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Expectations: Conception Part 4 of 6

Series: Expectations
Adventure Eleven: Conception Part 4 of 6
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae, KyuWook, SungMin/Siwon
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Adventure, Angst
Length: Chaptered
Beta:  tahoeturquoise

Summary: An explosion sends an away team spiraling toward destruction. As the power of the captain and Jaejoong’s timeless bond is stretched to the breaking point, unlikely heroes rise to the challenge. New allies are found, and new enemies emerge. Someone once lost is found, while another is lost.

Author’s Note: I decided to update early. Sorry for not replying to comments………but most of you were asking things I can’t answer. LOL Thanks so much for commenting!

Prior Adventures

“What? No welcoming party?” A young woman in her early twenties, with a bright smile and long brown hair, asked as she stepped off a train.

Another young woman with a sour expression upon her face followed her off the train, and told the smiling woman, “Tiffany, it’s hardly time for a party.”

Tiffany cheerfully explained, “It’s always time for a party! I guess the people of Coppin don’t believe in having fun.” She then teased, “Taeyeon, are you from here by any chance?” She then playfully bumped shoulders with the other woman standing beside her. They both had on dark brown clothing that consisted of long pants, short sleeved shirts, boots, and gun holsters attached to their shoulders.

“No, I am….” the other woman paused as she caught sight of an elderly man approaching them. “You spoke too soon.”

Tiffany turned toward the elderly man that was approaching them. “Hello Good Sir, we have come as request—”

“What is wrong with him?” Taeyeon exclaimed, interrupting Tiffany as the elderly man came closer and his face was exposed.

Tiffany tried to hide her shock as the man came to a stop in front of her. He was waving his hands and appeared to be shooing them back onto the train. His face and arms were covered in welts.

“What language is he speaking?” a confused Tiffany asked while leaning back to make sure the elderly man didn’t touch her.

“Who can tell? All these little countries have their own languages. I have always thought Lord Hangeng should insist on one planetary language.”

“That would make everything so much easier,” Tiffany agreed, looking at the distressed man sadly. “I wonder if it’s painful.”

“I just hope it isn’t contagious,” Taeyeon told her as she pulled the gun from her holster and aimed it at the elderly man. The old man quickly stumbled backwards, but continued to talk frantically.

Tiffany reached up, placing the palms of hands against her cheeks. “I hope not, too.”

“He is warning you! He stayed here risking his own health to warn us. Do you plan on shooting him for all his efforts?” Another woman, who was much taller with black hair, demanded as she stepped off the train. This woman was wearing the same clothing as the other two but she did not have a gun.

Taeyeon gritted her teeth, and then snapped, “I wasn’t planning on it, SooYoung.”

“I think she just wanted him to take a few steps back,” Tiffany explained to the taller woman that was now standing between them.

“What is he warning us about?” Taeyeon asked, not lowering her gun.

The taller woman quickly explained, “This town has been overcome with the pox. He is trying to get us to turn back before we become infected.”

“Well, that’s nice of him. We should leave,” Tiffany said, quickly nodding her head. “That’s the kind of facial outbreak I’d like to avoid.”

Taeyeon shook her head at the naivety of the other woman. “Fat chance of that.”

The taller woman, stepped forward and spoke to the man in his own language, causing Tiffany to ask, “What did you tell him?”

SooYoung shrugged and informed them in a nonchalant voice, “I thanked him for warning us, but I let him know that Lord Hangeng does not value our lives. He has murder on his mind, and the lives of three women are of little consequence to him.”

“SooYoung!” Tiffany exclaimed. “You can’t say that.”

“She’s right, though,” Taeyeon had to admit. “But I am curious which of the four of us do you think would survive?”

SooYoung turned around and gazed past them to the blonde woman who still lingered on the train watching them. “Oh, I think Vic would live.”

“Thank you, SooYoung, for having so much faith in my immune system,” the blonde woman said as she stepped off the train.

SooYoung’s eyes narrowed, and told her sarcastically, “It’s almost inhuman.”

“You exaggerate, I just take good care of myself,” Vic told SooYoung as she came to stand between Tiffany and Taeyeon. “Taeyeon, stop scaring the old man.”

Taeyeon lowered her gun, following the blonde woman’s command. “I just thought distance was a good idea in a situation like this.”

Vic turned to face Taeyeon and told her in a calm voice, “Our Lord Hangeng would do everything in his power to make us better if we became ill. We are his treasured elite force.”

“I am sorry for what I said,” Taeyeon told the blonde woman who was obviously in charge, lowering her head, as if ashamed of herself.

“All is forgiven,” Vic told Taeyeon and then turned to SooYoung and asked her, “Would you be so kind as to thank that poor old man for his warning, and then ask him to return to his home and take care of himself.”

“Why don’t you tell him?” A defiant SooYoung asked with a fake smile plastered upon her face.

Vic smiled back at SooYoung and informed her, “Oh, I don’t know this language either. You will have to do it for me.”

SooYoung grunted and turned around and quickly told the elderly man thanks and for him to return home.

“I want a translator imbedded in my head like SooYoung’s,” Tiffany whined.

“Gosh knows, there is plenty of spare room for it,” Taeyeon couldn’t resist telling her.

“Hey, I’m way more intell—Vic, what’s wrong!” Tiffany exclaimed, full of worry as the blonde turned a paler shade than her normally fair complexion, and swayed on her feet.

Tiffany and Taeyeon quickly moved to Vic’s side, each taking a hold of one of her arms as the other woman tried to steady herself.

“What’s wrong?” A worried Taeyeon asked. “Is Our Lady Hangeng communicating with you?”

Vic, who had her eyes closed tightly, nodded her head. “She thought she sensed the presence of other Joongs.”

SooYoung smiled brightly, and happily responded, “Maybe Yunho’s mate is here, and his son. They probably aren’t too keen on the idea of Hangeng ordering Yunho’s death.”

“Probably not,” Tiffany agreed; she also had misgivings about their mission.

“Also, I am sure Yunho’s mate is an honorable Joong…unlike another I know. He’d probably follow the Joong laws about killing people, but you all are trying to kill his mate; so if I understand correctly that changes everything,” SooYoung told them with great satisfaction.

“Why do you sound happy? Aren’t we your friends?” Tiffany asked, hurt clear in her voice.

“No, we are not friends! You are holding me hostage! I want to return to my ship!” SooYoung told her, completely exasperated. “So tell me Vic…who will win in a telepathic fight; a Joong that does the bidding of their thug space mate or the prince of Joong?”

“Shut up, SooYoung!” Taeyeon yelled. “I’m not happy about this mission either, but Our Lady Hangeng has shown you nothing but kindness!”

“She kidnapped me, and then she sold my cousin into a life of slavery!” SooYoung protested, bending over and raising her pant leg to show a metal band strapped around her ankle. “I am constantly monitored and tracked! Like a common criminal!”

“Our Lord Hangeng had that done because you were always escaping! Our Lady Hangeng must follow the orders of her mate,” Tiffany explained. “You are lucky that Our Lady Hangeng treasures your closed mind so much; it’s because of her Lord Hangeng didn’t sell you, too!”

“Stop it!” Vic ordered as she pulled away from the two women holding on to her. “It was just a false alarm. Our Lady Hangeng now states she is the only Joong on the planet.”

“If they were here…I pray they took Yunho and left,” SooYoung told the quickly recovering Vic.

The blonde woman exhaled slowly and looked up sadly at the taller woman. “They didn’t. He’s still on the planet, and I’m sorry, but he has to die.”

SooYoung folded her arms in front of her and vowed, full of defiance, “I will do everything in my power to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

The blonde woman gave her a sad, knowing smile. “I know you will.”


Jaejoong bolted up in bed screaming for Yunho at the top of his lungs. Sulli, who had been sitting at his bedside jumped up and grabbed him by the arm.

“Jaejoong, calm down,” Sulli begged as Jaejoong jerked free of her and kicked his legs over the side of the bed, while continuing to cry for Yunho. “Yunho isn’t here.”

“Do you think I don’t know that?” Jaejoong snapped as he got out of bed and immediately fell to the floor when his legs refused to hold him up. “I have to get to him.”

“You can’t, not right now,” Sulli responded as she tentatively reached for the man on the floor.

Jaejoong jerked his arm away from her and demanded, “Why are you here?”

Sulli stood back up, flustered. “Changmin can’t be with you…and since I am his friend, I thought I would sit with you.”

Jaejoong grabbed her by her leg and cried out, “Changmin is with Yunho! Changmin is not the one who can save him! I have to go to the planet! Why didn’t they take me to the planet! I have to get to Yunho. Changmin shouldn’t have gone without me!”

“Changmin isn’t on the planet. Changmin is on the ship trying to find a way to get you to Yunho,” Sulli explained in a soothing voice as she knelt back down beside the distraught Joong, pried his hand off her leg and clasped it.

Jaejoong pulled away from Sulli, looking truly confused, and asked, “Changmin really isn’t on the planet?”

Sulli shook her head. “You can read my mind. You know I am not lying to you.”

Jaejoong eyes narrowed, and he squeezed her hand tightly. “Maybe you don’t know! They didn’t tell you! I have to get to Yunho! Ryeowook, I have to get to Yunho! You have to make them take me down there, now! So help me if they don’t, I will make them take me!”

Sulli looked up at Ryeowook, who had entered the room unbeknownst to her. “Doctor?”

Ryeowook walked over to the man on the floor and bent down to look Jaejoong in the eyes. “Jaejoong, I just came from a briefing, and Changmin was there. He isn’t on the planet.”

Jaejoong looked dazed as he read Ryeowook’s mind. “But how is that possible?”

“They haven’t found a way through the atmosphere yet, but they aren’t giving up,” Ryeowook explained as he and Sulli helped Jaejoong back into bed. “Changmin said he will find a way.”

“But Yunho…he is better,” Jaejoong explained. “I felt…I thought I felt…a…bond….I was sure I felt it.”

“Yunho is really better?” Ryeowook asked, happily surprised as he pushed Jaejoong back down to rest against the pillow. “This is great news.”

A perplexed Jaejoong blinked several times, and informed the doctor, “He is still critically injured…but he is stronger. I don’t understand…I thought I felt…but I can’t feel Changmin…not like that. I don’t understand.”

“Jaejoong, you’re just confused. It’s understandable. You have used all your strength in maintaining the bond, keeping Yunho alive. If Yunho is doing better, it’s because of you. You should rest now. Once we figure out a way to break through the atmosphere Yunho is going to need you badly. Unless you want me to take care of Yunho for you,” Ryeowook told Jaejoong, hoping to provoke the Joong’s fighting spirit.

Jaejoong looked up at Ryeowook with huge, tearful blue eyes. “I just want him safe. I don’t care who helps him…I just want him back.”

Sulli quietly slipped out of the room, allowing the friends to talk alone.

Ryeowook smiled sadly down at Jaejoong. “I know you do. We will get him back. I know we will.”

Jaejoong sniffled and then curled up on his side and told the doctor, “If I just get him back, then I can undo any of the lasting negative effects that primitive healing methods might have inflicted on him.”

Ryeowook reached a hand down and ran it through Jaejoong’s tousled hair. “Yes, of course you will.


“You fell asleep,” SungGyu said in disbelief. When he and WooHyun had returned from retrieving the phaser they had found Ensign Junsu sleeping soundly in the driver’s seat of the car.

Junsu cringed. “I know.”

“You fell asleep!” SungGyu repeated.

“I don’t know why! I wasn’t even sleepy,” Junsu said, completely horrified by his own behavior, as he drove them to the site where their escape pods had crashed.

SungGyu shook his head, still staring at Junsu. “You fell asleep.”

“Can you stop?” Woohyun beseeched from the back of the car. “We know! He fell asleep! He feels bad enough.”

SungGyu turned around to face the doctor, informing him, “You do not understand! We go through intense training at the academy to avoid such things from ever happening! You are not supposed to fall asleep on away missions! You most certainly are not supposed to fall asleep when you are guarding your gravely injured captain!”

“He feels bad enough without you constantly reminding him. Just be grateful that nothing bad happened. I am so glad you are not my boss.”

Junsu winced and quickly corrected the doctor, “Actually…I am the highest ranking person here.”

“Really?” WooHyun asked in surprise. “Can’t you order him to stop nagging you?”

SungGyu turned back around in his seat, glaring at the road ahead of them. Perhaps he had been nagging, but what if somebody had found them in the car? All their efforts would have been for nothing. But still, he had to admit to himself the doctor was right; reminding Junsu of his incompetence wasn’t achieving anything but making the older ensign more embarrassed.

Junsu told the doctor, “I wouldn’t order him to stop because—”

“Because he is insolent and wouldn’t listen to you?” WooHyun interrupted to ask.

Junsu smiled and shook his head. “No, I wouldn’t order him to stop because he is right. I shouldn’t have fallen asleep. I still can’t believe I did it.”

WooHyun who was taking the captain’s pulse, explained, “You are a human being…human beings make mistakes. No harm done.”

SungGyu, who tired his best to not choke on his words, agreed, “Yes, the doctor is correct. I know you didn’t intend to fall asleep. We will just forget it and focus on the task ahead of us.”

WooHyun pulled out a manual blood pressure cuff from his medical bag and beamed. “I knew you would see it my way.”

SungGyu sealed his lips together and clenched his teeth. He called on his academy training and kept himself from saying anything back to the doctor.

“When we get there, what do we do? Do we leave the car? Or does one of us need to stay in the car with the captain?” Junsu asked, feeling less burdened now.

“I don’t want to leave anybody behind. If the Expectations does manage to receive our message, I want us all together so we can all be beamed up together. The crash site is about a kilometer off the road. We will take the car off the road and drive it as far as we can, and then we will have to ditch it.”

“Is the captain strong enough to survive that? Plus, with your back injury, will you be able to help us much with him?” Junsu asked.

“My back is fine.”

“Liar,” WooHyun said from the backseat, while he still studied the captain intently. “Riding in this car isn’t helping it any, but once you get out and start walking it should loosen up.”

SungGyu frowned. He thought he had kept the doctor in the dark regarding his back injury. He had done everything in his power to ignore the pain. “I will manage, but what about the captain? Can he tolerate it?”

WooHyun looked up and met SungGyu’s eyes in the rearview mirror. “He’s still severely injured, but…”

“But what?” SungGyu asked.

“He’s better,” a stunned WooHyun explained. “I don’t know how it is possible, but he is better. His pulse is stronger and his blood pressure is up. It’s like as if while we were gone he somehow got a blood transfusion…or something.”

SungGyu turned to face Junsu. “Is it possible that somebody drugged Ensign Junsu and gave the captain a blood transfusion while we were gone?”

“I swear I wasn’t sleepy!” Junsu exclaimed.

“There is no way he had time to get a blood transfusion…I am not an expert on Joongs, but is it possible his mate is down here?” WooHyun asked.

“No,” Junsu quickly answered. “If Jaejoong was on the planet he would be with Yunho now.”

SungGyu nodded his head. “I am by no means an expert on their relationship, but from what I have heard, if Jaejoong was down here he’d be plastered to the captain’s side. No way would he heal him and then wander off.”

“He isn’t completely healed by any means, but there is a substantial improvement. He’s still in very critical condition though,” the doctor explained.

“Well, any improvement is a blessing,” Junsu told the doctor, relieved.

WooHyun nodded his head. “I agree.”

“We are here,” SungGyu said, pointing off to the side of the road. “Ensign Junsu, I know the car won’t go far once we get off the road, but any distance is better than none.”

“Understood,” Junsu concurred, and took the car off the road as easily as he could. “It’s going to be bumpy.”

“Just be as gentle as you can manage,” WooHyun implored. “Neither the captain nor Ensign SungGyu will be able to handle many bumps.”

“I am fin…” SungGyu paused as the car hit a large bump that had him seeing stars. “I am fine.”

“Liar,” WooHyun repeated from earlier as he applied pressure to the bandage covering the captain’s wound.

“I wonder if the captain…if his Joong mate is healing the captain from orbit?” SungGyu asked, trying his best to ignore the bumpy car ride.

“Again, I am not an expert on Joongs, but it’s a widely held theory that they have to be touching to heal their mates,” WooHyun explained.

Junsu continued driving and added, “But the captain and Jaejoong have a timeless love.”

“Isn’t that romantic,” SungGyu remarked with a hint of sarcasm as he braced himself in the car.

“No, really,” Junsu explained. “They have encountered each other in repeated lives. The Guardian…or is it the Time Keeper? The time thing on Eternity told them so, and even showed them. It’s why Jaejoong and Yunho could have a child.”

“That’s remarkable,” An impressed WooHyun told Junsu. “Maybe their bond is strong enough to overcome this great distance.”

Junsu stopped the car. “The trees are too thick now to continue driving.”

“Yeah,” SungGyu agreed as he quickly opened the car door and stumbled out of the vehicle. Once he was out he stayed bent over and attempted to straighten his injured back as painlessly as possible.

WooHyun and Junsu also got out of the car.

“I could give you something for your back pain, but you would have to allow Junsu and me to make all the major decisions,” WooHyun explained.

“I’m fine,” SungGyu insisted as he straightened up with his hands placed firmly on his lower back, pressing in.

“I knew you would say that,” WooHyun told SungGyu, rolling his eyes. Junsu suppressed a laugh as he walked over to WooHyun to help him ease the captain out of the back of the car.

SungGyu pulled out the phaser and told them, “If you two can manage the captain, I will lead the way.”

“We can manage,” Junsu replied as he and WooHyun held the captain up between the two of them.

SungGyu moved ahead with the others following behind him. They moved slowly through the cluster of trees. SungGyu told them, “In a best case scenario, we will find the insignia and contact Lieutenant Sungmin and the others. They will be close by with their intact escape pods and most importantly they will have their med kits.”

“That would be nice,” Junsu agreed, explaining to WooHyun who was helping him carry the captain. “We have really advanced medicine.”

“I am sure you do, and I would welcome any help I can get.”

“Your face is looking a lot better.” Junsu told WooHyun. The blisters on the doctor’s face had started to fade.

WooHyun smiled at Junsu and explained, “I gave myself a smaller dose.”

SungGyu paused as they reached the small clearing where his and Junsu’s escape pods had crashed. “This is where we crashed. We don’t have much farther to go.”

“Not much father,” Junsu agreed.

“Stop,” WooHyun ordered. “He opened his eyes.”

“Captain,” Junsu called out excitedly as the two men eased the captain to the ground. “Captain, are you awake?”

“Urgh,” was the captain’s only reply as he let out a weak cough, attempting to clear his throat, while shutting his eyes.

WooHyun fussed, “We have to prop him up against a tree. He can’t lie flat. He has to sit straight up.”

“Okay,” Junsu replied, calming his excitement as he and WooHyun moved the captain to a large tree and propped him up against it.

SungGyu carefully knelt down in front of the captain. “Captain, can you hear us?”

Yunho’s eyes opened as he stared at the young ensign in front of him. With a weak, scratchy voice he replied, “Ensign, I feel like shit.”

SungGyu beamed at his captain and informed, “You look it, too, Sir.”

“SungGyu,” Junsu exclaimed from beside the captain, taking Yunho’s hand and holding it. “Don’t listen to him, Captain. You are going to be fine. You are going to be wonderful. You will be fixed up in no time.”

“As soon as we get you back to your ship,” WooHyun agreed from the other side of the captain.

Yunho turned his head to face the unfamiliar voice. Yunho’s eyes started to droop as he turned back to face Ensign SungGyu. “Recruiting new help?”

“We can use all the help we can get, Sir,” SungGyu answered and continued, “Our pods crashed here. Before Ensign Junsu or I could get out of our pods the locals found us. They were armed and not cooperative. They did allow us to retrieve you from your damaged pod. They then placed us in jail. The Warlord Hangeng is aware of our pre—”

“Kangin…Sungmin…” the weakening captain asked.

“We have not seen or heard from them. Our insignias were taken from us immediately along with everything else inside the pods. We are attempting to retrieve an insignia now, in hopes of contacting the other away team members, or hopefully the ship.”

Yunho fought to keep his eyes open. “Get it now; leave me here,” Yunho ordered, before falling back into unconsciousness.

“Yes, Sir,” SungGyu obeyed, handing Junsu his phaser. “I will be right back.”

Ensign Junsu and WooHyun watched as SungGyu hurried off.

WooHyun asked, “It isn’t far is it?”

Junsu shook his head. “No, not far. I just hope it’s still there.”


Kangin was sitting on the beach peeling dried green slime off his arms when his insignia chirped. Kangin quickly tapped it; “Kangin, here.”

“Ensign Kangin, this is Ensign SungGyu.”

Kangin stood up immediately, and shouted, “Kid! Where’s the captain?”

“The captain’s escape pod was damaged during the landing, but he’s still alive.”

Kangin frowned. “That sounds ominous.”

“He is badly injured but he regained consciousness not too long ago. Sir, do you know your location? Is Lieutenant Sungmin with you?”

“The lieutenant is with me…or he was; he went in search of fresh water with Siwon.” We won’t be any help to you kid, we are over 8000 kilometers away. Plus we are stuck in the middle of the ocean on an uninhabited island.”

“That’s most unfortunate.”

Kangin took off in the direction that Siwon and Sungmin had gone off in earlier. “Yeah, it is. We did get your message earlier. What did those locals do to you? Is Junsu okay?”

“Ensign Junsu is fine. The locals jailed us, and notified the Warlord Hangeng of our presence, but the blackouts have slowed down Hangeng’s people from reaching us. We managed to escape with the aid of the doctor they sent to examine the captain.”

“Good going,” Kangin said in approval. “What are you doing now?”

“I am on my way back to the others. The captain ordered me to go retrieve the insignia before he lost consciousness again. I was unable to contact the ship.”

“We haven’t had any luck either. When I was stuck on the planet with the evil vampire bitches we had trouble contacting the ship then, also. We managed though, and since you are Yoochun’s and Yunho’s pet I am sure you will figure something out,” Kangin told SungGyu as he headed toward Sungmin and Siwon with his phaser drawn. It worried Kangin that Sungmin had not responded to SungGyu’s call. Sungmin and Siwon were both wearing insignias.

“Sir, I am flattered by your confidence, but it was Lieutenant Jung who managed to get the insignias working on that occasion and his intelligence far exceeds mine.”

“Don’t sell yourself short—Urgh!” Kangin exclaimed as he reached the pool of water to find a most unwelcome sight.

“Sir, is anything wrong?” an alarmed SungGyu asked.

Kangin quickly looked away, attempting to master his disgust, and explained to the young ensign. “Well, I just found Siwon with his dick down Lieutenant Sungmin’s throat. Not something I was hoping to see, anytime…ever!”

“Ensign Kangin,” Sungmin yelled as he quickly scrambled away from Siwon. “You are in contact with the others?”

“Yes, Sir, I kept my insignia close by…like regulations demand,” Kangin answered, not bothering to hide his contempt. “Yunho is nearly dead, but don’t you worry; I have been talking to Ensign SungGyu. The kid has never even been on an away mission before, I thought he might need advice…but I know you have things you’d rather be doing.”

“Kangin,” Sungmin warned as he went through his discarded clothing and grabbed his insignia.

“Kid, keep your dick in your pants on away missions and you will go far in life. An excellent officer should always put the mission above his own sexual appetite,” Kangin told Ensign SungGyu, loving the humiliated look on Sungmin’s face. Kangin’s already low opinion of Sungmin dipped even lower and he smiled, knowing if he ever made it back to the ship he was going to write a very detailed report.

“That’s enough, Ensign Kangin,” Sungmin seethed as he tapped his insignia. “Ensign SungGyu, report.”

“We crashed onto dry land. While Ensign Junsu and my pods remained intact, the captain’s incurred considerable damage. The captain is critically injured. All our equipment was confiscated by the locals and we were jailed. With the assistance of a local doctor we were able to escape the jail. We returned to our crash site to retrieve this insignia. We also managed to retrieve a phaser. The warlord Hangeng is aware of our arrival, and we were being held so we could be handed over to his people. The occurrence in space that caused the destruction of our shuttle craft has also affected the planet. The planet has suffered from massive blackouts, slowing the arrival of Hangeng’s people. I am on my way back to the captain and Ensign Junsu after retrieving the insignia,” Ensign SungGyu quickly explained.

“Good work, Ensign…excellent job,” Sungmin told them as he quickly got dressed. “Stun anybody that comes near you. If Hangeng sends his mate after you, you will only get one chance. Do you understand?”

There was only silence.

“Ensign SungGyu,” Sungmin repeated with only empty air as his response. “Ensign SungGyu. Ensign Junsu!”

Siwon, who had walked up behind them after getting dressed, somberly added, “Maybe he didn’t even get one chance.”


“So it was just a random occurrence,” Commander Kyuhyun asked. He was standing behind Lieutenant Jung on the bridge of the ship.

Lieutenant Jung, who was sitting at his station, replied, “No, the odds of three stars going nova at the same time in such a close vicinity is astronomical. It appears there is a technology at work in this galaxy that we were previously unaware of.”

“The anomaly that sent us here…could this newly discovered technology also be responsible for our arrival to this galaxy?” Kyuhyun asked.

“I would not hazard a guess; there are too many unknown variables,” Changmin replied while still working.

“Of course,” Kyuhyun agreed. “Plus our main objective has to be breaking through the atmosphere.”

“It is proving to be most—” Changmin stopped as his insignia chirped.

“Changmin, if you could spare a few minutes, I would be mighty grateful if you would drop by sickbay,” the very anxious voice of Ryeowook could be heard saying.

“What is he doing?” Changmin asked, not leaving his station, or stopping his work.

The exasperated voice of Ryeowook explained, “He’s insistent on returning to his quarters.”

“Then let him, doctor,” Changmin replied. “You can do nothing for him. If you deny him he will just make you or others take him there against your will. If being in the quarters he shares with Yunho comforts him then allow him that one small comfort…but, you should also inform him I am wearing my necklace and I am closely monitoring him. If he makes any attempt to go near the transporter room, or if anybody else initiates any suspicious activity in the transporter room or in the docking bay, he will find himself wearing this necklace, instead.”

After a short period of silence Ryeowook asked, “Changmin, are you still alive?”

Changmin arched both eyebrows, confused by the doctor’s sudden question and stated, “I am uninjured.”

“That’s amazing considering the look on his face right now,” Ryeowook explained. “Anybody else would be dead.”

“I am wearing the necklace,” Changmin reminded them. “I must end this conversation now; the problem of breaking through the atmosphere requires all of my attention.”

“Understood,” Ryeowook replied.

Kyuhyun reached up and squeezed Changmin’s shoulder. “I was wondering why you were wearing it.”

“My Joong parent should not be underestimated,” Changmin told the commander. “Just like my human one should not be underestimated.”

Kyuhyun let go of Changmin’s shoulder and headed back to the captain’s seat, but said under his breath, “Just like their son should never be underestimated.”

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