Expectations: Conception Part 5 of 6

Series: Expectations
Adventure Eleven: Conception Part 5 of 6
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae, KyuWook, ShiMin
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Adventure, Angst
Length: Chaptered
Beta:  tahoeturquoise

Summary: An explosion sends an away team spiraling toward destruction. As the power of the captain and Jaejoong’s timeless bond is stretched to the breaking point, unlikely heroes rise to the challenge. New allies are found, and new enemies emerge. Someone once lost is found, while another is lost.

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Well well well...Our Lady Hangeng is not that stupid after all.
I couldn't help but smile at brilliant idea in hot lady elite force, awesome!
Just crossing my fingers, wishing Expectations still have enough juice to get out from that damn planet.
OMG! That's amazing!
The expectation itself going down the atmosphere???? Sugooii!! :))
And omg so intense. Had it not been for the Captain is dying, I'd have laughed at Junsu's proclamation to name his kids after Yunho xD
But I truly love this! Omg they r soooo smart! All the Crews are brilliant! SooYoung ezpecially!

I can't wait for the last part of this adventure. I hope they get to save the Captain... And well, this is the last adventure is it??
I truly like this series, <3 Yeahh!! <3
Awe, but Junsu was being nice. lol

They are pretty smart........most of the time.

I am glad you like the series. Thanks for commenting!
changmin to the rescue XD yay!!!!!
but it was heart breakign to hear changmin say all that before whatever clever idea he got
i hope they do get to yunho and jj can help him
OMG! here comes the Expectations. like FINALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY~ *smack minnie's head* but there is no such things as accident. i believe the reasoning will due in time^^

and i can't wait for all of the crews and crew to be, aboard and starts another adventure again. seriously i think yunjae has more than a child (remember yunnie's wish? 25 children, people~ ROFLMAO!!!!). minnie might be the first. who knew they might be karam, moonbinnie, jiyoolie or others, next. LOLS
oh this chapter is just a whirlwind of emotions ;A; ughhhh. I should've seen the Victoria thing coming but I so didn't XD No wonder she has a good immune system. And then Yunho almost dying, the Junsu rape thing, (the Sunggyu/Woohyun kiss), Sunggyu's masterplan alsdkjgalskjd the Kanging/Siwon talk that is so so so so sad ;____; and then Changmin's sad was even sadder and I don't even know normal English anymore. I have so many feels it'd practically kill Victoria. DDDDD: ahhh I need to process all of this. Thanks for updating ^^ loved the chapter <333
Haha, yes, her being a Joong does explain the good immune system. lol

I like you mentioning the high points, and your English is just fine!

Thank you so much for commenting!
I'm crying while reading this chapter. Yunho is so gravely injured and Jaejoong is immobile because of Yunho's injury. But then the last part gave me hope. I'm sure it's smart Changmin who thought of the plan to save Yunho and the others. Yay! Their future is not so dark after all!
SO Victoria is Hangeng's Joong mate! Interesting turn!
But what about the mysterious Joong kids in the previous chapter? Why were they there, why did they help and why did they disappear like they never were there at all?

I liked Kangin's theory about Siwon's affection for Sungmin, I wonder how much truth lies in it...

And I can't wait to know how Changmin managed to get the Expectations land on that planet at the end! And I always forget to ask but they already find a help for Ryeowook at sickbay, right? Woohyun will be perfect for that job I think!
Not telling when it comes to the kiddies.

Hmmm...Siwon didn't seem to be protesting that much, did he?

Thanks so much for commenting!
I have a theory; what if Changmin isn't the first child to be conceived? (if Yunjae did have more children, of course) because, if what I think is true, then Changmin will bond with Sooyoung, which means that Changmin can't afford to disappear right now.. HMM, I'm really curious about what will happen, and I'm looking forward to Changmin and Sooyoung together, I have a feeling they will be bloody great.
I think this is my favorite chapter so far. The sheer relief from that last line .. ugh ♥

You cliff-hanger loving writer you!! T^T

This episode is too much to handle for my heart xD

First all the situation with Victoria, I just knew she was lady Hangeng the moment you mention about her being sneaky, although I wouldn't ever come out with that clever explanation about his mommy issues, you're a brilliant writer ^^

I started tearing up after Yunho woke up and told Vic to kill him by her hand, dude you're already dying and you're still being noble and putting others first!. Every chapter I realize more and more why Jae loves Yunho so much since the beggining, he's a helpless noble man ^^

-I loled at Junsu almost loosing his virginity for the second time, the Universe conspires for him to loose it I swear xD

Sunggyu and Sooyoung have my love in this chapter, all that reasoning and planning must make Changmin really proud xD, and Sunggyu kiss with the Doc, even though it was part of the plan, was kinda cute :3

If I was tearing up with Yunho, you don't want to know how I looked when I read that scene with Changmin "saying goodbye" and Sulli being so sweet by his side, let's say there was a lot of onion chopping near me at that moment T________T

Cold still Jae and last breath Yunho is a terrible image, and then Junsu saying goodbye, damn so sad T________________T

Even after reading all that I knew you wouldn't let them die apart like that, right? *__* So I just hope the Expectations reach them on time... Somebody needs to throw Yunho onto Jae's bed already!!!! And the title of this adventure has not come true yet!!, so I'm not losing my faith till YunJae makes a cute baby :)

Yes, I love writing cliff hangers.

Yunho is a noble soul in Expectations but he has his.......other moments too. lol

Did he almost lose it???? Did I already establish that???

Yunjae in bed together would be a nice change.

Thanks for commenting!
OMG! Changmin U genius I LOVE U~! *squishes Min tightly*
So many things happen when YoonJae are in trouble... but I'm glad Changmin is there to save a day & YoonJae!! (T_T) I was so worried! Thank U for this update hun and for the hard work of course~! ^^
I was too engross with my work that I didnt even realize that you post the part 4 last week. If I didn't read your twitter, I might as well missed this part 5:)

Huhuhuhu...you made me wake up with a swollen eyes because I was crying when I read this part just before I slept last night. To think that both Yunho and Jaejoong were dying and changmin was hopeless... with Junsu and Sunggyu who already bid goodbye to yunho... I know that you will not kill yunho so easily but still, this part broke my heart.

I found a lot of turn of event in part 4 and 5. Who know that Vic was Lady Hangeng and Sooyoong was there all along. Sunggyu and his kissing with Woohyun etc..

A lot of question as well; who made junsu sleep? who helped yunho? How can Vic felt another 2 joongs existence? Is that JJ and Min's souls who reached yunho? the answers might be in this story and I could be missed them because I didnt give full attention to details XD
Lastly, Sunggyu's remark "it's the Expectations!" made me smile widely:)

Thanks for the story. I still think that when this series are finished (but I dont want it to be stopped ), I could buy the hard copy from lulu.com. DAMAGED needs to be published as well. It should be published. I think for some people, especially International fans, damaged is on the same level with Gashiyeon

I am glad my twitter let you know about the update. I love comments!

I'm probably a bad person for being happy that the update moved you to tears...yep, a bad person.

Oh, I can't answer questions. That would be cheating.

I am glad you liked Gyu's last line.

If I ever put anything up on lulu.com I would totally change names. I would be too chicken not too.

Thanks for commenting!

What a cliffhanger!!! I'm literally on the edge of my seat!

I did not expect Vic to be a joong. At all. I also think SooYoung is one of my new favorite characters because she literally kicks ass. Taeyeon and Tiffany I don't have anything against either, but Vic is not liked by me at the moment. I mean, I understand her need to protect Hangeng and all, but she just couldn't see reason no matter how many times SungGyu and Junsu would defend Yunho. Hence my extreme happiness when SooYoung kicked her ass. :D

I am so so so happy that Changmin got that epiphany. So happy. I can only long for a YunJae reunion soon!!
Asdfghjkl thank you so much. Yunho is going to be saved! This was such an awesome chapter. I like how no one in this scene is really a villain and that they are just trying to protect the ones they love. I do hope sulli and changmin will end up together somehow. I hope the next part comes soon! :)
I am glad you enjoyed this update.

True, there is no true villain in this adventure. Oh, and Changli shipper, huh? *smiles*

Thanks for commenting!
Im gonna keep this short and simple.
Amazing chapter! I was so caught up reading it that i got emotional and teared up a bit! ;(
I love the scene when they were talking to victoria,the emotions felt really strong! :D and with changmin too~
I cant wait to read the next chapter!! :D