “We are stranded on an island unable to contact the captain. Yes, I am displeased. The situation is very displeasing.”

Siwon began to wash the slime from his body, avoiding watching Sungmin undress. “And are you also displeased with the progression of our relationship?”

“What progression? When I am dressed as a woman or in the body of a woman, you can’t keep your hands off of me; but the minute you are reminded that I actually have a dick you can’t preach the virtues of taking it slow fast enough,” Sungmin said, setting the phaser and tricorder down on the ground much more gently than he had his uniform.

“This is why I cautioned you at the beginning…why I insisted we must take it slow. My heterosexuality was never in doubt before,” Siwon told Sungmin as he finished cleaning himself. Siwon forced himself to look up at the man, who had kept his underpants on, much to Siwon’s relief. “You are the exception, not the rule. The fact that you and I are both men is unsettling to me at times.”

Sungmin entered the water, calmer now. “I know you have trouble with it. I really don’t mind dressing as a woman if it makes you feel more at ease. I am comfortable enough with my own sexuality to not mind. I colored my hair blond, because I thought you found it attractive.”

“I do,” Siwon quickly verified. “It is very pleasing.”

Sungmin smiled at Siwon as he met him in the water, and reached up a hand to trace Siwon’s abs with a fingertip. “I like sex. I like it a lot. I am willing to do whatever I need to do to make you comfortable enough to be intimate with me.”

“That is very reassuring, but I can not help but worry for yo…” Siwon trailed off as Sungmin replaced his fingertip with his tongue. Siwon stood speechless as Sungmin mapped out every part of his firm, muscular stomach with his tongue and then slid up his chest to lick around a pert nipple before pulling away.

Sungmin looked up at the taller man. “What were you saying?”

“I honestly do not remember.”

“Do you mind if I continue?”

Siwon quickly shook his head. “No, no…not at all.”

“Good, because I want to taste you all over,” Sungmin said huskily, licking his lips, causing Siwon to let out a small moan.


“I knew this wouldn’t work,” SungGyu grumbled as he paced in front of Junsu. The doctor had left them hours ago, and had failed to return. “I mean I’m not a doctor, but I thought he might have figured out we are in a time crunch here.”

Junsu looked up at the pacing man, and reminded him, “He did seem sincere.”

“Sincerity doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t act on it,” SungGyu complained as he walked back to the small window and looked out.

“Are they still acting crazy out there?” Junsu asked from the floor where he held the captain’s head in his lap. For the past hour the townsfolk had been rushing around outside like doomsday was upon them.

“I don’t actually see anybody out there now,” SungGyu informed Junsu as he looked suspiciously out the small window.

Junsu leaned his head back and moaned, “With my luck, a meteor is about to hit the town.”

“Or the bastards sold us out to ZhouMi.”

Junsu lifted his head quickly and gasped, “Do you think that is a possibility?”

“No,” SungGyu answered, shaking his head. “If the Expectations can’t get to us, he can’t either. I doubt any ship can enter the planet’s atmosphere right now.”

“Maybe they know a trick that we don’t know about.”

“I doubt it. Whatever threw the shuttle into a tailspin…had to be massive. I just hope the Expectations is okay.”

“Me too.”

SungGyu turned away from the window and added, “While I am wishing. I also wish for a phaser and for that greasy doctor to keep his word.”

“Well, I wish that the ship would just beam us back up,” Junsu told SungGyu, looking down at the captain. “But I wish more than anything that Jaejoong would appear and make the captain all better.”

SungGyu looked down at the captain sadly. “I do, too.”

The door to the room leading to the jail cell swung open, and a very sickly appearing WooHyun entered with the keys.

“About damn time,” SungGyu started to bitch, but stopped as he took in the young doctor’s appearance. The doctor had huge blisters covering his face and arms.

“Oh…My…God,” Junsu exclaimed. “Is that the pox?”

“It looks awful, doesn’t it,” WooHyun replied as he stood outside the jail, fingering a blister on his face.

“How contagious is that?” SungGyu asked, alarmed.

“The pox?” WooHyun asked with an evil glint in his eyes. “It’s very contagious.”

SungGyu’s eyes widened. “Very?”

“Very,” WooHyun agreed, tapping his cheek with his finger.

SungGyu took a deep breath and said in the most determined voice he could muster, “It’s a chance we have to take. Open the door.”

WooHyun continued to tap his cheek. “First you have to pay the price.”

“What price?”

“You have to kiss me.”

SungGyu took a step back, sneering. “I don’t think so. Does the pox also affect your mentality? Because if you think I am going to kiss you, you must be crazy.”

“I’m not crazy; if you want me to risk my life by helping you…you are going to have to prove you trust me,” WooHyun informed him.

“By kissing you? You just told me you have a contagious disease.”

“I am not opening this door until you kiss me. You have to prove you trust me. I am not going to get you out of here, just so you can dump me off whenever the first opportunity presents itself. I am burning all my bridges by helping you,” WooHyun informed the young officer as he folded his arms, determined that the ensign prove himself. “I will never be able to return to this planet or work for Hangeng again.”

“This is insane! Kissing you on the cheek doesn’t prove anything. You are just going to have to take my word for it,” SungGyu insisted.

“Nope, your word isn’t good enough.”

“Just kiss him,” Junsu told SungGyu.

SungGyu turned an accusing glare on the higher ranking ensign. “What if this is how they plan on killing us? I think I would rather be hung!”

“If that is what you think,” WooHyun informed SungGyu, “then I will just leave. If you really believe that I can’t be trusted.”

SungGyu looked back at WooHyun, who was covered in blisters, gritted his teeth and walked back to the jail door, reached through it and grabbed WooHyun by the arm, pulled him up the bars and kissed him forcibly on the lips.

WooHyun broke away, shocked by the other man’s actions, and stumbled backwards.

“Is that proof enough for you? Now get us out of here,” a highly irritated SungGyu ordered.

WooHyun collected himself quickly and opened the jail cell door. “I’m happy to oblige. Your captain doesn’t have much time.”

“So we are just going to walk out?” SungGyu asked as he approached the captain with WooHyun, while wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. “How is that possible?”

“The town is under quarantine and all your jailers took off a while ago,” WooHyun explained as he gently held the captain’s head as Junsu slid out from under him. “There has been a massive pox outbreak, and it has the whole town in a panic.”

“I thought there was already an outbreak?” SungGyu asked as they lifted the captain.

“Just a few people, mostly children, were affected before…now the whole town is developing a horrible pox-like rash. The ones that aren’t hiding in their houses praying for a cure have all left town. It was a sudden outbreak, and it even put some people to sleep. It’s quite unusual.”

As the three men carried the captain through the jail, SungGyu studied WooHyun closely and pointed out, “It’s highly convenient though…isn’t it?”

WooHyun grinned back at him. “Highly.”

“How did you do it?” SungGyu demanded, figuring out the doctor was responsible for the outbreak.

“You did it?” Junsu asked in surprise as he pushed the door to the outside world open. “You infected the whole town with the pox?

“No; not at all. I am a doctor after all,” WooHyun quickly objected. “It isn’t the actual pox virus at all, but it seems so much worse; when it is actually harmless. I just had to add some chemicals to the town’s water supply and to a few other establishments around town, and it wasn’t long before the whole town was in an uproar.”

“I’m impressed,” SungGyu had to admit as they stepped outside into the broad daylight with not a person in sight.

“Thanks,” WooHyun told them as he nudged them toward a primitive looking automotive vehicle he had prepared for them. “Do either of you think you can drive it?”

SungGyu looked at Junsu and said confidently. “Ensign Junsu can drive anything.”

“I don’t know about that, but I used to drive ancient race cars in the holodecks on earth. It was fun,” Junsu answered, eyeing the vehicle. “This isn’t exactly a race car,” Junsu added, looking at the black car that looked like an old Model-T from Earth’s ancient past.

SungGyu led them toward the car. “I have total faith in you.”

“Thanks,” Junsu replied as he and the doctor held the captain between them, as SungGyu opened the door to the car.

“I will ride in the back with your captain,” WooHyun announced. “I will have to watch him closely. Drive as easily as you can manage.”

“Okay, I will try my best,” Junsu answered as they placed Yunho into the back seat of the vehicle.

WooHyun slid into the back of the car beside Yunho and told the two ensigns, “If we get to your insignia…thing and help doesn’t arrive, we are going to have to give him a blood transfusion. He won’t last long without one. I have packed the supplies I need.”

SungGyu, who had gotten into the front seat next to Junsu turned around and asked, “Did you bring blood?”

WooHyun looked up at SungGyu and explained, “You are my blood supply for him. Your friend said your captain was type A, and I am type B.”

“I am type B, too,” Junsu added as he studied the dash in front of him, trying to make sense of the controls before he slowly turned the key to the car’s ignition.

The car started and SungGyu told them, “I don’t mind being his blood supply.”

WooHyun looked down at Yunho and mumbled, “Let’s just pray it works.”

“If I remember correctly, we should go straight down this road for a couple of kilometers, and then there was a big blue metal building…turn right there and keep going straight,” SungGyu told Junsu.

“That will take us out of town,” WooHyun confirmed.

“I wasn’t even paying attention to where they were taking us,” Junsu admitted, frowning as he realized the younger ensign was far more on top of things.

SungGyu reached over and patted Junsu on the arm and told him, “You didn’t know about the insignia. I knew we had to find our way back to it.”

“That’s true,” Junsu had to admit. “You know, if this weren’t a life and death situation…it’d be kinda fun.”

SungGyu, who was on the alert for anything, arched his eyebrows. “Just be on the look out. I wish I had a phaser.”

“A phaser?” WooHyun asked from the backseat as he connected intravenous fluids to Yunho, and manually pushed them in.

“It’s like a gun…you didn’t happen to bring a gun with you, did you?” SungGyu asked, hopefully.

WooHyun frowned. “No, I did not. I save lives, I don’t end them. I have no use for guns.”

“Well, that is all well and good for a doctor, but I’d still like to have one,” SungGyu snapped. “I mean, if I can’t have a phaser, a gun would be nice.”

WooHyun informed SungGyu, “You know, I might not agree with the people of this town or like them very much, but I was raised with them and I’d rather not be responsible for killing any of them.”

“If we had a phaser we wouldn’t have to kill them. We would just stun them. Star Fleet only kills at last resort,” Junsu explained.

“I didn’t know that,” WooHyun admitted from the backseat. “Umm…I think I know where one of your phasers might be.”

SungGyu flung his head around to face the doctor, making himself wince. “You do?”

WooHyun nodded his head. “When the mayor summoned me, he had a silver-looking toy gun thing and he said it was from one of your flying machines. He was really upset that he couldn’t get it to work.”

“He wouldn’t be able to, only a Star Fleet officer can activate it, and we never had the chance…where is it? We need it. You have to tell me where you saw it,” SungGyu insisted.

“Like I said, the mayor had it. He was going to give it to Hangeng’s people when they arrived—”

“When do they arrive?” Junsu asked alarmed.

“I am not sure. They were contacted, but apparently the whole planet is suffering from electrical black outs and it has slowed everything down,” WooHyun explained.

“If they were already on the planet it won’t take them long to get here. I am sure they have much more advanced technology than this town has,” SungGyu reasoned.

“Yes, at Hangeng’s main estate there are all kinds of flying vehicles,” WooHyun agreed. “The blackout did slow them down though, the mayor said so as I was listening. I think all the advanced forms of transportation on this planet are still down. They were much more affected by the blackouts.”

“They would have been,” SungGyu confirmed. “Where did you see the phaser last? Do you think it’s still there?”

WooHyun grinned at SungGyu. “I am sure it is. I gave the mayor’s office a big dose of it, and I added some sleeping medication to their food and water. I wanted to cut the town off at it’s head.”

A big smile spread across SungGyu’s face. “I’m starting to like you more and more.”

“I grow on people,” WooHyun explained, grinning back at the ensign. “The mayor’s office is about a block down, in a big two story gray building.”

“Okay, when we get there the doctor and I will go inside to retrieve the phaser. Junsu, you wait out here and if you see anything suspicious, just go. Our priority has to be saving the captain,” SungGyu quickly informed them. “If we get separated, just keep going. Once you get to the grove where our pods crashed, you will recognize it. We will do our best to meet up with you there. If we can’t contact the ship, hopefully we will be able to get in contact with Lieutenant Lee.”

“Understood,” Junsu confirmed as they arrived at the mayor’s office. He pulled the car to the side of the road and stopped.

SungGyu carefully got out of the car. “We will hurry.”

“It shouldn’t take too long,” WooHyun stated as he carefully slipped out of the backseat. “If the captain starts making any abnormal breathing sounds…that won’t be entirely unexpected. I am not going to lie. He isn’t in good shape. The car has a horn and if you honk I will return immediately.”

Junsu nodded his head. “Okay.”

Ensign SungGyu and the doctor shut the car doors behind them and hurried inside the building. Junsu watched them enter the building, and then turned in his seat to look at the captain. Junsu fought back the urge to cry as he looked at the severely wounded man who had always been so kind and fair to him. He knew the captain’s life was slipping away, and there was very little they could do about it. They were just buying him time.

Junsu reached to the backseat of the car and took the captain’s hand and pleaded, “Captain, we are doing everything we can…just hold on. I know the ship will find a way to get to us…Changmin’s super smart, and Yoochun…Yoochun’s your best friend…no way are they going to let you die down here. So you can’t die…you have to hold on. And Jaejoong…you don’t want him to die do you? No, so you can’t die. Changmin isn’t even born yet. Too many have died already, and you just can’t…you can’t die…not you, Captain. I don’t—”

The door to the passenger’s side of the car swung open unexpectedly and a young boy got into the car. “He looks bad,” the boy said in concern, peering over the front seat to look at Yunho.

“Who are you?” Junsu let go of the captain’s hand and demanded of the boy who had surprised him with his sudden entrance. The handsome boy looked to be in his early teens.

The young boy leaned over the seat and took the captain’s hand that Junsu had released in his surprise, and answered, “I’m nobody important. My brother and I were just taking a walk. We wanted to get out of the house.”

“You can’t be here. It’s dangerous! You need to leave,” Junsu ordered, trying to sound demanding. He found that he was feeling more confused by the minute. He was having a great deal of difficulty concentrating. “Wait? Did you say you and your brother? Your brother is with you?”

The young boy cast his eyes to the door to the backseat of the car as it opened and another boy looking even younger than him slid in. “He looks bad.  Ta—” and stopped suddenly as he looked at the other boy, who was glaring at him.

The boy in the front seat stopped glaring and told his younger looking brother, “He does look bad. We have to hurry.”

“What do you mean you have to hurry? You boys can’t be out like this…there is a pox outbreak,” Junsu said at a loss, struggling to think clearly. “You don’t want to get sick. I hear the pox is very contagious.”

“We have really good immune systems,” the younger boy told Junsu as he laid his hand against Yunho’s forehead.

“Good immune systems?” Junsu repeated as he watched the younger boy, who seemed to be very worried for the captain.

The older looking of the boys had gotten out of the front seat of the car and opened the door opposite of his brother and squeezed into the backseat. He told the baffled Junsu, “Don’t worry about us. You look really tired though.”

“I do?” Junsu asked, confused. He hadn’t felt tired earlier.

“You do,” both of the boys confirmed.

Junsu shook his head. “I don’t feel tired.”

“Are you sure?” The older boy asked as he reached out and took Yunho’s hand again.

“I am not…” Junsu was interrupted as he let out a big yawn. “Well, maybe a little bit, but I can’t sleep.”

“Junsu, you should take a nap,” the younger of the boys told him.

The older boy nodded his head. “It’s okay, we will watch him for you, Junsu.”

Junsu stared at the handsome boys, totally confused. How did they know his name? For some strange reason he felt as if he should trust them. He did feel tired, but he knew he couldn’t sleep. “I can’t take a nap! I am responsible for the captain…I have to…stay…awake,” Junsu tried to insist as he fell into a deep sleep.

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