Expectations: Conception Part 5 of 6

Series: Expectations
Adventure Eleven: Conception Part 5 of 6
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae, KyuWook, ShiMin
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Adventure, Angst
Length: Chaptered
Beta:  tahoeturquoise

Summary: An explosion sends an away team spiraling toward destruction. As the power of the captain and Jaejoong’s timeless bond is stretched to the breaking point, unlikely heroes rise to the challenge. New allies are found, and new enemies emerge. Someone once lost is found, while another is lost.

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OMGOMGOMGOMG YES!!! THE EXPECTATIONS IS HERE TO SAVE THE DAY! OH HO HO EVERYONE ON THAT PLANET IS SOOOO SCREWED!! I HOPE JAEJOONG REIGNS DOWN A TERROR ON THEM ALL LIKE NOTHING THEY'VE EVER SEEN! OMFG I'M SO EXCITED FOR THEIR DEMISE! EEEEEEEEEEE! Every time Jae gets angry and does something to someone, it makes me hot~ LOL I can't help it~ I love him so~~ And it's even better when it's because of Yunho. YunJae~~<33 I feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking about him fucking some people up because of what they did to Yunho. xD

Oooo I wonder if Jae will be able to find those boys that helped Yunho! Eeeee! Are we getting closer to more Joong babies?! *dances around getting super excited about the coming events* Omg next chapter is gonna be so awesome. xO I can just feel it!

LoL at WooGyu~ kekeke WooHyun was all upset that SungGyu only kissed him to distract the Joong. :D You know you want it WooHyunnie~ And SungGyu does, too, bb. *nods* He's just in denial. >D All you need to do is persuade him a little. kekeke~

And omo! Did Junsu lose his virginity to Taeyeon?! Nooooo~ Yoochun will be so upset! *laments* I'm sorry...I can't help but be on the side of my DongBang boys. :/ It's inevitable. Even if you don't want YooSu, I can't help but feel for Yoochunnie. :( LoL Poor Junsu. I'm all for Chun finally getting ahold of his juicy ass, and not feeling sorry for him at all. >.<

Oh wait a minute! Are Jae and Yun gonna have to do the nasty to heal Yunho since he's so far gone?! Eeeeehehehehe that would be so awesome! Though I suppose one public display of sexual acts is enough for Yun. :/ Ugh, he's such a spoil sport. *rolls eyes* LOLL

Eeeeee! So excited for the next part! xDD
OMGGGGGG the jaeMin aka momma-baby moment is damn heart breaking ,< .. and omg Yunho is damn strong ;AAAAA; , hope minnie come on time .. pleaseeee ..
and woww as expected victoria is joong and woww the lady hangeng herself ..
gawdddd cant wait for the next chapter ahgdhjagdjaghdkja..
and WOW TAESU Moment hahahah xD
Oh my God!!! This is really the most exciting chapter of all...

Finally they can bring Jaejoong to Yunho...

I love Sulli..

Now it's only the last part!! Please update soon..

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The most exciting of all! Yeah!

I love Sulli too....well, in this story I do. lol

Thanks for commenting!
So freaking upset my long comment is gone. Stupid iPhone, I hate you! T___________T

Sicne I'll be on the road for a few hours, I'll see if I'll able to type in the car later =___________=

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Well, I can pretend I read it and it was freaking awesome, and you were so insightful! Like always!

All your comments are loved.:O)
Quite a rollercoaster ride you put us on with this chapter. Didn't see Vic aka Lady Hangeng coming. I'm just dense ... lol.

I would have loved to be Sooyoung ... bashing Vic with a tree branch and continuously stunning her with the phaser. Hope Jaejoong will get the chance to trash her as well. No one messes with Jaejoongie's Yunnie.

I hope Junsu wasn't too affected by his near rape. Stupid reasoning by Vic ..

“No, I am giving two adults what they both desire. It’s been much too long for her, and he abhors his lack of experience. Humans are always thinking up excuses to deny themselves what they want most. I just rid them of those excuses.”

Just because they think it doesn't mean they want to do it. I absolutely agree with SungGyu.

“You are totally disregarding free will.” SungGyu snapped back at her. “You are raping both of them, both mentally and physically!”

I was really moved by Changmin when he contemplated his existence.

"Changmin stared down at his birth parent, trembling, and continued, “In my future that will never be, or is it my past that never was? Jaejoong told me that he loved me and Yunho more than anything…he said I wouldn’t believe him, but I do. I believe him.”

Thank goodness Changmin's so very, very smart. Looks like Yunjae will be together soon and will get on with making baby Changmin.

Still wondering who those 2 boys are.

Looking forward to the next episode.

No, you aren't. Many didn't see it.

Vic...was a little extreme in her reasoning. We will see how Junsu is handling things in the next part.

SungGyu was totally giving Vic one of his *you are too stupid to live looks*

Poor depressed Changmin, he was all angsty.

Oh, the two boys......not saying

Thanks for commenting!

That isn’t actually a hysterical laughter but a genuine one. All I can say right now is I am glad I wasn’t weak and actually finished my whole comment as it was and posted it for last chapter BEFORE I read even a sentence of this one. So now I laugh. HAHAHAHHHA. The things I said about Our Lady Hangeng. Sorry Vic. You ain’t no virgin Mary. XDDD

But I am glad I didn’t judge any of the girls yet because they were great! They were just unknowingly under the influence of a Joong. GIRL POWWWEERRRRRR.

Okay, this needs to be said and it needs to be said now. Junsu, SungGyu, Woohyun, and Yunho were absolutely amaaaaazing in the way they dealt with Vic. I can’t quote them all because it’s half the chapter. But you’d know what I mean. All the wisdom and philosophy they threw at her. How killing by proxy is still blood on your hands, and making Junsu and Taeyeon have sex coz of their needs still takes away their free will and choices. And how having a hard past can’t excuse your current actions (go Woo!!!!). And evolved brains doesn’t equate to evolved morals even though it should. (I get that her bond with Hangeng is this motivation – and thus this big love, but if there are ways around it she really shouldn’t kill.)

Even Sooyoung at the end, when she found out Minho and Sulli were okay and she felt guilty for being so happy and relieved whilst Yun was dying… Another wise piece of truth you put in there. Tragedy can surround us but of course we are going to think of ourselves first (as Vic did for Hangeng)…we can’t be blamed for that. It’s just life. =(

Wowww…. If Yunho was conscious, my god he would feel so touched hearing all the wonderful things everyone was saying about him as they begged for mercy. How he never looks for a fight even if that someone has done unspeakable things to his family and friends because he is not vindictive and he is a higher person than that.

Poor Junsu!! He was doing such a lovely job speaking for justice and then he had to get deflowered whilst his beloved captain is about to get murdered. Oh dear… Trust Expectations (in a good way!). =P

And… can I just say I cracked up at:
“he is very attracted to you, Taeyeon.” // “Just Taeyeon?” Tiffany asked with a frown.
HAHHH omgggg, Tiffany, no words. Seriously. Girl, come on now. LOLLLLLLLLLLLL

Ooh and then we had SungGyu launching himself at Woo so that his emotions (and back pain) would hide his true plan. HAHAHA Oh Gyu. When it happened I still had to laugh a bit as I thought: you couldn’t wait, could you, Timber? LOLLLL. Even if Gyu was ‘disgusted’ by having to kiss the fake-pox doctor he’d just met…. Just you wait, Gyu. Besides, Woo has proved to already be so amazing and strong and quick-thinking and mature so he’s certainly on par with Gyu. Hehe. <3

And whilst I am talking about Gyu, I have to mention that funny-ass line he made: forgive me for not feeling sorry for Vic! Bahahah loved that part so much. But he still gets a smack for being so mean and BLUNT to Woohyun regarding the kiss. Tsk tsk. *folds arms and stares at him*
But… Um……. You know how I hated you for making Jae scream for Yun last chap? (OH GOOD GOD IT BURNS TO WRITE AGAIIIIIIN)… I think that turned to loathing for making Yun conscious enough to hear the fight over who kills him. Amidst all the horror and cruelty and talk of death, here is this noble guy, so threadbare he is minutes from dying, and he says quietly: do it yourself. THAT I think made the whole world go silent. Those words were so powerful for me, it felt like the world had stopped, the universe even. It was like this dying angel speaking wisdom that everyone needed to hear. So simple and so true. Own up to your own cruel actions, don’t pin that shit on innocents, don’t unnecessarily torture more souls. Oh Yunnnnho, still so friggen noble to his last breaths, giving out wisdom to a friggen JOONG…AND trying to spare his crew members and the doctor he was never really conscious enough to know much of. I think without a doubt in my mind that THAT moment has been the most poignant of all the adventures thus far. There is no snap award this chapter, Yunho obliterated it.

And then Vic mentioned his strong mind and Yunho mentioned how his family take care of him. Yeh okay my heart had already broken, you didn’t need to test it and break it again lollll. Such a beautiful, bittersweet moment!

GIRLLL POWER RETTTTURNNNNS then with Sooyoung knocking the shit out of Vic. Yeh, bitch got tree-branched!!!! Lolllllll. And then when Sooyoung just kept phaser-ing her over and over again to keep her unconscious, hahaha, funniest visual. It took me back to my childhood!! When I was playing with my friend in her cubby house with her rabbit. And her rabbit suddenly got so scared and we realised it’s because there was this massive huntsman spider behind us. So both of us were armed with insect spray and we just kept spppppppppraying it and sppppprayyyyying it non stop with that spray until the spider got so foamy he just dropped off. My god.. Girl power, man, girl power. But also kinda funny because it was so small and we were so big in comparison despite being 9 or something… But yeh, Sooyoung versus Joong Vic reminded me of that a bit. ^^;;;;;

Anyways so, er…. Kangin had a very tough (and rude but lol) conversation with Siwon about dear, weak Sungmin. Oh dearrrrr. But I confess, I can’t feel sorry for Sungmin just yet because I kind of have other matters on my mind right now. So back to that!
(Or to borrow Gyu's words: you'll forgive me for not feeling sorry for..... LOLLLL)
omg they're going to crash land the expectations!!!!!!
how are they ever going to get off the planet?!
what the...!!
you! cliff hanger! T^T
the whole chapter is so dramatic :D really enjoy it :)
kangin's insight is surprising to me.
and wooyyeeaahh~ changmin you did it again!
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG I've read this while traveling back home and and and I just have to pause once in a while to avoid tearing up especially on the last part! ahsjdhaskjdashda

Anyway, OH. Vic is Lady Hangeng.. you told me last time that she is sneaky. AND SNEAKY INDEED. dsahdjahsdjkahs D: Although I am thinking of that thing since last update - why would a joong communicate with vic? and why is she kind towards sooyoung? oh yeah, that's because she's vic - the lady hangeng - the joong mate of Geng. OH GOODNESS.

What what. Did TaeSu did it? I mean.. WHOA. D: JUNSUUUUUU /sobbing because Junsu lost his virginity because Vic mind raped him. /Vic how dare you!D:/

And Tiff.... *shakes head*

Anyway, ensign Sunggyu never fails to amaze me when it comes to buying time, handling such situations, etc. Thumbs up ensign! When I was reading the part where he kissed Woohyun I was like.. oh yeah, that was random.. And then there was an explanation on the last part.. :D Okay, cool ensign! Cool Kid! :D/

SOOOYOUNG! Good job with the tree branch! I am so relieved when she did that - because vic was about to kill Yunho and Yunho.. T_T my heart aches for him while I was reading that part. T__T

Okay. Wait. Emoji madness sorry for that D:

JAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /cries. That part was so heartbreaking T__T I can't say more but heartbreaking T_T Changmin blaming himself and stuff.. And saying stuffs about Yunho's basic logic on simple situations versus his complicated one on simple situations.. Sometimes I think Changmin and I were the same, I always think of a complicated solution first when there is actually a more simple - faster way.. And that makes me think that yes.. I'm an idiot! anyway... Good thing Sulli is there. I hope she'll become Min's mate.. ;) Can't wait what he'd thought.. CANT WAIT.

Oh yes, back to the blasted planet.. dajsdaskjdhjshdakhas THOSE GOODBYE WORDS. Seriously they made me tear up. OMG Especially the words of Junsu. ;____; huhu. But relief came when when I read the part where Woohyun looked up at the sky. DOOD GOOD JOB. :D LOOK ITS A BIRD. NO ITS THE EXPECTATIONS!

And that means. YISS YISS YOW! HJDKAHDJKSHDJKSA Can I already say that they are safe? :D So all in all this update is a mix of heartbreak, revelations, angst and relief. I cannot wait for the next update! Please update soon! Dying because of the cliffy~ But this is good. I have plenty of time to prepare for it.

Thanks for the update! Great as always!



okay... so of the two joong kids, who are not twins, one is older? did i miss their names or you didn't put them in the last chapter? :D

junsu and taeyeon... >.> oh well...

so yes, i did have a small hunch that victoria is a joong... :D but that was so far back in my mind that the revelation caught me by surprise... you are one helluva writer.

so sooyoung keeps stunning victoria... taeyeon and tiffany are now free... and the most important thing just happened.

THE EXPECTATIONS broke through the planet's atmosphere!!! FUCK YES!!!

i want to read the last part of this adventure already... please, please, please, please, please, please, pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ update as soon as you can~

cause you already know that this is driving me crazy.
The younger brother slipped up and almost said the older brother's name but the older stopped him in time before he finished.

Thank you, I am really surprised that so many people didn't figure out Vic was a Joong. I am glad though. lol

Thank you so much for commenting and your excitement!

Yes! The Calvary has arrived. I'm sad that Victory is a bad guy or girl. :-( Lots happened in these past two chapters. But what stuck out to me the most was the conversation between Kangin and Siwon. Woah, that was heady. None of that ever occurred to me and its a really harsh truth. I never really liked the idea of Sungmin and Siwon getting together but mostly because it seemed to pat. Like lets make sure everyone winds up with somebody and lives happily ever after. But it hasn't quite happened yet. The idea of Siwon being attracted to Sungmin not just because his looks remind him of a female but because of his weaknesses make Siwon feel manly and needed is mind-blowing. Kangin is a prick but that doesn't mean he is wrong (mayb just wrong for saying it). Sungmin and Siwon more than anybody else in this story need to get their shit together. As individuals.
This was a very busy update. So much was going on...it was hell to write.

Yeah, Kangin and Siwon's conversation was harsh...but it's sadly the truth.

Oh, I promise in this story not everybody pairs up...or if they do it will not always be what is expected or a happy ending. Many people just assume their OTP will be getting together....ummm.

Thanks for commenting!
finally! that sliver of hope everyone's waiting for! and genius changmin overlooked some things with all the complex thinking he's been doing but i guess that can't be helped, he is under huge pressure.

and yes please throw yunjae into bed together and let them heal each other *____*

thanks for this update!
Yes, hope has arrived.:)

I tried to hint before in other adventures that Changmin overlooked simple answers. Some of the smartest people I know, have absolutely no common sense.

Thanks bunches and bunches for commenting!
Waeeeeeeee????? After chapter five YoonJae still haven't meet again!? Sobs! No YunHo won't die... He can't die.. >_
Yes changmin... yes. I knew you cud do it.

I read "It's the Expectations" and I started doing my hula hoops so loud that my landlady had to come upstairs to quieten me up. BTW its 1:31 am now.
OMG! my heart never felt this excited... well mayb it did but not in a long long time. Yunho wait up, your 'jaeoxygen' is coming soon. What a chapter. I like how from the small dialogues u kinda played out vic's entire story. I feel sympathetic to her but she almost acts like she's been mind-controlled. Hangeng wasn;t directly at any risk n yet she was willing to kill people she knows are good people. I agree with Sungyu "your past doesn't giv excuses for what you do now".
All I want now for Yunho to be saved and all of them along with the doc n sooyoung to get back to expectations. I wonder what will jaejoong do after this. Till now hangeng wasnt really in danger from expectations but now am sure jae wont just sit back n let go. Its not just him n yunho's life but also changmin's we are talking about. Can't wait to see what happens next.
Yeah, for hula hoops!!!! I am sorry about the landlady though, but that's freaking awesome!

In many ways Joong's do lose themselves in their mates. Jaejoong is very strong, but he is also dependent on Yunho. Vic is a much weaker than JaeJoong. All Joong's are not equal, or as confident as Jaejoong. Hyun Joong would also do anything for his mate.

Thanks so much for commenting!